Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 5, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call ana.get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at We have 'replenished our stock of Modem Cooking Utensils; And youiiwilLnow be able to find a com- k ". pTete'.'. assortment, at The Grand Bazaar, $op : 4n, 4t Only to Look. FREE MfDING ROOM, • 'Open Daily and Evening, 32K Pearl Street. :...;; -Welcome MQMYTOLOAN, B *nj nun »t the LOWEST rst«», Prtvat* t nnd» 0017, Honey slw»7i In hand. No red tap* or de- 1*7. Xnttrttt and principal payable la Logan*port. . SpMl&l arruigenienta M to payment ol principal nd Iniereat, made to tnlt the wtsheiof borrower. ' tot further parttcoliin apply to Munson, On MiDnflays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. . And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts B per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. declSdAwdm Journal. MOKNTNG, FEB. 5. MRS. OWEN'S RECEPTION. One. of tl»e .Tloxt Elesant Society .\ (lairs ol' tin.' Scamoii at WH»II- ingrton. 'T-wonty-five-cent' ear -muffs for cents, at;Otto's. ...'. Conrad Kraut departed last night on a visit to friends at Dayton, OMo. The Chosen Friends -will entertain all:-iat'\ their dance;ito-night. Good Music: 1 ; * .'".'"'';' .Catchy songs-and sprightly comedy characterizes, the performance at Dolan's to-night. '• • ' He cannot afford to .repeat in locals each, extraordinary' b'argan in this, his (Otto Kraus 1 ) greatest sale. Mrs'.' Al J. Sheerin, of Lafayette, is visitingjher'parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1 M. GaTrigan,.6n North street. • ! ..Tfi¥ greatest Jeut on overcoats ever madVb'y' : Ha'ri'y" Frank is on. : again Buy now, for. ;.nev-er will you buy as cheap again. ''. . . . ' Do v yfotf : w;ant-to get fat? If so, visit "the'Grand Bazaar, and get a pair of Indian''ciuBSf^We carry them all sixes and ^eights. ', . . . • : .. Tafeeare of your health :and"wrap yourself in one of-Harry Frank's- su- perb'ckinchilla overcoats, and save $5 to $8 in- the -bargain. Strange some people don't care to save a-"few dollars, when they are so hard to get. Otto offers an opportunity;.' ^.SeeTbig advertisement. . Everything will go cheap during this cold spell at-Harry Frank's; gloves, mitts, caps, , 'underwear.^ children's flannel^waistsv and heavy coats. . . Ch'e y_ouBg daughter of Dr; and Mrs. J.'B^Sb-ultz-is very low. .'with.' mem- branpua croup. 'At 2 o'clock this morning her little life was hanging in th.;e-';p>lan.ce with, the- chances. against her recovery. :.••'. John k'ell'ar, of Jackson township, Howard^;cbunty, ist- charged with a mur ; derbti8 assault' upon W. H. McGee, of;,Browrr county,-Illinois., and a requisition has been issued for his arrest. Some months ago Kellar went to Brqwa county, and one Sunday himself' and companions were found play- ing'ca'rds. Mr. McGee .expostulated with.; them, and this angered Kellar, frho.iised his_knife, and stabbed-the inoffensive old man eighteen times. Hsi1/h"en-fled back to Indiana.' McGee laid'at'dea'ttt's door for • week's, but is now convalescing. Mrs. William D. Owen's reception on Wednesday ir the red parlor of the Ebbitt was one of the most elegant affairs of-the season, although informal. On this occasion the mantsl was banked with choice cut flowers or pots of palms. Mrs. Owen, the fair Indiana hostess, wore one of her choicest gowns of 'gold brocade on cream satin, with a gold-passamenterie medi ci collar and a. golden jeweled' girdle. Her hair was dressed high and she wore an elaborately carved ivory comb. Mrs. Owen's - assistants were Mrs. Spinola, of New STork, . in a black velvet princess gown, with petticoat of white satin.embroidered with pink roses, the.panels trimmed with irri- descent beads, and the bodice of deep frings, and she wore sapphires and "diamonds for ornaments; Mrs. Huston, wife of the United States Treasurer, wore a black crepoline trimmed with deep silver fringe on side panels, a low-cut bodice, and her ornaments were of silver; Mrs. Power, wife of Dr. Power, of