Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD • the worH admlrci theV*rt«ct J»«nl Kot mrftge dignity, ormnicalar development alone, bat thatnfetle and wonderful force known u SEXUAL VITALITY vhlchlithe (1017 °f •swnliooA— the pride of both old »nd younK.batthcre »re tnonnand« of men •nfterlDg the mental tonarci ot a vreaKenea shooA, »hmerc<J nerves, and falling •«l power who can be cured by our Magical Treatment which mty be taken at home under our direction! or we will p»y B. B. fare and hotel blll» lor thOBt who with to come here. If wb rail to cure. We h»v« BO free prescriptions, free cure or C.O.D. fake. We mave 1250.000 capital and cuorantee to cure every •ue we treat or refund every dollar you pay us, or fee may be deposited In any btnK to be paid n» Wben a cure it effected. Write for full partisan. MTATK X£1>XC.AJU CO., Omaha, X«k. LOOP POISON A SPECIALTY-., „„ tlary BLOOD POISON permanently cured In 16 toSS days. You con be treated at homo for same price under same gua runty. If yon prefer tocomehera we-wlllcon- tract torsyiallroadfireandhpteibills.iini; Oocnmrr* If we fall to cure. If yon hive taken mercury, iodide potash, and still bavo aches and •~b»ln«. Mtttons V»tc\es In month. Sore Throat, Pimple*. Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on any pan Of tJie body, Hair or Eyebrows falling out, it .'? this Secondary BLOOD POISON «• rnarantee to cure. We solicit the most obstinate cages and cnallence tbe world for a ease we cannot core. Tnls disease has alirays battled the skill of the most eminent physician*. (500,000 capital behind our uocondl. Nona! guaranty. Absolnte proofs font sealed oa application. Address COOK REMEDY CO* Ml Ua*c-olo Temple. CHICAGO. .UJC. - For sale by 0. M. Hanna & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These nre the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co,, Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. * Statioa. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Clilcasro*3:15 a m;*5:30 a m;*l :25 p m *2*00 T> BQ • *4:30 p m. Arrive from Chicago '1:00 a m :'12:30 p m ,*1:00 p in; *l:40pm; *8:lop m. BRADFORD AND COUJMBtJB. Leave for Bradford "1:15 a m:+7:40um; •!:« nm't4:80iim. .*„„ Arrive from Bradford "3:00 urn; «0:20 urn; •1:20 pm; +4:15 p m. EFFNKR DIVISION. LMTO fpr Kffner t8:00 a m; +9:00 a m; f2:OS p m 5 p m Sunday only. Arrive Jrorn Bffner-7:S5 am;+1:03 pm: 12:40 p m: 8:30 ft m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Ixwve for Richmond n -.20 a m: t5:30 a m; •! :10 n rn;t2:20D m. ArrlvefromBichmonfl «2:55am; tU^CRm *l:50p rn: tll:20p m. INDIANAPOLIS AND LODI9VILLI. Leave for Louisville M2:55 « m: *1:05 p m. Arrive from LonliviUe *S:05 a m; *l:5o p m. J. A. MCCULLOUGH, Agent, Logaasport, lud. LOQASBPOHT »O. »»8T BOUND. I N f and Boston llm (aaHy)- S:33a.n last mall (dally) -- »:« »•"> Atlantic Ki.daily except Sun. 4:SSp.m •STI8T BOUND. Paolflo Kx- dally except Sunday..lO:lBa. a Kansas City Express (dally) 2:40 p. n 1 Fast Mail (dally) 8:13 p, m I §U Louis Limited (dally) 10:34 p. n 11L MTWl OmSJOK, TrtSIilOl, D»TW]t»H LOOAHSPCBT AUD CHILI. WIST BOUHD. HO.1& _ Arrives-...— 8:30 a. n Ho. 81... Arrives S:Sa p. n Mo. RO.M ...Leave. _..-»'.OS a. n - 8:46 p. a ' JUST A FEW SMILES. The Pede»trlan'» Pnnyer- Jeep me this day unharmed, I pray, ^^ From -A-beeirnen scorchins up and down. They never look nor care—not they. They bowl one o'er and ride away. And who they are there's none can say. And you with broken ribs and crown. From reckless driving, I implore, Guard me this day. I fear the boy Who drives for some small, petty store. (Each year their numbers grow the more.) They dash along with wild oproar And accidents £11 them with. joy. But if it 1» ordained that I Must nie« roday with hap'ninf dirs, That spite of how 1 strive and try, In spite of uaru and wurniiiK cry. Am struck, rua o'ur and senstleds lie, Oirunt me tho favor I require— I/-t mi: yet, while 1 sigh and groan, ];-it liavu at l«i!it the luck or chance TliJit tliat which l.reaki my collar bone Ee carriage some rich man .shall own Who.