The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLECOURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHfcABT ARKANSAS AND SOVTHXAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 208 Valley Leader. Courut. lil.YTHKVlLI.K. ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, NOVKlllJKiV'iO. I'm •-.-.. - . . • .• .* SINGLE COPIES EtVE CENTO G YOUTH SLAIN BY KIDNAPER Verne Miller and Pretty Roy Floyd Pe'ieved Hicl. ing Near Here. ^fE^lP!^s, NOV. 10. (ui>>—Fed- c-ral agents of the department of Justice today centered their search IT Verne C. Miller, fmner Smith Eak"ta sheriff, and Crrarles "Pretty my Floyd, irtirlous teamsters, in Memphis and east Arkansas. Th? government's nation wide manhrm • stifled to Memphis and eart Arkansas as J. Edgar Hoover head if the bureau of invesl'.'ation at Washington, sent Investigators here to investigate an attempt on the life of one of U!s a»en!s and a reoortcd plot to free n federal p?l-"n-r. With Floyd and Miller reported In eastern Arkansas recently Memphis delec'Ives im-J relcral agents have redoubled their efforts. Mrs. Conner Clcsfly Guarded J. U Tm-rou, 38, agent assigned to tile Kansas City massacre investigation, was in a Jonesboro, Ark., hosnltal toiav; suffering frcm injuries received when gan?sterr forced 'ris autom:bi!e down an em- tankm?nt n=ar Trumaini. Ark.. Tuesday night. Closely guarding Mrs. E. B. Conner, «nd?r ind'ctraent in connection xvlln the Kansas City massacre, federal agents are nlannin* to return her to K3n$as City to face trial. InVesTteat-vs th«ori?.M i*ia! a plot to free M-s. Conner, who was arrested early M.nday In a mid on the Lonely Acrts dinner club, noir Riverside park, had fallen r-rou?h. They based their ^theory on her asking permission to the taken to the club lo.eet her clothin-' un?n t':e_;fact that three men trail- ' Tier"«Hit~OT -M^mohis and i'SKi" XK "nst kanti.s, where his car was wrecked.! ''ft' Outlaw Leader Shoots Way Out oi Trap CHICAGO, No,. 1C ' (DPI— Or- :tcrd went out to nil Chicago po- v:c? today to capture John Dil- i'liger. desperate lender of an Indiana band uf outlaws, "dead or iHve." after Iw had shot his way out of ft police Dap. Dlllinger wr. B' crrdiui! v:llh leading the o'Jilnws, in at least two Indiana bank robberies in .vhtch SEO.OOO was obtained last •vonth iiftcr the;' hart killed a .hciiff In free-in" him from Hie .ail in Lima, Ohio. Chicago and Indiana police- last rijlit laved an elaborately planned trap for him when It WAS earned he wrci In the office ot : Chlcajo physician. Observations c. n. As Aralis Riot in '-Palest! Tlie Rcosevelt ndmlnlsli alien's 'e>iiic'-s«> vnllnv' water ivwcr do- ploiMncnt nrrwani promises to nnincl a widespread revision ol views on the s"l>k"i «f p"b«c I"') of nublic ui.iUlies, par- electrical utilities. . . ;i" of Tn'rto. M'SS.. )>ns CommiUec Delermiiica to s'xnwl a co'i'v-ict for TVA D i' . } ' . o ; rush i rojcct to buc- cessful Conclusion; 1 at ft rfiw which, tt. Is an-1 wi'l mike |X)«Dle a 5fl! •>r>v etui redaction in the bills of ^-s of clectr f o cur"•it.. Other cities