The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO *LYTEEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1940 Miss Patricia^Shane Engaged fo.Lt. Wright fa announcement of wide interest is that of the engagement of Miss Patricia Bush Shane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs; Cecil Shane, to U. Tiiden P. Wright of Muskogee, Olda., sou of Mrs. Vernie V. Wright of Littlefield, Tex,, which was made today by Mr, and Mrs. .Shane. The wedding will be an important event of the late Spring. Miss Shane, member of a prominent Blytheyilie family, was graduated from the city high school as class valedictorian and Vassar College <at Poughkecpsie, N, Y., as tj.e youngest member of the '39 class Now employed in Washington, D. C., by the United States CIvii Service Commission as occupational coder, Miss Shane during the six months she has been there, has done graduate work at George Washington University. , A 'son of the late Tiiden P. Wright, Lt. Wright was graduated from the LittlefitfA Tex., high school. He completed his junior year's work at the University of Texas at Austin before entering Uniled States Military Academy, West\Point, N. Y., from where he was/graduated in 1939. A&er spending a year at Randolph and Kelly Fields at San Antonio, Tex., he is now assistant. adjutaht and unit personnel officer '^wich the United States Air Corps-Training Detachment of the Spartan School of Aeronautics at Musfcogee, Okla. He is a first lieutenant in the regular army. v i,~ *,,*.* ** „ Miss ' Frances Wall Weds El Dorado Man Mr.*/ and Mrs J. R. Wall of Reveals Wedding Last October Ayres-Matlock Rites To Be Held Tonight CSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 27.— Miss Edna Lee Ayres, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E M .Ayres will -become he bride of Harry CarUon Mai- lock -son of .Mr and Mrs. J. C s u f Blytheville; Ml , and Mattock oi Gilmore, Ark., m a J ' ceremony to be solemnized tonight, Purvis,. Miss Bobbie Ann Purvis, Mrs. Grace Webb Wilks, Miss Pauline Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bcr'um, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks, Mrs, J. E. Crook, Barnes • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON We Should Meet Each Day With Same Attitude We Reserve for New Year Text: Luke 12:35-48 BY WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance The topic of this lesson for young people and adults is "Girded for the New Year." it is essentially a Thomps - on Jr . ( Connle Mo. . Jr . -.*-•-* » ' V*lV* i^\* ir * X"tv* * A.V AO VfcJOVii VAW.IAJ; u a l ld L ~" tse , Cr ™*' i New Year's lesson, and its theme is faithfulness and watchfulness. It is our custom at the turn of the yerl', in the very hour of the transit.ln. to hold "watch-night and Mrs Mrs. T. A. Haggard and Dr. and 8 o'clock, at the Presbyterian Church in this city. The Rev, Paul V. Galloway, pastor of "the. Forrest City Methodist Church will perform the ceremony. White cathedral tapers in three seven-branched candelabra will light the background for the rites. The chancel will be banked with palms and ferns and the commun ion rail, window ledges and openings covered in Southern smilax. Against the greenery the stately beauty of white Maid of Orleans Mrs. J. R. Chapman of Steele, MO..J ices> , B uU more important than Mi-.