The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, DECKMBKR 2, 1937 BLYTHEVII.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lie's Simla's 'Little Helper' ,, , yX f~\ I / *'"*1* Customs Agents Extend i ~'»y'|,| Their Sentry Line Into Barren Areas BV NKO RtJSSEI.r, United I'ress Staff Correspondent NOGA1..ES. Ariz., Dee. 1 (UP)—, U. S. customs ngoiil.'i ;ilong the Mexican boundary, veterans in wars against, international smug-' fclliiif rings, are waging :\ battle to );nH the flow of marihuana teom> Its unlive Mexico into this country. Tlie Federal battle lines are moving .soiitliward into the tinv. vlllajes of the vast, barren Northern Mexico country, where the (trend ''giggle weeil" is cultivated slid (j'roiv.s wild. | Agents consider their current fiKht for eradication of Hie weed a Biei'iitic task, despite the fact Hint I Ii<ry arc lighting "small fry" Kinueglers instead of "big time" Kicketeers. Veterans of wild border forays .••muggllng rings, these officers cie- againsj, gold, otmnimilion und Oare their task difficult, because uf elusive tactics of the narcotics' J P '" peddlers. ' ; ngs law Efferlive In August hops' The agents' first capture under. ,, """ •— """" "'*• lu "B" n>i« aim nrc nuKiies the iie\v anti-marihuana law of cv=1 ' le lla ' io " ! 're accouimotlating clumsy lingers to ihe deilcaie Congrfss. approved by President (ark of renovating dolls, .trains.'teddy bears und tricycles of yester- Srle^'na^r'a T!$i-~'" Wen "* "^ ° f """>' ™ AtC " whom Sa " ta "*W forget, dressed pcitcllei- with several marihuana cigarette He was turned over to Federal I „ .... ."".V narcotics officers in Phoenix, Ariz.i Building Activity SbOIl! A few border officers say tboir! - \ job is easy because the marihuana i L. C. Holman of the Federal IJHWler.s- nre iietty agents seeking I Housing Administration office at a little "easy money." Their! Ut-tlc Rock, a visitor in the city crime is not of sufficient import \ .irccUctecl a sharp revival of build- to force them to shoot, their way: ng activity around the first of out of traps. i .he year on enactment Into law A recent survey along the inter-1 V congress oj ' recommendations national boundary showed the av- j M a belter housing program made lie housing in Insufficient and HIOI-- ill. leusl. $5.000,000.000 is nrcdecl.- This amount, he said, would build a million new homes. i "Hplf of the workers in our srcunlry are 111 housed." "Sleel LIK bor" sal:! editorially. "America's iji-entesl in'txl is more and better Douses. , "•The I'ederal Kovmmiciit. Is Jiisl hfginning to build more and bellev! lioiKts. abolish (lie .slums mid tear 1 down bad houses. While America I .•iuffeis from depressions, forelen I'ountrles have maintained pros- !>trily by building- homes—lioincs for their workers. "Today, us we face another <lc- preHilun, we imtsl see Hint America starts building houses for its workei-s so tlml we can enjoy pros- IM'iH.v and teller homes." live Veteran Aiuon^ \Var !)i l a<l f.ONUOH. aw _ per -20 years Ihe name of William Hrgges Ms-: V'ilsli lias apix-DKd amojig the of war dfnd on the Roll or lion| or of a Nt'vwusllc slii|i|iing house. ; Hie oilier day McVeigh sl<x»l before Hie Holl nnri rend his own name, it was tin: first Umc- luv Jiiitw dial lu: liad lx:en "killed." c!j >« may Iw \voi-l:in» like a biswr in Ills toy shop 'way frown north, but he'd never B u all Ihe Christmas stocl-- *"" OUl hel|> nwn f "' e """ ' wUee ««"«»' "«ib- WO rk- ( " e °" c £ >'°*» "hove. Big. tough CODS and fire laddies II.IULK.-U a cneapiy i . _____ cr with several mari-1 ties in his Dosscsslon. I Predicts Revival Of File Divorce Suits T!K maiden name of Betsy nans, maker of Uie first. American lla«, »a.