The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SL& BOLT- Lffi ID Sioux Iiif linn Unalilo Relmii Af 1 or By i Takes Pii'sl Fnll Manning Is Jonesboro's New^oach I'INE HLUFP. Ark. —Lowell T. Manning, assistant coach of !h<> Pine Blutf Zebras for the last live years, will succeed Ralph Hill?.- Iln as head coach of Joncsboro Benny noli, the Indian tough I'leli school It was announced hero .......... -" ------- , (hat up- todny. and put Mannlnij helped produce a num. - toy, ran Into a pale fac set his rough tactics Benny out for Ihe evculiiif at the armory lost night In the person of Floyd Gail Byrd. (he som!' comic performer who had met wilh more or less Indifferent success on other appearances here. Byrd put Holt out for (he night, .when he look Ihrt first fall In surprisingly short order. IJoll hud been" shimming Dyrd around nnd allegedly employing so-called foil incites In his usual style with llu crowd yelling for iho referee lo step in and lake a hand, It looked )iV:c the frail Hyrd of powerful footlmll machines bri at I'liic Uluff and the coaching of the Zclmi basketball teai aided In lo value at $6,00 per acre, or i total cf JH8.M. Parcel Two-Tin grees W 4.65 chs. to sld of Drainage District No. 10 Right of-Wny; thewe S 1 degree I minutes K n.4l rlis. with eos side of said f)l e i • ol-Way; thenc, N 40 degrees K 'Iff,! eta. lo Bo Binning; containing 3.13 ncie.< more or less, estimated us t value at $20.0(1 per acre, or n (otal of $H.CO. All of said tracts tire located In Mississippi County Arkansas, Said s mt being an action of tlw Vnliea stale* of America to condemn said land for the use and benefit of the Uniirc! Slates of America for public pur- In the use of a National Bird appearing to the P j llc B , urf not meet on the gridiron next fall. They have mtt for — --. a nmnucr of years but dlil not perfect sclicd- ile niTiinRcmeni.s Oils lime. who seemed outweighed by pounds or more, was In for n wry .uncomfortable hour or two, mul the tendency Hint tie had shown here in the past lo wilt under rough punishment didn't appear any ;n his favor wilh Holt In (lie ring. The Sioux Indian hud been slahimtng Byrd onninil when (he latter suddenly trapix-d Dolt In a peculiar position with his back on Ihe mat and twisted Boll's legs up under him. The Indian was plainly In pain nnd acknowledged the fall. He f.illwl to come back for the second fall and Byrd was awarded the match, Referee Leon Pedrotly announcine that the phy- ctcian who examined Bolt hud (mmd n bone or two broken In his foot. The physician Inter said that no bones were broken but that ligaments had been torn or strained. At any rale Bolt didn't return to the ring-. In a preliminary nill Rush and Lefty Williams two big rough bays with litllc science inlxcd over the hour route with cncli getting a fall. A trick mute, advertising beer, lurried,in probably the best act of the evening as an added uLlrnc- llon. belter snap Into the lateral in » hurry. "You will rccnll that Tutiine won (Court lhal Ihc following named defcndnms, lo-wlt: Mary E. Cndy; punlcl L. Cndy; James R. Camp- Dell, Trustee; Oils Davis Jr • It ft. Davis. Roam Davis; Denn, Jr.; Lucy jj. r> nn . »enn, Orin K. Dean; Mary C.nrnow mury; ]f . w . Henry- In Llndscy Plsher; Ira T. O. P. liotert K. Foster; Lillian R n Cliiniow' ,, , ^ .,.„, Poster; Marcus L Foster ir • It-s important «nme from Hucy[Mnry • ---• -- '***<•'• •"•• Long's outlit In the last two minutes with a trick It acquired In losliij: to Colf/ile. The .safely man took a Louisiana State punt, and lateral to another buck, who ran for a touchdown. "With nil our good fortune, 1 •iorry we didn't go In for the lat ernl last season when we had sue expert bait handlers us Howell an Unison. They certainly could hav >ul on a show. They put on pretty flue one confined to foi wards, i guess Stanford and son of^the oihei-s will u>ll y m , u, nt . 