The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1937
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTOEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWi .Hose Uo\vl Bound ... Illustrates How| Quickly Gridiron Stars Are Born BV KAKKV OKAVSON Sjiorls editor, NBA Service CHICAGO. Dec. 1. — Chicago's preparatory school championship K "tiled at Soldiers' Field before 120,000 persons. Tlint is the largest ('.ion gathering In liistovj Cleveland's high school title is (irtcrnilned Ihe same nfternoon ar, d Wi spectators cheer. That crowds the nil-lime attendance record for dial city, where has tackled Illinois nnd Notre Unmo has played Navy. Hcth \vcrc Christmas charity gfimes, to be sure, but in tlie main it was the playing personnel and u ords or thc teams thai brought .„ out the patrons. The turnouts ie- g , Heel thc tremendous Interest In, i»i football. I ',*• Witli t^c game so popular among tile preps and grnde school kids tossing footballs where they formerly threw baseballs, It goes without saying that (he college brand i,l gridiron goods u'ill become bet- Cnc ol ln ler \ ith each succeeding Season, ciiickasaivs Bill De ' Correvont of Chicago's champion Austin.High is a striking illustration of how quickly a football star is born these days. Tills blond back's play of the | two campaigns largely was ~~ J ~'~ ible for the density of the ""it Soldiers' Field, li suffering from a cliar- and plainly made nervous •ast throng, all De Corre_ In 35 minutes on thc liring line was run 41 yards for one touchdown, plunge for two more, and-pass-into the end zone foY the fourth. He also returned punts nnd u!«I. He faded tack into the and quick-kicked 53 the "tine of scrimmage, remnrknble placc-klckcr. revont scored 33 loiich- .. nine games—compiled a total of 21)4 points. He accounted for nine touchdowns in one contest. into the game JtiKiny 'Pipton, Moslcy, halfback. Dlnckwell, end, The Dope Bucket By J. V. Frttnt Tlie news of Hie selection ana subsequent acceptance of Alabama to appear in the Hose IJowl In Year's Day against Ihe Uni- y of California's Golden Hears w-ns received here with joyous acclaim . . . The . principal reason, of course, (or Ihc local Interest was thai more native sons potential possibilities to break . . They are tackle. Herschel University of „ „ „ „.. Tide squad, Is Jimmy Tipton, tackle and senior, above. Others are Herschel 'Mnsley, halfback, and Gene Blttckwell, end, both sopho- mcres. Tlie Tide accepted ,1111 in- vitiiticn last night to play California In the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, on Jan. 1. lor caliber. Tom Harmon Another Red Grange DC Correvont graduates late next month, when he will make up his mind about college. Coaches for miles around would like to read his mind now. While De Correvont stands out. there are reports of phenomenal school players from nll-scc- tions. Naturally most of them are backs for backs calch the eye, but theie no doubt Is the same superabundance' of linemen, and backs often are transformed into linemen in college. As great as De Correvont is scouts also .were attracted by his .miarterbacking mate, Sonny Skor, and two or three Austin linemen who ended their high school playing careers on (lie identical momentous afternoon. Allhoiu;h my Peoria operatives ha ic been describing Davey Miller of Toulon, Hi., High ns another Red Grange, with the explanation that they realize just how much tciYitory tbiit includes, the name of this 17-year-old youngster ap pears on the second team in soim All-Illinois selections. This is due to the preponderance of star high school backs in Illinois, and also to the fact that Toulon is a very small school witn no tough teams" on ils' schedule. Milter says that he intends to enter Illinois, and it will be nul-,. all right with Robert Zuppke if he turns out to be a second Red t'range. Miller has the size. He now Elands, six feet one-and-one-half inches and weighs more than 180 He only has to live up to half of Ws advance notices as a carrier Mocker, parser, and kicker to make Zfippfcc repeat what h c s^ whcn he first set eyes on Grange: "He'll »«ke a great coael, out of m »" FrKliman Flossy. Ton . Hob SmUh