Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's ...Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades and weaves, Including all Covort and Grandl Cloths. Something new in Silks for waists in Roman Stripes and Checks. New Ribbons and Gloves. Come in and look through this stock. MEATS! 6n Ind Juicy! Enough to Tempt a Vegetarian. Wm. Howe, Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247- G. W. Campbell Has removed his Second Hand Store to 212 SIXTH STREET Next to Moynlban'B, And wishes to inform the public that he is still la the business. Stove Repairing a Specialty. E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PABLORS, 316 Market Street, New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. FANLEY & SHANAHAN. INCENDIARY FERE Out in Jackson Township Sight. A B»rn Burned— Four Horse* Perish iu the Flames. The barn on the farm of Simon Goldsberry, three miles west of Galveston, together with the contents and adjoining buildings, were destroyed by fire last night. The fire was first discovered about 9 o'clock, and 13 supposed to have bad an incendiary origin. Four horses, a large number of chickens and several hogs perished in the flames. The barn also contained grain, hay, vehicles, farming implements, etc. Tbe loss is fully 11,500. Mr. G. carried but 1500 insurance on all his buildings. EX-COSGRESSMAN WHITE, Of Fort Wayne, Passed Afternoon. Away This Buyi ana Sells Second Hand Goods. Giro u,» car, 8DB 8th tit* INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. yOS Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. W.J. Barnett, Succfl880r lo c ' L ' WoUl Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street Call. *««*«*$ ^^, Tbeflucstoutfl' iniho b.h. t-oi. u. i;. will remain with mo. _.. office 10. Kcsidence-Mutiml. Phones ss-.c.u.us. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO— F H. Wipperman, KM Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. A telegram received by Eli Greensfelder this afternoon from his brother states thio ex-Congressman James B. White died at his home in Ft.Wayne today from the effects of an operation performed for appendicitis. Mr. White was one of the most prominent business men in Fort Wayne. He was president of the White National bank, served one term as member of congress from the Fort Wayne district and served later as a member of the Indiana World's Fair commission. MAKING PROGRESS.. Stockholders Apprised of the Work of tlie Directors. Satisfied With What Has Been Done gincettlie Company Was Organized. The meeting of the stockholders of the Logansport Oil and Gas company was largely attended last night —the new court room being well filler! with Interested citizens. The meeting was called to order by Dr. M. A. Jordan, president of the company, who stated the purpose of the meeting. He briefly reviewed what had been accomplished by the company up to the present time, and hoped that the work of the directors would be approved by the stock holders. The secretary's report showed tha more than $1,000 of the stock sub scribed had been paid in and tha nearly SI,300 of stock had been taken He also reported that more than 2,200 acres of land had been leased and that more territory will be ob talned. He also repnrted that propo sitions have been received from con DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner ot Fourth and Broad-WR* Now Is Your Chance. You cun buy you a home or pny off y<nir »ortinuw by sendirs: M. M. Gordon » buyer lor Real Estate, Who -will divide the commission with you, tractors, in which they agree, for drill from M. M. Gordon, Old Pbooo office 306, residence ItS. ER. C. D. EVEKSOLE'S DEDTAL PALLORS Orer Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAEOS SATURDAY, GOT. 9, 1S97. certain consideration, to three to five wells. After some discussion a motion to approve the work of the directors was approved without dissent. It was given out by the directors that the real work of prospecting for oil would not be begun until the stock subscribed was paid in. A motion to limit the cash subscriptions to 14,000 was rejected and a committee, composed of Weldon Webster, J. F. Grable, B. F. Campbell, Joseph Kreis and 0. L. Chambers, was appointed to solicit additional stock subscriptions. The meeting then adjourned. t OTHER OIL NEWS. The New Waverly company is erecting a derrick south of tbe Wabash railroad and about 200 yards east of the Wabash station on Dr. Quick's land. It is expected that he drill will be set to work on Monday. The Adams township company expect to begin drilling in about two weeks. The last day for the pay ment of subscriptions is next Saturday. A company has been formed at Fulton to drill for Oil. Something ike »1,000 has been subscribed. The well has been located just north o" theFulton mill. The Blair well on tha Dukes lot in Peru is the best one yet developed It is considered the biggest natura pumping well ever discovered and is making 1,000 barrels daily. ADDITIOMAL ITEMS. Fancy potatoes 52c bushel.