The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In the Interest of Farm- Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS - FEATURES FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1940' Show Capability For Management Of Farm . Tv;o years has been sufficient tune, under a supervised FSA loan, for Mr..and Mrs..John Mooring of! Tyronza, RPD No 1. to prove them- I selves worthy of home ownership. . In 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Mooring and their, eight children made an j application for a Rehabilitation loan in order that they might obtain livestock and equipment to ! operate a rented farm. Since that | lime they have followed very closely a farm and home management plan worked out with the aid of I the FSA Supervisors. By taking advantage of the opportunity provided in these plans. they were among the 15 families in Mississippi County who were selected for a farm ..under the Bankhead-Jones Tenant Purchase Act. This selection \vas made from 207 applica- lions received in the County this • year. . ' • \ \ The Record Book kept by this j family shows that in the past year I they have paid $250.51 on their I FSA Account, which leaves a very small balance. $373,33 has been deposited for their next year's farm and home operations. Financially, they are in a position now to take on the responsibility of indebtedness for a farm through the Tenant Purchase Program, for these loans are made for the purchase of family sized farms and are up on a 40 year repayment plan, with the landlord's share of the crop making the payment (3% interest). The goal reached by this family is one that should be an incentive to any tenant family, for not only will they now enjoy the privileges of farming their own land and becoming an actual part of their community but w\M at the same time have the advantages of occupying a well planned and properly constructed comfortable farm Home. JProof Of Progressive Farming Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. Farm Woman's News Corner Diet Protects Health A New Year may be on the way, but in addition to the usual New Be Lavish In New Year Eve Parly Plans; HV MRS. GAYnOft MTADDOX NKA .Service Slafl' Writer A New Year's Ev« party should 1 * "aH our—no restrictions, no uver-rcflncments, just a lusty note ol "Wi'll face 1941 together." To make the fat and giddy pa{;. r snowman for your table, folcv: these instruction. 1 ;, exclusively! worked out for this newspaper: SNOWMAN CKNTER PIECE Foundation: For the foundation, UM tv.-o wire ball frame:; one 8 inches in diameter, the other 12 •rx'hos. Brush paste over the wires and cover - the outside of each fnane with white crepe paper. The jVKjjrjr .should be .slretchw! thoroughly before applying to the frame. Paste the surplus crepe Goddess To" Reign In New Setting crush both the cellophane | '.'iepo paper between the fingers. I l j ;iste the crushed paper around •:.H outside cf the bulls. Place the ^miller one on top of the larger ball and tie , both together with ..noel wire. Arms: For the arms make two rclls of tissue and cover each one ••itli white crepe paper and cello- j phanc to match the rest of the figure, Fasten in place on the large toll with' mucilage or pins. Mitters: The mittens are cut out cf double thickness of red crepe paper. They should be .stitched on a .sewing machine around the outer edge. Slip mittens over ends oi each arm and tie in place with silver ribbon. • Of all the outstanding achievements of Mississippi County farm p,. aturas . Tne n0se ancl families during 1940, none was quite so remarkable as that of Mr. buttons are made by stretching and Mrs. Willinm Kntzenberger of the Gosnell community who and crushing between' the fingers transformed their dilapidated little "shotgun" tenant'shack (shown ! a sma11 piece of i)lack or red crepe in the lower photo) into the attractive four-room bungalow (top ' paper> Paste in place with muci " In the near future, Miss Liberty will preside over Die entrance place clear cellophane on lop. Then base on Bedtoe Island. New York harbor. New lawn.s and walks are trying laid out ami the National Park Service expects to complete landscaping by .spring. The old buildings, seen in photo at left. wfrc mostly part of Port Wood, on army post maintained from 1901 to 1937. They will be replaced by f group of modern structures nous- mg a museum, souvenir concessions, and administration offices. It is expected to take nearly five years to give the island the complete 'face-lifting" seen in architect's drawing above. Manufacturers' New President •f*. t<?,rf^. "V'l Photo, ,iU, mn .,t of the co,nfo,t s and cnveniencos fund ,„ cit dwellings. For this accomplishment Mr. and Mrs. Katzenberger \ er with red crepe paper ami pastel were awarded' the Commercial Appeal's Plant to Prosper Home Im- I in P lace - " provement Sweepstakes prize of $100, in addition to a cash prize of $10 given by the Courier News lor i Hat: The hat is made out of a Year's resolutions, they are like!