The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 15, 1933
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Served by the United Press i THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 207 3-lMUy Hem. ijiytbcTlU* OoorMr. UlKlMlppt Valley Le«d«r. Rlrthertll* -i, Ait KANSAS;.wEi)NKsi)/\v, NOVKM'HKK ir>, ISM SINGLE COPIE. FIVEj es Death Plot Nmr Trumann 0.1IGEITOFF •Federal Investigator Recovering in Hospital at Jonesboro. • JONESBORO, Ark., Nov. 15 (UP) —A federal agent, assigned to the ' Kansas City Union station massa- i • ere investigation, was recovering in -. a -Jonesbofo hospital today from in- j'juries sustained -in a reported f gangland vengeance plot. J. L. Turrou, 38, of the United States bureau of investigation, was injured late yesterday when three, men, believed to be gangsters, forced his automobile down an em- , bankment near Trumann, Ark. Turrcu's machine rolled over twice, trapping him beneath the wreck: age. The agent, carrying his investigation of the massacre into east Arkansas, was on a mysterious mission in a rented automobile. Notorious Gunmen Sought Prom Memphis, where he had • carried a certified copy of an indictment against Mrs. E. B. Conner, alleged gangland iipstress, he had been trailed by the three men. Turrou's destination was not disclosed, but law enforcement officers have been working on information that Verne Miller, ace of Kansas City machine gunners, and Charles "Pretty Boy" Ktoyd. elusive southwestern outlaw, are in .hiding in east Arkansas. / Jonesboro police set a trap for A Floyd here Sunday' after receiving ^ information that he planned an au( '(mobile trip from Hardy, Ark., to iJJemphis, but the notorious bandit failed .to appear. / The- next'morning federal agents find police raided Lonely Acres dinner club at Memphis and arrested Mrs. Conner, who is under indict/ ment at Kansas City for transmit| ting to the underworld the information that resulted in the 'machine gun massacre of four officers and Frank Nash, desperado. They conducted the raid in the belief that Wilbur Underfill!, former gang associate of Miller, Floyd and Harvey Bailey, was hiding there. -^ Agents also believed that Floyd had visited the dinner club. Turrou Rft Memphis late yesterday afternoon for an unannounced destination in a small automobile rented at a downtown agency. Car Forced Off Bank Several miles from Memphis he discovered that three men In an automobile were following him. He stopped to make sure and the trailing automciblle also came to a halt a short distance behind him and waited until he resumed his journey. ' When lie approached a high embankment three miles from Trumann the big sedan pulled alongside him and crowded toward the edge of the road. Turrou's car rolled down the embankment, turned over twic°, and pinned him under the wreckage. The three men sped away. . apparently believing Khi \a be rtead. * Tourists rescued him a fe«- minutes later and brought him to (he hospital here wher^ he was treated for lung injuries, rib fractures and Gevere lacerations. He immediately reported the alleged deatl plot to J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the bureau of investigation. Wife Slays Husband's Illicit Sweetheart DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 15 (UP) — A wife lured the rival of her husband's love to his bedroom herej today and then shot her. dead' when they admitted intimacies. I The wife was Mrs. L. H. Boone. 1 Her husband is L. H. Boone, wholesale hardware buyer. The 1 ilaln woman was Mrs. Pearl Hull,! 30. Tn a statement to police Mrs. ioone said she fired with a 45; calibre automatic pistol when Mrs.i Hall advanced on her. her hand, 1 inside her coat. She said the shot I ECGEVTHIG FJKE IBInL FOR 'Loveliosl Blond" u> \Vod lOctavia Dockery and' was fired in self-defense. 