The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1937
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECKMBEK 3/1937 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CCT SUBTI .Noted Composer, | Brazilian Trouble S p o t- ligKts Forces Fighting For Trade Territory Thi.s is the first of two slorlcs on (lie amazing political situs - [icn in South America wit!) [Is •- ••«>*v^ mviai, ———— thicat cf foreign influence, i i? Musical note. 40 Bone. HORIZONTAL 11 6 Composer of the opera "Cavallcria Rusliciinn." II Greek letter. 13 Lower pail of dress. li Capuchin monkey. 15 Westward. 16 Steering apparatus of a sl.ip. 13 Native metal. Ansvrer lo Pi-evious Puzzle ivhich lias .'.tirred deeply the in fcrcsl cf Ihe Uniied Slates, * « « BY \VILLIS THORNTON « Ocean. 43 Opposed to gain. 45 To simmer. 47 Senior. SOQird game, irvests. irgans ot 57 Alter the 21 Rumania* coin. I'l Simpleton. "3 Proposition. NEA Service fun Correspondent ^ fj"/""^ A hundred LatBi-Amwtain rev-1 ^±T" Cdan Mullens in the last 100 years Have SITQ riri«ni p-cctuccd nothing more than a >•> narnt" yawn in the United State.,. ' I 33 MotSi «lri « But the lunuircd-and-first has 34 Halt an cm ):ii:dlc<l a _kmgr-overd«c Interest In 35 Before Christ. manner of. i">8Fisn. was born The government overturn In 39Toward. century. Brad!, which has confirmed Gcui- lio Vp.rgas' position as nnzlVs "rtrong mnn." is not just another' "Pf-'acc revolution." It reflects' .Micng forces thai arc playing ov- r.r ?.H Central nnd South America —forces political and economic. It reflects interests and influences in South America which have crept In almost imnoik'ed white the Uniied States was pre- c:=uirietl with lighting the depression. The Monrcc Doctrine, now backed by a!l the countries of North ^nd South America, prevents .my European or Asiatic country from establishing colonies in South America. The old technique o[ actual conquest by armed force, or virtual conquest ty loans and In- YfEtmenis, however, is coins out i' cf date. W Tlierc Is a NCR- Method | x Today there are tetter ways of Retting all the practical advantages of colonies without the rc- spaiisibilit.v. That is the game that is being played In South America today by hungry European and Asiatic nations. It is not too much to say that there is a scramble for South America today that is like the scramble for Africa 100 years ago. German-Italian Fascism, Japanese Imperialist expansion, Amer- 59 His native land. VERTICAL 2 Passage. 3 To relieve. 4 Hush! 3 To change to bone. 6 Note in scale. 7 Measure- of area. B Street. 9 Tree. ll Egyptian river. 15rfis opevu has appeal. 17 His country is famous for fine , 19 Shaded walk. 20 Sunk fence. 22 Indian. 24 Children. 2fi Dry. 27 Ulcer. 29 Indians. 30 Verse. 34 Aurora. 36 Folding bed. .19 Human trunk. 41 Knrcm. 43 Sweet reaction. 44 Hack hr.w. 45 Drun'rtirds. 46 Whip lash mark. 48 Lion. 48 Stream obstruction. . r >l Your and my. 53 Wing, 54 Chum. , - ican democratic frcdom, and Third Internationale Communism arc all struggling for the advantages which would come . from holding n dominating position in the great rich continent to the south. ' mid . dialect • Spanish, or Porlu- operation - l«k-*«*k-far ,i_ iiiesc. nccordliits lo iu» bcctlon dtcltl*, hM been«taov«d to'bU limed at by time and wave-length, home. He Is much bettor .-fteii come in better than loc&l ' Mrs. Louis • Laftrney,,' who; h»s ... , ' • »**n al<* inm a' iwrrous bretk-' folfc.ioiijs, plays, German down, is much Improved '"""" ' " —' Mrs. Leo styles, who'lias been days, Is •PAGE nvi J. C. McRnc, Eric Bollard and E. 1'nrkcr attended to business cnmnbrll, Tues- i\ stout cord; the during sli»R' lansuage lessons, "news." 