The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Christmas Gifts That Are Useful Every Home Has Welcome On Doormat For Gifts That Serve By MAKIAX YOUN'O N1:A Sfrvicc Staff Correspondent KF\V YORK.—There's no place like hnme If, on Christmas morn- ins. It housi'-S some of the, 1 <-i - held ecpfssovies, blt-s of fur- riinp and kitchen gadstls from !ft.iii< friends or from members (.!' t>>e family. A"modern Uvlntr room lamp with r volmit b:«i'.. a SIM of colorful I -v r< ;, beautifully monogi a mined fid bwi d attractively, printed ^!k fhfi'ta ;fcr the guest roim, hnrid- ,"\TIO ultiniimim-wiiro for the klt- j dc-sk tor HIM, an nnn- O.i.'r or Kmoklug stand for HIM, f HoMi-flllfil siitln quill, for the I !>• all of these, nml many more, are b:autlfnl and smail a:iil 'appreciated by almost rrv .faintly you knn-.v. rnteitainmtnl Aids for Hostess Any woman v.'ho has n home of liw own, big or little, would be 1'iasul -v.Ith a salad set of groin ]<tter>, (he pliilss light p.rpen. (lie • individual salad bowls (there :ire I >s rn them) In darker j;ree:i. ''he'd lile a beautiful Ira of Flor- intlne leather which contains cv- < I'thing she needs, from cards lo I incus, for 6 tables of bridge. And if gleaming crystal perfume foot- fc« on a crystal 'trny won't 1 IT she' 1 ; not the woman wo, and probably yon, thought she \vas. Also nice for tho 1H.I1? woman, f Hie elrl you hope rill be the I,Hie wriruui, &ri: n honey .J:ir ui v.'hite v-otlery with tiny pottery lipney tecs here and there en tne milMdc. a. leather ck::k clock v.-llh minerals In gold; n tricky l?ls- i;hone index (slide nn arrow lo Hie desiicd li-tler. push a button .'<nd (he'book flics open to the right place); luncheon .wt witli 1'orscv motif <lf she and hor husband ride or give hunt break- liils). a dernl fnrac set In ved Hcquer. ciircmlum-rlnim.'d «il.i<i bowl in natural walnut. Consider, too, n cnmplele set, of lathroom accessories—huge, dark- line luth towels for papa (with Mi numcgrani). lighter blue ours, (wme size) for mother, smaller' cnrs in dark blue . :\nd while .•MDP; for the children and an •mnv of guest' towels In blur dark'r, blue, yellow end white, i; vcu vant'.to be villra generous, throw In u shower curtain, bi-tli mal<- and bath rus. sli:l:infr lo the jfenertl color-scheme, or coin-so.- For Other Ijidles There are blnck slllc sheets (and! a matching bcrtjackel) fnr ilr p'amor nil! In your life. And rare! candlesticks • In bronze; a cim;»i roll warmer; n hollow Gesso 'cki' to hold flowers; n pp;vt.;i- /-l?-i- relte lot with a jewel hulton: chftrmln? - modem lannis in every •"cod under tlie sun; n pnii' of tiny rhlr.a doll;; lioldlng' i.-n n .';h- tci a ' more procllcnl woman tR-e didn't, say glamorousl Wi ml»hl .consider: .v/lsit" wo'il b'ankets, toft and warm as a sum- bief/e arid bound with shln- IJig white satin; n hand carve,! maple fruit dish with block cnn- dlisllU'i to match; an aluminum Give the OF HflEEIELT TRIP IS A perfect Christmas K ift, for Hit- home Li Hits distinctive English kidney desk of burled walnut A. smaller suggcsllon is a frncefu) lilt-top or drum wble, or Hie gracefully designed Queen Anne book stand of rich walnut .shoivu :i^ the left of the llreplace. Washable playing cards in a, tran.