The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (AllK.y COURIER NEWS THE HLYTHEV1LLK COUK1EK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSIIERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE8, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising iiciiresenlalivcs: The Thounis F. Clark Co. Inc., New Yor!:, PliilBdclphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sav. Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post ollicc at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 0, 1917. Served by the United I'rcss stiiiscuii'TioN' By carrier in the city ol lilyshevlllc, lie per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mntl within a radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year. 51.50 for six montlis, 85c for three months; by mull in postal zones two lo six. inclusive, S6.50 I'.vr yetir, in sevi'n and etsht, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Will Disaster Strike. Again? Mississippi county, Arkansas, ami ils 70,000 people, constitute 0112 little p;u't of tin; United States thai oti^'hl to lie nearly 100 per cent exempt from human misery of the kind Unit lias <if- lltcte;! victims of InisinoKs ihpressioii in inihwli i;il communities over the county. Kven sitcli a ciihislrophe an last year's drouth does not furnish ailc- qitati, justification for thousands of our licople having had to depend for months upon the charity of residents of distant stales for food lo keep them alive. It is to be doubted if any corner of the earth's surface is heller adapted by virtue of soil or climate lo provide a comfortable living for its people than is -Mississippi county. We have had a drouth, and we sull'er- cd severely from its eli'eeU; there lias been a business depression, and it has affected us-; lint the fundamental reason why men and women and children have been h.ungiy in Mississippi county this winter is because we, the |):ople of this county, failed lo make real use of our resources. If, as a result of Hie difficulties we have b:cn through, \vc have learned that earning a living is a twelve months job, that a fanner cannot ho]>c, year in and year out, to support his family by the few months work required lo cultivate a patch of 1 collon, we need nol f;ar a rendition of the winter of 103031. If many of us are satisfied lo go aloiiK in the old track, hoping to make money by growing cottoii alone'instead of milking sure of a living from our land, nothing i.s more certain than that disaster will strike again. Few American workers would be sutis- lictl with llic- return which, even a i-t- InUvely well paid Russian receives for liis labors. Things linv-c "ol become HO bad here Unit even Hie most CMlllutc American wQi'kinsrnuui cannot hope for something bettor Mum is the lot of the rank and file of his fellow workers in Russia. lint the contrast between America, richest country the world lias ever known, with millions of families unable 1<J find a way to earn a living, untl war-torn, poverty stricken, semi-illiterate Russia, with every man at work and carntiiK a living, even if « poor one, i.s one that demands attention, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Embargos Ktis-jia, dbj^ctiny to American tin- bartjo.s iitfuin.-il her products—which so far are threats more; than realities—i* said to be timiiiur lo Germany and Knif- litncl to buy this thing;- slu 1 needs. This is a natural ami inevitable move. The United Slates would do the same thiujr in the same situation. There ni'o limes and occasions when national ;mbargos are jtistilied. Jlul except in war time, they arc rare. And sometimes when an embargo i.s justilied as a weapon ot dt'fuiise, it may not be wisa. An embargo on imiwrts is a two- edged sword. It cuts the other fellow; then In- retaliates. If we won't buy his goods, he won't buy our.