nre preparing to i"~,v suit. FiRE ESEKPE L 'uey Lonp Probe Chair- m a n Fin-'<; Himsell Locked Outside Hall. NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 16 (TIP) —Senator Tom Connfllly of Tevas "iintrmnn of the senate committee '*M/->'-f|[T fl i|, 1 {r Senator Huev p. Long's political machine, climbed no a fire efcane to en*Rr the Scot"A pu« t.nniio nudltorium and op»n today's hearing. Doo-.s to the anrtiforimn had been locked bv the building man- i-ernent. which objected to the "theriin crowd, fearinif that they —'"'it crash down a balcony inside. A"owi]nnt«]» 3nii nci-son-i milled n ^mu ouls'dR the buPdin^. Mo?t of 'h n m \veri reco-*nhert ns pnhllc ^'fi/-/. ]>o'fiprs. This bore out a "'ntement in n morning newst)a>)er that all available offl'-e holders the Huev Lon? administration UHenii'iliHon to obtain iltlc ,to .1 piece of land suitable lor u Mis- W'n'. of tho^e ilwi itn now If f teslj>Pl county fairgrounds, with a t.'ipir Iws u-pre «i»ipiu ih» dlff<"-- viett ' I0 obtaining n public works »n»R h»t«w>n n'ri ei°':"-ic rate' "' ian t and loan to nuance necessary •»i-i TVA wile* i>'ev wiu'd i"><'e p- Improvements, wns exuiftssed today rpvloi's cause for wm-y. But, It b >' members of a special charnbe will be more ihun that. For in- °' commerce committee, headed by rti'st.rinl (tevelonmeni, will u-nrt. to Sheriff C. H. Wilson, to which" tSic. '„",.«, (ihAin nw»r rinri citt"s i<"it project has been entrusted..". : I -nni-ni nffer rates a* 'Inn.- as fh<*s° 't was admitted that negpUtt- - rrevalllii!.' in communities other- tions for the -John Walker tract. wl"<* (viuallv fi"pve't *•»' >n<v> o"i east of total, hnd apparently .fall- Cheap power nt Tupelo will en through, but J. Nlell' Brooks. —-'•• si. n.o<v>?..!.>i-v f<v- Tuoelg's secretary of tlie chamber of com-: neighbors to obtain ph»«>» pow"r. merce, announced that an option "•-'•i.i ivnvcr i n Tennessee and had bsen obtained upon a 40-acre adjoining states w'l) nuke it hi-h- piece of land equally' elcae to" the >•' ii'i»nriii<>t lint other stalls, city and in the opinion of many Arkansas, for example, also ob- equally.suitable for a fairgrounds. . Options are also being sought on ' ' had been ordered to Quit work to- •it'v^nnd. "pack the house'"at" the<>rmv • sessions'' of the • ' •• crowd has ^v, na .\ rxnver. ' Mavor Shone has n oimmli"-? two or tlir'ee oilier trails.' Zal B. ""•ina inf"rw\ii<in on the possi-' Harrbon, J. A. Leech and Mr. billtv 'of brln"ing TVA oou-er Brooks are negotiating, the options. to Blvtl ---•-* »" • Possiblv ihal "•!" the rtwr to BlvtheviUe.. Final choice of a site will- be made "ie. If Aot by tf.e full committee: : '•<•-" wi'l ultimately be an irre-1 Mr. Harrison is also chainnan of .''.<=iP-le (l»ninnd for- similar power'a committee of twelve which will developments In (.MH s'->to and seek-to raise the necessary money. • ~t*r** „.'! n f the Mlssislm. It is believed a suitable piece of Is the TVA m-ovram witm* the \ m< \ <.,„ bo obtained for $5000 or doom of l\i". orivi-.c ui'Mflcs? Tliat t!'e the utilities themselves will have to answer. A few] less, other members of the committee which'will 'raise-the money are: Russell p-lllips.