The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1933 BLYTHEVD.J.B. (AKfc) COURIER NEWS Mexican Town Will Lose Its Attraction Ghosts Will Walk in Palaces of Revelry Below California ,Border. HV KliSKISE JOHNSON XKA Service Staff Corrr.jiamlent TIJUANA, Mexico.—Tiic "town t'at could come to ii'J goo:l end" is headed for the "last roundup." | Created to 11130* an cm3rg:ncy—in- i llcnal pi-oliibltlon—Tijuana, the : "Queen of Msliholes" and the "Ace I of Dives." faces Ihe prospect of' becoming ju?t another "ghost fjwn" | of t.:e west, with repeal 'of the I8ih ; amendment. ! Even now. famous blight ll-^it I !>]»ls along the dusty main "dra-j" j arc cl&ilng llielr doors f:r govj., Vk-k's Place. th= gay Midnight Pol-- l:ts. and the Blue Fox, all of which ' helped Tijuana become "the town; where anything went" in 111? zoom- • ing days of the '20's. are no mere, j There are others, but the owners ; arc trying to hang en. Return of bser started the exo:ius, n-Jich ! scon may develop jn;o a pnnic. HAKVEST OF GOLD REAPED I1V TOWN '. Time was when as many as 20.- ' 000 automobile*, carrying thre? .umis as many thirsty Americanos, j i.-osscd the Mexican border into Ti- • ezzz-. imd might lose two clubs. Therefore, th«" only wny to make his contract was to set a long dln- mond for n dub discard. He pluycd the four o( diamonds and Humped with the six of spades. He then played the ten of hearts, East covered wllh the Jack and Hie trick wus trumped Ui dummy with the five of .spndcs. The five of diamonds was returned and declarer trumped with the eight of spades. Tlicrc wns only one possible way to make the contract, nnd that was lo nnd Ensl with (he Jack of spades. So Fnln returned a small spade nnd finessed the ten In dummy, which gave him h!s two needed entry cards. He now returned a diamond and trumped with the king of spades. The small spiule wns returned nnd won in dummy with Ihe queen, and now on the nine of diamonds one o[ the losing clubs wus discarded. This play gave him four odd. Oregon Liquor Control Plan Like Canadian SAI.KM. Ore. <UI>> — Oregon's New First Lady of Nation's First City Is "Working Wife" BY JULIA RI.ANSHARD NKA Service Stiff L'urrnpondrnt NEW YORK.—New York Clly. lor the lirsl time, will have a First Lady who was a working woman. Marie Fisher La Gunrdlu was tins Major's ueuelary for 12 years before she became his wife. Through Ihe entire campaign site stood bv, spending her days at Fusion headquarters, managing his corri»|>ond- ence, and appointments, sifting out visitors, am! her evenings attending mill PS with him. As the Mayor's wile, there Is 111- tle question thai she will be as engrossed in city bus franchises, new homes lor Ihe poor, adequate relief and other Important clly maltsrs as her husband, even 'hough she doc.-, not go to the City Hall dally with him. Anyone, seelijg Ihcm together at Fusion headquarters throvgh the campaign, knows full well the emotional dependence which the little liiiuoi- control plan, recommended Maior DUts "I 10 " lier - She'* t> P=r- by ii special committee named by Governor Julius U Meier, Is modeled after the Canadian system. The plan, piobabty to Ue adopted by the state lejr.slalors. authorizes .setting up ,1 slate monopoly feet foil for his excllablc. Impetuous tcmpcr.imcnt. Through the terrific prcLfiure of Ihe campaign, she maintained nn unbelievably cheer- fill calm. She was one uf tire few | who never got rushed or excited; i for liquor of more (hniiVnoTcont 1 °" c of " ;c vcr - v fcw who nmr olcohol. It wo-jld \K sold only n, •" SIInr >«l." state Mores '.nd only In original Fewer cars will pass through barrier above, new that repsal has eliminated most of the dilference seen in crossing the Tijuana border into Mexico. . . Beer-drinking contests like that, above, left, nnd Salvation lassies inviting contributions outside liquor shops, right, will be found nearer r.oine than Tijuana, while the famous racetrack there, left, will lose part, of its charm. containers. Users would be rcqulr- d lo obtain permits. Liquor five to 14 per cent could » sold ai dius, or grocery stores, n bottle.', or sold with meals In licensed hotels and restaurants. Light, vines nnd beer could be sold at any licensed hotel, restnur- nnt or refreshment place. Western States Tournament Will Be Played at Chicago juana, 16 miles be'.ow San Diego, in a 24-hour period. STOW of a drastic investigation. racins, 40-odd saloons, gam- Fo " r men, including the Tijuana :ns by thc scores, and dance l» llcc c nicf . ««e arrested and ae- 1 Horse rt : haT! nnd"the moVe'questionableTt-! c " scd of the crime. But subsequem- ' tractions were offered. '>'• tne >' were "*«*• Millions, of Americans' dollars "Americans could reform Tijua- were spent, and the Mexico gov- ll!