The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1933
Page 5
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.WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15. 1033 BLYEHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER HEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate i>cr ;mt lor consecu- Iho insertions: I'llONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat Vou While" 0u k!2-9 to line) .. lOc .. One .. OSc 60c (Five nvcrpjc words One time per line Two limes p<>r line per day 1 nrcc times per Ilito per day falx times pe* line per day .. Month rate per line Minim in charge 50 0 Ails order!3 for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be i:hargc€ [or the ter of times tre ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified. Advertising copj cutniittcd by persons residing outside ol the city must be accora- 1 allied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above' table Ho responsibility will be taken lor more than on? incorrect iii- seition ol any classified ad. Advertising udered for irregu Lu- insertions take the one timi rate. Phone 306 or .307' DIRECTORY New and Used Furniture Bought and Sold Staves repaired—Any make Alvln Hardy 517 W. Asu ZOpkll-2 Sec K A. FLshcr Before Buying Good Coal. RHnSl'& Wholesale Out ol Car On Truck Bctv.ceii Ash & Main 7c k!2-7 PERSONAL Flues Cleaned, repaired, Inspected. Work EUiiraisteed, W. W. Booker, Call 100. ISp.kll-l'J If they won't cut call Ktl Smith, 301 -S. Lake — lliuni saws, i! meat saws, 25c; cross cut, 50c. Air Lines Plan Scheddlt i,,!«i ,i y i,, B u mc ls six io Stockholm to Moscow l!0 '"-'- ! Inr AiTolvansixji t Company lias STOCKHOLM. (UP)—Stockholm ! lll;ihlLlll '«l a Slockholm-lielsms- g oa Constrictor Traveled. in .Bananas »n:l Moscow will b; linkert by In 192!. accordln to plans air ' * ' , I Mulm<x be- Huiiihin line, as well us routes from | in .louthcrnmcst Sweden, to 101) pnones 123 No Price Advance Ycl On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot. As the Desert Sands" E C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 30u kll-20 Ve are exclusive agents (or original Genuine Montevallo Coal and Slpsey, Arkansas Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coats. Itone 477 E. f. t-ty Wonder City Coal Company 9ckl2-9 twceu the Acrotnmsport pany. S\ve:!en's national concern, and the Russian author!- tle. Cn , m -i Paris, llylng | Amsterdam, l/mdan And Toe Russian air transput ugon- cy, Aerollcl, operates I 1 .' Ton No. 250T87. FOUND The route will be from I holm via fteval. In EstoiSIa;; — Irk^TTriick License | »"*"«'"*. Finland, ami ihe sched-1 Read Owner WASHINGTON. tUPI— • Director of the Zoo William Mann has a new addition to ills snake house. Hurrying down to n grocery slore The reptile-had' arrived with a bannna shipment from- South' America. may have same by coming in to Courier and paying for ad. 10 kit FOR SALE FOR SALE—Cabinet Grand Upright piano, good condition, $100 15ck22 cash, phone 154 or 141. CHEVROLET •— Late '31 model TRUCK, lona wheel base witn .stock rack. 2 spare tires, wheels Perfect condition. Tires practically new. John Allen, Holland. Mo. ISp k22 FOR SALE—CAFE, doing nice business. Must leave on account of sickness. Very 'low price. Cheap rent. 105 N. Second Street, Bly- LEGAL NOTICES WARNING ORDElt N THE CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKASAWBA DISTRIC T. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. James Petawny. Plaintiff, vs. No. 5502 Willie Petaway, Defendant. Tre defendant Willie pclaway is warned to appear within thirty df.ys in the court named in His caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of the plaintin James Petaway. Dated this 31 day of October, 1033. R. U OA1NES, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe. D. C. Roy Nc-ison (Atty. ad Lilcm) Ecte. B. Cook (Atty. for Ptf.) 1-8-15-22 OUK BOARDING HOUSE tl?cville. 