The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1968
Page 3
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Wyfiievflle (Arlt.) ;Courl«r News — PrMay, April », 1«« * Pic* Time llllflbtHlllllllffllllllllllTltM Today's Investor By Thomas E. O'Hara Chairman, Board of Trustees National Association of Investment Club* r-f -IT' Q. We have sold oiir home end are moving to Florida. We have a balance left over of about $6,000. Being in our late forties, we are not interested in dividends for at least ten years. Can you advise us how to invest this money' Also, we would like to invest about $180 a month. A. It always pleases me to receive a letter from someone who wants to invest money regularly; Regular investing is basic,to investment success, so let me answer that part of your letter first. One of the best ways to invest regularly and at the same time to learn about stocks and the stock market is through an investment c,l u b. Here you can not only learn about investing in general but also be exposed to a Variety of opportunities for investing further capital. I would suggest putting perhaps $20 to $25 of 'the $150 you wish toJnvest each month into a club" Then every three or four months yon will have accumulated several hundred dollars extra which you can invest in one of the stocks the club has examined which especially appeals to you. As for that $6,000, here's a nice arbitrary judgment. Divide it into four equal parts and buy stocks in 1) a top quality industrial corporation, Astrological * Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTMR* «o duMimine joni forecast, notj paragraph oppoilt* 4att»-wUi» Include your birth dat». SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A day to first wind up in the morning any unfinished business or practical plans that you have been,unable to:get done before this time. Then the P.M. is spiehdid for all kinds of discussions with material-minded persons for. getting a new slant on your mundane 'interests and enjoying ;the good things of life. ARIES-(Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) You can now get some system perfected that will make your property more valuable and give you a larger income in the future. Cionfer .with some business expert' who comprehends your financial problems. Get right advice. •-•• • - <• ,:,..'AURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Y.ou are very charming and can now make an excellent impression on others so that they support you more in the days ahead. Use .those clever means '••• HcNaniht *jn«*»t» I"*.' LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Put aside duties that are a bore and: get : into whatever needs your precise and efficient .attention now. Get them rolling wisely for the future. Be more considerate, attentive of mate, as well as good friends. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Get the OK from partners for whatever new have in mind that are of a constructive nature. StarJ; important beginnings.. Come to : a new meeting of minds so, that all is nicely clarified. , -.;> •-. . " ' SAGITTARIUS (Nov: 22 to Dec. 21). Be enthusiastic about the work ahead of you and then get it d6neEins'a>'positive and direct mariner.* Co-workers will understand your ideas and cooperate, although it is Saturday. Show a positive genius regarding your plans. ' CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan! 20) ideal day to amuse yourself since you have been under pressure too long and need di- to meet persons who are influ- version badly. Get in touch with ential. Get ahead faster, congenials early .and have'a ;. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Be ingenious in solving certain problems that are now bugging you and others and you clear the air. Confer with some expert and get the right, answers. Stop being so nervous and get to work early. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Out to.see those pals today and get social life more streamlined for the days ahead; then complete'what you started some tune ago. Talk over some new project with buddies. Arrive at the right de- iisions. LEO (July 22 to Aug.,21) You have business matters to handle early, so get them done and you soon have time for new projects and ideas. Get into that civic outlet later on in the day. Let the public be well pleased. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) New 'situations are about to rise that you would be wise to find better ways of expressing yourself. You can now advance in new avenues unknown to you before. Show that good time at whatever appeals to you most. You need not be extravagant. ADD Horoscope Sat. April 27 AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Imperative you get that work done even though it is not .particularly to your liking, since it.can mean much to your security. Confide in kin and carry through with your aims. Use.a positive method, system. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Contact : as many persons as you can today who can assist you to get ahead much faster, even though the start may be a little slow. Communicating comes relatively easy now. Show that you have their interests at heart, also. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY .:. he, or she, will be one of those practical-minded young people who, early in life, understands the:value of a dollar and is always looking for ways arid means to build up a small nucleus, so be sure you teach early the spiritual and ethical values so that the energies and mind here will be you are a person of many tal- channeled in right directions, ents. . i Sports fine also. Announcing EMPIRE LIFE INSURANCE CO. DISTRICT OFFICE OPENING Located In Blytheville Federal BIdg. 1200 W. Walnut-Biytheville • Life Insurance •Disability • Hospitalization General Agent R. L Triimie, H Glad To Serve Von" Office Pfcone PO 3-0274 2) 4 good bank, 3) a high grade insurance company, and 4) a good utility. Q. .Please tell me why the commission part of the price we pay on Mutual Funds is a deductible expense for income tax purposes. A Not only is the commission on mutual funds not deductible as income expense but neither is the .commission on all stock purchases Although it might seem logical that such costs should be deductible, the Internal Revenue Sen/ice thinks differently. And the IRS has won its case in court against those who don't agree For income tax purposes, here is the proper way to figure capital gams or losses Re cord the cost of the stock plus the commission Record selling price for the stock less the commission. Subtract the two. Q My husband and I are in our mid-forties. We have a savings account and time deposits, but we would like to get more income so that we can have a comfortable old age. Do you think tax-free bonds would be a goo dinvestment? A. I am guessing from your tatter that'.you are of moderate circumstances. In that case, I am not inclined to advise tax- free bonds. The tax-free ' feature of these.bonds does not add up to much unless you are in a fax bracket : of 50 percent or better. . • ; No one is very fond of paying taxes. ;But.when you'buy:these bonds, you forego the opportunity for appreciation which you have in stocks; This appreciation can do more for you in the long • run than what .you will gain in tax-free income. Questions may be sent to T. E. O'Hara, National Association of Investment Clubs, Dept. S, Box 1056, Detroit, Mich. ; 48231. New Policemen :.WASHINGTON (AP).- When federal troops rolled into Washington .during the early-April riots the Metropolitan Police Department dispatched' its recruiting van to bivouac areas-in search of potential police officers. -.'".-: . .'. Among the soldiers of the 82rid Airborne Division and the 503rd Military Police Battalion, 74 were persuaded to take the police examination and 65 of these, achieved a passing grade and are being processed for jobs, officials reported. Big selling points, police officials said, were the prospect of release from military service 90 days early for police work and legislation now before Congress which would set an $8,000 starting salary. Young people need help in hitting the mark *••..• Spiritual perception to see the real purpose of Kfe ind moral strength, to teach it — this is the help they need. . [One of the words for sin in the early Bible meant "to miss the ma*.*) Young people gain a more Kcnttte aim k life through t God and man. They'll b* welcome at the . : ..•'.;*'••' ' " ' Christian ScieBC6 Suaday Sdiool • SUrti 9:30 «.m. Church Service* U:W IM. Th« ChrlrtUn Seine* Soctotr it Blyttwrill* amto »t Ih* Wownt Otab MMtef. MM W«rt Mate Bliwt, Blrthnllli, Ark., We/com* frmyoiM JACOBY ON MIDGE NORTH « A Q10 52 VJ10 «AQ9«3 *AQ WEST (D) EAST *K64 4AJ87S VK4 »862 • KJ84 410 #J765 410843 SOUTH VAQ97&3 • 752 *K92 Neither Vulnerable Wot North But South Pass 14 1* 2» 24 2NT. Pass 3¥ Pass 4V Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 4 Indiscretion at the bridge ta ble should be punished, but once in awhile it turns out to be highly profitable Board eight of the nationwide chanty game is a case in point East's one spade overcall is a good example of indiscretion With five high card points and a rather poor suit, East should pass quietly and let his opponents bid along. Left to themselves, North and South would play the hand somewhere in hearts — possibly in game, more probably at two or three.. West would probably open the five of clubs and South would make 10 tricks. The bidding in the box is what took place when one East'play- er did stick in a spade overcall. South was crowded into a two heart bid and from then on there was no stopping below game.' East won the spaae opening with his jack and went over all possibilities. He didn't think much of his chance to defeat the contract. It was apparent from the bidding that South held more than five hearts. Then South saw one chance that might defeat the contract or at'least prevent an..overtrick. It depended on finding tits partner with the king and one heart. • . . . East led his 10 of diamonds! South won with dummy's queen and saw the danger of a diamond ruffi He did tile best 'he could to stop it by' playing ace and one heart but that did him no good. West took his king of hearts and led the king of diamonds. East ruffed dummy's ace and West waited for the setting trick with his jack of diamonds. Crime at the bridge table had paid once more. Jets Rock Mesa GORTEZ, Colo, AP). — Sonic booms caused by overflying jets are damaging 2,000-year-old In- Mother's Own Ring FVR" - a lasting Symbol of Family Love! 1 si. _'- • • •:'. This lovely ring of I4IC gold will be cherished forever by ntothers! Each member of tha family is"represented by colorful synthetic birthstones. WHh three $fQ 95 birfhstones 1 9 Each additional stone $5 . CHARGE IT! FINISH dlan cliff dwellings and disrupting the tranquility of Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, Meredith Guillet, park superintendent said Wednesday. . Guillet said nearly 66,000 tons of rock fell Feb. 21 after two supersonic jets passed over and added that two or flirte thandSF claps a day was common now.- Interior Secretary ^Steifirtt Udall has appointed « commit-; tee to study the problwa, Gulllet said.'.': "•;:.: ;: "• .. :'•• : Remember fay Your Paper Boy New Dog Collar CHARGE IT! 3 WAYS TO BtTT: • Cash •Charge •lay-A-Way A beautiful rapltc* of an •xptnitva, 14-fcf. . solid gold collar . . . now for tht first tfm* at popular pricail luxurious tl-kt. gold filled collar. ' .-....-. Collar;.... ;&99 Pendette..$l up DREIFFJS '^~l/eu*ee&iA— MEET DBEIFUS .... WCAt DIAMONDS . Discover Ford Country- three vocation specials! Springtime is deal-time on wagons in 3 sizes. Big choice of Better Ideas. 2-way Magic Doorgate. Power front disc brakes. SelectShift Cruise-O- Matic. Dual-facing rear seats. Start vacationing today at Wagon Headquarters—your Ford Dealer's. Ford Country Squire See the light. The switch is Ford. vott Illvt LinRELL-OZIER FORD SALES Broadway & Chiekanawbci Blythoxille, Arkanm ' »..M.j>^

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