The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1933
Page 6
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. I. PAGE : SIX : _BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK,) COURIER Chicks Will Invade Forrest City For Gamd F "V'*. i.;'. . /—: > - •' ^ •-——-•—- — -•' "•••• -i -1 .1-1— 1 „_...-. ,.., i. . i . ..... i i.- _ - _j (B^ .'ir • -- • ' WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER lii, 1933 Pro Football Is Marquelle Captains' Game ''fliorobreds, Their Win- nine;' Streak Broken, ' -Still Favoriles to Win. The Blylheville hiRh Chickasaws \v!ll play their second and also I'^clr flnil away-from-home yame cf ths season Friday when they move over ID Forrest City to tnke. oh the strone Forrest Cit;' high as-I gregation. '.'On pap?r the Tlicrobreds appear .to be tco formidable for thy Marion and W.'.itc squad an-J the Chicks seem 10 b2 in for Iheir Ihird . 'loss'of the season. Forrest Cily has ! an enviable record, having won 25 'straight gamfs before losing to Joncsboro last week. Tin Hurricane, a team that b?at t:.e Cricks. | 27 lo 7. slopped the ' Thorobvcds j winning streak with a one touch-; 'down vlclory. Before last Friday .Forrest City had no', last a game .since early In 1931 when Wynne trounced the Thorobreds. .,- Wnilc they will enter Ihc game as Ihe. underdogs the Chicks have n chance to reiunv with an unexpected triumph if they con show as effective a as tr.ey displayed against Wilson last \vcck and can get some power In. their of- feree. Wilson failed lo make a , first down against the Chick var- ; sily . for almost llirec qnarlers al/ though they pushed ov?r several * Inter in the game. Wilson au unusually light team, however, and the Thorobreds have some big men. )Ray Beck, probably the htinle.-l •charging of tl'o Chick backs, was kept out of last week's Wilson till hore.-but should be icady for ser~V:CO against Forrest City. Beck has been bothered by a twdly bruk- ed leg. . Forrest City has two big tjcklcr who may. give the Chick forwards considerable trouble. One in particular is a reputed all-state prospect. TYe Blythc'vllle forward line, a green group of boys, has nol looked very good this reason against « hard charging, aggressive oppof- ing line. Tech and Jonesboro made the Chick line, npp^ir weak and Wilson.battled the locals on fairly even terms. ALLAMEHCA PROSPECTS Maumcitc Uniursiiy, Milwaukee, (urns out some (;oo<l professional football irmti:ifal—especially the Ic.-iMi cap:aln.s. A con; nr- four former Manim-Hc ....^ers who are . milking gcod In pro circles. Left lo liY.hl lire Art Milkman, captain of the ISM s<|ii:iil, who Is tenter on the Green Buy Packers; Gene Ro!i7iini. torn year's leader and present Chicago Hears' halfback;' Lavile Dlhveg, 1924 Marqueltf capta now Packer end, and Johnny Slsk, 1931 MiiK ( iiette leader, who halfbacks for the' Beurs. Pudge Doesn ? t Budge at 66 Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher OSCEOLJ1 ELEVEN 10 PUf Sill!' Independent Gridders Will Tackle Kcnncll, Mo., Team at Osceola. J ilfsi)iiral) Coach Believes i wo Teams Have Best • Ghana; at Invitation 11V .IOCK SUTIIKKI.ANI) Cii:i,li. Uniic-rsily i,r PillsburKli I'rrrsuuuan. NOV. 15.--n t itrn hopes in Ihr lio^x! Bowl rlib: tlino seem lo me lo rest on .hi' .shoulders of the Cornhusi'i s of Hebr;,Fku o:' the Uliic Devils of Duke. 'flic roC'Mit etiict .of the We.rt- ern Confi-irncn prohibiting any o! Its inenibf!' lenins inkln-,' nart In po:,i toa-'on games and (he remits of lust week's (jumes narrow the fasten] field to five possible caiidld:iliv>. And wlien we ipealc of lile cnsl in Hits instance we j must, lake in just ataut :'ll the' country on Ihis .side of the Rocky ] Mountains. I * T * There are Army nnd Princeton en llie Atlantic : : eabocird; Duke and Georgia in the south, and jruka in whai we will call the middle west. All of the.-;c learns aic likely to go through the sea- KOII undefeated and thu.5 i:e available for Tournament of Roses duty. Starling in 'he anil working l;;ick toward (his section of the rn'.inlry, we have ns first choice Dana X. Bible's fine University ol Nebraska team. Bible lias iH'un dei'eloiiing championb for Rejardtnj • .They're talking .about n new coach nt the University of Kentucky . . . where Harry Carnage presided . . . and operatives in the Blue Grass region send the word that the new man will be MoJ. Ralph -Sasse . . . former Army mentor.- Basse's name brings b:iek many memories' ... of days with the tank corps in Prance . . . the major waS in the "heavies" . . . and this writer happened to be a pri- Wilh llie lemvji'iiititri 1 ni'Dimd 1C bc!oy.' zero. W. W "Pii<[-;r" Hellel- fingci', former Yale grid great of llie TO's, donned a uniform tu Minneapolis to play in a charity grid game. "Pudge." aldiough IX years old. pluycd a bang-up g.imc as-uinl Ihe "young sprouts." He's shown holding his own against two of them. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Nov. 15.—The Osceob Puckers, local' independent football team, will play the Ken- iK'tt Cubs, blroni; pro team of Kcn- netl. Mo., !:crc Sunday. The newly organized O=ccola eleven boasts sucli stars as Johnnie UurncU, former Southsvestsrn center. Coach nyrd of O.^ceola high; former Hendrix star. Cottncr of Arkansas Slate. Trainbic of Ripley. Cardwell of Sikeston, Billlngsley of Jonesboro Baptist mllcge "and Thompson of Miss, state. The Kennetl aggresalion will be ):cadcd by Hob Mehrle. former Ivfis- soiiri University star, and will include a number of other stars. The Kennctl club has played several games and has n strong offensive team, according to reports here, j I what with the excellent bunch of [ wlngmen op-rating . . . One guy 1 who should make the task a bit ' ea.sier is LK Penney, rig'.'.t end on Nebraska's Bi:; Six ciumpionship s(|iiad. . . . coach Dana X. mble isn't on? to bow up his own men i • . . but in his opinion Lee is one ! j' the finest <'nds in tiici middle • »'csi . . . and there are a lot of ' j fin^ oner, in ihui section . .- . Penney is best on dL'feir.e, anil is a gocd pa;* receiver . . . T.'.o word frcm Nebraska is Uial he gave All- Annjicr. Joe fikladuny of Pitt's 1M2 team ;i bid aftcriicjn in that tie game t'ne two outfits played last year . . . nnd anyone who can give Joe a fe\v mcments of unpli'asant- 'i'-'.-s has to L-' good. Bagged Pheasant Before Hunt Began NSWERS , .Mass. (UP) — .lohr. W. nunis 1 went coot and 3'<-.i£ f.haoting, but bcfoie he '•-adied the waler or fi'/ed ills gun -*'C iia<i a cock pheasant. P.IJIIS .--aid that -the bird fried to CITAS Hie highway and was .'truck by his ear. He got out, I'iiawti it anc! caueh'. the pheasant. Kills <-;nul nili-s •Illl.MAXIA. Tin' llf|i:i;,|] CUIIKO. in Alrifll. i.s J:i"ii- !liiin MI lliiics :is knur na HKI.i!i:-.M. i ts inu'ih,.,. (.,,111,1,-y. Tin. .;i;n |, : , s visile,) Hi,; Unil-il. smiLs :--IVK TINKS. Bail .It. is said that Sidney Wei. who i'e jigntd as . president of llu; Cincinnati Red-> recenHy. lost $iKjO,UOa '.'.'.•.ilc handling that 'ball dub •,' •-• ends for this America v;iil l>e plenty Rend Courier News Want Ads. R O X Y Wed - and Thursday ^^ •**• * — MAT. & NITE— lOc - 25c that tils- yard. "I'm just ; -telling you how n guy. that don't look so lough can fool I ion . . . you get it, don't yon?" I frogs keep in the front Coolidges Lead List In Social Register Famed International House Hit by Slump valte (noi first class) in the whippets. ... It was en a muddy ni^lit near Langres that another buck gave mo the word about t'ne major ... 13 years before lie be:ama a coach at tee Point . . . get it the ( way he told it to me then: "It was a little joint up back of the lines . . . you know, thorn towns where you can get a piece of fried horse and French fries for nine dollars'- worth of wall paper .' . . and no change. Arllllery Activity .'"The guys were cutting up it was late . . . there was beau- coup cognac . . '. and were they tearing into it? ... Wham! They went from idea to idea until one of the sergeants tooi n iiDtlcn that the lights were bothering him .. . . he don't do nothin' abuul it except pun put his Roscee ar.d start Ehooting 'em out out . . jusl that. '"This Sasse is over across the i street having a quiet pcker gams with some pals . . . just to keep occupied ... and when he hears the rat-a-lat-tat. It bother's Mm be ankles over to the and asks what's doln'. ,....'.'Sas5p has got the leaf on h's; shoukJer, but the sarge ain't par- 1 ticiilarly impressed by that t since this Basse has a mild sort ci looi .when he peeks' in to inquire about the rumpus ... so the tears-loose with an argument to the effect that it's none of Saj<;c business '.; . . and if he don't hav.- that leaf on his shoulder, a certain sergeant in the A. E. F. will bust him loose from his Sam Browiui belt. Technical Kayo "Okay.'. . '. Sasse goes info the next room ... takes off hts leaves and his belt and comes out . . . .withcut no gat, no rank, no notliin' . -.. - just a .couple of fists whl:h he indicates he is ready to ttrow. ,_. "The thing don't go three rounds ... Sasse gels the duki by nine miles, and the sarge spends three days trying to untangle himself from lhai little pile of fertiliser EUGENE. Ore. (UP)—University o( Oregon's international house, i v hlch attracted nation-wide «t- tcntion for several years, Is closed. Decrease in numbers of foreign ' students attending ihc university. i coupled with financial difficult!:;. 1 i.s responsible. 