- \v. J. .Wun- '•nn twk.the-e va-s a lot ot: talk derlleh, J."'A. liech/E. B/Lyman, •"•nut. ".iini iwwer'nnd the hene- |PrCli Salibai Jo , m M .'s^/^ 0 { s jDell. C. J. Little. L. G. Byerley of fits inter-ennnection of power to t^ms .was to hrint; of electric enerev. maw of l)i<*;e henefits. liave been replied. But there is a '"melon in Hie "'public mind . and E. B. Gee. Plans for the Improvement of thd tract, including a race track and >"Mjiuiui in me pi'miu minn (iiau cnlfaMn r n i -v,,*ii'i ~ , TJ those who- have-Wed the nti.l- »"•«•*'' ^ "•,•««? JJ «« shn..h'l "ot .sell electric enerfrv below cast.i..! ,If it does not.theve is in •—"•• He Aided ORANGE, N. J., Nov. 16. <UP) — Federal agents today • arrested Dr. Irwin R. Slivers, optometrist, on charges of -::arfcoriiie Verns C. Miller, known as one of the mcsi dan- it-r^i's criminals at large in the eoun'ry. . Miller, a member of the notorious outlaw, gin-; of George "Mi- chine Gun" Kelly, is hunted In the south as the' trigger man in t":e •.•« <!a''s overwhe'"i'n"iv opposed to " J h >' Constant W h» D ri\-ate \comnanies should be una'hle to. comnete. If there is nnvthhvr fit fl]] t o this t'llk-ft^out file arivantaees of private Inltia- bers are • R. E. Bl , a yl«"«---an4, Wendell Phil*' and howls. When Senator.Cravjalh'. a'.Ti«ed and vio"'°^ "<'i fire-escape and startH "- ULIU .„,.„ (he sle"s. Senator John H. Qver-'cjj^v"^hiVh"^^^rofiT motive"is tive and enterurlse nnd . effl- i"n. Purchase^ Colon Not Elig|b!e for Loans . Cotton producers who sold part Report LoU Flyer* Eaten by Cannibals li' R,. n nl,- - bl °° k e His Abductors' i r, • " 'Ca KanSOtn. PARIS, Nov. French avinlors who disappeared •June 30 while flying ovor (ho forests 3f PoriiiKuo.v oiilnea were slniighl- i'ie<i ami enteu by cniuitlinls of Cnclleo liver region, tr.e Pelll. Jotir-- I corresponilenl, nt Dakar. Africa, .•porlsd tcdny. Tin.' pilot wns'named ante and thi> wireless )operator wns named, 'lunstant-liree. | date's wife, the corrcsixxidont' aid, .accompanied a Portuguese dr.-! inchinent liendcd .by Capt. Rouxel i l« s-iireh for the aviators In tin:' SAN JOSE. Cat., Nov. 10 : wUderness. • i Hrooke Hart.-a, graduate;c.,_ Ti:ey loaiiicd from natives, uc- University of Suntn Clara. 1'A cordiiii; to the dispatch, that tlie'^ 1 " "f u wealthy family here',"iJi jvlators were alive when they kidnaped and killed last 'Thufsd near liio cacheo river, and night by Iv.o men, caie .of were captured by o tribe of natives, allegedly confessed' to Jout?iprUi« "| Tre unlives killed tlie flyers, of- tcdny. fered their blood as a sacrlfic to Authorities Anhounce4 the':, jqn^; I their tiods, . and devoured tliolf 'efslon was obtained from .Tho^alj bodies. tliD expedition wai Informed. J . Thurmnn, n'rested Uqt.r.Mght under the name of Owen, v :.,'sjjc-. '• He was suld to' have 'implicated^ J. M. Holmes, an, unemployc;C!'"oU . wo rkc r of Ban Jose. .-.•.'.--","' ~i : ~'. Holmes «tso was In custody, .af-. rested early today.; ' • •• ••.