The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 5
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PAGE SIT JriLYTHEVILLfe. COURIER Hca3 fo>- Southern CH- i«Mes Where Bis Money Aic Beckoning. THURSDAY, XOVE.MBER 16, 10K1! Colirg«> Spirit? Not Hern! But 17,000 Pans Cheered Anyw«v! n BY AKT KREVZ ttA Sorvlcf Sporis \Vi3i two wiwev tou'-nair.en'.'; nl- reaur bslitad them—the National Caotel On"n nl Bellifjrtn, Md., .niid41i? inld-'onlh Own ft' Pliw- )iiir*--i>!r- millon'; pro colters firo i-cadji lo lilt In? winter golf trnll In tgll cry. IiWlmlliiit the two just played. tliEr£- sre fourteen, tournaments scheduled Hits year', s. Thesa con; ti"ii-rv.-Ul mv off r-SoUV555.000.'or $25.rJJ) marc 1 llinn !n=l—which 1 iiidlijjles Ural til? NRA Infliic-nco has *2cn fell In golfing circles. Tig f>>(iic?st nlinrs of I 1 " 1 cvn- c-''ciif. lo \i" '-eld at Cornl OiWes. F!n.£D=c. S-10, rirrvji"! siO.OOft In J-vlft- inane 1 : llv> Sisono A'liiu Cfiltjhtf O"on. Feb. 1-4; the Los V'lvlr."- '"'HOC Opt!'i. Jnn. fi-R. and. Hie ftir/i'5'i. Cia'. Open, M-irch 22- | "i. B' r '"''icli no prize has been Fi»ti ; ros of this y»n>-''. tri>k rvf .the j>ro? will be Bob'jv Jones' . romflnck IP. the Invitational ouon : hc ^ sine In-* on his own coif 'couijj* fll AiiRiijtii, mid "itlnf of n pl-onrsctV. I". O. A: corlo which Wai 1 !*!' tor 'rnveliiiir ctitkU^. locker i noij£ .vmawtc nritl ' "mofnnlty on tli.-> £<yn-so wlthli) hearing ol sprc- tato^'- Jcwes' comeback will \i? wtitrhotl 1 yillPmUTOSl. ll Will IX 1 Ills first loir-jBmew comuslllloii slm-u his 'voluS^irv retirement. in WO. mirt li) *(•• voi'immc-nl lie will me,cl l>'i: jj'i. of the world's in-os. nmny- .or JJxmi have iT'ichod slnnlo:» There's no "collcje rplrll" and ;o!l:-?o fo-aball in Now Yolk tjiril mo: Redskins. In this picltirc, Untiles, fiibjiitu l>:nvn/ i!y].': i!o :•'.' dip" Icj- lliai; li'.O.J U115 came .'••'• i'.:;: But. pi of fooltall Is proving sncli n rival •J tiip I'clo (iroiuu'.s (o s?n ih,> Kc . w y.r,-k U,?.:IM dsirjl llio ,™ Hie-, to Picj: iij> nil extni yard n^; iwo G!nm ir.ok.oi.-'.brniif him [| frnm i for Annual Trek For Golf ing Cold Opens O<J5 wonders wlmt rffccl Ihe icivi^iro cofle will IIP.VC on the mi"C; Tlvi-e dco-^n't seem lo be grounrt for objecting lo •> r.i^flln.s d'linr Th(ln tlley taff-tcmlcrs om o( n toii-rmnoni.*;. .^.s. fni- locker and o'rotanllv—Hint's rains iq b5 harder ti stoi> Uism 111? hont^J c 11 ^ \vord on the course, or in n^lop.^r rnri nils 'as n^icli a pnHv^l lliii frame ns a mldiron. Oift^h^p'*.^ are pvn^Mng (o enrn rti T iip~Jn 's'?"