The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE •-FBEIOOKIE5 Copelancl, Kleinke, Harrell, Heusser, Pippen Hands From Farms BY HARRY GRAYSOX Sports Ktlllor, NKA Service TAMPA. April I. -So Brunch Rickey took tlie $15,000 for fat. Pal Malone, and cnlled 11 another good dcnl. \ That's the only kind the baseball genius heading (the SI: Luul> Cardhinls and their,vast farm Mi- tern makes < Check back pnlnslnklngly, nnd HGGLF At. Its. )) Better equipment menus lower scores. CLUBS BY—• - iSPALDING •AVILSON-WKSTERN 'WALTER HA'ttEN" \VrNTEU-nORSON Spnlding-, McGregor, LI. S. Royal,' Wilson ami the new Strp.imlincd' Golf. Balls. Sjwldhig a ,,d Arnold Shoes, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Glove.-,, Dick Reinsma . Professional •_. - ; BI.YTHEVILLE ' COUNTRY CLUK ' . T" try (6 find one In-, which Rloiiey was gypped. .'k The Chicago Cilb> chucked In Mslone lo boot wlitTn they purchased Catcher Jimmy 1 O'Uiw trom the Ktd bird:- 1 subsltjlaiy ;n Cti- lumbus. ; Rickey didn't want.the 31-year- old Mitlonp, who In ; the past has I found keeping in condition li-k- some, but i-easonul Dint fiomo other, ontllt •Jesi well.'- pri'iwmt. wonW be looking, for a .seasoned'.'rlgit- haiiflcr. The New Voi'l:' VniiWcs Uirned out lo be lhat cluo.'ahd the $15.000 they paid for the forii- cr uuvnlryinnn .welled ttii>. amou'iu Rickey collected for O'Dc.i ui u fancy ilgiire. The SI. Louis organization has done right well In sales' In Die past several years. f.Salonc Is the ninth athlete podtlled since mM. ml!, and It is easy to see what keeps the Cardinals' extensive siring of chain stores solvent Cincinnati paid $55,000 foi- First Base- mBjj Johnny Mlze. TheJ-'Nsw York Giants parted with, safl.DOO for Shortstop uniy Myers, ami swap. )>cd him to the lleds. Clhcinnall paid $20.000 each for Third flag- man Lew HlKgs and Outllclder Ival Goodiiian. What one of tlie wealthier eluta ought lo do Is purehasc liranch Hlckey. He'd like (o get out of St. Louis. So would Sam Brendan and the Ciwlhmls, -for that mat- lei-. • 1 I • Cards Cirim- 'Km nown on lli ( . Famis St. Louts has five right-handed farm hands this spring whom Rickey snys .will' wJii Hip 1030 Na- llonnl U-ngiie pc/innht, Deans or no Deans. Thev are Mays Copclinid, Ray Harrell, Ed 2Tcu.sscr, Hot-bed Kleinke, and Henry Plppcni Rickey practically could name his own price for lied Cojwlnnd who came up from fioii.s'ton with' Plplicn. The OlanW offered $10,000 fo Nub Kleinkf, who ct'iulunlrd frou lioeliester with Horrcll. The Cardinals easily could-collect Unit mud or uiot-c cncli for Hnrrcll nnd Hit others. Copeland Is ^21, stands: o' feet and weighs 185 .-pounds Harrell is 23, slnmls II feet Hi inches, and weighs 190. Dutch Heusser Is (ARK.) COURIER stands e foot ), and weighs 1ST. Klelnk« Is 23, stands 6 feet 2, and weighs 190. Pippen Is 23, Elands il feet, 2. mid weighs 178. Thai's how the Cavils grow 'em down on the fam-s, jx'land won ':•,; u--tl fosl lo at Houston In 193-1. »Ki-ii!ll bugged 12 and dropped 0 at Hoche.sler. Hcusier j)revalleij lu ji coolesls and ran second In 12 wllh a sixth place .Knoxvillc niieivgulluii before shifting to Cohunhus lit late August .Ilensser chiefly was em- ploye;! ius a relief worker by tin American Rod Birds, copping Iwn <?i)Gi>(!em<.'nt# and losing as many In that Kile, u was In the little world series against Toronto that the sturdy sllugcr from Uah demonstrated Ills real worth by laklnc two games. Kleinke turned In I! I victories against, 7 defeats a Rochester. Pippen won ir, and lost 1C at Houston. Jllnw 'lyn Down Like j)| HJ , and Duffy There were better pitching records compiled In (he wlnois last season Uiim thaw of this newos Cardlimt crop, including- tlml o Kleinke, who appears the mon formklable on pnjior, There were few finer prospects Ihan Copcloiwl Harrell, Heusser, Kleinke, and Plp- pc;i. however. More Ihan one o lliem ai-e likely lo be sent oul for anothor campaign, but Ihe sagacious nickcy prouilses you that al will lie back blowing down Ha- tlonal League biitsineii in ia:(0 Plppeii may be converted Into i Ilyehascr.. Rickey had thin rangj Ncbraskan • In the battlnB cage a « o'elrx-k eacli inornhig- during the wii-ly ti-alnliiK course al liradcn- lon. It was as a pitcher tliia-n. R first saw .Ihe rehowiletl Clilek riafey. . :' Thq BCiierons Cubs -tossed In stocky Lyie 'rimilng nnd Dick Ward, i-lBlit-handcrs, In forking over a sizable sum for Tex Carleton. Ward, a 100-pound slx-fonlci Of 24, accoinitod, for i:j vlcforle- IVi-IN. QUALITT IKU1M • HACK UlSTtIV SIT IN KUIIIK DtTACHA'Lt HANDLE :FOR ' SMAUIK'SIZES' last Time Today Bergere' with MAURICIO CHKVA- 1'IKK ,<t MKHLK OHBUON Piiramount News Mnsii-iil .Technicolor Short What, No Men?" .,vi|), !