> Kllwiljtlli Grlscomb HAPPY REUEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Cauted by Tired Kidney* Mony „( (I,,,,, i-na-ir,-, tugthe, juilnful bmslarliraenJ. .ii Acle A. Reasons has filed suit in chancery court here against - ,. Eflie Lee Reasons, basing his ac-l""' 1 " 11 tion on a charge of Virgil Greene is lUtome plaintiff. Lois J. Heathcock lias entered! wcommendiHniK' suit a salivst Jscse D. Heathcock. iecommendations . l|so al|cg j ng indignllies _ Roy Ne[ _ son Is attorney for the plaintiff. blood. M™l (iru,)* SiuVul •bout 3 i,,.m,.l» ,,[»,.Me II tli> IJ milt* ,.f liou'l oork orll iii.ixii lu(h«blnoil. TI.Ao,,,,;.,., l-H, wyr _,, ill... i;,:l.t , rii'lii»fw»i-i ill :n.iy ug nis ac-i —iVJn't *s-1 I'\-T- i • indignities. | rills, u,ni i!iw>'iurf>-"f,j- Mijifil!*,!; f. ey for Hie|?!J*"'..''' llf i;ij i . v « lll -'i l iiyiViii.i a r i,i,,i crage ]>rice of the "we«l" cigar- ,'ccently by President, Roosevelt e tes is about two for 25 cents on j Mr. Holman was here to confer !„,„__ ttie American side. Across the j with local materials dealers and 5.W.O.C. PrCSSCS for Five' ttie American side. line, in the squalor of Mexican! lending institutions over details pueblos and towns, the same cig- i if the program. In charge of the j arettes sell for 10 centavos, or-' :iorthcn«i Arkansas territory, Mr ! — iibout 3 cents. | Holman stated that he was con-| PITTSBURGH (UP)—The Steel | Agents have learned the wildly, Sdcnt sunicient facilities for PHA! Wolkel ' s Organizing Committee sprouting weed generally is cul-l-onns in Hie Blytheville territory i llas thrown both ils ami resources „.,,. . Dillion Housing Fund: demands for loans livatcd in corn fields where it can-: .vonld be concealed from casual observers; -icre. by large stalks. . ?.i r . Holman. who handles de- Prohibited in 46 Slates tr.ils cf Ilic housing program in l Before including property Congress. fjongress' enactment., o< .^i 5 ' jt ^anti^marihuana-l^w;».^luatiQi^ and rendering assis- ~]5" "=''"'•'' ™ Hie"" "border tf.nce in the "prcparalioii "o/'appti-. tunica over .pcddlere to-state'.au- sfitioife for FHA insured loans, be- I wno tliorities because Federal statutes iieves"'ihe greatest building a'ctiv- and those of the Committee for I Industrial Organization behind «! campaign to obtain a $5,000,000,- CQO housing appropriation from had ^- no specific law wroliibituig ......... ' - in die state th Al the head of t'.ie csimuaim is "• Murray/ S.W.O.Cr-crmirni'uii In "Steel Labor," • Hie bi-inontlily publlca- commHiee's . -•• .--.. jjt "inunuig •' j lit 11 iv oiuLt; imuugll i* lH\ nmnrmana. Arizona and 45 other loans will take place in northeast. - - FHA t lio "- t!lll! " A '"'ge public housing . slate* have laws against it. Arfcanras Tlte agents, during those limes were Ins in tlieir efforts to curb the ever-Increasing flow of man- liiiana from Mexico to Ihe slates. nation's medical and law- in the next two years. With In tO Invisible Rays t-nfoj-cing agencies, for f S V on finding MT I OCKF attributable ' ™ 'D& tt. £C Cl 8» l ^tes,;sin,ve,. joint director of the Mt. "' ^^ j Lacke O^crvatovy in Ihe Davis program will not only provide better homes, but increase -employment in the basic Industries providing building materials ami .stimulate cniployment in' the building and construction industries." Murray said the money already appropriated by Congress Tor pnb- a ' at lh= Sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS < HYPERACIDITY BAKERY SPECIALS P'ri clay-Saturday- Smulav |'«( \L C ° mm ' S ' ; hils a spherical mirror and ,een* n^'" he 6 ^^^^ * -"'^-"-^i^ , "« UII "B ln c use of man- i 0 r ^iii!it(nn<! ini^r m n,ii.,i n \«, Tlic Mexicin Mexican - huana for several years. President I-araro Cardenas, in a decree sev- rc=a.'±,^'^ "°^ -.SSKss to radiations intermediate tu-ecn the reddest visible rays and (he heat rays," Dr. Struve said. " DEFINITE RELIEF OR MONEY BACK THE WILLARD THEATMENThM brought prompt, deflntta relief in thoiisamla of ri^a .or Stomach *nd OuMfcul Ulc.o. duo lo Hyperacidity, ami othpr fonnji of Slomtich Dis. /rrt.t UHR (o '•.Vffjj 'Afiit SOLD OM IS DAYS TRIAL. For coranlete l" fomillion rwui -'Mflll»rd'. Mtnu* at R«li«f." Ask for 11— tn*~ at k KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO.., ROBINSON DRUG CO. Inc. Manila: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE •CARAMEL-NUT LAYEU CAKES . DATE PECAN COOKIES, do/, PECAN ROLLS, Do-/.. .'