The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 5
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THURSDAY,. DECEMBER 2, .EHllEltRIIIS Latest Locomotive Larger Than Entire First Streamlined Train BY CHARLES F. A. MANN' NKA Snrvlre Special Correspondent CHICAGO, Dec. 1.—The world's largest Diesel electric locomotive, which will oulyull any steam pas- Miiljer locomotfvn in (he world, i:> Just, betas completed here by Die Electromotive Corporate! for' the Chicago and Northwestern-Union Pacific railroads, • Tills monster of the rails has MOO horsepower,' nine times tiie ' ixnver of Hie curliest streamlined (ruins. The locomotive Is 210 feel long, five feet longer than Die entire early streamlined train Including two cars, which was (lie ).ist word only three years ago. Christened "City of Los AnL'Clcs," this huge rolllnis power plant scon ••vill be Joined by a sister locomotive, "City of San Francisco." Tiieye giants, which arc unlike niiylhliig yet, built, arc viqiec'ted to pull from 14 to la cars at a H>actl cf 135 miles ail hour, or J-iil them up heavy mountain grades at 45 miles an liour. Homed In Three Units Inside the sleek, streamlined exteriors with their stainless steel trim, are six giant SOOrhorsepdwer Diesel engines, housed in three "unit?" or complete car section r.lectric power generated by thes- Diesels in turn operate 12 450- liorsepo\vei- electric motors geared to i;-.c wheels. The new train;; operate like I Hew York's famous subway trains U<>y tlie "multiple unit control •£>s!3m. The engineer sits in Ills wjihohtcrcd. shatterproof - glassed compartment and, controls the "entire operation of "(he train with three small levers. His comfortable "pilot house,'' atop the 'first of the three "locomotive units," has a telephone system connecting his teat with the mall-baggage clerk, the brakemen scattered throughout Ue train, and the conductor. Tho engineer has an automatic windshield wiper, sun visors,' defroster, foot-warmer, and easily visible controls and gauges lor each, of Uie Diesel engines'hi liis Ions locomotive 1 . JLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.): COURIER -NEWS Locomotive Bigger Than First Streamlined Train Newest regent of the rolls, the Diesel-electric locomotive shown in th« top picture 1= being completed- hvChic. w Y cv all three '••milts- is part ot one locomolhT. Two'rootors lii ench .mli generate 050 horsepower apiece, ami (Heir MCO lior.cWer 'is nine I \w~ ,,- much . a, ,-as ccnuincd ,u the early Mreamliners. Fnrn, f r with B le W .)» of 2,0 feel. t) ,e new master Is, Ion , t! f „ r ' pioneer .streamliner Acwn in (ho lower )>icluro, u, B i,ic, tagger, section, passenger caw and nlj Held In Killing train going ico inilcs psr hour, can be safely brought to r, dead Glop In n little over a Irnlf mllr. When ItM "City ol Los Angeles" J-'acl Made From Mud m India KARACHI, India (UP)—A.proc- tor producing fuel from .mK.I Kwler on Kyes, Too LONDON, Dec. I.-Ben Fporci, i heavyweight fighter, to professional rugby, and its lAvin. tr,c "Cltv of Biin llas b «n patented by H. Green- "31,, ! c " <« !> r offssl««al ru B by. Frui^'-'roar past the. puffing "^..Karachi induslrt.IW. ; lie *™\ ^...fSl ESi ^ " ltl0 " new steam glnnts out in the western country, the world will have proposes to found' a vast new 1'.)