'Any team would miss Howe am! Hutson. Howell was a pltche Host forward passers throwers. Hutson was ... ..„„, Acting Is n prime requisite In re ore Jus an octoi to mn cclvlnjj. The receiver ha the defense believe he's hcndei where he Isn't. The Stnnforcl sec ontlnry hasn't, yet figured where lluljxm came froin " More than 5000 babies were car"1 for by the New York Pest. Graduate Medical School nn<| Hospital during the first nine months of 1031 By Harry Grayson . TUSCALOOSA, Ala,. April 2 — Tuscaloosn's Interest In baseball appears to be llmlled to Dixie Howell, tiding out with the Detroit Tigers fresh from the Alabama campus. Although Alabama sent Joe nnt Luke Sewcll, Old Hoss Stephensoi Andy Cohen, . Fred 'Slnglon, ant Howell to the. majors, lootuall 1 a year 'round' sport here. When i isn't being played, It's being talk ed In the pretty little home o (lie Crimson Tirte, southern am Rose Bowl champion. I dropped in on the final dav of seven weeks' practice by ilv CQ-man 'Bam a varsity. It was'uncomfortably hot cvei in the, simile, but there" were more people in the stand . at Demvj Stadium than I saw nt any hi" league exhibition game., inclunin- tliosc in which the renowned Babe Ruth made.-his bow as the bravcsl Boston Brave. The fierceness with which the Capstone, candidates scrimmaged was remarkable under the circumstances. The.}' couldn't have hit any harder had they been pitted against Tennessee or Slanted After the Reds, composed for the most part of first-string material, had smacketi the Whites 27-7 Coach Frank Thomas, a driver if there ever was one. trotted out the scrubsf if any of his athletes can be classed as such. U sarccly was necessary for Thomas to explain that one full team was out with injuries. Rilcy Smith, the big blocking quarterback, left the field with a painful side. Kiley Replaces Howcit Although I could see nothing but headaches for Alabama's op! position next- fall, Thomas said that his outfit got less out of the spnng drills than any since he reported at Tuscalcosa four years "They're still hi California." complained Thomas, who last sea- fon took his place among the peat coaches. "Sometimes there's nothing quite as totigh to licV as success." The famous All-Amerlc.i bntterv ?i, A?i 1 nrti Dcm HutEon a "rt the All-America lackle. Captain Bill Lee, completed their footbill careers In (he Rose Bow! So did rh» . De ? 1 7 anovlcn . the fullback- and Dan ™ A Morrow - euards; But little' Mlcke* Rif^'nn^iMn for the brilliant Howell "quIlcVt W«ctorily term, and there Ire so many capable asoirants Tor t)ir> other vacated berths that v c Crimson and White problem is i ot the least perplexing. And Now the Lateral has added the latent already was a bewltdcr- old No- confesses to h « ul>r ' c .fl>ack' that he might. have een negligent In regard Jo . this de\elopment In 1934 treil lha do m , Thomas Tulane's nick Merrlwel t Loufslsna'. state. TflTr t had been giver, a lesson by Co Bate., convinced me that i ^M United Slate of America, Enst- cni District ol Arkansas, Jonesboro Division. Be it Remembered Hint at a District Court of Iho rj n liem states of America. In and for []„. j on( , s . bora Division of the Eastern Dis- Irlcl of Arkansas, begun and hold- en on Monday, the 2flth day - ot November Anno Domini. One Thousand. Nine Hundred nnd Thirty-Pour at the United Slate- Court Room. In Ihe city of Joncsboro, Arkansas. Ihc Honorable John E. Martlncau. Judge presiding and holding said Coiirl Iho following proceedings were had' to wit: February 7th, 1935. In the United States District Court' Eastern District of Arkansas, Joiic.sboro Division. United states of America. No. 18S \s. At Law. 32263 acres of land In Mississippi County Arkansas. Order of Publication' Upon application of the plain-' HIT, United states of America duly y.""" 6 ! 