The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OH.THEM'S TOOLS I WENT DOWN ANf GOT LAST NIGHT ' TO FISH TK 5HOST EHt> OF MY PAJAMA STRING OUTA TW HOLE--I DOnr REST W6LL' WHO! SOMPrJ'S WBON6 UKETHOY WELL.ISUESS i SOME PEOPLB REST PRETIYWELL OH TOOLS, THOUGH "V ^ V Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople <3O X CASS LM-JGM FULL- THFZOTTLEr AT YOUR core . SAVlWSS/ By Virginia Teale Cop/right, 1949, NEA SERVICE, INC. VOO'Ve 66EM AS QUIET AS A B6STLS i SMEAKltJS IMTO AN ORCUARti/, -~~IPVOL) SCORED FOR DM6> OP Tr40S& SCULPTORS aq ' PRIZES, MAY X POT MV OAR IN FOR. me FIVE " YOU CARVED /-) OFF AAV VAlP ^~ V LAST MAY ? r HftSVOUR\ ISTATUeGOTJi A LABEL, OM IT ? IT ' WOULD 86 TOO BATJ IF THE 6GAT3/VOU WAGS AR5, HILARIOUS/ t HORE T < DO^'T Hf*J6 A SPLIT LIP Call Ask for either white or colored driver. Eight c»bs at jour service. FOR SALE culvert*. 12 tncb Co 48 ch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lamb«f foi baras, ch'cken houses, pomp house*, tenant houses, tool jlied*. We deliver Call at tor tree esttnulc . . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT C<X RE^T A CAR Drive Anjwhere Ton Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS 'RL'TY SHOE SHOP WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store . A' CtV«ti FOR 'MIPKll- SALE CULVERT TILE jou less yet i*su lunger than anj olhet brldjtf m> I trial S I I <• .< 8-10-lZ-IS-18-21.-«.21-30-» Inches. ' CONCRETE SEWER TU.E sues t-b-s menu CONCRETK SLTTIC TANKS Best Prices \\, A. H. WEBB h-ras 61 al Slate i,| ne Phone 714 A'lTKNTION EX-(i l.'s '» To iM.iliitatn Vour Benelilx, PAY XOUK LEGION DUES NOWl DUD CASON POST 24 Arnulii ereil | He camru !• Hn|£*r lo^Kl cvllrctur, Kt • price eoild xu t jifforj. buf l r SnlUk, wko work* 1. «ifl whop. »|>|»ar«ntl7 1h« fjimeo bndlr. After tlH IfATe. Arnold PArffer'a e. »ll O'Xr-Ill, wlfr ut M llky reildrnt of the noloroan cnlonj. rnll« •• E>Aeffer, Auk- for M.nin. rv ARNOLD PFIEFFER tossed'an "• unopened pack ol ci a,ire Is into Nell O'Neill's lap. She picked them up, giving him a mocking smile: "Genuine Old World courtesy always . rampant at the Pfierter weaving studio," she remarked in her hoarse, unpleastng voice, . Arnold bowed elaborately. "Did Martin say anything to yoti about going away? About taking > trip or anything like I that?" • Trip? Him, or me?" - Arnold j kept his eyes on the cigaret he was 1 fitting into his holder. "Don't be fvmny, Arnold," she rasped. "Did he say anything ' about going away himself?" Arnold lighted his cigaret. "Not that I remember." She tapped her long nails on (he arm of the chair. Arnold stared at her hand . as he would at a beached Jellyfish. It was long, with narrow palm and slender fingers oddly squared oft at the ends. Nell stood up abruptly. She surveyed him £rom her almost-six- foot height, her flat blue eyes meeting his contemptuously. She meeting his contemptuously. t "If you see Martin bcEore 1 do, ten him I want to see him Immediately. ImmedUiely, got thai?" Arnold turned his back on her. He heard her go down the hall .; and slam the front door. He . whirled nnci spat out a word that was not in his everyday vocabu- I lary. When his temper had simmered | down, he went again to the cabi j net and took out the cameo. Was the pin actually Martin's property? What If he had stolen it? And , who was this prospective buyer in ban Francisco? An honest man or a fence? Arnold bit his lips—he could ill afford to bring himself to • the attention of the police! The best thing to do right now | was to take this wretched