-;. An embargo used for business strategy usually benefits a small minority at the expense of a large majoviiy. More trade with all nations, not less, is what we need. Nations grow rich by trading with each other. One tiling wrong now with international business is unnecessary trade barriers. For those who have to dress for the occasion, attending Kins George's court Is Indeed a trial. lien ophthalmologist, is able U measure Ihc contractions a! the field of vision by [lie use of the ma- clilne called the perimeter. Tints i the person who Is affected can se2, ' but. 11 Is as though he were lookln" through a rifle barrel. In n few simple, direct sentences, the professor of ophthalmology of the Medical School of Harvard University describes the essential face, In relationship to this disease. "Glaucoma If untreated." he says, "leads to blindness. Glaucoma recognized late Is exceedingly difficult to control. Glaucoma recognized early lends itself much more favorably to treatment." This disease may be treated by the use of drugs which lower liis pressure in the eye and contract ithe pupil. If seen early and treated i correctly, these drucs may enabl; I the nffectai persons to avoid up;r- 'ation .However, the condition can not he controlled by the uss of lasses. If drills do not control it, i the establishment of a new meth- ' oil of drainage by surgeiy to k-:ep the pressure in the eye psrina- nently low is an approved method of treatment. The Nallnual Society for the Pr;i vention of Blindness has a pamphlet en the subj?:i which It sells for j 20 cents. Anyone who wants ID know more about glaucoma should tend for this pamphlet to 370 Scv- enth avenue, New York City. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SH umsne THKT 70 COAWUKICATE MTU ONE AHOTHEP-, "We want (he public to know the reallv bin things our : * j !„ ,. • i: « .1 • _ i~\ , i , " . . little urfjani/alion is doing, stamp out the bootlegger." Only last week we voli'tl lo (M M WASHINGTON Fr LETTER Yd—the l.uwly Oavi-l is ():IL- s'ncato of gavel they do not suc- (liu 1'rcinicr Prize; oi th; cccd, wlic-rc vigorous and resounci- 1'rizi-s cf Hit Earth, If Vim !!.-- Mr. f'harlre H. Sli::in. Wl:o Has Listened (o Them in Many Sections of (.'undress. ing stroke, with clear determined eye Hash Iroin the teal of poiv.-r Quiets tiif disturbance, separal MADISON'S BIKTI1 On March 1C. 1751, James Miclt- fourth president of the United States, was born at Port Conway Virginia. After graduating from Princeton at the age of :i), he s'.udied law. Five ycais later he entered politics by becoming n member of the Virginia convention, and though too modest for an orator, he became one of the mos; eminent, accomplished and respected of American statesmen. As a member of the convention of 1787, which framed the Federal Constitution. Madison took complete notes in shorthand, thus producing the only record of its pro- "Inilucnra Foxtrot." is said lo be the title of the latest dunce tune. Gel hot! belligerents, and in a moment sends forward purposeful and dis- nincrl debate." ! Sloan made no 'mention of the fact, that the next, speaker might KNOWN ON1V AS CATALOG HO. N.S.C 7OOG vA\ll THAT IS'SO F/V? AWAY FKO.V, OUK_ —^^ n EARTH THAT ir 7AKES 22C> OOO VfARS fOK. LIGHT TO COME FfSOM IT fO US. FIGURED (N DISTANCE IT WO6IJ-D a£ /, 293,572, 675, OOO, OOO, 1 B/hCAS£flVtC£JMC. /^Tf B"TT5 /^TTSr CHURCH : 15v George W. Ttnrli:mi-— uirc.i. tnings I After considerable s'.ujy. Jim— that's my husband and I have about, decided that wp should inni:e an extra effort to get to cl< We decided there are three t. we must do. First, we must him'. | him. up our letters and put tluin in. I thought lliis could b? done without much trouble, but when 1 sent for the Pastor and he told me that he could r.ot. receive the letters and enroll ns as memtcrs unless we but, it seems to him that it's a po: rule that, won'- work both \v.\j But since the Preacher is in chari of the Church. ai:ci he says we ma be there, we will not argue v,-|> I've never had a cross v;o: with a Paster yet, and 1 was member ol the Church eight yea before we came here. I asked the preacher where really belonged as: we had h: here ten years and that we li Would you call n slagc star who falls to click in the movies a matinee idle? BY RODNEY UUTCHIilt NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON.—Mr. Murks II. Sloan, who was a m:ml:er .:! th? be a Demccral, as If generously 113: last Cone'ess and will p.::. t.- a caring whom his advice mlsht member ol tin 1 next, has gc;:- ba.'i benclit. home to Geneva, Neb., bu'. UD'_ . lie bad vaitten to the embassiej without telllm; Congress nil a tout, and legations ;:ers to find out . the respective merits of gave'.