The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1933
Page 5
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^__TUKSUAY, NOVEMBER M, 1933 JBLYTHEVlLLg, (ARK.) COUH1BE -HBW8 PACE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MIO.N'f IQ7 "Our Cu:ll iiul We Tnsil KLT'ilA.NM.N is l>l:<cli Vou IVIlJIe" Oc kl2-i) Daily ra.ic \vf ll\e Insertions'. ;mo JOT consccu- (0 line) .. lOc .. OOi: .. (We .. 05c .. GOc (Five average wonts One 1 lime per line .......... Tv/o times JXT line ^pr tiny 'Inrec limes ]>er linn per day bix limes per line i«r day .. Month rate pe>' line ........ Minimum charge BOc Ads ordered for three or six and stopijeci before expiration v;lll Iw charger! lor the nutn- tcr of times i.l'c ad appeared and anjtilmem of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy 6ut milted by rersom residing outbids ot the city must be nccom- 1 anied by cash. Races may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken lor more Hum one incorrect iu- seitioii of anv classilied ad. Advertising crdcred for ir •Inr liucrlions take the one lute. time Phone 306 or 307 BUSINESS. U1HKCTOKY New and Used Furniture Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Akin Hardy 517 W. Ash EXPERT Type-.vriting and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Biank- enshi|>, 110 E. nose. Call 165-J. 21ckH-'-!l See Us for Holler anil Genera: • Blacksmith V.'crk by Joiin Wade Tom Howard's Machine Shop Cc kll-ao I,. G. Moss Klythcville's fill K:ile lUiilcrtakiT lOp k 12-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made to order, any size, 9'4"xU' 54.10 up 9'4"xl5' S5.50 up. Carney Ann Co. 113 S. First St. Blylhcville, Ark Mpkll-23 CLEANERS. TA1LOHS For Quality Cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NuV.'a Ulcaneis. It I'avs to Look Nice Send Your Woden Dresses to Unique ci-.-ttnlng Service Phone 171 28c kll-. '* AUTOMOTIVE Day & Ki;ht Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Bternbcrg Phone G05 'Call 308-ncil's Flui-B-llS E. ?*»>" For Autn Paintin; Body art! Fender Service I'ormcrfv wiLb. Sliousc-I.itlle Co. 10ckl2-10 See E. A. Fisher CHILD'S pink brush liefore Uuying Good [ do«n [own. Heuirn Ketail <t Wholesale Out of Car News. On Track lieUueu Ash <fc Main 7c 1U2-1 SIraycct-One llhck horse mule.jity for (ho payment of such 5',-j hands high lib-1 chau- moiii'j- Notify, lughflll _&, wiliNESs'my. hand and snil ul said Courl, on this 9th tiny of Nuvemlxr, 1333. G yra old., ei'lll ICH'ilKl. Uonn Mule Co., I'hone 21C. llckla j wool OAI> lo Courier I3p!:lV liur- ,isi\wL>a I Cotniiy, UIL>' months, UK'. ed Ulslrlcl. of Mississippi Arkansas, tvllliln Ilirec t» »»swcr a complaint nl- "' ^'W court by cor|»r«tlo». and 100 Phones rja No Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "JJot As the DescH Sands" B. C. ROBINSON LU.MUEK CO. iVc arc exclusive agents for urlg- iiiil Genuine Monlevallo Coal inj Sipsey, Arkansas Anthracite, Illinois anil Kentucky Coals. Mion,: 417 K. f. Fry Wonder Clly Coal Company Ockl'2-9 FOlt SALE DIRT, cheap. 