bauhl j up to Hagar Blair, the old scarecrow who ran the Three Wishes Gift Shop. She owned quite famous cameo collection — there had even been an illustrated slory about It In a recent Sunday supplement of a Los Angeles newspaper. She certainly would know i whether such a cameo had been reported stolen. He ripped oft his smock and plunged into a flannel jacket. He . dug around In a drawer, pulled out a sample square of tapestry, wrapped the silver box and thrust it into his pocket. Locking his front door behind liim, Arnold stood for a moment, Ihen struck out toward Oce "You bore me today, Torn O'Neill," she rlrawlcd. Highway. As he neared the studio of the O'Neills, he saw Nell and her husband, Torn, emerge in the company of a short, dark man who wore a turtleneck sweater and baggy pants. They climbed Into a car at the curb -Arnold noticed that it wasn't the O'Neill car. He slowed his steps'so he wouldn't be called upon to exchange greetings with them. • • • AS Andrcy Ynkov's car'pulled ri away from the curb in front of the O'Neill studio, Tom O'Neill, wedged between the door and his wife, freed nn arm and waved it out the window. Nell watched. "He doesn'l see you," she told Tom, "or, at least, he's pretending he doesn't" Tom gave her a loolToI ponderous disdain. "Why should he pro- tend he doesn't see rnc, his good old friend? Little old Arnold is a nice feller. Minds his 'own business. Wouldn't hurt a flea." Nell snorted. ,"\Vhy don't you send him an orchid tomorrow?" Arfdrey's lips curved upward beneath his narrow, black mustache. "This man, Arnold? He is a fellow artist?" "You bet he's an artist!" Tom nodded enthusiastically. "A wonderful little old weaver, he weaves tapestries fit for the Metropolitan, that's what he does!" Suddenly, he leaned forward, "Hey, wait! Pull up, Andrcyvilch! That's the pbcc!" Yakov took his foot on the accelerator: "What place?" "I told you about it," Tom said petulantly. "Bob's Place—best bartender in Dolorosa, makes the best Moscow mules in the whole country." "Oh, Tom!" Nell snapped. "Pay no attention to him! Andrcy. If we're going to Martin's studio before we see Hagar Dlair's cameos, we haven't much time—she closes shop at 5:30." • » .• « 'J'OM slouched down, muttering. A lock of his surprising snow- white hair fell over one eye. "I see no reason," he said, mak- mgan obvious effort to control his munciation, ll lo lake our new and valued friend, Mr. Vakov, a fine artist like he is, up to Martin Pallet's so-called studio. I can think of a thousand boiler ways of cntcrlainine a stranger in our rnidsl than to take him to see a lot of clap-trap junk that masquerades as art." Audrey 'gave Nell a secret, understanding smile. "The studio of our artist friend," he asked cheerily, "which house?" Leaning forward, Nell pointed to small house with' a redwood shingle exterior. Yakov tinned off the ignition and set the handbrake against the incline of the hill. , „ Yakov climbed out on the other side, and waited for Nell and Tom. He looked up at (he drawn blinds and fingered his muslaclic. Nell led Ihefn up the splintery, gray steps, across the narrow porch to the door. Grasping the handle of a brass knocker, she struck it clattcringly against its base. She impatiently tried Hie knob and the door swung open. "Martin?" she called. ^Martin, are you in there?" She turned to the two men with n disappointed gesture, "Well, he's not here, bvtt he mnsl be coming right back or he wouldn't have left the door open. Let's wait." * * • (POM shuffled inland Yakov followed.. The