The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1950
Page 13
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JUNE T, 19W BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PARE THFRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams / AMP IP sou / DiPNT 6AMG rf \ LIK.E -jOU WERE J CRACK. IMG A f COCOMUT. THe^eC? I BE MO STOVE TO V SCRAPE; EITHER- 1 'COURSE rr WOULD BE J/APE A NEATER <3ATX3eT, 6UT SOU MERELY hOOtC IT OM TH' PAX), BUST SOUR EGG BETWEEM TH' TWO, TIP UP TH' 'ALL Of rr is THEM IM TH' SKII.LET--AM' KJO STOVE TO SCRAPE.' WHY MOTHERS GSTT GRAY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople HUNG A ROAT3- CLOSED S16N OM -We ESKIMO'S WMCT Television on Wednesday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:40—News 1:45—MidSoulh News 2:00—Berl Olswanger 2:30—Fashion- Parade I 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:10—Howdy Doody 4:00— Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, Lacllai 5:00—Kukla, Fran & Ollle 5:30—Roberta Quintan 5:45—News Caravan «:00—Film Featured* ti:3Q—Steps to Slarclom- 7:00—Television Theater S:80— Break the Bank 8:30—Arthur Godfrey 9:30—Holiday Hotel 10:00—News 1»:05—Starlet Revue We offer ccnlplelc Televisio •enrice.. supplying and installing General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. f OR FR6E ESTIMATES TELEVISIONS RADIO / SALES AND SERVICE 8LYTHEVIUE$ALEsCo 38 1 MAINST BIYTHeVllU. ARK EL&UNBMERIKB By Grace Nies Fletcher TUB STOH Yi Whi-B Gloria Itrtmn, hrldf A! TOUT iwunlk*. «»k« h*T nrxt duar Mcl^h t»«r. Mr*. II*- imnl, to • hut* hrr haw la Mnkr Jiplilr pip. • murUrr *o*m» la b* I IIP «I irrmnih. The BrHun(» dU- n|i[iriir nnd CilnrU AMI! fart km.- Inmd MlltrMdr*. ihr NO* uf n Ho* I on man In ih 1 1 r-r, Tfc* pn - uvrr ihr MIKUdra unitrr • Dnplriri* f TOM Mrfinn* o( fin ml eld*. . d urn h tr nnd nl- Gloria Rent A Car... Drive It Yourself Fresh Crappie * Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhert Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 Political Announcement Th« Courier Newa h*s b««n authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR FOR COUNTY JITOGE Roiftnd Green STATE REPRESENTATIVE !>. R. Autry Re-election Post No. S John ,T Cowan Kenneth S. Sulccr Post No 2 B. O. "Gene" Fleeman (for re-elsctlon Post No. «) W. 7. Wells For Stat« Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden VII f IEUT. THOMAS X. McGANN of Homicide was a plump Little Irishman in a sail and popper suit Me was rather like two dumplings set on top of each other, the small an the big one, hut there was nothing funny about his eyes, hard and very blue with sparks in them when he wns mnd, as now, like iwo pieces of steel clashing, which betrayed his railing—that ot put- ling miscreants in jail. "It would have been wiser," he commented, ignoring Gloria nnd peaking to Miltiades, "ir you had Called the police at once when you uund Jack the Cork." "You know who he Is!" Gloria ^•ricd, waving her long lashes at nim admiringly. "1 thought he couldn't be just a delivery boy. I 'hink the Brooklyn police are won- Icrful! Do you know who killed lim, too?" "I," the lieutenant told her, "am risking the questions around here, young lady. Since when did the Cork become a delivery boy? Give." So she told him about the hat from Ariadne's, how the lock had slipped on^the bathroom door— maybe and maybe not—and how upset Mrs. Benoni had been when her husband phoned .-shout something on page 7 of the newspaper, which McGann read avidly when she showed it to him. "Cv.nery, Slandt, Gordon—Lofty Gordon! That'd be htm. He was paroled yesterday and we were expecting trouble but not so soon. Jack the Cork was a member of the Benoni gang and Lofty used to bfi. But something happened, Copj/ro^i "SW bi NU •«.><, E M ; we don't know exactly what, and he got on (he outs and was seni up for live years. The Cork snitched on him. Jack was called the Cork because he was very fond of champagne, and once he'd jpuilcd the cork he never put the ] bottle down till it was empty. An expensive habit, so he had to stool .occasionally; and when soused, ho I was very careless with a knife." "I'm getting mixed up, 1 thought it was he who was knifed!" Gloria murmured. The lieutenant nodded unhappily. "He was. And you arc not the only one who is mixed up, because we have been \watchini; the Benonis and now they ape gone and Ihe emeralds are gone-- -and the subway," Mlttiades refused the ride The idea of drawing up to the otnrc in a Black Maria even disguised as a black radio car, was somehow repugnant. "You all right now, Kiltcn?" 'I am far from all right but I'll do something about it at once." Gloria said, making a rueful face at hoi disheveled self in the mir- mr. "I feci like the leper In the Bible, 'Unclean, unclean? 