'm\d gen- .ral 'programs nre presented In sick for (tic past few inch n way (lint many listen for ncle lo be out again. i lonir lln\e bcfoie they realize •----• ,liat the source is Germany. C Nazi propaganda Is of courtc .1 . mixed into Ihe programs in such iny. i. way as to be unobtrusive • but affective It Is nil a part of the • When Ihe deer anow of the .vwd-wtde Oerman program of -Philippine Negrito strikes Its mark ml! .\ 8 ,,° J'nJ?" elRml (IU1(I to ll>(! " 6ad de t«hos «Wlf fwm Uie Hitler) the 3,000.000 German cltl- ihalt.'remaining fastened onlv by ions nnd 10.000.0W iieoplo of Qer- h stout, mr.i- .1,. V....I.,- L.;!. man extraction living, abroad. South America Is growing up. It's place In world economy Is a emit one. It van sreut enough In I9H for German nnd British fleete lo fight it out off Chile (coronel, Falkland Islands) for Ihe road to nitrates, bref, nn<l wheat. It is greater today. South America standards of 11V Ing nrc i-lsins. Wealth imd cnpl tal arc ncciimi!la|}iiR. it Is a rici continent, urn] Hie Insld" IracX. Is paved with prosperity. That Is why Hie KromWe for South America is becoming so hecllc today , „, . - ' jitters. The aims and methods of n - That has .1 tremendous this invasion arc roughly the same on Brazilian politics. The B5 those-o) Ihe Fascists, though GrK " me Argei ° ere , per cent of - u .—, vu jv^i ^UlJlr Ul the 12,3CO.OfiO people are also ut Italian extraction, and in Uruguay! it is 30 per cent. An Italian mission i:; now train-' ig lhc't>enivlan |>ollce in a country whose government is tottering Kobcciy is going to land an army Ulltl «' : thc'coiifiiiion of 13 political in South America and take pos- Parties; " '"" The new method is N> " ti"tc Japan Granl Both Germany and Italy offer military scholarships to young cadets of South American armies Bolivia and Chile both have German military ndvi-wrs with their armies, and both Italy and Gcr- . This is ho«- it works: You take a nucleus ot your f:rmcr citizens who have settled in the new country. Yoxi keep them linked closely to the homeland by incessant radio broadcast. 1 ;. r.ppeals lo racial or nationalistic j mal W arc making attractive oilers "culture." You prepare them to f ? r arnls and bntUrahlps ij\ — agitate for a govenunent in the new land similar to that in Ihe old one. You grant trade concessions that are irresistible, even though at a temporary low. You £end military and police missions, sell arms, exchange students, offer scholarships. Then, should the government or ihc new country waver and fall, you aic in a position (o see that the ne»- government is a carbon- copy cf the one at home, linked to it, so closely as to be ^radically n colony, (hough nominally hinqrondeiit. They All Draw Cards That is the gome in South America today, and Germany. Italy, Japan, the United Stales." Britain nnd Russia have all drawn cards. In considering Brazil, for instance, a comilry larger than the United States and containing im- j taicwn treasures of Iron ore, it is r.fil to remember that 35 ]>cr ccnl of her 45,300.000 people are of Kalian extraction. There arc a half-million -Japanese and nearly that many Germans. Practically all nt them arc active and ardent supporters of change for South American products. The Japanese cards are beins played differently. It is estimated that a third of all Brazilian cotton is grown by