Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1895
Page 2
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Are You Frail Women? Strength Comes With Certainty From Paine's Celery Compound. A MOTHEB ? S DEED. Kills Her Two Little Ones While Crazed with Alcohol. Says She Drowned Them—Doctor* Think They Were Smothered— Awful Boston Tragedy. Half the homos ID the land m motit of tne liauplnra^ nnd the freedom from suffering that they might just aa well enjoy. Too wdi-i'.l i- 1 . full of weak, languid, aurJTdrlng worn-jo whose very debility keeps rhotn from making a strong effort to got well. They fei.-l disown rarjed because they are iutlrau and without strength; and they feel wenk aud miserable because they ure ilUuuurngatl and despondent. Whoa iha nervous system Is underfed and • ynstruuj;" us they say, an Invariable dullness and sluggUhnoas comes over the brain. Effort grows palu'ul. Too poor, nerve-famiahed tody had lost its olnsttcity and confidence. Health seams lost forever. This morbid, unnatural eta;e of nlnd aa erary well person krows, vanishes us If by magic as soon as all the parts of the body besrln to pet properly nounehi.'d. This is what Ukee place after one Is fairly under .way taking Poino'd celery compound. Tbc, strnngi haning process is OB deeply carried on—among 1 • the Tory tlfsuoa \>i the nervous system itself—that every benefit r,e. • corned a lasting ac'u^l (rain la health. The new life and vigor that BO many delicate, ailing 1 women get from Palne'a celery compound never proves to be a mere deluding 1 hope. There Is no relapse In theee cases of restored health because this groat remedial agent has laid the foundations of health ae drop as life Itself. Funnle E. Thompson, of Hamilton. Ohio, whoso picture is shown above says: "We have used four bottles of Paine'a celery compound and find It a most exce'lent medicine. It hae been used by different members of the fata ily for rheumatism, dyspepsia, anr) headachep, arising from stomach trouble, and has proven to be the most valuable remedy for the household. 1 ni heartily recommend Pained celery compound to all our friends both at home and abroad, and will do all we can to increase its Bale.' 1 If you have any reason to doubt the soundness of your nervous system, trj Paine's celery compound. If unusual wearlneis after slight exertion leads, you at times to question your health, if you detect the first faint signs of mental fatigue, refresh the Urea braia with Paine's celery compound. CARE OF FURS. Ilnw to Ailtl to Tholr Urnuty nnd Dn nu- bility. Fine fur is ofton much injured in appearance by cnroloss management Furs \vorn by animals that live in water are vory cosily put in order if one exercJsos due precaution. Sealskin especially may bo raado to look like new by stretching 1 the garment on a board or tuble. n largo ironing board being bust. Hegin with the greater portion of the garment pulled over on the side ue.xt to the operator, tho bottom at the loft, hand. Then, with n clean spongo, wet in cold water and squeezed as dry us possible, carefully rub the article from tho bottom to tho top. If there are spots or places where the fur is niiittud or packed, see that there is sufficient moisture to loosen whatever crumininess thero may be. It i may be rubbed again and again with the spongv. and then, if it does not loosen it, u comb with wido-a.pa.rt teeth should be gently passed through it, ' taking e.iro not to tear out the watted places. It the doiuchtg has bacn done by any sort of adhesive mixtnro that doos not come away by the use of water, rub the places until partly dry, then pass •( ha comb underneath and wet the tips of tho hairs with a little alcohol. Varnish and p.iiut inav be removed in this way; the latter, however, is better taken out with chloroform; mont has been very much s'oifcd a'ud docs not look glossy ; md clean. For other furs, it, is recommended to clean them by heating coarse corn rucai as hot as possible without scorching. Spread the fur on a large cloth on the floor or a wide table and cover it with this hot corn meal, rub it gently into places that seem defaced, but do not rub the wrong way of the fur. Shake it a little, then add more meal, and leave it until cold. Then .shake , again and brush with care. Many persons do not brush fur at all, but take it into an extremely colJ place and shake or beat it gently on the wrung side with a light rattan. Ermine may bo cleaned with bran sifted and dusted, so that it is free from flour. This may be made moderately hot, then thrown on to the fur and allowed to remain until cold. When furs begin to got very tender and tear easily, it. is said that rubbing them on the skin sklo with the yolks of eggs and a little lanoline is beneficial. The britLleness comes from the oil in the skin all having been extracted. Judicious care of furs adds very much to their beauty and more to their durability.—X. Y. Ledger. BOSTON, Jan. 24.—At noon Thursday Mrs. Margaret McBournie entered police station 10, in the Rox bury district, and said she desired to surrender her ' self to the police, as she had drowned her two children. The woman was detained, and officers were sent to IIM- home, 0-7 Harrison avenue, \vhc-:v the bodies of the children were fou::.l in a cheap tenement ivhieh had l.:-en occupied by them for some time. The woman is supposed to have been cniay from over-indulgence in alcoholic liquors. L»ld Out r.m thn Bed. When the officers entered the room, they found the children composedly laid out on the bed. Both had been dead for some time, and on the closed eyelids of both children rested copper cents, which had been placed there by their mother. The children, Clifford, a boy.of 4 and, Clara, between 2 and 3 years old, -.vere clad in their I night robes and lay on their backs with their hands crossed on their breasts. Thero wa.5 nothing to indicate the cause of death, and if they were drowned by their mother, as she states, there were no apparent signs that they were killed in this manner. I'robubly B«pi> Smothered, The medical examiner viewed the bodies and stated that, though death may have been caused by immersing the heads of the children in a vessel of water, he thought it probable that they had been smothered. The woman's husband is James Mc- Bournie, employed as a porter in a High street store. He was horrified when told by the pol.ice what his wife had clone. He said he left home this morning at 0 o'clock, when his children were alive and well and kissed him good-by. He can give no reason why his wife should have killed their children. L«ador of a Mutiny Killed. NASHVILLE, Tenn,, Jan. 24.—There was a mutiny of the orcw of the stenm- er Js'eubville on the Tennessee river Wednesday. They were led by the fireman, Joe Dunn, whom Cnpt. Clover oi 1 - dered to leave tho boat. In tho conflict that followed, Capt., Clover shot and killed Dunu, nnd the rest of the crew wero tamed into submission. Glover gave himself up to the sheri.ll' of Marshall county, Ala. KnrLhtir Damn;;:) Iiy Flood*. SAN Fi'.ANcmco. Jan. 24.