1 1 shall burn everything I have on in the incinerator. Is there any reason why we should not go to Jones' Bench for a swim when Miltiades gets back? 1 should like to get out of. here." "Go ahead," the lieutenant told her "But don't get excited if you spot someone following you. Checking on you, yes. but more for prelection." so is Jack the Cork. It could be the Benonis killed him themselves, j before (hey skipped with the jewels." "Using my knife and getting him neatly delivered on our dumbwaiter," Miltiades commented bitterly. ''Why did they pick on us for the fall guys?" "If they did," the lieutenant amended gently, getting up. "After all, it was your knife and ownership of the murder weapon . . ." He left it at that, asking, "You say you work at 194 Broadway?" • • • jVTILTIADES nodded and looked "*• actively miserable, for the company was not going to like this sort of publicity over an em- ploye and jobs were getting scarcer. "Good grief, I'd better call Ihe boss!" he recalled suddenly. "I didn't even tell him 1 was leaving this morning; I just walked out. Maybe," he said uneasily, "I'd better go tell him myself about this mess. Not over the phone." "Want n lift?" the lieutenant offered- "I think I'll lake a run over to Ariadne's. Don't worry. There wonTbc anything about you in the papers—ycL The reporters' war cry will be for the Benonis, But don't decide to take a trip, you two, scie?" "Okay. Thank you, but I'll lake ^HE door closed behind them and, for the first time in her married life, she was glad to get id of her husband because she vnntcd to think. It was all her *au)t Militaries was in this nre- licnment, fantastic and unbelievable as U was, so it was up to icr to get him out- If she'd stuck the principles poked into her along with her spinach in early childhood, not to speak to strange people even in church, she'd never invc been mixed up with Jewel ;hieves and murderers. Not that Gloria had been brought up as a snob. Hadn't she banged i typewriter for three years after ler big coming out party at Hampshire House? True, her father. Colonel Perkins, had had to have lunch with Prof. John Nemo Brown before she was allowed to take the job, which at the time had seemed extremely stufTy but which now seemed safe, sane, and very henllhy—a lot healthier than having to be trailed by a plainclothes man because maybe she knew too much and maybe the same unpleasant thing could happen to her as lo Jack the Cork. "I'd belter go get some food for a lunch to take to Jones' Beach," she decided sensibly. She and Miltiades could stay lill the moon rose and it would be all romantic and silvery. - (To B« Contlnned) The Hudson River Is a f Ceded by tides all the way to Troy. N. Y., the head of navigation 150 miles upstream. SHKKIFT AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally i You'l! Love Our Flowers! BLYTHEVHAB FLOWER MART Mcmphli Hlwij Phonr MOZ WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Gaint" is U. S. Gov't. approved —weather-proof, fireproof, ralpronf. Designed especially for soybean growers, this storage bin contains more sleel than any other. The 2'/j in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blytheville Phone 6856 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G.O. POETZOILCO. 2089—Phone—2089 Officet llfi YV Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised Land We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork itacluring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing ,SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Eiperl Workmanship Hfl LTCRS UflUTY SHOC SHOI Zl W M « I N ST. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSE* A Technicality .NO; YOUSAJO FRY.' THAT eOf,<S SCRAMBLED/ "We must go to Idlewild again! Alice hopes to meet that boy she fell in love with last year—the one she couldn't write to because she forgot his name!" i\L VERMEEU BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Trunks 2.95. Tennis Ratiuels Caps of all kinds .fimmie "B" Boats $50 Baseball & Softball Uniforms, all prices, fettering All types Summer Ath- leic Equipment. 'If It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 421 W. Main Ph. 6762 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Store FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Chambiin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 WGOOPM£SS/ THAT MRS. BLATHERLV CERTAINLY LONG WINDED! OF COURSE IT IS! WHY, I COULD LIST YOUR GOOD ; WALDO.. I DIDN'T MEAN THAT WAV I ONLV SAID OH, WHV MUST YOU BE SO HY MlCIIAIil, O'MAU.HY and RALPH T,ANB SO NOU'Re l.E/VWIG fOR GOOD. YOU WOULDN'T RECONSIDER YOU NEEDN'T WOERV, BO8BVRAND. I'VE TAKEN CARE OF ALEC STEEL SINCE LONG BEFORE YOU INIERED U1S LIFE--AND I'LL CONTINUE TO DO SO AFTEE YOJ LEAVE IT. WAS JUST Y IM DRIVING BOBBY COINS TO LOOK FOR YOU IllOME, VIC. SHE WANTS RANDS ACE STUBBORN RACE MY MIND'S /MADE UP. TO START PACKING HER THINGS. First Class Service LESLIE TURNER 1 JUST MIA10 SEE VOU DOWW KlfiHT COWTEUItP HERE THERE, IAKEMV KOCKEE.... 1 BEEN WIMKIN Ol> WAS-ER-Rk3HTAB01Jr ft TAWK IN TH' S.5T PASTURE. AM' IP VOU iTILL THINK WE OE.TEK. UY THEM BU850W OWES J'« WltLIM'" HOW COME VOU S< ASBEEftBLEfttLOF * SUDDEM OH, loeDY! IF ICK. SKIPS C LEftVE HIS SHAKE O TH' RfXUCH If) MIX COBB'S KAUOS! I'D UM^TA DEAL WITH rev KEMINDIMa HIM Of HER. &OOD 15LMU7IK&...A.UD MAKE EUEK.VTHINS ELSE SO PLEASANI FOE. HE WOM'T Rt TEHPIED AWT GOT A B\T C1GA<1? I DON'T WHAT ME O' LIKE THIS/ WHSKI I LET THIS BACK, POK><y'S ADAM'S APPLB 'L.U Vi»KATS FEK WMKS/ WHAT HAPPENEP? WHEN I LEAJ^NED BOOM HAD TAKEN IT. I BUOUSHT IT BACK FAST AS I E5. r O\i HW3 H3THIN' WITH TH' HEFT Of TH" SKlKND NECKLACE. I KNOW A FINE. H LAR BUT COWE5 WITH COMPLAINT t'LL HAFTA PEOSE WE WANTS Pv DATE FOR THE PARTY ME

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