25c yard. New Post Office liulUiins on Broadway. 10p k!5 Potato Chip Factory, fully equipped. Phone 280 or 83, Miss Hess Hall. 8ckl5 AUSTIN COUPE, period running condition. O. M. Morgan, Pho:ic 3-J. 30c kll-23 FOUND 1- Ton ArkaiiEa'i Tmrk I/icenso No. 250737. 'Owner may kive nw hy comhij in to Courier iitul paying for ad. 10 klf 14-21-28, Kh day of Novem- Finos Clfane-d, rejiatrod. Insprrtc'rt. Wort eiiavantcotl. W. W. Booker. Call 100. I3p }:ll-rj T.EOAT, NOTICBR SAl.K NOTICE is hereby civcn Hint the uiulersl^ncd crmimis^ioncr. in comnllnrcn with the terms of a decree reiirtprc<l bv the Chancery Ccurt fcv the Chlck.Ttan-te District of on TWO JIJRSEY Milk first calf. Cail 211 o Ilnyncs Men's Shop. Co\vs with ' inquire at 7c klO FOR SALE OR TRADE—210 year old Jersey Route 1, Box Bull. 112. A. S. Dean, IlpkJS. 1'OULTRY & EGGS Pay a fcv, cents more nnd purcliase FRESH EGGS, laid daily. P1CK- rXRD'S STORE, 1044 CHIC. AVK. ov 100 yds olf pavement on North H-th Street. 2p k!2-2 REAL ESTATE Conn; in, list your real estate Kcc what \ve liavD lt> sell li. M. Terry Licensed Uc.Mer Tcrry-Worth!nglon Tide Co. Blj-tlicvllle Phone G17. 23ckll-23. Mississionl Comilv. Arkansas the "Sth dav of September. IMS, wherein, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, el al. :vns Plaintiff. No. SIT?, ami Euln nobiii5on. el nl, were Defendants. vill ?ell at public aiicljon lo the niRhest bidder, for cash on a credit of three :>:ordhs. at the TPnl door of the Cc-nt House, hr- weeii (he hours prcrrribed by aw, in the City nf nlythcville, Arkansas, on the embcr, IB^S. the estate, to-wit: The Wp.^t S3 2-3 noes of the Ea?t Half of the Northwest Quarter of EiTtirai Thjr- tr-en Tnv.-i)i]ii|) Fifteen North, Range Eleven Eiisi. Said lanrt lo In- sold subject to ",I! (nses and assessments due thereon. S^lrt Sn!e will l ); had to satisfy said decree in the sum of S1513.00. with 8 per cent interest from September 25th. 1933. THE purchaser at said sale will to required la execute bond with approved security, to secure the AUTOHOBILES, TRUCKS USED CAR SALE COMPARE THESE I'RICES THEN COMPARE THE CAI! 1JB3 Chevrolet Sedan G Wire Wheels 13^'i Chevrolet Sedan, 6 Wire Wheels $425 1931 rontiac Coupe S3UU 1QM Chevrolet Coupe '. S20U W^i Ford Sport Coupe S215 19[« Ford Tudor : ounut l-'icd a. Salitia; James S. Snllbii; Mrs. James S. Sallua; Charles Saliba; MIS. chnrles Sullba; and Sal-, ly Sallba. arc warned (o appear lui tin- chancery conn lor the Chlck- D.ued this ber, 1033.. ,R. L. CiAlNBS, Clerk. Ilelil, Evrard ,t Henderson,' lor I'liiiiillils. 