The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER • 16, 1953 JBLVTHBVIUfi, ,(ARK.> COURfEK NEWS . Leachville s Society — Personal FINED $25 FATAL ACCID[N1 Central Ward PupiU "p 1 ^'"" 1 Mn nml Nl . to Get Cod Liver .Ofl Rotwe um O t pmmM is vis- i Kta ? .William Payne. Cod liver oil will bo given sin-'. ^ m Rev. Mr. Co . "" "mnliily iioM II . • writ n i l [^ O. O. stlros. Cotton Bolt agent, ~> . t ft ii T i nu'umg Wi'l Be Leoal lor was called to Kenncti Monday by Jriver of Death inicK Two. Mot.**,, Tv^vi'^'S.^^'-*^ Heads .Guilty W Reck- Pet- Day Is Limit. £ llw i« ps t °r her daughter, Mrs. | ess Driving. J Stflnlm' lTan<vw-b lht« n-r/it ' ~ denls of the Central Ward grnin- pin mar school for five mom.-.s In n '"day and Sunday. project sposw.'reil Ijy tho Parent- Tom Hurt lias moved (o caraway Toschf r association of that school. lo 1 ' Last jvar ilio oil was jilrai for tnrcc ,> MI ' Among t hew Sal homo for Ilic omnln'c - nn the sick Itslttiis U the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Stanley Hancock, this week.' More than a hundred hunting M 1 ** Prances Smith is Ul. licences «-cr« issued froiri Uic 81V" • KIr and Mrs ' R - A - Moo: « " ave tlTpvllle of (We of the rlrciitt 66UH "turned from a Irlp to St. Louis. cleric In t!* past *e*X, prior td ™J' naiTOWl S' "taped deatli wr.en rlic oipntn^ o( th* srison trvKy. tllel r wr overturned near P*ll Sun- 'fauck may be hunted for 60 dai'i dn V morning, They suffered no In- willi the limit 13 per da?. J lu- -« except bruises ami were abk A number of the licenses tow" to-continue their trip, to hunter* In oth'»r sUtes who plan Mr. mid Mrs. Roy Spend- ana to ''"nt. on Big Lake. children of Little Rock spent Sat- The (leer season. Which closed unlay visiting friends hero - Sflfrilay night alter 4 five day Prof, and Mrs. W. W. Cox and' pprlotl. will reopen December 20 daughter. Mis? Nellie Mnl, spenii when dec-r mftv tw hunted until Sunday In Jjnesborn. ' , jf>r"i-v 1. Inclusive. | Mrs. Effie Byrd I? Ill at the l-.onv. December l Is the owning date' o; her son,- E. E. Bvrd. .- fo>- ;*i.e "mil and turkcv season,- Mrs. c. L. Smith receiver! word v.-hicli wl'l a'so draw a >nrep imin- Monday of the suddt-n death o bcr of hunters to northeast A>-k- her mother. Mrs. Fred Vordi an 01 sah<i sontheas'. Missouri. Tills Bruegge, of Georgetown. O. She s°non is ODCU until Januarv 31. left at once and was joined by he • The Inrkev limit k Lwo gobbtere brother, John Vordev Bniegge o per s a fl"ini nnil onlv )2 auall may Memphis. .br kll>c-d -in one day but two days Mrs. L. B. Hubbarc! and Mis E kill may bo in Hie posw»iou of a E. Byrrt. spent Tiiesdav In" Para huntor I>T.«III when returning fit>:ii goulrt. The hunt. seison. whicii oosn- October 1, will close December 31. In doer season the bae limit is imrt bucks ^er senson. Onlv bucks with the antlers o'ainly visible are allowed to b> killed. AMcan Lobster Conner 'Sucker" Drq Agent Among Guinan Mourners KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP) — I Among Ihr many mourners of the death of Texas Guinan was .S. David of -the proliibl- tion agents who posed-as a sucker In order to gain information on O. C. Barker, driver ot the truck which struclt and fatally injured Joe SRlflPntiftll, Huffman farmer. Sunday night, »is fintd $25 in mu^ nicipal court ytsterday oil lih plea o! g»Uty t4. a charge of rccklr&i driving. Nfendenhall died niter he WAS allegedly run over by a Trinity Farms company truck while lyin?; in an Intoxicated condition on a levee road. Willard Cribtree, accused of rab- . ?iy In tln> hi-jacklng or HolxTl lardy, near Leachville. was ordi^r- <t I'eld to Ilio grand jury under ,500 bond. Paul Rogers, also im- Dllcated, will (ace examination tills fternoon, A similar charge agalust /onnlu L«oevill