The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 1C, 10 HLYTI1KVILLR. (ARK.) COUUIEH NEWS Do Horses Have Wings? PACE THIUa. WeUnch set a world Indoor record .of 7 U'ct U iiH'lMS al the New Yoik IIOIM' yllOIV HI Madi'lUl Er.lll.lll' When It's Riskiest To Be The Hurdle President Will Visit U. S. Island Possessions Ab^-ix' U. S. S. Arizona. WASHINGTON, Marc!'. IB <UP> —Actlvllv of iho V.'lille lltm:.! 1 . ('.:'.' Nf.vy DJimlment and aboard ill. 1 H.o'iillllonc:! b.iltlfsli!|> Arlzor>« v: •, sppedc!> up tuiliy to permiL I'm- ua'rlicst possible s'.arl by l':cf- U : '.-t Iloo-.'.r 0:1 ivs trip lo Pu'o >>: n mid tlic Virgin klRiuls :in- KC'.inccil nv;r the ivu-fe-nid. Tlie limo ff i!i" <l'P-'v'mi> in:K' iiiadi' kiw.'.n lot.iy. 'ili= ni^si- <Ji"it wcfcatlY « p iH srlil lrom Kcl 'folk Wednesday or Thursday, (U- |."!iilir.s CHI hO' - . .soon iicfjnuiuj.ln- Uoiis can U mr.dc ready. Tli.ovtT l"s <lr-dd"il H.T. '.<; in.akc Hie voyoqi' and in^ond \vi!l visit licr son. Herbert. Jr.. who is ill at Ashcyille. N.'C. In tlic piL-sl- ck-nl's pi"ly will be Secretary of Wei- Hurley. Secretary c£ Tnu-r- ior V/ilbur and Ijiwrcnro Rirlicy. l!i'.> p;-i'ik<.-Hi's secret.iv. To'.iriuts Aiil Arizon.l , Arizona. iUP) - Tour- 'is'ii who merely pass throush Arizona c-mHi-'bute i-unslclmble to ih? ."(hSb's !nx burden. A survey of Hy NKA Service KBSoIine tax receipts discloses. MIAMI P.EAOII. Dv.iir.b' January collections from jumpiiii.' lior-e -ci-, the four-Mit tax :ota!l:cl $210,- c . Jt ' o r a , ccorli j,,., 30? 02. Now Arizona h.ib a live- cerit gas tax. an cmerEicncy law r.assed by 'he. :D3l legislature. Ainnni; dm (unions hcrs.'s 'Ir,l:u:i 1 .mils -ini-.i; in-.- quiV. \vSiim-r ol t\vu su'.y a; il: 1 .- l!:tA>'fjii. Hn \\';rf). .in Irt-vi .ii-i-M vKr. Junp: 1 ;! M'Vl'll UV. !;i-.l Ilaldlace. u lU'.s iivr-y^u- Piin, Tyiuu* niul t<l'.- Wi'tluch h.i.-. 1:-. i-:i ers Miu-t' In 1 «.'i 10 ib IH1W 2i. W.KU'l | in >IMI> old; he Asked lo Settle Love Triangle' HKNO. NfV. ill!' olllckils liave IJITII a Ciinic^i 1 love ui.m iu^: Rul:i Chun, \vii >---Hnio |»lice i iisk.'il i,) «.':'.;•' fjU' by ii.'rsiiacl- of 'I'oni Ciutn. juinii, \villi 1'ii'd Weltadi, Jr.. Fin.— A 1:1- as ini..-!i i:: • , as hhi .;._,. s Fre.l Vi'L-it.ich. jr.. uf 'nil WcUach is (he owner of Kln^r. O'vn. th? horse tlnil iM"iilly ck'ar- o:l Uic bars al S leet 3 iiu-hts. to forget Alter! (lie. v.iili \\-\mt\ ! Cmr.i f'.iys las wife Ls InfaUr.ik".!. j anri return to her husband. Gee anil Cluiii lough; ovor Mrs. i Chun in Sun l-Var.cisi-o. after Clnin I cans; 1 lioni lht\v;i!ia lo renain his' uife. She told cllk'ois, hov/cvcr. t':*:r. sh:' ik'siio.-: lo cbtiiin a lli'iio dlviiicc, Ibcn mum 1 Tu'e. i topping Tvoi'.t Wrecks Speeding Automobile ! ELY. Nev. 'UI'i-The latesl llsb ' s'_c:y is n>kl here by Mr. mill Mrs. I : Ik'iirj' I 1 . ni'iini'il of Ely. of 111? fish! • thiil wrci'kci: their automobile, 'liiey svere s|K»li!ig along Approves Move Against Dry Law A In a hiyhuay [ic.u a tiou: icariny pond ..oldln, s , llr brea,,,7 So wii, 5] ,,, tll ,ors at tlv .in,,, s.