—Additional reports of the damage done by the floods in the town of Guerncville, Sonoma county, and vicinity were received Thursday morning. Many houses were washed away or demolished, the-inmates barely escaping with their lives. A few miles from Guernevillc, a hotel and a dwelling house were struck by a landslide and demolished. No loss of life has thus far been reported. More llnnkfl Full fit Jffu^hainton, >'. V. BIXOIIAXITON, N. Y., Jan. 24. — A notice posted on the doors of the Chenango Valley savings bank Thursday morning says the bank has been closed by order of Superintendent Preston, of the state banking department. The National Broome county bank, which conducts business in the same offices, with nearly this same officers as the Chena.ngo Valley bank, is also closed. Jfr. J. F. Col» Like a Lump of Lead Distress in the Stomach, Nausea, Etc. Hood's Sarsaparilla Cured., Th« following testimonial comes from Mr. J. F. Cole, who la wiUi C. A. Cole, the wall known Jeweller and dealer In druggists' sundries at iWinterset, la., who because of close confinement •uffered from Indigestion aud ttat tired feeling: "0. J. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: ""Without any hesitation I can recommend Hood's Barsaporilla. As I hav» worked u a watch maker and jeweler anfl have beon closely confined to my bjsines.s, I w is sometime since Troubled With My Stomach. It seemed 03 U there was a big lump of lead In It, and I was unable to tak« a long breath. Everything I ato distressed nil xry much and caused mo many sick spells. Iuc;\<l not sleep nights and would get up in the morning feeling worse than when I went to bud. Ihad no energy whateTcr. I finally tried a bottle oJ Hood's. It Helped Mo So Much that I got another, and I have now taken four bottlei and feel 0. K. I can sleep well and oat Hood's^ Cures hearty for which my thanks are due to Hood'f Borsaparllla." J. F. COLE, Winterset, Iowa. Genuine L*pro«y In Ohio. ZAXESVII.I.K, 0., Jan. 24.—Two well- defined and unmistakable cases of leprosy have been discovered within a few miles of Zanesville. The victims are duug-hters of Mrs. Garey, the widow of George Garey, an ex-soldier. The ailment has been usually spoken of as scrofula, GlasK \Yorkcr* Go Uack. CUXTIUX CITY, W. Va., ,7an. 2-i.—A compromise has been made between the giassblowers and other employes of the Central City Glass Manufactitr- ing- company, and the plant resumed operations Thursday morning, giving 1 employment to 350 men. Died of Hlcc-oa^h*. CrliKKXVlLLK, 0., Jan. :M.—.-\lvy Johnson, of Nevada, was attacked with spasms of hiecoug-hing- Sunday, and despite the efforts of two physicians (lied at 2 a. in. Thursday morning-.^ He was 32 years old, single and of a very robust physique. Mayor filxy lliivo Six .Months. AI.UAXY. X. Y., J;m. Si.—Tho senate h:is adopted ;in addition to Senator Le.xow's power of removal bill by giving the mayor of New York six instead of four months in which to make removals of heads of departments. UlilONt I'.anker Vvatl. Roci; iM.Axn. 111., ,)nn, LM.—p. L. Mitchell, the oldest, banker in the state of Illinois, ami founder of the banking- house of Mitchell Ji Lyiu'.e, died at the age of $2 vears. Hood'* Pills cure all liver Ills, bllloinnejf. Jaundice, Indigestion, tick hcadacli*. 840. SHORT SPECIALS. Councilman D. Nelson, o! Junction City, Kan., was probably fatally hurt in a runaway accident. Thomas Clerhan, a farmer near Jacksonville, ill., was killed by a falling- tree while Cutting- wood. Kimbol lirothers. contractors, of Louisville. Ky., assigned with assets and liabilities of .«•!