The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1933 BLYTHKVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Uncle Sam Builds Giant Dam 'C'l.isiSnir.-d from !'a-;e One> in;;y h:iu- n parallel in the Boulder IJam diitt-icl. \vlit!ii l l- e tisiiiiil: |jir;j(-tl i-i i:~!iip:eli-J. ill UK ell eel MI j;-.ilj|b nnii privau i/.uieiship u: litilitiis. To;: .to Turr.s to Shoals 'Iu,.c.;j. Mi-jb . Iiisi city of tin- an;-. ID ,.',fn up !o:- Mirsde Khom:> l.'AVUI. i! IS ISll'eS .SOlllllV.-L'Sl Of Mn'-c'i Sh-iuls. It owned its ov.'n <i:--ii ibithiH >:ysif:ii:. Iv.iv bought |.i.v - i wholesale irniii (III- ,\<tek- Tiiis cuiiiiRci hn:; Ixen allowed IL !;tp',i-• in favor of a IR-W one wilii the- TVA, which should en- ribli- 'nt;:t'!n to cm tonih uoniP.slSc and ((jinni-.Tcial raits about hall Olhei nearby small towm. like /•n:o:-y. Wu>.t Point. Siarkvillc ;um New AI'Mtny me e-xpcded lo join P.n naiiirelly. .Memphis, the only city ol more thi'n 20a.«i(l popula- l:«.-n within ihv 175-inile transn-JK- . -'io:! latlius of the- Shoals excep. l\lj!r.'nlnghi!in, v.-hich rejectee! TVA ' |.ov.-( r, i:, interested. David Lilienthal, TVA director ni r.har;-c of po'.ver. who has h L-iidt: Jrjuirs "job' 1 srilf-Mnuti . in ihH line, made one of his best .sc:'r-~ lalk^ in Memphis, indicating lint TVA wants to serve at leitl one city of this KIIT. + * * Tinware fcr War Surveys arc L-.ieier way, and am- m-.inilior. stacked up here, toe, by ilit local company. Memphis Power r.nd Li'glii, a sirirsidiary oi the r.l'-cs.i-Lc Bond and Share eroiip. If is likely any vote tak^n :n Memphis will no! be held until ?!ler lln> fir.-u of the year, when Tupelo actually will be iisins fciic.ll.-. power. Lcisjhton ii. Peebles, appointee ijy the government for the lask o codifying the electric light and power industry, is watching (level opmenis closely. Or. Ihe oiitconn ol thf local oattles. his future course may hiugc to a great ex tent. Eirni!n|>hnm. vhicil defeatci municipal pov.-er proposals by i 10-7 vole on Oct. S. is conteiitini iiKlf by rising Hint vote as i wccim 1 to deniiind power rates o the locnl comppny. which buys it power from the Alabama Powe company, creature- of the Com :i-cnwcalth and Southern coi-po ration. N'ew Vnte Troposcd All investigation of campaign expenditures by Ihe i.tilHies ha* ' i-trn demanded, art! a later vole lias Lven proposed in which the - pov.-ej-...aVjd. s ligh; issue alone inigh: be voted oh instead of having it lied in. with the street ratlwn; s.-steiu. a cent.'al downtov.n .steam healing system, and a waterworks .'.yMC-m, as was done Oct. 9. Public ownership partisan? believe this asgret-aticn seared out many voters who would favor the liplu and power project alone. Birmingham's principal suburb. T>e. r 7cmer. and Ihe small towns of Kmsolle, ShcITiclil, Florence. Tuscumbia. Muscle Shoals. Gimters J vilie. Tarrant City and Andalusi.i .ill volfil for municipal power from Hie Muscle Shoals project. So ill? f.prniii7 wcdai- hns been tlriven in Wilson Society — Personal News oi Blytheville Schools Central School The Woman's MlMioiuiry union nt the- linptlu vinncli Monday afterimon u-itli 1& incintcrs i-r.t. Among tlyjy who iiltemled Aimistlci- l;.iy i-c'l-.'hrullon ai Hly i)ievilU- Suliird-iy w-.-re n. E. L. Wi!.-yn. J. A Clinrles Klkiii:;. n. M. LewLs, c. O. iVillhiiiijon. W. M. Wallace. Evil lil- ruis njul C:irl llird. i-!r:. W. !•. Wilson hud us her t'l'eM'i fur the '.vi-ck-enr! h?r mo-! ihs-r ^nil slsie:. Mrs. I'.obiTl Wriuhl I •SIM Mi:-s t: :/:ibc-ih Wrlglil of i' ! ne Uhill. : Mis; llan:i'.;ii Wi-lnbci; i;[ W«l- niH I!iel;r :ji:-i' s ! iin'.!;iy wilji Mrs. C O. Wililiumun. Mr. mid Mrs yuiimtr nc^cnold i ».