- and Mrs, Jack Wilson and Guy Butler of Wcsl Memphis' Mr; and. Mrs. J. C. Matlock and J. L. Matlock of Gttrnqre; Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Matlock, Memphis; Walter Matlock and Mr. arid Mrs. A. E. Matlotk of bakvilVe. Terriy, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Matlock, Raines, 'I Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Capp Mrs. Envin Preston Jones. Bits of News Mostly Personals Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Campbell and children, of Lubbock, Tex., came Sunday to spend the holidays with Mrs. Campbell's sister, Mrs. F. E. Fox, and Mr. Fox. Mrs. Fox's mother,-- Mrs. U J. LaRue, and her brother, Luther LaRue, both of Memphis, came to spend Christmas | Day with .the family. Evansville, announce the marriage \ Mrs _ j j Johnson ' was ca i lcd to of their Daughter, Frances Margaret. "to Erwin Preston 'Jones El Dorado, son of Mrs. J. W. Jones, of Scott. The wedding was solemnized Oct. 12 in'.Benton by the Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Ernest Ulmer, at Ins home. Miss Irene Hill and Lilborn Harrison, both of LiUle Rock, were their-v-only attendants. Mrs. Jones attended John Tail- ton "Agriculture college at Georgetown-,- Tex., and was graduated from" Arkansas Tech at Russellville and ^the University of Arkansas at She "came heie in the fall to become 'Home Management supervisor ^-ith>the Farm Security office of Mississippi County. She had previ- ve^ in "that . capacity in county witli ."headquarters al Mti\Foncs is a graduate of Ark- Ml Thomaspn and family, Whitehaveh, Term.; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Wigdor gladioli in wrought iron baskets vill be accented. Preceding the nuptial service, Roy' L. Ware, organist, will play i Schubert's "A'va Maria"; . "My! Heart At thy Sweet Voice", by I Saint Saehs; Greig's " Liebej Dieh" and 'the soft strains of Lieb- 1 estraum during the exchange of' vows. The Bridal Chorus from' Wagner's Lohengrin will be used I for the entrance, of the bridal par- | ty, and Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" for the recessional. A touch of sentiment and novel interest is in the fact that Mr. Ware will use the old-fashioned "reed organ highly prized by the Presbyterian congregation here that has sounded out the wedding strains for bridal parties for over a half century. "ffe will also accompany Miss of Charleston, Mo. Stefele^Gooter Society—Personal Sikesi . 01}r Motoday to be with hei ister,'Mrs. Carrie White, who .is seriously ill in : the Sikestorf hospital. . ^ ' Miss Bertie Thompson is ill of influenza at ,Blytheville' Hospital, alv Moore returned -. to P Tallulali, La., today after having visited his parents,-Dr. and Mrs. L. H; Moore, and- family .here for Several days. Randolph Smith, who. was 'injured in an automobile accident two weeks ago, is improving rapidly. He is able to be up, but is still confined to his home. J. E. Gooch, Mrs. J. L. Gboch and daughters, Nancy and Peggy, and sigh. Jack, all of Jackson, Term., Mrs. Lawrence Black 'and A. R. .Thorn, of Memphis, were the ^guests of Mr.-'and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs /iwid'-|ainiiy for 'Christmas. Mi % . 'Gooch'is the J'ather and Mrs. Gooch the\ sister-in-law of Mrs. Jean Chiles, as she sings "O Promise Me", "Because",- and 'BeHeve Me,. If All, Those Endearing Young Charms"; and William Ayres, brother, of the bride, as he sings, "I Love You' Truly." Entering on the arm of her brother, Ned .Ayres of Jacksonville, Pla.. by whom she will be givei^ in marriage, the., bride will wear a Pandora, wedding gown of white slipp'er satin in period design with a fitted basque bodice buttoned down the center with self covered buttons; high neck round yoke of imported cha'ntiliy lace embroidered in seed pearls and leg-o'nvutton sleeves fitted from the elbow to a Caila Point over the hand. Her circular hand-scalloped veil is of the same imported lace used in the dress, with Mary Queen of Scots cap held in place by a row of pearlized orange b^ids across the back. She will carry a bouquet of gardenias and valley lilies in sho'w- .. Mrs. Southern Hostess at Bridge Mi's. Baxter Southern was the charming hostess to her Yourig Matrons Bridge