the Vermont-avenue Christian Church, wore a black princess -gown, trimmed with bands of black ostrich feathers, point lace and plain gold filagree ornaments; Miss Moore wore" a novelty gown of blue cVepoline, embroidered in pink flowers; Miss Jon'es, of Ar- iansas, .was in white china silk; Miss Stockdale, in a costume of silk and e, combined with a corsage bouquet of Martha Washington rosebuds, and Miss Maggie Crawford, white gown, with gilt. Mr. Edwin B. Bacon, of Louisville, rendered valuable assistance to the'^receiving party. As usual, Mr. Owen was indefatigable & his efforts to render the uests comfortable. In the i-ear of ;he drawing-room was the refreshment table adorned with • smilax and cut flowers. Mis? Moore sang twice, to the great delight of all, as she .posses- ies'a highly cultivated and ..beautiful roice. Among the many callers were Sir Julian and Lady Pauncefote, the Misses Pauncefote, Maj. G. C. Goodloe, Representative Whitney, of Michigan, Gen. George A. Armes, Dr. and Mrs. George W. Harris, Assistant Attorney Genera] Tyner and Mrs. .Tyner, Mr.' and Mrs. Medary, Judge A. V. Larimer, of Council Bluffs, la.; Mrs. Representative Connell,. of Iowa; MissMunson; of Chicago; Mr. -and Mrs;.; A.-P. Gorman, the Misses. Gorman', Mr. and Mrs.- Farquhar, of New, York;,Mr. and.Mrs.. Binger Herman, Hon. and Mrs. Holinan, Miss Holmaa;, Mr. . and iMrs. Vandever, . arid the Misses '-•• Vandever, of ...California; : Judge. ; and'Mrs, Frank Swigart, Senator- and Miss Evarts',.' Gen. Spinola, ;of :New York;. Hon.,. William Campbell', 3 .Mr.' and Mrs. ,'P.er'-' ry Heath, Maj. W.' S. Peabody, -of>the' Army; Senator and Mrs. Pierce," ; 'of Dakota;,.Secretary-and Mrs. 6.';X. SpatrTding',' Hpnv'and.Mrs. Grbsvenor, the-Misses, Grosvenor.". Harry'-. Strong, and Victor ,'Ti-•'-' Ricketts. of Indiana; Generarknd 'Mrs. Veazey, Mrs.'.Moore,. Dr. F. D; Power, ,Hon. and Mrs. Shively, Hon. and Mrs. James O'Dbri- nell, Hon.'and Mrs. Townsend, .of Colorado; General and Mrs. Marcus J. Weight?- Mr. and- Mrs. John H. Oberly,' ; ";'•'.' Mrs. Oberley, Professor William De Janon, of West Point; Madame P. De Janon, Hon. and Mrs. John M. Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Robb.—Washington Herald. No fias For Factories*. The Natural Gas Company notified the various manufacturing establishments yesterday that they would be compelled^ to cut off their supply of gas on account of the increased, demand ' by private consumers. The fact is apparent that in a severe .winter the gas supply would be insufficient for the private consumers and the factories. The short time in the year the factories would be compelled to suffer [from this inconvenience will not be serious if some method "of i,_ In the AmuNfiiient Lino. The Lincoln Journal pays the following high compliment to the Company which will, hold the boards at Dolan's to-uight: "Reeves' English Operatic Burlesque Company pre- sented'their original salire on Goethe's immortal poom "Faust" at the Grand- last night to a crowded house, and tb ; say the audience was pleased would' be to express it mildly indeed. ,', "The satire is written by Mr. MUIK roe, the well-known Boston newspaper man and is really excellent, the lines sparkle with wit and are interpreted by a company far above the average. "The music is all that could be expected from the genius and taste of Prof. Zinn, the composer and musical director. "The chorus is strong, and is.com- posed of by far the prettiest girls that have, visited this city for some time. "The burlesque is devoid of all that is coarse and common, and we are pleased to note that some of our most respected society ladies were among the audience last night. The Journal extends congratulations to Messrs Reeves and Munroe, and hopes that our citizens may soon again have the pleasure of seeing their pleasing entertainment." ^ THE LIMITED MAIL. Of the above play to be here on the llth the Columbus Press said: "The house was packed from" pit to dome. The S. R. 5|J. sign being displayed twenty-five minutes before the curtain rose, and still people kept pouring in. willing and anxious to stand, if by so doing they could catch an; occasional glimpse of the stage. From the time, the curtain went up at 'the opening of the first act until it fell, the audience was simply crazy. Never'- before, in the history of the* drama in Columbus has a play ^been received with such wild enthusiasm." A LOGAXSPOKT PEDESTRIAN. The Sunday Philadelphia Press contains an -account of the exhibition of' atheletic sports given at the.