'Courier Hews; Wiinl Ada. Phoney Wooden Pistol ' Failed in EKipe Plot WAUl'UN, Wii. (UP) — Earl Ixivcdny, serving n llfo senlence foi jnun!erli)({ a policeman In 1010, had a great Idea and It would have won his freedom had It nol been (or't'lic sharp eyes of deputy Warden William Hlnkojnp. I/jveday P. fashioned » wooden l)lslol ouLof f Ublc board with u slpK'ii niidr Wade, and itjlned It bulhroom of the prison, • aiid; orl dercd the ^o!flcer to back, against the wall. -Hlnkamp riotlced' tjio )lslol was fake wlwn he'ww.ttuit he Ink had nol' be«n dUtrlbutpd OUR BOARDING HOUSE Cv*n!y. : He overpowered Uy. ' ribw ' Iri iclltary Viet,' who' is coni I -Cornier New* W»nt Adi- •'''' THIS CURIOUS 1031 Dodse "8" Sedan .. 1S32 Ford Pick Up i'jyi Chevrolet Truck, 114 Ton, Dual Tire 20 Olhtr Good Used Prices Cui lo I he I.AKGKST STOCK USED TARTS Between Memphis and St. Tx>uis A!SD Aiito Gia.'iS—Phone GG JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl2-2 AVTTO GLASS INSTALLED • We install glass i:i your car while you wait. Call us for belter service. Pho:ic 633. Shousc-f.ilt:c Chevrolet Co. lCcl:12-10 Call L'fi Vi'hcn In Need Of HUlillAIiD Alltoninlivc Dcpi. Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. ICc 1:12-10 WitECRf-.ll SKKVICE all i:.7 when you need a u'reckcr, Day and Ni^tit Strvicc. Call G33. Shonsc-I.iUle Crcvrolcl Co. 10ckl2-10 Get Vour Car in Tuno for Cold catluT. \VoiI. Guaranteed. RUSSELL ANDERSON Dodge fc Plymouth Garage Phone 838. GckI2-C IfATTKRIES lullcry fc Uadiatnr Service We suiraiv.ce you better ballcry or radiator work lor less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- corco*. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call fi3,1. Shousc-Liltlc Chevrolet Co. 10ckl:MO Ne-,v Ford Batteries - Itccharging - Hcp.iirir; 717 TIRE fc BATTERY STATION' 250 kll RADIOS All Radios, including K. C. A. y.c, 'K'iiiS closed cut at lor CASH at Ilu'obard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll Vnu will find a complete lino - r.f M:\v SIOnEL BICYCLES at Ifuhhard Hardware Company. 16ckl"l-16 COAL &• WOOD BUILUANT Jt KENTUCKY COAL Q'iahly fc Qmnlily Oiiaranleed nARTNlCK'S COAL YARD R. R. & Ash St. Phone ITS 3ckl2-3 with Ink. Recently he point- II ui Hlnknmp while hi the 6V THRUVTINV ITS HEAD WUKTRt VO! ^B.U3Wlr4G I K60U1 ? I've BEEN '' T?tADING., HERE; fpft. TEN MlMUTES.,V/HiUE ,VC?U WERt THE THROAT OF KOBBEXi 1 ?—EGAD*T IMrAY -v. /r ^ "POCKET ANt> HOW , I THIHK VOURE GO1N<3> WEBW IN TVO . "DON'T PUT TW' TINGER ON ME ? I CAME TOUNO VOU OVER-PUOV/1MG THAT SOUNDING OFPTL1LL "BLAST WITH VCXJR -Q NOSE 9 v-v POSS\BLt "ROBBET3 Q A/Or CANALS / THE ITALIAN CITV IS 6O1LT 117 SMALL ISLANO*, AMC SO-CALLED CAKLALS A9B NATUQA1- E6TUARIBS OF TH6 ADRIATIC SEA. • i'i ue." cA'ifips'. ifc due by |iian;, but'; lire with \Vntcr 'bcfbr cthc city tfas ibiihdcd.' transformed the fhorc lines untl.1 apiJCurance of man-made ctreanu. and a lien will be retained upon'! said property as additional sccur- 1 How did (le ratftch got its name? BOOTS AND HKU (Wife VOO ' ME FOR VT 1 VAP.V hS VJELU, IWW , hWWKJ '. YOO\St CUT V\ UP 90 TVWf X CMiV WEAR \T ASWW on , WHAT'RE vou TO VOUR fsNO VOO VV-nNG UVE OF RYxEV o» MOWEV TVW- W\&V\T- TO &ET OKi TttE GOOD «>\DTE. BUT I'M »OT «bO SHOUSK-LirrLK CHEVHOLKT CO. C;ill G33 lUvlhcvillc PL.T !