club of Steele and the following guests, Mrs.. Joe Bob Coppedge and Mrs. Frank Long, -Jr.; of Braggadocio and Mrs. pewart Smith of Steele at a Christmas party at the home oh Walnut Ave. Wednesday evening. when, the holiday scheme was effectively carried out in the decoration's. Mrs. Tommie Frakes received high score watching the old year out and the 1 new year in is watchfulness ail through the year. There is ho good "lesson for New Year that is not good for every-day. * Almost inevitably we make good resolutions at New Year. Too often 'we forget about them, or fail to keep them. But if they are really good, and U' they ought to be kept, we should make a far better job of keeping them if we could meet each dawning day with the same attitude and psychology with which we meet a new year, After all, it is not a New Yeai that is dawning, but a new day and the New Year comes to us 2 flay at a time. .The lesson of faithfulness ahc watchfulness is given here by the Great Teacher in the parable o the lord returning from the mar.- jriage feast, with his 'servants no knowing the lipur of his return Will he find them. wakeful, rea'd> to open the door straightway wh'er he knocks? Blessed, says Jesus, are the servants .whom their master will find watchful. .•-The parable, might be applied to the return 'of Jesus Himself, as Lord and Master; but it is not clear that Jesus told it originally for any reason but to teach and emphasize fch'e lesson of watchfulness. The parable shifts to that of the HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD It Was Leap Year, but All Hollywood Leaping in '40 Was to Divorce Courts master of the house guarding gainst the possibility of house- reakers. The lesson is" of the need "f being constantly prepare'd and n guard. If the master of the louse 'knew just when the thiet would, come, an'd at what hour in he 'night, he would have been eady. But that is not the safe way., of guarding against, .thieves, One must be always prepared. NBA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 27.—Maybe 1940 was a Leap Year, as the calendar says; but romantically, most of the leaping was 'doh'e in the direction of the divorce 'courts. Never before, riot even "during its wildest, jazz-age adolescence, has Hollywood hung up such a -sorry record. Here the application is specific, lhere have mn hiore divorces hough it may not be altogether in «^ e Devious Vears. but Wever clear. ; Jesus, warns His disciples, to L uch aVl unfavorable balance W be also, ready,. "for in an hour that -| divorces to weddings. For exam- ye think not the Son of Man cometh." What did Jesus mean by this? Was He referring to some future coming, or ,to impending- events in His own Messianic mission? Was it a preliminary warning, such as He was to impress upon His chosen disciples in the one final hour of their watch in Geth- pie: Among pe'ople .whose names should be familiar to: fans who read a lot of movie hews, the yeai brought 33 divorces, 25 marriages But the ratio becomes 22-to-12 when the list is whittled down to notables known to almost every- ner and Johnny Weissmuller. Most striking trend was the number of December-May romances. William Powell began the sequence m January by eloping with 24-year-old Diana ifewis. The actor was 17 at the time, and had known her only three weeks. In April came the marriage of George Jessel, 42, and Uois Andrews, a precocious show girl just turned 16. 'Other weddings involving a considerable difference in ages were: Oliver Hardy, 42, and Lucille Jones. 26; Herbert Marshall, 50, and the 'considerably younger Lee Russell; Buster keaton, 44, and dancer Eleanor Morris. 