The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1937
Page 2
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FACE TWO Social Calendar . Children of tl>e meet *wlU» Nancy o'clock, Qoiifederacy ' at 2 FLAPPER FANNY T. M, RIO. U. G. PAT. Orf.T By Sylvia Uaofhttr Boni A dauglii«i; w.aji, to Mr.' and Vtf \V M Uob^jison, ot Cniw Oirai 1 ncau, laic.'j'«stci:<J»y at tiie Qape 'GirardcaUt hospital, TJi£ ba,by, \vho weiglis sqvejf ixjunds. liji.^ ijpi tjeen named. Mrs. Robinson's n>ot(ier, Mrs. A. M, Butt, i^ witli; her. » * * Son Bor« A soa was bom to Mr. and Mrs E. Moore late . ycsteicjny at Die Elytlievillc : hospital. The babyi Tvel^lis nine nounds and 13 .ounces. W M. U M«et.s Mrs." J. G. Barnos lirid,.• clinrgo of the program on "I^oitng Unto Jesus in Europe and Palestine- Syria" when the Woman's Mlstlpn- ary Union Qf. the first Baptist Chui'ch. wet at Uie church "yesterday, afternoon; for the final program of. a sixxilal. serie-s of service.'; this week for' misslojis. Miss Sally. Sallba led the deyo- (ioiml.^aiid. Mrs..H. H. Brooks offered prayer Mr 1 ) A B. Jaggcrs played a piano solp Miss Cl^ira, Belle Kenton si>oke on 'Baptist Work In Italy", followed by a soog We've, a Story lo Tell to .'the Nations", by Mrs. Charlc5.,BrigUt, Habbl Hennai) Pollack then talked qn Palestine and Syria. Joe Evrard; played at» accordion solo, 'Sweet Hour, o.f Prayer," to cfosc the- nieeljiijf. Miv, ^IcClurkiii Entertain.'; Club I Mrs W D McClurklh. enter- j talned the Thursday Bridge ciubi at her home yesterday afternoon when Mrs. J. W.. Adams Jr., and Mrs. ,L. L. Hubcner were'yue.sts. Mrs. Fred Rutherford, wop a double deck of cards for club piizc and Mrs Adams \von the guest prize wash cloths. The hostess sened sandwicDss, i date roll and coffeq In rooms reQ- [ orated,- with bouquets of red ries. Bits of News Mostly Person*! 1937 Christian Rest BY WM. K. CilLROY, D. U. fclltor og Advance The proinlse of rrsl that, Jcsia made to the heavy • laden Is unique In tue aiuiajs of what has been to " e5 commentary upon .. man frcm the .- , . , ., ...... -"- cfforwl to humanity by its pro fewc:| leaders and masters. r? «t lliat Moimrehs ami mjlitary leadership yoke liavc offered men gloiy. und they' --•••"•of* **• .e>*-' v " b'*<'* > t-v/jiim ii*«i j mtuii an;l llnougli learning, these words of Jesus when he said """'"" "- -Mo the early ciirlsltwis, "Bear ye one anotliei-'s burdens, and so fulfill (he law of Clirlst." Can there be any real test fori , through ntc«l:nc.s.s ol heart that removes of greed and violence ami ambition n Ls tie '"»; lu "- 'i >-•> tl)c O rizl Everything for your entertainment and comfort. > linvr foiinil tlje rcspojiso ot mil' who would ruffer and die intrepid and attracUvc Mr.s. Ci. W. Moore, hoi 1 . Mi's. Jiminlc Cothrcn, and Stay- ino.nd Jolutson moiorcil to. Mem-. lililK Infl nlelit /or tlio sliow at tlw Orplirum theater. lion lor an !«uTcr. Musters and rtemasoKiie.s of li- nanrq have offered the allurc- ------ -, b , .*,.. „ conies through bcnvlnu , . • — — -—i v """ b lliosc who do not know what 111 The late Sylvester Horn, pveael.- "*""' to }> ™ * bunlcn? cd a ureat but simple sermon from this text in London many years ago. He eirnw an Illustration from cur Civil War, citing the type of man w!'o was irritable, and uneasy In Ills ner.s'onnl and hiisine's re- MaJ. Jelf Petty, who U stationed i yielded themselves to at Little liock. vislte<l JcfT Roland Wednesday ni|,'b>. '!')))« was tl;e first time the two men had seen of wcaltli; and ttioy, loo, j i!,'.,,',',!'';,,,,,.. im.nd a response from tJie 1 '7', 1lx '' . wlu f ! , tcm l> C1 ' "">dc loo UiLstfully have; "' f ,„ ;; oblc ' n lo hls r «'""y »'«' Ins friends. He pictured tills man be shorn of what they had. Others hare offered rase and r.lcasui?, or have danulcd aUiire- j mcnts of adventure belorc human- V ^, l !,', ll: "'" y accf 'i> !1 »s i^ .