The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.), COURIER NEWS Social Calendar fcvfcrt fB uQumy i-eueriuiun of n«uu£ an uuy incei- ; nere, city luui^umu, iJ. ;v. K. jucciiiii wun Mrs. Jah'its mil, .' ou \>m Business V/ circle First Bamiso cnurcn niieiing at cluuui, t V M iiia. t>atil • Grimes having. Bl&ie stno> or i/nris[, j ad pin. {fiio raui iiULKtns jr. Having VVeuntsci^ jdimy; uub it'ipiiuw I'liie /lit tjiio inectlny at7noiel Noule, j:il) a.m. sunouij »' l rt meeting LU tcnco), i P M ^ inunoi;rtX"S EVENTS Mrs. ixussc-ii f innlps ntu'm£ the Tnuiiday ijuncneon cuto. ]wio.-\YetK anuye CHIO inectinu \viln Mrs. 11. H. iiouciniis. Xieeurig 01 Mississippi county Bapiis: iramint uiuon IK Kei-unu JbSjiust cnuicn, Y:.JV, MIS. i<j. u. iufiidiu having Thursday linage CHID, Country ciuu jiu>'mn "Dcjn-cs- blun i-Muy," o i'. M, tare. j. £rmst iiasson having Thursday uontracl ciuu. biuie Tneaicr [irc-suriiins "Let Usv tic Gay" ac uuxy tm-.Uer, tt l'~M , "Jewish Aid meeting with Mrs, Milton btemoerg, t, t> »i \vcd- nifsfla} , I r-RIUAYS EVCN1S> .Woman's lic-moerauu cluu meeting at hotel Noole, u;3u a.m. i •ulmwdoa ucmeicry association ineeuni,' with Mrs. Xj. W. Mumns, -Ub K M •bodies lilble class, First Melh- gai'ot cnurcn, meciinc with MVS. \V A ttuckmon, I Ju pm American Lcywii HiKuuiy inecl- ing .11 legion fmt 2 M 1>. ivl. JiAToitUAi'S" KV£N'tt} Children^ 01 uonlcucracy meeting with Elan); Anocrsoii. ivtini.ii ChaikM iuij, J P. Hoi-. Jarid, \vhii Goodman, Dixie Craw- lorn and Ruey a. Jones liiivnig linage hmcneon Ht American U:- t,ion hut Morris-Baker ' ' Announcement : has been made ol tne marriage </i Miss Emnia .u-iizaaeth Baker, 01 tins city, (u Mr, bcivie uan Monb jr.; mso 01 nerc. Tnc weaning was solemnized lauith -M, ut G'aiutlicrsvlllc. with me Kev M 11 u.unnaii, pastor uj the Memccu&t unnui peyionn-, ing me ring scivlcd in \ne ciiurcn, 1 ! _ihe num. woie :i IIOC.K or iia'vy blTie roiign crepe witn ncccssoriti in the same rsimciu imd her tor- taije was 01 wyeev ueas ana bauy bnath Ifieir nltendants >\ere AIlss Ma'- bei Pondren and -Mr. uanel Ltins- foid j Tne. bride.': Is..a Graduate of Die Lake Citj high scnool and later attended Arkansas Stntc colicse at Jonesboro bne «ab in tiaming at the st Bemnid hospitnl 01 Jonescoro beiore comma to the Bljthevine hospital unerc sue completed hei imrsirig toiiiij. Hie is tnc daugntei at Ivlr imd Mrs O A Bakt-i 01 Lake Cit>. Mr Morris, \shq 14 me sou 01 Ilr ana Mrs BeiUe Carl Morris, pf here, attended the city schools He is connected with the Rita theater. nost here and those 'having ijucst caroi ic.ijiij new hui ure ntviitu 10 ii'm-nu' ii pariy mis evening m me hut. There will be various amusements including diniciliB iuW earns and reiresmnciHs will uc served. Country Club JiaiKM Couponed 'me "jji!