- flustry en the mud \vhich Is found nil moro rlaniliiii than boxliig. Horned Toadi Declared Not Native Tejapi PAGE F1V* load, hopping along through rock* mid cncll. is ««c«pt«l by uq»t Ttaans as 4 native of the Votie Slur St«te. But .William 8. Rlnoh- lon of Washington told-* wom»l>'a i-litb liero that the tt|)t|l« was broiiBht to T«xas Irpju Mwlco to cl u farn\ of red «n(8. , '• Br. Gideon Llneeum. of XJtichloo, some land in Tew« wilt wd aaU were about to take toe pl*«, Ktnohjoft fatd, Pf, Vtygnia wUUt on a medical and bot*aip«i *xpe-i Piiliadfiijiia dllion Jito e«ntf»l Mexico nw Un'^he ' ' ' horned totd) (kvourlng anbi nid pire oth«r cr»w I log ' ins«u. , "Th«, doctor (fathered hundreds o( the lurdy toads and Brought them back to Texan,'' Klnchlot s»(d. "it not only solved his ant problem but those o' surrounding lft»dowii?r», b«*u*j the toads b«- B»n. rnuHlplyhig aiit) soon scattered to all " long a >Ur.p«t«iM;wtUi'.tto U^vUu, re-enters League'.a» aa um- oe«t tprl&tr, • , '. NOTICE Notic^ is hereby given (Hat the Stockholders M e? e t {t\ % of the Mississippi County Building and Loan Association will be held ;»t (he office of the Secretary in the Kernels Bank & Trust Company on Monday, January Third, At 4 .'00 P.M. B. A, LYNCH, , - -,- , ..... , „ ......... seen the first Diesel locomotives '" inexhaustible quantities mil lo tc rated more powerful llmn' alc| U> the «ras:t from Karachi, to ! the steam Iron Horse thnt has Bombay. This particular Wncl of ' ruled the mils for 110 years '"'"' '" '"" " r ---- ' '' ------------- srurt is lull of ccnil-dccomposed iv; of seaweed. Village lacks Republican RCSWELL. O. (UP). - Election ofTfciul>> my there arc not enough Republicans in this village of 250 to fill the three Republican vacancies on the election board. Only! two can be found.'Another will he I imported. ' a PHONE 103 € FOR 'PETE'THE PLUMBER _ .,— ...j *w.>.v/((tvti ( t; f , UJiCUKi) CaCll piece cf ajpparatus, reads all the gauges, and keeps his chief in the "pilot house" informed by phone of every phase of its operation. Safest Ever Built The two locomotives will rim KM rniles with a u-car train [without stopping for fuel or water •;•. trunk iine alarm system, "dead- r'" . .I, - autoniHtic train stop telc- control—all njji erapbfs impulses from a main cwitnhbaard, make this giant 450- to:i locomotive the safest and most easay operated railroad locomotive ever bull!.. .In addition to all these clabo- rats control systems, (lit; engineer has a reeular vlmtlc signal system from all parts of the 'train racve ore two headligdts. 'one Fhiiics straight irp. wftli a finger of strong light nashing a nll i e )liglj in the sty against the clouds Another flashes' its beam five miles straight ahead. ' Emergency' Lighting System Ihcve are two whistle auu i wo bells. The huge rounded -nose" Is steel reinforced and curved so as o wilhstaiid any shoe* due to Wiling an object. Three huge storage bailen' sets aippiy electric current for KtartiiK- Hie main Diesels, with a mere I of one button ni; 0 car They also supply bghlmg power for the sic- 1 Jial sj-stenis, another safety" device'I Each of lls 36 wheels ]; as iwa ' complete sets of double-width to-Bfca shoes^-12 brakes lu all- 1 operate! by. /our air cylinders on' c.-.cli of the six six-wheeled tracks i A water pump forces cool «»(<,',•' aiiiGt each ^hecl whcii dcscend- 1.01:3 mountain grades, so'tiic Ilie coroner's Jury cVrewning, inyestlsatcd .,.,,.., . : - -old ?