The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 2
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THUKSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1937 .Social Calendar DOMd 0{ W. M U. of kt Church meets, 3-JO o'etoct.-.»t home of Mrs. Walter Bishop.' Arkiiiaas State College » cappella choir oT Jnwtaro and Blytfte\Ulc Little 'TUestfr present pragrnjn fit high }^IWH »\riit»rhipl 8 9'clC**. Cov«ri4 dish supper ot Ladles' Bible ens} <jf tbe PifSt Method** fl'flflrt, 8k ct)itfc4< ot the . Hushes at 2 otlocti, i EnlertUns Clab MrsJvW. J Pollard fcnd a 'chry- •rantPtpiiun" party when che enter- taln«^ the Wednesday club for the in»My luncheon and bridge game <*T?UoTi pouitpom cUrjsw- themimis. In a crystal bowl, was•the cejaferpitcc of the. dining room table i«id. the place cards were \rltlv the same flower. N shades t-erc also car-out In the tiytcy lunch ried v*s later played in the nherc lavender aix) uiyiwiums were ir- W:, Mrs Harry K4rb,v won liigh, jSCore and. second high to Mntw D Chamtrtln who the; oWj' !?' To ««t Coven*' TJMJ'ladle.'i' Bible Clfl^ of (hi PtrstlJfethodist Church. \r)H a ?o\ered disU FLAPPER FANNY ' ft i« it» SUWK, I*. T, II. REG. U, S. PAT, OF f. B x Sylvia Bits of Nevn Mortry Penan*] Mrs. IT. p. Mrunrd awl OTII, Don, will leave loulfc-lit for OlcviN nnu. O., wlirrc Ow wy % vLsit Mi-s. Mcnar<l's ^rpuitir, H. H. U.ale. a>i:t Mrs. llale. fot t^o wetfcs. inoiiif Oicsc oi till,? city «;l»o r* In. MfniphU yest«f<lay «wc Mrs. yrert Uutlxerfwd, Mva. p. k Hlcr, Mrs. Obtstev CaldweU, Mr.v B. M MfCall. Mr«. U O.' Clusin- blUi, Mrs. MavgiuK F'lan.anan. Mrs. I'cui HUle. Mrs. RMS D. Huijhos Slid M»s. Max M«yets. ?. A,. Ruble and s««. Biusell Icrly F)i|b](>, of Marvcll, Ark., visr ',cd NJIisi oi;\va BubJe liere T^f,-:,. nj- ni'^ht. They re!wi«rt <in-f VVc'tlticiKloy morning, Joe Isaacs )),in ijftn 'w ()«•« two days at I 5H West Wal.iwt i\Tts, o. K. ,Ctiwle ai\d MU •fst Ctif^le, n«i( lUs' wife of .inn. Ky., were \\wsb; of Mrs. ' . . . . .., as been tfck Ccv s«nc Htnc. j\ improviJig'. Sl\c a(\d Wi«. C. p. ,'hoatc avc stiter^. Toni WhUworth, v,-b<v h^'. been n Uw fiicmphvi. Boptist hospital, iias returned to the 'home of hts p.hii Wliitworth, iji Qs' ' • ; - to I mr list to finish Clmiks wcmr (orClinslin i AVyll. ill g<i\ Fushri) Iwriiur. t'il just m.ikc it .1 nccfcli: at, the^church at 7 o clock Friday iilghb* The;*^iippej- »jll be n phrlstmns Part} jiTjith. megibcrs takhijj cov- _ered titshes lp ~. * . D»faijrter Born, BlsfthWjUe aw} }!&$, Jfa Cook, route 2 T(ie fcafe f'lshs si\ pounds and one mmcci •Ml * • • At, >$fc meeting o{ the Woman's Mi-sionarv Union of tpe Ffrst Baptist 1 Church, sesterflay at the rhurcH; Miss Coro;eUa WUWte tod rrarg^ of the program on 'Loping ynto Jesus In Mexico Nigeria anfl Japan" This Wiv, the third of a S^ies of specif meetings this v.