-Academy' of Music on last Saturday night under the auspicies of the University of Pennsylvania from which we notice Henry W. Thornton, of Logansport, won the gold medal in the mile walk. He is a student in the University of Pennsylvania. It was a most brilliant affair and was participated in by. representatives from Yale, Cjlumbia, Princeton and "other colleges. The Press says: "The mile walk followed,and so anxious were the spectators to see what that much heralded Freshman, Thornton the foot ball player could do,' that Starter Turner could.: not send the young men on their tedious journey too soon. Thornton had a start of fifty seconds and it was expected to be a hard tussle between this man and the noted C. L. Nicoll, of the Manhattans. Thronton stuck pluckily at his work and mjver weakened. He finished first in the very good actual time of 7.31. He had walked a nervy race and Dr. Faries had to help him off the track at its close, so exhausted was he." From the Press account we learn it was a very brilliant affair witnessed :by one of Philadepbia's most brilliant audiences. Mr. Thornton is one of the Univer- isity.foot ball team and some time ago :was presented with a gold watch for. ;his fine .playing. We . congratulate young Thornton on his success in his athletic, sports and feel sure.he ..will also excel in his studies as well. The Indiana young men generally •"get there" in every thing they un-~ dertake. [TOVER, T.h« for an« for tl»e Xriu Hie City I'll i k Council. iiil Tlie matter Cause.* Animated I stoii-lVhal tlie Dads IHcI. The City Council met 'in regular session last evening', all members present save Mr, Busjahn and .Mr. Truman. : The Street Committee recommended that the bids of John CaHahan, Gottlib Shaffer and Kerns & Skinner be accepted for the improvemet of Fulton street, Otto\va street and Colfax street respectively. Ed. Truax's bid was .accepted for the work on Columbia street. The bill of the Jenney Electric Light & Power Company for. light for January. |697,28, was allowed. A deeluartory resolution for a sewer on Brown street from Bates street to Wabash river, was laid over for two weeks. ; .The following water works report for January, was received and spread oh record. ; . RECEIPT*To collections InJanuary $ 43'i 13 To amount overdrawn Feb. 1, '91 3,319 72 Total 3S.754 85 . - . DISBCHSEMKNT8. Bv amount overdrawn Jan. 1, '91 $3,094 10 By expenditures. In January 660 75 soaps have & great fail' corses tl/eir way; 50AP • Has cornelosfoy. ONLV BV N.K.FA1RBANK&CO. CH | CM bridging over the period be devised. cheaply. can Henry Welling, a Noble township boy, has resigned his position as-head porter at tne, Barnett...hotel and'left yesterday afternoon for. Salt Lake Ci1y where he has accepted a position as clerk in a restaurant.. Broadway Methodist Cliurcli Revival ; Last night the house-1 was crowded, it being necessary to .place,two rows of chairs in each aisle to accornodate the people. Mr. Swadener'si,-vivid word picturing and pathetic: appeals made' a profo.und impression. There were a large number of seekers at the altar. It was quite a unique spectacle to.see this. ..large congregation engaged.in shaking hands, in response , to Rev. Mr. ; Swadener's invitacion." He gave a special invitation for all to come to the meeting at .half-past two this afternoon. Services to-night at 7:30. Wortb Hundred* of Dollar*. My. Wife used only two bottles of "Mother's friend" before her. third conlinment. She ' wouid not. be without it for hundreds i of dollars. Had not half as much trouble.; ; a6 before. Dock Miles, .