[i lilt? JaU'.ri'f fiaher, Ch.MlL-j 1-ttry. lia\c n-tunn-d from (Jalio. ,}\.. whfie thi-.i- weiv cii'Ietl Fi'i- clay by Hi. i!e.i - :i u! tluir cousin. II. L. Oilmen-. Mr. iiid Mrs. ,J. R. Oregon and j .liiirghlets. Mi.-i>.'s Martht and icaiiBliltis, MI.-.-.os Mrtrilu :ui il | i':iy v.!'.!'. Ml3i M;-rv Loirs OreE- ! .sen. 1 ' .'.Irs. Joi:n r;:-.'j.-:h Grain Is VLS- , liiiif. ho: pu:L-r.i>.. Mi. nn:l Mr... j Ij. A. Silver, ;.t O?ceola, for p. I ic\v rt'iys. , ilrs. Joiin [•"callicrfton of Ely the i ° r Mlss Outlaw's room lives-! ' ^-^ l ' many |>.L-a:kiiii uiui nap- 'py tilings come 10 idem lately. Miss tlioi 1 * 05 " """'y t(1 "l »s a lovely J«ck- 'O-Uiiiii-in for Hiillowo'en. Every Mc<da'iiesl ljoy "'"' B"' 1 '» the «"»" '<nrt a '. M^n-ili. 1 !, 1 ,^,. 1 '!;?^ » "«J|««-rt,, p., ly he Si-tilor High and Cen- A. Tiie girls Irom Senior to (he room I ni I i high who Djilb Doughs*, Jeiinle Wren 15111:1- hunly Him f-iicda Secoy. IXirolliy Ciirli-w niui i-vaiik Crcckel won pn?!-s lo r pinning the cat's tall on. Ewiryoiu; enjoyed bobbing for up. pies. HSU! after playing some oilier Biime.- Ihe girls H-rvwl ice cream. M<»'. .ill the group went to the Parn^oiiUI yauie and ulso to the uonliii.'. Our yell lenders, Mury Balii'ii-k and George llubbard have lots ,,< p L .p n]U | k cei) (.veryone yelling. Tin- buys and girls In tile room did M.«ie good work for-American Etluc.iiluii W«ck In form of ]»s- ters, s-.m-lss, letters and plays. Ev- eryo::i- in (he room \va-i delighted Wcdm-Mlay to hnvc Iwcnty-slx visitor.,, amcng whom were lour fath- eis. Tin- group Is striving | O have Bobby Walden's po«t«r tntltltd Which?" won the blue ribbon for King the best one made In the 3D grade during American Education Week. Murtlm Ann Kbher surprlwd the nflh Kinde by bringing a box of cookies whleh she hud baked herself. Mary HeU'n Moore's anil Enrltne Oraliam's posters on Education \Vcck hero selected us tr« best. In the room. Enrllne guve a l»Ut about her posler In assembly «x- plnlnhig how ' education brings countries clcser together. Honor Roll Paul Driver, Oeraldlne Bishop, Betsy B« Btichantin. Mtry Jwn Baxter, Edward workman. Thorn peon, Charge every mother visit (he room before TlllHlkfulvlllg. Tlu- ^-ij children in Central ji.'eulle ia the '-'iicsl of Mr. iinti I srflno1 had A tea parly in their Mrs. c. O. W:lii:-,r.;son ihis week. ! l '°° nl Friday morning. They hwl ' Mi^s Msrseiy Mill and Hilly i churned ionic butter In school I Frazi=r Kttcmlsii Use Armistice U:ty I (ab0 '-" " ''"'f pound). This was Ul'ance at Blythoville Saturday. I served on nice hot biscuits brought I Di. N. li. Kills ;,nd Ed I'Ulnun to scill: °l ] >y Mrs. \V. H. Wcstbrook. were nmde out of which Sut'.irday to Join a Imntini; 1>a l :t ''' l'a:-y ceei. MiFS i n?iher ! Yicll.. near Morriiilon. Ark., v/ill iicend a week in Uncle Sam's millions, poured into giant power development pro- .ccTs. are adding iuel to the fire over public ownership of uril- Ilies. Above is shown construction vcrk at Boulder Dam. The con-•lets base for :he dam is seen ill the foreground, fur beneath the iul'le car which transports workers across [he gorge. .his section and public ownership iiihcrcnis hope to reverse the ver- dict in luturc. Birmingham the near •. Irene O'Neill and Miss Sleinhctiscr of Detroit, iiirivcd Saturday for a • i^tek's visit wi-.h the former'.! sis- j l-r. Mrs. G_I1. Friizii-r. : J. R. cnlhini. J. C. Cullnni. J. 1 H. Grain. John Enochs Curln, John Enochs-. H. 11. Thompson, W. F. Vilion. S. A. Rcgenold. Jimmy Gaiuney and iHj. P. P. Jacobs