—McCaffrey. Tonight Foley will sell bananas 35c bunch. Gordon real estate phones: Office 306. and residence 189. Tonight—great attractions tonight - Golden Eule. Come everybody. Mrs. Herman Hoepner, of Dan vllie, Ills., is visiting relatives in the city. Frank Beamer is laid up by an attack of e/ysipelas in tbe right foot. Fish in large numbers are being caught in the Wabash river, below tne city. David Jakes, a new clarionet player for tbe Elks band, arrived in the city today. G. H. Mack, jr., representing Mack & Co., leaf tobacco dealers, or Chicago, was calling on the trade today. Mrs. Mary Bergman, of the Westside, who fractured her hip some time ago, is able to move about with the aid of crutches. Railroad employes running into j Chicago can borrow money at lowest ates, at 911 W. Dearborn Bldg., 1-34 Monroe st. Chicago. James Hill and family, formerly o *alveston, have moved to this city nd taken up their residence at 202 Sates street, Westside. Mrs. Cory Price, of Cathay, North Dakota, arrived this afternoon to isit with her father, David Stude Daker south of the city. Martin Hughes, tee plumber, hai eturned from a three months' visl n Europe. His time wa& divided between Ireland, England and Scot and. There is talk of opening navigation on the Wabash up as far as Lafay ette. A new invention makes naviga tion'of steamers in shallow wate possible All the towns along the iver below Lafayette are anxious to have the experiment tried. Uncle Allen, the old cookie and pte man at tbe railroad stations, came very near being crushed to death by passenger train No. 21 yesterday. He slipped in front of the train and was withdrawn just in time by John Allen, one of the attaches of the road. William, the 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Wolf, of Peru, whose remains were shipped here for burial yesierday and taken to the residence of Mrs. Lena Kienly.of J 306 SmeaS street, was interred in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Miss Louie Hilton died this morning at 5 o'clock at the family residence, corner of Twenty-second and Market streets, of consumption. The remains were taken at 1:45 o'clock this afternoon to Portland, Ind., where the funeral services and interment will take place. J. D, Forqueran dted at 7:30 this morning at his home, No. 525 Chicago street, of dropsy, aged 70 years. JThe funeral will be held Monay morning at 10 o'clock from the amily residence. The service will e conducted by Rev. Marsh. In- prment will be made in Mt. Hope etnetery. Anderson's council passed an or- inance granting a twenty-five-year ranchise to the National Union Telephone company, providing that here must be one hundred paid elephones in use by February 1, and requiring a payment of 5 per ,ent of gross receipts to the city after 1899. The foot ball team of the Logansport high school went to Culver this norniug to play the team of the military school there. They go with the belief that they will come back victorious, notwithstanding the advantage of the superior training which the Culver boys receive from that institution. Our Shoes Fit Like gloves. And they wear Like Iron. We treat cur customers Fair and square • Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low—And quality is High- Very high—. And we want Your trade. Elias Winter, GERMAN TAUGHT -AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Ibepreat and increasing demand tor the German language m DusinesB circle* has led President Moore to add this branch to tba practical business course. B , CU re v We have been f 01 tucate enough to B cure Mrs Edith -otter, ihe popular and efficient o an° Our FaU and Winter StyleSr in elegant combinations of color in up-to-date fabrics In -piarttt cheeta, stripes, tweeds, twIllsrTserfes •*»' wftitlog for your Inspection. Skilled workmen are also waiting to fashion them Into the best fitting and finely finished suits that wouli&iwt joiji twice as much if landed under the new tariff. basbeei changed to » pleasant the Colby Natural Method. arrange fora a pracdeal course ID German Ball's Business College. Corner Broadway and Si.xth St. Second floor, ft) WIFE OUT GREENBACKS. The KepuMican Plan For Reforming; the Currency. The purposas of the Republican leaders, if they shall succeed ,in all they hope to at "the elections this year and next, are not set forth in- their platforms, their newspapers or the speeches of their campaigners, says the Cincinnati Enquirer. All 'the iacts, though, point to the intention to- -destroy the greenbacks. The president's message advising the creation of a monetary commission had that end in view, and the present irresponsible monetary commission is organized for the same purpose. The plan is to wipe out the greenbacks and deliver over the business of issuing paper money to the banks, with the power to regulate the volume of the issue. The Republican leaders have been accused of this purpose repeatedly and have not denied it. They dare not deny it for fear of offending the speculators who control them,' and they are afraid to advocate such a procedure before the people. Every man who studies politics to any purpose, though, knows that if the .Republicans gain full legislative and executive power they will revolutionize the currency system not for the better, but for the worse. Tailor and Draper, TENNIS WOMEN; The Fair Sex Wins Many of the l»nrel» of the Season. Notwithstanding the attention