^ cf doiiijli iii tHis ycnri:- circuit, though Ilisy were $n>n.i«j><,t sii-nvlsed l>v Ihn anl'cs '' t~ '•> of youngsters in Ilic 193J;jipU]li5. : i ' ! I Former Shortstop Believes He Has Recovered from Effects of Wound. . . Cr-3?, \v-v the iwj of I W hll %f T ' kno'.vn'.. r^ni ]. Di>al. N. J.. pro, led 12-1W1 wime.r . nnd fonrlh In line . . or \Thi'o Plntns, NT. }.. and .in'm- nv- ffA-oiii. of Mmomln,-". Mleh. -Ti'jf; inter, n ir.nk omslclei- who r"i-i«;V"s <-i>i so'iih of n dilaol- {iniWTJnH flivver. lx?al rlie union's ji«.i.J|«Vut .in the. Mhnit ODCII raid 4£ok s-cond niice in the. Mi- ninl-Biltniore event. for the year fol- i» * fl-10—Mlaml-Diltinorc Onon fW. •S-U — Pnsftrtona Open— 29-11—SVTI Monicn Pro 1 0-8 — Los Angeles Open— Tulane Co-Eds News Butchers to Sec Game 1 n»d satin waler • Ira nrdiiotis. would not prove liy 1.I.OV1) (lOU'l'.RS ! I'liili'il i'r«;« Stair CurriT.iioilJc: CALEDONIA, Pa. • iU»l—Charley j Helb:;-:. former star>;> with ; U;e S 1 .. l.onls Cafdiiuls. exp!Cis 10 i s? b.ick i:i in.ijo:- ;:aguc bisf'a?.] j nijain next .spring —anil pci.Mibl I'Aith hu fomu-r li'iiitnnnus. Cii'llvi-i u -i-esuiiB" a 1 . Ills iiicun- uiliKiidi- iiome hero, having been "laid up" for i\vo years with womi:li hiitferod in lnin:ing Licei^lc-Tit noar Chambcr.-ibiirg, i'.i. A charg: from .1 shoi gun .-iirntk liir.i in Uie lee nnd severed lilt- muscles, n? «-aa forced to ictiif- i^mpurnrily Irani ii.ij:ball, ami physicians fcnre;! t'"ai ' the ncciden-. ivonlcl end his caieer. To Sla«c Comeback The former 'Card In- fic'lcler. linivcver. Is no-,v (n:i'.o con- llclsnt—and liis piiysieinns also— | :hat his pnyslcal erudition will per- i mil him si'.-tthis back into ihc.h'ne- ) again. "1 run feeling tine jn.5t now, nn5 | my leg Is coming nlont; okay." Oel. acrl iDld the United Press today. "Put!" Lund. Minnesola back, has ' ! nln "^^ '" set around easi!; ayoil 733 minutes out of p poMl- :mrt ' b?licre l' 1Jt i" anoilier month pool to b« Me to rc-jwrt for !!ie spring tralntaf. "Juit whsre I will locate," he fald, "as yet has not been decided. There's nothing thai wouH please me brit?r ihan lo ciin:e back with t!ie CuMl':. I think my irtoir! then- Jiisilli,--.-. my rediin. As in ;i If*! cDinnici, dins- hjisn'i l^c-n oiiy- t-hiji ';aid p.boni ll n^ >^ 1 -' 'ri!p lorins!- <:?.-.u hillji'.tiyer Is ncv: tindoMioln?. ucnirin'i.i f-sr tlw .'ciind. Till-, liuwevr-!-. h? f-X|i?eu-J. i.'.ould (eiiiiiiutc- iiiitu DJCi'.'iilir-r. Wound \i) Il:]]l-Jk'.1|i "1:i? wound. iihj'JioiaiLs iiave ns- [ .WA me, \viil WaVe no psniieneii'. r.andl-:,i]> to mi' bn^eb^U c^rr-cr," h(- said. -They clui.'i! i'il !>•? 'gold H new nnd I! .yo'ji 1 : lr- 'in/. I cer- alnly nm nnfeioil-'. In pi>( Met In At a hwpim; in piilla-leiDiij. where Qelbs-n inulwvfiit trenur.eni for (hire momlir.. j>::ysida!ii Jintl , ussed ihe oiiln'on liui )ie iifver j ild don :i bivsio.ii! iiiiifcim I loain. | Oieaily t)!?^,";! will: In: j-,:v.^n: condition. Cii'lbcri said jii.- ,ici;ii- Ucs in sports li'Oin nov. on \u!! be confined to Imcta!!. Oil' of ItunliilK "As for h'.iiuinjr—v.oll. :i-, a:'. t am cosis-erned, I'm i.-.ioueh v:!t!i that for good. I haven'i dsne any Oils wasoii—2nd fiirtlii'ijuoic. i don'i intend lo." he said. lit-lbsn made lih <iAi.-_ in l'i^ "Ui'irs ill 1U23 ullll [!n> S'.. Lxillis Cards. Prcviouslv' l:e piayid with dubs lit. Topr-ka,' Kan..' and Syracuse. N. Y., nnd fioc!n-s>r. ' Ho i began playing b:il! .