-IHy eirn, e 1,^ the nt Foil Myer. Va.. when oltin-is and enlisted mm cf the ravalry pobllcn Hie 21.800 sliulcns in Oklahoma, jump i-ver made, in an i-x-> when o hiip.e lu'.ii flopped cm cl Yc'.i'll fnid il in Ibe want ads. lora Farms. Shrewsbury. N. J.. for \vniu of more siibscanUnJ cl?ncc either way, ii might i>e lo believe him. hibiiiun here. Weltach has Inker. . ihe water under the right wheel of perfoim this hah-ialsin;; slum. Sergratil Clarence McCnlrr. r.n "Dun,": IIP tul is l the higher hurdle?, bolji indoors out. than any other horseman in i oil the highway, turned over several ;lie world. As'.riSe Going Up. an- 'limes, but the oi^apaiits were un- olher product of Irillora I-'.irnis. , injured. a human Inn die ilurhig a relicarsul of iho. during I cuts| . . The"'au'ormibiie s'wcVvod' which '.'-ill be witnessed by Kovcrnmciu anil diplomatic olffcials' nml ' fllKlCS Seen 3S Medium Ihe social elite of Washington scon. A slip hnre means iwsslhle deatli. Plowing Solves Problem j oS'Vinc Leaf Hoppers : KUKSN'O. Cal. iUP)—'llic vine ' Ic.if hijiijr.-i. wlili'h lias r:itj«l thru j Culihii nisi vlui'yurd 1 ; for yeais :il Ihi' CIK: in' i;r:':ii lf,;.«i'3 lo vin?ycu:l- l: - ls, apiH'.irs conquered. vui: viirdi 1 ; 1 . neiu- here wrote I ni'w-.spapi'r thai lie hail cradi- ; rated '.hi' hoppers from Ills vim-: iyaul ijy pluwlm; nil blli'i] | . lonves .-hinily bi'lure ilie Insects! irevive 1:1 ihp rally ^uiiiK. Tile K-L- i I lor \\.is piitll.«!;i'il curly In FPUIU-' ' my anil vir.eyurdists who plowed i ; Ihr drl.'iis i:n:li'i- ivpon no r«p- i Gasoline Bootleggers Exceed Liquor Sellers OKLAHOMA my. iin'i-okia-1 ! huina liaibuis more uasollne boot- \ Clover nor Joseph U Ely of Massa- IcBtwrs ilimi lk[iwi- tsotiOBscrs. 1 elnrcus Sias uijproved Ihe action Sink- Auditor Krank C, Curler u:- of Hie slnle legislature In call:)].: "w. on Congress for a constitution:;! A larce minilii-i of iriii'lss haul convention of stales (o co-is'.dr.' SiiMillnij each nlulit from ri'lineii.'? \ "iniiL-nding. niodlfyii)^, revlslnc. ov to (illlni; f.aiioin whlrli sell IV j repeallnt' (he jn-ohlbltlon nm:nJ- lirndnel wiltimil pajliiK the j men!." If 31 oilier stales do lik> inx. Curler clmrard. I w|« 0 . Conuress must call (hi; con- Carter fulil records shew i;as->- | veiitbn. •. llni 1 salt's liu'irauc'd JO.llGO.UO \:i\- I - .. ^ I lens a year Im- .-ix years preceilliia ] 1 1MO. hiii ibni In isaO tlu Increas.-1 "f'Sal from Ihe prison to n f'-c!;;!'.'. was only li.OOO.UOO gallons, .'tallon and managed to olila'.v his A Mntiite inakiiiB tlie rennrr p.iy • W " J ' ol " o( " lc I'l'lso". Tlie truck, ' the stale funr-cents a Bullon lax !l " w ". 1 ™>'. '"»i BOIIB out a short distance when f nines from UM U nek's motor begun lo siiffocalo him. In ilesperaUon he leaped from Ihe Iruck anil iiuidc for a. passing freltjht Irahi. Apparently duo lo mar .?xlmii5tlon Ihe convict failed In his ntleniiit lo "hep" the train and fell lo the ground. A few i ] instead o station 0[>:ra- to Preserve Science AUBA LOU BPOQKMAN The Editor's Letter Box (Ul')-Ths compara- pictures will lie nlher- nrc .' £<»:* fi'v her 1.1 h'Ltii-. Sill: nexl rn.mi. en" 1 "" Ilic r], n man .'limbing In s J.YMUS W.M.