1 ' " appearing that Ihc United States of America has commenced in tliis Court a suit lo condemn and enforce a legal claim lo cerliiuj tracts of land lying Lv D. Holfman Trncls (Nos 33- 3.1a)—138.01 acres. All those parts A. Poster; Mary N. Foster: Annie May Plsher; I. I, Fisher Annie Y. liansen; unknown heirs of Afnry E. Afaurer; K n Hoffman; Edward Daniel Uoifmaii; Mdln Hoffman; c. H. Klrkland- Charles U. KJrklnjid; Mrs. Charles II. Klrkltind; Arthur R. Prince- Ashley 13, fto-cll; Dozlcr Thorn'°": , C1 " rles E - Wyatt; Mar K ar- etlo J. Wyatt; II. .o. Ilamon; New tngaiid Securities Company; Bankers Trust Company of si i vtlssa " r| : D| B Lake Shoot- COURIER NEWS Section a. Th P business ot stor- liiB, trnnsporllng, soiling . nnd/nr dispensing at retail of any and nil vinous, spirituous nml/or ntnlt •I'lora within the- city 'of Bly- iicvflle, Arkansas Is here- y *«ta«d lo he a privilege. nSd for ho cxe -else of such h iMwb sum of Two tnx In the mnxlrcd Dollars ($200,00) for each such retail Mn operated ,1(1,1 Hie city of Blythevlllc by nny ner- «, nrm or corporation. P f I™ 3- Any person, nrn> or roinorntloii ptigaelnj in the biisl- joss herein dfclnrcd to ben rlv- lW without, nrsl 'phld IIP license fee., as ])rov i, 1( , (] „ Actions I r ,ul 2 hereof shall be deemed guilty of „ nHs.tcmcanor id upon conviction shall l« fined 'I nny sum not less tlmn One Hindi-pel Dolla person, nrm or corporation has any Interest therein anil In addition has any Interest In the r«>- tilarly licensed retail or wholesale liquor store. Any person, nrm or corporation vIolKtlng [he provisions of this wctlon shall be deemed '„* of n misdemeanor and i,|xm oon- vkilon thereof shall ()fr nnr-d In sum not | fss (1 , nll m< Dollars ($50.00) Five Hundred Dollnivi nor more than t nrs (Sl.000.00): and • Inrs ($100.00) nnd not lousaml fj 0 |- caeh day of operation' without the pav- >li>nt of snld license fees *hii omtltule a separate and distinct Section 1. it'i, ], e re.b y tieelared lo he the intent of lllfi city in order lo avoid confusion' lo issue such licenses as are herein pr v ded for I,, sllch „ mnimei . , lnt Hey will rm , for S ,, C |, D !(mgU , of time as will be " the licenses uovcrnmciil. dallied that shall have Installment concurrent with issued by llm state It Is therefore or- Uie City Collector Die right payments of I»S Club; Rattan Mound Club; Un- cense fcM ll >ic Hie City for such lo" Central Life Insurance Com- lwrlods " f '"me as the stale S ri'^Wchl. Lumber com- S^iJffc^ £*»'•«' «™«" fees. • •' I / : pany. arq not inhabitant* of nrc not found within Irlcl, and are Uils Stale. Ihe Con of Ella M. Brown, deceased BlncJ: Davis, deceased, of nnd HiLs DIs- non-residents ol And It appearing to _lha^ the unknown heirs of J. T. Demi, deceased, of R.' rj Driver' deceased, of Wm. c. Dtinniivanl' deceased, of Ix-slle Qurnow deceased, of Niek Ciurnow. deceased, of Cleveland Ournow, de leceasecl, of ., , -..«.,, uvu ll.^cu, Ol Vli-glnln c. Hunt, deceased of W Isanc deceased, of N. Johns, <ie- "astd. of Andrew P. Jones deceased, of A. 13. ROM)], deceased, -. ™"J L ? e Snln ' ''"cased, and of •* L Schneider, deceased, should be mnde parties defendant In or (hat Ihey may nsscrt gran is Section s. it snail : uiilawrm for nny person, 'ilnn ijor eorporn- llon to sell, offer foV sule or give "way, at wholesale any spirituous vinous and/or malt liquors before the .hour of 8 A. M „,„] after the hour of c l> M H shall be person, firm, (it retail unlawful for , or coriwrntlon lo away any splrituotts, vinoiit ire the And ration operating" a""r'cgu"larly "used liquor slore, having interest In any establishment eratlng In adjoining prer,,,.,., where persons are found lo | )r - O ' r ncrmlllccl ( 0 drink |[,,,,or bo subject to having its ll,c revoked by the citv Council. Section 7. No person, nrm corixirnlkm shall |, e kranteo penult lor the sale within city r-lthM- at wholesale or of any llctuor where such person {Inn or corporation, or any mem-' "«!