The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1935
Page 3
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Homes and Business Houses in Blylhevillc Receive Improvements Remodeling lias become quits HIP vogue In Blythcvlllt! mm a mim- lisr of homes are being attractively Improved. Several business house 1 ; are ulso receiving improvements. .'Hie Lloyd V. wise home on Ciilcknsawbn avenue Is ijeinsj remodeled with' Die living room enlarged to include one-limit of the former front, porch. Another feature p/ Die )lvi«g room will l)c u fire place. The kitchen u being modernized will) built-in fixtures and the entire house is being redecorated. . W. M. Scruggs' i,ome on North Broadway has a new attached Bnrage, a tap room and a summer liouse. The new addition opens on Iiis Ic/ely garden, which is admired by all of Blyllievllle. The original kitchen was converted into a tap roolti and a. new kitchen made 1 which has all modem conveniences. The entire house was redecorated on the interior. Robinson's Pharmacy, on Main St., operated by Dr. Finley 1 A, Robinson and Marvin Robinson, has been making improvements which include some new fixtures. O. C. Hawks, who recently purchased a building on East Main street from a loan company, through the Thomas Land Co., is having a new concrete floor laid ana other repairs made. Miss Elisc • Moore is having her duplex apartment on West Walnut street painted on the outside. Among the rural improvements is the v.wk on tlie Dr. c. H. Mason home near Tyler, Ma. Dr. Mason is having insulation board installed before papering. --"•!!.? y ° 111 Q W| *. Apartment Cottage Washable Papers Available for Walls Waterproof, wallpaper that can be washed with soap and water is reported by interior decorators to be boosting sales of this material' Advantages of a washable wall co.WMlns.'flfe.o&vrfous.. r °r the nnth- . room, kitchen and playroom, nut' motion picture theaters Have dls covered' its value for lobbies hall ways, and rest rooms, while churches also linve found it sult- "artors CSPM " llIy r °'' tllBir SMial Use of this type of wallpaper is not confined, however, to places • where washabfllty i s a prime consideration. It is available in many attractive patterns, and Its long life make its an economical Investment for g enc,al use in le home, theater, church, or else-, SL-COND FLOOR RAN Asks for Woman Interest in Better Housing Plan Here a a tiny cottage with the quaint charm and air of a bit of old England, yd providing the accommodations ami convenience of a 'modern, small apartment. Low and squat, with informal lines and a sweepin" brown roof, it has the "rooted to the soil" appearance so often missed in very small houses or ' cottages. • •'•• ; In constructing a house of this character the appearance of newness, mayi be avoided by softening lnt!:edgcsinnd angles and by .judicious restraint in the use'of the square and plumb line, such conceits as a slightly sagging ridgepole and . the massive Irregular chimney.. further |]ie effect of antiquity. Weathered colors of woodwork and exterior wnlh nre ilso helpful. Tile sheltered entrance door at :he side of the chimney lends directly into the living room, with «s low casement windows and great fireplace of mellow-toned bricks. Adjoining Ibis Is the compact kitchen, in which a small dininff nook- is provided. "Modernize Main St." Pledge of Merchants Every mercluint on the main slrrrt of Mansfield. I.H., has signed on ngrfomem to modernize (lie front of his building us n menus of stimulating interest in ||u> nct- (••r Housing Campaign In ihnl cllv I he local bank approved four 6| lie six applications for tons »n Die lirst, day of the drive mid •s eoiislderiim the other two. cm". lests have been institute,! i n (ll[ , Mliools mid clubs and rell|.