} 1 to bring a flu epidemic with them too, says Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demcnst ration agent. The epidemic, which started on the west coast, is expected to increase the pace of its progress cast- ward -with the holiday traffic, and while there is probably not much homemakers can do to keep the epidemic away from their doors, Miss Coleman says, they may be able to decrease the severity of an attack. or aid in a more rapid recovery for the members of their family through careful planning of holi- • day menus and activities. . A diet high in protective foods, and plenty of rest, will help to! keep up bodily resistance, a desir- ' able .form of health insurance at ; any time/according to Miss Mary! E. Loughead of the University of j Arkansas College of Agriculture. The best protective foods. Miss Loughead says, are milk and dairy products, vegetables, fruits, eggs .and cereals. -. The daily diet, to provide health insurance for the family, should include one quart of milk for each child, one pint for each adult, 1VJ to 2 ounces of butter, 3 servings of vegetables, one of which may be potatoes and another green or leafy vegetable, 2 servings of fresh fruits or tomatoes, and 2 servings of a protein food (eggs, fish. cheese, or lean meat). If fats, sweets and other desirable foods in moderate amounts are added to first place in the county contest. Mr. and Mrs. Katzenberger and their 15-months-cld son. Donald Willinin, are shown at the left. Receiving Contest Trophy Marrying Judge Has 1940 'Clearance Sale' FITZGERALD. Ga.. Dec. '26 (\}P)» This one topped a page of "After Christmas Clearance" advertisements in the Fitzgerald Leader today: "Leap Year Clearance Bargain Weddings . . . Complete with license, marriage certificate, recordr> ing fee and civil ceremony Cur regular $4 value, special this* week only to brides over 18 in Ben Hill county for S3. This bargain offer expires at midnight. Dec. 31. 1040. Price goes back to $4 on New Year's Day. Signed. P. J. Kelley. ordinary of Ben Hill county." Kelley. famed in this section ns the marrying judge, said the "serious dropping ofl" of business due to the draft" hod forced his bargain otter. > .s trip of black crepe paper 20 , inches wide and 15 inches long . Fold the strip in half lengthwise and paste the short ends logethei Stretch the bottom or folded edge! to form the brim. Gather the edges, together at top, tie on the inside, with .spool - wire. Flatten top. of > hat to form the crown. Then trim' with hat band of red crepe papei Si-art'.: Cut. strip of red crepe, p'.pr-r 10 inches wide across the ?rain and drape it around thu snov.-man's neck. Trim the ends with bands of silver ribbon. Douglas, Ariz., Boasts Unusual Church Square DOUGLAS, Ariz. (UP)—Douglas residents believe their city has the only "church square" in America. Four churches are •situated on each corner of one block in the city. The block is enclosed by an iron fence. With industrial production the keynote of national defense, Walter D. Fuller, above, President of the Curtis Publishing Co., found himself saddled with huge responsibilities as the Na,-,. . . *""£>*- i «.^>^>uijoi ijiiinco ctb uic l^ci— Uiurches in the ".square" include tional Association of Manufac- Episcopal. Methodist. Baptist ancl hirers chose him their president at recent New York convention. Whistling Arrow Called Father of Scream Bomb CHICAGO (UP) — The dreaded "scream" .bomb had as its antecedent the Chinese whistling arrow used by Manclui bodyguards to frighten people off the streets as the emperor rode by, according io C. Martin Wilbur, of the Field Museum. The whistling arrows, used in 200 B. C. according to Chinese historians, had the same purpose as the modem scream bomb—to destroy civilian morale. Wilbur said. The Chinese implement, however, was not dangerous as the head was large and blunt and air speed was reduced by air resistance. Read Courier News want ads. Your Farm is on my truck route My truck delivers Sinclair gasolines, kerosenes, motor oils and a full line of Sinclair greases for farm use. Also Sinclair Stock Spray and P.O. Insect Spray. Over a season, these high quality Sinclair products will save you real money. deliver to your farm Phone 200 LLEN AGENT Blytheville, Ark. strengthened, the Extension specialist in foods and nutrition says. Li£ht Makes For Safety With hundreds of miles of new REA lines being built and energized. 