> - fr ° m wlthout-by staying out," , eminent reaped a golden harvest j w " 3 the p""*' «f In the nation's In taxes j press, but tmrsty, thrill-seeking vis- . ' , _,, ,„, . i'-crs from t'r.c states continued to A halcyon oasis was Tijuana fol-! t . nvel sgme cf tnem tnoU5ands or Icwh-.P. prohibition enactment in the; „ ' „ to „ " d United States and. despite mimer- ni a { the ^ rder b E ous "reform waves it prospered. N „ Fortunes were made behind the bars | juana ..,£; ^ h J" and in the gaming houses, and an j went ., endless stream of liquor flowed down the trroais of visitors by the millions. Entertainers came from all over I, . - ---the world, all intent upon show-i' end " s ' and ***. gambling g; ing the' visitors a gcod time while °!*™U>rs are leaving, taking their money. CHIME FLOURISHED Todaj/i Ontrtct Problem South has the contract for she spades. West opens the king of diamonds, whtdi- South'wlns with tUo ace. Whea b« leads the ace of spades, be finds that West holds all tlic outstanding; trump. , How should South play the hand to make bis contract? 4Q10 85 3 V AK5 J.KQG 3 (Blind) (Blind) A A K 4 2 V S 8 G 2 • A 10 U #A5 Solution in n^xt issue. Cardwell Home Burns CARDWELL, Mo.— The home of A. G. In the north part of this play would throw East in tin cad. East'won the trick with the sing and returned a small diamond, which was won In dumm; with the ace. town, was destroyed by fire Monday afternoon ; The cause of the fire is not known-, no one was at home nt the time. The fire was well under way when discovered and thc fire department was unable to save thc building and most of its contents. A few smnl\- articles of furniture were saved. She's a little bobbed-haired blonde woman with steady, frleml- y blue eyes. Her calm pels; is one of her chief charms. She has a pleasing way of talking In clear- cut, direct manner about the sub- [ect at hand. She hns that enviable efncltncy ft'hlch gets things done' so well and easily that she never seems too busy to handle something else. Her mind "clicks" with lightning rapidity, she wastes few words. But she 1ms a certain feminine softness about her that doesn't make you resent her efficiency. For 12 years she handled nil the Congressmen, senators, lobbyists labor leaders nnd private constituents who visited Congressman La Guardla's Washington office I.a Guardfa's victory smile, paljn, whenever some very Impor- hospitable Borne atmosphere. J«an ; is the daughter ot.-» friend and U scheduled tor adoption by the IA "Guard! as. ' ' .';'••*•*.* Mrs. U Quardla wears jio make- up except lipstick and powder; Her own coloring is high and'-attractive. .Her bobbed'-goldish':blonde hair Is thick and ,wavy arid, she wears it simply, parted on the' left side. It waves ne'atly across her ' head. Her taste In clothes Is quiet but excellent. She always his several . (jcoJ looking black, Satin dresses, usually unrelieved by touches of .color or costumo Jcu'dry. She wears blue a lot loo and has a preference for little hats of go;d Hue, and fine material rather than ornately'"dec- • orat:d ones. • To dale she has never had time lo dsvelop hobbles. Probably she would say that "the Major," as she calls her husband. Is hsr hobby. She looks surprised If reporters ask her whether she. can cook, r;w. keep house. "Of ccuiso," Is her answer. But", like most \vork- ng-women who have had a hand i In world ntfalrs, home routine Is not all-cngrossln?. However, one event she does enjoy particularly, 'lliat Is when Die Major has seme particular fricndj up for- Sunday night supper. Then La GuardU puts on an apron and cooks a spaghetti supper. And those who have eaten It will tell you that it Is no' wonder that Mrs. La.Guardia enjoys her husband's cooking. Kicked Wife Out of B«d tant statement was made or some decision .settled. La Quurdla would ODk around the room, spot her ind