1 QlilER FDR REBELS IN No Order to Troops Pursuing Revolutionists. HAVANA, Nov. 15 (UP) - Col. Fuigencio Hall r ,ta, army chief of staff, has instructed soldiers in Orienle .province to pursue rebel bands to the death and take no prisoners, dispatches said today. The "no quarter" order which reached the province, - came as many rebel bands, ranging from a few men upward, roamed the eastern provinces anil added to the lawless state ' prevailing there since the overthrow four months ago of Gerardo Machado. It was regarded as the govern- ent's strongest move to date to store order i:i the provinces. Five rebels were killed yester- ay in a fighv with government cops- near El Cris'to. Other embers iof the rebel force es- Richarci Dana Indicted in, Death Mystery. NATCHEZ, Miss., Nov. IS (UP) i—The Adams county grand jury ! today indicted Miss Octiwla Dock-. ery and Richard Dana, eccentric residents of "goat castle," on charges of murdering Jane Surgec Merrill, wealthy spinster, last year. The indictments caused a sensation in this once placid Mississippi river town, and assured n court trial of one of the most celebrated -nurder mysteries in the criminal records of the south. The indicted couple promptly taken to court where they pleaded not guilty. Judge R. L. Cordon set their trial for next Wednesday. Dana is a nephew of the late Charles Dana, the journalist, and Miss Dockery - is the daughter of a Confederate brigadier. They, have 'lived together for many years in the decaying ruins of Dana's one time mansion, which has been termed "goat castle" by the townspeople. . Miss Merrill was the daughter of the late Ayers P. Merrill, the American ambassador to Belgium and familiar figure in the diplomatic circles of Europe. fiENElN FIGHT TO FREE yiNH ang Chief Illegally Im- New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. Colton closed steady. open high Dec Jan May July °ct. 1011 1018 1033 1046 1060 1077 1011 1018 1033 1048 1060 1078 15. (UP) — low close 998 1005 1007 1014 1020 1027 1033 1041 1045 1055 1068 1073 Spots closed quiet at 1025, un changed. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 15. (UP —Cotton closed steady. open high low clos; Dcc 100* 1004 993 993 Jon 1009 1009 1002 1008 Mar 1028 1028 1017 1023 May .... 104.1 1043 1030 1038 July .... 1053 i CM ~1043 1050 Oct. .... 1068 IOCS 1065 I069b Spats c!os;d steady at 994, up Chicago Wheat OIMH high Dec, 90 1-" 91 5-8 Mav 94 1-2 95 1-4 low 88 1-2 92 1-4 do 89 1 92 3 ped. Rebels ; and.. troops :rtashed at olguin and • Las Delcias also, here was no report of casual- es. prisoned, Petition Court Claims. to ATLANTA. Ga.. Nov. 15 (UP) — writ of haooas corpus seeking cleasc of Al Capone, Chicago ang leader, now serving a term the Atlanta penitentiary on larges of evading payment of icome tax, was filed in federal istrict court i'.ere today. The petition. Ified by Frank icughman, Atlanta attorney, al- :ges that (he sta"tute of litnita- lons had run out on Capone's ase and that he Ls imprisoned legally. Federal Judge E. Marvin Under- •coci, before Thorn the petitior filed, issui-d a rule nisi, r3- urnable Saturday at 10 A. M.. call- npon govcinmcnt represer.ta- .ves to show "ause why Capone hould not be released. The petition is one of numeroi; ejal moves made by Doujhman ud other Capone attorneys to re- Sarraut's Policy Toward Germany Endorsed by Chamber of Deputies. PARIS. Nov. 15, (UP)—France offered Nazi Germany today its choice belwcen a friendly hand and a mailed fist. Premier Albert Sarraut, fighting :or his government's life.-emerged triumphant from a chamber of deputies debate v;ith a vole of confidence of 395 to 194, after his declaration that: 1—France will not reduce her armaments by a man or a gun until she has Ihe strictest guaranty of security. 2—Despite German objection? France will continue to insist on a system of permanent arms con- tiul. 3—France will not engage oirect negotiations with Germany 'o obtain her re-entrance to the League of Nations and disarmament conference, but Kill insist on adherence lo the framework of the league. 4—France is prepared to mee 1 with arms any attempt to eniorco a foreign will upon her. FUNUl Girl CITI MUffli Connally Takes Charge of Huey Long Inquiry NKW GHI.PAl-JK. Nov. 15 <UI>J — A Bi'Diue toiii'iilllec investigating UK. uu-lluKl* of Senator llui:y 1'. I.i'nii'.'