The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1935
Page 2
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crcte-t ^ Social Calendar f f ' THURSDAY'S EVENTS TMrs HuifeJl Ph))l!ps ' having the Thursday Luncheon club. < -ilia-Week Bridge duo meeting with Mrs. H. H. Houchlns. fleeting of Mississippi county Baptist Training Union tu Second Baptist chinch, 7;iO p.m. i^'alrs. K. JJ. Mennrd Thursday Bridge clul). ~ having . ~ Country cluu hitvnijj "Depression Party," a P. M. '••'Mrs. J. Ernest llasson having yimrsdiiy Contract cluu. s'ilttle Theater presenting "Let Us Be Gay" at Koxy theater, U P, M . • .. . ^Jewish Aid meeting with Mrs. Milton SternbciB, a' P. M. Wednesday. '• , '. ;;;; FRIDAY'S EVENTS """ 'Woman's Democratic • clMb meeting at. Hotel Noble, 9:30 a.iii. Cemetery, .associatio , , . meeting with Mrs. U. \V. Miillins •2:30 P. M. L * Laales B:blc class, First Methodist church, meeting with Mrs, AV. A. Sjtlckimm, 7:30 p.m. •"American Lee urn auxiliary meeting Hi legion hut 2:30 P. Al. SATUKOAV'S "Children of Confederacy meeting with Elaine Anderson. ~. Mines. Charles Perry, J. P. Holland, Whit Goodman, Dixie Craw- lord unrt Hlley B. Jones having bridge luncheon at American Legion , hut. Executive lioard Has a McefhiK. Tho executive board of (he Woman's Council of the First Christian church had a "Bring a Dish" luncheon Tuesday at the home of Mrs. George \V. Bnrham. s The'Busier, motif was curried out in the centerpieces for ihc small tables aiiangert for la, Mrs. J. c. Ellis presented a number of plans for advancements of the women's work In the church, reports were made from various groups and. committees were appointed, i Christian Church >V. M. S. Entertained. Mrs L L Ward was hostess to the Women s Missionary society of; the First Christian church Monday afternoon. In ihc business session, eon- diiucd by Mis Edltli. McCooi; several plans for Were taken up. future activities , subject, of the afternoon's study was "Keepers o.f' the Light" in which Mis. W Leonard" Smith usc o Mi« **fMifaI.-;«fvlcc n*ur. dnugtcf of tha Rev had been prepared • by a Mrs. James, M. Fry r of i srqup of Jepawese'/vbmcii. The Ark., who formerly lived 1 ore n Brcsentntinn m th^ .„«„ ..... _.. r.!,,,., ,.."'"..? mctl "cic, and halc«on Lieut. Slates presentation ol given by Mrs M fc -.led oy Mis L ,j. »»iuii wnu «ttu ivitu a mil ga\e SugAisa San Speaks/' Mrs. the Isthmus of Punaim Ttw Qeoige \V Barham who told tlie afternoon, at-the rninci-' vi» i story of 'Miss Mural" and Mis """™ -- Ckl OllteFostei \viio gave (lie.drama- of "At Home, in Ihc Bo- L. Ward who fcjert with a military wecldme Rn n nb«« x,™ the Isthmus of Panama TIM afternoon, at-the n-uncc Field or fleers club. A reception f 0 n ovv «, nl ""• homo ot the Mrs the Faster motif Mrs. ;Dona\d Fletcher Invited tne group to meet with her at nei Jolnci home for a luncheon meeting in May. Haie Birthdaj Dinner. Mr and Mis J. s. Godwin .entertained with a dinner at their «>™!y home Sunday honoring then lather, John A..Godwin, who was 50 years ol', age. • After lunch the guts were opcn- ca and the afternoon spent in various amusements I in the guests were: Mr. J R Godwin, of here, " Arnica and children, of Aik, Mr and Mrs. Wcs ifn i ?, fainili> ' of W'lson, Mi. and Mrs Fred Dean and fc.nmy of here, Mrs Woilir Godwin and children ,oF Armorel, Joe H Hill and daughter, Nancy dlaire o "ere, and Mr and Mrs Lon Rich ards and children, ol [,„". Jpily Good Girl Hub ionncil Seven of tli e grade girls 0 [ d, c met at thc home of UiFctra M-IV and organized n club' called •••^ • r " IK Good Gnl club." ' 'orlman, piesidcnt; LaFeir-i- J "" C vice P——•—•• - "-'rctra wcckiy. BEU-P n «r ' ^- u> - u ^Ulll b«iL a prnnram of nuptial sclcc- s dunng the marriage service were ivscti j u JMail f*it\ f-^i wan Othei members Ami Cflnipbd , d Mi , TllDCI "» will mec' I 'j; 14 ' W-urch Niwrc*,,,. I At Tlie . an Legi ol , n u i -FrWiy and Saturday Nl s f,( 3 „"''** Auspices of the U s l»,, Admission— Gcnllcmcn 25 0 Ladles Free Has Clul Party. Mrs. Joe Tricscliman won . wattle uowl as the prize in th mccllng of Die young Mntror Bridge club IMesday afternoon i thc home ol Mrs. Max B. Reid. She used apple blossoms Ji and tulips for dcconillng the u> Ing room. After thc bridge games a salt lilnlc was served with coffee. Ilaptist Circles Mecl at llio Clnircb. Circles of the woman's Mlssloi ary Union of thc First nuptl church met at the church Mondu afternoon for a business scsslo The 41 present included n vislto Mrs. W. L. Craflon. J. Ij. Nave used the Mn Psalm for the devotional bcfor the business meeting, presided ov by Mrs. Tlicodare Lognn. Members of the social commute served sandwiches, cake und co fee and cncli plate wns decorate with a tiny bouquet of violet tied with white ribbon, In carrj ing out Itic purple and wliitc co ors of Hie group. Members of th committee arc: Mines, M. C. Out .law, Alvin Huffman, H. L. Cham bers, C. L,. Nnbers, H. fj. Harriso! O. J. liogcrs. C. B. Pnrks an R. E. Bluylock. Auxiliary Mukc.s Plans. In a mcethiB of the Woman Auxiliary of the First Presbyter! an church Monday afternoon, o the church, plans were formulat cd for thc new church year whlci began April 1. Delegates named to the Pres byterlnl meeting In Walnut Rlclg April 15 to 17, were Almcs, Stuai H, Salmon, S. IS. Vail, B. R. Al len and lioss Stevens. At Mil meeting accomplishments of th past year will be told and aim for future activities taken up b these leaders who will relay th message lo 'their groups upoi their return. budget wus set for (he nc\ year. Has Club. ' Sirs. .Floyd .White liad Hie Tuesday Luncheon club (his week when she also cnlcrtaincd Mines Russell Phillips, Harry w. llnlncs Earl Koonlz'..or Fulton, Mo., am Walker H. ; Baker. Lunch was served at small la blcs jiiTiingcd 'In the living roon vhich,was decorated. In Iris Mrs. Phillips and Mrs Cheat n R. Dabcock won prizes, hosiery. McCaulcy-Fri'ar. ; Tho imirftugc of Miss rum inc church and re After a visit on the Pacific Lieut, and Mrs. McCaulcy Tin at home at France Field The bride lived her t- churcl, si, f S ' rect ' & tethodlsl cnurch. She is a graduate of Rnl wway college. M ,d L , Well I" .„ «« « violinist and pia4 klHmu Lieut. McCaulcy. who b a native Centenary collecc -inn < «lc of J oS Sncgc V r cn- cred the Unilcd State", a ny',; Biyllicvillc School of Bcau Culture i\0\V 01>EN Upblairs-Jst' Nat'l. Bank Bid? Corner Second & Main We are mroillng sluclcnts lor the new cliiss. T'Hs is ; ,ii excellent oppurlun- lly o secure training for one lo'cia gCSI> prorc5sl0115 ° r Our htetrnclions sre the latest Our terms .arc liberal. I'lumc G3(i AliWrerl Calif well Sirs. Win. Bcrrymaii This I Know By Helen Welshimer «'• f "JO swiftly wlit'ii you leave me, dear, go gaily; ^J And do not speak, tliero is no little word To ad as lialni for two whose very nearness Once left thc oilier strangely, deeply stirred. Co bravely tlicii—llie gallant dream is ended, By wliat design of life we do not know. An earthly I leaven cantiol be eternal— ' Wera we heart-blind, beloved, to think it so? . 1) UT this I know: no loveliness of living, " Though it lie tempered by bigli pain or wool, Is over lost; we rise from it tlie braver With clearer eyes, ami there is stronger steel In shields we bear against new storms assailing. There will lie light uppji Hie broken way, Though we go lonely in the great procession Whose castles fell as ours went tlown today. <Cti|ivri|l1il. l!«l\ lij Xl;.\ Stokr. liw. All rtrrinl and xjnn njMs rcune RKAltKllH' HKnVH.'K. IIUKKAD, HOOIII aon, till Klclilh Avo., New York, N. Y. Unclosed fiui\ ........ ccnls In coin for which please send mo ••• ..... co l> lcs "' "Candlelight." tlie new booklet of poems by Helen Wolsblmer, dt 10 cents o copy. . Nnmc Street City Nome of Paper Hayti Society-Personal Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Golden and on, J. w., jr., molorcrl (o St. ouis Siiturduy to spent] thc cck-cud there with (heir duitgh-. ei'. i\riH 5 Loi^sc, who o,ttehds entral college at Payctte, M^o Mrs. Wolf Kliourle and tlaug'h- '«, lidna and Anna Mae, wcr; ie gitcsU of »rr. and Mrs. Phil- P Hamra of Caruthersvillc Sim- ay at a dinner given In honor Mr. and Mrs, K. A. Hamra Cardwell. Duncan and son, — 0 .., motored to New adrld Friday afternoon alul vis- ed relatives. Among those who attended thc visional B. y. P . u . , ncet i(t - Baptist church Mrs. J. E. Hugh, Fntlay were Mr. and Mrs Fry, Mrs. S. B. Ncthcry, Misse Virginia McDonald, Anna Ma Khourie, Lorcno Endersoii" an 1 Thchimi Alexander. '-; Hospital Notes Admitted: Everett'Davis, Rout :; Mrs. Nora Oliver, Manila; Mr Ollic Jones, city; Mrs, Clio Mid lins, Hayll; • Robert--Hall, --Rose land; J. E. Thomas, Manila; Hugl Mlchic, Cooler; and' G. W. Beck an, Lnxora. Dismissed: Mrs. J N Sniothcrinan and baby; B.' Woods Bragg city; Mrs. George Carnex city; J. T. Mansfield, Marie. ' Cupirt Felt Depression LOGAN, Utah. (UP) - Cupid found a real depression here; not one marriage license was issued the last half of the week, said tin county clerk. The first time lr history such H period has jrassea without Issuing, or making out ap- THANK YOU! I wish lo sincerely thank those friends who accorded me such generous support in my successful campaign for the office of city clerk. Recognizing my responsibility and being deeply graleful for the office, I will further express my appreciation by serving the public in a courteous, considerate and efficient manner at ail limes. Ruth Ely the Little Theater's First Baby Is Ready for Jeers or Cheers The birth" agonies of its initial of veeaWef y ° U '' ° W " - si "J VHI; name! Crotlicrs, have been suffered al- nlHUly for " ls "'° » «ood ~ „ -,. -r^vi.J HJ (.IKlltl or u>. frustrated iscrnhardts nnd Cohans, and on Thursday night at 8 o'clock the doors of "•I Rosy theater will be let tho public see Price 'to cents. Let Us Be Gay Is a comedy. For Its more exact classification you must apply ( 0 someone with a better recollection of Ms school- loom lessons In modern drama, it Is sufficient for the moment to say that It is meant, to he amusing. Any laughs from tomorrow night's audience even If they come at the wrong lime, will be evidence to the players that they have not, missed the mark entirely At least it will perhaps be Just as well |[ the performers who hare toiled wil'Lt l^' 0 " With thc ll " n <5 a "! willing to accept Its reception in that light. 'For , t , s better nil concerned for hlgi, C0 mcdy to turn into farce or.burlesque than into tragic dullness. For a home .town audience there Is no danger of the latter m the present instance. The fact that, they arc performing before friends and neighbors 'who know them very, well in tlie humdrum roles of everyday life jmiy ndcl to .the amacur thospians' difficulty in putting over their characterizations, but whether they succeed or fun (he spectators arc hound lull entel ' lllinincnt 'n Ihc re- Thc persons of this drama arc Mrs. R. P. Klrshncr. as Madame, n sharp tongucrt old roscr. scheming to save her "1 rk , antl Blowing granddaughter DIcrdre (Anne Stevens Potter) Irom an entanglement which threatens to interfere with thc old Mlys'clelcrmU.ation u m she W!l)k Slrl" with ,::thati'ni(,-o .boy, 1 .'. B rac e Keen (James Terry); To further icr honorable purpose thc old lady assigns to Kit'.