The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 221. Blythevllle Courier Blythcvllle Dally News BlythevUle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTHEAaT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ~ ] 1 ) ( ARKANSAS, , I5KCKM1WH !!, COPIES FIVE GENII Incident At Shanghai Ihreatens Serious Consequences For Awhile SHANGHAI. Dee. 3 (UPI—Japanese troops, seizing control of a large urea . of the international I settlement, ran into the determined opposition 'of United States marines to'day'atid Immediately .began contracting their lines. Hot words passed between marine and Japanese officers and the Japanese immediately withdrew from that part of the United States defense sector of the international settlement which they had entered and began giving up part of the adjoining area which they had seized. "SMirltje Gesture" Arouses Japs It wits the culmination of wild • scenes, involving nationals and troops of the United States and Great Britain, that followed the suicide gesture of a Chinese patriot, against Japanese troops en- saged in a "victory parade" through the international settlement. The Chinese threw a hand grenade at the parading Japanese iind paid for it with his life a few .seconds later but touched off occurrences that for a time threatened to liave a most serious result. Japanese t r o o p s ' immediately seized complete control of the area ! ; n . .-.^ Incident occurred— ar^area defended .by white ^Russian ;\olC(rr|eer3^p^the-Shanghai defense corps. They, aimed pistols at U. % ,ff arl jifs; and British' soldiers' pushed foreigners about with vine butts and set up machine guns Enter V. S. Defense Area Methodically they extended this seized area until it had passed far enough up Bubbling Well road to enter the tj. s. marine defense area. Col. Charles • Price, commander - of the Fourth marine regiment accompanied by ' Capt, Ronald' Boons, drove up to the Japanese line. Sentries, poising bayonetted rifles, halted them. What passed between the marines and the Japanese comman- dera was not known but Price was heard to exclaim: Demand* Withdrawal "You are practically Invading the'United States defense sector You must withdraw Immediately." The Japanese troops were definitely within the American defense zone when the marine commander took action. They had seized an area that Included the foreign V. M. a. A., the Park Hotel and an- apartment houso beyond the I'ark road and all within the sector,. . . , . • - The, strong stand apparently turned Ilie tide. The Japanese contracted their lines In the adjoining sector of the white Russian volunteers until they extended . from Yuyachlne road, west to the Tientsin road, north to Shansl road, easl.lo the Klukiang road and south to the Yuyachlng road. Discuss Peace Terms HANKOW, China, Dec. 3. (UP) . —Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek nndi.Dr. Oscar Trautmann, German ambassador to China, are discussing possible terms for cnd- •ing the Chinese-Japanese war . • soui'ces close to tlie German cm.«. bassy - asserted t oday. •;.-', Conversations between the Chl- _ ncse dictator and the German en. - voy are proceeding at Killing, ihe generalissimo's home 'near Nan- king, the German sources said. -.The German ambassador was I reported to be attempting to convince Cliinng Kai-shek to agree lo. Japanese peace conditions including: 1. A .semi-autonomous north Chtnn. with a Chinese administration and Japanese advisers _ 2. A large Japanese concession ..In/Shanghai. 3. Revision of cusloms tarilTs. 'Authoritative sources here explained Hint these demands obviously were incomplete as llisy contained no reference to Chinese .military establishments or She political composition of the Chln- .cs'e government. Aged P,-.ragould Man Is Killed By Train I'ARAGOUIJJ, Ark., lire. ;). (UP —Charles Randolph. 