<J^::!v afiirr h-:-1 left calle'ge. He hiul it baiting average c! .2'i\ I for foil!- years. He played in more I ihan 500 games wl'.ii'ilk- Cards, pljyltij in bolh the 1030 .i:i<! 1M1 I World Sevi^i. | 1'erffet I'luiiKiii.i; Nineieon times ihis »\ison Art Bruni. Ruisers fullback, was called on to make three yards or Ic.-is for a first- down or touchdown. He succeeded 19 times. WITWEVElTWAUJIOEMdCHAJF GET THIS COLOR RULE TODAY WALLHIDE One-day painting saves you time, trouble, money! T UP, Interior Drcontois Color Rule piclureil nlmve —:ine\v invciilion—now shows you the- linv cost way to beautify your lionii" with color! You KC! ii absoluisly )'Ki:i:wiih the p:irclia«- «f any si'"' cun of \V:,!lhide, tlu- Viuilived Oil p.tim ilint brine:; you One-day painting. Ciime in to Jay for one ii <if these Color Rules, la no ntlier way can yim 10 cu:ckh> visn?li/.e. how your rooms will look pointing walls and ceilinijs wit'i \Va!llii<le; afu-r usii:^ \V:iu-rsp;ir Quick Dryinij V:ir ni'ili nr Knanic'l to make jv,i i fnrniture anil i,'iuid\vurk lonl. iike new. The result cjn lir in [K-rfocr color Imrniony or in artisiic coinnisc became \\-.; lu-autiful,ini !?j XVatcrspur Culnrs \\-MC liccii mails to conform to interior decorators' color G. G. Caudill General Insurance Iflfi N. Broadway Phone 7!)7 HUBBARD Hardware Co. Blytheville, Ark. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGKNCT ^ . ' c f.r.a.C"..m Ltpanto and Reiser | |)hcrs Will Meet Friday!^- . , ijDrink NF.W OKLEANS IUP) — Mlv: Lottie CouiKi! li'nil Miss rniocenc- 'V'-kc5,.s;!idcuU' iiv, r mlnnp Univer-! • c ily. rahf d -llicir pnungc "lo New I'El'ANTO,' ,\rk.—Tin- Vor's to' .watch Tnlonij. -play Col- football teaili will meet (ho I/ionn-' gnti! by-iii'tlns us "wws butchers." '" ^••m'l ( in ihc i-c:il nsld l-YMiy I For weeks before Hie ntiernoon in a rciuni giime This I Irnln left, they pinctlced currying tallies suffered defeat, from the' Heiivy bnstets up mid down soror- Keiser team iu tl«!r ilrst cMtuoun-i lly c!;ilrs so the vrndlnn of cnnrty isr. I 8JO In 14 g amcs for n, c Go- ^° ..pnj"idan" r-ponf lW, " ; li ll !L 1 ' > '' it Uv ° scnsolu - '' avc been enconrnginV, arid I e:i- Sp.n — S400D. 20-J1 — Lnkcvciod cMlf.— -51060. Open !-•;—Agua Callenle Open— 15-17—Cliarlcsion. S. C., '•."MS — AugiBln, On, lo n Horse i 3nkc- iibo\it chill candlUon n [liorobrcd horse for n lace.-and u>'mfl Oic simc- 'i:nc lo tapeniilm off. Th« liticr process !s cffled "nnwlncHng." when it Tomes In Used Ihe wanl-nd of t*nrler N«ws ~ b« b«L SI jou want prompt TBnlts phone 3PS. Farms for Sale if Pres-iilunt Hooicvelfs I'l-in works lard vaiiies will continue lo K« up. If il fai's thon in my opin- i<:n we are headed fur nuinev in- 1!fition (chcaii money—high commodity prices) ami ;i.n;iin land values will :;o uj). Kiifiiri- that nut for yourself. -l-EACHVMXK TKRRI'l'OKY— 1(1 iirros (Alva JolilT Place) SW/, N\V!