1941 should be a much safer year for Arkansas farm families, says Miss Cora Lee Coleman, coun- . ty home demonstration agent. Due to the good lighting which electricity provides, safety as well as convenience can be increased. Falling downstairs in the dark is one of the most serious home ac- tiUeriir. the Plant to Prosper contest for the first fimc. Mr. vntzenherger of the Gosnell community are .shown in the u^<, picture a* they were awarded the trophy by Jack Lockhart cleft) managing editor of the Commercial Appeal, as winners of the home improvement division sweepstakes. later. Thete should be a switch at the doorway of each room. Then it is possible to avoid encounters with heavy furniture. Here's a good safety suggestion along the line for bedrooms: Place a double convenience outlet near the floor close to the head of the bed. You can plug in a light for reading, and also a small night "nc <ji uie most serious home ac- r , j>«».m mgnc cidente. and bruises from collid- g C '° se to {he floor - A seven- ing with furniture beransp of ,-«_ watt hght I1sed in this fixture is ing with furniture because of insufficient light are common. Miss Coleman says. According to Mrs. Ida A. Pen ton cf the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, statistics compiled by the Safety Council show V s l lstin an "Pstairs hall. Except that one person is killed even- H 11< i , m§ht H 8 hts - olher d >™ minutes in the hnmfl, ««„ i-gms are not recommended, es- — fixture is so small its light need not disturb sleepers, but it will light a path across the room if anyone needs to walk about at night. _ Another good location for a small . E night lights, other menu, are the improvement granulated mnplo sugar and the i:se of maple syrup for curing hams i and bacon. pecially the colored ones that ar used. The cost of better minutes in the home, one person permanently crippled every three cltrn ,,„, minutes in. the home, and one per- ?i; n , "!?; 7 son injured every 6 seconds in the Ll i so hlgh as u home. . I ° e - an " there is no economy in Falls, .the home management! „ ng pocr "shts. - Mrs. Fentcn chairman for .the Extension Serv-! ice says, rank highest in causes • ,- M ° re proper lighting facilities. - For stairway lighting, "three way" switches are recommended so that before going from one floor to the other in either direction, the path is lighted up. it is -easier and cheaper in the long run to install enough switches and convenience outlets at the time the is wired than to put them in t by a greater public dermnd for •iap e sap by-products other than maple syrup, chemists are conducting a search for more maple ingredients to put on the market work has already begun on pure -nap.e jelly— a maple concentrate hat would be free from sugar for «se in ice cream and candy manufacture, other expected develop- Demonstration Club News Notes A. A. A. Dinner. Plans to serve dinner to msm- bers of the A. A. A. office were :--ad£ at a meeting of the Do;- '.vocci Home Demonstration club at the clubhouse Wednesday when Mrs. G. F. Scrape and Mrs. R Elrin?or were hostesses. The dinner will be given Friday j at the Womr-n's clubhouse. j After the singing of Christmas •vols. Mrs. gave the devo- ucnal from the second chapter of: \:atthew. Prayer wax offered by W. S. Langdon. Mrs. Ruby -utes rend "Old Christmas" Mrs 3. A. Eugg. "The Christmas Gift- Mrs. Langdon. "In Bethlehem." Gifts made from cotton, ana •acks of fruit, nuts and candies ere given each member. Mrs. W. L. Smith and Mrs. R. c. Blackwell, of Armorel, and Mrs. C T Ehamlin and Mrs. Wildy Stiles of ~ 1 " U - J1 '- were guests. Read Courier News want ads. '•Cosh" Doesn't Fool liv EDGAR MARTIN '/ COPB. _1MO_BY NEA SSRVICE. IMC. T.'gTgj! The Coast Looks Clear BY FRED BARMAN 'RE OU BLJR.IED 9A.OC SHOW L3STH 11 VJA^ 1b -TKA CITT OF SOLD-' CLlFF-'DvO£LLJNG RUINS. Whafs He Gottinjr At? T. RAMLIN AMD YOU'VE GOT TO ' I AQMIT TH*T THIS IS AM UWL1HELY PLACE FOR SPIES TO &RIMG A . MILITARY MAWY CERVICES WOW LOOk WHILE. YOU'VE AL . L J 2J 5. HT " W CM/ABOUT THIS HOLE LARGE EMOUGH TO HAVE '-'^ S ^ ADMITTED THAT MISSSMG PLA.N3E. < CAMT SUSPECT STEALINJG A MlLITAft/ SECRET OSCAR. BOOM HAVEW'T FOOMD

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