_--(, HIS CLWH,; RAT BOVS, HOLD YOUR i GCOUMD. /YMERE'S OHLY owe TMIWG LEFT TO oo7 MOU'RE GETTING GCOFY. ILL GO, HANG vou? 6UT I'LL GET EVEM.IF IT TWO ROOM FURNISHED apart- 700 W. Walnut St. FOR RENT—Gale doing nice business. Musi leave on account ot sickness very lov: price. Cheap rer.i. 105 N. Second St. Blythcrillc. NICELY FURNISHED Apartment, foiir rooms n:id bath. Call I,. L. Ward, phones MB or 050. FUliNISHED BEDROOMS for rent, men only. -11G Chickasau-ba. 3pkl5 IS \" FIVL TO SALESMAN"SAM WHEM HIS CROWI&S HIM UP. D WITH Wft3H WITH BRICK STORE room 25x140. located West Main Street. Available Jan. 1. Address Courier News. Blythcviilc. 6ckl2-6 I.OOKIiVG-j.OUT FOR PPROOU tAG- A fUkluTF- 1 ts ' SO I DID ft LITTLE B\T OF \VANTED TO RENT . FeR60T £OP[>oi>EOTft sweep up T« r HAIR cuts' Atom 100 acres of goot) cnlton hind. I'hone 435. al =10 t 7esT HAD ft THPT'O B£ 3OB Uf- fcD Baby Sulkcy, with V:. Phone 178. .. I'JlTrt TttfvT C.WP- CUtTIM' "JOB - CORN WANTED JIABIL-YJf HATCHEBV 3ckl2-3 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS l.l, AROUND THE TOWN! VIVAT DlDYoiJTH.-I'/ J IT >;j.Vb SO C? V.V iw ins PBIWQLE TUSiSAVC HEY! H6Y!PVU\ 6ET THAT ICSA? ) REALLY? 3 wo 6iT y "- C«s;T V.'.VJT U|M <^ TO SHE ,:*_ .\^ V/ P^DMT i£LL HrR WAT FBECW.ES BALL ... HE. L«6 A M,. K BBEU,BUHS ' TUE WRONG WAY... RGD CATCWE5 HIWOM THE FNE-Y/«0 LIWE.,;. I TRY "K> PUNT our.. ..THEY BLOCK )T,Ml' TVEN, OVER TP.ey <SO FOR TME OLt? BALL. F6£r,'^HEN ME CALL-' ED THE rJEXT PLAY ,VE=KIO! HE Ln 6AME... SAY WAMNA.HE'S , - I'.eplacemcul Tarts l; CO. Experienced Salesmen and Salesladies. Apply Thursday. Friday or Saturday. Superior Coal anil Mining Co.. 301 W. Walnut St. 14ckl7 POSITION' WANTED PIH3T c'.afs negro nnu COOK wants job at hotel or restaurant. Call 155. 13pkl6 HKL ,\ PERMANENT POSITION' thai will pay from S40 to S55 weekly. ApplicanC must have car and fur- n'?h reference. 1 :. No selling i 0 do. Investment required irhicli is fully l-votrcled. For additional informa- lion slid personal inicrvieiv \uitc Kox LP. Comijr News, giving ad- cjcss nnd phoa: number. 13pkl5 LOST Tlic person who took pursr from liitz Thcalfr rfsl ronm Saturday aflernoon. ronlainini: rings and money lidonshiR (o ^frs. \v. II. WrsthriMk. was srcn. If ihc purse ir rrlumcd licforp Ihc police arc nntifltii no questions ffill be asked. I I3nl(13 ' A! :>; " : ^ ^M-^-S ;_^ (t'»^ V 1 ," -'I L^^fi-^l^

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