was nolle pressed. The case Of James Dennis, ne- :ro, accused of burglary and grand arceny, was continued. James Kills, negro, charged with he theft ot t quantity of seed eot- and Ills alleged accomplice, Nathaniel Clark, negro, arc held In the county jail awaltln<; iircliir.l- jary examination. Bead Coutler News Want Ads. WORCRSTER, Mass. (UP) _ «hen MR. o?lia E. rteail. of Worcester tiled, she lett direction* tlml 11. « nuu rumpuisory for me cnu- "- r wcdilliij dress be turned over dreu IQ tak? the oil'but insl year! 10 ll;o Worcester Art Muwum practically all the children wanted to cooperate. inotoioil to Osceola Monday to at.' | " '» "•• **n n^l ullo This M to begin Monday. T^e J' 00 ^ avo Mrs. Leonard Dlxon, Miss money will b« Uerlved Irom par- -Mildred Vlr.sion. Ml« Maxlniv llo!- onts'-who contiibulc 25 cents week-' 1 - 11 "' sncl Kminell TixHortl. ly instead ot giving the oil at home 1 J 11. Hainion nnd J. N. Holland and from friends ot the [>. T. A. """""•' • •who are iruerested in building up the bodies of local children. 'Mrs. M. A. Isaacs, project chairman, Is in c-arge. osilsled by Mrs. O!(o It is 'not. compulsory for Uic chil- TEXARKANA, Ark. (DP)-A »1- gnntlc p«g«»nt will o»l«bKit* 'the growth of TexaiXuna, «tt»t*fHf«l- ly located as the trade writer ot a four .'Jules areti, here Dec. 7«8. . •IOO LM>; TO CI,*B«i*lT~ > LOsr-Knvolope contalnlnjj' cancelled clx'cts nnd oUwr (wipers. inder 'ploasi' notify Mri Myrl'.o onrlaml. 16ok20 and Child will <)iftr# ei;- lunsos lo 3t. Lo'uls this wee>> ul. Cull Conner News. lOp H18 court. # fti 1 I wiuti tu KUIU iiuuj Studies Shrunn Methods the night ciub hosu-ss. r i "Texas was a good sport,", he NFW ORTFANC; (tlpi K Bob- sfl!d when 'nfot^ed of her death NtW ORLEANS (Ul )-K. HO3 m ft Va , 1OTllver B c nospK-j, "She trpated the agents with the familiar .'Hello, sucker,' when we raided and was a roal hostess to us." cri Liiidsirom, CaiKtown. South Africa, official of a lobster canning factory, spent live weeks here studying mellicds of sluimp canning and production. "I've found that our canning ma- chlnerv- at iiom? is far out. of dale," he said. "I believe that I can' cut our costs about 30 per cent by using TV*'at I'vf! teamed in Ixiuisiana. Vour sani'atlon methods, too, are far superior to ours." [•arms in the United Slates have more available horsepower than manufacturing and mining combined. Good News €or CARD OF THANKS We wish lo extend our thanks Km n i»i «M «K» riib: iato ite init»ud and appreciation to Our many Hiln-y «nJ bliddtr rmia '«> wirkly. y<n c»n . . a ^. , . . ., ' uclaal ySI-Xrwu u»itfcmnffiv .ft^rs. il friends who remembered us so „,. p,^.... r .,^ U ii;it3 I^TTJOB er*. b kindly pilice the lOSS Of Ollr buSI- rcoi^i^soo'.hiafiroo-.IorL.Xoniorefc-L.ryi tip« nnH hnmi» I ^'-^^ 1'1^-J^r. sera fninful jnlat* from lack c liesa ana nome. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Crnnford. - . Uai:»ynrtivily.A>l:iinii»«lforFol-J Pills— Ekl'Oll NCWS Nfr. Crumiey anil family huv movoti here from Jackson, 'T:nu. The Rev. Buck Walters reld services Monday night at the Ekron ECllODl. Mr. an<l Mrs. Bvicy Owens of Mj- IHEDFOBD-S BLACK-DB.*UOHT nade ol the dried, ground-up leaves md roots of plants that act on the :onstipated. Refreshing relief. Take Ihi5 dependable, purely vegetable I medicine when you need a laxative. Your HANDS jWHY CRT UP NIGHTS? We are dwply grateful to thos? ,vho were &u ...,.- .