|i|i>M>iun Party" planned by me counciy cnio 101 'luursaay 'ti'euuig mis wen postponed uuu, 1'riuay evening' because of uic Lmiu Tnearer play, 'ihe i.fnur will DC irom 8 umij ; J1 p, m. Celebrates IJirllulay Mnriyn Crawiuru, who was seven years old Saturday, had Iti Iriends us her guests inui ai<eraoon /or u birtndoy party at the 'iiomc 01 ner iwrcius, ivir. mid Mrs. t'. j. Ornwiorcl, U7 ii, Cherry. '"Her mmivrous tames ice cream inn birthday I-JKC ivt're Si-ivea. Miiluxliit ^Voincn Meet Tne ; \Voniniis Mlulonary Society ol uic l-ii-st Mcthouist, uintrcii nice'' flionany aia-riiuon in meir ie«iuar uu.'inc-ss mceunii in me cuurun 'mere were ji pivsont. ivirs. A. u! liaiey lea the uvvciuuiini. nn-n, u. L'. oniiin gitvc me study course «n "uriiintHiii in /inicricon Lne." Tne- intuiMg U f (| lc Delphian Mne Arts emu i ms been iiosiuuntu until April iv u ocallse yl umcss among; me proaiiim memucts. BiKintts « r iijiicn'b Club ultc 1 ; ODiecis For. V car, Mrs; j, G. Panics was re-slcctcri liri-siiiciit". ot uiu liiisincM ami ''K"WsiO]iiif:-'-\voi!icn:s citip in 'i nieemig-"iiij^ tyc/iihii.Ri J,u Uol[ iiotel./ Otllo«6il(ccrs named were- ftirn. .Gununtl Moryiui,^ nrst vice- presldtnt; AIIS. n. .£• Wiliiiiehnm, octonil VICU-IDCSIIIMH; MISS Ater- tinrct; Muore,- secretary; Mrs" J L,. Nc*soii), trciisiirei-; iviiss Thelnw Weils,;;; .coirespoiidln'i;,' secretary; Mrs. b. i B. Sternbei'sf, parliamcn- inrlHii. .- •. . •, . , , American L«eion Members, Gucsli, to Hare a Part) Members ol the American Legion BAKING POWDER Same price today as 44 years ago 25'annecc to ni tat Baking P.wder. MltUONS-bf ObUNOS MAVJ 'tttH USiO «T. ou».GOVERNMENT ' Individual Instruction In 2. Secretarial Work 'At Hookkecping 4. Accdifnling 5. AH Clerical Enrol! any tjay— Ml courses EMJIA LATIMCB, Jlgr. Cape Girardeau Business College CAPE GIRAKDEAU, AIO, j ., liislnllntlon service- 'which iollo\v- i-d a dinner at which Mrs. Unrncs was hostess. .;' • 'The .25 present, 'ivhlclt iiiclmleil Mrs. ten Alexander, U'liciiville, Aliss Kntliryn Grcur, and Mrs. U M. limnetic, us Bticsts and iiiie/'ncw member, Allss Imogenc Mo^;in ; <)icnril Mrs. r >BurHctlc five ii-.deUiil^a-, Report 6f the Opportunity school, sponsored by the group. • .which 15 n PEHA project. Mrs. Bnnictte now has 25 pupils between the n^cs 01 17 and 61) who are uclnj; ylven complete business courses without any cost, .except lor supplies. .Tins wiu> sinned liut fun. Miss Orcar played several plnno numbers during tlic lour coursB ulnner served at small tables. TIJC flub colors, gr«ti and sold, were cilectlvcty used In the decorations Mill tupcrs as centerpieces for tlie tables. Mrs. Barnes wus presented a yiH from the dim In appreciation lor lier work during the past year. Bit* of News .Mostly fl- O. Caudlll, Jame« B. OUrk rr '' Mrs. John Buchanan, who Is ill, is tjiighuy Improved today, islrs. n. h, i<o't-uer is in tic her nomc on nhs. Aiiu.j McUlice and daughter, iJCtty jL-utiitnic, ol iMriib'u«iU, arc KUCSUS 01 mr. aiui MIS. v. i^. >Qx:r. MIS, IvtcUMCU lilld IvIlS. onyuur arc sisters. MISS 'uoris uuugias Is returning to Uunway \Vcaiu'.s<iay, wncic sue iuu-nu.s cuilcge, naer sficiidinti me spinig hoiuitiys V.'KII ner piucnu*, Mr. mid Mrs. 1'raim L;. Doagias. U. b. uraluion returned louay to C'ouway, v.'iicrc ne nuenus itciiurix conete, liner being ui home lor t nulldays. ilrs. juiui o. Hell, of Pensncoin, Fla., is tnc aucsi 01 \ir. ana ivire, C. tl. hall lur u WCCK. Upon ner return nome WedncsHay wie win DC ucconipanlcd ' 10 Mempins uy wi-s. null. Miss iviinnic Bell' Scott Is a |m- tlent, ui me Memphis liapusi hos- incul. 