completed his plav- mg hours at Beaver High of Ult.'c- c 7 lf W « Ihe finest hi £ h V P •'"' "'" " cvc! °Wd in Virginia, and Is said .to be for Roxbury ftep „„„ , he ^ Bob Glass. Masstllon, O.. half. back, is bcini! rushed fully as hard as De Correvont. The college freshman class before these ix>ys also was of super- four-sjwrt lad of Gary. Ind.. and two or three boys from Kiski Prep school were so conspicuous among Michigan freshmen that their presence Incited reports "of subsldlaitlon and an investigation. In five meetings with I fie varsity that held California .to a scoreless tie, Ihc Washington fiosli prevailed on four occasions and obtained a draw. Stanford and Southern California had superlative freshman squads, which iwere not uncommon from one side of the continent to the other. Certainly no player moving as though he had a man on his back is going to make the varsity in (he years to come,' for the multiplicity of talent 'will add to the intelligence 'and...increase the pilch oi the' unending battle between offense and defuse. iJislic. Blytlieville's former 'coach, played in that game' at tackle ... Joe Dildy. the present Maroon mentor, took p,arUu the last Little Rock Club Buys Jersey City Outfielder MILWAUKEE. Dec. The Little Rock club (UP)— of tlie uiid Eugene , .- . . Fans were dellglilcd because it was chance 'for "Tip" to play . . . He' Is n Senior and his degree in Aeronautical Engineering In the Spring' . . . jfcrkv jind Gene .arc Soph's and may him more chance,-;. If ul) can. majtc thc riffle, and is likely since*all appeared in r\ game Uifci season. It will mark,the sixth Blythevllle boy and cx-Chicfcasaw to perform in Uic football "World Series" . . . Herschel Caldwell was Die first to go and he made it twice In succes- ;ars ... On Jan. i, 19M. blockJng back, he was In the middle "of 'Hanm's -20-19 victory over Washington '. .' . The next year the Wallace -Waders returned nnd proceeded to tie Stanford, .incidentally their only failure to record n victory ml clinched In '30 Jes.' hold Its -own wldi nny . . . it's unt'9rtunate that games couldn't be arranged so as to make It olii- clai ... Of course, whcn H Is Impassible to get game.s scheduled, for one reason or another, that is another thing ... There Is no rule that compels one tcsun to play another . . . lint now I believe they can get agreements home, and home Even If you hnve to play aw.iy I believe It would be advisable . . . Anything to musele in on Ihelr clique ." _WRDNKSDAY, DECEMBER I, A Record-Breaker WEAK— Ellon Dickinson 1 In ills Tribune- (Jonesboro) Sport-s column wrlles "Heports from downstate are !o, Hie e/fect that Blylheville h will play Camden next year . ./One ceniral Arkansas coach also said (hat (lie Chicks were nt- leinnllng to schedule-- (lie lover bracket teams In the Big Fifteen conference in 1938 to look impres- slve— which sliaultl burn up joe Dildy & Co. Blj'lhevJlle . . to play Uttle Rock and Pine Bluff . . ••.•Is tsolng to make concessions. Unlll (lie Chicks book some ot the so-called stronger teams tliey are going to continue to (jet tlii- overrate<i label. Afler all, iherc is a lot of difference In Plggotl and 1'lne Bluff. Searcy and Little Rock, and Walnut Fildge and Camden. Joiiesboro, Ifot Springs, and Norlh Little Rock arc .second division clubs." '• HORIZONTAL I Holder of spee<S records Sir . 13 Needy. 14 Wand. 15 Genus of sea birds, 16 Breezy, J8 Proverb. 20 Insane. 22 Like. 24 Males. 25 To follow. 2 7 Twine. '29 Road. 30 Golf device. 21 Adult insect. 33 Excuse. Answer to Frevfon* Futile ANITA LI7AWA Bra HDDH H ranra'aa 50 He traveled taster by — than anyone else. INI 1311 . 35 Singing voi«. 52 To rulj out. 37 Reeks. 39L| ke. 41 To excavate. 42 Fishing bag. 43 Sound of pleasure. 44 3.1416. 46 Blood money 48 To sin. 49 Railroad. ' VERTICAL 2 Pertaining to bees. 3 English titles. 4 Demure. 5 Either. 54 Vishnu incarnation. 5G Daubs. „. 57 Places in Hue. B Mister. 59 Opposed lo 7 Company. „ ,. cold. 8 Poid publicity. 51 Grain. fiO He recently 9 Postscript. 53 Hevcfencc made a new 10 Nut covering. 54 Stream world's record 11 Oleoresin. 55 Onager in his 12 Burdened. 58 Pound 16 His auto Record was mad* in . 17 To hurl. 19 He Is an sportsman. 