- stt .if Uic 'rr.iirhrlJucn, .! l.y ll»' ]lrp-r*c.n]ie In HK.iil tlie dlnnrr |.:inj ^ It-IN r:v|>^v Iir has urvn jllleil l>r b'.x flnni-i-.' Shr lt-ll> Win »li^ Ii:i» ln-i-li jtlrr.l. l.iu. anil h:ix l.]^t ht-r J.vli. »nlliiri.- :i«l:» Cjl.»r >" iu:irrj ! Whal !•: Uic Mnttor with tin! iTo llv.' eiii'.nr:! ! About u]ie hunched and 1 years ago. Thornus I'air.c cui' jails arc empty of inis- j ^™ ] CHICAGO. tutored mind, uhen lie louks uuli lively new tr . on Ihe world Mich i\s we hnvr pio-|tbe medium through which the mi 1 diired. in which to be a worker | nnd science of t!'c 501h Century | means to be |ioor nnil Ihose wbojwlll be preserved for posterity, have Ihc most of life's sc«l Ihlniisj John K. Otlerson, prcEldcnt ot Klec' never werk. lo Uinn Ii looks as; t,-| c .,| u 0 ;earch Products coimnny, : lliougli worhin;: wne th.' floucilaulkliiij [ilcline .subsidy cf Ihe Wrsl- I l>C!sililc way lo ueiilove liid.'|:i-[id- : cm Eleclrlc com]iany predicts '• eiii-e rnd lo acquire even a rca- j Spcukinit befoie 1.000 iiiiiniifnc- Krii'c' E01Klblc amount 0( lllls worlfl ' s ;lnrcrs 111 rcnvcntlon In Chlcaca • Ucods. ami in the Mine timo they oitermn cllnl examples uf ni'i!-' Icok out mid see iiiille u loll yprslly ]>n'Sldcnls. ministers ( x>ll- fitly minutes later he was captured and returned. American women sr:£nd, on an average, $150 a year en kcauty aids. , . EACH MONTH rnetF. then mlglil we of our • 0 , ronstltnllon and our governinenl." j a | ( from tl:e onlsidc. It is so forbhl- | ding, so anli-everyth ' joy and brightness I from the inside, to I thciin. it must Ix? nothlns tint I'lvesi 1 "? 1 "'" 0 " surr( " lnillll !5 llKm - ll l<; | SKATFLE. iUI'1-Triiffle officers b»i.^| (juit,, ^jy !o iiiulei.stiind why some' to life am | ,, 1H1 b:r . .. tt , u u , „ j tl those burled !„, , ryll ' lg ! of If we ] than a living Icmb, a tomb i"]|i on - s i sci-.v ui: ox WITH 'run STIIIIY CHAPTER XI i'. TS thin EUiiporcil to be a joke.7" -*- (jyti:v aslied. Sbo was r.ot smil- In;. Ilei ilark eyes, studying Wai- lac'.-. wide and chililish. I l,:ol< as tlioiiel) I were ]ok in • Xt;vt'r moro serious in my life. I ..... let's £01 married. 1 mean ill" "lint what—" 'Listen, lliis will lie tbo most E-nnsitile inaniasc you ever heanl ol KOM wait a miuutc"— bo saw (!iat tbe girl \vas about to Inter- r::nl ami hurried oa— "Doesn't II Etrike as a coincidence thai out of Iliis whore cjty full of f.eoplo iiv,i and 1 should meet tonight" And tftli o! us Elioufil fcc try Ins to forget toinebody else? l''cr i:el~P^iy, you and I are just couple cf s.nps who don't realize liuw luc!sy we arol "You're I'l-clly bitter, aren't you?' I'rypsy askod. "1 don'l hlamc you fo fedii:s H'.at way but t couidn' marry ynu " "Way no;?" "Well, it -it j:ist isa't my Idea o ^ -4 marriage, tiiat'.s all." "Do you like tlsis town?" \VaI- larc asked I which love nnd ho]H> anil joy die I fiirely though perhaps slowly. What | I n savage thing a jail is! How cruel! I It is iml:ed true thai "they bid '. | faiu'ell to hope who enter hcrc!"i I light of hope i;one out. in the! i <i:u':. every nobl^ inipiih-e thai. i ever Ihroubed wiih- yon dead, a | I soul in which hale is the only sea- i re ]nii on , 'fen! Co:i!d anytliiug b?ai:iredrea:l- j Inl? Think of men so uncnlighl- l