! |)c'.lt:cnl machine will not l<! hulmlihilul by uny -"group, fnc- ilcn. or individual," .Senator 'lliniiii.s A. Connolly (Dem.. TM.l I'pr.ouncL-tl Icdny. Sinn'cr Conhally 'took enures (.1 the htiiiinv. Yeslsrdny and I lie cl.iy l;:-foiv. when Hrnalor M. Ai- lo.if.n |ir.-.-.d«i. vcre marked by tens and yliecn froii) the inetutors, mi'l denunciations ol rcinmlilet- mniiijci-s by niHI-Loiiu ALUlt 1 : 1 ;. "JTlie nmsi Ix-nntifiil Woinl in Cis wnrlil," if <'liarli<> Clihiilln i,i:,,iy is iiuitiluiiiny'liiiiiiiil.- Viv(Jim-ill, almv.c^. funiKM-lv. Clinplln's lending''l:iif>-'. «-i]] IK- tlin !>rldo of Ciiry (iriinl, Icfl. le;nl in Slae Wcsi |iic(in-i-.i—ii (!r:mt i.H vlKht in- llin ailinission li.i ' :nade to Kaiv Vork -ri>|iorlcrs wheii Miss ("henin.iosswl him ,-i .co:«iijo of orcl;iiK a^ flic saiicil ' 'olice and Engineering | Departments Feel Economy Knife. The economy axe, sheathed sine? April, was wielded again by the city administration last night. and one Mliccman and two street workers, their salaries approximating $200 month, were dropped from the municipal payroll. Faced with the prospects of a '•lean" period, extending to about nwit April, before city revenues au- mmtt current expenses, Mayor Cecil Shane olfei'ed the payroll reduction us a necessary step unless something better could be suggested. The council, lacking a better iiroposal, fell In line, voting unanimous approval. Stressing - the scarcity of revenue to be received in the next few inonllis. Mayor Shane pointed out that privilege tuxes arid mlllatje taxes would be -at low ebb during the period, .lie urged elective and appointive city officials, whose duties constitute'only part time jobs, io forget about their pay for a while nnd let full tlnie city employes, who depend entirely on the municipal payroll for their living, come first, The mayor said he was going to forget his salary during the period and added that he hoped members of the couiicll and ethers would follow suit. Several council members saUi they would do like- Mllk Deadline Set I Beheve Men Involved in!Distress Signals Received r o m ,Two Vessels Hamm .Case Also Ab-' ducted Him. Caught in Storms. ST. PAUL. Minn., Nov. 15 (UPI | NEW YORK . Nov , ]5 (UP) _ Tlvo -Efforts to identify four men on; steamships Hashed distress signals trial here charged with kidnap- j f r c m the north Atlantic today and i»g W iliiam J. Hamm. Jr.. brewer. tne crcw of onc of (h vcsscls ns members of n "kidnaping syn- the vessels abandoned ship, taking to lifeboats [[HE BECK DF M mm Scion of Wealthy Family Drive: Cat- Into Truck on Ca.'olina Road. ,. . ,, j • --••••UIH.M »'•» HI ^ iic« ui K t-y niuuij.t la dicate, were made by federal pros- )n hcav seas mcssa | cs , 0 R(ldlo ceutors today. | jvfarine said " " John "Jake the Barber" Factor,, shl b[) , h ca , ht in m who raid $70,000 ransom to kid- ] several hundred miles ofT tBc south- nai»rs in Chicago, will be calkd crn „ of , rc]and '" " """•"• '" " ........ "' " case him, icted. si'.ice he was con- Plane Pilot Saved Horse TUCSON. Ariz. (UP)—Pilot Johnny Martin, of American Airways, vas responsible for the rescue of a lorse mired In a water hole. Marin radioed local officials ol the animal's plight and forest rangers were sent to rescue the horse. Closiriff Stock Prtc.e* A. T. and T. 117 5-6 ... 15 1-4 33 30 3-8 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem S'.cel .. Chrysler 43 1-: Cities Service 21-3 Coca Cola 97 General American Tank 29 General Electric 20 General Motors 30 1-4 International Harvester . 39 1-2 Montgomery W.ird 20 3-1 New York Central Packard Phillips Pctnleum 33 5-8 3 5-8 16 1-2 Hope Kidnapers Will Reopen Negotiations SAN JOSE. Cal., Nov. 15. (UP) — Every path leading to communication with the family of Brooke L. Hart. 22. university graduate believed held for $40,000 ransom, was thrown open today by police and the distraught parents in the riope h>3 captors would renew negotiations for the blond youth's release. According to the frt':icr. Alexander Hart, no word has been received from Brooke or Ms abductors since the ransom demand lh.3 night of his disapr^a^ince last Thursday. The guards who had maintained » vigil around the palatial home *cre withdrawn. Teleplvone calls were answered without apparent back checking. a witness in nn attempt .to ilnfc members of the Roger Tuohy by, 1/Ju . lul . u uy Blulmy 5C , 5 ,,„.