The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 1C, 1031 BIA'TIIRVILLE, (AHKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVM CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lot first Insertion and one cent a wurd 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken Tor less thtm 50c. Count the words aixl send the cash. 1'honc 306 POULTRY WANTED—Market prl. ccs, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF British Boys Battle For Golf Title Aug. 24' Oarsman Sans Clothes Because of Thumbs Newspaperman Completes ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE His Story of Science' By Ahcru FOR SALE Marilyn Hatchery, Blylhcvllle. | D c Mar( , h 20-CK-TF | arc h '' , Ml PERSONAL i LONDON. (UP)-The Hoys' ama- . SEATTLE. (Ul'l-What to dl . CLEVELAND. lUl'l -David Diem !( Cur championship will be played : with n star oarsman '.vlio has such only active newspaperman ID hold UEVIVAL MEETING j ttt 'aiasgow over Ui: Killenuont : large thumbs thai lliey ret In til? n fellowship In Die Royal Academy | At Church of Cod, Dlytlicville, Ark. 'course August 24-2B. ' wuy ot cnch oilier, catch in cloth- [of Science, has completed Ills "3to. J 110 W. Cherry St. j other Bull" fixtures Just an-! ing, and handicap Hie ability of I ry of Science." which will be re! Hate March 15, to continue indemi- 'uoun'ccd nrc; : their owner had Al Ulbrlcksai). iU.ucd fiom publlcntlon April 10 by i Itely. By Evangelist James Hooten,'; Archie compstcn and Hemy Co'.-! Unlvorslly of Washington crew the Holslou 'Hoi)>.- I'ubllsliers ol I Hillliam, Tenn. Subjects treated.! lon O p 1;onc one another In it 'mulch ' coach, worried. New York. | Reeener.-ition, Sanctincation, Di- at Homesa, East Yorkshire, on c.irl Reese,'slaitaar:! o-aranm. Is | niolz. who ilo.-s dally repoilni-ial ivlne Healing, Unity of God's Peo-1 jjj tt} . 7. : bij — ti feet, 5 In.'hjs — and ills j work for the Cleveland I'ross in • 'e and other interesting themes., A (,(, Miichcll and Henry Cotton thumls nre proportionately large, s addition to writing a science col- ,-erybody Welcome. 15P-K1G.. w m opcn N O . 3 course nl Sumliidgo < uibrlckscn discovered tfcnt Heoss j uiini for the Sci ipps-liowurd r.;«s- ""[park on April 18 with n Sj-.-ide . W3S having dilliculty keeping hh il'.ippss. spent nearly three y;ars In TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Ol- ; match, thumb; Irom cMchinj In Ills clalh- '•• rcft-arch aiid study before thiish- I Father and son fo'.ns^m;' comjiv • i ng- so | la i] t\ t ? i;M( of ciirHiis In;: work which contain* 100,- playcd at WiV. Hill them under (he oar handle. That nee C f the FOR BALE—13aby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. -c-by solicited, to be opened | _ 0 "rooms and;'" the Office of the Supervising. . j p A? b-ith, Dugan Street. $1000.00. [Architect, Treasury Dcpjilment. i KeSUn'eCtea LOW may Kmall cash payment. ™ Washington. D. C.. at 3 o'clock, in., on April 13, 1D31, for thr sale i NICE HOME on South Division. Will let it go for what is against it 51450. Small cash payment, bal- j taining approximately 27.003 square reeled cow or donation to the United States j of preferably a corner lot con-1 MOBILE. Aln. (UP)—A will save Le^ Mil:-:.-. would iv.'rer do, as t'".c orthodox grip v.-as necessary to "leath?! 1 " the blade. Ulbhcksou lonk the only way out — made Reese work without any excess clothing which coukl hook ihc thumbs at the end of a strol-.c. ai'ice 017.F-0 per month. 