75. of Para- sould, \vas killed here cai-ly today when he was slruckt, foy a s wu:'i pnglne In the nillro:ul yards. His budy was lunnil shortly af- ler duwii. No iii((uc«t «as held. Randolph wns a long- time resident of Paragnuld. He is survived by three brothers, 1. j, Randolph of Jonesbaro. Eugene Randolph of Plggolt, Ark., n.-ul W E. Randolph of Sterling, col, an-i one sister. Mrs. E. A Freeman of Pfiragoutd. G: OF LAID T0 BE SOW Will Be To Help Raise For S A 1 J Asked $7,000 The aid of the Blythevllle chamber of commerce in raising approximately S9.000 to provide materials for a new high school stadium will be sought by a committee representing the Chickasaw athletic, club and local school board, it was decided at a meeting of the athletic orgnnlzatlon at the Hotel Noble last night. James Terry, president of the club, will head a committee made up of C G. Redman, w. J. Pollard, Harry W. Haines and several school board members who will confer with chamber of commerce officials tonight, on the project. Final approval of the $31.000 project by Wt'A officials' in. Washington was announced by Mr. Redman .yesterday. Immediate action on the part of local sponsors ot the stadium is Imperative, however, as December 15th is the final date on which work on the project can be started. School officials have approximately $2,000 of the neccsrary amount already available, according to Superintendent W. D. McClurkln, leaving approximately 57,000 to be obtained through public subscription or 'onus • to be repaid through a per- .-enlage of the future gate receipts of high school games. It was pointed out at tho meeting that the amount to be raised 's relatively small hi view of the oenefUs the city would derive from a substantial Inhor payroll on the project and that unless the city is able to take advantage of "the present opportunity to oblnln a tadlum it will probably be many years before such n structure can ;c secured by any other means. Members of the untied and un- lefeatnd Chicks will be honored '-t a banquet at the Hotel Noble December 1G. it was decided at last night's meeting. The public will be invited to attend the dln- ler and a committee composed of Farmer England, Oscar Bailey and Jesse Stltt will complete arrangements for the affair. Soldlere in ihe Chinese nrmy of 'he Ylnshnn district are armed ^'ith scissors. They have orders to :ut off at the hips all long gowns worn by men under 50 years o age. because long dresses waste ;loth. CROP CONTROL MEASURE U.S. Defense Sector Lady, Kidiest Girl Visit Min ors Passenger Rates To Be Increased 0 n Frisco, Other Lines WASHINGTON. Dec. 3. (UP) — The interstate commerce commis- slon today authorized a passenger fare increase for western ind southwestern nillronds which it was estimated will amount |o 12- 500.0CQ annually. The increases authorized were: 1. Oiie-ivny tourist sleeping car fares from •>, to 2 1-1 cents ;:LT mile, with a corresponding 'in- crense in the round trip fare. 2. The round trip 30-day llm'.t coach fare from a basis ol ISO per cent of the one-way fare, of 2 cents per mile, to n basis of'ISO per cent. 3. All yenr excursion fares 10 per cent over the present rales. 4. Round trip slfitlon-to-slatlon first class fare, with a six mo'ntlis limit on (lie basis of one and two-thirds of (lie one-way fnie rt 3 cents per mile to a basis of 1 5-6i 5. A one-way transcontinental I special coach fare of 1 and 5-10 cents per mile to be increased H 5-10.per cent and the round |rl:> transcontinental six months limit excursion fares to be increased approximately 13.34 per cent. Major railroads affected by the passenger fare order today were the Union,.