art 1 enjoying a liunlhi!? irlp on Peters [Flaurl tiiis -.vcek. Misses Ocia N'orman. Marion Chandler. Honon Coodloe, Mary Louise GregEun, Rachel Tirrry, Jeanctlc Phillips, Virgic Roaers, Fnima Claire llalrston and Mf.ry i'.yinonds shojiped in Memphis j Saturday. Mrs. M. A. Morion, who has Sudbury School Quite an unusual honor roll record was made In the 6B claw »t Sudbury School tills month. Of the thirty-four pupils In the grade, tho u'lng six have received honor roll grades: Mildred Mulr, Mary lEc Waters, Dorothy Cross, Catheryn McGaugliey, Ruth Sutll- erhind and Billy Woolen who has Hie distinction 'of being the only boy to make the honor roll. The following children also made the honor roll In Sudbury this month: 4th grade—Doris 'Adams, Elolse Barnes. Doris Mulr, Claudia Bennett, Marie .Hopper, Klta Pollock, 5th grade: j c an Berryman, May Craig, Katie Hollls, William Murdaugh. June Workman. 6A grade— Alice Hester and Amy Morris. Laag« School Fourth grade—Pearldlne Ellis, Fifth grade—Mary Lynn Jackson . tjlxth Grade—Juanila White. Central Fourth Grade—Sallle Mathls, Mnry Babcock. Ann Crook, George Hubbard and Beautonne Joggers. Filth grade—Vera Elizabeth Goodrich, Bill Ohnmblln, Carthol Hyde. Sixth . grade—Russell Farr. Betty Lots Kramer, Mansfield Washburu and Jean Bourland. The following pupils «re offlcwj In Miss Armslrong's third grade Rending club; Nancy Hughes, president; Joy Suminerton, vice-president; Billy Eldrldgc, treasurer arid Mary Jean Baxter, secretary. Those who received iwrtect- attendance certificates in [he 3-B Brotte for October are: Jerrell Boone, Hcrschell Bcshnrse, J. C. Cole, Uonard Dozler, Lloyd Jones, Ray Mccarty. Pete Taylor, Herman Tinker, W. c. Rylee, Hays Spradley, Dorothy Posler, Helen Mangrum. Virginia Stiles, On Wednesday. November 8. the 3B grade entertained a group ol .tlielr mothers. A null ol work on Travel Is just being complclcd. The program consisted of talks by various pupils on ways and meain of Travel, old and modern, t Free hand d-iiwhig nud stories by he pupils wen- on exhibit. The [olton-Ing pupils had iKrfect attendance during the month of October in the SB grade: Albert Feinberg. Bill Lavcrty, Jack McCuls- tion. William Murdough, Marmlerlte Rose Anderson. l/iulse Anderson, Norula Jean Berryman, Nannie Ma-j Crnlc, Viola Dunn, Hattle Hollls. Elotse Spradley, Ro.w Saliba, Dorothy Jean Saleeby. June While. Innc Worknmr The 1A and 2B repm was vls- Hed by the following mothers during National Education Week- Mrs. George Dyslnuer, Mrs. T. R PAGE THREt John Irby, lira. B.' M. Nrtson. ' Mm. R. D. Hufhw,. Mrs.' Btker, Mm. Charteii Er1»h(, : ttn.~ J. L. Hamilton, Mrs. John Hetm ind ' Miss Btitrlce H»rgett. -\t r An elettlon of captains was held Wednesday, November B »nd Billy Donham, Elliott Sallba, Tom Cllf- ' ton and Joe Bearden, were .chosen lo lead teams In a soccer tournament, which began that afternoon with a gume between Donham'a and Bearden's teams, Bearden winning 12 to I. The next gam? wan '.scheduled for Thursday, November ».- between captains Saliba and Clifton. This promises to be a much closer gume than the first one. , ..:.. Captains and other personnel of the four teams are:. Captaltl Donham, Nowell Goodwin. Lawrence Stabbs, Louis Dark, r red Perry, Lee Richardson, Sam Warrington, Billy Chapman, -Joseph McClure, Marvin Smith, Bob Goodwin, Junior Bujarskl. M. H. BrLster, D. B. Haynes and Ira Uiinbert. Captain Sallba, Aaron Byrd, Fred Boyette, George Boyette, Warren Collier, James Maxwell, Leonard Dozler, John White, E. T. Landon, Bill Morse, Donald Estes. Captain, Clifton! Paul Sanford. William