-*- name and nuinbiT will be known Ere I am in the ambulance. Let mu bo bniisud by ruble cars (Strv:t raih-uads are the best to sue), Or somu fc'nait Lruwc-ry's wagon jars Be wiiat ^!Klll inako me ilr.-ft sec stars And U-ave mi: wiih thu jury soars— Bears tell with twelve food men and true. ».«•••• Keep me, 1 jiray, unharmed this day As J BO forth where dancer lies, But it with harm or hurt 1 meet. Let it lie done. I pray, entreat, By thuno responsible, complete For damages and compromise. —Boy L. McCardell in New York Journal. Merc Trespass. Tho second floor front was furious. "A woniiin who will serve hash with bnir in it," ho insisted, "ought to bo bunged!" "Isn't that rather a severe penalty for mere tress-passing?" faltered the hull bedroom, who conld be »s mean as if he were the parlor down stairs.—Detroit Journal. It Was CoDROline. "Yes, poor grandpu was run over by n trolley party, but there's one thing that klvruys consoles rae." "What's that?" "I didn't add to his &ad burden." "How so?" "I was in Che car behind the one that run over him."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Amateurish. Last night I kissed her in the hall— Hy promised wife. Shu said, "Now tell me truly this— Another girl did you e'er kiss Infill your life?" J gazed do-wn in her pleading face And told her'"No." JJow, why did she, with pensive sign And sad look in her soft blue eye. Say, "I thought so?" Tho game she gave me, you'll admit, Was pretty stiff, And as I homeward went my way And thought on what I'd hoard her say I wondered if— „ _ —Detroit Free Press. 6HE SHOULD NOT WED. The woman who expects to hare "» good, easy time." The woman who bnys for the mere pleasure of baying. Ttie -woman who wants to refurnish her house every spring. Tlie woman who would rather nurse » pug dog than a baby. The woman who thinks that- men are angels and demigods. The woman who especta a declaration of love three times a day. Tte woman who thinks it is cheaper to boy bread than to make it. The woman who thinks that the coot and the nurse can keep house. The -woman who would die rather than weiir a bonnet two seasons old. The woronn who marries in order to have somebody to pay her bills. Tha woman who wants things just because "other women" have them. The woman who stays at home only when she cannot find a place to visit Thu woman who rends cheap novels and dreams of being a duchess or a countess. The woman who thinks she can get ?5,000 worth of style out of a §1,000 salary. Tha woman who thinks she is an ornament, to her sex if she wins a progressive euchre prize. The womun whose cleanliness and order extend no farther than Che front hall and the drawing room. The womun who buys bric-a-brac for Che parlor and borrows kitchen utensils Iroin her neighbors. Tlie woman who does not know hosv many cents, halves, quarters, dimes and nickels there are in a dollar. The woman who cares more for the s;yle of her winter cloak than she cares for the health and comfort of her children. The woman who thinks embroidered centerpieces and doilies arc more necessary than sheets, piUowca^.-s and blankets. The woman who proudly declares that she cannot even hew a pocket handkerchief, never made up a bed in her life and adds with a simper that she has "befti in society every since she was 15."—New York "Times. SHREDDED FODDER. I suppose BO. How VANDAL1A LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. SS, 1897. TraiB* !