>: or stockholder thereof, has nny person, Jlim or' corpo- miv on- , „ the. ns for Edle or giving away liq 'o nny perron in violation of (hi wctlon shell to deemed guilty 0 a misdemeanor and upon convle penalties as provided In Section 'l herein. Section 10. ft e i,«ll be unlawfu pr any person, nnn or corpora- lion engaged in the sale at whole- sole or retail n f any liquor h Ihc eliy of Blylhovllle' to .sell offer for sale or a | V( . aw ay u'ndc'i nny coruiltloiLs any liquor to on person under the a v of twenty- one 121) years. The burden of delermlnln* the age of any por son shrill i>c upon Any any Interest of any kind In business or club operating Joining premises where kept or permitted and/or consumed Section 8. In ad- llquor Is to be kept . . , Tt 's hercljy dcclnrcd to be for the best inlercsl of Utc public that liquor dealers be prevented from selling liquor lo persons known to be Imbituiil drunk- nrrts and to this end It is hereby ordained lhat an habitual drunkard within the meaning of thh who"."'"*, S """ be " nny P ws »» who has been convicted of drunkenness three tlme.s In any 12- IXii-Iod," the sa.'<l la-month lo begin with the date ipon .which Ihe oKjinance Is ap-- It.shall hercalter,.hc ihr; dutv ol he Chief of Police of the city ot llythevlllc lo keep a separate register (which shall be al all -casonablci hours subject to public solid-. person, firm ov cornora- on violating ,„„ provision of his section shall be deemed Lilly of a misdemeanor nml ., lx)1 , rnnulr-fln., ih,,n lrt ,i. »]~n Mtnll lie subject, to the provided Section 11. NfTpWson, nrm 01 coriiorullon shall | w 8 ranted ,, iwnnlt i,, SW | iKjuo,. c i thni , t wholesale or retail within the cllv of Blythevllle ' - - u "-. cll y sfinio punishment as in Section 8 hereof. Ises. upon or In In connection with any Interior, pri- urtalntd month Dcriod every person con- sell, offer for sale, or give ""(I/or malt 'liquor befo,, lm hour of 7 A. M. nnd after the hour of 12 o'clock midnight It shall also be unlawful ,„. any person, firm or corporation lo foi wll, Iflu. title, or Interest they or an f them may claim i n nm | to Ml "i<l lands; that none of the emlnnls above named herein hav ohiniarily entered their appoar- »M to this suit, and (hat onal service uixui them cnm , D t be nn; It \s hereby ordered that nil ic defendants above named hcre- i, mm-residents and , mk i,own eirs. and each of ihcm, appear lead, answer or demur to the »'" =°«'Plalnl-filed by the plnin- [ f :,! I :. 0 .™'. c . d SJjifes of'America, clay of March. 035 lll '"ereof (hat m . m court will proceed to the hear, I" 11 , «fJ'"liclatlon .of said suit, that Ihte order be published in k ror the 7th day of Feb. ihn-E IfaHlieau, District Judge for Ihe Eastern, District of No. 17. 138.04 'acres, nage Distrlc contaiiiln more or less, estl mated as to value at $ pe" acre, or n iota! of $021 18 Parcel Throe-The C. H. fflrklam Tract (No. . 34)—55.C8 ar.™ . AI that 55.G8 acrei. - Al part of the W!4 E',4. Sec ,. 27, T 10 H, R. 9 E, lying wesfa northwesterly of the cast a southeasterly side of Drainage Dis» «?i " Ri 6"t-ol-way,contal n . « ,. 55.68 acres, more or less estimated a s to value at $5.00 per acre or a total of $278.40. Parcel Fotir- Marvin Dilldine Tract (No 31) ,.„ „,. „ -~- parts of the N'C- NEV, and SEH NE" ^i, 14 ' , T 15 N ' R 9 E . ivlmj !