-,- urent case will please the. fastidious card pluyer. rinnsmie wlio l«u •« 'desk''. . . ensHfcenifnt )1M ls and perpetual cnh-mlnrs i\i ;mmpU;(ii:s iHith.vs and aeamlii B mclnls are' nsPhil anU welcome sltU. « toi linn iHs Into the- .seal'or [• even happier than It makes him. The'stirrup .isii"'» Msiiul (right), for hnrsenian on your list, is made- of (hroiniiini nml leather with a sturdy, walnut b:iw. of the heavens and a globe of the world to match? fo furious as clocks *hlch do no ffp »ccuin»* tlm« An electrli •lock h the anraei The newes .. .... _ fiVXlfl fthlcli t-'l' Ui- exact lime nbait the place v n Vtrfcui ipott HI ov«r th« worM keeps tus clothes? stem; an English i ev dfs\ or burled walnut (Mini tblnr the children will hand down to their children). Oreo rat l\-e rdt-a. You might give your favorite hrmemakfr a gift order on an CMra special decorating e.stftbll:;)!- nient vhcre she can go and order n"v ci.fipnrles or hare n chair ix>- irhrKleicd. Or one on a sho-i v.hieh is nolccl for unusimlly hand- ••/cma ftfftsswarc. A modem blown gloss drc.wr ••et Includes lollon boltles po.v- der dthes <plural, we said). \nd pin nnd puff trays. W ilh amcthyit lops A set of crystal flower vases in an interesting combination of transparent and opaque effects resists of three containers to:' flowws—n l-owi for jianslcs, n small \ase for daffodils and a f;l- nnl rns for chrysanthemum!;. I»«o-O»ds For Den For a - msir.s de;i there. Is a vondfrful array of waste baskets ash trays and desk acceworles Itn various sports motifs. Black rne!:s tear across the side of a 1 archn-ient waste basket. An ash- Ire; rwls'ori a standard of saddle halli'r with stirrups nt the bot- loin Another has a yacht for base, and there are ropes, stars and a few other bits of naulka' insignia on the parchment shade If Dad 'never has had one cor- r.'r of the living room he could fall his 'own, 1 .he'd appreciate an arm chair of rich, dark red leath- rr, : Or a huge modern club chair i for hk den) with a small radio In one arm. Or a tiny table ra dlo which he can keep in his sluriy if he's a music lover, inrilo-phoiwgrapli comblnatte machine Is the gift de luxe. Ho« about tubular lights to *£lde the medicine cabinet, so he can really see to shave? O a crjslal punch bowl and punch cups »llh red glass handles, nl BS y,elle as local lime, will mease on a silver tray? Or a star-finder the short-wave radio dialer <.V** nf th. !,«.,.„ —^ . .,.. Boy. oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Your daughter's closet probably Observer Sees Ominous Similarity With President's Last Excursion )>V HOMiM miTCHKR t'uurli-r News Washington Cinvespondeiit WASHJNO'I'ON, me. l.-Only dO|):ivti-(l on ):!;; last fis)iliig trip In southern water.i.- The i,l:inees were very similar to UW.-K of today. Hooficvcll'.s attstudi;— Dial he could Hike n fortiilght off Rt ii critical time and strengthen Mtlicr llun v/eaken lib position -•was much the same. Tlii^ question naturally avises: Hfiji IJic J'mvldiinl mitde (lie same iiristnki! tv.'ke? 'Hie other fishing trip was n mistake. K. l); Fi. went-st. a time wlit'ii Cojtj.'i es.i wa.s niore rebellious tlian ever before, when ills Supreme Court plan was at stake, when the rust of his program was the time. Justice Van Devanter hadn't quit. Majority Leader Joe i Robinson hadn't died. But the ad- I ministration leadership was weak, nnd. In that fortnight the opposition gained strength rapidly and [ thu court plan lost ground.' Oilier things happened, but, In tfie end that April-May fishing Irip was chulked up as'a major! error. Kame l);iiifc,-rs '1'odny Congress today 'seems evc-n more bulky. The arimliitrtratlon leader- thlp U still weak. Most, of p. R. U.'s picgram Is blocked. There chairman on the spot. But after i President Green of he A. P. of L.| had attacked the bill, O'Connor thought he would be safe In fail- inu to sign (he petition for discharge. Political reprisals against O'Con- »er In 1933 lire now threatened. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1937 Cold Water, Cold Winds Chill Two Marriages SALEM, Mass, cut')—Cold wilier nail cold winds caused two divorce suits. Mrs. Wllllnin Shea said her hus- --... j..~ b ,.,,t. ,.T iiitric ,'.,.i. i>iiiitiill rjllfs SliKI tier hUS- is danger that some of his favorite band kept, all doors and windows laws mny be repealed ami lliat OIK-II and made the house cold. may stampede ID "do M '.-;. Herbert csreba complained for biBlness" nmcli '-luU husband threw her into a mure drastic than the President bathtub fillrd with Icy water dur- IV3l)l.S it 10 do. Hut. cnce again the chief will its Sweeten it witk'Donilno for baking, ginger- .bread apples Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Slore bioi.-ked. J3at he v/as conM- dent, 11^ was sure Congress would reiilly.e the musses of voters wt-re tolilnrt him end that H would be more tmctable after stewing arovmtl a couple of weeks. lit- thought-he had tlie court ' ' " wen. Probably lie had—at lulilit.v, create u bad impression on the country anil lie virtually pin- Inn for his leadership by Hie time lift returns. Ware-Hour Selkirk Lobbyists for iliii wane-lioiu- |>j)|. fiotuljly those repre-wnting Labor's Ron-Partisan. league and O. J. O, unions, ivriilvetJ a oad •"• • ,nn> Chairman John J. O'Couner of the llouw: Rules ComiuuiXe a..- iiounced lie wouldn't sl^n Ihe pe- litlon w difitt:argc the bill from Ills i-wiunlttee, v/here 'Republican - nud southern Democratic members' had held It tight. I . O'Conner's previous promL've to do nil iji tils power 10 gel the j measure out of Ihe committee had' been cited confidently as evidence' thai the American Labor Party, which |>olle<l •Hfa.OOO votes tor laGuordla In thn rec"nii Mayor New York City election, had th» FOR CHRISTMAS Hill :ippr«la(e -i quality «s:t from our whiskey R l 10 n Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP .Maid and Division — — --- -^^••.i^ 1 1 • i i . 1 1, „ Hemorrhoids-Piles WITHOUT SURGERY & filJAHANTKKl) Salt, son and with less discomfort. All diseases and conditions of nervous origin, foot ailments and skin cancers treated and cured »t our clinic. DRS.NIES&NIES Osteopathle Physicians Phone 98 Blythetllle, Ark. 514 Main ! ltt:« some Velvet-tovfrcd. broi'!- I l>inh'tl linnner.< Hi3Xt will Urw> Ills jc:i(tls In /ii»: ^liaiw? Also scvornl I l;ni IXXVPS of transparent rtlni. n'JC- ) '-lnl Mx« and (!>• racks lo. go on IIH' b'.cV r>r Hie cl»s*!l do^r. A fc'-.v n>liu]il:ntU! gnrnient. bags in whicli -"\ ci'lio]il-.niie garment l«gs in wliicli 'C*f '" 1:ef 'l J ' lls '' olollies? Anil a '•V *r.:n;i of •.!.•'. V::-* ::.f.'. will *"\ I r .' y. on" wall of t'.'.o ricfet Natuiid ^'alniit and bright clu;o- mium maku this lamp lovtly. ln.'ine which most del!|jht youngest members of the or:: more lnterfs'.:r>i! tiinn evor 1 ii'ivtv r,re'charmint: Ui.'li; cablnei-> lr wlUch small fry can kec-i their L'lc.cLs little tools, !>.n ixld liu't- terfly wings or whatever, lor ••.! >klren v > room.i are simply sttmnlnif. One sturdy number, ui f-.l-up niapli 1 . is nu "XT-I rtplto of ,\ prawn-lip's ccmpU-u- with iimple drn'.vfr v.i'ce. iihtiiy cf - ')lrron holfts nnd so on. Also worlh <-0)is!neratlcui lire: f.::M<x> tarry Idle dr-.ipe iil f i and matching beJspiead tor n lllUe (ji'rl - ii'otn; « .(.m? 1 ! work and tool bos f ( ,r Junior 10 lr. the basement; n portsbl.- lyjio- >vrliDr table< -wit'j ilmvi-: mrii-ei f'ir Int a.splflin'; y.-,-.j ....HIM in - . .•. I j I • Hi sporls \vhlcli A new honey Jar of whit* pot terj- wllh potterj- honey bees for decoration. •X.1.;.