•'[ •MAT._2:00 - 10c & 25c NlTK_fi:45 . J.Oc & Me Tuesday • Weds. HAL NIGHTS! PAL NIGHTS ,Mat. 2:00; Night,6:45- Matinee- (2 ailulLs: fidmittcd for-price oC 1) 2'(io . ' ' N.igrUt:.(2 ntlults iiilinittctl-rnr price of i) -35,. ; • All .diildroh 5 C Mnf'& NiU; ': "''His licKt Picttire ' COMPIETEPAINTIN6 OUTFIT EDWARD <L ROBINSON THE WHOLE TOWM TALKING for Los Angeles while losing only 4 dccsllons last semester. Wnll Unlil They Start for Keeps The Deans have been bumped a. time or two this swing', and wild Hill (Inllnlmii has lived up lo his nickname. lint, Ulray Dean hasn't hud lime to to (Xjftcncd up by sudden tlehfs, even (liougli he were the ty|w Hint might be, nntl mother Unify, w |, 0 isn't daffy in, nil, revealed for too miidi last se.'i>n to lie a one-year wonder, Hal- ihnn usimlly [hrends u needle with the ball when the boys start Playing for keeps, nnd the Curds Imve another clflcleiit left-handed citizen In Willie Walker, mmy Viuice mid Jesse [tallies, an an"lent and honorable p n |r, s un nre -npnblc flnlshm. Naturally, the Deans, Hallahnn .ml Walker again are expected to t-ar the Ijriint. of the world champions' bowling burden, but one or ore of the newest fnrin croii c^ certnln to step Into the front. The, Cardinals have a way or coming up with them, mid Copc- ||snd, Hanell, Heusser, Kleinke, nnd Pippen possess unlimited possibilities, On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Faint lh« toty Way — «aiy way. This Complete'Pji ' This it our offer to help you hive i brighter home; to tell you 4boui the latest in paints, ilrnijhcs and enarn- elJ, about Gliddcn Jap-A-Lac, Ripo- I in and other fjmouiprodua^-aljout new color plins for balhroomi, XHChens and living -rooms—for furniture and walls—inside the nomc and outside. ' With this outfit you will know how to pamr, \arnish or enamel. You »ill knov, the laicst colors; the quick »ay to have clean, new look- (happier—f he inring Outfit will help you ! polished utel wir«. Something you *e. always wanted! A handle that you can take off or put on quickly and easily. A UooklEt that tells how lo piim. Held the easjr way lo apply enamels, paints and .varnishes. You will find inu Hookler inierrttirij; n;-d fail of information and helpful, decorating An I Jfinch Brush with quality black ••"••'-% set in rubber. -,-.,„ .. »j >u n'tv Ln-jn, new took- « !>-• . n I i, r • • . ing furniture, ihe best way 10 make *,J Pa "" tlPl "H le '? r «'»' n S P>inl- oia worn linoleum look beautiful. alwjf5 lund l f and mcfuL .i. - , V •--••• iwurt ITAUIIIUI. All of this is jours for a very small •urn. ," • x ;'• ..:_•_ COMHETE OUTFIT INCLUDES A Detachable Handle to lift quart ' c«nj and smaller Siies, without a ••near on >our fingers. Made of GET VOUR OUTFIT HOW Sign the cpupon—bring it to the Gltdden Dealer. Your Compltit Painting Oulfit is wailing for you . and much information thai you need. Clip the coupon now—do it before you forget. COMPL "I FAINTING OUTFIT ny *- . **irii "'"««"'tl..C.m 1 ,l rtt p. !nlin , 0utf .,,. lnttw7ti ^ h<)ul ^ <««P« n Slrc« ................... t City .............. ' ............................ '• ..................... ................................. ..................... Onl> On< Oder to . Fnmlty. Aduli, QH«r • East Arkansas Builders Supply 204 N. Second St. Phone 2!) Also—Pat-amount. News Comedy, "Raised and Culled" with Chick Chandler R O X Y LAST TIME TODAY 'While the Patient Slept' with Aline MacMahon and Guy Kibce Movirland Review and Musical Short Adm. 10 & 2Sc : Night Show -.. • only G:-15 HELP WANTED—Everyone who is Registered BE' AT ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY. S100 09 BANK NIGHT. We are very sorry Mr. F. R. Fletcher wasn't here hist BANK NIGHT when his name was called. ON THE SCREEN ' lets Live Tonight' with -Lillian Harvey and Tallio Carminali. Together they sang the sonit of Love. A Romance you'll never forget No Matinee Night Show 6;.15 Admission 10 & 26c Wrestling; IlalJylioo We iire In receipt of the latest b;illyi]0o c(forl of Joe "Tools" MotiiU. Hie former v/rcsllei- wlio now Is generally rcpuuicl to con- Ira] (lie (op rankliifr gronji o[ heavyweights along with Jnck Curlcy nn<l Jimmy Lonttos. "Tciols" Idlest "Dml" is noj»; other Hiiiri Chief UUle Wolf, fa- talletl Imltnn n-oin the Nuvajo fic-seiviitloii In New Mexico. From his picture there should tic little doubt ILS lo Ills claim ol liidiini blotHl, As to tlio wrcslllnu', nlilllty of (he Intllaii, Hint's nti- olher innttor. . i Ot course we've liacl a Chief Ultle Wolf operating on the Mid- Sotith Booking Agency's wrestling circuit but lie's not to he confused wllh the Little Wolf who's he- Irig built up for a match with Jimmy fx>nrtos. "The Worlioop" is the publication in whlcli the alleged wresl- ll/ig vlrlitc-s of LKtle Wolf ure set forth In detail. Probably the most amusing of the nitieles TOninlneti In Hie "Wnrhoop" Is Ills record of motche.s. It shows win afler win after v;in over various third sec- on<l am,! "" c or two first raters of tin! mat racket. Cr.lj three losses are recorded and after two of these Is the notation, "foul claimed." Maybe Its about lime for another champion to be crowned and Little Wolf rmcl Ms ••l>at}|| 0 ck" will probably do Jnsl as well as anyone eke for awlilie. Hrre's Hum's firlp Mat fans who luiii out here and i elsewhere nlong ihe Mlrt-Soiitli circuit may not get to see tlie nig I boys In iiction but they get •> i gllii).n,ie of action similar 'to that 1 •.. MONDAY. APRIL. 1, 1935 staged In some of the so-called Wg time performances frequently For Instance, unless the writer Wolf's highly praised (1^ ht^own publication) "Indian Dealhlock" is the same grip that Cyclone Bums employs to subdue his opponents on most of Ills appearances here Little Wolfs grip )n s(We( , , ' this fashion: "This time, however, a few of Ihe" rlngslders were able lo follow the movement of Little Wolfs leps as It locked Shlkat's legs into the contours of a figure 4 and rooted the powerful German's body to Uic floor. "Shlkat flopped about for almost a minute, like a Ash out of wafer, and finally settled down\! Jils shoulders to touch the mat for Referee Jim Wilson's count o[ three. Wilson then had to help Dick extricate • himself, for Littlu Wolf could not relinquish tlie hold of his own accord." Sefs Fascism for II s ATLANTIC CITY, N. .1. (UP)_ Due to the lack of 'imellectiiai confidence In democratic government, Dr. Prnnk Kingdon, president of Dana College, Newark believes fascism will come to America within ten years. -This attitude, he said. Is the cause for'the emergence of "such figures as Hlt- ler, Huey Long, Mussolini and Father Coitghlin." Now I.nrated at J01 North Sfconii ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All mate of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Marines and Cal- culators-Repairing-Paris-lilhbons CECIL SHANE For MAYOR Second Term Blytheville is on a cash basis for the ijrst time in many years. •>.'; The present administration started out with an accumulation of sev—:- eral thousand dollars of old operating bilk AH of those bills and all ,,, ; current bills have been paid fedate. Even the truck recently purchased for the street department was^paid for in cash. In order to pay the old bills and get the city on a cash basis,: Mr. Shane, without request from anyone, has given the city $600 of his salary. '; ; Of course, there are three bond issues which were floated several years ago; they are being retired as promptly as the five mills tax voted specifically for that purpose is collected, i • ::: ll5;;;; Show y° llr Appreciation of an efficient and business administration by voting for Cecil Shane for a second term as Mayor. Friends of Cecil Shane (This advertisement paid for by friends of Cecil Shane)

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