-•' " ( -j-V- Accordlng to the story purpoilejj- .y to.u oy Tnurman and .released to 1 tl;e 'press; nt-tho iaw"-' i bfflc'p:'.o( Louli O'Neal, here, y6un£' v jKart was setod, shortly .'after , he ''left tlie Hurt department -'^tqre p >;tfl '- p his fat-jer, Alexander.'.-fJ. nt a country club outside '' ' Reveals No Trace of Crew of .British-En-JHtirt, gincerine Saxilby. LONDON, Nov.' 18 (UP)—Twen- tv-sevpn mm nrirlft In a sea after nbandonlng the British changed to another. auiombW, freighter SMllby, were given up abandoning Hart's' car. . .-'i?S. forlost today. . The alleged con[ess ioi, said The giant .liner Berenwrla, af- Hart's arms wire'pinioned the city. Threw Yo»th into Bay : .- • The kidnaper;: .forced the Vo to drive them, to an ' isolated .-i on Evans rbart, where the 'l^*^^.,^^^ "* _ - ' nr\4 UKxk« . .Mjut**»_^.J • --J-J' -^ii 1 J^?Si.^7*i bov-if 4 p. m. - Prlday." ' ""' •"". • --j ' "'^ ooa "' ,»ainor,<«p^o«,i^v-3j , .me'::- 'ateanwhlw; • ;>i«|iehe«er 3gLm**mW&#$$&$$ ^.;Reginienf'and.Bosendvfe remained-««Wtl«» w«re. f begBn;^wf^; '.' «t\ the: scene of:-the Sakllbva -'last £'£i. | W>i\"" ! .- ''rtitKC.j'j. ;•• «!;".'.>;j : J,v;•>'' for aid 1 but' they" saw no Th-kldnspet*:*'- 1 *- 1 — J - : 1 -Wie"°''' '''- 1 ' W ~ 1<V> ^ - >-"'-"• H ^ !V>itU- niff"°e. fo 1 !^ 1 Other political figures followed T*VA. l''"doiv loari»rs no the fire e^ine^oiibt but that It nypeiu - lur uia uuu tney saw no - ™--""-t^m i «r*.*'»i««»*Aj; •c»ifiik > ? .--. sla<-a of tKn VM«>I'o'- i'« ••''"W..' e d;to San Jos*, wh«f6;H»lnjeiJ;lJsis : ' The' hopelessness of finding 'any a JV' (e; arid. two children',' baTid^ej",. tra'cc^of: .wrJ'I'virs from- the Ss'l.i- ,' an ^-'JpyM/S, ";•;:•.. ,:.''.'"- : .'..'v.,i^i' •• hv wni-»mnhflQ{?r>ri . iir "nrvm «.'v<rin I \" •.Search • Riarin jit r <Wr"*;rf-^ -..- "^h^r^^ _,_ f .._ ,9i« >-,r,..^ w ., rr^i- and dis t ri ij Ute electricity. at a cost - •--'•tH'to mirchasc cot- man ln - re ™arkftble -picture as hordes-of •shrieking Arabs demon-, by was-emohii.slttd • at'ncwn when! -"' S.eawh • Biartea «t; Oiic*.^--;?.,-.,- 'rt .behind Connally. ), E i ow ,, u tjlic in=tiiut!o:!s like tlw ton equivalent to "that sn'd and slrattd against "Jewish. immigration ' IJurled missiles at British' police tnc steamer Cltv -of -Havre wire- '•' M'ai'whlle-SJarchiwajl.sMrfeii'.l^,!"'. think there" is any use "it as collateral for-loans, B. massed down, the street.' An Instant'er" the-sccnc was rcc'drdeiTIn Ios - wa ^rowh Radio Marine^eor- authorities, wlfo ,*«re. .nbt)ifledi3jiti ; .. them done. A. Lynch,' president of the Farm- j-Lom; .wom-n's orcanbitlon, ., s.aiien et Kansas City June n. I who has heckled everv session of Optical supplies found In the j (he committee this week hideout of MFer in Chicago led to th° arr;si of Silvers. T'esj supplies were traced back to Silvers'. a-»Td : ng to federal agents, who . said t.:at Miller was pos'iiT in c-'icago as a salesman of optical goods. Mrs. HlMvHiit it can't be done by concern';. ers Bank and-Trust uuuiuiiuy am „,,,,.. - - - Of. ..the .burdcncrl bv <\ to^ »'•-"•• Hnvi-lal |l-en advivd .by .Norman Moua- hour, fight that followed more than 20 The privately, ownn-iighan, special R. P. c. Ftirra! of C L Fisk Held This Afternoon Funeral services were held this aftern-.on ai, the First Methiilst r ob N-v Fs To Pind Owner of Stolen Car A car. ^io'^n liern 1-isr. Mav has been recovered bv officer. 