} n (lx e for v, i• v rre* a ilcsk : tf luvnd '.ot.'!<'J i''.u«r RTiKt I i-i.iv woji't W: r oi f n »!ir;iMi- j .try nntl a lew r.fT'"nc? iji*:^ hi . .-'l''fr cor* !•' .n.'U.i d>-fk vl: it new bed ta'.'1-j Mill, a vaiul t" i-.rr drawo r , i-ivi i.iorih tcpl .' »> hold : fc fcA ;i,.^,.;^cln^s und a book as well as a Ejood reading lainyi. Boys will read lu Ixxl regardless of projxjjiandi put out by various wonlcl-b« ej-e-sav- ere, so you might as well ;iec; thai your son U cor.itc:H'bl> while! doing it, I Nursery Fisturcv j Gifts for the "viners of Die' of all 1-. ,:us id Courier News Want Ads. SPECIAL Merchants I'late Lunch HOTEL NOBLE "AVhere Hospitality 1» » Reality." A leather clock Tor n man's dciv or desk is saddle-stitched in white, lias gilt numerals. «; «—«... i«ui uBusmcrs cioset prooably makes the aunge man te a thing' of beauty, completely a« Clocks Uhtnh Ho nnt r<inlnwrv1 ^(K l,= t .i.«j- _.i...!r' hat stands "which would match clothes hatters and so en. But what have j-oii done »- yo\mg .son Wouldn't he PREPARE FOR W1NTE WE INSTALL Prestone & Ford Anti-Freeze FREE TESTING OF ... Brakes, Hose Connections, Battery, etc. OPEN DAY, NIGHT AND SUNDAY Don't Delay! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 810 PREPARE FOR WINTEl MAKE YOUR WIFE HAPPY THIS CHRISTMAS! Buy Her A Perfection Oil Range Or A Superfex Oil Heater We Carry Only the Latest Models of These Stoves In Stock HEATERS IN NEW, MODERN DESIGN T HOUSANDS of stove-heated homes now are onio/ing Ihe luxury if "direcled" heat with the HEAT- DIRECTOR, one of (he famouj SUPERFEX Oil Burning Heating Stoves made by Perfection Stove Co. Connects to flue like on ordinary stove. Burns low-«ost fuel oiL A simple turn of a dial regulate* tfie volume of hoot. No wasted fuel. No extremes of heat and cold. Several sizes, including one that can be operated as long as 46 houn at low flame on one filling of reservoir. Can be connected to ouhide fuel supply. Attractively finished tn durable two-tone brawn por. eela'm enamel. Suitable model* for homes, offices, *cnools, churches and shops. Easy terms, if desired. Htgt-Pftftr Firftcfla imatrn rangi No. THIS BEAUTY IS AN OIL RANGE a genuine PERFECTION with 5 HIGH-POWER burners —: most beantiful stove you can bay is this new X Perfection oil range. Its gleaming porcelain finish and smart modern design look well in say kitchen; The color, a dainty cream-white, will fit in with any plan of kitchen decoration. Also made with pure white porcelain finish: Brery part of the range It designed for conveniences Corners are rounded, nirfaces are smooth, and there is a removable tray beneath the burners. The full-size, "Live-Heat" oven is at convenient height. The concealed two-gallon fuel reservoir is easily tilted and removed for filling; Most important, this handsome range has five High- Power burners. These burners are famous for speed and for cleanliness that does away with sooty kettlesi High-Power precise regulation enables you to do everything from simmering to broiling ou each burner. The burners are concealed by a hinged panel which rests snugly against the lower front of the " range when opened; they work equally well with ch« range open or closed. Come in and see our display of High-Power Perfection oil stoves. Find out about this new modern range. tun No. 833, m of liftittjr-tiret Illg!>-P<!u>tr Pnftalmt. Liberal trade-in on your old stoves and easy payment plan as long as 18 months Kuy Hardware for Christmas" BARD RE CO. PHONE $2 fi I8 Years of Service and Square Dealing"

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