« HW , siDinty ci n yieat caute, acceplln s lnirds::ip and danger williout com" plaint, finding rest and satisfaction other for 22 years. inicni.s 01 advenunc neiorc human- ii "," ,"""". " an Anderson, of Memphis, is V \ "V"' 8 . 11 l!c » r »W Hie y.ote. attenditie to. biisliipss here todny. i '-"' 'we Is Jesus wlio .stands ]„.,,,' '" " m - v 1)e ^l».<i "V Mrs. J. Mcll Ijroote and Mis. I L'eloie Inc. world and says, ••Come ! ' " L '.^T 1 ™ ,", ^.^ a '' c ll ° l Marvin Chappcil are in Memphis »'»'« "K. all yc that labor and are! l " """'""tel*. Paul tQdny. • (heavy laden, and I will give you! Mrs. 11. II. iroiieliins returned resl -" home- from, Memphis Wednesday » , » ^fter spending two days there. ! Hew unique He Is, and Uow »c- Mv.i. J, .A, l.cec!) If vL5iHi)(f rcl- ' eiimtcly Hp dLsccnis chu (leqwst atlvon iii. Miiydalil. Ky.. today,. | in hmnii'n life! For men Mrs. Fred. Warren, wiip has been cannot exist in life and cannot go .sick from, iiimtonai for the paw ''on, mt.hoii(, rest. If 'is the one two days, is Improving. I !),)),« Umt. all men need whether | rise cqt)dl(loi) of Qllffqr.d. Fisher., they feck tt ; or not, and ihiit they' who has bc.Q.n critically ill s t! the i tlnd ultimately in tho urave if! Baptist Hospital m Memphis stiiqe | i.!icy c| 0 not, find it as -a heritage I wcd ROXY Admission Always lOc & 26c Slioiv every night. Matters Friday, Saturday A Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Mafiiu'es slaH i!:15 Saturday (.'oiitinupus showing from ! to Ihao p.m. Nig^t shows sta^t I'.Od TONIGHT PAL NIGHT! adults admitted for the price of one. IRV.IH S. COBB'SI FAMED KENTUCKY JUDGE ...» enl . , wcdnc.sri.ay. night was unchBJigBd'l of life ' ", "Off, l l ':nmy, I musUi liecn \i'alkin' in my -i!ccp :i*<iiiii." "'I'licn jusl'traiux- yourscll back iiiln tlic kitcliqn,.t.aily Macbeth, ;mij set if yoii dco:imeil you closed ihc icelws." to be with, him, , Mm. Floyd. Simpson, is, in Ben r | ton, Mo., visiting her J»otber, Mi;i i Norrls, Shu will roturii tho end oil 1 the week. Osceola Society —• Personal r.iqilcrn Hfo. parliQulurly, is jumpy i snd h;fi\i-d>;iy,eii. \Vc" have not! inly speeded, if, \|p in mirpose, bin i ,vc have all the Instruments and' .iH'Ironmcnt to make tljnt speed-; •.aliliiiy.y hero n.s the au r sl <1 MlPii Frances Ccnway, \vho is .. .....- VJ !, student at State Teachers Cot-' ec01 '. W.rsi 3am, Smith and Mrs, l^n. ami who spout the holiday. 1 ;' Ho »'!U'd Mnr.shfillj all 0 (- Cfli'iith- Lcrci with her. parents. ! ersvlllc, shopped; hero y,cs,Up.'d|iy.. Mrs. L, L. Vniidorvoort ol Chi- MI : S . Hsrinnn.- Taylor; w.ent/' to . , . : cai:o is here for a visit with her . , tqd«y to ntteiul a, lni)ch,-. Midweek Club Mr!, Ham \V Hsiincswqu tho prize, t\ Ijluc lose bowl, whea the qltib met at U\e. home of aUthndist Society. Cciiif.lctes Book. Ilin first hook hi. a se Moslem world, "Mecca i yond.' 1 war, completed at 11119 of the McllioilisL Missionary j finitely Monday (iftprnpqn. Fin/:! reports in till departments showed ^ oolm , that the society will be on the - Honor. Roll of societies for 1337. Mrs. Hnle Jackson, and; eon given by Dr. Go.-;, prcsldejitr of. 'Mr. Jackson. She will also visit i Gulf Park Cpllpeo. Slip was Jollied ! :>iiothcr daughter, Mrs. Ncely 1" Osceoln by Mrs. Godfrey Nyiijto', [ Unwcii. of Memphis. j w ''° was, n former schoolmate of .,„: Mr. ami Mrs, Wiley Walker cf: lu 'rs w'tion she attended Gulf pqrk, Be- 1 " t)xlcv ' Mo - ""''• Miss Mildred: Mrs. ^Iton w. Kjrhy and Mrs. meet-! 