say, peremptorily, "Take It." iVhcrcvsr she was, blie would be- ;ln making short-hand notes, on a blotter, n newspaper or on the back of a letter. Her pencil seemed as much an Integral part of her gooJ right hand as her five flng'-'rs. She Is taller than her husband. But he is the boss. In fact, he orders her around in quite a definite manner, when he Is excited. It doesn't bother hrr. she knows her husband as few women ever know llielr men. The more excited lie gets, Ihe calmer she seems to become. In her home, she is the same quiet, charming, efficient little per- Her exceptionally alsrt mind, re- son. She has done nil the work markablc memory nnd very human:at times. She manages Iheir mc- friendllness were Invaluable to him. | nage with eas? and cheerfulness He often has said that wlwn IWiYou feel Ibat If she had to do all World's Richest Girl Slept in Sample Room SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. (UP) — Th3 richest girl ill the world was recently homed in the "sample" room or a local hotel. She was Miss Doris Duke, only child of thc late James B. Duke, multl-mUllonaire tobacco king. MlM Duke came here recently lor I lie California-University of Boulter:: California luciuuii game. Because of Ihe crowd In town for t'.ie game, the slim, blue-eyed girl drew the "sample" room. She will receive the fortune left by her father at New York on her 21sl birthday, Nov. 23. The cslate h estimnled at from S50.W»,000 to $83,000,000. married her he had to get two eec- the work, wash and make theu- . BOSTON (UP) —Maurice Doyle rclarles to lake her place and "to-,little five-year-old daughter Jean's Thedforcl's -|ls serving six months In Jail be-1 gelhcr they weren't us good as Ma-' clothes, she would get-it all out of BLACK-DRAUGHT *| cause he kicked his wife, Eileen, rle." . the way so you'd never see lhe«, ' 7* "ivnuuMA lout of bed. At the time Doyle was • • • wheels of the household BO round When the y need a .Fnm had lost two heart tricks'sentenced, he was on probation. I l>rln(? the heat of the cam- but would Just enjoy the warm.I It does Its work SO well. As the famous old bars, gambling o.ens, and dance halls close their doors. t!:e scarlet women, the br-- ^ame ving" | The glamour long since has left. I Secretary, American Brirtce ,^u-. On a recent Saturday night, Ti- ' I have just returned from Chi- juanas main "drag" could' have cago. after completing arrange- Naturally enough, numerous crim- I" 68 " used as an auto speedway. It: ments for a western states champ- inals made the town t::eir Tiang- : v ' ss nc3erted - Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNEY UNDER BLIND "LAW" 'out. anl on more occasions than' one "The Weekly Rounder," Tijuana's only newspaper, told of a visitor who had won at the blackjack table or at chuck-a-luck and then had been beaten and robbed. j Sometimes l:.c town's movie-1 like policemen, with their peart- ^ handled revolvers and curling mus-' iaches. made arrests and some-1 times they didn't. | Before the Tijuana Jockey Club track was dismantled in 1929. bet- \ ting operators handled millions ^1 American dollars, and race track followers from all over the land • made it their seasonal rendezvous. • During t're season of 1926. the track paid out $1.016.675 in prize 5"o said, and was us:n» a pastenm- FURTHER GUT II COT OPERATING 'Con'hiurd from Pa°c One) i ionship bridge tournament of the ' American Bridge League to be held I in that city. It was in Chicago ! that the American Bridge League I held its first national champion- I ! ship tournament, but for several j • years most of the national activ- j ities have been in the east, i Novr once again western players will have the opportunity to! compete in a major tournament j in their own section of the country. Members of the team that wns to represent the Auction Bridge Club of Chicago in the Vandcr- bilt match at New York each gave me an interesling hand—the first of which I am presenting today. This hand was played by Ban There are 6 types : J J. of home-grown tobaccos that are best for cigarettes money, a race record v.-hich ' still ed milk label on milk nX property feam bT^ogntod^as "one 'o? ik the talk of the fraternity. i prepared. He said annoimcenieni chicaen'<: outstandinE nlavers 4 U was at Tijuana, too. that Jolly cf grades at this time woiilo nroh- ^asqs _ outstanding players. "Cephas, in 1925. ran the mile and ably mean th; ruin of this Qairy- Feven-clghths in tnree minutes. 