The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 220: BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOPANT NEWSPAPER c* NORI^ST ARKANSAB AND eomraAOT MISSOURZ Courier BlyO.evllle Daily News Herald M^iPprv^ie:^adeT__ MLYTIJBVILLR. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1937 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTf COMPLETE WAGES-HOURS BILL PETITION I A I M • l«V»tf% "»A AM • I V* f I '. ~ • . . .. _ ^T Republican Leader Says • Measure'Was Too Hastily Drafted WASHINGTON, \)tc. 2 (OP)— Minority I*ader Charles L. McNary (Hep., Ore.) today urged the .•.-'.'irate la Kffid back to committee Bailey Promises More Changes In State House Jobs UTTLE ROCK, Deo. 2. (UP)— Oov. Our! E. Bailey announced lo- day that additional personnel changes could be expected In various state departments before the first of the yeat. "I am planning other changes in my reorganization plan f or the department* under my control"" Ihe governor snld. "Alt Uie changes I have In mind will be com- Selling New Deal Attack on MaW1938 Problems I^MMMHMMIIC£3^%^>>£*tv?.:.?,"^*v*3 - .. v pleted by January 1, loss the The executive • ^ M/ .-x-jfu uutft. wj L-imumuee " ttT «~*rcimvt: m announcing farm hill which, lie contended I lliaL other changes would be made was "hastily thrown together". Citing the recommendations of .Secretary of. Agriculture Henry A. Wallace fur changes In the measure pending ' before MeNary declared: the sen aw < "This letter rakes a parliamentary and practical question: Arc we to follow the advice of the .secretary? "If so, It can't be (tone well on the floor. The bill must go back to the committee on agriculture." He contended that the bill-focal veto for two reasons: The program will cost more than the $500.000.000 set by the president as the maximum' for farm expenditures unless new revenues are obtained. • Expression of President Roosevelt in n speech iU Topeka. Kans. condemning coercion In farm legislation. Tlie program provides for compulsory, crop control upon u f aver- tible vote of two thirds of the farmers. Says Wallace Ignored McNary said that Wallace never had been called before the committee for Ills views on the bill and that his expressions were not obtained until. Senator MUlard E. Tydlngs <Dem., Md.) demanded that sponsors of the measure jeek Wallace's advice. " ... ^Pnklrrnan Ellison D. Siniyi ti- — ""m« i/^i MlttUK said he was making them not for political reasons but because those to bp di.smls.sed had been found to be "misfits." The governor gave no Indication In W hat department* the changes would be made. ' Problem Of Obtaining $9,000 Cash Is Remaining Obstacle Tlie problem of obtaining approximately $9,000 to secure a WPA appropriation of $31,000 for construction of a concrete stadium and gymnasium at Haley Field her6 was put squarely up to I he Blythevllle school board, Chiekiwau- Athletic club and others Interested in the stadium project with announcement today that Hie project had received final approval at Washington. H. E. Hemsberg, area supervisor oM he Worts Progress Admln= Btfatlon at Jonesboro. announced •or.the--a'gricul'lure- ?' . D PP rova) -« -the sta- fd to Me Nary thai dlum .project had been''obtained „. vv wuiiace 1 crtll- vmi,ixcww»y. n,. • ckm of one cotton section or the C ' commltlte which prepared 'the' bill. . . . WPA project appllcaltoii,'Uiat.'tue "If the general criticism is no stronger than the criticism of the cotton section of which I refer Mi er» is no need to send the bill back to committee," Byrnes said "I'm convinced the secretary didn't write-that part of his letter but look the acivlce- of .some subordinate." ' Copetand Joins In Senator Royal s. Copland IDem.. N .YJ ic >ioed tha attack on the farm bill. "'The value of this bill Is 6 pec- nlaUve," Oopeland said. "It will give no real benefit to farmers and Is sure to be recommitted or reconsidered by the