1 ! n.t \v««t.. "-n. Nrhraskq but so far police iinve been unable to find the owner: Police Chief Ed Rice iws been •>dvi=-ed in a letter from th 1 ? At- 'anta' office of an auto theft de- •nctive bureau of the recovery of . ---- ' h <! ctn'"n car. The letter -stated chu.-ch hen for C. E. risk, Pemis- that Blvthevllle police had- fn-' c-t coun'y. Mo., farmer, who died | ""-rmc" 1 Hin hiirean at the tiriieofj Tuesday night. the dlsappfarance of tho ' car,' T!:e-Rev. W. V. Womaek of this city and tbe R=v. Mr. Massey of cffiViated. Interment "was fiehtins trim or TVA and similar n'ljghan, special R. p. c. reprcsenta-1 '?°!'c ' ne Moslem..foHM scattered about-the stretl. lost" by rioters, in live at Memphis In change of <"w_! • —, ' '. "'.—- — '—- — : :^ —• In were killed, rtnned -Kenrch ' for •' the•'• ,w. mottel-', -. two debutante - , . . . - -.. .. . — Mountn'nn".-; Beads', and.'Eafc'ty of a: younger .brother, were' crew doublful. ._. .. . . •_ ernment cotton • loans in the Mid- • South. ' '>..."'. Mr. Monaghan wrote thit he had had • a -number of Inluirics "i this matter.. He pointed out that cotton .eligible for the 10-cent loans Ls defined. as " cotton pro- i rii-cfl in inai, cliMCd low mld'HIn? or beter In grade, the beneficial _ title to which : is and always has 1 ^ been in the producer." loenatcr K".vem'tnn'; Tnreat- To obtain a loan on colon which DFICIFELLER Hot Springs Woman Head* Daughters of Confederacy 1 BALTIMORE, Nov. 16 (DP) — Mrs. vVilllam K, Massey of Hot . n ln"s. Ark., today 'was elcc-:ed| president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. FREED! givd-any reasin why Brooke "STIWM .-. voluntarily d^-appear. ' Trie ;ViandSy suspected kidnaping from the-st ' . Tne trail of young ,Hart 'tie left the vicinity of -till hoine; ;! tragic «nd determUwd,- but autb ties throughout northern C .d even to Los An-c e« -"w S i-: sieged by clues. Many", perjabs he purchased .to replace some prc- ! vlopsly sold the ni-odnc-r wniild ' have to make n mi-representation | in signing the note. Mr. Monaghon en Jn'is nf Fitzpatrick 'arid 'Sinclair. $3 OCO. the wopertv of P. B.', Tl:e E. P, Blimcycr residence ] than two years, or both." Butler Succeeds McLean Nelll, unknown to oresrat police.'1016 Heam street, Tlie c->r is a Chevrolet roaHsfr.idamazed bv fire of unknown ori- made at Elmwo^d cemetery. Pall-1 Local police do not recall the theft. I gin fcis morning. Damage to tlic beirers were E!wo?d Scott, Ishmiel r-^. v°-non Bis'-o-). W3bb BJsh^p, Wilton Fow'er and clovis Po - .v!er. The deceased is survived hv his -i •„-. Mrc El5ie p;sk| two dans , h . ters, Hazel aid Alice, nnd a foner son, Mrris Fbk. sald." and'this Is punishable bv "a >YA.PHINOTON, Nov. IB (TJP)- fine