21 Pertaining to pleasure. 23 Steamship. 2« Impelled. 28 To rent again. 32 Preposition. 34 Exists, 30 Female monster. 38 Illiterate. 40 Froth. 43 Kind of helmet. 45 Virginia willow. 47 Either.'. 1 48 Electric unit. 49 Genus of frog: 50 Tree. Will Make Plans For Annual Grid Record Shows Blocking Back Valuable Gridder Captain Alfred dlth. of lie 'Slick" Merc-' Chicks. - M I B • ^IKJI.-U ID t.-vi;jj football game ;J |for the past four years but never M | ; > aiT(ed the ball until this year, points. Meredith \vns , so valuable that he played every minute of every name in Iflffi and . I'lans for the iiiinual Chick foot-1 .„,, \ " " toll banquet will lie made by I e " lle SCOIV£| 30 members of the Chickasaw Alii-! A blocking Uack, lotic Club in H mrellng hi t) 1() Rose Jlcom of Ihe Itolcl Noble, - .. -•tomorrow night, it ii-as nimouiiccclj evwy '"'""le or every game ii! t'.day by James Terry, president) !9:lli ' exe *Pl 0"« ten-minute period of the ort<niimtio:i who urged that m lnc K&nie with Plggott. Mfrciiiih. who is 20 and a senior, n n native <jf Pfltslmiijlii I'a. Jk- had ' all members altcinl. The ineetin.' will begin at 7::iO D'clrek. Tfrry said that Coach Joe Dildy and Superintendent W. D. Mc' Clui'kin lia<( teen invited to at-, UNHl the mefllng and would prob-j ably discuss the l!):iU fOolljall | ; The chib al.vo has Uway.s hoped to return there. 191' his college educalon but appears l« b l: "Alabama bound", '.vith several others of tr.c meeting. j wcli' he deddc<i'" K o RUen/r'scliool the XATSO—We for a fact ' that Coach Joe IMcly has no i plan- to schedule the weak sisters i ill '' tllA f>01 1 frtl'CHrtr, r, . . In Ihe conference But ing the extra tile 7-7 score Eberdl nnd»J. B. (E'ars) Whitworth were members of another great Tide eleven and had a big hand In IheTr 24-u ro\it of ft powerful Washington learn• . '. Jess intercepted a pass that led to .their flr,s,l;,,toiichdowii . . . They BOt as hot as'a depot stove and proceeded;Wpunch over two more touchdowns ... . AS a fniol clincher, Ears drop]>ed back and kicked a field foal Carney appearance' of. .• Alabariii Was 34 when' they 'beat Stanford 29r .J. 3 --.-:..i • --An :odd /feature b[ Iheir .visits to the.•6o 1 4sl- : ls' they have never played any team except Stanford and Washington . . . This will be a change .from the old routine Alaba • • . - i»'"LK>UNX 15 slated to meet Soiithem California there in the .opening game of the 'B campatgi). GAMES—Happy Campbell, Alabama scout who was here recently lauded Dildy's pla,, of stepping out, Into the middle of the Arkansas football circles ... "Until you do play (hem you a ret not going to have any recognition • Not that Pine Bluff :. a m) uttle Rock always have the best teams but people seem to .think so ami Judge oilier teams,by them If. you can pour'It .oil them/ thei' your fortune ' is • niadb''and itiey'l ue begging you for ..unolhtr chanct : I . h1 . 1 ™ »o diibt 'but tha ' ^ .. UI ,» k(<(u \jt i (ic . • - •"• •*- tnj uyifuL Ullt t Ilfl Soulheni Aisoclnllon' today an- llllli yeaV F s' : Blylhevmj',te'ani'.cmi) nmmced purchase of Outfielder —~"~ ' ' ' Joe Divycr from Jersey city 0!' the International League. * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stock Prompt Sen-ice To All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 24 Hour Service Call 633 V. S. lileai Called Kar OB- CLEVELAND (UP) — Hubert C. Herring, director of the Council' for social Action or the Congregational nnd Christian churches of the United States, says "Amer-' ica's destiny in. n n probability i| M ' in some distinctl ly American form i of government yet., to be evolved.' Only 20 foreign-made cars were! registered In New York from J.ui. 1 to November, 1037. ' '! SPECIAL Merchants 1'Jale Liinch HOTEL NOBLE » Hfallty." victory over Bentou • and Fbrtlyce 1 county just us much In the- stnmi- Ing us one over Pine Bluff Dicla't. the "chiimpeens" play Benton. Fordyce, Clarfoville. Port Smith, El Dorado, Hot Springs? • .' . In our humble opinion Jonesboro, ParagouW. Greenwood and-inaybe little Walnut Ridge coukl beat them . . . phie Bluff's only strong games were /against Little Rock. Comden and NortH Uttle Ro Wildcats louchdo