15p EXPERT Type'.uiting and Addln Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank cnship 11G E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21ckll-.. See Us for Boiler and General Blackfiniih V/ci-k by John Wade. Tom Howard's Machine Shop 6c fcll-30 DIRT, cheap, K Office Bui'.img yard. New Post on Broadway. 10p klS A'JSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone 2S3-J 30c kll-23 TWO JERSEY Milk Cows with first calf. Call 211 or Inquire at Hnyncs Men's Shop. 7c kit) I,. G. Moss Biyiticvillc's Cut Rate Undertaker lOp k 12-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made to older, any siif, 9'4"slZ' $1,10 up, 9'4"xl5' 55.50 up. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. Blylheville, Ark 23pkll-23 CLEANERS. TAILORS For Quality Cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners. 12ckl2-12 It pays to Look Nice Send Your Woden Dresses to Unique Clraning Service Phone 111 20e kll-20 •AUTOMOTIVE-."-"* - ••• - - • Day & Night Service "Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Sternberg Phone 605 19o kll-19 POULTRY & EGGS 'ay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid daily. FIOK- ARD'S STORE, 1044 OIUC. AVE. 100 yds off pavement on North .Oth Street. " " REAL ESTATE Come in, list your real estate See what we have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-Wottliington Title Co. Blytheville Phone 617 23ckll-23 AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS Year Centenarian Spurns Regular Footgear HEDRICK, loiva (UP) — The ioys of barefoot days have, not been forgotten by Lee Craft. 92- ear-old farmer near here. Craft [HI goes barefooted. Unlike the "barefoot boy wiih heeks of tan," Craft does not don ootgcar for winter clays. Only In he most severe part of the Iq'.vn vinter docs he wear shoes. The remainder of "the time he tramps unconcerned until spring and sum- matter chance plained. EGAD,—I TB-UYOU, ^^ I CM^t \N TO TAKING A MAP W T!F-A\D,ATiOUT The wife of » labor?* in Itfily;- iwithtljr g»Te'- birth to tables, three boys ind • two gl: all alive and healthy.. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - \NTWIS "DINNER—-MOT THAN.-A HALT: , AND L WAS • •ROBBED "DURJV-VG N\Y NAT 31 , or- A Bit OF MONEY I WAD IN FC».T*/0 CENIUWES T&. UPAS TREE, OF JAVA, ' WAS BSUBveO TO &N* Off POISONOUS A«.THAT \VOULO KILL ANY PERSON WO WENT NEAR IT, IT IS NOW KNOWN THAT ONLY THE JUKE OF THE TRBE IS POISONOUS/ had received ;\ telephone call (rain the oxclled pro- prlelor, Mann found i> one and one- half fool boa constrictor sticking Ills head out from a bunch of bn- \FtPLJTTH SNATCH f Oi NOUR DOU6H ,1 1) MINUTE9 YOU CUT TH SWITCH NOW, TOR AN GAST LOCK ^AEI .iUSt VAAt) AN MASH r/lt — STAKE A CLAIM ON TH is PICTURED ON A\OOS. POSTAGE STAMPS TI v 11.' OTHER PERSON \wi :o i . . . LIVED . . . GETS ITS N/>ME FROM THE CAT-LIKR WHISKERS AND THE PURRING NOISE rr MAKES .„-, CAUGHT. ^ I|.i5* eiw3^*Vti __ ^ I'l i"'l'inl'{i~ Two huuttrcd"ycnrs wero rcqulrefl^ior-.thij j.Vpi^ tree'- to ; ilvc''dow (he evil reputation which II so llttfe''deserved.- -'Eifriy travelers' ;an writer cnliligcd on the stories of IU6 tree's d«dly qualities, -Sn even Darv.ln published the whole story in one or his books. '• weather arrives ngain. Lnck of shoes has not been a He merely likes to give his feet a How did ancient Egyptians retard Ihe c Ol'AL SAYS A MOUTHFUL! BOOTS ANP HKR KlTDDTE3 V WEMtR UNO ftWV ME •TAtttt DW VO, MA W ? PLANNING TO LEAVE! 71W tTEiTH£R7"MV TDEA CF (fcB MORMIHd TME*V RERiSB EVEH TO GET war?,we GOT IOTSA MOWEV, AW 1 6WL SAVS WE MO.SIREE! IT'S ao-eeiovo (Kl HERE, AN 1 IF VOU THINK AW, 60 OM, POE3NER OtlR PftKTNEKSHIP CLftlM'S ABOUT pufiVEO our. •• AS FOR OUR Si«i«"~" flr^ ^^fe^irf • .1:«.'.! VUO w. Walnut, St. &. 