*, Pacific. -Milwaukee --iui5 St. Paul. "Northwestern, -the Rock Island. Missouri. Kansas nnd Texas, the Missouri Pacific, the Southern Pacific and the St. Louis- San Francisco. Christmas Lights To Be Turned On Tonight Christmas lights on Blytlievllle's White way v.lll bo lurned to t'o- nlSiit. These lights, owned by Ihe Lions club which sponsor their use each vuielldo. will bo bur nod each night until New Year's day. on standards attached to the regular white way poles, from the extreme East Main to Fifth street ami (he principal Intersecting streets. This project Is ' carried out through the cooperation of merchants nnd the Arkansas-Missouri Power company. Tlie lights were purchased by the club, which valsed_ funds by donations, the company furnishing oiic- liird of the current free nnd hvj- lo see lio\v Ihey ent and In .poverty, Mrs. Frnnklln D. Roosevelt m id Mrs. DC Cromwell, the "world's richest E irl," are shown above nfler at the Quaker community homestead- project near Republic, OFFER Council Empowers Agent To Make Proposal To R. K. Johnston ThR Blylhcvlllt! city council last night by a unanimous vote passed a resolution uulliorlnlui; lln agent, Wl J. Herring Co,. Inc.. of Little Hock, to offer Robert K. Johnston $300,000 for tho Blythevllle Water company waterworks and system. Lust night's notion climaxed « bout two monlli-t or negotiations, Including an appraisal of'tho plant and system, by repreuentaUvex of the Little Rock llrm, mid wns the first definite offer aulhoii/.i>il by the council. 1'rocccdliig under specllln stntn- lory law Ihe council would, if n deal for purchase of the plant was consumnmled. enncl ordinances culling for the Issuance of revenue botirta In an ncnount suillclenl lo purchase the plant and to be retired from profits derived from operation of llic plunt over a period of about TTO years. City Attorney Roy E. Nelson lino declared that no special election and favorable vole ot the city's electors will be required to flout Ihe necessary baud Issue ax only the water system and revenue derived from water consumers would be pledged. Could .Save City's Rill Admittedly the -principal nUrnc- ( tlon of the purchase nt this limn, from the standpoint of city oin- cJnl.s. Is not llmt the city may operate the plant at a siibstfliitlnl Duke ?n. The tobacco heiress, who recently Inherited "from 13 to IB mllions more," announced no motive for her tour. Mrs. Roosevelt and Mr.* Cromwell are shown wives and children. thirds ot the cu by merchnnt.i. Wound Postal Clerk And Policeman In Lockport, 111., Holdup LOCKPORT, 111., Dec. 3 HIP) — cm iree and tw-j- Plve bandits, carrying machine irreiil Is paid for'Bins, held up a postal clerk and his police escort today nnd escaped with $21800. Tlie clerk and one policeman were trowided by bullets from the robbers' guns. j The clerk, John West, guarded I by Police Chief Fred Llntcr, was placing the money In Ills automobile, prior lo transporting It to the First National Bank of Lockporl, when a light delivery truck, drew up to the rear of the postofficc. Three men, srmed with submachine guns, leaped from the truck and started Itring. West fell with a bullet wound In the leg. The robbers threw the money bug Into the Inick and escaped. It's n funny thin? to me tlitit when we need the nclvlce of a doctor or a lawyer, we thing j nothing of calling in the highest - ! !illtll ° r "y atld paying- fancy prices for antl yet wllc " we ' re --^5 jby some perplexity of life, we tiy - i to flgger it out ourselves Instead ; of going to the best authority. If I we would jest ask some old person, ! who has been through the mill, they would straighten us out In a minute and it wouldn't cost us a cent. When my Cosin Lobelia's felln ix>NDON (UP)—The peoples of the world arc not consuming fnouih of the energy-producing cereals, according to the final re- port'ot the Mixed Committee of : the t*agua of Nations on tho Relation of Nutrition lo Health. As- rlculture and Economic Policy. Pew York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 3. (UP)Cotton closed steady. DEC. Jan. Mnr. Mas- July Oct. open <lilgii low close 783 794 782 788 790 198 80-t 810 797 800 8)0 815 820 789 793 798 804 809 793 193 801 806 810 Six>ts closed stendy nt 808, up '2. Early American Indians, converted to Christianity, believed that on the eve of the Holy Day the deer fell on their knees ID worship ot the Great Spirit. come to call on her one night, he met Grandpa Snazzy comln' out of