committee. "Congress' Should be devoting'It- re! f to aiding business and recovery by such methods as repeal of Uie capital gains tax or by action on Ihe undistributed profits tax or the death • penalty clause In the utility act." Hooslers S««k Trouble BLOOAflNOTON, Iiid., Deo. 1 — Indiana- University Is eager to arrange a football series with Pittsburgh, starting either In 1939 or •'40. BY BOB -1 BURNS _ v I never could understand why so many couples pick June as the month to get married hi: r don't know whether the papers give weddings so much publicity because there's so many of 'em in June or If. It's because the papers give weddings EO much publicity in June that people get married In that month. But anyhow, I do know that along about this time of year, there's a general falling off of weddings. I don't understand it, because wives are J«st as handy to have around the house In the winter as they are In the summer. Jest the other day r heard my Aunt Dutty talkln' and she said "I declare my husband would be v absolutely helpless without me. On these long winter evening*, when he stays horns to dam Wj sax, I dont tee what In tie world h« would do If I wasn't there to tliread the needle for him!" Dec. 15 date Is' In the nature of a "deadline" and that construction must begin by that time. The problem of obtaining the necessary $9,CKX> will be dismssod at a meellng of Iho Clilckasaw A. C. at the Hotel NoMe tonight. Tlie Blythevllle school board will likely meet today or tomorrow to discuss the matter. Among the possible methods of financing the project under study Is the "earmarking" of a portion-of gate re- loan at grid game.s to retire of the money ' from some source. Talk of a post-season game « a means of raising part of tha •money lias also been revived, although tha same barriers In the form of A. A. A. rules' against post-season games still apparently exist. Highway Accident Is Fatal To H. H. Walker MEMPHfB, Dee. 3 (UP)—H. H. Walker sr_ 55, of Little Rock, died at 7 ajn. today at St. Joseph's liospltal from Injuries suffered when his car overturned near West Memphis. The accident occurred last night. Physicians said death WHS due to a brain concussion. .w .York Cotton ton closed, very steady. open high low close 185 790 '779 • 790 788 79fl 783 796 731 796 798 803 Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 797 802 813 787 792 797 .801 812 Gpot.s closed steady at 806, up 6. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 2 (UP)— Cotton futures rallied today to close steady six to nine points higher. open high low close Dec 797 801 " Jan TO5b Mar 803 811 . May Jul. Ocl. 792 805 810 810 812 817 813 801 8Mb 800 810 803 812 806 818b 810 8180 S|wU closed steady at 810, up 7. Chicago Wheat open high lav close Dec. 923-8 941-2 921-4 94 May 91U2 931-D 911-4 921-2 Chicago Corn open high low olos* DM. 52 53 3-8 *2 82 7-8 May 655-8 561-2 555-8 56 it John l>. Riggers Reveals Unemployment IJatu Harry I,. Hopkins Kxjiounds Relief Problem Nathan slraas Embassy Head Gets In- Jstnictions From Washington Urging Departure NANKING, Dee. 2. (Ul')-Am- eilcmis wore- wr.rned tonight by Ihf U, S. embassy to "ivlllulratt irqm Nanking an soon as passi- ble," indicating expectation of> an Imminent aUnck of Iho Japanese upon the capital. peoivc Akhcson, secretary of Uif embassy who remained behind when Ambassador Nelson T. John«>!' nnd his slfttl moved to Hnn- ko\v, announced that the sUlo de- parlment at Washington Imd in- strucled him to Issue n "nun warning." "H may be necessary," Atche son snlcl, "for Ihe U. S. S. 1'anay (American ynnbont) lo move oil of the range of drtlllery fire. Also If flehllng occurs near Nanking egress from tho city gntw prob I ably will be Impossible" toe men n t % *'"*" ,r n r r rr > coursc ° c ** <""<» w**™**-* ****& In three of its most important campaigns-unemployment, relief, and- housing. Definite ,md visible __J™8«s»wlUbe sought in these three fields during the winter and spring. . Pay During Period Of Apprenticeship Is Dollar. A Diy ; . ?