The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.)" COURIER NEWS ^^^^^^^^^•'^^T^^T^"^ PAGF SEVB1 Kc.'.ls, in wjilch Iraq Alitb.s tat down ilic Tlijrh river 1» Hagdad, me nude from cwnvl sliiiw. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for coiisccu- live insertions: '.••:' Hue tlmo i>er line ,, .......... Iflp IVo times per lino per, day ...080 Three {tines per line per d.ay . .OCc •i.x limes per Uric i;cr day . . . ,05c iloiilh rale per line .......... GOc Cards of Thanks ...... 50o & 15C Minimum charge. 50c Ads ordered lor lUrco or six liiiic-s and stepped bo torn cxplia- tlou will be charged foj tlic num- ler of limes the add appeared and tijustinfiit of bill marie. All Classified Advertising copy iiibmllteil by persons residing out- ildc of the city must bo BCCOUI- , (Milled by cash. Rates may lie Mslly computed from above table. Ad vert king ordered lor Irregular takes the one time rat*. Batteries BAi7«BT SERVICE J. Ben dune Phone 8 at Tom . . .No responsibility v;llj bi> taken for more than one incorrect Inser- Hoii o( any classified ad. Business Directory Announcement 'ALADDIN' LAMP PAKTS~ (JEN 25c WINK UXIR'KE III)\V. CO. Lost about 1 tlsek war? unilo. K60 HAS. (iray r aw . Had on br!(ilo and. plcco o( rclu. U»t- in Bii! ifllff. bgttoin. jfl. l, Hawkins, Half Moon or call 39 I|i vlllc. ' We GH-o EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1041 CMckasawba flout 613 Modern Beauty Shop Moved from (ilencoc HottO lo 15 W, Main. I'hone 249, Birds Foi- Sale grown Canary f-lngcr-s. pair. Mrs. J. E. McFnll, Phone 22-ck-tl Restaurant CHOI' SUEY. Muck's next lo theater, Joincv, Ark. For Sale 1936 -Dodge Panel. delivery tiuci, - A-l. condition, $215. Phone 110. TEXACO GAS I'l'/jc Gal. .Nice Fresh HBJCLFOOT'CRAPI'IE '•' 35c and 50c COAL ... ,. . . .„ .. .„ , ) Beautiful hanc! crcelielcd bed- Delivered m ll.lythCvlUp for| spreads. Heavy, extra large. Ideal ?4.75 and up. All Coal Quar- Christmas sift, can 10 '«• sea. anteetl. HARRY BAILEY'S At the State Una Phone 5-F-i A 878. Washing, qulclt'and salistaclory 6 <|iiill-s or b|?nke(.s $1.00. Miiytag waMicr. I v»i\\ mrlvfos. Bci- Willy nrll Grocii, bclUn^ Brpwn's Ice Plant. ?0-pk-T Salesmen Wanted WANTKD: Man with car to take over vuofllaWn Rawleigli Poulr. E^labllshett omtcanprs. Must to ^atlslicd with carnt'ngs of $SQ a ivrek. tfl «M*., Write Rawlflgli'x pcpt. AK1-27-101, Meinp])Is,.Tpnn MODERNIZED COAL y Washed. Waxolizcd, Dust Treated , x 1-Vitir grades: S3 JO, $4.00, $5.00 and ?6^5 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 lor a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt. Mail orders to H. G. Me HafVey. Rt. 3. Blythcville. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. MAKE MONEY In Your Own .Business We still have a fc',v desirable niar- licts In Norllicast Arkansas where we \fill establish a coinplqtr auto .•'.ccEfsorics store witJi individual? niteiing oiir requirements. Thc.f stores ouerate on a vpiuntni-y clmin store basis, permitting the owner to^_jncet cpmpelitioii and mpko aii* excellenb-'p.ront. You c,ih bccomc-fcple-wner t*-OTie- .•••tprc.-!