The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 6
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PAGB SIX OF CENTER JUMP 10 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 ConUi <'hicks Stop Him? Basketball To Have Greatest And Fastest Season Experts Say BV JERRY BRONDFIKI.D NBA Service Sports Writer NEW YORK. Dec. 2.—Although on? of the craziest football campaigns now Is a part if the record .book; the winter sports fan doesn't have to worry about suffering a kt-down In his sporting entertainment. The 1937-38 hoop season, soon to be off to an Impatient start,, f K ould be the fastest and sharpest 1 ever placed on the hardwoods. This prediction Is based principally on the elimination of the centei jump. Ccaches, critics, and combatants Hie nation o\er agree that this most radical rule change In year-, v 111 do more toward speeding up u r at already was a very fast game than anything else ever attempted, 1 he"premium ou height no long-' ci mil be as great. Tlie worry, connected with controlling the tip-! of \er> conveniently hits been' erased, since the toss-up will be:' used only at the beginning of the ' aunie - and > at the start of the seeomMialf. j Height, of course, still will be u desirable factor for rebound work off the bnnkbonids anil In working 1 Ihe ball down-court. .There's not getting uwaj from thai. But the i s(»ed) 'lutrnshoolm nev-} will get their btir break, i THURSDAY, DKCRMBRR 2, 1937 Chickasaws Select All-Opponents Team 'll><! iiitttiifcr.ti'd mid untied f?)i>iliev!!lr> ClilctoiMiws have •)ic!:td at) AII-C!>i>:wnls learn "or if,.'!7 eanjiOA-ed cf tlie fol- ou'lni jj'ayiTs: D. l v l!)o,v iQrcfnTood) and Hicce (lU.iic) end!:; Dreher iJi.ntf.l!t.??.i aixl Sdme (Hope) Uielilts; cnx nForrest city) nut t.usco iGroemvoixl) guards; Voun? iNorlh I ink' Hock) ceii- (.>•; Sjiilih <!!&t Springs!, quur- Icrback; HniUonc <Cireemvcod) mil Duckworth (North Ultle f<ork> Imlvrs; Alexander 'Jcnmfcorn) fiillliiiet:. Rat lies Scores Again The Dope Bucket By J. T. Friend . pint-sized plajer on the ueiicli— albeit regretfully—In order to'.use a center just two sizes smaller moic homo -sapiens. There's no doubt that basketball has been and still is coining along Mid ] TJlc ; tlla11 from the lion cliur rule i^nlnst. posi-scason games of the Arkansas .Ultlctlc /Visooiiitlcn ISOIIIL- ivnndcr how phu- Bluir got permission for its post season gaini 1 for the "nnlionnl championship' 'with Dayton, O., several years 1130 nncl hop; Hie'ilana nil-slur rjntuc and. similar tills \verc ever singed) prevented the undefeated and nn- •Irrt Blylliovllle Chlcknsaws from telling a chnncc to slop the mns; piibllclml lilfili sclioc! football slur in the country—Bill De Correvont j Bill, pictured above yetting n few jKilnU-rs from Ilic oujccl, of his «[- j fectlous, Dorothy Lagorio. is the standout member of the Austin hUjli team of Chicago thnl will play n temn, yet to be named since tne Chicks couldn't ncccpt,'In Memphis. Tenn.. Dec. H. anv otlier game played In America—including our erenl imtionnl game of baseball. Through the eftorts.. of Ned Irish, energetic promoter of the tage_5port at Madluni Square Garden, the best collegiate fiycs in the ,country are brought to New York to perform before crowds of 15,100 and more The .1937-38 season is expected to be bigger than ever. Among tlie outstanding college clubs that will appear before basketball-minded Broadwajites are California, Notre Dame, Southern Methodist, Van- derbllt, Illinois Minnesota, N. Y. U, Long, Island and Manhattan. Eastern fans, however, will miss the oppoitunity of seeing one of the finest quintets In the country in action Sanfoid, shaping up once, again as the best club on the west;coast and the strongest threat for national honors, will not return this jear. Hoopers Whoop Unlil Mid-March Leading the Indians once again is liamc Luiselti, the rangy forward who probably is the finest offensive player in the country. ''nil. Is expected to have his great- 'st season ami reign as Pacific Coast scoring champion for the :hird consecutive year. Number two choice for nationwide recognition Is Notre Dnme. ilic Irish undertake a 23-Rame icr.cclule. meeting the toughest, ompetition in the midwest, but ihe presence of eagle-eyed Johnny iloir in the;lineup, backtti up by ?