periods Uttle Rock . . •. They beat the! only 14-6, scoring a in the first. and last - . . Blytheville led, 19-7 ' at tlie half, against' them Efforts shall be made 'to get gomes with ANY teams in the loop who will play on the two yeni- plan . . . The Chicks are npL lookln° for a gravy train -. . . Neither are they going to. take'the "neck wings and feet" . . . Some schools have held the Idea that Blylhe- vllle should come., to...them,—take what they could rget, and: like it' • . . That day, is past . . Blytheville (IrjWs, favorably with most in the state and will continue to increase : at the gate They can get big dates at their word. i of' his I i t.'jroyclft cilmbi.'i<j I oracle to his gold I'ku's ne', mode ; liiin, Ili'osius declares. '''heel mo- 3.SOO-foot This of Ij- 'lu is the .VQII of H. O. Meredith ivho is in the real estate Ijuslnes-v :il Florence. ; Many Alsace villages have such :'. wart'if/ of water that, pump, Handles :,ie put up higl, K0 that 1 Uiey will be out or reach of the' children. i Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide* Fur Co. Hear Joe Isaacs' Store Inspecting - the about every WOO miles may Wild Turkeys Evade Hunters In W. Virginia CHARLESTON, W. Va. '.(UP)— The long-legged variety of turkey —one of the big reasons why the Pilgrims were Hinnkful—is reap; j pearing i,, West Virginia. preserves during t h e past three years. The birds are exceptionally cunning and seem to have a knack of evading the hunter. Twelve nun-! rods were, set loose this season under the surveillance of game protectors, but only six : wcre able ; to bring down one of the turkeys. 1 The mortality rate of the birds' , , y rae o e rds' timing chain t The state conservation commis- 1 e ^ 8s is lligh in thc natural state, iles may r,>-lsion has liberate '' th only about 10 per cer "t.ot Naw Located al J01 Norlh Second • ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All maiw ol Rebuilt Typewriters. Addfnf Machines and Calculators—Repairing—Pans— Kfbbonj FOR CHRISTMAS n has liberated more He will appreciate <t iniaHiy K m from our whiskey shop Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTKUU Safe, sare and with less dlseomfor<. All diseases ana conditions of nervoo s origin, foot ailments and skin cancers treated and cured at our ctinfc. DRS. MES & NIES . Osteopathlc Physicians 5H Main. Phone S8 BJythevnie, Ark. HERE COMESPACKARD FOR 1938 FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS Given Away Until Christmas Only ;i Short Time Left. ( 0 I'reparc for Ihe STATE AUTO TESf Save Money On Anlo Paris and Accessories ARIAM AUTO PARTS '»&« 507 U'ard I Curulhrrsvlllr -the only cars that can make you aU these promises! MIRACULOUS RIBE-The new Packard Six nd ne U^ nine— ii><-- i.^.. •-- ---- Pack-aid Eight (formerly c-alled I ; s«i?l;»il 120) h hrinf; you «" ever offered 10 moiorisis —a liitrally re-maktt rrmis! UNEQURLUD SUFETK-Tliescncw ^wi »! "'" rltle Uwt Pacharris Suit-sway \3 urc ovn.>u»i*""'a "• -»• • • , , . i i. ctimiiwteil and die dangcr-.of skiilJias n irtmcndously reduced. BEVOLUnONHRYREUR tHD-Tlic foregoing lliings have been accomplished l>y u tri.> of epochal improvements which :io«- bring the effect "f independent svlwt-1 suspension lo li' rtar tint. NEW QUIET BODY—As a result of years "f •ith a great Unix-ally •:^ research in cooperation versity, Packard brinjis yon n r uilt all-sii.-i.-l n :t "- slccl IO I'' ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITYf LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. life Insurance . . Fire Insurant* Investment S*curHlei» OSCKOLA, ARK. -.. MORE LUXURIOUS Silt-Ho'h thc Packard Eight and Packard Six are urtu full in whcctlwsc than list Y^-' r - rc far wider. Trunks challenge U.ose of ""di ,- cars for roominess. SERVICE NEEDS CUT—The need for service ill further reduced. Example: Chassis is sti lubrication is n 1 losv needed wlylmit •> fta EHDURIHG BEAUTY-Thc famous PackatJ lines ate now more beautifully streamlined th»n ever. Hut dicy siill proclaim a Packard, still guar d it from early style both mm , obsolescence. Only Packard fi ivcs you long mechanical life and long style life! 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