The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 2
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FACT TWO BLCTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUIRIER NEWS Mr son, the HcvV E: r'^illalf i'nild-.\],ieek " . .'Lallmer. von lilgh score award. ut work pillow rcaso ' SRIDAY'fi .EVENTS WomaJttC' '«wUl^iy ft Fir® •' byterian- church,. week_ of prayer W,.M. McMi'lltn's girt 'for the fflng'pilz? was a varfl nml r Mcs ' the , «, - ot btcelo, Mo: Olljlor rrad the service rved.-pumpWn pie Uclphfys or the prosram Av, NOVEMBER le, 1933 student at SATURDAY'S EVENTS Promised, fjanji borne -denipj, .. . lion club hostess, to'county, council, at Woman's' club •'fdr'-'-liiiVcRcoiV ir.eetlng. .:.-..-'::'•. .:•••. - Mrs. 1 - J.-Neal resell, .entertaining for Mrs. Spygcorif Patterson, 1:30 p.m. -- ..... Elected SUte Oflktr, Milton Graham,. Joneibpro college; •• ji elected secretary of 'the -'Ark (in sas Baptlsj Stycient Unlim' in a meet ing at; Montlccllo list veclt. :': Current Events "">'•'>>• •'• • Clab Has Mctlinj. '•''•'• • '• . The"; pronunciation of .words tfas discussed at a meeting of-the Current Events club last evening al the Some of Mrs. Chester CaW- \vell. I Mrs. v :FSrh&~orlJi-Black -was le'aa- cr, assisted by the ten members and one guest, Mrs. J. A. McCarthy, ol St. Louis and Blythevllle. At the next meeting, in two weeks, Mrs. Caldwell w"l bo leader al the home ot Mrs. J. Ncal Gcsell when review-s of new books \v]\\ be given. » * « Prayer Meeting Held. Members of the woman's auxiliary of tlie First Presbyterian church met at the church lost, evening for the second of a series ol prayer meetings for foreign missions. S. E. Vail was lender of the Hotel Art dub, Wcdnfsd'ny. at the Noble kbit: Jaml-a' T). 'ciork. critic. led -a : discussion onij[>'.pro- nimcjallon of words before the regular 'program, Nfrs. O. W. McCiilcTic-il, leader, re'-' Art Cliib l.'6n'nc:4,'; -. i Algrouj) of student*; In ' ' f _ \ ^ Chtekasaw Art club wllh Mlsa.Vel- ... ... da Adcock us siionsor. officers ftre: viewed an article of the-Florentine p al ,| Ncvins presldrriV Mlss^atty school aifd told ot.llie. Mccllcl f am -1 s i, a ,,;,_•, secretary and repgrterb'N. lly's encouragement ancl contrlbu-, B Mt-rijird ]r treasurer. ••;•;•'' tlon to culture. She also sjwke.of (..;,-..,„_ ..„„' |x> hc|(] e(lcll '^. ' ' <."• * * '"$•}. tiie-'l^'oyi'Wrcn-c^nrtWfr,: 'rf^ u>! " terest in ai-t-hi'llSal'lmc. .--I'-'-• |day,n)£hj. ^ The delects tiiMnUidfaiVXlQIilr-1 |^ rl ' L .-Jcmiliii!>i. landajo's work.:\vel'e;'discussed -by. Mrs. A. B. Knir/ield ,vvh^.,iiso told of how ••Frescoes'.ihw 'HL 1 ;' most outstanding work. "She also commented thalr he'wns-the first 1 artist to place figures in 'a. balanced «'»>•• • ,..i.' -. For a sliuly ol n modern, artist M.PJ.. I}ill. l)olei), sj)Okc..,QU...Ge.oi'BS. Fnncss, Ainsrlpa's pcnte^t laiigscape; artist. Iii-'-Hcr-'tnlk'She'stntrxl'lrfet Inni'ss Is l|ic Rrmtest arlltt be- CBIISC he! pii^vriii:U(j;(e«Uag-<iab> his paintliiBJ. l'\)!lowljig the program some of the paint'lngs'iby tliesc nrlisls were sludlcil. '• - llns llunco Party. Mrs. \v"; ll.tstovnll enlertalucd 20 of her friends, with a nunco party Wednesday ijlternoon. si:c used autumn .flowers lo dccor^lc'" Ivor Inree living rooms which iwe'rc *•-ranged for tht Mrs. Lathner of US''. .'