{aricy Oleni), wjhosc body' was found in a mmlholc. and after ten weeks, arrested Mary K. O'Connor, abovo, student at. Iminaculatji' College, Merchantville. ,N,' J. Miss O'Connor is reported to have confessed striking the child and dumping the body In. the mire." brake shoes won't melt under the terrific heal, generated. The locomotive, with a H-car Your pharmacist will „.. _,„„ that liie chances arc that your, rheumatism, neuritis or sciatica is caused or aggravated by excess uric acid or olher circulating poisons. That being the case, lie can also, tell you that one swift and safe prescription Is Allcnni—often the terrible paiii and agony are gone in ^B, lio.urs—ask any livt rt tug gist in America, for 8 ounces prescription Alldiru. Cosls about 83 cents. WANTED Junk Auto Tires an<! Tabes HENRY IOEERQ HERESSYOURCHAHC '$897°" BUY ONE OF THESE REPOSSESSED CARS FOR THE BALANCE DUE im OHKVROLET MasterTOIVI, Sedan. Real clean car, good tires' CHEVROLET Master Coach. Hot valor heater. Tires like new, '(»«««0» Mo.tor A-l G.M.C. Pick-up Truck. , and nitiK like ne\v. New tires 19J17 niKVROLET fick-np'Trurk. Driven onlv •t.OOO Mites. This is'a real buy . Easy G.M.A.C. .Payment |>!an UTTLE CHE9SOLET CO. Ol'BN NKJHTS & SUNDAYS' Dec. 2 to IMh, Special Cash'VUK!'Carry 'Prices'!' On Everything^-Servico or Delivery. I'rfces Slightly higher Pork Shi. Roast. Ib. 17!/ 2 c Beef. Stew ib. 10c, Bw'c- less 15c Thick Rib iicef, Ib .^15c Pure Pork Sausage Ib. lli.c Mixed Sausage, ib: ... .8c Spare Ribs or I'ig Tails, Ib. ........ ....'..17'/ 2 c Dressed 'Key. Hens Ih v!f8c DrosHed Fey. I'Vyers Ib ii2c Sliced Bacon, Krey, !b 2Sc Reg, Ib. . ----- ..... 20c Sug. Cured liacon Siiuaras, Pound .......... . . 1 5c Salt Meal, Best I6c; Boil, Ib lOc Fresh Pork Side Meat. Dressway Flour, 21 !bs Gitaranteeij He a (, -|g |fe s . ...... 151. SO Chocolate Cherry Candy, Pound ........... .22e Assort. Cho'latcK, Ib 17'VjC Mixed Candies, ib . . . . lOc Toilet Tissue, 3 for . .13? Bropijis. values 19c Sf 25>c Bath Powder & Puff lOc Rubbing Alcohol, pt. Me GN Beann, 10 Ibs ....3!)c Evap. Pcacheti or Apples, Pound ......... . .Ifle Sujw, Pare ii fine, (0 Pounds . ........ ..5,>c CofTee, Fresh, 2 Ibs. Popcorn, a )bs i'aper S.hcll P«can.s, J Shor«cn,it>g, •! Jfcs 8 Ibs. ......... '.. Meal Salt, UK) Ibs. Rershcy's Cocoa, Ib. Cut Asparagus .... " 25c 15c lie .S7c Sugar Cure Salt, 10 !b 34c Motor Oil,- 2 gals. ....83c Campbell's Pork & Beans, c?»n . ...... 6t'/jc Campbell's Tomato Juice, 50 Of ...... '..' ..... 19c S\TUU, Penick, Gal. . . 51c Peanut Butter, pt. ...1% quart ............ 21c Syrup, Sunny CJold, can Se Eggs, guaranteed fresh, . Pure Lard Ib '! Ibs. -UK", S Ibs. :.97c Uiack Pepper, </ t Ib stc; Ib ........... ..... I7c Shorts \T/ L protein $1.20 24'T Dairy Feed ....?l.B5 US'.' Dairy Feed ..?1.45 Grapefruit se'less, do/ 35e Meal, fcv cream -'t ib ^J7c Costal White, 2-1 Ibs "..'....... S5c (iuuraRlccd satisfaction. (S Ibs. ....31.05 Grupejiiicc. pi !5c Canoya Salad Press- Rite !'nce Coffee, J.b 2 1'ridc Corn, can ..'Jc Green i'cas, can, 9c 1'ifklcs, sour or diH,! Hominy Igc :i>cj Pot. Meat .,...2'/jc Super 1 Suds ....7'/»c Date; «: !\ut Hrearl, Brains, tail cart 12'/ 2 c Tomatoes ^ ws, Ib Me Table Peaches, I Ib can ____ il Sunshine, it's good S. R. 21 Ibs .!..'..'.6?c '18 1'otinds §1.:J5 Cocoaniit.s ...AVic Applet, Igc 4c liC-ttUCC If .Oranges, tloz 12Vic : Celery, Igc. ..7'/ 2 c ('arrots Potatoes, 10 Ibs. for Cauliflower ...,15c Sweet Potatoes, Ib ...2 y,c l-'ccans, 10 Ibs 05c Onions, Jb 'lc Bell Peppers, Ib lOc Ripe -Tomatoes, Pound ...... 