21; Fritz Feld. 40, and Virginia Kraft, 22; producer Nunnally Johnson, 42. and Doris Bowden, 25. sa'mene, when He came not once, but three' times and each time found them sleeping? Two dissolutions were not surprising, although when Ginger Rogers went to^ court last March after a four-year, separation from Lew Ayres, she managed a few i North Carolina Farm Aid These speculative questions, re- tears as she testined: RALEIGH, N. C. (UP) — More than $19,000.000 will have been 'distributed by garding the situation then have only secondary interest for,"us today. What about ourselves? How does God come to us? How does He knock at the door of our homes, and at .the door of our hearts? He knocks with words that we may fail to hear, and with opportunities that we may miss. We must be as alert in spiritual attitudes and ways as are good servants serving an earthly master. God comes again and again to us. Will He find.- us alert and ready, or as, slothful, neglectful servants, scamping our work, lazy, and faithless, when we think no 'one is watching. God is always watching, Thou God seest me! ' . to get out. and. there was '' Carolina in agricultural conservation, cotton price to North ,he end of else to Constance Bennett omitted histrionics when she put aside her third mate, the Marquis de la Falaise de la Coudray. A ONE-DAY v MARRIAGE There were several break-ups, though, among pairings which the movie colony had begun ito consider permanent. Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons had been together 10 years. • After 18 years, Mrs. Roland Young testified her husband had "ceased to care/'. Director Frank Borzage and Rena payments from the government, E. Y;. Floyd, AAA executive officer at North Carolina State College, estimates. ansas^Tech. He is employed by Isaacs. . Lion \ Oil Refinery in EV Dorado. v 6'- * * # Bave-'Iiinncr Party for Miss Little and Fiance Miss Patty Shane of Washington, D C./.and Miss Martha Ann Lynch, student at the University of Arkansas', Fayetteville, who are spending J:he holidays here with their parents, entertained with a dinner ••party:'.--Thursday night in compliment "to Miss Sara Jo Little and her fiance, Kavanaugh Francis. The~Colonial Room of the Hotel Noble was the setting for the affair. The guest list was made up of members of the bridal party asid their escorts. Out of town guestfc xvere Lt T. P. Wright of •TvjusJcbgee. Okla., houseguest of Miss..Shane and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil '. Shane, and Hal Moore of Tallulah, La., houseguest of Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Moore. j. The < white wedding cake orna- mentfe'd with- the miniature bride and .groom figures was flanked on either side by a costal boxvl of white ^carnations. White tapers in r^,T*f«i- candelabra lighted the award, Mrs. Marshell Cameron re- jceived second high and Mrs. Lee Yeagei- bridgbed. The hostess served cheese'^arid- wlche's, karb pecan pie and iced drinks. * * , * Leonard Alloid of Bowling. Green, Ky., Paul and Jennings Alloid of Detroit, Mich., have arrived for a weeks visit .with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Alloid. Silas Wright of Keoso'uix, Iowa., has arrived for a week's visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Wright. Mrs. Jack Wimp was carried to the -Blytheville hospital Sunday where she is to undergo treatment for a head trouble. Miss Frances Vaughn of Jackson, Tenn. v .is visiting her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Albert Vaii'ghn, and other ""Kirs. SaVu J. Matthews, of .St. Loin's, are visiting Mrs. Matthew's parents,, Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Taylor. They'plan to be here until after the'first of the year. v Joyce and Ldrelln Lamb, of Ca'r- ulhersville, arc the guests'* of their aunt, Mrs. Oscar Bailey, and Mr. Bailey. They will be here'for several 'days. • Latham Stacy returned to Prescott today after having spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Stacy. Miss Rose Lee Carter of West Plains, Mo., is the guest of Mr. and Oseeola Lodges To Have Joint Installation OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 26.