- i-.:ii | bells. Congressman Sloan m<uir whether their countries' . parlia menu used gavel or bsll. The re suit: bells 35, savcls eight, no in- America and Russia Of all the important nations of the world at the presnit time Russia is the only one which has no serious unemployment problem. In fact, if reports from the Soviet union are to be taken at their face value, thare is an actual labor shortage in Russia at this lime, particularly of skilled industrial workers. The fact that, in this time of depression job.< are plentiful in Russia is not likely lo result in any general emigration of unemployed Americans. Spcaking of n::n ot vision in (his il-.iy and Generation, don't foiuei the optometrists. j haustive study. He had listened to s'.rumeiu at all two. Th« gavel our letters out of the other Crmr; the first year \ve weie h.ere. V\'ht , v.'e first, came here we thought home and ask- j best lo visit with ihe c:h- ceedings and debates. In 1792 he were present, it seemed strange v> •. became the leader of the Republi- me. can party iu Congress, and wrote We got the letters from cur name the Kentucky resolutions of 17S8, ] Church by writing home and ask- . which contain the basis of the State '.ins the Pastor to send th:m, which : churches for a while before g«i Rights doctrines. i he did at once. I told the Pastor j 10 cur own Church and first m In 1809, after lie had served as i we would try and find tnem ami 'thing ana then r.iiD'.her h?p')?;i< secretary of state under Jefiersor, 'do cur best to be there Sunday, but i mid v,-p did net r:-. \-j all ot tint Madison was elected president of: so far we have not Found tte.n. 1 1 I'm still worried" ahEKit lhrs= le Uie Uniten States. In his second tokl Jim thai -the Preacher nut-it '. ters. It st-eins tc me I've road .' term Madison approved ths eslab- £iirjly be mistaken ah^.it us nol- be- i people jo::-.ina Churchc-s just b lislimcnt ot a national tank as a j ing able to iir.nci our letters in ana : fere th:-y d:«. and if that can 1 financial necessity. In i317 he re- : have cur nanu's pu! on t.jc Churcli \ dens it ioo!:s lil:; a lisalcliy perc: tncd to his home at Montpelier. i Roll without being then;. Jim sayu I ccnld send In his or her !c::cv. \Vc ' ' I gnvels not only in the 71,-t Con- I gress. but also while a mtM^r of ! the G2d, G3d. li-lth anil GJih. !!u i one star, thr Advertising loses lu elfcclivencss only when 11 comes lo the bill-bored. The best of motorists, unfortunately, often l.ske turns for the worie. Men \Uio llilnl:, says a nulcii physician, are more likely lo get sick than those who don't. We'\c noticed that motorists have been looking rather hearty of lute. Dr. Einstein, who carried back lo Germany live violins presented him as gilts, probably regrets that he didn't study the flute instead. had heard bells b.iiv^pd in iviril:'- iiientary bodies over the ",:r!.1. An:! | his last act in NVii^mii'-^cn, af'.cr |filliiiB his head full ul t:i:-ls ;LIH| i;i- Dating his lunys \vi::i oxygen, was to Into a thrihin; nibine i Senses Mco:l nf \vi, hkr | "The first in calling l-i urtor. f:r: | iiuiet. lo rise, or :i:i.i.:nrnmnil. ;r."med to partake and ivspond la j llic mood, tense, temper .Hid char- ! acler of tl:e presiding cilic^r wichi- , tut; it." declared tile gembman fron-. | Nebraska. the second. countries, he said, included: "Cuba, the tmr-cn of thp Antill?=; stripes"; "Honduras, . Va.. where he served as rector ol : University of Virginia. II uuiy have meant something else to the Indians, but lo the average woman shopper the happy hunting ground is most any department store bargain counter. ;iiiot!icr star In the central cluster' "Ireland, 'fairest Isle of the Ocean,* after centuries of bitterness, r2i! or fancied"; "MVxico, our neighbor, in her bicameral Congress, patterned after our own"; "Nicaragua, tbe wooden gavel v.-lcldn! by Sps.ik- : which finds more cITeclive control er Nicholas Lonuwcrih. 'in cur marines"; "cold, far : off Nor- Tliose were the uily ;v:.> symliDli • way, motlier .of the Vikings, with of authority he found—,'..ivcl ar.'l ( evidence that they discovered Amcr- bcll. , ica" and "Sweden, which lias sent so many sons and daughters of in- lirlliKCncc, virtue and thri America." Those Hrll-Rangcrs Ami among the b»!l-bangin linnionty are these of: "Bclijiuin. lon^- known as the cockpit ci Eunr t :e, cnre the scene at Waleiloo ant! later the theater cf the Wnrld War"; "Colombia, ci-ewnlnj the southern continent"; one of the bSE'.