^v <*. R ,( l|dy of wfelons H Small led the devp- J Looking fUnto thfe' AW- j at Jonesboro and Is no?.' bookkeeper for Holly's Oin »t Holland r.'herc they will mnke tltrlr home. His iwirnU are prominent ,. ers who live west of Holland. - --iiclpal T. J. last to ?ili-. Marrllton, Ark., yesterday 'by tr,c i I?,')."'/ '""'" ° T1 '° -'sath. or his fatlier. \™°^ There was (i \arup. attendance j ' ( /' v ' Plans For Christmas Parade CAWWERSVILliE,, Mp. — Att rrnjf of elnborately (Jccorntcd •sits, sjrotwquc n.°nrea. hands an.d Glaus, iri person, arc in CtirisimiK pnmdc here Frj- jl\t, Dec. 10 il thousand feet (/( llsUttx} tf> htr home this cold. with ll Alc thor 1 FV.HI' talked on Llovd 'Our Work R fcj^jnlnuteg of Client prayer. "~ > Shejouras Brewer told of _ _ jj] omcj , er , . jr on Japan t , as E L ,a piano sol? Mit.Theod.orc los»n. Mrs fre4 | Carpenter and Hirej-i. offered pwjers >Irs Huffman closed the meeting Prase*, Alc G. (Jon ... ... hntl;,, Suiidiiy Misse-s!;, Crowlonl In ll:c ufternoon ^ - tl j Follo-.vins "K 1 , pni'Rtiu the junior i c':\nml>ei- of commorcc is sponsor- thc . ,° lal Christmas - )rj-; feature of tlw be" VfUS >V of ' ' • ' ° ylBM P<lr!lf!<! " ccries °^ llonls - ceoia. His condition is ituj Mejvr Qvapcr, who ruts Fjpk for thf past fciv (iRy.s lnnuen?n, Is much better tp;W J. A.,ch was In Memphla ytt terdny. At the Hojpilafs Mrs. Dock Dai-is V.TJ: ivmovod from thp IJIythevillp liospitnl to licr home yesterday In a Caob. nniljiitonci'. Sly.' recently mi<tc-!> \Vfi\t a nyUor openvtion. . Mrs, Sallic Sisco. of Etownh, \v»s disint-.=cd yesterday frcivi Uw Blyllicvilli- (ipspUfll wUere sJie has been ni\dcvgptivq tvc^ttrifnt. C. Tlndnll is in the Memphis Undergo n minor operation. Mrs. T"«ll!l is w»W> IU!». ...".-'' Mrs. w, J." Norton, of Hsyti; is In the Memphis J^ethodlst lios- . Bert Mrs. R Nelson 'of Htmttngton. Louis and Memphis* T. T. A- Meeli Dr--'^ M, Walls »as the speaker, at the meetU^ of Sud- oury,-Parent Teacher Association Then Jt n;et at «ic school \ester- oay He spoke On '"Health' M% Odie ^ea^u gop^lsnd gave R ptono soto and Wjnette shepherd ^n§ « solo A. business meeting foitowed the program In the room count Mrs. °,. % v Quetealz's room won the atteriaance prize with 22 mothers (net*, there were 88 at the meeting •>- Tcnn.. v;as visiting his brother, I T. E. 'Netsoiu anrl family over the wesk cwi. ^^r. nnd .Mrs. Ray Jones enter- laiued the following at dinner Sunday:-Mr. nnd Mrs. Aimer Ash?raft, daughter 'nnd son, • Mrs. Qracc Jonps. Nri.w Kale Sheers, C?len Jinss and Fred MorrLs. Police Boast Blaze *Scoop' On Fire Force! Two -_-. . R, Osborn formerly of thU .Qty and no* of OoruWere- <1 the ladies who of thc Thursday BII •\e$t ft tlub -when she IKed here Betty'Sue. Mrs. T. Lusora Society — PWSOM! 