attracted by the tennis men from England a large share of the honors of the season have gone to American women. Miss Juliette Atkinson has continued her remarkable success, and in the recent contests at Chicago she was a universal favorite, both personally and as a player. Miss Atkinson is young, but has been several years on the courts. When in her teens, she handled the racket with astonishing skilL She grew up in an atmosphere of lawn tennis, and ens reached the highest honors that it can confer. She b.ns met nearly all the stars in the tennis world. She held the national championship two years ago, but by a coin- Garl W. Keller, 311 Market St. _ Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit ior you that fcr Price, Style and. "Fit win- not be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABKICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAW, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. TBE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent OITY JSLELWS Walden sells John Kelly shoes. The work of filling up the place where :;he Forest mill stood is rapidly nearinjj completion. Mrs. Stella Sebastian-McClure, of Jollet, Ills-, is in the city, visiting her its ter, Mrs. Ed Burns, on College •treet„ Mrs., Lou HoMackin left last night lor Daring-ton,-O. She receded a telegram stating that her mother WM iMgwouily ill. Bert Cole Injured. Bert Cole was Injured in a race a Bourbon, Ind.. yesterday. He wa. driving a pacing horse called Danni N. and the animal fell and threi Cole from the sulkey. His back i sprained, and he will be laid up fo some time to -come : Cole was to have started Gold Medium at Bourbon, but reports that the sidewheeler was not in condition. A clean slate at the major's office this morning. Who Kichard Savage Was. One of the plays Mr. Nat Goodwin is going to produce this season is entitled •'•Kichard Savago." Few people seem to know who Sfivapo was. He waa a scnr- rUous pamphleteer, whose pen was always in and out of venom. He would have died long before he did die had he not been befriended by Dr. Samuel Johnson, who was his one friend in the -world. How Mr. Goodwin is going to mate a hero of Savage is a mystery. Savage has been mentioned HS nn English Poa, but Poe had genius, and Savage possessed only the talent of a fifth class man. Julias Watts Insane. Julius Watts, a young man residing in Jefferson township, was declared Insane tcday and will be committed to LongclifC hospital. The court of inquiry was composed of Esquires Fender and Walters and Dr. Jordan. Watts has repeatedly threatened to kill his mother, and tie was placed in jail. An elder brother of the unfortunate young man was declared insane about two years ago, and afterwards killed himself. Mrs. Cleringer Sajs So. Mrs. M. A. Clevinger, of Michigan avenue, Northside, called at the Pharos office today and denied, in most, emphatic terms, the published statement that she was engaged in raising a fund to be used In collecting a fortune alleged to have been left by relatives in England. Mrs. C. says there is nothing due her from anybody in England. HtmtlnE In summer, when southern s-wamps dry out, the alligators, which abound there in large numbers, live in holes ten or more leet deep and inclined or slanting. Tbe weapon of warfare used upon these creatures is a long pole, at the end of which is a sharp steel prod and hook. This is run down into a hole, and the alligator is prodded until he becomes mad. Then be snaps the book like a fish and is immediately caught. He is then drawn up to tbe mouth of the hole and is shot through tbe eye until dead. The teeth are extracted and the hide is cut off. Hooper'u Great Swim. James Hooper, who recently swam from Troy N F., to Sew York city, 153 miles, made the voyage in 11 days, breaking all known swimming records. He made short stops for rest at many of the Hudson river towns and arrived within the time be had set for the swim. Bis next effort will be to swim across the English chan- ael, which he eapectg to do intheipring. JULIETTE ATKINSON. blnation of circumstances lost it last year at WissaMckon Heights to Miss Bessie Moore it tbe same tourney she went in with Fischer of New York as partner and defeated Miss Moore and J. P. Paret in doubles. She holds all the big champion- sbipB that have been so far contended for She is international as well as notional champion. At Xiagnrn-on-tho-Lake she defeated nil of Canada's best women players, and at the same place the stars of tbe United States also sec. At Wissabickon Hei"lits she defeated all comers. Ibo home of Miss Atkinson is in Brooklyn, and ic was in the City of Churches that she first learned tn play the game which has ruado her famous. Women and Billiards. European women have for many years taken a keen interest in billiards, and there is hardly an English country house which has not its billiard room, where tho ladies of the house have many a spirited tournament with their husbands snd brothers and the guests within their gates. On rainy days the billiard room is tho refuge of tlie family. The Princess of Wales handles the cue with much skill, but is noc devoted to the game. Lady Dudley the Duchess of Devonshire, the Marchioness