of not more than 85,000 or Joh n D - Rockefeller jr.. who In bv imprisonment for not more fo1 "' years dethroned two of the most nowe-fiil figures in American Industry and finance. atexri>«i to- Willlam S. Fitzpatrick and Harry .ought t'cey saw the mlssinj y iiw, ' The great Grace Line '^"ffr »i . i > i , n f' J Lurllne ' «n route to Honoiuluvlrioia (Natchez Murder Uetend- San Francl;co. was searchM'*nefi Released Under %»**£ £ d *** "" the guard rail of an oil I . ter the small craft had servic'elj^e' Bail ol $1 ,000 Each. l, W»"el C^'-r for 19-Year-Old Local Girl I two story dwelling was estimated j In exccfs of S-i.OOO. [lie amoivi'. o' i insurance carried, by Fire chief | P. Besides dann?e to the house, non i j' 'xii'sshcH g3ods and clothin? «'"> ""?.,. suffered considerably. This h>» Voking after Finall children T!ir*° Hurt When Truck Hits Car Near Lepanto ^ ^« 0 &*™^ ••iid knees LEPANTO. Ark. — Three people A whtcl cliair is Indly bv a 19-year-old Til-Uic""— uin, . . , , . who has never walked. She at-! was ° n! - v P" tla!i i' " vcred "V in " tcninfs to make her livln<! by i si'r»iicc. ... ... ... — fire originated in t^e nttic byi" ll 'l, were Inlrrcd en t':e Osceo'a-L;- panto highway here Wednesday in an automob'le accident. J. W Matr.cws of Forrest City and El- be'f Chumfcl'y of Arizona were parked rn t^ie side of the road fix- In? a lire when a lumber truck driven by Aubrey White crashed Into the parked car. Mithews sustained n b-nkcn leg and chumbley w =s sev?r?!y Injured, witb th "' - i<t Vievself' 0 ' tlv - ll " IIEC - The second floor wns her hands i'" nam - 5 before mcmbrvs • fiimllv dtovered tbe blaze. Fire- of th? the at- ' 111en sii:cc3ed 'n cuttln-; the fire of - . - tention of the local relief ormnl- ' Rl =ovj ths (Kit n-or but water dam- Is asking nnvnnc hiv-i 8 "' 2 'o firniture on the first floor '.ntion ir.i a clnir he ca^.s tn d-^n-t'; to -«, n,-. r.^.. Marsh M. Callaway or cnl1 305 - " WASITINGTON. Nov. 1C (OP)— In the previous hu«!nc^ fr>"/1, Pec:etar> r of Navy Swanson an- Pick°Mlcr fo-ird Albert H. Wlg- oiruccd today the appointment of fin out of t'-e Clifw Hn'nnii bank Rear Admiral - Henry V. Butler nnd compelled Col. Robert W. '-> take .command of battleship Stewart to rcllmiilsh command of division No. 3 as successor to "" c "v'idard Oil Company of In- he lat? Rear Admiral Ridley Me- dlnnn. _^ Urmm, Usceola, Kilted When Iron Rail Swings Loose. Jesse Odom. 25-year-old Xflssis- rlnni coi'n'v farm convict, was Instantly killed when struck bv the tan. who died on hoard the U. Senate stock mfl'kot InvestiM- {"" I"! 11 ' ° r an , J "tondoncd i. S. Nevada at Snn Francisco. '"»•< -„ re-oaled that dnrine ne- ' rid " c bc . ln ; 1 "^mantled by a farm gotlations for merger of Rockc. CICW y«'c"lay »«>"• feller's Pral-lc OH nnd <".<i* rim- Odom wns struck across the Stock L'jrline with gasoline and o'l-at a S?n Francisco dock, developed nothing. NATCHEZ, Miss.. Nov. 11) (UP) -^Richard Dam and Miss Octavla Docken-, ecccnt.ic "goat castle" Inhabitants, charged in . the celebrated Jane S::rwt Kicrrill murder case, were released today on bonds of $1,000 each. The bonds were signed by the ccupl v s nttornev and Isni,c Zcr- cwsky, who holds n mortgage on ••oat castle, the once magnificent in the movies a?'