'Mr. and Mrs. fi. T. Ballew had _thclv BHWl Tlinnbgivlne Day slitcr. Gcorjiawia. p'r ;hclr . _. l Miss Maggie Sue Flcmniiuti. who ,s. a. lo?.chcr in the West Memphis CfireolMittcd sci'.cdl spent -from rhurcday iiulii Sundnv afternoon «-ltl» her parents, the Rev. and CAJlg ',OF We wisfi ' (p express our appi-c- .clatlon;. (w , the kind.' acts -i and *A'or<Ls of cur many friends i?x- st | londed to ns in Ihc tragedy th;»v so suddenly descended upon us in the rtealli of our ivife and mother. Mis. Ruby Flcemsn of PRICES GOOD FOR WED., FRL, SAT., AND MON. JMyiheviltp, Ark. Signed Tom Fleeman, Uusband i and Kfiihryu aiiij Binnic SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (UP)— Pleeman. children. Scht-ncotady ' , 11 'c e in e n •sccoiKU" the tlrj flopattmcni on y flyc. «!Ui broaclcn^t HIB fact over Lie police two-v;ay milio system. Errs 1. Will!.-,™ Hi c v :C y Hm i p, v ..... r*au ' (rotmnii WHllmii Kdu-.onds were .,.' ' ''?>' »- A ''n ."isijiicd to criiisrr ,\a. (I, Slvorlly ''lytnovlllc 1 (.'aiming Com Fftsr midniglil, the following con- panv Ulythcvillc or Hrickcv "'•"••• A.vcrs Gin " - - ' - • TEN CARS TURNIPS WANTED delivered "Wo just "Yes?" ''Sure. We Ui a fire." riding alon ni.«icj\vay wncn we dLscovercd the! i;!w. Npthhi; i>iit j lunch of old ••.V:te and ml>l>'.!> : i. \YC used six rf a half to three in- M C per hximlrcd rounds rail Cwnly or (feco- yon put it out.'' 1 Mrs. i... p. . J. I. Mifllin and dauyhtcr. ' home ;h»ries L Wjlie s-on high -.--,-.- suede card table cowr, Mra.iR»tand Orecn won a \anity «t, fir second, and Mrs. -L. H. Mooifcrrecdied « erockery pitcher Mr^= 6sborn scned a salad course at trj£ close ef the gsmcs Bijltleillle ladies present were. Mrs.*-.H,.OTclns,Mrs Orceu Mrs '*S H. Welch, Mrs MOOIT, Mrs. H A.. Taylor, Mrs Wj«c, and Mrs. >N, B. Menard. — ,J Steele-anc —,---,.,—. became the bride of Vernfo (Beck) Jones, of Kolland, 111 a **remony performed in Stcelc Sundsy night at thc home of the offlcHtlns minister the R«\ J. W Cunningham, pastor of. the Baptist cniirch Their" only attendants weh Jilat VeSta Miltoway, of ?)y- ,h^,rw __, Ulhlg Wowi , ardi OI fe h«e Is thc <iWA»»r of ftentis Byrd, of wMh ner aunt, Mrt. W She Bradualeo from scfcool last M»y «iw Mrs. S. i. Smith. Mrs. L. P. Flem-' niing, ^tiss• Maggie Sue FlemmlnR >nri Mrs. 0. B. V.'ood were In Memphis Friday to sec thc Christinas parade. In 1935. total operating revenues' j of American Class 1 railroads oivonutcd to .SW5l.920.ill. :m in-1 ci'eat-e of 5180,000,000 