(),000. Seventy feet frontage on Market street, San Vranci.sco. at Stoektou, was sold for &">•!:,000, or over 8ii.:"iiiO a foot. Frank Kurgess. a laborer of lUtm- raonton, X. J., becomes heir to a fortune of millions by the death of an uncie iu Australia. E.v-L'uited States Immigration Inspector Thomas M. Fisher was arrested at 1'ort Townscnd, Wash., on charges of forgery. Driver Robert Oilincr was killed and John F. Kinary fataity wounded by an accident to a hook and ladder truck at Albany, N. Y. At Durango, 0 miles north of Dubuque, la., John Cottrell, farmer, was instantly killed and his wife ftitally injured by a runaway team. The government of Newfoundland will send a. delegation to Cn-nada to negotiate terms for con federation. Destitution is on the increase. The horses attached to a carriage m a funeral in Pittsburgh ran away and went over a precimce. Mrs. Stroup and Mrs. Wonhorz may die from their hurts.. SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. i-1.—-A pardon was granted by Gov. Altgeld to D. M. Medlock, convicted at the October term, 1S01, of the circnit court of Scott county, of abduction, and sentenced to the penitentiary fur six years. Caii*t Turin u AlInlHtry. PAKIS, Jan. 2-1.—M. Bourgeois havinp failed to form a, ministry, President F:uire has decided to defer making any further oiTc'r of the premiership until Friday. TEE MARKETS. Gr»Itt, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Jan. 21 FLOUU—Was dull nnd easy. Winter—Put' ents. Ji60£;;,T5: stniiKlHs, !K.35®-.'.GO; clears, St!.l5-Jii30; aecoml.s, Jl.'JU.gi.'.OO: low grudes, SI.OOai.S5; Spring — Patents. S3.eO,&:i.f)0; str;il|>'bts. Si.e0^i80; takers', il.UO i-J5; low Knicles. SI.TjQl.8i); Red Dog. Sl.G531.J3; Hyo, KNOWLEDGE Srings comfort and improvement an* uda to personal enjoyment when igblly used. The many, wno live bet- *r than others and enjoy life rnort, with ess expenditure, L^ more promptly til.iptnic the world's bost product* to ie needs of physical being, will attest, lie value to health of the pure liquid fixative principles embraced in tk* •emody, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its pnsenting a the fora, most acceptable and pleaft- int to the taste, the refreshing and truly >;oeficial properties of « [H'rffc' lax- irive ; effectually cleansing the nystom, Impelling colds,' head.-ichcil and feyew u)U permanently curing constipation. !t hiis given satisfuci-ion to millions and >iet with --the approval of the iiiedicnl .irofession, because it nets on the Kid- iey», Liver and Bowels without we.-it- •ntug them and it is perfectly free from •very objecti.innble substance. tfyrup of Figs is for sale by all drng- iists in 50c IIM) S3 bottles, but it is man- jfactured by the California Fig Syrup ^o. only, whose name is printed on every .Kickage, alwi the name, Sy.-up of Figs, M)d beiug well informed, you will nn*. •.ccepl auv vuhslitute if WirEAT - Active and unsettled. No. 2 cash, &-i<&3^c; .Tunnary, .Mc^SJ^c: M;iy. S^^-fJ-^Sic. Cons—Moderalelyiu live and linn. No. I'and No. 2 Yellow', .Ityuirt-JS.'a'c: No. .'I. -)'>j^40^c and No. 3 Yellow. 4Uj;-<?-llc: January. -i;i?»c: 'l-Vuru- ary, 43?ic: May, •Ib^.diW.HC: June, -liHJc; July, ROBBERS CAUGHT, PRESS OPINIONS. C3b?*JefIerson founded the democratic party, bu i Cleveland foundered it.