.- - , ..' | AjmpUncf mrn 1 . hc^ bcon made pi Hie' inuri'Iage.' , of' • Miss' ' Mnb'el Jninlngs and Olive: 1 Lime, bolh'-ol ilulinuii). The ROV...S. M. Watton' ixirformr'l the ceremony; Miss,Oenevlc-ye Doiijlas'anci')jla'i- -Vnond McMurty, both of tlils city, •Uorc United In 1 ]usrrrlm;c':-by.-'tlie Rev. S. M. WiUfun. uiican-nullrr. "' vvliine nt Miss Uuby Uul- llucli Duncan, both o! .' |KTfornu i d by Ihc WOMEN who suffer at monthly times should trirCARDUI. It has ^ helped so many ! Personal .Mr,,and Mrs. Owen O'Brieii went to'Jone.sboro ttxiay where '-the/, wll rnak^ihelr home. Tvin'O'Brien is cfpncctcd with the telephone com .riany.: ..>.-// .-, .\ - •;-. Miiies. A. M."lBuU,. Farnsworll ni.-\ck a:)d W. j. polirird are'spend Ing tolaj;. In I'aragould as'- gtiesls ol/ the .Rev. and Mrs. George W. '. Spurgcpnv Patterson, who ' travels •licre.jiis^nfghi."uifd today .wltli'Mrs! PiiUprsiJamrdaugher, Vivian'. He relatives. Hcf iW accompanied' to 1 Savannah,. Tenn., uy Mrs. Wade Bud two toris, James 'nbnald and Nunley Jesee, who *U1 visit Mr. parents before- yolng to' Ala., where they are to make thcln'home. ' Mrs. C. J. Cox Is Improving scveinl days illness. rill return Sunday and, mi Tuesday will bo .accompanied by his amlly to -Birmingham; -Ala.', 'where !:cy are k> make their i:ome. They lave been residing here forthe past v;o and a half jcars. : • The Rev, Marsh-'M. Cajlaway has returned from.'LHtls nbck "w'rerc ic altctided trio-meeting cl Arknn- o.s Preibylery "iis a representative of the Oscoln I'rsbyterlaa 'church OS which he Is minister. '.- Mrs. W. 'IV Chaintiliii, • Jr., is .pending loifay -in Me'niphls. . Mis.-C.'M: Oliver 'Is now Im vine- lifter'- a moiitli's 'serious illness. ; •- -' "•'.-. - nfj. 'Several,. dentists, . however, ..Niniley -Wade,-loio "of Warsaw, have yisJicd' him .Ib. 'Inspect the Kv.,..spent'Hie week-end here 'wltliiemai-kaWc: m'plab '.. • - SUn-ed Drritlsts 'WHITIN'O. Kan. (UP) '— E. F. 'J'liompson, a 73-year-old farmer llvlnj neur here, has a c6ih|>lete tot of .iuidecayed..soi.mU tcetli and '' "SWANK" IS . T H. K WORD THAT DKSUKIHKB -. THKSE-,GOKGEOU8-NEW%DKESSKS new • creations •••for .street and dress wear. jiHt-'aiTivw). from niiu-ket. You'll thaiift/yo'iir'. lucky : stars yoii ' decided. :tD." look, them over. . • . ... . . ' A1,SO MIU.INEHY:; 'AND'. HOSIEKY The Ladies Toggery 3 Doors WesUof'KrcW . JKIRBY'S I CASH _.,,—.— _ _. — the. Looking glfthio/Ous aiid beautiful is going .to;.be easy this season. The new., clothes'do it\for you! It's impossibjerto'pul on-'.one of ihese grand : ne\y gowns aiid not become the.loveliest person your escort lias e'verl'seen! , They're brilliant, •,.: vivid, glimmering, glorious! '' treomulsion 99c I po CO, 89c Beef. Wine and Iron i^tt.n Ai-'i. •-..-?•-..••.•;';•'; w--i... 89c Toothpaste IU 39c4- Hot Springs: •iMiver Buttons' Crazy Cryf& $1.W and $1,50 FRIDAY, SUNDAY HANDLOTIONS Almond Cream . 39c Lavender Lotion S9c •Hindg»Ht : '&-A; i -.