Russian's eyes darted interestedly over the interior of fuller's cluttered studio: The paint-spattered but vacant easel, the table .nearby—its top piled with brushes, paint rags and tubes of color. A pullman-lype table was unfolded from the wall and propped on SLs one ICK—oo it was a raftia-wrapped botlle of wine, a half loaf of French bread, a block of cheese on which a fly had settled, and an empty sardine" can. Tom came to stand beside Andrey. "Props," he said. "He think? this is the way artist's are supposed to live. How long do we sit in this den of iniquity and wait for thr iniquitous?" Nell tilted her chin and looked down at Tom through narrowed eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, then, glancing at Yakov. she closed it. She walked to a curtained corner cupboard, parted the fabric and drew out a box of book matches. She helped hersel; to two books, carelessly tossing one to Tom. His face glowed dull red ns he beetled down at the initials, on the cover. On a background ol gold, the initials N O'N were in- scribed'in clear satiny black. His upper lip twisled back against his teeth: "So? You even supply him with matches?" Nell exhaled cigaret smoke slowly so that it partially obscured her face with a moving gray veil: "You bore me today, Tom O'Neill," she drawled. "1 bore you today," Tom mimicked. "That's tunny. I can't understand that at all. How could you be bored, even by me, here in these familiar and beloved surroundings?" ITo Be Continued) Early Beverage Chocolatl, a frothy beverage esteemed by the Aztecs in Mexico, was made of roasted and ground cacao beans, flavored with peppers and other spices, according to the Encyclopedia Britanntcn. Pfi^RIPTIOHS Presh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Painting Interior & Kxlcriot • Expert Paper Hanging • Estimates Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 65GO FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. PAGE FIFTEEN Tj y^mi.mli»-i mj^^&i&ftiM com. IHI iv KU surer.. IHC. T. M. sto. u. i. r«. orr. "He's going to stay there an hour if ha hits all the notes wrong—we ought to have at least one in tliis family with some talent!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Horror Slory GET YOUR HAT; KlHCSTOr SHADYSIDE SOUVENIRS Jove! (Fine trw , DUXe OF CHUTNEY COULO BEHOLD Me NOW.' niSCII,LA'S POP Perils of Fn I hcrhtwcl BY AL VEKMEKR NO\W HOMEST, PRISCILLA! t TRY 50 HARD TO TEACH >OU WHAT5 RIQHT YOU'VE DONE n MUD ALL OVER FLOOR1 f 1 GUESS I'M A FAILURE AS A FATHER! «Y MICHAEL O'MAl.LEY and RALPH LANK SOMETHING'S SCBEWY, CHIEF. SEE WHERE THE "VIKING'S" S HOLY MACkEREL. RIGHT KJR rMlf- WAV onrtf i SO/MfflODY BETTER TELL HANS TO TAKE THE WHEEL .' THEN YOUU KNOW WHERE TO NAIL FLINT CAPTAIN EAS'V lint Yc.s, Senoi BY LESLIE TURNER VBS, IJ\t,\ JUAU JUWSEZ. IMFOEMATIOW THAT MM =TEB. HITCH HIKING SMK WTO TOWW, EASV SOOU LOCATES 3UST WH.\T DO YOU WISH PROMISED SEWOR. WftSHIMCTO TUBBS" wi HELP MB FIKJD ft FRIEND TO SEE HV DAUCinrft ABOUT, SEWOR? 0'MIME WHO'S MISSING..,! INFOKHHiOu I WEED, SUM... • •-,,-.— ,.,. v ^f ni,^-jifjLr,,|fl i | IlKKB^II WQ FELLA\ HAMED WASH 1UBBS- V ARE A F%eiJi OF MIS? BUGS RUNNY Oh! YH Want OneV OO YOUR OTHER CUSTOMERS STIR COFFEE WITH THEIR RIGHT AHEAP LIKE IT SETTER THAT YVA.Y/ , RICH, FLAGRANT, FULL BY V. T. HAMI.IN ,. Sir NEVER KIND / THOUGHT MLEy OOP WOULD TUSN UP YELLOW.' vc?^, X^ciXTTs /OUlTTEr? 7ELLOW/ is YELLOW ( w ltK: i i * t^ A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ooo.\_oow -uow'o voo \_\wt

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