^ iffy- 1atiaa,j'a SSCM. • ing xilwn management j.bility ftntl markets selected. Thin •- investment i:ro\ides for cp.tnnletc stock of mer- eUandisft fixtures au<i equipment, mid a substantial working capital. Vcu rtci no.t. jiced prcvions experience ill-tins parting? type of bua- imvVF.. B.UEliicss is 'iiiiprovihgr. Frau- chiscs are going last. We inv'i'tc inquiries from intererteo partiei. Write the ?. F. QQQDRIQH qo. Jf)3 S. Pauline St., Memphis/Terni.. or R, \V. Niclml Jr., .Rcix, 70T W. Nettleton, Joncslwro, Ark, Cheap, 193C 11; ton long wheel Chevrolet truck, with high stock rack. P-ill tarpaulin cover. A-l condition. Phone 127, Blythe- villc. . O-ck-3 Streamline COAL 4 by 2 egg ..,.;.,....$6.00 per toi 6 by i lump'... $0.25 per toB Kim Trauthr^w .Phpna n Furniture Nc\v and Used Funiiturc~at Rock Boltoin Prices. WE BUY. SEU, & m\UIi'. Arian'Morris Store BARGAiNS IN Nc^r & V'seid Furiiilurc • We Bn.v . & ScH WADK I'UHNITUBK CO. JU \V. illain Phone 155 TR ADB YOUR OIJ1 SVIT IN Ufi :' A NEff OSK tiEOK«K I,. MU1I! ' Blylhe.vlllo's Only Tailor" iVr. • j\IIosv $* ,lo. W5..'. . . On IJHtlrogcj soylh of Mjlii St. Shoe Repairing lii In 'shoe inOily nmlertalo : te Kublm- Heels. £<tc Today rriiairliig Is »urkiimiitlii|). i])i. HQc « luces. Any f\uxs . . IVcc Delivery Phone 1201 II. a. Campbell ' WALLPAPER 193S patiEriw. Close prices LUMBER CO. . house' at 1500': W Ash, for sale'or trade. 8e?i J. W Maloney, Clark and] Rniboad. Sts. Standard nc-ferei>co Books. Com~ plete 10 volurne fcl Vilh Loose Leaf Binder. Call 339 or 79?. For 3 rconi ftji'nis \V. Wain.nt. apartment. 300 In ^ PRESCRIPTIONS;^ Phone 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE CHJCACiQ, lice, l.-l';iul Beir Icubtoh, aiuMtmo \vgrtd llglil- hcavywcleht crmmpion, is asking for n referee's license In Illinois, Makes Chase IM.IUeult I.OHAIN, O. (UP) -A BUimii Interrupted Miss Horn Bnblers'l Wanted Pecans Uudy & Ptndcj (•ouis III anil beg u a Lee Alotoi Sales, Jnc. I'rcstonc I!ut(rs Defroslcrn L'Oll ANY KIND OK HIGH GRADE COAL CALL K V TRY Ai' 477 VVond.e/ City Coal Co, 128 Highest I'riccs 1'uid WOIF ARIAN Main flionc IW FARM LOANS •*• |3«0 «td Vf Artaiiaii »nd Mtauart Lownl rjlt-.s—h)wr>t eriw A(S9 city sirojierlles DON H. KASSERtMAN Thomas Lund Co. Office P. O. Box 470, Phono 627. .INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BERNAT" KNITTING VAKNh Mrs. Leslie Hooper JIM Chlctasawba Plione 732 FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS Given AWa.v Until L'hrisfmiis Only a Short Ti*i«cfLeft (o Prepare for (lie STATE AUTO TEST Save Money On Auto Tarts and Accessories L ARIAN AUTO PARTS Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITE? SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Propriety AU mates ot Rcbailt .Typewriters. Adding Machines s^pfpatting—1'arte—KiObons hud Rlfhuvil ni> Jt,3upi' \vulk (ho wcods, roubcO Iheiu ot nnil let* iliclr fJicrs .-;;> won't, IK uMo i-j follow me .soon," Co !>iw;ict; AG Drs. Wert & Wert Ol'TOJlKVUISTS I'HILLUVS UHKU (?A«S 'I'OUAY Our Jco Isaacs' Bloro "HT MARK >liM SKK" I'Jionu G40 31 IV'ttl V-x Tuilev 37 .'•!i«U l l);(:;cr JWs TJON OK-WOOD TRUCKS AT BES t'HOMl'T SERVICE Phillips fe! fer I'Y.ivl V S Ul 1 miller, ((''it tir-i .'i.AI.C. J![i r;nilll!oii SAVE MONEY - lf.SI-:i> TIHfiS and 1 up A rd'd !m/ J- x; ii|> K. M. LARK1N I'lioiic USO OKI C,l I OU3 I' {' < 'I'liuc r.-ijnicnt Plan. Voiir piys rar v.lll probably iiuiko ih doivn PHONE 344 L. L RICE COAL! A,U< GRADIJS DRY KIN»t.