„ gang in the two kidnapings. her <.&* O f 30 took to the llfe- The British freighter S. S. Saxii- . .--...j.,-. bj . stormy S(MS 1|n . n Josrph B. Kc<man, assistant torncy gc-neral, said. »i-1 hi T,,ohy and members of his Chi- whlc ~ h 03 Us. j The freighter S. S. San Qucntin. iiiuiiy mm n-.cmoers 01 ms um-| which reputed its stecrln- cear ca 3 o sans are under, indictment I broken. The vessel was hove'to and in Chicago on charges of kidnap-'drifting southward await!,!- an op ing Factor and. will face trial portunity to 'make repairs It was there should they win their frM- ; Soi ,„ Ly inTncdife danger and ir>m here. ( „„ a | d mv . remi | r( , rt _ Only on? of the lour men on vjiiij. UMV ui uu: tuiii niuii un i •*!•-_ , , trial here remained to be identi- i ,.,; C " aB . cs from bo;)l shins <-.-., , ...... i ....... _ ...,-_. „ ^ __. .«la>ed b the S. S. il ficd ijy witnesses today as a par tkipanC iu the kidnaping of Hamm pud the collection of SIOO.OOO in vp.nsom. He was (Gloomy Gus) Schjfer. • :. •-.; >. i :.: • '. Government prosecutors announced a ''I'Armer '-from near Wyoming. Minn., would be called, probably today, to identify Schaier us the driver of the kidnaper; niilcincbilc the day Hamm was re- . >ed by the S. S. Cily of Havre. The crew of the San Qucntin also was estimated at about 30 . Radio Corp 7 Simmons Bfd.5 175-8 Elnrdard of N. J 44 5-3 U. S. steel 41 Chicago Corn open high low close Dec 48 1-8 49 46 5-8 47 1-2 Mai- T>5 1-8 5S 6-8 53 M 53 7-8 Former Baptist Pastor Will Be Guest at Rally The Rev. L. D. Summers, formerly pastor of the First Baptist church of this city and now pastor W the central Baptist church at Hot springs, will be tlw guest of honor at an all day rally of the F'rst Baptist church Sunday. r Will Ot SCiV Fort Smith Elects i Woman Commissioner Fined S?5 for Misuse of Auto License Tags Wolf Arlan, local junk and auto accessories dealer, was fined $25 by Acdng Judge V. G. Holland in municipal court yesterday on a charge of misuse of auto license plates. He gave notice of appeal. Cal Dennis, negro, also chareei' Tuesday, Nov. 21, was set as tho "deadline" for dairies to comply wlttr-trie sfSndard 'milk aiitP<Jalr> liccnic ordinances, wilh grades to be announced on Nov. 22. nfler .O Shonio, milk inspector, had sought advice from the council as to when enforcement should begin. The mayor-Indicated that he was growing disgusted with the dairy regulation problem, which has necessitated passage of several ordinances, and said enforcement - should be started or the ordinances repealed. Informal setting of the "deadline" date by the mayor nnd council followed. Ordering Police Chief-Ed Rice to drop one of his men from the force Mayor Shone said that street tax warning would be! taten care of In another manner next year Instead of by employing a special palice officer as was the plan i:scd this year. Dropping of one man from the force will amount to discontinuance of tr.e special officer. The city also discontinues partial payment for the services of Bob Cr.iddock, special west end officer and watchman, vho had been paid $30 a month by the city. Complying with Mayor Shafci's order Chief Rice tcday nnnouncc<! hat his force had been brought A-ithtn terms of the econumy pn- by release of Floyd Simp '.O'l. When the next street tax warn- ng period rolls around, the first of the year, Joe Carney, acting city engineer, will assume the work as part of his duties. Mayor Shone stated. He told Carney to reduce his street force from six lo four men and to make his own reductions. Carney wanted to know if the trimming of his force was to b; left entirely up to him or if Ihe mayor and aldermen might have some suggestions, hinting possibly he didn't want lo olTend any political interest in his deparlment The reduction would be entirclyliis problem but mutt be done, Carney wa"s told. Reduction of the police force becomes effective today on the semimonthly payday. The street force cut comes Saturday wren the department's weekly payroll