40 ACRES LAND. Clear Snoo.OO, 20 acres of it in cultivation. I feet, with a dimension of appro.xi-; fiom n year of pmlci-.liary life if I matcly 1GO lineal feel, on the more ; the plans of his alimicy.; wjrl: ' important of the two street front-lout successfully, ages, centrally and conveniently i tl December. 1030, Miller w.s located and suitable for a Federal! K ivon a year's sentence for t'.'.i building site ai Blyllicville, Ar-.. ['i lc ft O f nie cn-.v. which lie was s'.ip- 000 words. The book was written primarily for hymen and deslsn^il l<> ix:pu- larizi' phases of scli-nco di^.-unil- Ij'.c only lo scientists ami p.of< ;Monal students. Dlvliled Into fDiir pans. It treats of Hie "Sl-jry of sho Universe," "Story ol th; !:ar:h." "Stoiy of til? A'.im." ami . "Pti-sy of Life." Oui' ehjpii'i ueals jV.jili Kius'.elirii theory i>i rehi- Mlvllv. kansas. Upon application, I WE I1AVR any number of nice at right prices and on. \ easiest, ot terms. Thomas Laud i ^:l mastcr wl " ^l 1 '' 1 - 7 I'" i comiuny. • blddprs w!Ih a cimll:ir i - — lo have taken 10 Used Car Bargains 1 ronli.u Z Door Sedan, 19>3, Looks ne^v §31*5. 1 rivinoulh 1 Sedan, 1!>2J Lov: mileage §250. 1 Vljinoulh C'oupr, 1929, a good buy $175 1 Chrysler "0 Coach, a good one $250 See Them Now Lee Molor Co. fiiviug . particulars as to requirements and ' discovered in a IBS'.UIC n mile instructions for preparation of bids j a i )lt |f away. FOR SALE—Good, ury cook wood, lluclianau Coal Co., Phone 107. HP-CN IWHl'OKK lirSTKlfS WCAl'ON WYMORii, Nob.. (UP) — Harry Cia»\l*ovd. fauncr ncur here, h"s his mui methods of hunting coy-; • — otes. D'.iring a wolf hunt the other ' CHH.S I.OSK TO MALI; COAC'H day. -i cojrt" ran Into n hole. | R;,N LUIS OlilSl'O, Cal. nil 1 )._ Crawford went tight after the aul-' (ic-n-|:c llnrlranfl. coach at Paso m ^ No-v," iiccDrdint' 1 la i ">*'• !l - ^r:i?f.e.l the coyote from i li-jbles high school. w;i|'.<'i. <i n rils" 1 iitrdnicv"lhe aniin-il I'.rs b"^:i I the hole and killed it with a pitch-1 ramd of sodas Ulat he i-on!d dc- am i ! foil: handle. I f:at his "weight In |:lr:s" in Iwo 1 ! '. fi!!?y tall conlcfls. The Blrls and data lo accompany tame.'" usmi; affidavits 0' to Body's i ! ' 1 ' 1 ' 11 ls l!lc o'-' 1 " 1 Potrolnsm; wiisiinl In ami I!'.raiilt won the; FERRY K. HEATH, Assistant Be.-- : Uveliress Scale is seeking a new ' urctliicniK counliy In South Amcr-h. nines. 15 to 12 and I'.l to ::. 1I<M retary. 1CC-K2' Mil ' and an acquittal for his! ica air! pet roll urn Is Us moil itn-1 Itni-.erly llirew the fii"i anil dls- ] . i client. porlam mineral product. _ ci:.« 01^ to Jta^foid iracl; learn. A'c'C^ York Cotton < r^.T..;.'^.^!...'^^;!^ 1 ^ 1 —Ir-r^-T—r-miiiiiiTrnrti.^'*"""'"^'^! ii«iiiiiiiiMyaiiii'iii 'inEja NEW YORK. Mar. 16 (UP)-Dot-1 Ion closed steady. i Open High Low Close Mar 1C67 1000 1067 10SC ' May 10SO 1111 1088 1104 ! Jill ' 1113 1137 1112 1130 Oct 1145 1167 1144 1100 Dec 1105 1188 1164 1182 Jan mi 1194 1109 USD Spots closed steady at 1095, v 20. HKNT I'OH RENT—Two nice furnished liule apartments. S17.50 and 530, Thomas Land Company. WAS NOW '-1 LVSAMDER LARGEST OF B(& , MV UMCUE ) ((AP -fH* OWE I/J . ~^ HE rr OM i-T-SS VOU ARE HAD -To -ne OF r<!5 HEAP,"To ZA EAR CORM J -^ ffE . RlliMEP -rtC MUST/l.Cr(E I iM LA-fER VEAPJS WMEM / MV AUM-T EvJE 6MB •( VliM A SltoRY- —s PlPF MAV .SiiUMD LIKE Vj EXA6CjERA-riQ*i ~ F BuT GL ' DAv/E ,BACI< )'• rlOME.HAD A /' HE 056P{ REIMS "To / ' = riisvioss, •' i I ME AM "fc> REV/IV/E Itfe AfODE OF riAv/iwe> FULL MtlS-fACKlES [^ UOWJ- ALBAMlA -fMe 'A 4«D rf IS THAT A MATtC J6E. AS THIS UE"C A Li-TTte LIKE ALBANIA CdRMEf? OVi-flE MS .IMEJ PiTV U AS SHOULD GET A OVi "THE MUS-TACriE MART, EGAD/ ft "*£ AMD BEtTBR ', MUSTACHES MO. u. •. MT. orr. BOOTS AND'HER BUDDIES By Martiu HUH! FOR RENT bath, close — Bedroom, private j Ju [ in. Phone 785J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TP "FOR RENT—Unfurnished flat and unfurnished house on Hearn St. PJicnc 673. New Ortc.ans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 1C lUP) Cotton clcsed steady. Open High Low Close Mar 1075 1091 1075 1038 May 1037 1113 1085 1107 1110 1136 1110 1133 1142 11G8 1142 1103 1165 1187 1105 1182 1171b At Wholesale Prices I'rdm i'AN-AMKRICAN \VA1X I'Al'Klt and I'A I N T \ViirehuuKc.s in 5(1 Cilics. CO.MI'ANY I Dec Jan Spots closed steady fit 1003, up Z'Z. FOR RENT—3 rcom furnished Hat.! caraqe and coal hojs.c. Call G78-W. IC-TFl FOR RENT—5 room bungalow on Douran, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, Phone 8E9. 11C-TF FOR RENT—Five room house. 110 \V. Rose. (Jarden. Phone 614. - I'rintuil Hi WANTED WE HAVE a client who wants to borrow $200 on gilt edge security, payable Dec. 1st. Thomas Land Company. WANTED—Cultivator, Mower. Hake and Hay Press. Slate prices, where can bo seen. Write "AX'j j and 14P-K.17 SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN • "iiv "SISTER'MAKY XEA Servke Writer Of all the dried fruits on the market, none will more fully lend it?elf lo a variety of uses than the dried apricot. Carelessly handled dried apricots lose in flavor, apprarance and volume, 'yet a Jew simple rules which .aiiy cook .can understand make them a delicious, attractive inexpensive fruit. The World's; Finest Wall l';ii:ers. Superb designs by fumed artists, by Iciiuins craflsmeii in bnlliunUy rii-h,'UTE-FAST colors on sperhil paper. Each ;i niiislLTpitce in tk-i-oratiun—eiu'li_disfingtiislicd by a i-htirnutcr never found in cheaper payers. Every mil inspeeled, warriuHetl pcrfccl in appearance, not fade. 2">n pal terns lo from. I 1 \Yeck Only \ IF YOU l.VTKM) TO DECORATB IN' THE NEXT TWO 'lYKAHS V(U" "C.\:N "^VVE 'iMONEY HY TAKING AD-| Courier News. POULTRY WANTED -- Market prices pain at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF WANTED—Reliable man between ages ot 25 and 50 to supply old established demand fov RawlC'gh Good Health Products in Greene county. Surety contract required. Company the car. "funnshes everything b :u. ut The lirst rule to keep in mind is to soak the fruit over nielli in: water to cover. This water should i be discarded and the fruit covered || with fresh water for cooking. The second rule is that very slow heat lor a long period is the best- means of restoring tho fruit to ii.s natural stale ol juiciness. Al j the lin:c the fruit, becomes tender and iis flavor is developed. Place the soaked fruit in water to We cannot make (his special offer on papers carried in stock but lo stimulate business and provide work for jobless men we 'will sell from I be I'aii-Americaii- sample books at actual wholesale prices. The paper will be shipped parcel post from St. Louis warehouse I lie same day the order is