|nus SI-BUI* m-e m - ni>e iH K HMtenLs. i is s| caking pi-OBi-iims to further P"> olze the movemwil, M, s . "fills population is 3,357. Durk Walls Siiseeslr.l home home owners lire reiKntwl I" f<ivflrl,, K « ,1,.,-k color for >Z t '•IK the walls behind their bnok- slielvcs. This lemls to reduce u,, contrast between the color or e Hooks ami the back wall, U , „ minces (he mmttracllvc j™ of rows of book,' or jinint on before (he previous coat ^ii ' y ',ifr"° " ll ° ° f ( "'- v ""5 wrlns v.llh dlflerent points, with (he ventilndori of (he place where the pointing is belns done, mid with (lie humidity of the nlmosphere Winnow Die conditions, bo nb- sohitely sure flint the previous coat ol paint is thoroughly dry iWore Miii-lliii; with the next coat, IHile Uiislglilly Dcvlt-fs The londency today \$ to cover «)> "II inedmnfcitl devices, Impor- (o comfort, but unsightly, i the ccllnr, hiMitntlng bourd enn b used to partition O ir wiislt basli |»nd coal bins, while a (jmird mn < out of fireproof wallboard nioun the iK'iitlng system.keeps ditM froi hlterinn ihraiiBli the house. Hutl alors can be covered over wit proleciois and used us wlndo will* o:- book shelves. In the ,u tic the ui;ly fiumowork can b covered und homey rooms crente by covei-liij. over the .studs wit insulating board. looks of (lie room und lighten the work of the housewife. »t siiinllpox In the United compared with <U,noo Alton- I'jilnt to Dry One or the bosl common tnke.s nf nmatuur home they pin Hie next mts- The nppeannice of a dining vow Is usually ureiitly |.|ilmuc»d bv coi ncr cupboards, iicslitcs suflenb h,i lues ,,f die room, these cui Uoiirds nre convenient for siorh Mlvmviu-c and dishes. Cupbour, s. upour, In tbe kitchen, too, improv,. tl Stairs lead to (he bedroom and bath on the second floor. Closel.s and a. linen prcss are i ucke(1 under the eaves, in the bedroom is n small fireplace, ready to lend cheer at night upon retiring or in the , morning dressinn- time. " Many small families might find this n comfortable and ample home. Should they be embarrassed by their inability to enter- lain, or find themselves • in the dilemma, of the old woman who lived .in a .shoe, then the cottage might be enlarged by an addition as their.needs dictate, without destroying its clmrm. Many compositions found in Old World cottages are the result of their growth • through the ' years. 'Much domestic architecture can thank the old habit of add ing-to "-for 'its present balance' of form" aiid line. - . ' '•:',;,: Furniture chosen in the same small scale may ns comfortable and, charming as the house's cxlerior. Simplicity Is the keynote—unpretentious, plain chairs and tables, inexpensive rugs and carj»ts, but one set of cottage curtains, to let plenty of light into nil rooms, mirrors to reflect color -and create a feeling of spaciousness. , : Color is even more important in, this little house than in large ones. Use it to blend with the lisft, ^t -windows, in delicate tints on walls and coiling to Increase the -room's apparent size, on sofa and in couch covers to make those articles less - conspicuous. In floor covering to afford neutral background. The ' most satisfactory results are achieved at lcast- s cpst; b'y : making"'a' color scheme or'p]an ;befcrc furnishings are -bought-.' '• ". .'• -'_:'. '. Economy Hint Considerable • expense can be e saved during construction when ft in H, r> i. " "'« " c ""r Housing Program of o, ta >? ] " Onslng M"'nWm- qS«. p- , e "? m[m of Mrs - An »' 1 nr fh S C ' rart)SOU - assoc "' tc '""or of the Woman's Home Companion Oie admlnutrntion in Wasl'lnmon' America has become shabby" Ma M^£ " <iS °! 1 S "" Cd Ul R " ce "' l fcr'nt Ib ' h " athetiral 'v fndlf- icront to its since 1925 Milhons. financially able , 0 rcwfr' Jim morternizc their homes 'arr teu,, w u wm fnl i lo pteK Ev ,« ri : time .1 Home owner says 7 rtnn't w«nt to nut a, lv money' into the Place until times are better- n manuracture of NrlMln^mW" inls and rt mechanic cntra<-cd in "lilMtn.; Industries surfer" <M, 'm P< i a ", Women wil! '"^ into Ws moclcfiilzntion drive beraiise it vill <lo more than ™rf™ pranosed by the- pnvernn ™t ™ rpdiKC unemployment," • _- to Join the bathroom kitchen on the some floor separating them by a partition: This makes for economy in "ex pendittires for materials and j a - Morlcrnizc Kitchen mzlng an old and Incfli- tchen win sa ve many , m . necessary steps daily and convert an unattractive Wlclicn .into a , airy and charming one where It is a pleasure to work. ."'