-a "doorstep" i_ Dana cstnte which the.couple per- fant \rilh Charley Chaplin 'Sofre- ir.ftted to fall Into decay. • y«ftrj back, recently proved .fast" Dtinn exDrcssed surprise at hki'ne is tn much at home behind'u* release and Mlts Dcckery n-as In- footllghU as he Li behind f-e dsl-' -!!-nant v.-lth SieriiT C. P. Roberts zltng Klelg lights of Hollywobd whom the couple has sued for film studios. Jackie Coogari Makes, Good as College . SANTA CLARA, C&l. (UP> ? Uj; Jncfcie Co=gan. who got his start infurl ri--= p-sslbl° Internal es. Wh'te w?s seve-ely cut Cbutnblev was the face «mL'i° tte v ° f ° r!ln ' s hospital In -mpnis for further nld. Passengers y nnur t In Train Derailment Crowlev Granted flange of Venue to Piggott ' I D;c, JONESBORO. Aik., Nov. 16.—A Jan; change of venue from Crolgh'jjd Ma 1 -. NCIP York Cotton NEW YORK. NDV. 17. tUP)- Cotton closed very steady. o->en ioa-i 1009 I "57 h'ah low 1120 looo 1009 1013 Jonesboro close 1019 lir>9 1042 10S8 conntv cirwlt coiirt here to Clay Mq,, " into, mss 10f7 conntv cirniit c"ii't at Pio^ott j u | y .'.','.' ins2 1069 1049 iffis <vas ?-ftntod the Rev. Da!c S.Orow- pet 1011 1010 1067 1088 ley. charged with the murder of; Spots'clcssd steady at 1040, up 15 J. W. MacMurdo. Janitor at the 1 tabernacle, bv Circuit New Orleans Cotton Judge O. _K Keck of Blythcvllle here yesterday afternoon. The trial will be held during 1 NEtf ORLEANS. Nov. 16. (UP)— (he Jurmrv term of cpu-t at Pig. Cotton closed stendv. A.. T. and T 120 7-8 Anaconda CooiMr !•? Bethlehem Steel 32 3-8 Chrysler 4"i 1-8 Cities Service 2 1-8 Coca Coll .' 97 3-4 General American Tank 30 1-4 General Electric 21 1-8 General Motors 32 3-4 lnt=rnnt!on3l Harvester 41 7-8 Montgomery Ward 22 1-4 New York Central 3G 3-8 Packard 37-8 Phillips Petroleum .... 175-8 Radio '.... 7 1-2 Simmons Beds 185-8 S'andard of N. J 46 3-8 Texas Co 26 3-4 U. S. Steel 43 5-8 nii'cr PrMrie of- ^ Ml " Tli» nrrw-nt n-M-r^ on ? oln< ' to admit the crime." : | the Dark." Co-.gari te a--.,. tr»rtr-d Prairie stock for a section of rmd souUwesl of Tnc v;oman claims to liavc b«;n and cheer leader at the Iristilu'tljn.- Sinclair stock m-lor to tl>« n,-"-"-!- -Tnlncr which had not been used : ". whc " tl10 cwiplc was arrest- Chicago Wheat CO1.UMT1U3. O.. NOV. in djpi—jpntt. Judee K-'Cfc crnnted the mo- A locomotive nnd seven stoel cirs lion after-defense attorneys had De^. . ° j 11 nassengcr train filed n petition declarliig it would Jin vcre d(!ral'»ri shortly after 3 R. m.,be Imnos-ilble for Crowley to secure Miv. today at \Vorlhlngton. near here.'a "fnlr am! impartial tilnl" be- Mav . without Inji'rv to a Elr.-!r> m-son- cause of widffprcad nnd extended July f er. One brakeman suffered a a»itstlon over -religious controver-. Oct slightly wrenched back. , Ults here. OTCII h.