'rue condition of Robert. B. Lcc Kliiff, wno has been mucany nl at, me niempnis Baptisi nospiuu sim;e lie niuierwcnt it major operation Fricmy, is sllantly iinprur- cd today, ilrucc Piiltereon is n patient, at Ilia Memphis Melhmllsl nos]>nin. Mrs. K is. I.'DX, who has been ill Irom an HtucK of iipiiendiculs since 1'rlday, is now mucn bciicr. Ann liuctiannn, dnugntcr of Mr. und Mrs. John Uuchanan, spent ihc weekend ai I'lai Luke us me .iiesl 01 Tiichna Joliiison. .Amoiig those in 'Memphis 'yei- tcrday for the play'"Mary of Scot- l«iid" were: Afmcs Pal O'Uryant.l Osceola Society ~ Personal Harry Ray Brooks, jr., Is improving after a serious 'Illness of spinal meningitis. Mrs. Joe Gontz Is neriously 111 at her home on Chestnut street Mr. and MJB. Joe Young are spending today in Memphis. Carl Bauer and Miss Tlllic Stegcr, both of Missouri, were married at the courthouse Frlriiy night by the Rev. E. u Cole Ralph O. Rortgcrs, of Brlckey Ark., mid Miss Julia Curlls of Haynes, Ark., were married at the home of L. D. Masscy Friday night by the Rev. E, R. cole. There was a number of frleniD,' and relatives present. .:"• • * * . : Mmes. Brnxton Bragg, Charlie Hose, James Driver, Charles Low- ranee, Frank Williams, Lan Wll- llnms, Snow Wilson, c. B. Driver, Ben Butler, Fred Taylor, Jr., j. B. Bornm and Guy Bryant,' of Osccola, Mrs. Sharon, of Wllsoit, nntl Mrs. Jack Uzzcll, of Grider, attended the sliow "Mary, Queen of Scots" hi Memphis Monday nfterhooii. The W. M. U. ladies had their monthly business meeting at the Baptist, church monday/ Mrs. Walter linniiincl outlined plans for hos))ltal day, which is to be observed April 20, when n luncheon .will be served at one o'clock at Mrs. Ada Butler's home. Mein- bers will bring gifts for the state Baptist hospital in Little Rock. Delegates for the annual state meeting at" Tort Smith, April JO to 11, were elected. They are; Mmes. John Andrew Edrlngton, P. E. Tompklns, E. H, Stephen's, R. II. Jones and E. L. Cole. , • Mrs, Albert .Qloscoe, treasurer, gave a report, on the • offering for home missions, which amount^ ed to,fe30'.20. • iff Courier News.Want Ads pays County Club Women Will Convene Here Tonio^row Mildred pdwards, Jolumie nosey, put!) Fowler/ pearl McCortnlck; ' Members of wpmcn'B throuehoiit Mississippi county who intend uic meeting ot the county lederatlon here tomorrow will henr two widely known Arkansas women aiwtisB laws aliccting women uim children and win listen to report., wi at'coinp/ishrnents ot the iiast year. Mta Oussle Haynlc, of Little Rock, assimajit, nitoi'iicy general HIIU lormcny state 'president, ol me iiUBlncs.'i aim 1'roicbsionai Women s clttDs, and Mrs. : unt> harper 01 Clitic i HOCK, director 01 me jti- vcnnc, dcpartniciit. of AvtiiniSiis, win uc the principal speakers ai a imieneon to DC neid ai tnc wu- inun's la o'clock. -. Tins program win -open with firoiip maguiM led by Mrs. I'aiii i, Tipton. iwrs. o,.t. 'Gnugdr win give me jnvocatloh, Mmes. au.weil rurr, mil U -fipion am ucorao M. Lee will sine, Mrs. *'. 1>. JK- cobs, or urider unii Memphis, will reati nil. original poem, uuu there .will be .ft. song composed uy MITJ. . s. ;Driver/ of Osceoia., 'I'n emurnmg'.gcNilon Is. to begin ul u:'Ja O'CLOCH with registrutlon at tne city uuuitorium. mrs. 