. Roofs Program , wef, S °, " S '° hc 'P n« us well ns homes ancJ one of .ot-proof. walhcr-proof and 1, W ly nrn-iwbtani roofs S ho,ni be one of yoitr first investment? T.ef Us Give You A Free Rsd'mafe On BUILDING A HOME HRICK - - STONE STUCCO - - FRAME H.C.HALSELL HOG W. Ash FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. IN3UKANCE DKPT. IT'S Spring is everywhere! Get Ready for it! > . - . . ,'',"' Repair your screens so you won't have a single mosquito bite,' fix those porch steps that sag, give the house a new dress of paint, make your rooms coo wnh new wall paper and liven up that hot kitchen with new paint. ' i We have all kinds of building sup- pnes of highest quality at best prices. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY. Jesse Webb Lumber Co. "The Poor Man j s Friend" Phone 275 W. Main at Cotton-Belt Streamline Conve PLUS * 5 .TE»R PROTECT.OI. OH THE HERMETIC/ILLT-SEHED UNIT F°R OKU 55, INCLUDED IN THE PRICE •FOR THE AVEKAGK FNOOME-l'rircs -il I Ins store nre .set. ' ' » E1 7»«-|"-AN-THK-AVKRAG*: house- mid furnishing „„. a i wilys ., vll i|, lMv Here, priced l» stiil your income. OUR STORE_i s now t ,,nvenionllv ,,„,! iillritcdyel.v iirraujjed, im<I yo'u will mid many ticms (hut yon w ill need. OMDKRS-JNcw, alfn.divo-prketl l,e K in- "i'iK al W.7t>, for (he (wo jiasscnjrcr. I'ORCH & LAWN PURNITURK-Stnniv dni-alilc and iillraclive—(ii-ited a '( S!) !)•! for M Tnhlc, Scdi-e, Chair and Rnclu-r. YOU \VTI.I, i.'INI) miiuy ifoins ,»r inU-resl. KVPI-V Diiy A Snlcs' Day Charles S. Lemons Household RJKNmJKK Modcrafelv YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO MODERNIZE IN 1935 Itonuise cosls will ndvanrc'us business improves.' ^oti can affnnl I,, have your work clone at today's low prices. UNCLE SAM made lh e funds available al low iiiiCTcsi rate. The First Sfcp is (o find oi.l |, mv much (he desired improvements will i-osl. Call us—We'll irivc you an estimate! *" Home Improvement Headquarters E.C.ROBINSON __li| 'TO, there were 023.1 cases Trouble Free Roofing Saves You Money AH I. tiH,ml l-hijiii you i-nnr ln,t onc« with WU1,K- "IDK. 11 is li-nnlilc-frec mid litsUiiff. ]''«>r any type of farm liiii! ( |iii K — where von wnnl Ion* service nl tow c «,.sl, it i» Uin ona eS " '"« »"'l »"«l farmer* know «n,l "tep^l VOU CAN HNANCK A NEW MIJ iiooi'TiiiioiJfiir THK HIA LOAN IM,AN THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. ['HONK .10 . *******^^ c h{] - cj «aiy way. Thi. Compleie .Pairilin 3 ..p u tfit will help you !' Thij'is our oiler lo help you hive a >riKnier home; 10 lell you .ilioui ilie altsc in pjinis, varnislics and cnjm. Is; abnui GliiUen Jjp-A-I..ic, H, |KI . in and oilier fjmous products; about new color plans for bathrooms, cnchens and li>ing rooms-for urniwrc an.f walls— mside the lome and outside. With (his outfit you will know how' 10 paim, varnish or enamel. Y'ou will know ilie latest colors; the quick way to ha\e clean, new looking furniture; the besi way to make °\" ™ r °' n linoleum look beautiful. All ot this is yours for a very small Jura. COMPUTE OUTFIT INCLUDED A Detachable l/andle to lift quart cans and smaller siies, without a imcar on your fingers. Made of (wlishcd steel wire. SomcthinR yuuvc always wanted! A handle you on lake off'or put on quickly jnd easily. ;. , A UooMci that'Veils how'eo pjim RCJ.1 the easy way co apply enamels .Minis and varnishes, you'.wilt (in J ;lns Booklet mcercjling arid full of mformaiion and helpful dccoratin* ideas. . ' * An \yf inch Brush wifh quality black bristles set in rubber. A I'aini Paddle for slirring paint- aliuys handy and useful. GET YOUR OUTFIT NOW Sign ihc .loiipon^bfing il jo ,hj Ciliddon beakr. Your Complete I'ainiing Ouif,t is waiiing for'you and much informilion tbi, y OU neeJ Clip ihc roupon now—Jo il nelorc you forgci. City OUT » c ^,^ , ..... ,....,, u nlj One 01T,r to. Family. AJuIisOnly ........... ' Oner cjplm In 2 wc?k» JACK FINLEY ROBINSON WKSTINOHOIISK LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO We -Do Tge Re^t ••it •, • LUMBER 100 ABKANSAS ; I East Arkansas Builders Supply 204 N. Second Sf. Phone 29

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