— In accordance with their . annual custom, holiday week -\.brings around the outstanding observances of the •year, with the joint installation of Blue Lodge and Eastern Star offi- fcers for hew year on St. er effect. Her only ornament isi to be a gold locket set with diamonds, a gift from the bride groom.' Her sister, Miss Lillian B. Ayres, will attend her as maid of honor. Bridesmaids are Mrs. L.. W.'"War-! tersi Jr., Mis. J. M.. Speck, Mrs. James Williams ,of Blytheville 'and Miss Terry Mitchell of Joiner and Memphis. AH will wear identical dresses in Magnolia white satin combined with illusion 'over taffeta with shirred basque bodice; the high -full short sleeves mid sweetheart neckline are self p'asse'mem- teri trimmed and the'outer of the double tierred illusion skirts is shirred in- points to the long waist line ending in demi-trains. With these they will wear Dutch caps of lace, han'd scalloped and embroid- Mrs. L. C. Brady. She will be here i ered \ n go ia. Contrasting the all- untiV Sunday. white gowns will be their arm Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lcc. of Dyers-1 bouquets of Red Phipps gladioli. burg. Term., were the guests ot 1 Mrs. Lee's sister. Mrs. G. W. Dil-^ ahunty, and family for Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. H. .V. Williamson are -expected t'o come here • from Chicago the first of next week to oe the guests of Mrs. Williamson's mister, Mrs. Oscar Bailey,-and Mr. Bailey.. Mr, and-Mrs'. 1 Floyd-'Bailey :f Detroit. Mich., are expected to arrive at the .same time fot table- * /• Placecards were designed with wedding bells, while silver stars arranged about the table completed the .bridal,decorations. While the five course dinner was being! served, guests wrote in the bride's book. These best wishes were''jteter read by Ihe guests of honor. Dancing: at the Rustic Inn fol- lowe'd' dinner. ; '\ri-: -*-»*, Are Gnesfe of Club . ; Mrs;: W. D. Chamblm played cardstwith members of. the Thurs- N. C. Matlock of Memphis, brother of the bride-groom, will serve as his best man.-,Ushers arc William Clay Ayres and L. W. Walters Jr.. of Oseeola; T. A. Haggard of Steele. Mo., and Elzic Musgraves of Caruthersville. Mo. Johnnie Earl Speck is ringbcarer. Flower girls are Annella Humphreys of Blytheville. cousin of .r|latives ^Cooter. " r; Mr. and'* M¥S. Ainer Azbill and children ( and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Azbill ' s of Wardell, were visiting relatives ; here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh West and Lynn Vaughn of Memphis and Miss Frances Vaughn of Jackson. I Tenn., spent the holidays here with ! their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vaughn. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 'Booth and son. Shannon, of Memphis, are visiting relatives *and friends at Cdoter this. week. Mr. and Mrs. Basil McClure and children, Mrs. Charlie Jones and children were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Evans of near Maplewood community Christmas. . Misses Margaret McClure and Mary Pounds Visited friends in Caruthersvllle Tuesday evening. L. E. Cooper Jr.. who is a student at Vanderbilt University in Nash- "Jorm's Day/ Dec. 21, to .which friends are invited; degree cbnfer- rings, and the special Christmas observance by the Knights Templar. ,;v£E. R. Reid will be installed as worshipful master of Oseeola Lodge 21, one of the oldest in the , and Mrs. E. H. Stephens in;d r as worthy/matron'; of Judge Doyle Henderson Suffers Sprained Ankle Borzage separated