>>A-V« totmndpert, tnalama. FOR THE NOKTH Ho. S — Mo. 8 FOR THE SO DTK. Ho. 2; KO. S for complete Time Card, giving all trains and stations, and for full information as to rate*, through oars, etc., address j. C. KDGMWORTH, agent, Iiofransport, or B 4.. FORD, General Passenger Agent, St. LouU. Mo. Hi« Object Attained. "Brooks, can I borrow a little money of you?" "Why—or—yes, much, Rivers?" "Nonoat all, dear boy. I only wanted to satisfy myself that my credit is good." —Chicago Tribune. Maud Up to Date. JIaud Jluller on a summer day Was i-uking in the new mown hay— Of shapely form and profile fair, Crowned by a wealth of golden hair. Kow came \ here down tho dusty hill A manager of famed vaudeville. Eo quickly saw what we saw not, Engaged Maud Muller on the spot. And now wo see there at the show Maud Mailer i-nUing in the dough. —New York Sunday World. A Prophecy. L "That actor doesn't seem <U home in his work," said tho man who makes comments. "No," replied the theatrical manager gloomily. "He isn't, but he will be un less business gets better pretty soon."— Washington Star. Cp to Date, When next "John Gilpin rides abroad" Or Cleopatra dies, When next they "take tho news to Ghent,' Or "horses" Kiehard cries— In fact, when all great deeds occur, They'll happen, let us hope, At sueh a time and place as will Suit the kinotoscopo. —Richmond Dispatch. The Earnest Tooth. "I thank you, sir, for your kind permls lion to call on your daughter." "Remember that I turn out the gas a 10 o'clock." "All right, sir. I'll not oome be ore that time."—Harlem Life. Sizing Him Up. My dentist has an eagle eye, And vicious tools ho hacks -with. He's clever, but I've come to think Eo'd make n better blacksmith. —Cincinnati Commercial TribtmB. Too Credulous. j ones _My wife doesn't believe award! gay. gmith—I wish mine didn't. Btopplnr » Bis I*t*k by Utllizim the Entire Com Plant. A succession of dry seasons, omsing a shortage of grass, has forced us to learn the value of the corn plant for feeding purposes. The use of the silo has been spreading -westward, after be- iag adopted by advanced farmers of the east Later on machines vrere invented for shredding both dry and green stalks. These are being adopted all over the GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER I^r^L- pick:u;" of the world's best cleaner for., fuck.-;. >uii iir-'ilt'rfooiii'njy in 4-f>om:ti ;iavk:ii«f- Ail groivrs. Ma^f '>:<!>• by THIi X. K. FAIRI3ANHL CO3IPA3TV, rj) :)c .,..., ,, I,,..-. v,.ii. York, lioston, Philadelphia, BALE OT CORJC HAT. corn growing sections and manuf actnr- ersare perfecting them year by year. , THE LISTENER. While silos vill hardly ever come into general use all farmers who raise corn j c j, n Kendrick Bangs has been elected •will want some means of utilizing the • president of the yon tiers (N. 1*.) board of valuable fodder, the common habit of : education. wasting which is one of the greatest leaks in American agricultnre. The butts of the corn plant contains more nutriment than the soft top and leaves, but, as The Farm Journal ex- Governor Bradley of Kentucky is trying to collect portraits of all tbu former governors of his state in order to have them hung, in the executive olfice in Frankfort. Venerable Brook Deedes, archdeacon of Lucknow, at the recent Anglican conference led every one who saw him to ask, "Who is that "bishop with those splendid ilegs?" FRUIT NOTES. It costs as much to raise poor fruit as good. Keep suckers and useless shoots off the trees. A northeast elope is a good location for an orchard. If the trees need pruning, it is easier to prune as soon as the necessity shows itself than after several seasons of'neglect. Whenever a large limb of a tree is badly injured in any way it is better to remove it at once. Cover the wound with paint. When old berry canes are removed in the fall, always burn them, so as to destroy any disease or insect pests that may be on them. In many cases it will be a good plan to plant trees in all odd or waste places or corners, and in this way occupy the land with some benefit. A well shaped tree has much to do with the appearance of the orchard. While tha tree is growing is the host time to shape it. .Unless they are needed for propagation it will be best to keep the runners off the strawberry planes and the suckers from raspberry and blackberry bushes. Trees that were grafted this spring should bo carefully gone over and all surplus shoots rubbed off. Care should be taken that no new growth has been mado below tin; scicn, By keeping the fruit that falls from the trees cleaned up a largo number of insect pests that injure both the trees and the fruit may be destroyed. Never let fruit tot on tha ground.