—Chicago Inter Ocean. Mr. Cleveland con point out that but this must be applied with the ut- under his administration the country most care, or it may discolor tho fur. j has wholly escaped the dangers of a Ijondou dyed seal, however, is of such fast color that judicious handling does not afflict it. When ail of the spots are removed, continue the process of wiping- the fnr with a wet sponge, carefully pushing- the g-arment over on the board, taking pains not to wrinkle it. When it is nil gone over, examine it with the greatest caro to see that the fur is as smooth and flat as possible. Any irregular spots must be pone over again, then put the garment on a coat- hanyer, suspend in some cool place, the cooler the better, if it does not freeze. When thoroughly day, which \rill probably not be until tho next day, take it into the out-of-door air and shako it thoroug-hly. The fur will come .out as brig-ht and lively as one could desire. If the job Has not been well done it may bo accessary to repeat it—indeed, it ia well to do. to U the ^•a^:-- • '. ',":''-. : •',,.'."•"".::.. .• larg-8 treasury surplus.—Kansas City Journal. E^"CIevelaud and Hill seem to havo buried a part of their long quarrel in the open grave of democratic hopes and majorities. It is of no consequence now.—Cleveland Leader. E^"They say in Washington that every time Secretary Carlisle closes a day's work without having received a large, new, sharp-pointed snnb from tho white house he sends a messenger np to see if Mr. Cleveland is ill.—JT. Y. Tribune, CS^And now Austria shows a disposition to adopt retaliatory measures for the injnry done by our sngar tariff. The democrats appear to hare beer, animated by a desire to legislate •o as to injure every Interest possible, 'both at home and abroad—except the »«<r»r trust, of •J-'lMt Copy nought for *1,OOO. CLEVELAND, O., Jan. 24.—The women's edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, published by the non-partisan W. C. T. 0'., and upon which a large force of women have been at work for some time, appeared this morning. The first copy of the paper that came from the press was purchased by a Cleveland gentloinan for SI,000. Kim Down After Tn't-nty Years. SEDALIA, Mo,, Jan. 21.—An officer from Iowa passed through Sedalia iu charge of a prisoner named William Shannon, who was arrested iu Iowa for the murder of a sheriff 1 of Hickory county in 1S74. The suspect was brought to justice by a, man who had known the secret 1 twenty j-cars. Yl'hltn House Guurdi* Jncreuaed. AY-ASHiXGTOy, Ja.n. 2*.—The guard.s at the white bouse have been quietly increased. What is the meaning of it, is a question arousing considerable interest. It is known, however, that an unusual number of "ciank" letters have been discovered in the white house mail recently. [Jcrolc Glri suvi-a .Iliir;}- i,lvc». WEI.LSTOWX, 0., Jan. s:4.—Nellie Desmond, 17 years old, discovered a burning trestle and stopped an advancing train just in time to save it from destruction. Then she fell f&inting across the track. The train, which came to a standstill five yards from the abyss, contained 100 miners, including her father, and her i?vcr. Tom Grady, the engineer. Secure SJ.5OO nnd flee. Pursued by a l)otprmln**d POHSC. SUQARLAXD, Tex., Jan. 24.— A bold robbery of the railway and express office here has roused the town. A band of masked men rode to the office and demanded of Agent Adams the safe's contents. After a severe beating Adami opened the safe and the robbers took $1.500 in cash. A number ot citizens undertook to intercept tho robbers. A hharp battle took place, but the highwaymen escaped to the Brazos Wamps. A posse started in pursuit, and returned with four men under arrest—Crane, Thompson, Dcnton and Flowers. The posse is still scouring the country for others. DEBS OUT~A~GAIN. Th« Labor tender nnd m» Krlcml» Ko- luitftcd on S2.OOO UaiL CHICAGO. Jan. 24.—President Eugene V. Debs, Vice President George W. Howard, Secretary Svlvester Keliher and Directors L. W. Rogers, M. J. Elliott, T.croy M. Goodwin. James Uogan and \Villiam Burns arrived in this city from Woodstock jail Thursday morning and gave bail in the sum of 52,000, William Skakel and William Fitzgerald signing their bonds. BLOWN TO ATOMS. ' Barpo Containing Ammunition. Explode! LOXBO.N-, Jan. 04.