«ul Novak, star center, is enough uiclens • for another really great ".cam. : K's full steam ahead from now until HID middle of March and many an official Who got nloiigj In fine .s'.^ape a year ago, is wondering if he'll have the speed to >:c=i! up with the gume in 1H37-38. Two In Vitmil.v Apart (17 Years CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (UP) Logan Arnold, 7-!. of Eldon, Mo., ami his sister. Mrs. N. J. Brown, C,4. or Cape Givardcau, lived :n cities less than 100 miles apart but had not seen each other for 01 years. A recent visit of Arnold's to Capo Girardcra reunited them. FOREIGN FLASH Box Office Favorite c HOUZONTAL 1 Pictured screen star. 11 To require. 13 Regions. H Helpers. IE Russian mountain. 17 To insert. IS Genus ot mollusks. 19 Sky phenomena. 21 Arranged in layers. 23 Toward. 24 Automaton. 28 Spring festival 53 land right. 32 Was indebted. 54 Strict. M Pertaining to. 55 Fissure. »1r. 56 She radiates 34 Beneath. •• health. 39 Unit of elec- 57 She is an trlcal current accomplished 3» Therefore. and .S? Noting the singer. d»te. VERTICAL 4* Griddle cakes. 1 Withered. 48 Card game. 2 Opposed to 49 Weird. cold. Aiuwer to Previous Fiiizle 3 Unoccupied. 4 Den. 5 Sea eagles. 6 Affirmative. 7 Chinese money. 8 Fortune. 9 Sanskrit, dialect. 10 Legal claim U Norse mythology. ^—^. 12 This child has 50 To soak flax. slarred in 52 Gibbon. films. 15 She is a high star. 20 Opposed to in. '22Ratitc bird. 25 To have. 26 Cot. 27 Poem. 2DTo undermine. 30 Golf device. 31 To sin, 35 Portuguese coin, 36 To rise. 37 Cow's call. 30 Part of a molding. 40 Arabian. 41 Balsam. 42 Bird's home. 43 To obtain. 44 Courtesy title, 45 Dcmlgodclcss ' of fate. 46 Narrative poem. 47 identical 48 Because. Tij)ton Named By Unilcrl Press On Tlvird Star Team Nnllve.s of Guam consider bats i great food doltcacy. Jimmy Tipton of B)yt!iev«l& :inir,r tackle on tile University or I •.iitoma'i; undefeated and untied "liimxm Tide,'was named at right' i<:!:le on the United Press' all- .muiicr. third team, it was rc- r/»l«! yesterday. TK-lon liad played at center and' IK! before coming into Ills own ill' tackle berth this season. He Is ne o! (ho lightest players to hold "f,:i n tackJe berth. In recent .'(;.!':; :it Alabama. SCHEDULE—The Inside dope on! DIP prrwuKClive schedule for-ilie, 1!)3U football season vlll be ulmlj tonight at the Chlcknsaw Ath-| Idle. Oli'l) inrMllivr, . . . The time !.< 7.'30 niul the place is Ihe Hose Room cf the I lot/I Noble. . . Su- I'trintondcnt William D. McChu 1 -] tin nnd Ifml Cach Joe Dildy have! bf'Hi invited lo furnish Ihe known [acts ulimit next year's opponents! . '. . They chilli be able, I linve' hcut iiif'Tincd. to revenl wliuti Hie dinners ;irc lo meet both Pliwi Bluif and Little Rock. . . They may even be nblc to tell when and''Jiff Buttles is the Icaiiins ground-gainer of the national Lea»uu, whirr. . . several other inaltev Sj , m . no march to a touchdown ever pleased the Washington Hed- , c!aJ Appeal spoils slaff. iin honored iniesl. Chickasaw A. C. To Hold Meeting Tonight The Chici:a5jw Athletic club viJl meet n<. the Holel Noble to- i.'^lit at. 7:30 o'clock to make ,!ans for the annual banquet hon- riu? members of this year's nn- rifeuied and milled Blylliei'lllc ;hick!