of Grauby and the Countess of Warwick are expert players, as are many other women of title. It is only in the last few years that American women have become acquainted with the game. Mrs. Vanderbilt introduced it in Jsew York. Orowtn of Golf. There are now enrolled In tbo United States Golf association 89 clubs, 17 of •which are associate and 72 of which are allied members. New York leads the van •with 31 clubB. Massachusetts comes next with 15 and Now Jersey is hard on her heels with 14. Pennsylvania has 9, Connections 4, Illinois 5, "Little Ebody' 3, Ohio 2 and several of the western states 1 apiece The 17 associate clubs which control the workings of the United States Golf association are the Chicago Golf club, the Country club of Brooklino, Mass ; Newport Golf club, St. Andrew's Golf club of Yonkers, N. Y.; Shinnecock Hills Golf club, Southampton, N. Y.; Essex County club, Manchester, Mass.; Philadelphia Country club, Lakewood Golf club, Morris County Golf club, Morria- town >' .T • ->5eadowhrook club, Bemp- Btead! k Y.; Tax. Ho Golf club, Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; Myopia Hnnt club, Hamilton Mass.; Washington Golf club, Philadelphia Cricket club, Ardsley club, Irving- ton-on-Hndson; Onwentsia olub, Lake Forest, Ills., and Enollwood Country club, Elmsford, Westchester connty, N. Y. two Men of Indiana Fn-rored. Washington, Oct. 9.—Two of the appointments made by the president yesterday were the following: Ambrose W Naulin, collector of internal revenue for the Sixth district of Indiana, and David W. Henry, collector of internal revenue for the Seventh district of Indiana. United TypoUietiie of America. Nashville, Oct. O.-The United Typo- thetae of America has elected the following- officers: President, H. L. Burdick, of Milwaukee; secretary, J. S. Gushing, of Bosto-i. The most sensational development In the Greater New York campaign Is the announcement that John C. Sheehan and Richard Croker had quarreled, and that the former would resign the leadership of Tammany and lw succeed** by the latter, The Weatter. Fair tonight and Sunday; much colder tonight; continued colder Sonday. 700 known r; There are, perhaps, one hundred different baking powders sold in this state. How many offer your money back if not satisfied? One only— Cleveland's. Read our guarantee:— Guarantee* *re avtbortocd t» ftra on«y it Ton 4« no* th, t-t , ftad Harvard'* Football Method*. W C Forbes, the ne v coach of the Harvard football team, will introduce revised methods. It is understood that instead of attempting to develop several teams, as was the case last year, and picking tbe team from the best men late in tbe season. Captain Cabot will select tbe eleven most promising candidates in tbe season and eive these the full benefit of the coaching. The eleven will not be worked so hard in daily practice, but instead will get Its hard work in the preliminary ' caiues. Another innovation -will be tbe keeping of the freshmsn all by themselves. The object of this will be to reduce tbe number of candidates for tbs yareity and DOC waste valuable tima with raw recraits. In tha development of tbe team Lewis, tbe famous center, will h»76 charge of the de' of Iffvne* We» WrftUn. Irhonui* W. Keene bae iiioewed that then i* quit* » onrioiu little U»oC hirtory •boot "The Lady of I^OM" that to D°* «en«z«Qr known. It ereou that lUorwdr bad not been doing veiy well »* Coven* Garden when Bnlwfflf LTtton offered to write him » play with the digtiaot nndw- •taDdirg th«t the aathonhlp ebonld not be dtodoiea, Tbe oompexit WM tept for two yean. When "The Lady of I^OM w&s prodnoed, the critloe prooUtoed It» ghastly fflilnre, bat time ha* nrore* «•• Mtl(/ of thtii adiot . TBE GOLDEN RULE Grand Special — FOR— / TONIQH / T. The Following Items will be at Your Command: 100 dozen Japanese Pheasant handkerchiefs, with pretty fancy borders, look like T5o and $1 handkerchiefs, your choice tonight 15c each or 2 for 25c. Ladies' handkerchiefs, shear swisi lawn, neatly worked In embroidery, an excellent 12Jc to 10: value, tonight's price 5c each. 140 dpzeo ladles' embroideries handkerchiefs, pure linen, in 40 different designs, you would consider them cheap at 50c, choice of the entire lot tonight only 25c. WRAPPERS. 200 calico and percale wrappers, ID pretty dark fall styles, 3J yards wide, tonight only 39c. 40 handsome velvet capes, 136 Inch sweep, some have braiding, *omo have not, they have sold at $8.50, 110 and 112.50, choice of lot tonight 14.98. 18 inch fur collarettes only tl.48. Tonight table oil elotb J2Jc yd. Ladies fleece lined union suit* 39c. SEE HEBE. 200 pieces of Frnit of Loom, Green Ticket LonstJale, Hill, FltchTille or choice oT any best brand* of muilln« tonight, only CJ-c. Your choice of be3t»tandardprlnU such as silver grays, indigo«s, red«, blacks or fancle*, for tonight only 3ic yer yard. Fancy ribbons— We haTe loU of them and we would like for you to have some also, hence the low price for tonight. Choice of 40c, 50c, 75e and 85c ribbons; all to »t 25c. 50-inch feather boas, 19e- 50c TwU, Oneidk rtyle, Me, We Intend to make thli the Wf Saturday night sale of tbe y««r. Everybody uhoold corae. ^

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