—St. Louis Republic. been a student five plains, when chopped off, however short the cut may be. there is left a sharp edge that hurts the mouths of cattle! ^ and causes them to become sore, ia | joju, Howells, «on of tha novelist VCil- shredded fodder there are no sharp I u am D C nn Howells, recently received a edges but the entire outer surface is i diplonm in architecture from a Paris insti- broken and crashed so that it becomes j ttnion where be h:id like coarse hay and can be eaten with- years. out difficulty by any stock on the farm. | ^ tell ^ge^id ,, ^ ^ ^^ This corn hay can be handled with a ; ^ ^^ - ODCeb , Tave it to jue- Mr . Gou ia pitchfork like hay, can be baled "Kej^^. . What , s pagt i s history. What may hay and sold at a good price m city , ^ is myster y/ >• markets. Whatever waste there is in Long Wolf, an old Indian warrior on the feeding this material goes into the ma- npper Columbia river, is the possessor of nnre heap in the best possible shape; in fact, the waste makes the very best stable bedding, which certainly cannot be said of the whole stalks. There are machines that shred the fodder and husk the com at the same time. When the corn and fodder are both dry, this does excellent work. In rainy seasons and when corn ripens late it is'difficnlt to preserve the fodder and the grain too. , While this plan requires more hand work, the shredding can he left until gooa win ana menasnip or nic American republic, It should turd" ovor Canada to tha American republic or concede independence, for Canadii is ours naturally, a* muoh so as Scotland belongs to Great Britain.—Chicago Tribune. THRONE LIGHTS. While Turkey is known to bo bankrupt, the sultan is believed to be the richest m«n in Europe. The empress of Austria will soon -visit Paris to make a pilgrimage to the scene of the Rue Goujon, where her sinter, th* Duchesse 6'AloucOD, perished. It is reported that the queen regent of Spain is a very brjive womun and doeg not seeru especially concerned that her life has been threatened by the anarchists. When the Duchess of 1'ork was a little girl, she Ml and made a very ugly soar upon her forehead. It is to hide the soar that her royal highness always arranges her hair in a point upou her forehead. The king ot Siarn, on bis recent visit to A XKW SCTHEDD1XG DEVICE. the fodder has thoroughly dried out, and when this is the case the hay keeps better when haled or stored in barns. The journal quoted illustrated a bale of fodder ready for sale, also one of the new shredding devices, which cuts are here reproduced. .10:36 a. m. S:SC p. m. 7:05 a. m. ,3:25 p. m. Jones—Why? Smith—I talk News. in nay sleep.—Chicago ; & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. golld trains between Pooris. and Sandusky aad Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- SeotioM to and from all points In tbe United ttatee and Canada. SOUTH BOUHU DEPART No n Indianapolis B.TP dally 7:10 • m NoJS " Mall4Kxp-ll:38am (daJ'T eicept Sunday) No » Indpl's Sip ex Sun — S J6 p m :«pm except Sunday. WOHTH BOUND. . HI No » Mall * Krp Kj 9uu, ..J0:18am J£NofflMloh3ianCtty*»UTV 4:45 pm n m No M Detroit Kip Bx »n» (411> * : " P>n NSwoT<5o^«io5pt8un... 6;«am ~ r>-« Peru on Sunday. Ucket atent, L. B. * W. IWV The Old Eicnse. He blindly missed the golden vein, And now, to frenzy goaded, , e , He groaned again and yet again, "I didn't know 'twas loded." —Xew York Telegram. HI* ITnkiud Assumption. Marie—What did yonr father sav when Lord De Liverus asked him for yonr hand? Miss Specie—I believe papa referred him to a charitable association of which ho is a member.