-• - Tin- Rice-mix '-factory, • whtcli opened here three weeks ngo with Jt'cresy-.of "ii; now.-.has .a -crew-of 63. women-'learning tiic •"operations of making; slilrts and pajamas. It Is expected that this number w|U be IncreaeseTT even man during this month, according to Jack Thro, manager. This number Is exclusive of tha supervisors and Instructors, who were already connected with t!:e factor}-. Tlie women are being rxild rme dollar par day wtille. they are being taught, it win require several months /or the workers to learn enough for their pay to bo'In- leased but after their apprenticeship is over, they will be paid 3n a plecu work basis. Although ! Jie faclaiy has declined to estimate the salaries at that time It s understood that they average between S9 and $12 weekly. The remainder of the machinery for the factory, which will be needed when regular oprallon Is iartcd, Ls now being Installed. The factors' was recently completed at a cost of $80,000 which was raised by R committee of the Chamber of Commerce, and leased to the Rlce-8tl< company of St IXHllS. Aged Woman Is Hurt In Leaving Mortuary PEOUIA, 111., Dec. 1.—Mrs. LI setto Scegmeler, 10, went to a mortuary to arrange for the fuhoml of-her daughter, Mrs. Emma Wl'o died last night. . On leaving, she crossed Uie street in front of the mortuary and was struck.'by an driven by Waltcii condition k crlilcal. FOfiSIlIEFSII $2,258,150 Is Allocated For Rehabilitation Loans During 1938 Forfeits $125 (Bond In Drunken Driving Case Dewey Sellers forfeited a bond of S125 when he failed to appear lo answer to a charge of driving a car while Intoxicated In municipal court today, after having been arrested Tuesday night. Fred Edwards, negro, told officers he wfl.s not going to let « negro woman wear the coat ho :iad purchased tor her, since they lad a disagreement, so he slashed it In several places with a knife. He Tvas fined $50 on a charge of fcEgravaled assault but $25 of the fine was suspended. Lena Beauton, negro, was held circuit court on a. charge oi false pretense and bond set at $250. Five persons charged with public drunkenness paid fines or forfeited bonds. Grand Coulee Project Surely Impresses Earth GRAND COULEE, Wash, (UP)— When cement work Is completed sn the Grand Coulee dam project, total weight of the dam and the 151-mile long lake backed behind I Is expected to make an Impression In the earth's surface. Dr. Charles Berkey, chief geologist of the bweau of reclamation, said, Tha dam will be tin heartest man-made weight wer built. Concrete yurclngc will total 6600,000 tons. ROCK, Dec. 2 (fJP)— A fund of $2,25(1,160 has been allotted through Uie Farm Security Administration In Arkansas for making rural rehabilitation loans during 1838, A_ R. M. Rogers. •"tate FHA director, announced today. The new appropriation exceeds. by about 27 per cent, the funds available for the s ame purpose In 1937. It will enable 2,000 more farmers 'in the slain to obtain (oans and supervisory assistance from the. PSA during the- next year. Approximately sjioo farm families In the state were assisted by loans during 1931. The funds allocated to Uie Arkansas PSA during 1937 was S! 715.717. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Dec. 2 (UP) Trading apathy continued on the stock markets today despite late rallies which brought gains ranging to more than two points. A T & T iso Anaconda Cop 307-8 Assoc DO 8 Beth Steel 52 1-4 Boeing Air 24 7-e Chrysler 53 Cities S«rv 2 i-g CJen Elec 42 7-8 Gen Mot 351-2 Int Harvest $63-4 Montgomery Ward 35 S-4 N Y Central 193-8 Packard 5 Phillips Pet 39 7 . 8 Radfo 71-8 Scl:enley Dlst '. 