on 24tii wedding anniversary. And the Hal Roaches had been married 25 years when she obtained a legal separation. The shortest period of married happiness was that of Priscilla Lane and ,Orin Haglund. When she asked a divorce last April it was .revealed they had married Municipal Judge "Doyle Hender- j secretly Jan. 23, 1939. and had son was confined to bed today i separated the next day. with a painful but not serious in jury after slipping Thursday night when" going into the baclc yard of his home. A sprained right ankle will coil- fine him to his home for an indefinite time. - • Jiedy Lamarr declared that during 15 months of marriage to Gene Markey he spent only four eve- THREATENS Use this 3-PURPOSE Medicine At the,very first sniffle, sneeze, or sign of a cold put" just a few .drops of Vicks Va-trp-nol up each nostril, if tiaed in time, Va-tro-nql's stimulating action actually helps prevent many colds from developing. .... And remember this, when a heart cold makes you. miserable, or transient, congestion "fills up" hose at night, spoils, sleep-3-purpose Va-tro-nq! gives valuable help'as it (1) shrinks swollen membranes.. (2) relieves, irritation, (3) .helps flush out nasal 'clearing clogging mucus. .Enjoy the Edward. Duke of Windsor, is "an amateur magician, and is.particu- larly adept at sleight-of-hand and card tricks. ; Just an ; pia? .'chapter. Order Eastern Star.' No. •- : 425. at the Installation ceremonies in the Ms'onic rooms to- nigrvt. to which guests have been invited. .... ' .Those chosen to serve with Mr. ReioTMor 1941 are J. A. Austin, senior:..\vardeii; R. J. birdley, junior warden; J. B. Bunn, treasurer, secretary; Wil- arnvc at me .same time lor ajthc bride, and Rosemaiy Kelly of influenza and week's visit, Floyd Bailpy is Oscar Qsseola in Dutch frocks of .white hi s daughter vUle, Tenn.. is spending the holidays here with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Cooper. Mrs. Helen Chadwick of Detroit. Mich., is spending a week with her 'children at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarice Gilliland in Cooler this week. Jim Hinson has a severe case of is at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. D. Travis o.' taffeta/sweetheart neckline, em-jcooter, this -week, pire bodice and short corded cart j Mr> ' an( j Mrs> La ras McFall and Bailey's brother. Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Taylor have returned to_ their home in Camp- whce , sleeves apd hoop skirts. They j daughter and Jack Travis of Par- bell. Mo., after spending the week wlll also Avear mi niatxirc rjutch 1 ma B5pcnl the latter purt of - lhis Mr. Taylors son. Dr. H. A. caps of 5acc 05 wom by tnc adult ( weck with thcir parcntSf Mr . anc] r •»* M « T.vm, 'attendant*. i Mrs. C. D. travb. Fallowing the ceremony. Mr. and \ Mn and Mrs j H olleck Rhca Mrs. Ayres will entertain with ^ i of-Springfield arc visiting (he lat- receptioh honoring the bridal . le ' r - s mot hcr. Mrs Alma Conelancl. iams,'";' : senior deacon; and E, R Smith, junior deacon to .serve with Mr.-.,.Heid. G. B. Segrayes was reelected .trustee of-.'tlie lodge for a term of five years. Tne 17 men and women elected co servo with Mrs. Stephens the next year include J. W. Thrailkill, worthy patron; Mrs. Hattie Rose, associate worthy matron; the Re\. L. M. Bickford. associate worthy patron; Mrs. Mirian Crews, con- doctress. Mrs. Elsie Edrington. associate Mrs. Edith Abrey, treasurer; Mrs. Irma Bandy, secretary; Mrs. Florence Mastin. organist; Mrs. Jane Crews, mar- shall-; N, L. Gillespie. warder; Lehman Williams, sentinel; Mrs. Ullie Wilson, chaplain. The five Star Points are Mrs. Nellie Gillespie, Ada; Mrs. Clio Woodard. Ruth; Mrs. OHie Wu- ^ liams, Esther; Mrs. Vena Pearl' Williams. Martha; and Mrs. Edna Horton. Ele-cta. Meeting