—Brooklyn Life. Very Soon. A gentle thought comes o'er and o'er Unto ray aching breast— I feel qrate sure the old lawn mower Will scon lie laid to rest. —Cleveland Plain Dealer. A Mean Thinf. She—I don't look at all like myself today. He—It would be a good time to have jour picture taken.—Tonkers Statesman. Tn« Ke*»on. Th« boy stood on the burning deck, Although, I must adroit, Be stood npcn the deck becanae It waa too hot to lit. —New York JowaaL FACT AND FOLKLORE. Thevaluo of an ox in Egypt about 1,000 years before the Christian era was one kat of silver—about HO grains. Under old European law wrecked crews and passengers coulci be enslaved and their property forfeited to the crown or to the ilord of "the coast upon which their vessel perished. Gold was known much earlier than silver and was at first the cheaper of the two metals, but the price of silver was lowered by the discovery of silver mines in Cilicia, Spain »ncl .Lauriuin. Five is the great sacred Chinese number. There are live virtues, five colors—yellow, white, green, red and black—five household gods, five planets— Sacurn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury—five ranks of nobility, five tustes, five cardinal points—the middle, east, west, south und north respectively—and five tones. In the midst of Kildine, an island in the North sea, is perhaps the most curious lake in the world. The surface of its waters is quite fresh and supports fresh water creatures and fresh water vegetation, but deep down it is as salt as the bluest depths of the sea, and sponges and salt water fish live and have their being, to the delight and despair of all scientists.—Harper's Bound Table. STATE LINES. A Kentucky man offers to swallow a snake 5 feet Icing for $5. Let's see; that -would be about a gallon, wouldn't it?— Denver Post. Delaware seeins to make an assignment | of its peach crop every year. It is always pronounced a failure, but we generally gee the peaches.—Philadelphia North American. It is the unexpected that happens in Jfew Jersey. A citizen of that state, after dodging mosquitoes half a lifetime, was finally bntced to death by a goat.—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Captain Dan Cole has discovered o deposit of 40,000,000 tons of iron ore in Minnesota. Now that they have Cole and ore all that they need is some limestone and a blast furnace and then they will have pig Iron.—Philadelphia Press. SCHOOL TALK. Tale has arranged to pension her professors who reach the age of 65 after bej-ng 25 ye.irs in service. Taking all i:he schools and colleges of the country together, the latest enrollment made by "Dr. William T. Harris, the national commissioner of education, figures out s total of 16,415.197 pupils of various grades and accomplishments as studying In this country. Boston is to have a new public school named after Paul Revere, which will cost, Including the site, about 13,000,000. The building will be constructed of light pink jr»niw, gray, red and white brick and tana cotta. Is will con sain public bathing facilities for the cbildran. Cheap Storage For Koota. A Kansas correspondent of Orange Judd Farmer -writes: Last season I successfully stored 2,000 bushels of beets out of cloors. With a stirring plow four deep furroM-s of the required length •were made^u a well drained place. The loose dirt was then shoveled out, leaving a shallow trench. The beets were pulled and hauled to the trench in a wagon, where they were topped by hand and piled in, bringing to a well rounded top. They were then covered with dry hay or straw and a few inches of dirt thrown on. To prevent heating a wisp of hay was twisted and left sticking up through the top of the covering, thus giving free ventilation until colder weather. As the season advanced more dirt was added until by the time -winter had settled down enough had been put on to prevent freezing. Some favor burying without the straw covering. I tried both ways and found each method was equally effective, but the