291-8 Simmons 23 3-8 Socony Vac 161-4 Std OH N J 45 i.j Texas Corp ' 41 1-4 U 8 Smell 60 1-3 U 8 8l«l ' sv 1-4 Livestock EAST 6T. LOUIS, 1U., DN 2 (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 8600 Top, 8.65 :00-250 Ins,, 8,50-8j60 Bulk sows, 7.1S-7.50 CalUs: receipts, v^oo Slaughter ewers, 6.00-15.00 MIxe4 heifers, yearlings 600-800 Be«f cows. 4.50-SJO Cutters and low cutters, S.2&.t.8i Clinic Confiitns Earlier Tesls Made In Eaririina- lions Ol the 63 persons whose lung were X-rayed .Tuesday and ,AV.ed- ne|tlny;by the new jimbllo xVraj •inacblne here;. for a 'special clinic practically all of them were fount lo have tuberculosis. This clinic which Is being held hero this week and at Osceola next week, Is sponsored by Iho Nflsslsalppl County Health Unit nnd the county tuberculosis seal campaign of which George W. Barham la chairman Pereons, who previously had been Blvon the tuberculin lest and found to bo positive, arc being X-rayed without any cost. By this Ifst It Is definitely .shown wheuier the person has tho iil.wase when X-rayed. The equipment, which is of the newest type, Is assembled In the only trailer of Its kind In the country, others arc assembled on larije trucks, and In other ways, but UiLs ts in a regular trailer, which was purchased unequipped and was (hen finished according to a plan worked out by those Interested In the project. The trailer, which Is as complete as the examining room of a clinic, and all equipment cost $4.600. Tills Is tha first county In which It has beon used but similar clinics will be held throughout H;c state at the Invitation of medical units. Dr. o. Ray Williams, who Is In charge of the tuberculosis division of the slnle board of health, Is In charge of the clinic, which ha.? for IU purpose "a consultation service for the physician to Indigent patients." One end of tho trailer Is arranged as an office, with a desk for records. There Is a berth bed, a dark room for developing the pictures and another division for the X-ray machine and fluroscope. The latest chest equipment Is In- iludecl. Seek Extradition Of Kennett, Mo,, Resident Russell Baxter, 30-year-old resident of Kennett, Mo,, has been arrested on a statutory charge following an alleged attack on a 13- year-cld Blythevlllc girl here Sunday afternoon. Arch Llndsey, deputy sheriff, and H. O. Partlow, deputy prosecuting attorney, are In Jefferson, City. Mo., to obtain extradition liapers for the prisoner who Is being held hi jail at Kennett following his arrest there Tuesday. They plan to return Friday, Complaint against Baxter was flled by the father of the girl who told officers Baxter, whom he had known for n long time, took his daughter and throe other girls riding Sunday aftornoon. The attack U said to havs occurred after tis took the other glrh home and compelled the fourth girl to accompany him. May Dfdlroy Japanese Mlllx SHANGHAI, Deo. 2 (UP)—An unconfirmed report here today said that aeriarallsslmo Chiang Kai-shek hail ordered deslniutloii of the harbor, bridges and Japanese mills of Tslnglao, rich port of foreign commerce on the- Yel low sen. Twenty elglit American employes of' Uie Brittsli-Aniorlcau Tobacco company, who arrived In 8haug- hnl this morning, said they had bee,, ordered to leave Tslnslao- at oiio p.m. Monday • by executive.! of the company. General Chiang was reported to have given orders (o blow «p tho harbor , communications and destroy Japanese mills, tomorrow. Tslngtao Is one of. the few-rejlohs-tfi-the norlh which has not yet beci dominated by ll, e Japnnoso forca'; ./•: s-Uefeniin Made Ready,., - Ainrrlcuns reported 'that' nUnfi hud' -'bMi)'; planted, all..around tin port,-.(rpnches have-both.construct- ed everywhere and field" guns haul«1 up the inmmtalnslde.s In pr oration for resl.slnnce ngalnst Japuiiese. Vrom a. polni. at Ilihlhllpao, tho lobacco mart 100 miles lo tho v«-eat of Tslnslao. lo u, e Kea< villagers everywhere were (|rlll(ug nnd Ms B'tig trenclies. Moanwhllo there wan Inlk of the Initiation of penco iweottatloiw with Japnu. C. L. Byrd Elected Head Of District Four Group Officers for District FV>ur of (lie Arkansas Athletic Association wev eleclctl at a meeting held nt Shawnee cchool yesterday. 