- he' may 'be right abiut -t. ttnt-hsjl "I'fss there is not posted on ohurch affairs, i about it. is no n=? par- OUT OUR WAY Oi-i TMAT ? TABUS c\.o'i;-'> E TUAT '•' . SAVE \MORX 1 — 1 DOMT HAPTA "Ti-V VV=\VS -Tf\8i.S - JlST POUV- CLOTM AV-OMCr, OM TABLE SAME'S A LOT OH •\MORK" FOR "While the second, t'-v metallic j '.instrument, seemed lo h:ivf its c:ic i tn:io. varying somewhat in cir.piir.- !*is bin mainly determii-.i:! by tl'.a! ; iGiiiider of (lie bell, which, strit-krn ' by child or man, clerk or states- I , man. gave tlu- same somvi and cf- I ifcci." i | Sloan rr.niparnd the i.-,« of 1"'.c i officers \\il':: Ihe ma.Mrrly hannr^v- | , ing p! I.cnoworth a:i;l Champ iCI.ivk. After ob-=erv:ii ; i-ie char- |nctoi- and inAiinev o! t! - .unalenis ;i lc n in iii-.ce-.t.iinty. is bottomed -.•e|!iibl:i-s that, cmcrg::! from kinyeiafi": "D^nmFirk, wlicsc temporal landmarks are liaiulit and Worl:l Ccuri"; "awitzerlrmd. mnunlain sirl. canyon rent an:! l.V-ie jeweiert. one of the oldest re- puljlics"—and ::o on, lii;c thai. "Cur Kavrl." proclaimed Sloan of N'i'briisi.i. in ,1 ir.agniliccnl windup. "never in jcc|»rdy bu; now an:i n-.nny years. I-..; s-aLi: pri-mior piizos oi"V.irth." Us value "Tii u-.i- ihoir <-'na:.n-i.-.- an:i r.i- cnnn.-.: b.- iiieafmed. Gi>!:l and di.i- paciiy for conivi-llin^ . :- cs"i'.-.-! laomi.s- ;irt- lo ii a,s tiros?. Us wc-i^ht roiivciition i: rp:ickly re- in radium wo-.ild no: carry it from .ven!«l. With ir.nrl in :h:-:;-e\v. lies-' hands where [his House shall :itaiu-y cf njllon. or ni.;ri-:iianiiCVJj ,Place it." Glaucoma Causes One-Third of Blindness in Middle Awl HV UK. MOKKIM I'lS ICilitcir. .lii-irnal of Ilir cci.i. tin- llr.illh Jl i'. Cilaiicoma caii.-i-f al:-.:ii oi nil of til-. 1 blin:hu •-. .- himiar.t; l-.rinss aftrr p sure -,\i:hi:i tho cye!:.i:; i»: ot siclit. eye to nourish IT w.< p i there tnkcs ivi-.o .;:> ,:s of llui.-i T;-.U is »nat glaucoma. ' If !ho ciHLr- [r,-:r. -h ,s'.0i>|;c-d u;\ ;l-.c ji:-. -- :• particulariv m il-,e i -;-, The cv.- i;C.~ hard .-;-..• l:cnt of t:-.i' fy,- -HI., clomiv. lili^ (c:::'nv.:.:-. cry case :hr ;:-.-:-:i \,: : . rCir.Cd ;;o;~? :lt ::!-.:•' t.T ;•• ] ana probably u^ 1 .? in.i:.-Ljr. Til:- sui.n-l f..:-ir. i-: i^.: 1 .' rr-lil':. :i'..:n ]:-.. :;;;.,' lion ol tl-.r <iv.'i:i,.r.i' s.--.i .ill oi i 1 . In ;'•:•• .-.r.- i:r o: N,:h: iiijo ia^cs :.':aic Ail expert physician car. !nok in- Arirric-a-i to the eye by the us: o[ Ihc o;::hal- nf lly- nicscope and dottru:inc? whether or .i/iiie i:cl the pressure his l:c,-n sufficient > "iuMhir:l tn cause n dopvr>,-ion in the optic i •.•r-m:: in norve hracl. lie- cnn al = 3 m^n.surc veins o: !i:c procure m t'.:c cyo by means ::;•!] pv.-s- of an instrument catlcrl the lonoi: ! ;sab3u'. ' n:cler, • With the drvelriiin-.cnt cf n!o t':.' Klaiirivii-. ti... |:r: f on can sec in , out. ov fr;^:il i-f h •:: ::'i:ila'.i ":i ccuitl. b;i' 1.1 v.e\\ ns he ever ... IS THE W L OF HEART'S DESIRE SPREAD bel'urc you, on Lhcso pages, are advurlise- mcnts. Take a i'e\v inonicnls, and ict ihdr words and piolun-s reveal what lii'e can hold for you, if you but choose! Longer day* of lighter la.-k? . . . aj>|)oiiiliw ills for your home oi' more deeply f-alisi'yinir eoinl'orl.. beatt- 1 I *• •< O ly, usefulin-.s^.. . devices, methods, thai >ave anxie- ly. and effort, and time . . . others that offer new economies. .. things LO delidil vou. from i'ar corn- D o ^ crs of the \vorld ... once rare aiul tabled objects that, are now within your reach . . . all lhe=e and more are in that treasure hon^e to which advertisements givx. 1 you the key. ."> a-i-1! r,n Ihj sidrs. the <l:<r.i-- propii'.^cs. vision in | sr.itlinllv narrowed, cyt' cc; willi a nn.i! b. ^ of ;:t;hl. The cx- i? fcit. . of pirn, iod: II:. 1 ' f jy ' an:: -lii.- i I r,-- < .in- ' Annnunceineutfi Ilic C<.:;.-i-:r Ncv.'s lias been .011- !!iori.:i\l :n t:wkc tho following j in;;. c:::ir •::,::!-. ainjcrt lo the will j ;;. pie -H liie municipal I 1 . '• -., ll-l.f AiM-il T - I ISo magic I'onmila. no "ojM'ii M^anir. i-ould ])ro- fit \ou ^i) \\cll as lliis kno\\" led in? of \vluil is ne\v . . • whal cnn hrin^ you jileasure, IciMirc. --criiriiy . . . what is yours lo posses! cK J'nr .M.iyor A !',. I'Allil-'lKI.U M-:iLL I! RED;o:i. 2n:i Term) \V. C. LAWLER l>r City Treasurer ' tcra)

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