is made. Grade Cuts Likely Milk Inspector Shonyo brought up the milk Inspection problem with the statement that he didn't know what to da. He said re didn't want (o take the responsibility of announcing grades at thfs tuns un- . S S., Nov. 15 (UP) —William 1;. Vnmlcrbllt llf.. 26- ycnr-o!tl son of Wlillnin K. VaiKl- rrllU, Jr., nas killed iiere tocUy when the automobile he wits drlv- Ir.i! crushed imo a parked fruit truck. Youig Vami.irbllt had spent virtually ail Ills life In PnrLi and !'aci returned to the United States just yestciday on ills father's yuclii, which mnoreit at Fla. VandcrbiH driving the nuto- p-.obtlc at the time of the fatal crash with h.m were his cousin, Ersklne Glynno. and his chauffeur, i'amed Unify. The latter muTered 11 broken leg. : The Vandi-rbtlt cur crashed Into n parked truck loaded with"-fruit iintl the side of the car on v.hlch Vondcrbilt wai seated', was' torn away. The automobile la* of ri foreign make, and with the-steering wheel on Hie right sio> : Evidently young Vartderblil .thought Ihu truck was 'moving. The Vanderbtlt car \Vas headed north at tmi tlms-of Resignation'' of Dean Acheson as .Under Secretary Is Announced. WASHINGTON, NOV. 15. lUP) — President Roosevelt, in a startling pionouncRinent today, named Henry Morgeml>Au Jr., one of his Al- bnny prote^t-i, as >'act!ng secretary of t;~e treasury to Joke the place of Secretary William 'H. Weodiri, who resigned because of Ill'health', but whose resignation was. not'ac- jceptcd. •'.. • . . - '•- •Simultaneously'- Mr.- Roosevelt an'-' lounced that Dean Achcsoh, undersecretary of tlie'treasu'ry.-had.i-'e- signed, effective Saturday, Novem- :cr 18. and that Morgenthsu, when '• . Woodln. returns, would assume '.-•)• Acheson'.s position. " :]'• While Woodln'; resignation • bs- •' cause of 111 health had been fre- :|' tiucntly mmoieil and again revived \>. this week.' it wa« felt that due to :'\ ' ~ I denials that they were without foundation. Hence Ins surprlss'.oc- cr.sloned by revelation of n letter "of October 31 asking that hs be re-.- lieved of cabinet duties to regain' his health. : , . - 'The president, declining to accept Nils resignation, asked him to take a leave of absence, which Wo'odin will do without pay. He" will go to Arizona In about 10 days, there 1 io put-behind htm all' activities of-gov- crnment until his Doctors say hti 1-3 in a nt condition to-return." > : ' v>; -•j, ' r • ; Little; James F. Bomar ' i Dies at Home of Parehts • James Franklin.Bomar, six' year old. son of Mr. and ; Mrs^ -Jainea Bomar,' died 'yesterday aftfriipoH nt Ihe family home oh nortti r slxlh ... „ street. .His death was attributed ,^'.2'-'::' to an lnfccted i tonsil whjch'•I![ - '? t '| _ ihKu^Y&U:Uold . JO«-J>i)Hlb^n™t, ^S#K rty'luicl sp'toil SronUnns. —^.- '.' Vandcrbilt and his jarty the night at Savannah, Ga., r en I The deceased was a \favoHte route lo the home of his father'"round the. city hall-where he ; yl5-•• In New York. He had come from llcd frequently with' his' father, I.ondnn on his father's yuclii. -• >'J?o until' the 'lost few months • was -a police sergeant arid • 'fire- truck driver. . Funeral services we're'' held this afternoon .with" the-'R"ev...'J.'L ' Newsom. pastor of the Second Baptist. church, officiating.- Interment was made at Elmwood ccme^ tery. The Cohb Undertaking company was In charge of funeral 'arrangements. Pemiscot County Farmer Had Wide Acquaintance In This City. C. E. Fisk, 62, well known Pemt- scot county. Mo., farmer, succumbed at his home on Highway 61, a short distance north of the Arkansas line, nl seven o'clock last night. Mr. Fisk hnd been 111 for nbaut County Keeps Big Lead/ ; in Cotton Production Mississippi county ginned more tlinn twice as much cotton as ariy other Arkansas 'county prior to No-: vembcr 1, according to tbs latest census bureau report. ;' ; . This county ginned 98.753 bales._- Crlttcuden county was second, with 44,027 and Jefferson county third" week: Hi? death was attributed ".'. o n heart lesion and pneumonia. \ • 'A well known land owner and Cotton ginned prior to Novem- actlve farmer, Mr. Fisk had lived ' tllls J' cat ' and laEt >' ear - '» ' ' In southeast Missouri for inany[ leai51l| S Arkansas': counties was-'as; years nnd was well known here.! follows: . .