cirri PS to advce.itc jails. To hn: ag^ne for a mot!iont Ibat anybody j could be made baler by jails! Kow short-sighted such an Idea. "\\Iiat the- liL'lt to be hotrr.t?" wiinl our pi.'op'.e to be r , 1rn nc mlibl smrmnA (hem with nn lionei/i. an order in \\hlch sellable comforts In II v;ords, if \ve want cu be honest, we nmsi I'.oneijtly; If wo waul grntle we must be f mean scciely cnllectively In llr, ! are n n^rvMiry niiisanr?, but. a- crenlnre llial imp-.rsonalcs one is I nn abomhiiitlon, according to J. 15. SwamliTs, FftEcsninn. SwnndH's wur. driving nlong an arterial hl^liv.ny when he heard n shiill whistle. tt'?n another and another, ibliiklng ilmt he must , iii'.rorisclonslv violnlcd n traf-1 on his \ Ireatt them: brakes limn lo be that a truck smashed In'.a the rear ! nllu-bv wo.! cm' <:f his automobile. i '.oclal o:der. ; reasonable secure rui- "I used to have. Revere headaches each moiilli," wrilca Jlrs. Henry Hca|», or 2IS Lincoln St., Savannah, Ua. "I suffered a great deal. Tlio pain In my head seemed lo run dovs'ii tho back of my ncek. I felt llko I was drawing back. I would net very niiujjuateil am! hiivn chill.", t woulil Imvc lo co to bcJ. My niulhur mill my ;nQ[]LCr-lll-]:tu- txilli na<l laken Canlul. anil 1 knew ll \vaH Hcixl. I bought it hottle, and after I U'i;an t-iktiiir U I felt uironu- ei. 1 l;i'|il on lakliiB Car- tlul, for I founil llu 1 liy iloliiK so I onild ivvolii | mv; , ' ;! geroliS Ten hours later Cjpsy slootl ocsirfc n fall young man in a blue srn'l anu 1 /islcncd to a hoarse civic official who Kas JQl'frtg, "/ pfonounce Jiou husband and u'i/e." married soon?" 'iVcxt montli. Rut Instead of waiting a month for me tbo yonns laily is going to stroll up to the tllar ono week from next Saturday youns Brock Phillips, C.ynsy confftlcrrtl. " I thought I !sb?" polo player, bon Tlvant and awfully, awfully well fisod with cosh, Sole heir to rapa's milliorjs.'- "Was it just tonight that she told yon?" Wallace nodded. Ho glanced at the watch on his wrist. maloly ono hour and :t halt aeo," he said. "You can Imagine that It rather changed my plans for l!io evening. Changed them consider ably. At that. I'm not BO badly off as you. You're out of. a job! Why dirt yon give up (lie ono you. had? Don't you know that was fool- I dill." siio said. "I've always livc'il lien- Mm nor.- I hate it!" "(letting oul ot hero tomorrow mnrnint:. myself." said llio youog man. "( of it. Two days of New Vork is plenty. Lord — I'll be to I'.e nn my way back lo l-'.iresl Cily." "Wliafs It like there?" "Oh. you probably wouldn't l!iii;i. II. wns so much. Little plare — i-iniilntreit witli New York. \Ye Ihiiik it's i|iiitc a melroriolis on there." Ho told hor about tlie rity 500 miles westward where tl.c Wallaces had always lived. Kore?i City lionstcrt a populalior. uf 20l).fifJO citizens. It liad a Chamber of Commerco that was "hoOE'ing" it and t\vo country Clllil?. 'And I'd do "Yes." said Gypsy. It anaiu tomorrow.""What was tho matter with tbe place?" ".Nothing. Evorylhlns!. JTo worked for tho MacNamnttC com pany three years. Pounding typo writers. Filing letters. Dictation I'm so sick of offices and the sound of typewriters—rushing to work mornings and rushing honv iij'I.L get tnere." he said, "al * C:aO loinorrow illicit. Tlien I'll go out to Iho house and be- e ngaiu nt night—that I don't so t how I can go back to It. I'm £ic!