nights arc the first and third Tuesdays of each month. M-7S33*?;-1 £fe; nings alone with her at home. — Gloria Dicksbn said Perce West-' more would telephone her every] morning at 1 o'clock and that this interfered with her rest. DECEMBER-MAY TREND NOTED Dick Fo'ran and Mrs. Rut per Hollingsworth suited a psych oanalyst in ,.H; 'effort to bolster" their marriage. Helen Vinsoh Perry tried a i didn't work, and John Barry'more attempted 'thiifej Tlie Great' Profile marital record; but such a rapidly fluttering! Peggy Ann Kent. Last" ber, at 23, she went to fhake off her third .husband, Eriiie Westniore. . Most amusing grounds for divorce was Carole •Landis' state! inent .that Willis Hunt. Jr., calle'd her "a damn fool, like everybody else in m'otiori pic-lure's." Among other players—oh, yes. and Jimmy Roosevelt—-who have teen involved in divorce actions during 1940, are: Mischa Auer. Alice Faye, Tony, Martin, .Vivien Leigh, Brenda Marshall, Wayh'p Ricrris. Laurence Olivier, Luise Rainei- r Martha Raye. Lana Tur- relief it brings. VATRONOL FRIDAY & 20c Night lOc & 30c L ^^ Wt ^^ ^^ ^^ ^% ^^) seat at the world's west hot spet! Taylor, and Mrs. Taylor. treatment at: Walls hospital. James'Hasson of Meridian. M ; came Wednesday Tor Mrs. Hasson pur ty ; out-of-town" guests and and son. Joe. who had been herc'f r i cnds at'their home west of town.} Tor three months with Mrs. .Has- Receiving with the bride's parents! sen's mother, Mr?. J--;D. McCarn. w w he Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mat-' And family. They motored Mrs. "McCarn to Jnckson. Tenn.. where she will vis- She will also spend a 'week in .day : -lAincheon club ve'sterday af-) J: ? n £ wul also s ^ c , nd -V O V^-AO?; x,r'-h^ »K O ,- "n^v-o «»f«^_ i Snosville. Tenn.. before i The Hospitals look of Gilmorc, and Mrs. Arin. Butler. . RlythcvUlc Assisting in the dining room will: Charles Roland Wells, city, ad- when they were enter- ! f*. 1IU :Y: mt ''. *en«.. : ueigrc going toibc Mrs, Ben D. Hnmncr. Mrs. Jack mitted. tain'e v d';at the home of Mrs. A. G. Little:^ ;: : _ '' ;. '." Mrs'^- T. M. Hunter oX Long .Seacrj^iJaiil, houseguest, of Mr. and :Mrs^Eyer£t't B. Gee, was a lunch- eony^ufet. >v In ^t-he -games v/hich followed lunch;' Mrs." Russell Phillips was [', highland Mrs. Gee, second. Patiy John Hancock was honored on liis birthday .Thursday with a party given 4 'at his home by Mrs. Han- 'cpclt^U^.-...'.'^, > guests were present for ,; supper. ^;v:;iri.;"^he bingo games ^hich were [;^;played:"after supper,"prizes went lo '':i Jesse' ; .Cain and ,Mrs. Tom Mabry. At Friday night's ceremonies. Mrs. T. E. Schooler, worthy matron for 1940. will open the meeting after which J. Walter Hill of Lc- panto; will act ns installing officer and .Mrs. Lula Smith, inslp^vng. marshal, and , Mrs. Geneva Fowler ,^s installing .chaplain. Baby Is Born Upon A year ago the Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians "adopted- infant Jean Gauhtt, installed her with great fanfare in Peace Haven, th'eir -110-rbom palace at Oakdale, L. I., vowed they'd raise her to be .immortal. Today J.ean is back with her mother., Mrs. Catharine Gauntt, with \vndm she's pictured here. Reported reason: Metaphysi-^ clans' bankroll wasn't immortal. Mother's Birthday Meridian to m?kc her hcmo with I Wilson of West Memphis. Miss; Floyd Bell. Charter Oak. Mo.. REDUGE At SPECIAL HOLIDAY SAVINGS NOW T f\ Complete Visits for 00 Call 166 For Appointment RUTH LAWHON Margaret's Beauty Shop Ingrain Bldg OPEN JEVEN1NGS . the Host Beautilui Giris in tne World' Also Henry BusSe Orch. & Comedy. 224 Phone Roxy 322 SATURDAY JOHNNY MACK A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Cartoon <fc Seria! "Green Archer" Continuous ihow till 11:30 P-»«.LISTEN TO KLCN »,m.