Japanese immigrants. Paraguay and Peru have important Japanese colonies. Japanese were for a time pour- ins into Brazil nt a rate of 25.001) a year, but the bars have been put up th;re and in most South American states. The Brazilian Senate, alarmed, revoked a grant ->f 2.0GO.OOD acres of cotton land iy Anmonas Stale, which would lave amounted to a "little Japan" in the Amazon basin. With all this, there is just enough Communist agitation steer- EuccesEtul. But they have been cucc?ssful enough to provide n Fascist rallying-twliit against the "Communist menace." Mlxcft With Propaganda The entire continent is continually sprayed with radio programs from the powerful German short- wave stations nl Na'iieii and 2ee- ren. -The 'programs, in Custllian Pemiscot County Agent Attends National Meet CARUTHER8V1LLE, Mo. Dec 2.—M. D. Aintjurccy, Pemiscot coimey cslcnsion agent. Is today :n attendance nt Ihe Nutlonal Cpit- nntlcn of County Agents, tcirig held In Chicago. Mr. Amburgey who expects lo also attend ^,h*a i\atld!uu Livestock there, was one of live delegates selected from among Missouri county sgcnts (o represent this state at the national convention, Hc Is the representative of ',hc Southeast Missouri district. The cjnvt nlipn closed today, having been in session Tteday and Wednesday also. Ya.rbro News In "the first l>askeH);ill games of the ECason, lield Monday night et Braggadocio, both the Yarbrb Soys nnr! girls teams lost to the Braggadocio L-.!iiads. Mr. and Mrs. Hemby S |>cnl last week with relatives In Hammond La. Will Purcell attended to fcuslnsss In Cameron Friday. Earl Hooti, who underwent a> PHONE 103 € FOR 'PETE'THE PLUMBER Old Rock Special Is A friendly olti stanrt- !.y to many people. Mellowed for two years. It is a }00-|?roof straight bourbon you'll enjoy and ask for time ano again. Try 11 today! Distributor Moon Distributing Co., 715 E. Markliam SI., Llllle Rock, Ark. cd bv Third Internationale n.l centering on Chile and Ecua- !or, to add t o t!;c continental J. C. EVANS Box 604 Blylheville. Arfc. Uistricl Manager HAMILTON TRUST FUND Sponsored By Hamilton DfjxKiLor.s Corp. The Loveliest Gift of All - - Your Photograph SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs' Store Soijbeans - WANTED - Soybeans Vic I'ay Highest Market Prices For All Varieties MAIDEN GRAIN CO. Vf. O. Reeves, Agent So. R. E. Si., Next (n Magnolia Plant—BtylJicville, Ark. 1MY PHONE 555 NIGHT PHONE 569 C. ABRAHAM'S Going Out Of The Dry Goods and Shoe Business Sale Starts Sat. Mom. 8 A. M. Dec. 4th Wo have decided to go out of the Dry Goods and "shoe business and in order to do so we nave cut the prices so low that it will pay: you to come hundreds of' miles to this event. If you don't come before you buy elsewhere you lose. We have shoes for the entire family, yard goods, dresses, underwear, pants, over-' alls, shirts, socks, suspenders, gloves, belts, ties, lumber-jacks, rubber coats, hats, caps, sweaters, bloomers, hose, rubber boots, etc, and all must be sold at once. Come and you will not be disappointed. Sale starts Saturday. C. ABRAHAM Corner of Ash and Broadway In (he underbrush linlts dm \voiimlKi niilmn), NOTICE and - - . SPEC I A I, SCHOOL DISTRICT NO, 40 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice is hereby given pursuant •list- seeming ihese bonds that' its' district will receive sealed. mders cf Its bonds on or before ic 15th day of Dectmber, 1931J The bondholder.? desiring to tender Ilielr bonds to the district must submit their offers In duplicate, one