... CHOCOLATE Cream RoJls, . ea Large KARO I'E- CAN PIES, each We spei-ialhe in party ra cookifs and pastries at kinds. BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone 110 t classes L1Lllllc me lower j 0i is in infra-red li s ht so that if MOM mnrihirint h i . • °" r cycs wcrc sensitive to these: reno" i" erow on tf "?v" U [ riKl '""<"« tfle y wuld see tl,e sky w «l- »s a. luminous surface upon which tars woiild Tlie herd of 70S bullalo bought: li.v the Dominion of Canada in 1907. in Tablow, Mont., now mmi-1 tax more tlian IQ.COfl head. Mosi of these are roaming the wilds in the Fort Smith district In the north. Read Courier News Want Ads. Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON Surreeils City Drug Store We Specialize In PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors SOU W. Main Plione 20 GIRLS! EARN MORE! Increase your income by learning a vt-ell paid profession . . . you can he a licensed Beaiilicinn with six months, training . . . enroll now in the Modern Heauty School Eagle School of Beauty Culture Open ( iHcetinff all State Requirements for la,, let Arkansas and Missouri. Jull* .L3L /,. . . , J State Approved Low Enrollnient Fee Cooper "—o- .Walnut & 2nd Hlythevillc COMPETENT INSTRUCTORS Special Course for Young Men and Barbers Write for full details to LESTER FISHER GIPSON 515 Krewson AM>. Jonesboro, Ark. INCH PINK GLASS FRUIT A daring new design delicately modeled with all the charm and beauty of clear and iparklir.g glast. Circular ribbed detign in perfect harmony with modern table ap- pointmentt. Footed ^~^^ base prevents tipping. A ^ , ^ Handles for easy Aon- 9 ^"^ €] dling. Ornamental and ^^^ • ^ ^* practical. ^^ff SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THF, PROGRESSIVE S'l'ORE" J. W. Shouse Phone 35 Wilson Henry ,'AGE ,jrf7- ..*?•<•• ••: ..v .--. ORES Gocd Prices For Friday and Saturday GRFEN 2 Ibs. 15c SNOW-\vnrru Cauliflower Head 12!c FLORIDA, JliiCY Oranges Doz. Ulc (501-1JKN U11M-; Bananas Doz. 15c 4 for 15e DELICIOUS 2 for 5c U. S. NO. 1 11KI) Potatoes 10 Ibs. 19c No, 2 Cans IftC Staiulafd, Can lV . y Cluli «r(: 2'/i Ciius, 2 foi-03 I'ltiiiplii'U's' 1C'' 2 ( ; 'mis la ,',. It .'I ib. Ciin r>r>c li 11) Can $1.1)5 Culiimct 1 Can Sid. No. .2 Caiix |i-( ID,. Country Club |r<; Awmilalc «r(; Nft. 2'/i ('tins, ;i for fcD ' APPLE JUICE M S K £ E &9 fi S «unrnnlce»| 10' 29 l Coffee Beans Hi. Avrmdfik- Sifted NO. 2 CANS 2 For 23fi Connlry Cln)), j| Prcnth, II) SpnlliKht, 11). .. Sl>o1H.ifhi, ,'i Ibs CLOCK BREAD 20 O'/,. LOAVBS 2 For 15c Ulir 6 l Si/e Small lifl.v, 2 for ..'... , 1 fie Itttx .- w< l!T/.. ,1 lie 11 Small llox Douhlc Dip ChowlMe K ,39' Fresh, Fresh Ctiflcv rlcy 71C Pound l^f I'rcsh Uuntli •»» MAJESTIC ALUMINUM CO.OKWAHE HITU'S jusl what you've wanted all your life—VUUE Al.D.M- IN'UM C'OOKVVAIIE. tlie thii'li, heavy kiiiil, that Is guaranteed for a lifetime.. Ask ILI how (o gel it.. The price. Is so low It will surprise ynit. Don't H'aft. Art now. Country Club (iKAl'EFHUlT Juice U (}•/.. Ciuis 3 For 27c HATMOHK Oleo Lb. 14c Avj{o-Itiirtlet( Pears Can 17c ALASKA CHUM Salmon No. 1 Tiill Cans 2 For 23c HumKo •1 Ib. Carton ....... .'«6c 8 II). Carlon ........ 90c I'Jvor- (;<iod, LI). PICNIC STYLE Pork Roast Lb. 12jc Hams 1-2 OK WHOLE SMALL AVERAGE Lb. 22!c Sausage Made r'rom Fresh Country Pigs, Seasoned Just Right Lb. 19c OK FRANKS 20 li) <i Lb. ('.'in I'resli Shore Selects. ,>,.43 W 17 .lf First Cuts ,C WEINERS OIL SAUSAGE OYSTERS JACK SALMON CLUB STEAKS SLICED HAM HAMBURGER >IE " IS, ,„. 12 1C VEAL ROAST BOL08HA """"' «15 l PHIL. CREAM CHEESE, ,25 MUTTON SHOULDER R<MS I, 10 PICNIC HAMS Armoirt st " round fc*) K .t 15 Lb. Pork Roast CKNTBR CUTS Lb. 19c Beef Roast THICK RIH Cut From Good Kcef Lb.l9c Salt Meat FOR BOILING Lb. lOc

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