trench with the straw covering was much the easier and convenient to handle when opened. Should a farmer have a frost- proof cave where he could put a few bushels at a time the trench need be opened only on the sunny, warm days, and the disagreeable task of taking out the roots in cold or stormy weather would be done away with. Savinfir Tomato Seeds* Squeeze the seeds into clean water, wash them free from pulp, although it may require several washings, and put them in grocers' butter trays to dry. Farm Journal explains that the wood ftbsorbs the moisture and they dry quickly. They can then be put away, as other seeds are, in paper. ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. ^kcy also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eiting. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowd- Den, BadTasie in the Mouth, Coated TOOJOB Pain in the Side, TORPID 1XVER, They RefulatetheBoweU. Purely VegetaMe. •mail Pill. Small SmaBPtie*. lariat made of the hair of white women who have been sculped. It is said to be strong enongh to hold a wild buffalo. Professor Theodore Wilholm Engelmann of Utrecht hns been appointed the successor of the late Du Bois-Beymond at the University of Berlin. He is a German by birth and is n pupil of Helmholcz, Bunsen, Gcgeubaucr, Von Bezold, Husse and others. He is now 54 yearg old. Colonel S. W. Eltlridge of Lawrence, Kan., who celebrated his eighty-llrsr, birthday recently, is writing a history at himself and Douglas county. He was ono of the earliest settlers in the state, rind his own experiences will be the subjects of several interesting chapters in his book. The Duke of Argyll sits in the house of Sords now under that title. He hns done go since 1892, when he was created Duke of Argyll in the United Kingdom. Previous to that, when he was only Duke of Argyll in Scotland, he sat as Baron Sundridge, which wus his British (not merely Scottish) title. The new Earl of Sefton is a confirmed invalid. Ho hurt his spine while acting as amateur jockey at Aintree two years itgo. He wus then engaged to bo married, but the engagement had, of course, to be ended. The Sol'ton estates, which are worth £150,000 a year, will be held in trust during the new earl's life. Sergeant Egan of the Boston police force has been admitted to the bar. Hu entered the Boston university law school in 1S'J4 end was graduated cum laude last year. A few weeks later he passed tho examinations for the Suffolk county bar with honor. He had been on the police force 15 years. He was born in Boston in 1858. Max H;\ddad, who now lives In retirement in Worcester, Mess., was formerly a favorite jockey of the king of Rouinania. His majesty had the ambition to have in his bodyguard of skilled riders men of nearly every nation of the world. Haddad, a Syrian by birth, -was one of these. The 17 riders always accompanied che king on his official tours about Galatz. CURTAIN RAISERS. Queonie Vnssar has been engaged to follow Merrie Oeborno in the comedy role in "Nature." Frank Daniels will produce "The Idol's Eye" at the Broadway theater, New York, on Oct. 25 for a run. Creston Clake, supported by Adelaide Prince, began his tour at Wilmington, 3el., In "The Last of His Race." E. S. Wiilard will begin his American season ot Wallack's theater, Kew York, on Oct. 4, appearing in "The Physician/' Jessie Barclett Davis -will sing the rola of Flora MocDonald In tbe coming production of "Rob Roy" by the Bostonians. Max Freeman is staging "A Paris Doll" for Yernona Jarbeou. Miss Jarbeao will ie under the management of H. R. Jacobs this season. James O'Neill's production of "Tbe Dead Hrr.rt" is an exact duplicate of tbe one mauo by Sir ITrnry Irving at the Lyceum theater, in London. R. A. Barnot nows that the thin chorus ;irl gets more in ttr stocking at Christ- Has time than her stout sister. "But, then, It's mostly padding," adds the librettist. Surmises have been mode that the American author of Fanny Davenport's new play, which has not yet been named, is none other than tha famous actress herself. Charles B. Hanford, who was Edwin Booth's leading man for years and Is no-re associated with Thomas W. Keene, states that Booth began hi;; histrionic career at * -weekly salary of $4. Julia Arthur has a play by Robert Bucb- »,nan, called "A Nine Days' Queen," which is founded on an incident in the life of Lady Jane Grey. She will ose it in case Mrs. Burnett's "A Lady c£ Quality" dees not sncceed. JOHN BULL. Owing to lack of birds of her feather England continues to flock by herself.