\5av: squad. Rr-nd Courier News Want Ads. * PRESTONc * AHTI-FREEIE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Slock 1'rompt Service To Al! Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Z't Hour Service Cull G.'ili am on lo,> for Imuicdlole Jtop^il |\. , ™ lln '" " :i> " cnuo ™ cvei ' P"""."^ »'« Washiugton Red- notnUv plans for the annum ai-! ns Uallback nen 'V ns much as hk march to the altar with pretty umnl bantiuet. •. . The idea start- ^''""'y Kaulmn of Lakewood, O. Miss Koufman became Battles' ed last year. . . Conch "Shorty" bride after the former West Virginia Wesloynn "--liir pitched n ''e^l ^W^ C! : Um . V | mn ^j_ ™ ^ j" tlie^exp^e of the Cleveland Ram, Mniim, n member o( Ihe Commsr-i "" " nl30i Hlltso ". forward pass specinlisLi, ] _-, , •ylng on v.-ilh the Oreen KllfjHorQ IllllOf ickcrs. . . He. recently -,MIS j -"iiiiU-erb ^11161 Barnyard Bully wns forward cnrryi Uny Pa mimed on the All-America pro | tonm. . . Difriii<f"fhe season he sell n new Hcord for passes caught niul yardage netted. . . Lcc, one cf tin; best tackles rvcr turned out nt. Alnbunin. started tile sea- , son with Brooklyn but was traded ) to the Packers in the middle of I tlie senson. . . !n the oil season! .- „. Lee is a hcnvyireisht- wrestler anci i Springs and Hope, it was not our n ' 50 " c(s as tlie third man un> privilege to see any of the other craisions. • • They were on their [ down slate trams under fire. . . wa >' to Memphis to complele plans Tlie situation was a little better fr: ' tllc All-star p-o game on Dae, this section, but even then 18lu in tlle B1 » n ' CHy- • . An i'l HBHES UHDERUIERR IS HIV UllllD-SHIELDi OMITTED—Although not op- lioscti to the Idea, but rather hero-lily in furor of the custom, «c did not nltrmpl lo pick an ail-stitte team, not even a select group fix-in the Northeast Arkansas tciTitcry. for the simple reu- son that we did not trel equipped with tlie necessary information. . With the exception of Hot In this section, there were several teams who iscapc dus. . . But in looking </>er Hie lists of those sports writers who did wish to get out on n limb one player was omitted .. .....v um. jji.ij tL «<i,i uLiiKitjii '-II- riinj-uu null nit: [ llrely,' both on the all-state and all-stars' lineup. N. F. selections, mid who, in oiitt humble opinion, should tmvi; bct'ii L | riven n_t least some recognition. SinkcV Takes HlS Lead LO Clllvill Mfv^ili; - _ _ We refer lo Calvin known as ."Ifickcrnut !hc' of Oldo Bini, Italian uike racing slur, losl no lime in preparing for the six-day scfinrrely-whirl which opens at Madison Souare Garden Nov. 28. Urni is shown astride his improvised mount just after arriving in New York. lipsv Drtvltic Up lo llnclors j UTICA. N. Y. (UP)—Inability of' municipal nuthwltu.s to convict screens charged with driving while j intoxicated has resulted in an order by the Utlca Police Depart-' r.ient that a dot-tor's decision in' writing vi-111 be ncccsjuiy to obtain » warrant on such ;\ charge. othei'^isr Head" . . . Not evccptln = clever Vniie Wilson of North Hi: Kock, or Charley LUKCO Greenwood. Moody outplayed cry linesman in front ol him this year, barring none . . . Perhaps (lie only reason lie did fall io make the grade was due to his luck of that something dcscribsrl- as "color" . . . But tnkc it from those f who were unfortunate to be opposite him lie is one' toughest guys to move. . . Thoy lell me he is all elbows and knees' ... If we were to have picked n district team (lie name of C. Moody, left guard, would deco- mtc it. * • « ViSlTOKS-Conch Jo; Dildy lind two distinguished visitors yesterday. . . They were Don Hutson and Bill Lee, former team- males of Dildy. . . They were two good reasons why 'Bama dominated the Southeastern Con- Icrencc while they were in school . . . Htil.son, best known as tlie iccclvcr in the firm of Howell & "• v - his shoe. Charles Sinkcy. who lost J. C. EVANS Box 604 Blythcvlllc, Ark. Ulslrict Manager HAMILTON" TRUST FUND Sponsored By Hamlllon Depositors Corp. ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITYI LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Lift Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOLA, ARK. •tar tenm will fncs the Chicago Hears in what Is expected to baj one of the greatest exhibitions i tvoi- staged in the South . itfon and Lee will be in"-tins, T Weight Uver 10 DYERSBURG. Tenn..'Dec. 2.-~ Discovered using a lead weight in WHEN Old Man Winter get« going in high gear, you'll be glad you chitted into H^NESl Mister, here's a union-suit that's really velvety soft and warm inside— from your neck alt the way to your ankles! Notice how HANES snuggles up to your skin . . . takes the knock out of your knees . . . and the chatter out of your teeth. This is the Heavyweight Champion! But there's more than protection and warmth in HANES. You get plenty of freedom too —room to bend, twist, itretch, and reach without any binding or clutching! That's what full, J honest size does. Theie »uiti \ fit your trunk-length ai well asthewidthofyourchestSBut- • tons, buttonholes, cuffs, and scams sewed for good mileage. Sec your HANES Dealer today. ' A ne«by dealer ha> HANES Union-Suit., Jl ,,p . . . Shirt. and Drawers from 75e . . . Buya' Unlcm-Suil», 75c . . . Mcrri- chitd Slrcptrs, 79c. Al«o WINTER SETS (Iht neu> ihirlt ,nj knit iriorii iUvttrated at right} 5Sc to 1 75c mich. P. H. H«n« Kniltins Co., SVin>tnr,-S.Um, Nofll. Carolina. THE ANTI-FREfiZE UNDERWEAR • FOR MtN -A'MD *o vs •I,. • • . ;' v/as losing loo • ~ -^ - •••*« -~*» o^^i.iuiu(; iiu v/ui> losing 100 to Najeeb Rnbban last week when I m any birds in barnyard, fights, used u pair of wire pliers, was disqualified again and the tout awarded to Rabban. Rnbban protested, when Sinkcy began kicking him with the shoe and tlie heavy weapon was discovered when the gr.ipplcr was form! to pull off De shoe. Henry Davis, Concord, Calif.', poultry rancher, invented the metal "blinder," shown above, to attach to ific beaks of his more pugilistic roosters. Wenr- ing the gadgets, birds can eat but can't fight because they arc unable to see straight ahead. A Complete Line of HANES UNDERWEAR JOE ISAACS. Inc. T.W.Samuels Full ICO Pr<x>. r E? -1) »--3 M EMORIES come crowding fast on occasions like this. To reminisce over T. W. Samuels . . . that's b«r! the tr.ulition /or many generations. Its aroma, mellowness and robustness have made /it die called-for whiskey on memorable occasions, since 1S-M. livery drop of T. W. SimueU u Ji-.uHcJ jnJ botdcJ ai ihcT. \V. Samuels Distillery. For 93 ycar<, iSamitds has stiptrviscd ill distillation. Arkansas Distributor Moon I>is<rihutiti K Company—l.itllc Kock [T.W.Ssrnuels . KENTUCKY •STRftrdHt, BOUR&ON O Every street d.maodj a gritty, non-skid jurfice , J fortheproKctionofmotoristsandpedestrians. : /} -skid jurfice estrians. At night you need a pavement with high risibility. 6 0 Safety also calls for i navemem that is free from chuck holes, ruts and bumps : •. •. and st»ys that way with minimum maintenance. O You want a pavement that drains quickly : 1 1' that i$ easily cleaned and stays clean ; t ; no depressions to catch din. ® Youwant»pavcmemthatrnakesth«wholentigh. borhood look modern, prosperous, attractive. Concrete .;. . *nd only concrete ; ; ; completely meets all of these specifications. CONCRETE tSTHf BflU IOW-COST , fic/«i!f« Sain XeprMtnraNrii, CHARLES F. HIlltD, IMC,, For complete fnvemnitf<Kts ttritt * *' 1 PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1-112 Sfndtc»te Trust Bldg., St. touli, Mo. :j

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