16 man. 4-5 seconds for a new world's rec-' The milk inspector said thar crd. many dairymen seemed to hav n tne r.KUKSOME TRAGEDY idea that because they bad rnid ? IS STAIN OX NAME city license they were entitled I- Tragerty and comedy nihisled in s -l! milk, oven without a permit i thci? days when Tijuana was fa- [r om the inspector. j moiis for the reign cf the "purple: Mayor Sliane tcld Stonyu he' [;cdrirs5 b:loveci of Bacchus." One wanted the ordinances enforce.-i or tragedy, in particular, stands out repealed, the council agreed, and from hundreds of others rcc:unted Shonyo promised to actually begin from time to time In t:.c nation's operation under the ordinances, newspapers. _ subjects of much controversy in the It was an incident which ere- P s st, next week. The mayor added ated a tremendous stir all over the that dairies Insisting on paying thc land, and whicli resulted in the license fee befcre receiving permits. United states government closing would likely nnd their money gone ' border gates Into Tijuana between .and still be unable to sell milk in sunset and sunrise. | 'he city. ! The cpiscde occurred in Febrit- The city attorney was Instructed. ary. 1020. From their home in San ' to inform owners of tnree build- D! eso, came T.-omas Pcteet, his in?s on Main street that unless > wife, and his two grown daughters.: t'wy razed the structures the city' 4Q10T »42 • A3 65 4 4532 Duplicate—E. and \V. Vul. Opening lead— If G. South West \oifh >jist Pass Pass I A Pass 2 » Pass J 4 Pass A Pass P;i£3 Pass BRIGHT TOBACCOS V. S. Types U, 12, 13, H, BURLEY TOBACCO U. S. Type 31. SOUTHERN MARYLAND TOBACCO U. S. Type 32. . U. S. Type 11 is produced in the Piedmont Belt of Virginia and p;irt of North Carolina. U. S. Type 12 is produced in eastern North Carolina. U. S. Type 13 grows in South Carolina. U. S. Type 14 is produced mostly in southern Georgia— a few million pounds in northern Florida and Alabama. U. S. Type 31. includes what is called White Burley tobacco. Ft was first produced by George Webb in 1864. It is light in color and body, and is milder than the Burley used for pipes. U. S. Type 32, Maryland tobacco, is noted for its "burn". In this respect Maryland excels most other tobaccos. . These arc the kinds of home-grown tobaccos used for making Chesterfield Cigarettes. Then Chesterfield adds aromatic Turkish tobacco to give just the right seasoning or spice. Chesterfield ages these tobaccos for 30 months — 2]4 years — to make sure that they are milder and taste better. The Tlay I -- — ..,., b —«,...—... . — .. ..... V1VJ East's opening lead was the six; for a night of merry-making In thc ! would be compelled to condemn the of hearls, which West won with ! border resort. Peleet and his fam- buildings. the ace and returned a small club. | Ily visited tile saloons and dance Financial statements and reports Declarer playing thc queen. East halls, drank and entered -.vhcle- > ° r commissioners of the several im- refused to win the first club trick, hearted!v into uo mighty orgy of provcment districts in Ihe city are h °P in S to get his partner In again the town. • being received in good shape, the M ' na ' ne could make two clubs. A day or two later, in the Pe-' council was advised. Several re- filn in tne North returned the tee! home in sm Diego all four' l>~ rt s were exhibited for Inspection <luc<>r< - of hearts, as he Knew that I members cf the family were found i dead. Tnomas Pcteet left a note! ., .. , ,, . saying that his daughters !-ad been ! flOSflltal !\nfft __^ outraged in Tijuana, and that the I I A Yield quicker to Children's Colds ^'.^k Viplri nnieker to ^M'J^* m ° re lha " lhc famll yi Patients admitted to thc Blythe- tould bear. PLEA TO SHUN F VICE UNHEEBED Mexican authorities made a great ville hospital: Mrs. C. A. Jolllff, Deering. Mo.; Mrs. G. A. Nunnel- lec. Osceola: Mrs. James Smith and baby, Lcachvllle, double action of Old folks, young folks —thousands of them say they prefer Ttlaees Ktinf leld at auction in a Stuthern naritl. « ISJJ. Ucwt * Mnu TOKW C' (^hesterfield the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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