—12:45. Mr ."'and Mrs. Hassbn. | Mr.ln.vec Tatc. Mrs. Maxine Me- | admitted. Mrs. S. P. Crafton and faniily Haney. 'Mrs. G. L. Waddell Jr.. and had as their guests over 'Christ.-1 M rs . Joseph' R. Cullom of Wilson, mas Mrs. Crafton's sons. LEO Cvaf-• Evelyn Jean Pigg will keep the ten and bis- son Led Jr., Leslie'bride's honk. Craftbn and his son Leslie Jr., and daughter. Betty Alice, all of Conway.' and her daughter. Mrs. R. G. Sd7:ards of Little Reck. .They re- home Tliursday. . - . -.Miss Betty Brook?. Isaacs, Mi5S Mary Jean 'AfTlick. Bill Morss. Joe H. L. Liuriscy, Gosnell, cUsiuisscct. Walls Hospital Mrs. Katie Bixler. Stcelc, admitted. Red and white gladioli combined Mrs. Ralph Sanford, Holland. ;id- *>vith quantities of fern will decor- niit'ted. ate the Ayres home. The three- tiered wedding cake on a crystal Mrs. O. E. Moore. Annorcl. ad- nutted. A nine and one half pound ! birthday present L. E. Gay this morning \vhen a: daughter was born to licv and Mr. Gay at 10:00 o'clork t»t Wails }\os- pital. The baby, who will celebrate her birthday with her mother, has I been named Lou Ellen. SATUHDAY ONLY Discontinued Styles <itf 1C this afternoon for a be given tonight by | stand topped with the small bride . Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. and groom will center the lace- t G ay, city, a daughter weighing nine draped table and silver leaves will, an d a half pounds, decorate the cake which will bc en- Mild Epidemic Of Influenza Reported -' "•" „ * s reported at Biy- It is to bc a "come actor or actress" party. •Mr. a-id Mrs. C. 'F. -Jordan, of SI. Lcuis, came Thursday nighUto visit Mi;s. Jordan's sister, Mrs. F. Rev. Gordon Psaimonds Memphis Baptist Hospital T° ^old Services Here Mrs. Sam Clark. Luxor a. ad- F -v,^' ,A • * • . .v ;nitted. Preaching services will be con£n! M Ut , cr - thc rccc P tlon . thc cou P le Mrs. J. C. Prince, Tomato, ad- ducted'; at the Second Baptist. •. BiUjwill leave by motor for a .bridal' mitlcfl _ ! church both Sunday morning to'l circled in fern and white carna- trip to Florida. The bride will in a gold crepe ensemble with brown accessories and a red fox chubby coat. Her corsage will be of sterilitzia. E. rox. and Mr. Fox. Mr. Jordan) rjpOrt tlveir retuvn they will bc at, returned toaay but Mrs. Jordan home in.the new home being built will remain for the week endd. f 0r them in the west end of town, j Mary Jane Crutchcr. Frenchman Bayou, admitted. Billy Pipkin. Wilson, admitted. Memphis St. Joseph's Hospital Taylor Hudson. Caruthersville. Sunday night by [ho Rev. Gordon Psalmohds of Bolivar. MO. The Rev. Mr. P.s'Umonds, who is wl known among the young people of this section, wax ordained by the .first Baptist church last. year. Services will be at 1C:45 o'clock nnd 7:30 o'clock according lo an. Amopg the' out-or-town guests It has been estimated that every nouncement made rodav bv tho'of" of thc,nu to "take, a 1 , rest- in bed" ' who Wll] attend the^ wedding are,.year 65,000 girls disappear in the! fleers of the church. " ._<; a nr^rajitin>-iarir m'a<\piivn Mr. an^ Mrs. Roland Crrep.n. Mr. • iTnitprf Ktatec aiir* >i^ *v.i^^ «•• measure. States, and. Mrs/R. ,L.. Gaines, Mr. ^ and ; them ever is found. lytrs. W..H.'Minyard, Mr. and Mrs no trace of Read Courier _News,,want ads./ ' £::W. Rainey, Mr. and;>Irs. Robert Read Courier News want ads. if'put Milk kept in a roomy, shallow basin will keep sweet longer than i m v a jug. and odd lots DRESS SLIPPERS displayed on rack*. Choice All Sales Cash •All Sales Final ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY BARGAIN NIGHTS JLOc *. 20« CMTB-MMlMK WIWIUI JO»W COOPER-VALERIE AJso Selected Shorts SATURDAY CHAti Cartocn '& Serial "Dcadwood Dick" Continuous sliow iilV 11:30 p.m.

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