> of New York, too! I'd like to go away and forget thero Is sneh place. That town you were tellln ^ont—Forest Cily—sounds won derfnl. You'll bo glad to get bad there, I guess." Wallace forward. "Yo can coaio along," I'.e said. "M offer still holds. And that's some thing I've never done, before—as a girl :o marry me after she's re fused once." ULLO, Anne," slie said. "Come in and hear llic c\vs. Mr. Wallace and I are yoing bo married." "Gypsy!" "Congratulate mo, won't you?" Vallaco broke in. "Von and Plill ro invited to tho wedding. It's oing lo tx tomorrow. Tomorrow noroing—" Anne liad recovered llio power T speech. "Aro you l\vo craxy?" ho asked. "You don't oven know ich other! How did you gel here. m? 1 thought you were bavin:; dinner with your fiancee?" "And inslead you find me Ihe all. H'a very nice of you/* W ALLACE! hesitated. "Jlrs. Trow- briilse went hack to her sucsls." he paid. "H niiKlit cause a liltlc comment If we weni out. lhal w,-iy." He motioned with his heart toward tlie living room. "1 supucpe yon wouldn't consider nsitis (tie fire escape? I mean going up to llic next floor—the. war I came in? It's quilo simple bui I don'l suppose—" Gypsy looked down at her worn coal. "Let's do it." she said. He nclped her ihrnnch llio window and she was not as frigbiene-; acccpteil suitor of Fiancee Xo.' as slio had expected to be. High Two. Not bad at all for one evc- We live In u word in \vhich | U?-els like, clogs beget cioas. catj •b?7rt 5 cats, brutality be B :i= brti-, cf tW t lahty, pessimism begets pessimism. •, hp'.rcd bccets halretl. and on the o'.her hand, love begets love, gentleness bcg?ls geiitkr.ess, [lity b3- ge'.s pity nnd hope begets hope. I do not say that he who would interfere with or violate (h? rights of his fellow men should be aliow- i ed to go free. He should be re| strained, bul between o restraint I thai means a correction of the 1 fals? notions of life, and the or: dinary jail. Is just the difference ; between heaven and hell, j If we are goln? to cure any of j the evils that come into human j life, we have got to go lo the source. Jails as a whole are occn- i pied by people who Jiave violated : property rights, and it seems to ' me that their violations glow oul, ; cf tad economic cendilicns. i Through our very stupid tax laws.' we have mad: the getting of n liv- ir.i-. in an honest manner a very ; difficult thing, and we drive men : lo -jel it aishcne.s'.iy. To l!ic 112:- .. _ Hi 1 slcjiivil from his car and! nshlps to the individual ell- I locked for Hi? cop. There wris none.! lien. If we would halt mini lov-, Then he heard the whistle again! able. v,e inusl in.iks this world a i »«:! -'i« a parrot bobbiir; its head | 'lovable pla.