^n lOW 10'5 ions io?5 I"! I 1039 1015 1051 10137 lO^S low 1007 1020 1034 1041 1037 close 1018 1022 1038 1050 1053 1083b I Spots closed steady (it 1008, up 14, lee. Mav Ooen £9 1-2 93 91 1-4 94 3-4 low S3 close 91 on o b^'" 'i- ™n-c fii-ora'-'c rl|lrc R more direct road was con,e Rockefellers and the structcd. i^vnrt <i-i,» n the con^olld-, Odom was sent to the farm, atlon finally took place In 1932. .near Luxora, a short time ago on I conviction in an O?ceola. nuuth- DL • • r»i n i * itrate's court for carrying a eon- rny r l''iar( Pravs Rn'e ceaM weapon- He was a first of' At? Ci i c nnn T 1 fender anti a model nrlsoner, ac- Ur flIOTO D.UUU limes cordlns to Harrj- Lutes, farm sup- I ei-i"t"ndent. . NORWAT-K. Cojin, (UP)—For «| Tlic body was prepared for v e»rs Dv. Arthur N. Cla^k. now n,'•-•;-«i an^ ""t to the home of has been rWil liand man to the odom's mother, who lives three stork in this town. | m iies south of (Vsceola, Besides his Known throughput eastern mcd- 1 mother the deceased Is survived icnl circles for his obstetrical by his widow nnd three children. I work. Dr. Clark recently delivered •d 6.000th baby. He has brought ' as manv as three Reneratlons ot Chicufio Corn Onen lilrt low close 91 7-8 94 5-8 one family In the world heve. white teard Is known Filer I'ssl Million Mile Mark FOUT WORTH. Texas (UP) — to Richard L. DoMe. air mall ni'o! [hundreds of children, who got Vtwceh heh and Kansas City, -their first pat on tlie back from has »ass,-d his 1,000,000 mile mark "'Im. He finds his chief recreation : n the Mr. Dncle also has more Dec. 47 3-4 43 3-4 45 3-4 48 5-8 In the water, nnd a two-mile swim lh<"i 10.0CO flying hours to his May 641-4 M 1-3 fi3 J-4 65 S-8 still. Is a common pr«0ce for him. i ctcdit. her in the Jail today. t>-id a doctor visited Famed Missouri Houn' Seattle Capld 'Busy ' : ' 3EATTL6 (UP) —Better ll'ma have helped matrimony. More' couples wcr* married In King' (county October, 1933, than ih;bc%: t* „ n .. .-tobcr, 1933. This year's Issuance L>0g$ DeCOmUlf tXanCt of licenses reached a total of 330. ___ Last year !40. SEDALIA. Mo. (OP)—The Old houn' dog that h;hxd make Mls- ourl famous now almost is an ex- Bay . Education',, LAWREKOE. Kan." (UPl-SUl^ dents at the Unlversitv of Kansas, 'inct- creature. , .... . Cog fanciers fay that few of the S 1 , 0 ™ 1 *^ . of l , h f, Sclf-Supporttag flcp-earcd. vari-colorcd "houn's Slu *> n ^ Association, arc earning overybodv kicks aroun'" can be P loncy ^ or SMO ' H3 s * mes ' ( ' r , f uit t? foun[ l " -by making and selling ni»i"i»'V» Inste'p.d. some of the fln5Sl dog- 'lesli In tlie country hns taken the plsce .of tho old-timer, .Missouri » becoming noted for its good doss. Fanciers say a few examples o' he Missouri hound .s'.ill can bo ound deep in.'the Ozarki. but that for the Chrlslnifts season. WEATHER --, ^,. :• -v Atkansas—Partly clonrtv, winrt : er in v;est'portion tonight. Fridays partly cloudy, warmer. Memphis and Vic tally— Mostly . . ,.._ _.._ .„ , tho strain soon will be extinct, I cloudy tonight end Friday, giving place to » rr.onjiil variety, 'tr, ' .

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