1 ' ODlc ot B lQ on >ficM, M O- have A. ' tclunii'd to, their homes after a'day. •, isit with Mr. ami Mrs. W. T.! . Mrs H H Hquchlns yesl«rdny. Mrs. Houphijis. sesved a -two course luncheon before, the games i lU a (able decorated with a'boil- " notary Chili Thup day. C'qiitr*ct Club -Is Entertyhied ' Trie Thursday ContiacJ, club met yesterday qftcrnoqn with Mrs, John F. Lqntl, Mjrs O. E Keck \voii the prize, peifutnc Aftci t)!o (games Mrs. Lentj served a salqd course. * * * Mrs, Applcbuuni Is Hpslws to. Club Mn migli Whit>itl. and Mrs. C B Wood were gunsts of. the Afternoon club when, it! Kcnn- w. W. The crlsin, past nchlcvciiicnfj, fjiturc plans of the Slate Planning; Qoard \vcre reviewed In 1 a tall: by W. \v. Pre wilt before ' the Rplnr yclub on Tuesdny. II.. J. Hnle also gave the llrst of Demonstration Club News Notes The. Mnniln Home i At tKe= Hospitals ! .Jim Whiiehcad, O t 5(te.., .,. i iii the Memphis St. Joseph's hos- j Pltal, ! Aubrey §lliott. ot Ciiruthcr.svills, : is a patient! in the Mciiipliis s't ' Ji»cpli> ho.sin'tnl. i Mrs. F, W. Williiims was curripd . to a Memphis hospital, last, night [ in si lining nmbulaifce. Mai-garet Nnrx \ra.s ourlcd to tlic W'f.niru's Council T<vent.y-;~Guv members of the of ihc ChristiA'.i ] ^^ jmirsqnyv Auernoon club when it! " v -""". lil vuiiiicn m inc unrisit.\.i met, iesteiidi> with 'Mrs. Louis I ch !'rch enjoyed a spnghclti suiipor Applcbaui)), - , a " the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mrs. Max.Woolen, won. t.hp , ., a crj;stal cigarette ijox with mutcli- ing asii, Irays. Tlie hostess served Italian spa- -- —* —~ — gliettii and coffsc. natry. Driver Complete I'or preBarRlipns for the In- •;aQn sci.viccii for Ilnhbl Herman i'ollacH. .were mpdc lae;t night when Ihc Jewfel) Ladies Aid met at the home of. Mrs. I.. Miller, Mrs, Milton Steinberg wns. co-hostess. The ceremony will be held at 2:30. 'o'clock' Suntlny. , Dec. 12. at the- Temple Israel, Following the »is:ta)!atlpn sci-vlqo fhors will be a tea and social hour nt the Woman;* club. T"i iioitess served tuna Ilsh ^nlad, cookies a;id coffee to the 23 Dicmbers iircsont, *, *- * .Mi?-. W. 1^ I.torner to Hajc Uinnrr for Glieur M|s W L, Homer, president ol Paient Teacher axsociation. Wclby Young Monday night. Plans for remembering several needy , families at Christmas wrre niaUe .,,, j during m e business session. Mr.;. I was ibc leader cf a iiro;iram on Hnral America Those Imviiiff ti ]ni'(. in the dls- cnsfions were Mrs. W. E, Johnson. Miss Fan Nichols, ami Mrs. C. U. Xonns. The devotional U";- mprnbcrs also, (ixchangcil pattern; fw Chvistmns giftK. Mr.s, Fag Turner ivoit tlic ftrsi. (|iiijt t-o bo at.lor the hoU- (lays. "•••in? Ihc social hour th>i hos-1 , .„„,, Mi». Leivis Nmllinm. Mrs. Fred Neeilham ami Mrs. E. r.. H.a.rt served refreshments ol, .'nndwichcs, cake and- hot choci-i Hanim ambulance. The TnMiianiiin race is cxtincl The lust Tasmpnian man died in 13PO; Die "last; Tnsmnninn. ivointu will be- hcst«s for the ti npxt on Dec. 13. Will be held WiU Close ChanjnuMi Services Qn Sunday sou os given by Mrs. j'. c.'"sc'»r loci;.' Mra. Roy Caiiley of Orlcanr. \vnji a Driest. * ~ p If.avo Week nf 1'iaycr Programs A series of programs •---» •"• ;- o r cign Missions is bciiis held thru- Conclusions from out the week by. (be B:\ptisL Mis- Pence Conference" slciir Ccnclidiiie services for Chnunu- Now'lioh. "Feast of nedicalion or I Lights." will be held at Temple Israel Sunday nflcmoon al :! o'clock. Tlie theme of Rnbbl Heriman Pollack's sermon will be- For-1 "Outlook of World Peace: Koine, the Brussels i uij me u:\pusl. Mls-il'cncc Conference." ' siciiary Unhn. Monday's meet I us Alter the festival wmic llic R?M '" "m I 1 ?"' 