Lobelia's house. Grandpa' Enazzy says "Young fella, you look nervous—what's the matter?" The. young fella says "Why, I'm gonna propose lo Lobelia tonight _.., and I'll bet she'll be surprised to , death." Grandpa says "Well, shcli?"' gave her little brother a dime to New Orleans Cotton 16 fill <? go to bed at 6:30—she hung four cupid pictures on the parlor wall —she moved the sofa to tho darkest corner of the room—she got her Paw and Maw to go caUIn' next door-^he put the do? in tlie cellar and right now she's slttln' «t the piano, prnctlcln' 'Hoeauso I Love You'," NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 3. (UP) —Hedge selling brought a drop in colton futures today and ihe market closed steady. open high low close 799 812 79!) SOU - 804b 80S 808 SC5b 808 819 808 812 May gio 820 810 8131) July 812 825 812 811! Oct 818 830 818 !KO Mrs. Mary {Catherine Carter Dies At Hayti Thursday Night Mrs. Mary {Catherine Cunning-' ham Carter died Insl til?ht at Hayti. Mo., from Injuries received in an automobile accident three months ago ncnr Capo Qlrardeau, Mo., In which her son was killed. Funeral services will be held Sunday aflernoon iu the Smlih chapel, tit Carutliersvllle. wlioro burial K lil be made, Mrs. Carter, who was torn In Brandenburg. Ky.. on June IS, 1856, was tho mother of nine sons and daughters, 38 grandchildren nnd 40 great grandchildren. She made her home with a daughter, Mrs. Eunice Martin, find had been there since Thnnksglv- Ing Day after ' having been removed from the Cape Oirardeau hospital where she wns a patient after, the accident. She and her son were cnroulc home from points I of Michigan, whcro they hod vls- • ttcd relatives, when the tragedy occurred. Her leg was broken at the knee, her body severely bruised and she wos badly shocked. Olhcr relatives who survive her arc: four other daughters, Mrs. Clara Adorns of Flint. Mich.. Mrs. Bertha need of Pontlne. Mich., Mrs. Ethel Lesslng and Mrs. Doris Morgan, of Dallas, Texas, three sens, George Cunningham of this city. Harry Cunningham of C'n- rulhcisvllle, and Hugh Cunningham of Brooksberg, fuel., three sisters. Mrs. Ella Paris of Carulh- ersvllle. Mrs. Florence Griffith of Tntum. Texas, and Mrs. Minnie Tubervillc of Joiner, and two brothers, s. F. Staplcton. of Canith- ersvlllp, nnd T. l>. slnplelon, of Joiner . water.fon municipal purposes. Such charges now average about J500 monthly. No reduction In rates for the Individual consumer could be nntldptitdd In the ncnv future.on Hie bfisls of the survey made by the Little Hock bonding coinpriny's engineer. Tlie Lit Up Rock Jinn, under levins of Its agency contract, will pay nil oxix>i>.ie.i Inoldnnt to the purthaeo, If mndo, and will handle tho bond lame, it.i commission to bo five per cent of tho purchase price. A report submitted by the Hor- rlng company last night Indicated that Mr. Johnston would likely n.ik around $325.000 for tho Bly- thevllle Water company properties. Valued at $293,088 The report showed tho properties to be valued at around $250,000 by tlie Arkansas utilities commission prior to MIL" completion of recent Improvements, which based on Johnston's records, will make the vnluc of the system around $2D3,088. Johnston desires an additional 10 per cent for the company's value ns a "going concern." Johnston purchased tho utility properties at a "distress" or court sale nboul three years ago at a substantially lower price. Joliuston'.i records, according to H written report submitted to the council by Its agent, reflect a gross annual Income of $17,500 In 1930 wltli operating expenses of $22,931.57. The company hns 1,450 acllve service connections In Its water lines. The report further stiowed that the Blythevllle Water company conlribuled $2500 lo tho Rlce-Stix factory fund here and that the utilities commission had allowed a "write off" of this Item at JMOO over a- period of five years. Moss charge Funeral Service Is In of funeral arrangements. Spots closed steady at 812. up 2. Chicago