copy bolus addressed lo the undersigned, nnd one copy mailed to the Commercial NII- mcnt and cancellation on or before January 1, 1938. tlonnl Uatik. ot Uttle Rock. Ark- iiufiit. Trustee for said bond Issue. ',Enld Under shall stale the price at which Iho bonds will be soldi pud shall give the number and '.denomination of the bonds. AH bonds so purchased' must lie delivered to the Trustee for pay- The district reserves the right to rejEcl all tenders at, a price not acceptable lo the district. Given this 2nd day ot November, 1937. Leachville Special School District No. 40 o[ Mississippi County, Arkansas. By E. E. Bynl, Secrclary, 12-19-'2Q-3-l a '"*'«»»r*» Mil Do«'t took BMil rw km |WN«(|. too toifrnAve TO . Sensational high test malcea PhiUlpg 66 Poly Gaa soasationally fart-startteg. But it-ccwto no moto than ordinary, lower tost flasolSnea beciiuse Phillips is WORLD'S LAHQEST RIODUCER ol Natural High. Tert motor fuel. Tiy a tanlrfull ;F«iel that difference ia r quicker >»ann.up and smooths tunning. Note &»" extra mileage renulUrig from gieaUy reduced use cf the choke. So end slow Blaiting and save money with Phillips 66 Poly Gas. 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 Buy one Phillips K & (JllHcd Cur ul the new reduced, pr'cc and for only 51 more .you get an additional car ... sell or mvc it to a friend. Never before and -probnlily ni-vcr ngain will you have such an opportunity to buv good used cars at such bargain prices. • ' YOUR 01/1) CAR WILL l'()SSlni,Y. MAKE.THE- DOWN I'AYMEN'i'. Only a limited number of cars to.go in this sule HO we urge you lo come in on opening day in order to get first selection. This wiH remind you, there is only 4 more days to «et two for the price of one. For the ones that are sold, we win duplicate them with anything we have in stock. Better see these care today, There has never been anything like it in Blythcville. We have 100 cars, all makes and models to select'from. '35 Deluxe 4-door Ford Y-8 Sedan $295 A nice clean car anyooc H-culd he glad (o ( m n Ar.d (hi* '30_ Mcdrl Ford Ceach for ... THE PAItl ONLY $1 $296 i '36 Chevrolet Pickup Real Buy at $385 $1 And This '29 Ford Coach for only ..: BOTH OARS FOR $386 : '37 Ford Tudor Sedan for. Only $495 l.sok.i nnd mm . like new And a Good '29 Ford frl Coach 'for Only .'. I YOU GET BOTH '36 Ford Coach, A Good One for $365 And :\ Coach Ford for YOU GET BOTH FOB $366 I','J5 Ford Truck. Until] Wheels, and a '31 I)e- Soto Sedan, both, .?;j(ifi '35 Ford Tudor Sedan Good Car for 5275 And a. good Model \ (1 •30 Tmlor for «JI SOLD '35 Ford Tudor V-8 Clean Car for $275 $1 and n food '29 Chevrolet Sedan Roth Cars Now For $276 BOTH FOB |'35 Std. Chev. Coach Real Nice lor $275 land a '30 Chevrolet d»1 I 2-Door for onlj- ...... V* I Take RcUt For Only $276 '36 V-8 Coupe A-l Condition $375 ™d a 'SI Chevrolet *| Stdan for only V» THK TWO Cars NOT $376 | Look! '35 Plymouth Coach $295 I ami "IS, Studebahtr f-t for only : ....... «?•» I YOU OKI 1 BOflll KOR $296 '37 Studcbaker Coupe like New, $545 and a good "30 Ford Couch for only '36 V-8 Tudor Sedan a '29 Chevrolet Hcds both for $;« SOLD '3.4 Ford Coach Nice Car for $245 ,$1 sntl a Ml Chrysler Ktrtin for ONLY '.36 Plymouth Coach and a ',30 Chev. Sedan, both for . ............S396 '34 Ford V-8 Coach & a Ford Coach, both for . .' .......S230 '35 Ford Pf c k-U P for Only $255 an"d a good\*Z9 i Fcrd Tador for ' $256 PHILLIPS USED CAR PEPT. 5th and Walnut Phone 810 Read the Courier-News Want-Ads

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