-,.-. Several years ago lie erected a| AsUcy ..... service station across Highway 01 from his residence, a few hundred >-ards above the state line. His new station became popular, particu-l inrly with Arkansas motorists nndj tourists wishing to escape thej heavy gas tax in Arkansas, and; did a flourishing business. Funeral services will be held at the First Methodist church here tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Chicot Clark Clay Columbia . Conway .. Cnvighoad Crittenden Cross •Desha Faulkner . Greene 29:914 44.027 13.545 16,768 17,578 10.C18 The Coib Undertaking company isj Hempstead 14TTO 'V^T. °L" r " n ?. C ™.^' ... .... JMkson "'. 18:400 The deceased is survived by his| widow, Mrs. Elsie Fisk, and '"" daughters. Hazel and Alice. two and a stepson. Morris Fisk. He is also survived by a sislc-r. Mrs. Gertrude Linn of Tnlsa, Okla. —Mrs. been elected city commissioner, returns Indicated, she succeeds her late husband. Earl E. Buck. an em- agalnst Monday Ira Johnson was fined MO for petit larceny. L ' M - n 1 t ' • nt '• "C'MMi. negro, was fined a Breaks Leg at rlay <lo»nr for disturbing the peace. Trov Foivlcr, was fined $10 for larceny, as were three nc- LEPANTO. Ark.— While playing u | —»-i .... »v, llm.-^«TIIlLC ylUJllLfi ' - — -......j, uo nvit LJIILL- lit- church ana the members will bo j football with a crowd of. youngsters Sroes, Brice Oliver. Willie Reddit invited to spend the entire day on the school grounds R C. an d B«n Northern. A charge of there. The Rev. Mr. Summers will I Weaver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Buck receiving stolen property against Preach the morning, afternoon and 1 Weaver of Lepanto, broke Ills Kmmett Jom-s was conlnucd. 'right let when he atempted to Several men were fined or failed retrieve Ihe ball from n nearby, to appear nnd forfeited cash bonds evening sermons. Summers, Is to be accompanied by Mrs. ditch. Jon public dmnkcnn?ss charges. less backed up by the council. He recited a list of troubles vaiious dairies had encountered and which would have to be corrected before they ceuld receive a good ratin?. He pointed out that one pasteurization plant was being moved and Mrs. Tilt Overton of Lone Oak Is Dead Mrs. Mollic Overton. wife of 14,755 -15.873 14,679 : 15,688 12,158 '11,058 14,652 ' 27,416 14.592 20,867 12,974 14,730 46,866 51,31* 16,217 15,888 20,373 17,218 16.089 23.995 Jefferson .34,738 38,197 Lafayette 14.189 16.768 Lawrence .....;. 11.545 19.812 Lee 16,246 22,567 Lincoln 14,982 18,222 I.-onoke 26.181 31.741 , Mississippi .' - 96.557 118.228 Monroe 12.557 13,754 Phillip? 20.773 29,171 Ifoinsstt 29.202 S8.650 St. Francis 27.3G8 31.952 White 16.924 22.G42 Tilt Overton, died at the family home in the Lone Oak community at 4:30 o'clock this morning. [ The body will be carried lo Greenfield, Tenn., today where Interment will be made tomorrow. The Cobb Undertaking company ] is in charge of funeral p.rrangc-.' menu. Believe Tampering With BOONEVILLE, Ark., Nov. 15. (UP)—Two cars and the Ibeomotlv; of a Rock Island passenger train The deceased Li survived by her , wcre derailed here today. Passen- husbatid and four sans. '. .;S«s cscoprf injury. Railway offi- '' v aimoimced ti'ey b^liav^d would not be ready for opcrailon ^ In the manner required for days. He said anct' dairyman had asked fcr n few days to complete necessary improvements, and a third, selling to a pasteurization plant, was planning en re-entering the retail field and needed to make improvements. (Cotitlnued on Page Fort Smith Street Cars Quit After Fifty Years FORT SMITH, Ark, Nov. 15 (UP) | —Street car service which was started here SO years ago will be abandoned after today. Dus service will replace street cars. : switch which was found op.'ii had C£en lampored with. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, colder tonljht, with frc-ot. Thursday fair. Memphis and Vicinity — Pair, j colder tonight, frost. Thursday- f»lr,

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