over the' prcrcding yctir. | A hree Days'Cough In thc ^ u> Mrs.'Flo 'r^nktrslcy Goodman'is I .von pnnat p.fforrt to takrfn "chance jnously ill Rf the BaiXitt ) los -1 with any reiveciy Ics-, potent than llal In M;mphls n-ith a broken I CreomUlsioii. \vhWi sse; riglit to arm anrt fractured ribs received'( scat j°'' hB U'ovbb nndrutisna- W-cto a 3 "' 0 ™ 01 "' 0 acd t lH tw o!mSou^ 0 m C mb^es C andVo nl iSn , j ond expel uio KCJ'm-lr.tlcn phip.g^i tiKei'fley miri Ciu^ Good-j Evcni^oth^rremcGleshavefnil-d" man will leave fo;-' Cnl)fon(l a next' flW't >>9 ri!scom-nge<l, t;-y Crcomui- WC.CK for.'an cstcndcd vbit uith-l^ 1 ™- Vo;:r druggist t> r.utlwrkcd to ^ * "'[j-eUmrt your- inor.ey it you arc; no' t. ,.!.._..,_„.._ ... {; tc jj, nc _ IT first l—for cvvry Jcjt Tanfccrslcy and famllj WSJ Gi« Cwctrt At Ihoroii^h'.y ratlsflcd r-it'i •l t .. cblr: -rt «nn the -^The of the -x, qoc;.''^ «.. \,. L. .\fcyer, pasloi' looa! Methodist Chiii-ch. ITO, find ll> lias no hyphen In Ii* i A=I; for 11; p!a inly, sec that the naaia on 0:0 bottle'Is CrebmulMon. and ' you'll -?et the gsniilno procluc', and i the relief you T.Tnt. (AdvO QUALITY FOODS MEATS . GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry a( ull' (imt-s. S SAVK •iMONKY AT GAMES MKT Kslcrdaj, wwounccU U\at ,„;; central college tymphonj- orchestra, of Fayotte, Mo., will give a concert here at the church Wednesday evening. Dcccniber 8 7-30 AV1(V>L- ' ' "W| o'clock. The snnphony. which WM iraniied six years ago by iti cnl director. Prof. Harold O Hgij about Ht later itttoded -=\ • • - *-•* Aiaium (j. Mealy, Is composed O t thirtv-nvc Jnutlcinns; and visited "•-•'•- ,t>lle and Southeast lltfce yoavs ago. Tlic toiniilcU; oiKiiing ot a rtcc ' • 1^ tjqcti fcrips-n to la^o ln:3o wcoixls.-The bloom laits from two to UHCC uours. FOR CHRISTMAS Ynur Phot..,,..,,.,. SOUTHWORTH Joe Isaacs' Store Soybeans - WANTKD We V»y Hljhett Market 1'rlccs for Ait Varieties MA WEN (WAIN CO* W. 0. ticcics. ,\;fnl Sv. K. I,'. ,«(.. \«it to .MnBiioli,i Vliul—IU}'llir.Yilic. Ail,. IMY rHOXE ; «o ' ' NIGHT I'ltONi; Prune Juice, can ......... 7c Piaeapplo Juice, can ____ , . 9c Peaches, Ubby's 2^ can..!9c Campbell Tomato $owp' C an 7^c Cam 1 itandard No, 2 can Gvfiham Crackers, |b. box VawJIa Waiers, Ih, box.. Toinato Juice, No, 1 can Spi^cK Ark, Special, No. I 7e Salt, IH ft,. square box. . 3? CauK{{ower t large head ... 15? 1 lc !4c Sc No. I lied ted AC lt>. K ('rosso iv- lilucUivcll <ftC Urge Can g^, T'ruii ICC Uo^fii 13 Fresh Green Onioqs, 3 bcb, for. .. 10? Turnips, loose, ib 2c Tangerines, lagre size, doz. 20c Carrots, bunch 5c Lettuce, large head 5c Grape.s Red Emperor, Ib. . . 7c Greens, Mustard or Kale, bch 3c Parsnip, pound 5c York Apples, pound ....... 