-:-39c< Kitchen Almond : 50c- j /•-•.' ^.j i Fountain.., •„•> Syringes, ' Hot Water Bottles Crushed saliti with black velvet Jacket. Black velvet w i t h grand little slcevce. - * You don't have-'o be a Mae'West £ if you Havener- curves that can i| stand it. There are fashions' for j^pfie:^You'llv see ' whenji you try them! ',' Charming Kvenin lace ( l:imttUKl ones \v\Ui Super 1), Norwegian, Tint . . . . Ohifsen, Khivorcd . . . " Liver Oil Tablets Watch! Dion't ]*. FlimiFlaramed on l?rice or Weight! CASH GROCERS An Itemized Cash Register Slip With Each Purchase or Friday, GREENS Mustard or Turnip - :.. O** Bunch ••V SPINACH Fresh and Green.. . Pound 2c Fey. Western. I.arge • and'Clean.' Lb. HPIVS. Fresh ^ re ^ ed Dail >'- Milk Fed Pound ISc Sunn y UN**, Canovsi,'Maxwell House, Dean's. Pound MIIK L Ta " Can TOMATOES No - 2 Can can P. '& G. or Pect ?• Giant Bars 25c Creanin/ 4oz.39c QAIT MfAT Rest'Grade. Streak-0- •» 1 ^ 5AL1 MMl . .. -.Lean. Pound 7^C M. Jane $6.70 &85c 2.1-Lb'. Sack 39c PORK& BEANS Phillips No. 1 Can 5c BACON OATS LARD .Sliced. Swift's Oriole 4 <% 1 ^ - Pound A^2t> Good Luck Jumbo '55-i«. Pk« Best-Cpmpound.' lOO'/o Cotton • : - ."... . ' Seed Oil. Pound GRAPEFRUIT Sound and Juicy ygi^ Nice Size. Each "fr>V PORK STEAK, Nice and Lean . . ' Pound Cleansing Tissue* ' : ••'£. SOD - r QQ^ Count Oj Electric Heat Pads : $3B ' MANGES COUGH SYRUP Drakes ..- 39c White Pine Com 39c Eucalyptus , 2!ic Mallkoff ....... tic Thoxinc .. .......; 25c ^^BjU^aOH^B^KK •LIGHT GLOBES Brovvhie Cold Caps 25c Zerbst Cold Cap 23c Bromo Quinine Tabs 25c VICES Salve 29c Nose Drops 39c VICKS Cough ... Drops ••-.:• Westinghouse 20c BTROmilUM For Constipation 98c FLISH LIGHTS 45c ? 79c 7 89c, $1,48 CAMPHO - IIPTUS VllI) Svc s For Head antl Chest Cold.s Bisodol,- - - - 25c | Jad Salts foS HacliDraught Wine Cardui J9c 89c Sanitary Napkins 19c FOUNTAIN Hot Chocol^te : ...lOc dun ..::::!.•:' T amides .— Calif. Sweet & Juicy OK** 17<i Size. Doi'i'iV AOC .Crystallized. Cherries, Ib. 45c ^Crystal .Pineapple, Hi. -._39c .Citron, Ib. - • -' ,> -'.^oq '•'Leinon ; 6r Orange Pecljib vi 25c Shelled Almonds, Ib. - - - .lac Shelled Pecans, Ib. - - t~~, 45t TOMATO JUICE Phillips No. 1 Can NAVY BEANS (In Bulk) Pound PECANS Pound 25c Swift ' s Empire Ha1f or whole ' Lb - ; • - - 12c Center Cuts, Lb. - - - 17'/ 2 c CRANBERRItS Eiitmore. Fancy Pound 10c COCOANUT . Fresh. \ J ong Silver Threads. Pound C Af TC ATP 100% Pure Pork. Well Seu- Q i ^ O/iUOJiuEl ' soned. Pound O'gC APPLES soned. Pound Fancy tookinjj Pound- Fresh' California Pound 25c Red Turkey, 10-Oz. Box 13c Hotel Bakers : Pound 3c 'feWI? RAACT Thick Kib > J ' ( '- - - -'- - - 12 '/2 C ..P^rjVUAol. Shoulder Clod, Lb. 15t SORGHUM . Tennessee Gal. aOc; Gallon 50c Cigarettes .-. ISc Sc Tobacco 6 (or 25c ,10c Tobacco 2 fr 25c !5c Tobacco 2 fr 25c Prince Albert . . . lOc Velvet . . lOc Hav. Sweets 2 {or 15c Cremo, 3 for .... lOc .. .lOc JOc 15c Coffee . • ........ 5c Pics Sandwiches Main At Second Main At Broadway GRAPES Fancy Emperors Pound 7-SjC fAffiiA ' ' Our Mother's or Boston '4 Q*» tULUA Large 2-Lb. Can Ji^C VEAL ROAST . Real Nice Pound . lOc Day Bright. In Heavy - Syrup.-—No. 2^-t'an APPLE BUTTER Cardinal • Quart Jar 13c MUSTARD Marco - F.uU .Quart IQc •".-Eag!« Thistle ' Large 10-O?.. Package CHEESE No. 1 Wisconsin Full Cream . . , '.'.'• .... ,.-••.- -.-.-. Pound -PEARS . •N'o. ;2'/i Can 17c iCAKE FLOUR Pilliiliury's « Q _ 2 s , Lb. l!nx X9C Temple. Petit Pois 4 4^ j 'Mighty Good. Can Afc;>C VEALCHOPS" d STEW Pound

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