—The barge Petrel, loaded with government stores, consisting chiefly of ammunition for Xor- denfelt and Gatling guns, blew up near Gravesend Thursday morning. She had a crevr of five men and not a trace of a single one of them is to be fonad. OATS—Fair trndlner and unsettled, ("osli No. ;.', S'.ID: May. MvJQifl'jc. Samples higher. No. :i, XIO-iUCHe: No. 3 \Vbit.e, it.^if^il^c; Nu. i, liS-^-iS ^0, : c: No. 2 While. !ll©Wc. Eyis—Cash rye steady uad fulr sale. Speculative market, dull No, ;: !n siore. ML-. Saia- plo lots. 5lt3. r >l'/;c. May delivery. 51 WCiS'.'c. BAiir.Ey Market about steady and :he barley cominjj In sells fairly. Com^ion to (jood No. -I, 'l*'{5-.'c; No. 3. 50ii.Wj.bc, and No. :.', about MESS PORK—Trading was rather active. Prices lower. Quotations rnncad at $10.37;^ 1050 for cash rCRUhir; tlQ.Kti&lQ.W Jor January, arrj $10 WSIO.OO Tor Hay. LAUD—liathor active and lower. Quotations ranged at $C.-:0 (1.45 for cash;' Jd-IOS ao^Hfor January. and$0.57;4^0.70 for May. 'LrvE POULTKV—l^er pound: Turkeys, 53 Bftc; Chickens. m<S,7^c; Duc.;s, SjiOc: Geese, per doz..$3.00 rO.OO. HOTTER—Creamery. i;fi23!ic; Dairy, OJi^Oc; Packing Stock, 8 9c OILS—Headlight. 175 tcsv. S'/,c; Gasoline. 87 dcB's. 10c: 74 Oe^'s. 3c: N.ipbtha. 03 dcs-'s, 7c. LIQUORS—Wsiislty quoted .steady ai ?I.±i per gallon for hlghwincs. Niiw YOKK, Jan 2-1. J-'LOUH—State and ^ve.stern, quiet, wca]L WHEA-J-—No. 2 red. fairly active, steady; February, SSJjc: Marcli. 5'J?iOIi9 7-]l!c: May, 593-lCi:: June, GO.'i OO.'ic: July, GO^fJ/iOJiir-. COIIN—Quiet, tlrin. No. 2, 4Sy,'&,'.<;; May, ««:rtrl9 13-10c: July. 30'i(ScSO;<c. OATS—No. - dull, firmer. Stntc, 3&240c; Vv'estern, 34^.iOc: May, 33Jic. BEEF—Dull, weak. Extra mess, f7.jOJJ-S.00; tatnlly. SO.OOi8Il.2i PORK—Quic-t, easy. Mess, Sl^OOT&iirju. LAUD—Quiet, steady. Steam-rendered.;MJ 80. WUTTEII — Quiet, fancy steady. Western dairy, lOftir-c: do. creamery, 1-fCfSic; do. factory, 8Viffil-Ii;c; Kleins. ;3c: imitation cnsam- cry, 12<(il7c: Juno creamery, I5Jj-Oc. CHEUSJ:—Quiet, easy, state larwu, do. fancy colored. ll]<c: da vi'hHe, do, small, ny^n 3 ^c; ])art s'iiins. S'.^^Oc: full KCGS—Firmer. Wesiern, 22c: limed, N@lsc. I.lvc Stock. rrrrcAco. Jan, 21 Hons—M-irket rather <,low. J-'ecllng ivcalf and prices 5®I(ta lower. Kales r.msed ot JS.M &:: 8,1 for Piy.s; $3.75^1.10 for lixht: «l.Siji ^.OJ for rough packing: J3.S'.S-1.S5 for mixed, and fi.lOj-Mj for heavy psckinx and shlppinz lots. CATTLK—Market rather dull. Feellnp weak and prices 5 ; lOc lower. Quotations ranged at H-?0^5.iX) for choice :o cxira .shipping -Steers: S-l.35a-l.8T> for ^-ood to choice do., J3 S-Vit^.jO for fair to uood: J:;.40a-<.00 fr,r common to medium do.; Saw.Ui.OO for liutc'j- ers' Steers: Si-'^gASO for .StfjcK-ers: ii&O-J 3.CO for Feeders: £!.« j^.70 for Cows: $i7J { 3.M for He!.'ers; S-;.Ooa3.7T» for Bulls; S>7j fiH.IO for Tpxas Steers. an,l SiOOiij.i'i fo-Ve-l Cuives iinimn PAP CALENDAR r # * * 1895 For A Desk C.ilundnr is rv necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse lor memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and h.indsomest of all — full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bi- i cycles and of your need of one. 1 You won't object to that, of course. [ The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention thli piper. Hertford, Conn?; 1 11111»»»MI* 11M11M111 If your child la not crowing (g Btunted and unhenlthj, the cause > most likely to be o^lDi?