™ " " nd «c £ t "f Hie north "nnd east fides of Drainage District-Ho n Right-of-way, containing 31.57 icrcs more or less, estimated o value at SS.OO per acre o otal of $157.85. Parcel F&Anc 248 n ° Wn ° Wner TrilCt (N °' 28) - rV'p 3 )^ 1 SCC - 1D ' T H N° *• " tf, lying north tind west of he easterly and southorly side of Jrauiage District No n R|g h ?. f-WaV. Cnnl^llnln™ 10 .„ 8 Way, containing 12 48 nore or Jess, estimated »* < Nick 32)2, 3 .iirnow Heirs Tract (No 1.83 acres. All of LoU; i -, •. 'HI 4. Sec. 28. T 15 N i n P ontaluing 51.83 acres 'moV % «. Mtlmaicd as to value S f«r acre, or a total of Parcel Scven-The Mrs V,, Sdy Trnct <N °' 12)-3 73 AlMhnt part'of the NW',1 ' il sun'ey In Sec. 28. 9 E. Ivlne /.net n r WC5[crlj '*«• Beginning at G. L o r corner A. P. 6 common „, irt^%v i2 'Se, o degrees \v 5 phi i 518.30. 15 P ' 7; 43 d-' '° e - jv/—jy.,^0 acres All »«s of the SE'i SE", sec * E 2 f?P" Sec. 23,' T 15 t ' etllil ''Cirn J U, hereb celfv | ,'Cirn J U, hereby certify thnt the forcgolnt ™e«d -to ihb certmcnt 'ft} oirer for ssln or give,, aw oily sucli liquors on- Suudnv „. on nny .Stole, Coi.nty, nml /or District primarv or t-en- erul election <lny. U shnll nlso lie nnlnsyfiil for nnv person, nrm or cor|iornt]on to sell oner for sale or glvo'..niwiy nj.y such liquors on Fourth of .hilv nnd Christmas Day. J Any person, firm or corporation viotn ing nny O f the provision* of this section stall be -deemed Biillty of n misdemeanor and. upon convicllon s), B )l he mini- In-' liny U0 ' lhnn h i ' Dollnrs ($ioo.00> nor more '' mtU ' C " a " «nn> ($2SO.OO). Hiiiidrod .than For the third offense se "gainst any ol the provisions of his section Ihe City Council shnll have the right to order Uie permit of such person, drm or corporation revoked anil cancelled SEdlon c. It shall be' unlawful for any person, nrm or corpora- iriVI tn li~..~ I.. .i_ -• • »"-n* inspection), of - victed of (IninhcmieM In the clly or Blythevllle (both In the M,m- icipal Court and the Circuit Court) Such register shall show the mim- premises wherein there arc loc'-u M any screened partitions, doors or windows hindering or obstr I'll: the view of tin vine alcove*, blind ... .,., lunl .. l , uooth.s, lockers, or where any oilier mcaiw or method is used dn- siBiietl or ndaplcd lo induce or invite persons to open nnd consume liquor upon such premises ir after a license has been granted the licensee then eiianges or allows tin' premises to be chaiie»d lo vlolnle .this'-'section, thp city Council shall order such license Jfvokcd If after, a five-day no: tice such licensee fails and refuses to conform lo the provisions of this section. Operation after he revocation of a license shall bo punishable a 5 provided In Rcc- firm or corporation shall In the wholesolB or retail j|qi, oi business in the city ol Blythe- yille, an application shall be made o the city collector for the granting of n permit. Said application shall contaii sworn statement of Ihe na m » n f • he business sought to be ||. i-enswl, Hie names and address: •>! all of Die persons owning 01 hoMhie any interest In' :;aid busl- ""ss. and UIR iironosccl location ot said business. HIP owner owners of the building or ises In which said store Is to he located, and said applicants' state license shall accompany S atrt o n - plicalion. Then the nit.v clerk shall Issue •"••n license nfioi- approval by Ihe Ctv Couwil. -or n committee elected by It, ami upon the pay- 'iipiii. of the fees herfln nro- ''•led an,j then notify the chief if the Issuance of xnn\p. Sretiou 15. The (; itv ' C OU,IP|| hall have the ripht to refuse o '"i-fliit a permit to an 1 / iicron '!