[.\'(i "OUST 1 SEAT (he Bsed Trucks SOars Hoc 01' call' BERNARD GOOCH Exc^etlingly Economical lo Us CM'.iT. 'lives I.S3-! 1', ton C-hpv. U>ri" \\ r . H. Stnkc l)3<ly iu /-! coiidllion ...... I'himu 810 nr 81 AI,L TBU.OK8 TO PASS S'l'^'VK INSPECTION Delta Implements, COBB FUNERAL HOME Nicely • fwrnishcci bcdrootns. SteAtn heat. Innersprinjf inattress. till \V. Sgafti,"p!.ione'2.89.' "• i-ek-tf li rosm rcsirtcncc n't 1305 \V. Main. 2-ck-6 4 or 5 rooms upstairs. Plenty "or liot- vv^tor and lights furnished. 115 Sonlh Division street. l-Hk-3 5' fimii,slicd roMns.'s'lipslaire or doivnstairs.' 914 Hcarii. " ' Furnished lionse ar\ HoJIy. Call Mrs. S.- S'. Sterubsrg at" 934. . - 12-ck-tf Building oil Railroad near cniirt- h.ouijc,! . (or v,'s Will rcmoejcl "% . right parly. Phone Mrs. S. S, Sternberg at 984 before 10 a.m. - . — - 2 or 3 (m-nlsUci) ap?rtrrjcn{s reasonable. 9i4'Heani St.' "" Uoinfortjblc bath. Gcnll?jnan muLiiQiU'd llccin "niul' i»srcl o W. Ash. Mrs. H. V. Txi'Wery. Radio WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Aim) GLASS K.\i>crt Workmanship We Deliver Hlvlhcvillc Tainl & Wallpaper Co. \Vc Cut & Install Repairing Gun require." Guaranteed work. M. Pawon, 315 E. Peraonal Want (o contact 50 Rirls interrst- cd in increasing their incomes :md villin? to devote six raonlhs time to Jrarninir highly paid pro- refsion of Bcnui.y Culture. New School to open In Blvlhcville Jail- nary 1st.- Write for full details to Lester Kslicr Gipson, 515 Krewson Ave.. Joncsboro, Ari. JHAT'S A FINJE', DUMB ,— .QLJSSTION PER VOU WE'RE OUT 0' TASK! VOU KNOW THERE 'AT .• . WHATNOW? WELL, I SUPPOSE, S AS HOW WE'RE ALL HEAD1W IN TH 1 SAME PlRECTION/ ALL SOT TH' SAME IDEA" ' fPfi^™- £f-4'MX-*r.'? < ?..cO!Ml. 1533 OH WO\\MM&! -I WELL, KID, W "SAVINS SCOP OH, WEJUSr AREN'T NEEDED AMY MOKE. YOU'VE SOLP V.'IAV, -v'p PlAMMED TO GIVE YOU A HM.F INTEC.ECT 1M T .. I'D PI.ANMEP 'IO MAKE YOU MftMAGERS ., BREE7E, BUT- "\ SVP3Y OM,YOU KMOW HOW IT(S.,/ SMS'A '3Y FEET.VV VAT TIM' MOSQUITO!?? ;M "rne OLP JUNGLE so LOMG TMAT.WE- W6 ! KE RINPA, • - MOME5ICK. ' I'iionc 880 Ut S. Second Wanteci Fitly girls In enroll now for State Approved'Beauty School,to open .TKHiiary lit. Cooycr Blc!?.. Blylhc- ville. Write Lester Fisher Oipso-i, r>iq Krewsoii Ave for lull ;.detail5. Joncsboro, Ark., Kirby'a Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contain* more Oufnlne—More fr»a Thfl Rcconunfinrtcj Tratttnent for MALARIA!, CHILLS amT FEVEK swAsrp IT,«:R - AGUE FEVE« At AU Klrtj nrnj Gtoni MEN OLD AT -10; GET~PEP. New Ostrcx Tonic Tablets con-1 tain raw oyster- invigorators ~and other stimulants. One dc^o tlatls . p. %'aiuo si.OD. pi'ice . .. . 89c. Call, wite Kirby Bros. Drug Store. . YOU DOWT ajppose FRECK FAl'-ED TO SHOW UP BECAUSE HE'S (HIGH HAT? GEITIM'HIGH / DOM'T WAT, DO L BE RIDIC YOU '* r\ ii f I DL)HWO,BL1T IP 1-fE WS GETTiWG SWELL- DAWW f?UCE TO ©WELL- HEADED I GWS LIKE ATTEW- ! TIW....AUQ HE'D J GET IT HERE .' / CHAT AND ( H.Al-F THATfe A PEACH O.- A CUP THEY PLAKWED TO GIVE HIM AMD IT'S A ClUCH A WOULDWT DELIBERATELY TURW DOVAI A CUP f \ ( )/ B.J ( GOT A LOTTA « \ CUPS ' CUPS, CUPS, CUPS....THAT'S '% AU-THey KV/E53. GIVE! DOESH'T 'EVER RQURE TWAT MAYBE A.C3UY LlkES TO DRIMK TEA OUT OF A S/AUCSR.

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