'KUSSCH 'Fair will lead tiie group sitifiinj uc ID o'ciofK and win ne IWMW- eu ay tnc pledge to the Hag, led uy Mrs. Howard Proctor, stato prty- luent of the Amerlcttn Legion auxiliary. Mayor uecn onant win Kivte tne adnreKs 01 welcome and Mil John w. Earingion, of osbcoia, president or the Forrcsl.Olty District 01 women s CUIDS,' wm. brhif ereetiuys irom thai iurgaiiizatiun. MISS uurothy^ Kobmsoii, uacnvinu, .win sing -ay the Bend of Hit rtlver, , • Mrs. S. S, Slernberg, president' 01 the county group, win preside nt 'tins meeting. • : . In the iiuernoon session, to be presided over uy Mrs. b. M. HOQ- tes, of Osccola, beginning at I:JO o'ciocic, trte ciub collea will nu read by Mrs. a. L. uindteli, Os- ccoia, past president, of thu i<or- rest City District, Vcderalion, Kc- JM1'(.5 oi club proildents, tile reading ot recommendations of tlic executive uoard, ah« new business will oe taken tip. ror the closing number there will be songs uy sttincnts 01 the \Vnsoii high scnoo.i., Committees for the meeting are: Transportation — Miss Cora tee Coicman, chairman, Mrs. E. *'. Blomcybr,- Mrs. Tiieodore Locoii and Mrs. T. E. Tatc. Credentials—Mrs. j. w, Bader, chairman, Mrs! Godfrey White Osccoln, Mrs. Norman Morris and Mrs, bred Alexander, LcncimnJ. • Reception—Miss /'Margaret Mtr- ritt, chairman; Mines. Janics Hill Jr., B. A. Bilge, K.' L. ReynbWs, Edwin Uoblnwn, E, M. Terry J u. Humes and W A. btnntoh and MISS Marie Xarnlsh. HcswuKww-Mw. A. E. Robinson, LcachvIHe, c|iairmai|; 'Mines uuorge M. Lee, J. u. Mcts.cnzie A W. young, OsceoU, anil W K Hunt, oscepja. - ' tiOMVenirs-jvjrs. W. W. Hawkins chairman, Luncneon—Kre. iverson Morris elmirman. ' Tne p4gcs wjll be from Wilson" Cweola, wachvjlle and liiyti/evnie.' JLocal Business Women Will Meet Mils Hayttie Miss Giisslc Hayjilc, U ) Little HOCK, usswant angi-iiey general mid formerly slate p'rtsldunt of the Arkansas HusineMi' and 'ft- 0 - lessibnai women's clubs, will ue guest of honor at; an Inicrmai vt'ct together" of irie local irierri- burs W.ixinefday indrniHg, 'li ociock, ui me nomc ot nut, s s swnibcrg. Mcmutrs of the club will take their lunch nour to DC with buss Maynle, wno LS nere i or tn c men- nig 01 me Mississippi County }-«ierailoii of Womeivt clubs I'tubbs, Margaret %f'lc'k," Georgia Ashley. - . n .Q'«f , c|uth~|it,, Carulhercville; 2nd, Sleele; 3rd, Holland; 4(h Haytl. biri's Trio-lst, Slecle. Jane Bogle, Qanelle Weaver, Madalonc Ke)ley; 2n((, cariii)iei,sv!llb; 3rd, Jfaytl, Qj>a| Alexaiider, Praiicc's st'ubbs, Qeorela Ashley; 4th, Braggadocio, Kovfi Davis, Geneva Crowe, Oniia Davis. •-''.: 'Boy's Quartette—1st, oariithcrs- vllle; 2nd, Steelc, p. steelc,' V. Dciiton, R. Burns/ n. Alexander; 3rd, Hayjl, W. Cliisni, G. Gardner, A..Q. Sanders, J. Moad. Oklahoman Conducting Revival Meeting Here . The Rev. p. C.'