10c iie 234. Ill E. main in Biyt.ievillc. \y c Deliver Quality Mdsc. at Klghl Prices Kverj' Pay 1,, u, 5 H' tc! . OUT TflgY GO! ! ! Lots of fi no seasonal ^ m tq .^^ „„ b<fore u k ; (he new things we have received for tfce Holiday rush So we're inviting vrmto a Pre-Haliday CLBAN-UP! Huvry in rig^ aUy becilse the & ffi aJ J«,Jl ccmplete a»,l assortrnents are somewhat broh^. The 'values, however, will be% tig as the children's eyes on Christmas rnqming. ' ' "* 4 'Ualhcvclt: Jfickcts Trent mid ' fcack par.els 1 Pile fabric' In bliick irey.- jlyper front, all Only nt Penney's ycii will find suits o( llils qunltty for Trices Show No Slct'cy! Men's Topcoats $7.53 /- Thn ilsshetl prices of these teats spell cxtrgj ^^I^^H^KBI Men's Mellon Jackets S1.27 Zipper front, nl! K'OO!.- only iCT's ot thk low price. in Save j" Boys' Ml leather. 13 inches hlgli, •I^CK 2 to 5''.!r, coinpo soles. Canvas Gloves Se pr« i/ Heavy ifcijlil.- Hcmembcr TOSI «rc safe from seconds al ' -lien' Work Shoes $1.27 t?c, all leather, ?anco slzos. I'riccs Slashed! Men's Heavy pocket 50c pr» v.-eight. full cut, Prices Slashed On CHILDREN'S COATS S(zps 2 to 16. 'All wool m,v tq'tqls In live season,'* cst colors and Elyl; grouped, (nto. U/'o groujig. $3.33 $4.33 I'ricos Show No l\|ercy! Bed Ticking IScyd. - . ( hnlr proof in bluo and vviilto stripes. ' ...... A« Wool SHOW SUITS ? to ». Oiw and two piece mortis \ylth' pl ? lc) tronti an.rt fqncy ' $2,89 $3.88 TOT'S COATS Boys' Topcoats Caps to Match $3,88 Elics 1 to C. Double hrenst- cd, fancy backs, all wool, fancy checks. Drastic Reductions! Japanese Scatter RUGS In a wide variety of pa> tans »r\d colors, new plaid effects. 37c Hand Honked (W H«nk^ tt«a |[ ( Knitting Yarn 13cea. Assorted new (all colors, first served. . Flannel 12cyd. Strides, plaids floralj, ' Sport Goats The eorly Copper will get these Cojits, be hern (Od, arch sup- snug hee'ls. Lades' Silk Hose sizes, >"=%«.? „.,,„ „. Curtaias 37« CoSortuI doW«d runic.?, solid marquisette; bodies'.' ': Canadian . hahd hooktd col- ton rugs, !an?<! site. $1.23 PENNEY'S J- C. PENNKY COMl'ANV, Inc. Slashed! : _.r. Ladies' Shoes $1 ft, Kids, i)«w ityles, Ua nol miss these. ' " trmtnrlng JBsSi.B 8 MAE,' the only wl_-Clyde McCoy pbylnj "Soiar Everything- for your entertainment and comfort. Last Time Today . A| ? q « daring exottq Qaiuci^e, tap dapc- tn, cflmics, ^ PEOFLE ft. On the Screen 'High, Wide and Handsome with Iren« Dunne & Ran. dolph Scott Contliiijpiij Showing—Shevn giatt 2:00 p.m.; J:15 p.m., and 8:43 jun. ThrtB cOEipJcto .hows dailf. Admission till 5i09 p>w, Children I8o, Adults 41« (^ Incladed). Adnttahjn tfttr $:OQ pan. cbiUren Z6t; Adults He (ta* included). Friday -Pal ArttilU ArfmHtca for Price of I toso selected »hort "Copenbagea," Itfaiinee 10c * 2flc Admlsslori Night 16c & 3«c ROXY AirotoiOD Alw»n 10o * »« Show every nlfbt. Matinees trt- Saturday $ Sunday Uiuy. y ^ Sunday Matinee* «UrJ 8»inr4»y ConttauoM stowlnj from" i "to U:39 p>w- shows start 7:M. p.m. Last Tines Today PAL NIGHT! adult* otottled tn the price . tt me. 4 AII American with Scott CoH«n <t Patricia Fart Friday - Saturday TOM KERNE in 'Where Trails Divide' "G-Man" of 41ys ^»nsf torn Ketne p|ays a ntiv mlt— int. lie's Vtm'Uie'unf ii'ljtbif cowboy who jlvq yon THRILLS. Also cartoon & serial "Kadlo.Pa- l!? 1 .: 1 * Coiitipno«» shcwinj rfsy. • >

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