- to tbe prea- enco Of worms, and unless they are expelled tto child will not improve, but gradually grow nervous, fretful and pale, f he remedy to uce 1« R'r, -J* hart's Worm Lozenges. They remoW'fj the worms and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Kee&ling- acd Keyst-one drug store. When Baby WM rick, we covr b<r CMtort*. Wbcn SC" «TUI a ChUdL Bfto crux! for Caittartfc sne Decacio Uijn. KTM ciun^ to Cascafte, mm mm anilaren, uie gavetoom uurad*. Saner actold miseries from s »cn»e of dcllcttc/ they cannot overcome. B y Arooslntto Female Regulator, ACT5 AS ft. SPECIFIC It 005C5 bcaltb to bloom, ikod Joy to reifa IT NEVER FAILS TO CURE. . "3lT »lfe hu •Iduu Uim n under tnwtamnt of Ic&dinr pt&.i. without bet*Dt. After allot Drm&l Tnn:Li ac, mUklnir »:id BK1DFIELD KECUUTOB CO-k Iflota, Oft. - tlficd Afttr Tu-elve \ v cars. FE, X. M., Jan. 24.—John P. Hyland, editor of a pap«r at Kingston, has b'een identified as John O'Connor, a defaulting- postmaster of Maryville, Mo., who disappeared twelve years ago after the discovery of a shortage in his accounts. He married a wealthy woman and has prospered. Burned to Death. BBADDOCK, Pa., Jan. 24.—At North Braddbck Thursday morning- ilrs. Barbara Kolb, aged 7S years, was la- tally burned, her clothing igniting- from an open grate. For fsventy-five years Mrs. Kolb has not been aUe to leave her home. B'f«r» » FaK H<-nrI Is gathered by that tremendously desiructlve en :lnp, malaria, put on the brakes ulthnos tfltt^r'rt Sto i.ach Bitters, whlcb will check Its procrrasnnd avert dli;istcr. Cbllls and f»vpr bt l"nsr<>mlttfnt. dumb aipw« and ague cake are prornplyr^llevtxl ;in<I uitlmatel carpd tn this gfnlal specific, wti ch Is Klso a comprehensiye family m«lljl!.«. speedily csi-Jal in ca.-* ol djs- pepvlH, blllooiness. con^Ipa'Joii, sick beatJashe. nen'ousn^ss. rheu.oatlsin and neuralgia. Apilnst the hortful ^ect; pr snddcn' cbang-a of t»mperaturp, expo-ure In wet «vwther, c : ose ap- p!l<-arlon to laborious raeotal pursa'tii, and .tier InOuencw prr-ji'dlclal to betl.lt. It If 'a n-.ost Imstwortby safe«nar<3. It fonlfifs tie cjsvm against dtease. promotes apptt to nud 1 ep, and hastens eonva'sficence afterdeollltat- sng and nesh wsitlug dhseates. For Of<r Ylflf Ve«r« Mrs. Wicslow's Soottnuj, Syrup has been used for over Hfty jeans by millions of mothers fvr their children wEiie teething, with perfect eucceeS, It sootbus the cbild. eoftens the gum«, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is tho best remedy for diarrhoea. It wi 1 relieve the ooor little sufferer 1m- media'ely. Sold by druggists in every psrt of the world. Twenty-five cent* \ * bottle. Be sure and ssk for • Mrg. ; Winslow's Sootbine Syrup," and t&kfc j no other fclnd. ! More Uold Withdrawn. NEW TOKF, Jan. 24. Total gold with- fcwals TJ*jrsday, 82,630,000. ChildrenCryfo» P^oher's Castoria. If your child ia not growing or thriving, give Rinehari's Worm Lozenge*. Sold .bj> B. F. K9egllng"and Kejilone drujj Btore. . ,.. : Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca«orla. Cth and Tbls is the season wben we oftaa fee! tired srd weak, with Mule rellth ? for food. The cause is e. torpid liver, o«rtn£* to the winter's effect oa thu , system. A few doses cf Eioehart'i' Liver Pills will poon arouse the Hrer, and make you feel strong and Ilko ft new person. Only one a dogp; r pieasaotly. Sold by B. F. KeesS and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cas'oria. If you lack/energy, arc.-• .we*k : -'-'Mil- tired, take Rlnehart'8 Pills; On* » do,e. Sold by B. F. Keeillcg Keystone drug (tor*.

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