Corn i Chicago Wheat Dee. open 03 high low 54 5-8 53 close i l>c. 53 5-3 Mny open f>4 1-4 93 high low close OG 3-8 94 1-8 94 7-3 94 92 3-8 92 1-2 Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 3. (UP)—Tlie stock market advanced one to thee points today with a few periods of active trading. Bonds also moved higher nnd commodities were steady. A. T. and T ISO 1-1 Anaconda Cop 33-8 Ass.oc D. G 8 1-2 Beth Steel 54 3-8' Boeing Air 25 1--1 Chrysler 58 1-2 Cities Scrv 2 Coca Cola 117 1-2 Gc;i. Elec. 43 "M Gen. Mot 36 Int. Harvest 677-3 Montgomery Ward 361-4 N. Y, Central 20 1-4 .Packard 5 Phillips Pel. 41 Radio 7 echenly Dtst 29 7-8 Simmons 233-4 Socony Vac 15 1-2 Std. Oil N. J 45 1-2 Texas Corp 43 1-2 U. S. Smelt 64. 1-3 Leave New York On Long Non-Stop Hops NR\V YO11K. Deo. 'J <UJ')—Mrs. Jacqueline Cochiun CXIlum took olf from Floyd. UennclL Field at 11:07 11,111. today on a non-rston wilo flight to Mliiinl. Flu. She was flj'liiB « Beversky low winK niohi! Off l''or <!uli;i NEW YORK, Dee, 3 (UP)-Mii- Jor Alexander P. Seversky took oil tram Floyd Honnelt airport ul llilT toclliy on n. non-stop flight to Havana, Cuba. Me flew a monophinc of his own design. A. F. Of I, To Propose Substitute For Measure Being Considered WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (UP) — President' William Clrcen of the American Federation of Labor announced today, urtcr a meeting wltli his executive council, Unit the federation would submit a new wages and hours bill for congressional consideration, probably tomorrow. Green's announcement was made us advocates of the house wages And hours Wll prepared for a. drive lo ohtulii passage, of tlie bill, which wns deadlocked In the house rules committee- iintH It was' forced out by petition' yesterduy. Green Mid (he federation measure wns bchiK drafted now avid lUat It. would jrecoimnend inaxl- inuin hours nnd minimum -wages, without an administrative board to fix lliem. Hi: said that power lo administer, the standards would be vested In tlie Justice department. He. said ho belleveil Hint the minimum wngc probably would rnngo between 30 inut 45 cents nn hour. Forty Bales Of Cotton Damaged In Compress Fire Thoro were 40 bales of cotton damaged In a. fho which bro'xe out nt tlio Federal Compress Wod- nesdny In a ahei) \vhero a large anioimt of cotton was stored. The fire apparently WO s caused by a l)n!c being ginned wltli a match. In It, according lo Fire Chief Roy Head. Organization Of Gooclfellows Is Being Perfected It U Ooodfellow lime again. Tnls announcement was made today by the Dud Cnson post of the American Legion which annually sponsors the playing of "Santa Glaus" to the ixKjr of Blytlievljlc at Chrlst- mns time. As Is the custom each year, tlie post commander will appoint a well known citizen, who Is not a member of the post, to head the organization. Until the organization Is perfecled, O. R. Gaiter, adjutant, will be In charge, Jim I". Harwell, post commander has announced. It is believed that at least 500 families will have no Christmas unless gifts of food, clothing and olher articles are provided. Last JTAI- there were 650 families given well filled baskets when $135 In cash and a large amount of merchandise was given by members of the Goodfellows club with J. E. Hasson as chairman. Tills was the largest number of families ever nlded by the organization. As the first step In organizing the club, an appeal has been made for clothes, toys, food stuff, fuel and anything else which may be used. This should be taken to tlie American Legion hut. Boy Scouts will mend old toys ortd WPA women workers are making and repairing clothes. Goodfellow clubs throughout the con- try are using the appeal made recently by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt who urged everyone to have the "giving Christmas spirit" by giving away clothes and other articles which had been put away in the closets, "clean your closets ot those clolhos you have, discarded but thought you would keep