Murdaugh, Lloyd Crecellus, J. B. Stabbs, Billy Woolen. Billy Loverly, Clint Wheat, Jack McCulstion, Junior Boone, noymond Beard. Captain Bearden, Malcolm McDermott, Lucius Lln- dcnnle, Woodrow Clark, Howard Besliearse, James Long, Bryant Stewart, Herman Beshearse, Jerome Daniels, Wallace Smith, Robert Warrington, Virgil Winters, Clyde Stewart, Claud Stewart, David Boone, T. D. Rhodes, John very 111 for the past w:ck. is Op*n Jhe r.dslrllj .sue! l free liywsinj Memholaium I/I Jil^hl ind morr.lng. KBS3 I THK F5ERT IS TIIK CHEAPEST E anil ;i r SIJI'KK-HKAT Thai New Wonder Cnal tlirre is nn co:il. West > I t li r Allegheny iis. :is lush in ticat li.-.v in asli. \ r|^Q that is .T hold l-x-^ j ttxicmn.t, lint il is rlhiia!, bccaurc it's tnio. \Ve luva authcrilativc an- al\s-r, on fill on all coal ind <ru -.-o,-c this claim. I.W.lKJlIi: Sm:cr-:!ral is the i.nly cnal of its kii:d and :olil only II.T this i-cmpany. "f you w.itit n high crndc c^n 1 . yen \.\l\ like it. fix'! iMcduii Si/c Lump Per Ton Hiilf Ton S|.00 SUPERIOR GOAL & MINING CO. 301 W. Walnut - rhonc 700 $7.50 7 I Cash \ they drank the buttermilk. There »cre seventeen pupils with perfect attendance In the 2B grade during sccom; month. . In the Hi group fifteen pupils had perleci attendance. Tw Crural school compietcd their auditorium programs for Amci:can EJucation Week by having a display of work done In dlf. ferem grades besides regular- fundamental \vork. .The Antique Exhibit sponsored by tl-.c 3B grade was n very successful school project. Two dollars and fi(ty cents was realized from tlu- one cent admission fee This money will bt used In buying material (o be used In com-1 received perfect attendance slips pic-line tlielr null, of work on. '°r the month of O:tober: Charles Ilc-mcs. ' -i Burns, Jakic Trolter, Vivian Brock, The 3B room won the prize of-' Emmn Jane Webster, L. M. Carney, feicd by Miss Montn Hughes' Donattla Franks, Walter Kirk, Bil- Scom Troop for the cleanest and ly Culllson, Junior Anderson. Ro- j nenlt-ft room insiwcted by them, i land Davis, Ray Brown, Jack Smith. Boswi-11, Mr.sft Hawks, Mrs. Harry i Hampton, Thurman'-Tinker" A~~ C Wi'edinan, Mrs. K. D. Marr, Mrs.Smith. '' Sudbury School The following pupils, in Hiss Ludle Armslrong's thurd grade room Ihat good taste you're talking about is the 'seasoning' of Turkish Tobacco — I HAPPEN to be one of the men who buy Turkish tobacco for Chesterfield. "Our men live in Constantinople, Safnsoun, and. Smyrna in Turkey; and Cavalla, Serres, Xanthi, and Patras in Greece. The best known Turkish tobaccos come from these sections, and we try to select the best grades for Chesterfield. "There is no other tobacco just like Turkish—it has a taste and aroma all its own. Chesterfield seasons them just right. "That good taste you're talking about is the "seasoning" of Turkish tobacco." e&m? | | estertield cgar *? ette l/iafa MILDER • t/te cigarette t/iat T TASTES BETTER © 195), Ll«HTT*MY[HTO«A(XOr», WIND-PROOF SHOWER PROOF WRINKLE-PROOF Hart Schaffner & Marx ALMO topcoats $ 25 jVTATUKE did a <?oo(t job when she gave the South American alpaca a coat that protected him in the high Andes ;ind yet was comfortable in the semi-tropical valleys below Hy.rt SchafTner & Marx went nature one better by blending these alpaca hair fibers with those of the angora goat of Texas—mohaii-—to produce these fleecy topcoats that are warm but not heavy; that are good to look' at and Kive you long service. You are entitled to a good topcoat this fall NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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