0. L. Byrd Wilson, was nanul president; Alfred Maddux. Crawfordsville vice oresldent; H. H. Moore, Jonei- uoro, secretary; R. D. Haynes Paingould. treasurer. Tlie officers and the retiring president. John Bumolt, or Stmw- nep, compose tho executive com- mlliefl which will make arrange- menls for the district basketball tournament to be held In March and for tho district track; and literary meeh to be held early m May. W. D. McClurkln, Joe Dlldy, S. K. Oarrett and Jnmcs A. PuckeU attended the meeting. Cafe Man Is Sought For Attack On Wife Angelo child, 22-year-old restaurant operator, Is being sought by officers on a charge of assault with Intent to kill. He Is allcgad to have seriously Injured his wife, who Is at the Blythevllle hospital. She has severe wounds nbout the head, some said to have been Inflicted by some blunt Instrument. Her condition today Is fair. Child was fined $20 In municipal court about two months ago on a charge of assault which grow out of an altercation with his wife. He appealed Ui» cose lo circuit court. Assessed Fine, For .Damage To Church Property MM. Oln Wllllford, 50, wus Imcd" $SO on a olmrgo of malicious Injury lo church propcily In municipal court toilny, following her arrest Monday night on n elitu-Ro of disturbing public worship after slio Imd taken possession" of Ihe Enoch Ohn)»l negro McUiodlM. church by moving her furniture Into the building. She clnlmts llmt the property lielongs lo her and Ihnl she moved Inlo tlio building nfler the congrceatlon retusiKl to Hive, licr iws.scs.slon. She niipcalcd (hn ciu.e to circuit court and was released on her own recognizance ullor hnv- liig been ui-qulUcd of (he charge of disturbing public, worship. Witnesses for the state testified Unit Mrs. Willifoi-d was pre- wiring to go to bed in the church nudltorlum when members of the chinch assembled there Monday night for Bervlccs. Mrs, Wllllford testified that she Imd possessed a slnlo deed for the properly .since 1KH) and llmt tho title hail recenlly ben confirmed by tho slut*. Aflcr today's trlnl her ullornoy said she would flic a. sill I in cjeclment wllhln u few days In an iUle<ii|)l to oust I lie congregation. The property was forfeited to the slate In loir> for non-payment of liixcs and Mrs. Willlford obtained n stnto deed November 29, 1030, and title was recently confirmed, her attorney says , French Police Discovei _ , \Munitions Plant In Fort- taitieble^u Forest v PAUI8,.ir>qj. 2 (Ul')—Discovery ofUheVflrst-^xploslvi's factory operated.' by.. Olo Oogoulars rightist orgiuilzatloiV,-',' allegedly plotting overthrow of the republic, was announced by police today. Tho factory was found In the FVjiitnlnoWraii forest. Hundreds oi erenailo caws, powder detonators and fuses wero seized. Arreat oi technlclanu, charged with fabrication of munitions, was expected shortly. Meanwhile police ridded to the huge stores of munition!, which l:ave keen uncovered since the din- coveiy of the plot. Frightened members of the rightist organization continued to unload amis and police have found a total of 2,420 grenades along roadsides. The first find of 1,472 grenade; was made on the Villa Ncuvo St Georges road, where a chlorine trench mortar also was found. BentonviUe Farmer Shoots His Neighbor BENTONV1LLE. Ark., Dec. 3.