/, 7-15-fi. All uillivalion. Corner on gravel lateral. !i mile to good school. Price $2.1100 (HI ytiirs limn Tor S!)".i.(HI. Terms $100.00 cash. linhiiu'C ( 0 suit. Don't Let 1933 Pass you by tY yon ever want a yowl farm in Miss i s s i /; /j i County, Ark. Warranty Abstracts of Title Alt Taxes Paid Pousession Jan. Isl liiam snil. carry Jui:il 12 mill- north Poplar SUuk Land Hank 2p 10 acres {Alva Joliff Place) SE>/, NW, 7-lS-i). All cullivatiuii, sandi loam Mill. Corner and 14 mile east of gravel lateral. J/ 2 mile to K<1 od school. I'rice S2.00(i.OO Kami l!;\nk 20 year lo;m fur SS75.00. Terms S 100.00 c.i<h. suii. '/. niik' north Poplar Cun cnrrv Joint Stock -10 acres (CuRlc Place) S\V^ NKV, 27-15-8. :!2 acres cnltivalidii, sandy loam soil, none heller in thai terri- . tflry. ;! miles west uf Manila and '; mile north of :M.iuill:i anil I.eachville cul-otT road. I'ricc SI,800.00 ^ 100.00 cash, nalance lo snil. -iO acres (Gray West Place) NW'j NK'/^ 27-lTi-S. All cullivatimi. sandy loam soil. :! miles we-t of Manilla end 3 i mites north of .Mamla-l.eachviUc cut-ofT-roa:l. Price Si.siMUIO. S-100.00 cash. Balance (o suil. .10 ntri-s (Holloway I'lace) NE'", XK'/, 2IM5-S. S2 HITCS in cultivation, halaneo easily cleared. Sundv loam son. .i miles north of llanila iinrl 1 r>ik> w«.si nf concn-lo tiii;liw;iy. I'riec'i.nn SSiin (id cash balance tu suit. . ' ... •52 acres {Knmctt Place) \\'., X\V!J \V (»f It. K. 17-1..-S. All cultivatmn. «, m |, |, )llm . gravel side road liarn. Six three-room hox houses, \djoiiis town or !.t':uhvilli-. l>ric-.> S:i.iS».H(! SI.000 Oil cu<h Inhncc !c: suil. ' ' ' ' 10 ai'i't's (Cunningham Plan') SE|', S\V'/j aS-l.VS. Tliru- ucrcs cleared, balance cut-over, rasy to clear and will mak« .v-1 farm. Cootl foin- room lox house. On dirt road four miles \vc~l of Mar.Ma 'ind 'i mil- easl nf l.cachvillf gravel road. Price $1,000.00. $3011.00 <.-.v!i. halance to suit. 20 acres (Hallartl Place) XK"/ 4 SK"i N of Floodway l.l;j-S. Cultivation. Combination .store buililin.- ami residence, bevcn miles south of Maniia at intersection cf gravel road and Millifar, Kid"-p nnd Rontf location for store. Price SSOO.OO. S350.00 cash, balance ( 0 s'uii. " C* First National Bank Bhlg., BL\THEVILLE, ARK, V V QUALITY AT A Pre'Inflation Price Suits and Topcoats that will- win your friendship w i t h their all-around service, SUITS that are favorites with men nf all ages because of their .snap and long wearing qualifies. 19 .75 Other Suits S22.50 and S27.50 Topcoats Warm, serviceable Twe&ds and Polo Coats in nil new styles, in- cliidinjT the new English Flare Tail. Double Hrcasted. $ 1 rf Af UP Hats All nt«- styles in- cludlni the n t w Scratrh Kinish. $3.50 and $5 Shoes Suede Jackets $6.95 and $12.50 FORTUNE— S4 and $5 XUXN-BUSH— $6.50 - $8.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO, Complete Outfitters for Jlcn and Hoys

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