-e. an:! ci:: thins Is j Jminlily In a case nearby. , ' cci tain, our present procedure is '. • . • . .an utler. oul and out failure-—the j MENA11D, 111.. (NT) —An un-! ! more, jails we buikl the more we' named ccnrict is sojourning in sol-i disease sprcadii " nr i p cosifinement nl the Soiilhein: we do not BO (o the base I HHncls Stoic penitentiary here to- : rnv hccauso cf a recent iinsuccess-• fill, but daring dash for freedom' during which he had two nnrrow er.carx'S from dentil. . The convict concealed himrelf In. I .1 Inrge Iruck which was hauling Al- - • • - - Set rid of the dan- tlie murce. une^ Ti. Broun. New Typs cf rr:s?riplion HAK1FOKU. Conn.. (UP) — GAS.14V 2 c I'hillips "0(i" and Toxtico Save COc to Me on cvrry Tank of Can Open Day i Nijtllt Harry Bailey Arch, Hermondale, Mo. Harry liaiky, Prop. COURTEOUS SERVICE cf doctor's prcscrip-1 lion has made its appearance here. ( When n drnjyisl receives n physi- | cinn's order marked "T 1 .!'." he fllls it frc: of charge. Th2 symbol; stands for "poor patlenL" 1 and is; a device introduced since the un- j employment crisis. ! j i Kiagura Falls provides power for Canada than Unllsd States. cheaper | for the Proclamation Ding, is It?" Had any ot (hem been in a mood to appreciate it young Mr=. Trowbridge's discomfiture would lavo been amusing. Gypsy McBriile!" she 01- cl.iimcu." yon can't do a thing liko ibis! Why, you must he out of. your head—" Gypsy's lono rose lo a higher pitch. "That sellles il!" the declared. "Anne, I'm not coming back lo your parly. I'm going lo get out of thia ilress and into my ( OWE clothes and £0 home. Tomorrow morning I'm going to places had always lerrified Hie •' girl. They went up tbe -slanlinr • front stairway nnd \Vnllace cliinljed ! into ;bo building again, fjypsy i scrambled after him. There was no more coavcrsa- • lion until they had readied tbo | street and were in n laxlcab '. headed for .Mrs. O'llare's rooming j j house. Then Uypsy glanced up ! from the enveloping shadows: "1 vns jorl of esciled—wlien | I was talking lo Anne," she said | softly. "Maybe we'd heller just | forget about lonlght." "Have your word, didn'l yon?" \Valhn-e reminded her. "Hack oul marry this yonng man—if ho still " you want to. I thought you were • -and leave New York j eamo." there ever wan such [ "You mean—you really mean fore'I've had a oliancr to £et offi Tho clrl looked at htm. Wba my coal Aunt Kllcu will Iw telliii'.rUlic would bavo answered mu "me Mint Ihe roast is getting cold ' remain a mystery, tor as (lypsy anil to hurry and coma lo the j was about to speak each ot them table" \Valhrn laughed shortly: J suddenly became- awaro of tho "There's one perpon who's geltini; presence of a third person. Stand- n break —Aunt ICllen! I've lived ling in tho doorway in her crlm- with her over sir.ce I was a Md.Uon e\euins sown, amazed and .1'nrrnts died. S!io was goin^ lo : ilie-aiipvovir.g, was Anne Trow* n-.ove iiesl moiilli llentcil a lilllc , brids.-!'. place n'-ro5s t'ie sir.-el hut I don'l j "What In the world — 1" Anne ihliik rbe re.illy likt'il M'.c Idea.; beii.iii and fecnicd al a loss for Kond of 11-e olil Imiisc. \Vi'll— mi>:o word', she won't ncei) "> non!" | Of rmirse It was nnconvcn. There was a brief E Oypsy said: "\Vcra wants mo- anii forget MI^I^ ^-*^i IH..T c..