8U17ARCS GROW WORSE, AMD THE'DAYS U SHORTER AMD" GLOOMIER; AT TIMES THE THERMOMETER DROPS TO 60? BELOW ZERO, t AMD THE 'SMC-'M IS 6 "TO 12 FE£T DEEP. f?OR D^VS ftT ATlME WASH AMC5 EASY j g V^ TKE.flRE, REPUS1MG TO QO DOT IT'S KASY FOR BRICK STORE room 25x140, located West Main Street. Avail- "TH'cHiEF HouJD~<, OF PoUce — UCWOV so ouRe. P. Meio HUH"? WELL, Be. CHIEF, Q'JT LU L.6T CAY ..,. OFF TH' Top, p,M' (1ftVC£. IT SMlppyl able Jan. 1. Address Courier News, CUPP6RS_, BUDDY — WANTED TO RENT About 100 acres of good cotton land H. A. Smith, Phone 435, at 510 W. Main. I3cklf USED Baby Sulkcy. with adjuslabt back. Photic 178. Up kl Experienced Salesmen and Sates ladles. Apply Thursday, Friday o Saturday. Superior Coal and Mtn ing Co., 304 W. Walnut St. I4ckl CORN" WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 OSITION WANTED FRECKLES AND_HIS_lFRlENnS WELL HAV= OMLY LkSI4T SCRiy.MA'SE AMD r CARgFUL,MO-j;...DOMT UP ^u' TUEVWI TJ 1 VJROSI6 WAV r yes...Lcc;k: A HIMAUD FSECKLSS. WT THERE'.THEY ARE RISMT G01WS TO SEE SO.V,ETHINS IMTPE ,C COACH ;'. ants job at hotel or restaurant DRILLS TOPAy= By THE V/AY, LOO-S LIKE CRASH WAS W\> HIS LES AVJD IS BOcliLlMG DOWW TO SBORTSMAMUkE TACTICS.' I'M GLAD VE9, COACH. \JJSGST. SQUAD GOES ITS • FINAL SCRIMMAGE PSEPARAT03Y TOTWE I'.L-ACK BRIE'-'. Case in front o RFAVARU. o. C 15p kl OtASSKS and Royal Neighbor ri( ual. last nishl on 5th St. Rclur lo 317 X. !i'"oadvay or call 431-\\ 15c kl TILT...'.. THE op THIS G yrs old., lo'j hands high lib reward. Notify. Hleiifill t Doan Mu'iC Co.. Plione 216. Hckl Call 303-Ucil's Place-US E. Main For Auto Painting Body and Fender Service Formerly ffltlx Shouse-I.ittlc Co. I0ckl2-10 LAKGEST STOCK USED PARTS Bettt'eeu Memphis and SL-Louis Also Auto Glflss—Phone GG JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl2-2 ALTO CLASS INSTALLED We install glass :n your car while you wait. CM! us for better service. Phone 031. Shouse-Littlu Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 " Call TJi When In Need O( Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-IJatljrics - Replacement Paris HUBRARD JIARDWAKE CO. Automotive Dept. USED CAR SALE CQMPAHE THESE PRICES THEN ^COMPARE .THE .C AK 1933 Chevrolet Sedan 6 Wire Whrels 1932 Cheirolel Sedan, 6 Wire Wheels 1931 Pontiac Coupe 1U30 -Chevrolet Coupe Ford Sport Coupe 1932 Ford Tudor I'M UcSoto Coupe 1931 Hodge "S" Sedan i'j'i'i Ford rick Up itl3i Chevrolet Truck, 1!£ Ton, Dual T'ire ... 20 Other Good Used Cars 1'riccs Cut la the Bottom. For Belter Used Car Values SHOlJSti-LiTTLE ChtiVKOLKT CO. Cull G33 lilytheville Open .-it Night Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k!2-10 TWO ROOM FURNISHED apart- Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 310 YV. Walnut. 13cktf NICELY FURNISHED Apartment, four rooms arid bath, call L. U Ward, phones Uti8 or 1550. 9c kti WRECKER SERVICE C-Tli us when you need a u-recker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Sliouse-Little Crcvrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 Get Your Car in Time for Co'.d Weather. Woil. Guaranteed. RUSSELL ANDERSON Dodge & Plymouth Garage Photic 863. Gckl2-6 BATTERIES Battery & Radiator Service We uiiarnntce you better battery or radiator work for less Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shousc-Littlc Chevrolet Co. ' . ' 10ckl2-10 New Ford Batteries Krnlal - Kcchiiruinj; - Repairing 111 TIRE & BATTERY STATION RADIOS All Radios, including R. C. A.. being closed out at cost for CASH "I Hubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll SI'ORTING GOODS You will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BTCYCI.ES at Hubbard Hardware Company. COAL" HRILLIANT & KENTUCKY COAL '^* Quality & Quantity Guaranteed BARTNICK'S COAL YARD R. R. & Ash st. Phone 110 3ckl2-3 'pjsscs get qvic a ftw lu»d k, arats on pa« Wouc iA«, loo ottoi; lie out lo get iheitcosct lithcr \Ivm IM "»•!.•**• cuuoc, 3!cgal Is pnxrftf)- 1*™^ 1 vhcn seen by ")« official, bul a 'pemSy wJ! « ; wiy'Mlvellie'iniunti. - '" - Rtcwot, iSftcfort. Jlwii) be la^U hq« lo "liie il"— fcS* lo go up afia a pia, ?et Rtlix fiojii ite " i!l U P ^ ^ "* "T* aril Ik Wy soft anJ Ikfiid. \\r^s mutl* , t lud W fe Uds KK! arim sUW be set sK nol IriscJ, lo P^ in iSe lull »hen « r. ,,,,• »TT, a reUtcd body St!4

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