— Boston Herald. Perhaps It vrlll be jnrt as well to continue chummy with John Bull Junril we •xperience an accumulation of drydock age.—JSew York Journal Great Britain would rejoice more in the fact that "we are the two great English •peaking nations" if we did not occasion- England, was shown a picture of Mosei descendiag from Mount Sinai bearing the tablets of the law. The king did not understand the subject very well, and when it was explained to him ha asked, "And who was Moses?" 1897 'OCTOBER.' 189 1 Su. I Mo. 3 4 24 31 11 18 25 Tu. We. 12 19 26 6 20 27 Th. 14 21 28 Fr. 8 15 22 29 Sa. 2 ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of the :Penneylvanla UDC§ •w'.il furnfeh information rogsrdln* Home- Jeekerg' Excursions to various points In the orthwest, Weet, Southwest and South. It will pay to Investlgiite If you contemplate a rip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line icket Agent, or address w. w. fllchardaon. Metrict Passenger Ajient, Indianapolis, Ind. ally insist on mating our English so ranch plainer than hers.—Washington Star. The hill tribes SB India are mating it warn lor the British, on the frontier, bnt yaat history teaches that all Encb outbreaks add another «lioe to British territory in that quarter.—St Loabi Globe-Democrat. It £&8)4B5l r^jjjt.carfd to coluiate ife? ions to FOE Tennessee Centennial TheLTerjnegBee Oenienniai and International! Exposition »il) fc« in rpropregu at Naibvllte. Tenn., trom May until Octoter Incluilve. Bpecil* low rate round irip tickets will be «ol<J rla Pennsylvania Lines for thJ» event. Full particulars conoenjlup fare, datM of Halo. time of (Tains, etc., may be obtained upon applicstion to neareet Pennsylvania Line Hcket Agent, or byjaddressing Geo.K. Bock- ell. DiiitnctiPawrcnger Agent. llDdiana»o J ndiana. SHERIFF'S SALE. THOMAS A. 6PKY BvTirtu"Ofa JOSEPH vr. JOKE*. V8. IT. judgment and decree and in Lo- b the cleriof said court, I at public auction «nd outcry, to the jidSer, sit the door of tbe court nouBC, gansport, Cass county, Indiana, on 8»tarda;r, tbe 23d Day of October, 18»7, the hours of 10 O'clock a. m. and 4 m- o? >a5<a da?- *« rent » and T 5 *! for Tterin cot exoeedUp seven years, d tb» fcUowlng -described reaf *eta«. ^tuawd In "MS couW, in thef,tate of In<Jl«na, to-wlt. LotnmnbernJnety-tirolMllnJpbnF. Jonn- o^g BivereWe addir.on to tbe dty ot LogMS- ^irt in C&fs county, in tbe gta-eof Indlaia. And in case the rente and profltt fall to bring the amount demanded to -Wtisfy the judirment and decrw *£««•£ interest and cog». together aU accrujng coBte, I will at the i^^™« and plac*. andin lilce manner a* aforesaid. offer f or i<ale at public auction and outcry to . all tbe right, tlUe. intere-t fee simple of -To*eh W. In fee sunule or Joeenb w. jjyer.lda J Jones^nd Abraham i* Jonei; in, the above described much and such part thereof ae may_D6 o Eatisfy the judKmept and aid, -which Is In favor fit - T " on ™T / .C; Spry aid ap,lnst Joseph W. JoiMj.JoJm JCT Ida J. Jones aad Abraham UJooea. Said real estate -mil be •« M 7 1 SS?*.J > aS from valuation or app«is*ment laws m u*a State ot Indian*. CBAKLM tBherlff of Charles E.Taber..- Beptewber 28.15S7. "Burdock Blood Blttew entirely cured «e ot » terrible breaking not »11 oyer my body. It Is a wonderful medicine." HIM JnlU ElbrWg^Bor 35 We»t Oorn«ell,,0onn.

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