6 ° f Mts ' C ' E. weskly current events discussion Bullcr with Mrs. w. P. Kalp us will be held he leader at yesterday's meeting Dr. Pollack lias issued an invl- (iie Icade rat*yislcrdays mcctlniji Intloii to the public in Hie Ijomc of Mrs. George Deer . PERCOUTOR HAMMidED AlUMIHUM HNISK Yours ABsoiumy -' FREE! from you/gro«r for only 24 wrapper couponi from dolkious Dgrkce'j the prayer night was in ciety, mecling Thur«!ay charge of the so- a cllnncr to- cappclia choir -^ fron\ Arkansas State Collc"o in Jonesboro and its- director, Clyde B Means, ind Mis. Means, who will appear tonight, in n program at tjvc hlgli school aitditorhun T) 10 Bill be served, a two course rnenu at .small tables la rooms decorated with chnsanlhc- inuiris in fall colors. "9 * * HML KirlhUay Pattji Mr and Mrs T. H. Ihuris entertained a psrty of n children in Ijpnor of their daughter Billle MaxnwS, twelfth birthday, Wcd- neiday. nights Af^r tlte birUiday. B |f|s wcre opened thi children played gurnet untifc nsfrcshmnls of birthday cake, , ice gftain and Iced drinks wore -•^ «-ith Mrs. Dwiglit Blnck as the leader. Mrs. fda . . Tucker will be hostess 10 the group in her home on Thursday O 0 • Frank Lewis of Little Rock lias returned to his home niter sponil'- ...... tliii.t we think ot .,.. nevertheless, it is tlic deepest need. We cannqt tlq, witlipnti it. Jcsiis is, equally viiiiquu in the soi* of rest- that He offers. It is upt the rejit. of iijcrn ease, or of QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at ;tII times. SAVE MONKY AT Friday - Saturday TOM KBBNK in 'Where Trails <;-^lnji" of Ihc Han^r Tom fcnc pluys. a i;c» role— but (ID'S li|l (lie same fi^litliiR cowboj wlio ivrj. you TUKIUUS. Also trol." ilay. ailoon & serial "Kaclip t'a- C'untinuoub shEnving .Salur- Sunday - Monday HOANO FORSftLE... , No Money DOWN' ^ But Oh, The UPkeep! Ailmissicn Matinee I0c AdmLsslan Night Ific Saturday Only Mrx. J A Utch lias Uiwhwn C1«I>. . J. A Leech entertained 'he ti^. of the Thunsdaj Luntn- coi),wuj> and cue vlsnor, Mis Ha. r>. KJrliy, jcs$cttlas, •, Sl)o son'cd s, Ujrec coui^e luncn at, a largo table which had china and glass figures foi a ccnUr- lad hi"H ?R*»d Courier News Waal Adi * PRESTONE * ANTi-FBEEZE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stork I'romui Service To All Miikcs of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET co. 2i Hoyr Service Call fi.'M m CHRISTMAS He will ainircciulc a liunTTlj'^!.! from our whiskey shop Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials GROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Jlaia and Division GIRLS! EARN MORE! Increase your income bv k';irnint{ ;i well paid- proft'ssion . . . you ran be a licensed IJoaulicwn with .six months trainintr . . . enroll nmv in tl School Eagle School of Beauty Culture Open f Jan. !s Cooper Ijltljr. Walnut & 2tur Hl.vlhcville \ iUI Slate Kciiuiramcnls fur Arlsansns and Missouri. ^Uitc Approved Lon ijliiroJituciu COMPETENT .Special Course for Yotin K Men and Harbors Write for fun details | 0 LESTER FISHER QiPSON 515 Krewson AVc. - '.loncsboro, Ark. , apathy, or of irrespoasilillity. U is W.I^ftOUT SURGRRY& GUARAN'J'KKU Sale, sons and with less discomfort. discuses and condilinns of nervous o, f'lnl ailments anil skin cancers treated and cured al qiir clinic. DRS. WES & NIES Ostcopathic Thyslcians Phone US lllylheville. Ark, i\iln'.!ision til 15:00 p.m. Ute & vie ii after 5 ji.m. Ifit & :;La Sunday - Monday STOOP.- LOOK & LISTEN DAVS GONE FOREVER 9 Also raiamr.inii. \ CWs it •• F0 f. h\E THE SAILOK iWKKTS' AM >-->KA-S I-OHTV TIHKVKS. A .'ID feature i,. Technicolor. FURNITURE CO. * j i

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