3c Baltard Biscuit, can lOc American Sardine, 2 for.... 7c full .Juice, l) Armour Large ('ans «r (.'hestcrlielil or Chiist & Sun- horn, Ih. Post Toasties, Ige lOc, sml 6V 2 c Mijler, Corn Flakes, |ge l?x. . 9c iMiilcv Popped Wheat, Ige bx 8c ;Scarchlight Matches, box... 4c ileilo, all flavors; box ...... '5f Ifiarshmallows, 1 Jb cello bg. 15c pjnae Brand Milk, can 1Q C Hostess Oats, small box . .6V 2 c ;th\ Price Bait. Powder, 12 oz 16c Rpyal Gelatin, ail flavors, pk? 5c L;bby f s Potted Meat, can'. .,... 4c 1'riile of Illinois No. 2 Can High Teat 'Can I C White or Yclliuv, Ib. Sclct-lcd Fresh, (Jhoicc Kosc, Ib. Kitchenet Broom, each ... 19c Mop, 12 oz., eacb lOc Welch Grape Juice, qt 39c Ovaltine, small size 33c Hershey Cocoa, Ib. can 12c Arm & Hammer Soda, box 4c French Bird Seed, box 12c Potted Meeat, stnd, 2 cans 5c Humko, 1 Ib. carton 12y 3 c Pickles, Our Mpthers, qt,..15c A l( 'Sauce, bottle. . .25c . v .IF-..; - ' . .--..... *«w\. CHUCK. !,(),' . KHOUi.DEK-fJl.OJ), 'THICK n ieinz Beef Steak Sayce, bx 22e Dressing, quart 22c t Butter, q{ .24c Asparagus, Hills^ale, 2V 2 en 26c Sco» Toweb, roll 9c Spices, lOc seller for 5c Syrup, Gem, gallon 54c Pjhila. Cream Cheese, pkg. . : 9c Corn on cob, can .15c Prunes, Partlow, 2 l / 2 can..!4c Pink Salmon, No. 1 can...!4c 16c 18c 8c Tuna, chicken of sqa, can Heinz Catsup, 14 oz. size. Sweet Pickles, 7 oz. jar.. Skinner Spaghetti, box.... 7c Pride Memphis Coffee, Ib..l9c Compound Lard, Ib lie Pure Lard, Ib 12y 2 c Pork Chops, end cut, Ib. .. 20c Salt Meat, streak-VIean, Ib 18c Bologna, Ib I5c Veal Chops, Ib. ..15c Roast, ib 15c Kraut, loose, !b 5c H5ince Meat, None Such, pkg 12q Spaghetti or Mac,, box.... 3c Libby's Kraut, No. 2y a can lOc Pork & Beans, No. 2y a can 9c Meal, 24 Ib. sack... 40c Apple Butter, quart 13 C Anglo Corn Beef, sq. can..!8c Nigger Head Oysters, can..l?c Miss. Co. Peas, No. 2 can. . 5c (ir;i|)c(i-uit. in- or 'Pox.-Sun.'a No. 2 Libby Pickle Peaches. 2»/ a en 21c Scott Tissue, 2 rolls for. ..]5c Dog Food, Red Heart, can. . 8c Par-T-Jc). all flavors, box. . 4c Tomato Pa$te, can 2 1 X>c Candy, ail kind, 3 lor lOc Cleanser, Lighthouse, can . 4c Apple Sauce, can 8c Blackberries, No. 2 can... lOc Mackerel, No. 1 can 9c Mustard, Climax, qt 9 C Catsup, 14 oz. bottle 9c No. 2'/2 Cans WHITE NAPHTHA SOAP The S<v;/> of %t<iitlifirt \\OIHCII FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Cilron, orange or iem.on peel, Ih 25c Gbce Cherries, Ib 37 C Glace Pineapple, Ih 35c Shclicc'. Pecans, halves, Ib. ... 39e Sun Maid Raisins, seeded or seedless, pis? }0c ^ZSH38BSCS2E» FLOUR MISS LIBERTY $ Ib. sk. 26c 1? Ib, sk, 24 Jb. «k,

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