- Brown (Hazel Sample) the lass of distracting the attention of Bob Brown (E. L. Taliaferro), ~|li c man for whom granddaughter has developed an infatuation. Complications develop which bring •„,&. understandings, tears and recriminations for the players and, it is -7cd,^ laughs for the audience, 1 h'eht. In 'the role of at the week end hoiiscn- Which Hie action 1 of the ptay'oc'- curs, and assisting in the development of the'plot, arc Miss ' Julia Craig, as Madge Livingston, un aftectecl lady with a domestic iiagcdy of her own, Gene Bradley as Wallace Grainger, for whose Poetry she is the inspiration, and O. R, Babcock, as Townley, who lies in vain to turn Kitty from the lask set her by grandmother. O. P. Moss is Uie butler and Mrs. W. L. Horncr the maid Your, scribe occupied a front m scut at rehearsal the other light and was assured by Father f. J. Thompson, who has carried tne director's burden, that he had\ seen some pretty fair presenta-j -. , fj Mi'S. Ooocli, who has them " iliai^C, Harold Sudbury and his South- iiws will play at the theatre tomorrow night before the curtain rises nnd during the Intermissions. Bj> microphone from the theatre foyer KLCN will broadcast the music and announce _ thc bnby i omorrow night before J '| rises and during ih e Leacliville Couple Wed Recently at. Carclvvell LEACHV1LLE, Ark.—A wedding of Interest was that of -Miss Edra Vaught and Mr. Eulas Hays, both of Leachville, which took place a few days ago in Cardwell, Mo. The bride Is the daughter- of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Vaught. She flltendcd Leachville high school and is prominent in social and church circles here. The groom is the son of Mrs. W. W. Hays and also attended Leachville high school. After the ceremony thev left o a short honeymoon. On "their r turn they will make their hon at Poplar Corner, ten miles ca of Leachville. Get Your Easter .Pennaiienls WEDNESDAY,. APK1L 3, 1935 • Miss Ora Lee Hawkins Named "Miss Dell High" Miss Ora Lee Hawkins was elected.."Miss Dell High," as the most Popular girl, In the annual Who's Who contest of the Dell school. B. B. Crawford was named tile most popular boy. Miss Rose Stacy was named the Prettiest.and'best dressed girl and La ham Stacy was elected the best Poking, the most help to the school, and best dressed boy. Other honors for ulrls and bovs were: cutest. Miss Jean Stacy and Dallas Brownlec; wittiest, Miss Opal Morris and li, Gill; m0 st studious, Miss Ruth Barber and Poy Evans; best athlete, Miss Marie Iglehart antl R. B. Crawford; best all around, Miss Mavis Whistle and B. B. Crawford; prettiest eyes, I. E. Hawkins; prettiest hair, Miss Gene Stacy and Buddy Armstrong. Miss Stacy also won seconn place ior the most popular girl and Rus- Blue Star Kills The Itch Germs To get rid of itch, rasli, letter, foot ncn, ringworm or cc/eina,cover wll li toothing Blue Star Ointment: which contains tested medicine that melts swiks in quickly nnd kills the itch! Money back if first jap fails. tell Gill won second honors for the most popular boy. Ucose Creek Ukes Elections CjOOSli CHEEK, Tex. (UP) —This city will hold lU>'72nd elcc-• tion in sis years April 2, an aver- aye of on? a month. Mayor" 0. R. Mycr will make his sixth: race in 10 years. Two council-, men also will be elected. : Read Courier News want Ads. Individual Instruction in ' 1. Stenography—.'typing i. Secretarial Work 3.'Bookkeeping •I. Accounting 5. AH Clerical Work Enroll any day—full coursrs • EMMA LAT1MEK, Mgr. Cape Girardeau Business College CAI'K GIRAIIDEAU, MQ. Realistic & Eugene Pcrmancnts 15 Other Beniianents $2 and $3.50 i T. S.lianiooo und Set 50c ' Set itiui; Dry Manicure 35c Margaret Deeti Beauty Shoppe Ingram Bldj. rhonc lOti SUITS AND DRESSES 5.0c and 75c Hals Rebuilt. New Pockels Ptil in Pauls' 2fx- and 35c : JNU-WA CLEANERS 'liotic 180 MISS WHITSITT^S P re-Easter SALE Starting Thurs., Apr. 4 Offering our entire Stock of SUITS -CO ATS $16.75 to $19.75 Values $25 to '$29.75 Values $35 to $39.75 Values 1 Lot of Spring DRESSES $O.95 $10.95 Lo $13.95 Dresses $16.75 lo $19.75 Dresses $25 lo $29.75 Dresses ! 8 1 LOT SPRING HATS $1,95 $5 lo $7.50 Hals $2.95 lo $3.95 Hals '3 $1.95 MISS WfiiTSiTT'S SHOP

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