- _. . lines* and detth of little James .'ranklin Boniar. His rai-cnts 'and IIUIOKBHOIDS IFJIfs) cur- fd without the krifr. Shin cancer, varlrosed veins, lon- Klh rrmovtd nou-sargically. DBS. KIES and NIES OSler 314 Main Phnht HK (lie Bladder W'»'i Jurjpcr Oil. Kuehd, Etc. Drl\e out the impurities and ev ""•••! acids that cause Irritation binning and frequent desire. Juniper oil Is iiicasnnL to take in the foim of BUKSTS. the bladder laxative, also containing Bi;chu leaves, rtf. Works on the bladder .TI in liar to ('•".I n *25c l-ox from any drug I'lore. After four dayj If iiot ic- ! licved of "gctthu! up niflus" go I Ui:ck tnid get your money. If you firi; bothered with backache or ._, n^ias caused from bladder dlsoixl- •'iter lliis cleansing anrt you pet ;our resular sl-c-p. • —Adv. Bt!'.? ers you are bound to feel belter Expressive of your personality. ihpy should be kept «•;!! Kioonicct r,t nil times. Mnny persons who keep up ilielr ivrsonal nppcnrsnce in otliei- resppcis, often iiciflea their nuiLs. There's no excuse for It. when our innnlrtirc service Is no eon- vetilcnl. Manicure - - - 50c Doeu Beauty Shoppe ICG r BARGAINS Every Day Heie '•• -M.^nk Siz«« '-•'( 36'.' fo.Si6: JUMPERS Blanket Lined' . , 'Corduroy .Collars . •Boys' Si?Ses $i.l9 - ' .• Genuine front quarter iHprseliide'(PC QC- Banket Lined- Behwi '•$$,$,). fcame Coat as Above with Wombat Collars J56.95 ! SUEDE JACKETS/ z fc£ Ie $198 \ Same as Above, Button Style S-1.75 UNIONSUITS ^sJ'SW 1 UNIONSU1TS « irls ' ^pe style, short sleeves, knee length. 2 to 16 OVERALLS Men's. Tuf-Nul $1.25 BCYS SWEATERS Cotton 7i:c to /o DIAPERS 27 x 27 Per Dozen PRINTS Fast Colors Yard DOMESTIC 36 Inch - Bleached or FEATHER TICKING SHEETING ' S Ounce Yard 22 C to 35 C Star Brand Shoes For the Family . Childrens All Leather, S8c to $2.85 Ladies. |1,88 to $4.95 Mens, $188 to $4.95 Jack x4pplebaum Southwest Corner Railroad and Main CASH GROCERY PHONE = 603 Free Delivery Free Delivery SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY I'lacc Vour Thanksgiving Turkey Order .\n^y! We Will. ( . Have Nothing Except the Very Rest Milk Fed, Home ; Killed, Full Dressed Fowls of All Kinds! BACON DAACT Home Killed Beef QV IlV/lO'l Chuck. Lb. if eiu Bricks - AH Bran t. 2o : FRANKS Or Bologna Lb. I'tiro Meat »7ll Lb."'l'2 CTP A 17 Beef. Loin or T-Bone 1OIC i3i£flll Hound. • Lb.'1^-2 mK ROAST EEFFSTEW """L,. 711 Lb. /2 Pecans Nice Medium Si/,e 5 Pounds 35c Hens Fancy. Full Drussetl 17ic Coffee Canova Pound 28c Catching COLD? T PAGE THREE MINUTI5 THI MOST! Com* in today for CIAU.MOOF I6t0* Oil — JOYNER & BONirnELD Distributors j pkmu 55S the feiloviac 'itaUws ta" , ' .-.-.• ',-.'. i ~; M. LtrUm Stvrift fi*UU*B ft»f. SU. , __ b« boiltht thU Urrlt«r>: : Main StirlM SUlton '"• Shouv-Utilc- rhmolrt Co, f Ik v, p. wmuau'* son s»rti« sutiMi. "•'• J. E.- lOUeHf Ojc^oli, Ark.: W. T. Tfcwwutt l.yxorti,- Ark. . Serried SUttM Oi«oia, Ark. ' V XI. silt BoEMtt, Ark. r. M. Notcrw Joiner, Ark. J. 1 D. Bfaarhamy Manila,. Ark. Number Nine R. N. hmt A S«n Dogwood Ridge •, S. Bawh : ! ' • Yarbro, Ark. '. It. M. Bulky Srrvice SUtUa ..Ark-Mu. St*le Line AJreb ; j. E. B«lb*H : Highway 61, ftollarid, Mo.', Walter B»ln*r ' '' Holland', Mo. ' -• IXmarrl Cf^vrolrt Co. • Holland, Mo. I. .;. O. K. Friiier . - NfO.; ''.' Chispo Harge 25c Package OC^I 1 lOc Package, Both Z3C COME Four Leaf •OATS Checher OAC 55-0/.. I'kg. L\3 LETT'UCE^ tra APPLES To CHEESE'' hiladelphia2c ;^. 15 C PANCAKE F CODCANUT Shredded I.b. Peaches Mo-Ark. Maid No. 2'/j Can 17!c Meal Square Deal 21-U. Sack 42C SNAPBEANS ^ ri "";i 6 U ToileT PAPER Georgett Crepe 3 for 20c Tomato Juice SHIRTS SCHAfFNER & lead the style procession Jor fall In 4-Star Worsteds "',' -Jajid^Sir^ii^istf • ''':i'-<^i-y^l^-i:-' ^^0WiMSK f J^ 'and Tans MANHATTAN and ENRO $1.35 to $2.50 Richer more than ever; luxurious in i , LII looks and .feel; more varied in color, pattern, and •lesign, styled £\,nd tailored to perfection, thes£ are suits for men who want, the best THE SHOE OF STYLE AND DISTINCTION BLACK OR TAN NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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