^>. •. a place. It you and IIIII waul" como with us lo bo married, all I "0: course I do. There's a train j right. If you don't—well, I'll eel at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning my landlady and ono of tho oUierUhat I'd liko lo cnlch. If t coma • for you al 9:3D can you be ready? , Clly Mall's the qulckcsl place lo ' get it over willi. 1 guess. I'll get i come along." "I'll he ready," ISypsy promised. Al lha door ot the rooming house Wallace louched his bat ami talil Komi night. C.ypsy weal ns'ide, climbed. Ihe long flight Fiowly. my roomers!" Color was burning In Gypsy'? cheeks. With head high she rushed from tho room and Into Ihe hall. Then a door slammed. It was 10 minutes later when tlie girl emerged. There had been j a transfornialion. Instead ot the fragile, tailoring chifCon she wore j' Ihe tweed coat anil brown beret. She slopped abruptly. "Oh! I didn't expect to find you hero!" she atirlre«cd the tall ilencc. Thcn'Moml. Gypsy, reading her cousin's ] taid. "Yon don't mi:id'.'" j you—to bo iBliiiciicd expression, realized tola [ Gypsy shook her bead. "Not at | Ten hours later Gypsy Ma- Undo stood beside a tall young man In a uluc suit and listened yonng man who was blocking the <° » tlMr ^ <ivk official who was ' sLiylni;. "I pronounce you hua- haud nnd wife." llypsy lonki.'it up Into Jim Wal- hhie eyes As she did EO tho ^\, ! vi'-jon of Rimther face—dark and I ' i:inckliia--ilaiii'i<l before her. ' i'l'e- lie t'omItiued) way. \Vallaco wore Ilia hal and over coal.. "1 thought If you to lca\e I'd see yi wero ready ;' hiui'.c," Watch Y«iai' Kidney Disorders An- 'fan Serious to Ignore. I Flmllirrr<l ivilhhl.nliler irri- lalions, ^i-lling lip al nml constant Iiacl;urlir, ilan't Inku rlianet-.-l Help junr ncys at llic fir*l J.IUM of ijisur <!cr. U?c /Jixrn's rills. Smcressfit] for itinrc than 50 years. !-!nclnn*r<) llie worlil «vcr. Sulil hy i!ealcr.T < ivliere. Melt in boiling water o.i-d uihalo vapors; eHo cnuff up nose. 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's The M an Who Owns a Car In HIP year 1920 there were 31.000 Irnffii: .-scdik taiiseii hy motor ears. Thare were 1,200,000 injured. A car accident occurred every 16 minutes. The total economic cost was' f850,000,QOO.OO. A small premium paid Cm-prelection is much l than a claim or judgment without it. See us lirsl. W. M. Burns Insurance Agency Phone 213 Yo the Legal and Qualified Voters of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas: Notice is hereby given that there will he held on Tuesday, the (7th) seventh day of April, 1931, a City Election in the City of Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas, for the purpose of electing the following- named office 1 , s | of said City, to-wit: One Mayor for a term of tv:o years. One Police Judge for a term of two years. One Treasurer for a term of two years. One Alderman for the first Ward for a term of two years. One Alderman for the Second Ward for a term of two years. One Alderman for the third Ward for a term of two years. The Polls will be open from eight o'clock (8 a. m.) in the morning until six-thirty o'clock (6:30 p. m.) in the afternoon. This sixteenth (16th) day of March, 1931. Neill Reed Mayor of Blytheville, Ark.

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