— A man booked as William Setser, 56', farmer of near OKmtry, Ark., was held In the county Jail here afler he allegedly critically wounded Ills neighbor. Charles Webb, 26 in n shooting affray Tuesday night. Cake Of Ice Survives Fire But Metal Melts SCHENECTADY, M, V. (UP)-A cake of Ice survived a fire »t a MartavUla Lake casino despite tt» fact heat from Ihe blaze reduced heavy beams to ash« and melt«d metal. The Ice was found Inside a refrigerator after the firs. A* Christmastime. T y r o 1 e s e peasant* listen to the bake oveni. If they hear music su- pcrstttlon says It means an early wedding. If belli are heard it means death {or the listener, Xkopplny 27«yi Necessary Signatures To Petition Obtained Wi$ 48 Hourelo Spare '.U WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 ttJP)ii Tho administration today -won ilts light to fice the wages-liours -Wl from the hout>e rules comialtt«e which pigeonholed tiie rnfuwe last Augait. A total of JH'tttl-' rescnttttlves nfflxed their nirow a petition dtaharglnK th committee trom further - crRtlou of the bill and autonutJ- cally bringing It up for "flw consideration Dec. 13. ;, The petition to break the ruiei committee Impasse was filed'Nor 1C by Chairman Mary T. Norton of the house labor oommlitM. Energetic work by house whips > and label- supporters competed :he petition with only 48 hours' to snare, if the ' bill was to be acted on nt the special «e»sJon •> Threat OKs RIcnet* Ilic drive to obtain peUU&i slgnei s gained last mlmit* iao- mcntnm under n threat by W(4w- lioura backcu to eabotage -Cotton provisions of the farm bill .unWs southern representatives, * oeuad their opposition to lh» tabjOr'blU.' The petition was completed.'ttt the midst of a house fight flrs- dpilatetl by charges of Reprt- seutaUVfi Hamilton Ptolv (Rep., K; p of log rolling by adherents oi llifl labor measure. ...... .- ... FIMx Inlroduced a resolution ttllj' Ing tor appointment of a special house commjttee to tnv«tlg»te a£e vote tradjnjf. His rwoimion fle- '/eloped a^tllapute vhen'MaJority Leader Ram Raybum moved (o slice the Inquiry (iropottl on the table A roll call Bordered on Uiu mollon. - ' 4. Canfldtnl of Posiue — I*a<loi« »ew confiding of house passage of the measure ' Sneaky* William B BanUiead Indicated confidence of passage but ttmid •o piedlct enactment,,at'ih» «p£ :ial .session because of dUTereneea between the house and senate bills The proposed house wages-holies bill would ntllltfl the federal gpr- •irnment's Interstate conimette poner to fix minimum vagosTST labor at not morn ( than 40 cwjts »« hour and maximum Hours' at not less than 40 hours per -week. Ct uould bar the products of child 'abor from Interstate commerce, 1 ^ *.*! Adjustments Made In - '", Arkansas Farm Debfe ADJUSTMENTS-U -^ LHTLE ROOK, Dec! 2. (DP)— Arthur L Oabler, regional chief •>f the farm debt, adjustment .unit of the farm security administration, today announced that (ana- .itcad adjuslments, amounting to •50^63, uere arranged during the mt month by voluntary farm "ad. lustment committees In Artaiaai. The unit successfully adjusted, 12 casea and the Indebtedness, of U28.786, prllr to edjustment. -WM reduced to »73.m, by new agii«- 'nenta. Delinquent taxes, totaling 51^20, were paid to .various unite )f government as a .mniit-of'ttw adjustment Oabler's report reflected that '•• at :ases settled by refinancing during November about 45 per Mat were handled through prlvmte '.ending agencies and intjirtduajs. -The rest were supervised units,\ Lions Hear Talk On Its Ifes M. A Long, lesee of the Blytheville hospital, who spoke at the regular meeting of the Rotary club today at the Hotel Noble, talked JO' X-rays and their uses, using X-ray pictures for f Illustrations.' Omar Canter of Montebeab, Calif., 4. H. Horrell of Pisadau, Calif., and Dick Campbell of Ster nsth. were guests of the club, which had 42 members present.. In the Amazon river, the tl&e rolls the water backward for 5W miles. WEATHER Arkansas— Pair and not so cold onlght; Friday Increasing cloud- ness 'ond warmer, probaWy ftj- owed by rain Friday night u& in xtreme west portion In afternoon. Memphis and vidoity—HOr tad, •vmewhat wanner tonight MM Wd»y: lew* taapmture ». night, » $o ji , The -estentay clear, according to Sunuel rls, offlcUl «Mthcr,

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