•' <" "iiy nrm rir corporation u which n nerson or IICI-SOIK «'ii nn ijiicrast where such per"» or persons have ueen roii- Iclfl-j nf violation of liquor aml/oi inhibitloj] |nws aftei- passae* of il": ordinance and/or for cHmes ivolvini; moral turpitude Section 1C. That it shall pi-aled the on Iho pealed and this orciinuncs shall te given full force an d effect ever nil ordinances an.i pans O f ordinances heretofore r ,as.U cl „,,,, appi'oved. ' " IU1 Section 21. Whereas, the stale and^ national governnienfi have re- previons ' jN'olilblilon of Intoxicating liquors, nnd licenses are now being Issued for Hii- manufacture and sale of euch 'liquors, u [ s ncc . essaiy lhat the city immediately lake such .steps as will enable It in co-operation with other governmental agencies to' pronerlv exercise Its police power, over the liquor u-airic, nn emergency f, iR'iefore dfclnved lo exist and [ills ordinance Is declared to be leccssni-y for the immediate DI-PS- cmlfon of the public pWcc, loallli and safety, and the same, hcrefore, shall be in full f orefi in<l effect from and after inssngd and approvni. I'nsscil: March 23,", 1035 •' Approved: CECIL SHANE- (( s Uon :i hereof. Scclion 12. i,, any ™ d ' n «of this ordinanci prosecution violation fore Ihe City Coi •e in ('oiirt or be- llic general repiilation of the' defendan or defendants, (or in case of nm\t:.i*, »!n_ *_.. ~....i. \n application for penult or the „_ nlawfui for- (inv person, firm or nrppralion havhi'r a licence to sell .llqunr.; to '• sell':' or -' oiler for /nle, ill- reinil anv bcci- except, In Hie orlplnal container, said con- lu'emLr 1 10: '' 1C opt ' npd .;- b " '«« Anv ncrson. nrm or corporation violating the provisions of this section shall bj deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and noon ' Hon rued in cotivlc'- anv sum not less Ihan fifty dollars (S50.00) nor mor Ihiw hiiJidred dollars ($300- Section n. it shall be unlawful coi-porn- containers . for any person, lion to sell liquor [„ of less than one pint or inoie than oifc gallon. Anv person, firm or corpnrntlon vit'laling this s"c Attest: L, N. Miitlils, City Clerk. ' Tuesday - •mve in its possession or . °" (1 'e premises tvheiv Ifliior Is nllowcd to be sold am- or container containing control tottle i, »"•• vuimuii liquor wnlch has been opened Adjoining premises shall, be tarn! to come wilhlu the pro- ilblllon of mis section when anv the city. II shnll be unlawful for nny person, nnn or corporation lo sell or give away anv liquor to any person when such person is in nn intoxicated condition. Anv person, nrm or corporation .'lolaling the provisions or this section shall bo decmcii guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction of tile Hr-st- offense be >nnishable by a fine of not less hail Fifty Dollars (S5000) nore than Three Hundred nrs ($300.00) and for a second of- ense (n addition to such fine hall be subject to-the revocation 'f the license at the discretion nor Dol- nut or defendants Section 13. ft s i m ,i be ,„„„„.,„; any person to drink liquor for of the City Coun Section o. ft be the duty bf ' n ' Ul cermcnte copy of rec- Sale stales the United r , — «->i- vj<*iiit:L of America, the one him- and fifty-ninth. Attest: sid B. Redding, clerk, By Bo.w Nfath^ ^ ORDINANCE NO HiB BE IT ORDAINED BY THP PITv COUNCIL OP THE C m BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS' WHAT $1 WILL Thlnk-SKc a day-or SI a Month fi ays l° r , n , J1 ' 000 P 011 ^ 1 for the whole family-Natural or Accidental Death! Progressive Life Insurance Co. ' Glcncoe Hotel— rhonc or Write for Details Special Deposit with stale. insurance Dept. protects your policy. . ,, . "\- nit WlllY ol the Chief of Police to receive from the prop cr county official a list of any and all persons ad- Judged by proper procedure in the County coin-Is lo be gnilly of failing and refusing to properlv support their families, and such 1st as furnished shall bo included by the Chief of Police monthly -report provided Section 8 herein. Any