them for later need, The need Is now," she said. Hits Theory Of Scarcity In Admihislr^tipp's Pr<& posed, Legislation }!' • ' ' - \z\ WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. (Ul')~ Senator William ,E, Borah, (Kepi Idn.), loilay flaylpd thfl theory' tf scarcity In Hie administration crop control leglalallon as ' 'utloo'Ai suicide." "! In n broadsUte that . ct nstltutlonnllty U thi farm -b Iho Idaho senator warnrxT 'th^ • n.'':i.lnlstratln llmt f^iiiike In five .ir "f«dt tli 5/ olllioM cto ixif hnvc sufficient food' would • l«uT to a "people filled with rcvolqi lion." ,;••<:•• '•• :*"' Would Bay Firm SurpJowi .,' "Those jKOple art n fact"'awl' you cannot Ignore that' reality; even If It takes every penny [n the treasury." :Borsh•'.iiW. JK'-,.. denounced the proposeil theory VI lestriellon as putting t(ie l»nn*r In n "straight jacket" as fat as Mlcer, a: •C(n:- > :-r;i>, • ; '~:.i' Boruh proposed lliat ins!enrl;^t reducing production the govjfrn- menl should buy-the fnntu S\ii-._. plus nnd provide for 1 its dlstrttaT-' lion lo the needy.; '"M"yV ' The remova) of tlie surplus 'frdfit' the market would keep th.e>i>rice' of farm products. Up,- he tttgUedi;, In the. house reading of tlie famji;, bill was resumed. An amendment to protect wheat growars from drastic i-educllon of acreage' w«« approved, •:•••' Price "Blraliht J«*et" '; Discusiiliig .the -bill, Mellon 'by' section, before the btggwt eenMe gallery .since debate-begiin,--Boriih analyzed e«cl> one In an attempt, , to enforce hU charge thit'th* bill would penalize 'farrters who fnlled_ to p«>tlclp«te?(«n<l put\V< price straight Jacket b«»e<t on 1»», to 1914 parity prices.'on those who' do take part. '.'•-..'' '" 4 ' Then, he aslteti,* by; -what constitutional authority th«> iecMUry of agriculture'couli liMtnit production before • the ..obrnraodlfies entered interstate commerce. ' ? s "Let's get away- froia- the' Tcft ' idea that farmers : do-'not • know how to run their farms,','- Boriilii said. "The Amer'ican farmer Is-'tfie best fanner In.Uie .wiwlil."'. '-it. The theory of; scarcity: In' a : tlti» when millions of people' do.,ri^ havo sufficient food/ '-he' • siW. raised the question of."hoW'Joii a free government • cam be mala. . tatned under these, conditions," "V" ' ' ' '-'-'". .'.':' Grus Firei Halted £ ™"•' . ; •• !***"• Two grass llres.were extinguish;d by the city fire'department'In :uns yesterday afternoon and'tUa •norntng. Yesterday's blaze was > In the yard of the Renkert W«t«n- kamp how*, at 302 East Davfc avenue, and this morrung'g : run. .vas made to the field south of :025 West Ash street. Tuberculosis Seal ? Sale Being Pothed The campaign for the tubcrcu* losls seal drive In Mississippi county fa now actively underw«#, It has been announced by the chairman, George W. Barham. D6- termlned to exceed the quota, 'ot $1,600. Mr. Barham has Issued ai public statement asking every jrian, woman and child to' contribute some amount to the campaign. 'We wlht every one' to hive^a, part. If you have only a penny to girt, Rlvt that," he said.. ':'-' The «rt of ISO by the local dairj-men «i'll mate It poeatble to keep the campaign before many horjsewivts. They • are ' dlstrtbuUnt 5,000 mlik bottle "collars" on their milk during this campaign. •,'?. Gene ft. Bradley, • who is- : 'to charge of the speakers' committee, has announced that talks will'tfe given over Ihe radio, at meetings of civic clubs and at churchte during the coming week. : -$ The campaign among the n't-- groes of the county was' started Monday with L. H. Raraway, Annie Currie and Dr. B, E. Roberts in .charge. Seals were distributed among students of all schools this week. " • , '> The drive will end - Chrlstmiis, WEATHER Arkansas— Cloudy, probably «. cftslonal relas tonight and 6alur« day, ending in west portion S*t- urddy morning; nrmer to&igbt and In »wt wm «artr«a« aoUth portions 8*turdiy. M«npM3 'and rtttaj low«l toiljht 40 to 41

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