/'WIIltins, OJcla- hoina evangelist, Is conducting a revival meeting at the Full Gospel churchV Uls subject-for Sim- day night was "The Unpardonable Sin, or Sin Against the Holy Ghoet,". - This Rev. Wlliins is a funds- Pemiscot Comity Music Meet Jtield At Hayti School HAYlVMo-The Music meet, of cmlscoi county was hua at, Haytl Ihursoay and Prma } MIKS Wil- fielmtni Vien Instructor -« Sea e Teacher's conege tape Guarqeau was the judge •.'j'lie wlnnira HCIC Violin—1st Betty Huffman Car ulhcrsville; ^nd uutn Fouler Jiol land; 3rd, tticnard Rty banders, waytl. ( 'irumpct-1st Ralph jowirt, Hollana; 2ljtl,,VjcY|rjper c jf p.Aay- ti; 3rd, bo'n Cook ^ (nttnersvihe Girl's .Voice—wi Annie Laurie Tipton, ' Caiutbersiiille 2nd ranc Bogle, Steele Jrd Ruth towicr Holland; .ith, • Lticliie. wnite. Cooler/ ;.. . ''•''"'. Piano— in, Mary, Tipton Ross Caruthersvllic; and, Minnie K Taylor, Steele; 3rd, Adaline Stanfill, Hayti. Boy's Voice—1st, Kenneth Asher, Caruthersville; 2nd, Ruble Burns, Steelc; 3rd, Edgar Burrcss, Haytl; •Mh, Ernest Little, Holland. ' Girl's Qimrtcttc—1st, Carutlicrs- ville; 2nd," steelc, Jane Bogle,' Ganelle Weaver, Minnie Taylor, Madalone Kelley; 3rd, Holland, TUESDAY,--APRIL. 2,-1935 Try CARDU1 For Functional Monthly Pains Women from the 'teen age to the change of life have round Cardul genuinely helpful for the relief of functional monthly pains due to lack of just the right strength from the food they cat. Mrs. Crit.-Hayues, of Essex. Mo. writes I used Cartful when a, girl for cramps, and , found k Jt very ^beneficial 11 have recently taten Cardm during the change of llf" I was very nenous haff 1 head and bick pains and \i&'K a generally run-down- co'ndltloii. Cardul'has helped jne greatly. Thousands of women testify Cardui beneflterl them If It does not benefit you consult a phy slcnn -rAdv 37 CAItD OP THANKS We wish io 'thank our many friends foi the many kind deeds shown and the beiutiful floral of fe'ruigii £spcchlly do wo tnnnk the TRey fi z ^fcwsom and the Rev j L Newsom and our kind phjsician Di J L Tiduell for his faithdilncss in the illness and death of our loving husband and father. May God bless each of you. Mrs. A. J. Sigman and children. ,. . Helps PREVENT many colds JUST A FEW DROPS UP EACH NOSTKIt mental|5t anj )ia s conduclca revivals from coast to coast He Read Courier iv'ewa Want Ada .J»D*Wve Relief tested medicines deeply jntnorC3 wnere It c^ckly kllf/ltch, ,ff t e" rash, ecwwa, foot Itch, rinnrorm! etc. JJoBty Iwck Jt «rst i£ M», BIytlieville Scliooi of Beauty Cijltiirc NOW OPEN ;. Upstairs—1st Nat'l, Bank Bldg. Corner Second &' Main We are enrolling- student's fof the new class. . • ". ' This Is an excellent opportunity to secure training 'for 'one of. the largest, professions of today. Our instructions are the latest. Our terms arc liberal/ I'hone 636 :., Mildred Ca'idwell ,.j Mrs. Wm. Bcrryrhaii 1 t DANCING. v Hut Friday" and,, ai^urda^ Nights s of yie Legion an—Gentlemen 25c, Ladies Free Phone 644 Blytheville School of Beauty Culture Open April 1st 1st Nat'l. Bank Bldg. : • Flor Defaib See/Mrs. Berryman At Hainc Beauty Shop FOR LEASE Brick business building in best district, ready for. occupancy In Mny. Clioicn location. ' -••'• G. G. Gaudill Phone 797 ' ' to a cup of flour for most recipes. < H m UOUA c/ 0 JuckuSfttilu v~ -to anxiety - - - J bring relief ^ ** '" ' • t i* ^ - to distress - - -1 bring courage *,y>' «, , JR ._ , „, ,_' ^ - tq achievement - -1 bring Content - to loneliness - -1 bring companionship LUCKIES USE ONLY THE CENTER LEAVES'. ../CENTER LEAVES QIVE YOU THE MILDEST SMOKE ''•;•' ~ .'. "/,^ v ' ' '• ^^^'>^"

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