received. We pay yostaRf. You pay us for the paper when we deliver it lo you. Good profits for hustlers, ••t'l-ilc the \v. T. Rawicigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn.. or see ir,e. Mr. Dave Edwards, Leachville. Ark. 12C-K18 AGENTS— Men and women wanted to introduce astonishing new lo.v fire anil bring slowly lo the t'oiiin:; point, no not cover over a let boil but keep just reads- bubble until tender. to lcr:d products every woman . Full or part lime. No coir.pstition.l Many Uses for Fruit | The third rule is never lo add j Eiigar until tha. fruit is tender and! ready lo remove from the fire. : FKECKI.ES AN'I) HIS FIUKXHS 1'AII) KL'1,1,! Blossei the^c I'lties arc followed, dried' Mr, Allen. Detroit, made 451" sales I apricots nvnl the finest canned' first mnnlh part time. Steady repeat business. full Sample particulars free. Write tiuick to AL-MO-CO Corp. 3271-89 Spril-.g Grove Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio. ones. Th" poorer the rmahty ol the fruit the longer the cooking process ar.d the poorer the llnvor. After dried apricuts are stewed.; they can b: used In any way can- ntii ones '.;ou'.d be used. Crpp- j dish apricot pic is very x^cd made; \vith dried apricots. Brown Uvlty. is especially £ood made \\n\\ dri'd. fniil. B.ivnrian cream use:; ll'.e drita fruit lo excclicnt advantasc,, fcr ihe sifting'removes the skinsj of thr fruit. Apricot ice is refresh- FAY 0. DAVIS AM, KINDS ()!•' MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done OSBHON HLACKSM1TH 115 X. Franklin S(. piquant and will be particuiErly appetizing to after flsh. found • rci ve | A|iiicot Waler Jcc | Four cup^ v.alcr. 'i cups : 1-2 cup Icnicn j'.iicL 1 , 2 cups slewed. A'-L RkSUT, FE'-LAS... R13HT WIS \UAY.... JO5T A LITTLE PARTV FOR. ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED WE \>l',Trt If] STUCK IIJ TVE Invest With Safety (,'•'• paid quarterly on full p;iirl stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first nwi'lsiigu loans', en homes in Blythevillt'. Scoured and Insured. Biytheviiie Building & Loan Association \V. M. Biivns. Sec. . ^_ _ ^^ __ <l M^:Wly ' \VASH~TinmS . nib through: ja :-icu\ 13o:l sucar and v.a'.rr to- 1 ' grther fcr ten r.iinutes. C^'l and ntirt lemon juice a:ul prrparcd: limit. Turn into freezer ami turn until firm. I'ack in four parts ice] to on? part s.iH and let stand one or l\vo hours before usin?. If an 1 electric refrigerator or uankle.-.s freezer i= i"ied. p.dd I tablespoon! grlstlnc :oflcncd in 2 taKespoons ccld wain 1 to svnip a^ it is rcmov- : cd Ivom lire. j Daily Mrnu nREAKF AST— Grape fmll .luice. , cereal, ereoiii. covnmcal iiar.cakcs. i ^.rup. milk, coffee. i LUNCHKON — Creamed nocd'.es | ! ;uin miis-h: coins, br.wn bivnd. apricot IVltv. milk. lea. j DlNNEIi - C.^rtcrole o! '.omb and vc-^r-tablc?. stiillcd vcar siljil. j | olaie houifle. milV.. cofSco. I TO AU- TUG ICG CRE .no CA^£ ^txJ ^'A^ s,sio Tueae's A SIG r ^i BOX. OF CAMOV ST6K. VOORSSLF, OJCG •• TVSYZS S R1SUT NOW. TUEV cc>ri KM^W rr. BUT DO'J-AR f^' TV»l6HtY Mine ceurs iney LIWDVS DOCfbR BlU-^PAID ALL THAT ICE CRSM.V... ROY' I'NN FULL NO Courier News Want A(is ray. t www ust\/vv-v333ivios3aBMinwi\isvi<is LAND: ENt) ft MlS£Rr\«LG NKiKT SiAVPIMO AtS Of- fSM Of\V., A.UT>6E(HN TV\E<P, Wtft W ftRt TDftTUPJ.O QV HL'MCiEP. (WO TrttRST. |M CONSTANT

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