person nrm or corporation selling, offer- "i nny public place, highway or street, ov in or upon anv nas- senger couch, street car, etc ' (see Section 10, page 32, state 'law)' Any person violating provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty pf n misdemeanor am! upon con- t on shall br, subject to the same vlctlon shall be fined in any .,„,„ not less than five dollars ($500) is 11 " 1 . _ Section 14. Before any perso portion of a section of this or dinancc .is adjudged to te mi constitutional :{uch adjudication shall not alfect the vnlidllv and constitutionality of the rem'ainde of the ordinance. Section be 19. Except ns may prohibited by "The Arkansas Al coholic Control Act", the citv 'ouncil l s hereby given the dis- Ihc ' license cretion O f revoking of any person, firm or corpora- Ion convicted muter any provision of this ordinance. •: Section 20. All ordinances and Mrts of ordinances ' in conflict herewith arc hereby expressly' re- ISY NOW TO HAVE DELICIOUS AKEO FOODS Anno the Opening of the CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP 109 South Division A complete stock of FINE WINES and LIQUORS J'AL NIGHTS! PAL NIGHTS Mat, 2:00; Night B:45 JFatinco (2 adults admitted for price of ] ) 25e, Night (2 adults admitted for price of 1) 35c All children 5c Mai &. Nile Tuesday, fiii-1- Scout Night Wednesday, n«y Scniif NM K 1,| His Best Picture . CWJMtlt, pKlUKf ...,..„ WARD Q ROBINJQN <M*i.i.i'_-s*-_v.. 'j-'" THEtHOLE Tills picture now showing at Warner Bros. Theatre, Memphis:' Also—PnVamoiint News Comedy, "Raised and Called" wilh Cluck Chandler COMING TO .RITZ SOON— « "VANESSA'^ w i ( h Helen"' ^ Hayes and Robert 'MontFonv cry. 'LIVING ONVET,VET"with Kiiy Frances. 'MISSISSIPPI"-, w i t h -rosbv and Joan Bennett'.' 'I,IFR BEGINS AT .(0" wi(h iVijl Rogers. . 'ROBERTA" »• i ( h )nnn, Fred.- Astaire "jlingci- Roilgors. - An exclusive CoU- man fetrturel Pro, Jucess bandofcln««, cleat blui Hume—hol- t»r than nolunil gts, Consum<3 one-Hfth leas fuel because It malcea mora effectiva us»of h««l. Provider 50 par cent wider regulation of cooking heat. Produces better cooVing results. GAS FROM GASOLINE BY CARBUimATION . - - - with a dean blue gas flame in youi own home no matter where you live? Certainly you can wi"h one of the new Coleman Instant-Gas Ranges! They make it ea 8 y for you to cook more quicMv and •conomically than ever before. Eniov delicinuo hai, A j- t { fnm -u a . WCJUil - ^njuy uencious Daked dishea from the flavor-saving insulated oven. Have healthful broiled foods from the drawer type broiler equ pped w Ih the latest aluminum broiling grid that broils 25?i faster. They come in models to fit any kitchen and purse and they re beauties, too! Finiahed in colors-modern i,, de'sfw You II never fully appreciate what a really good stove will do until you see the new Coleman. Come in-let us demonstrate! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. RIO XT HELP WANTED— Everyone who is Registered BE AT ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY. ?100 00 BANK NIGHT We are very sorry Mr. F. R. -Fletcher XT??,"/™ llol '° last ' BANK NIGHT when his name was called. ON THE SCREEN Lets Live Tonight' wilh Lillian Hiirvey and Tallio Carmiiiiili. Together they sank' fhc sons; of Love. A Roniance you'll never forget. No Matinee Night Show' 6 ;.J 5 Admission 10 & 2Sc Wednesday Only HARRAIN NITE—5o & lflc of the Gods' with AU,AN MOWBRAY PKflfJY SHANNON and FI.ORINE AtcKINNEY Wesley Barry (Hewasal the Ri<7 Theatre in Person in 1932) News and Comedy liAHGAIN NITB—5c & 15c \o AFalincc—Nile Show 6..1ii Thursday Only Little Theatre Presents let Us Be Gay' Tickets on Sale at Kirbv Drug; Co. Show Starts at 8:00 1> M . s f &tvsf^r^afto

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