1'or the pasl ten years students fiom many lands. . I leprcsentine several nices. had The Ccolidges had 43 names.! lived there each year. American -report a combined enrollment of |w Well included Calvin Coolidse, I .'.Indents always were kept In mi- 28.719 students this yc:ir. slightly | John and Florence, while thelnorlty larger Ulan last. Northwestern has j Uiowns had 30 with the other two j It is especlei Ihe house mav inonn i rallies not far behind. ; reopened nest year. He drove women mad — Even the girl who taj vowed lo forgel lived to remember. V/otnen adored liim. f rich and poor, licar.-brealers ,pd| home-maker! threw thcrmdvei at ' his feet, yet the one he loved he couldn't have. Jj \ f^TK List Time Today Matinee 2:30—10c - 2.5c Ni«ht 6:45—lOc -: : '-35c FOX NKWS and COMEDY University Knrollim-nl Up CHICAGO (UP)—Chicago's four largest universities — Northwest-1 193 '' ern. Chicago. Loyoln and Dj ran ' BOSTON (UP) _ The Coolldijes hud n race with the Browns, Smiths and the Joneses in ihe Social Register. ll>e largest figure, with 10,300. BRUSHING UP SPORTS COASl — .jf--**m By Laufer SELECTED ALL- AMERICA usr HAS KEN A TOWER. OF SfREWefW IM TME TV4E TR UNE PAY YOUR Ilaiu X. Ilibli- . . . Minits his: )S>33 XclirasUii team is HID IIPS! he ever rnai-lictl. a long time, as witness Ills record in the southwest and at Lincoln. Hut ho admits ills 1933 Nebraska team 'is the brst IK- ever coached. The Cornhusker team is not as bulky as other Nebraska elevens, hilt is faster than ever nnd makes t:se of a spectacular parsing attack. I know whereof 1 speak in the case of Nebraska, for Pitt scouts have been watching the team all year. In going Uirough undefeated and '.uitie<l np to now. Bible hns bnili his attack and defense around' George Saner and Brruie Master-! ron, two hi;; fast backs. Mnsterson i :s particularly brilliant against forward passes. Saner, liesidcs be-- iiiS n real (ri|)lc threat man on offense, is the best defensive fullback that lias been met in years. All that the Cornhuskers have in do is to heat us on Saturday. Down south Georgia and Duke iri> nwav out ahead. Of the two f think Duke has the best chance chiefly because Georgia lias to get hv Southern California. In addi- lion. Wallace Wnde. who has brought Duke along in Mich splen- f'ifl stvle this year, Ins a fine record In (lie Bowl with thrre Ala- fcnnia teams, all of vhicli have b'Ji'ti popular. Tn Mils nnvt of the east we hnve o'.ilstanding teams in Armv .mrt Piiiiceton each of which wn-.ilrt have a great team in thr Hesc- Howl. Each would have tremendous drawing power In Pns;Kleiia Frilz Crisler has rejuvenated football Nassau anrt his team is one "f Ihc besi In (he east. The Army is leading the par- nde of course, ai-.d should it cet by Notre Dame llie Rose Rowl bin would be in Its first. Cut as' i I understand it. there is ] question as to whr-lher Princeton or Army would irrepl ihp invitation. Army acceptance 1 would create qulle a lone break in | ' Hie regular Army routine and there has been notliiuc saiti «t Princeton ' to indicate- ' thai the [Tiger cares for tho long jaunt i io ihc west. LEVEE TAXES NOW to Mrs. Lynn P. Gooch, Collector > Will be in Elytheville Osceola Leachville Manila Blytheville Now to Nov. llth Nov. 13th to 18th Nov. 20th Nov. 21st Nov. 22nd to 30th Delinquent Date December Paramount Moran . & Mack Comedy Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25e Nile 6:45, 10-35c SHE'LL KQC-K flTR TOWN • with LAUGHTER!- —meet Lola Burns.- t h c Bombshell of Hollywood! ..„ t s unms r.r not. icrepl Reatl Courier News Want Arts. Clnulc A Hiiw Milk Giv.tlc A I'.isletiri/.cd Milk CRAIG'S DAIRY NOTICE Tax Payers in Drainage District No. 17 A snecial appeal (o you is made al this time IhaJ you pay your 1933 taxes at once. The successful culmination of the District's refinancing through ' ne Kecnnslructinn Finance Corporation depends, in a iai-jjc measure, upon the good failh of the taxpayers to (lie extent that (his year's taxes he paid. There is nothing to be gained by wailing as the tax for 1933 and former years \vill not be affected by the proposed refinancing. To make it possible for you lo pay your taxes, a special reduced rate to four per cent was procured for (his year, a reduction of one-third from last year's tax. Only a short time remains before the books will be closed and I am depending upen the land owners for their full co-oncration. CLIFTON H. SCOTT, Federal Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen Of Mississippi County, Arkansas. with FRANK MORGAN, FRANCHOT TONf;. PAT O'IMIKN UNA MRRKKL, and TED HEAI,Y A Victor Fleming Production Ruth Rftinp; Novelty Cartoon <*

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