-.Lincoln- •.J?arlab, La. Write The- Brwdfield Regulator Co., Atlanta; Ga,, for. particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher.. "..' . . ":'/to8 . Gratifying 10 All. . The high position attained : and the .universal acceptance' and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Sjrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly, gratifying to the California Fig Syrup Company. Mrdi Gras—New OrlcaflN, X.a. For the above occasion the Wabash Railroad: wilL-sell tickets on February 6th, 7th, Sthrand 9th, good returning up to and including February 24th: $23 for roun f d r< t]'ip. febSd7tw2t j Totji!....'. : : . $3,75485 The committee, report oh the matter of the lease or. sale of a 100 feet of land off the water works property to the electric light company, recommend the lease of said strip for a period of 30 years at $60 per year. Report adopted'. ' The following claims were allowed: Street pay roll ,- S .86 25 JVm. Schreyer, repairing Homey Creek bridge. 1000 M. Martin, laying gutters 2 00 W. J. Fiirrel], assisting engineer....: 15 00 E. ; B. Preston & Co., sundries for flre department G 00 G. W. Sejbold & 3rd., sundries for Hie department 75 J. E. Besan, shoeing lor fire department. 425 W. A. Osmer, expenbes for sewer plans... 3 Ou B. W. Palmer, lumber for streets 25 42 H. Brookmejer, jr. Interest lor bonds...... 5900 00 H. Brookmeyer. Jr.., caps for police '.. 23 00 H. Brcokmeyer, ir., Interest on Pratt fund 300 00 H, Brookmeyer, jr., feed for !lre denitrt- ment 47,32 Alvln .Campbell, lumber for streets 45 94 The committee to which had been referred the investigation of the matter of taxes assessed against the old canal bed report that the city had no power to change the appraisement; report concurred in. .' The resolution that the penalty and interest OE the'taxcs on lot Xo. 10, D. Conrad's addition be remitted was adoptsd. ".The petition foi* the establishment jofctt." grade on Wright street • -from Seventeenth street ea%t was referred to the street committee. . . The Sewer Committee. and Civil Engineer were instructed to meet and determine what streets shall be tributary .to the main sewer on the West Side. , The Finance Committee made a report in the matter of the claim of I. 1ST. Walker for royalty on certain electrical devices used by the flre department, and recommended the payment of the claim. This claim is at' the rate of $100 for each one thousand inhabitants, which will make it about §1,400 for Logansport. A resolution for the remission, of the taxes on the property of Julia and Mary Fawcett, was adopted. '; -The Trades Assembly/of the city was present in the person of 100 or more Delegates and a petition praying for. the adoption of the.plan^submitted by- this assembly for the' improvement of "Assembly. Park" was.- - presented by Mr. Tousley. The : petition was referred to the park committee and city civil.engineer. This "matter brought' out. considerable discussion which was. joined in by Mayor .Cullen, Mr. Gleitz •and-ME. Palmer.- The, assembly had, able and warm 1 advocates in Mr. : Tomlinson and Mr. Webster who pr.e- .sented the plan which .has been made familiar to Journal readers. The Trades . -Assembly, prayed that the. council • take immediate action on the: matter and it is probable that at the; next meeting something decisive will be done. : -'.,-..' Police powers were transferred from Richard , Sc'Jtt. Pan Handle watchman to Harry Mullen. A plank crossing' was ordered in on the north side of Broadway at Seventeenth street. The petition for changing the light on Illinois street was referred. Adjourned. . It'Your House IS on Fire You put water on.the burning timbers not on the smoke. And if you have catarrah, you should attack the.disease in the.blood, not in your nose. Re- .move^he impure cause, and the local effect subsides. 'To 'do this, take Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier, which radically and permanently cures catarrh. It also strengthens the nerves. .'Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla. 3 KcNpecttiiHy Helcrrcd to Mr. BeiTj-. "Old woman", old vioraan, oh whither so Jilgh?" Quoth she "To sweep Hie cobwebs off the sky. 1 ' Old woman '-bld'womnn', why don't you come' down- And sweep flic streets of this dlrtyold town? -New Ynrk'Press. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will b'e found Select Goods: -Slaughtered and C W. C. ROUTH, Logansport For SaleQbv Leading Dealers. Call on the New Druggist And become acquainted with his manner of doing business f, -iV llospectfully H. C. PUR CELL No. 418 Market, Near Pearl St. Their Plan IK Good. The plan submitted to the city council last night by the Trades Assembly is a good one and all that remains to be seen is whether or not it can be carried out. ' The 'Trades 'Assembly is clearly in earnest in the matter and should be giren a chance to do what it can. Their petition that their plan be adopted should be acted upon as early as possible that definite plans may form the. ground work for early operations looking toward a future breathing place for the., people of Logansport. . , ; - : The Union about one .hundred strong appeared ' at the ..Council Chamber last evening in the interest of 'Assembly Park. Mr. Webster 'presented their view of the proposition. Mayor Cullen explained. his. .position in a gentlemanly way but .-afterwards at some fancied offense displayed- some temper. Councilman Gleitz as usual | : was "over the river" and had not U' very definite idea of 'the subject under. 'I discussion. His ^interruptions .and '• remarks generally ,were profane,-. inap;- J propriate and uncalled for. Council;-;, '- iman Gleitz does not reflect credit upb'ii i 'his constituents. ' ","', .'-.: Wool to b'e Taken to ItUl.' r J. A. Wood of this city, t of whose arrest, trial and cony for the murder of Attorney Blounf the eastern asylum for the insane? •• Richmond, is, familiar to Journal. • ers will be removed to the pi south during the coming week enter upon his twe'nty-on» years' tence. He persists that he is guilty, and his counsel is prep for an appeal to the supreina couft.. ' .The ,I*Qrt Wayne Exposition Fair Association project 'ha abandoned, owing to internal dis«! sions, and a Trotting Association^ been Organized, with ^15.000 capi •' Hiippy Wm. TimmOQS, Postmaster of Ida-: v-ille;-Ind., w.rites: "Electric Bitters ;has done more for me than ' all other medicines combined, for that bad feeling arising from Kidney and Liver trouble/' John Leslie, farmer and stockman of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best Kidney and Liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, • says: Electric Bitters is just, the thing for 'a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives' or. dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like he.had a new lease on life. . Only 20c. a bottle, at B. F. KeesHng's Drug Store. . toS Harry Frank, jr., will depart to-day for New Orleans to attend, the Mardi Gras carnival. Harry will go via Birmingham and will take time to secure a glimpse of the leading cities of the south en route. He expects to be gone a couple of weeks or more and will crowd a deal of that time to be sure. pleasure into Henry Groffmeyer is back from California. Staplcton will remain on the coast awhile .yet and is making cjuite n record on the diamond field. Both the method and result Syr 4p of Figs is taken; it is j and refreshing to the taste, d&i gently yet promptly on the ifif Liver, and Bowels, cleanses 1" tern effectually, dispels colds', aches and fevers and cures I constipation. Syrup of Figs only remedy of its kind eyer duced, pleasing to the taste ac ceptable 'to.., the stomach, promi its action and truly beneficial. effects^ prepared only from the healthy and- agreeable substance many .excellent qualities comntls to all and have made it the popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale i, aad $1 bottles by all leading g«ists. Any reliable drug ' may not have it on hand cure it promptly for any ond wishes to try it Do not accejr substitute. CALIFORHIA.FIO SYRtik SAN FRAKCISCO, CAi. LOUISVIUE, M. HEW YOU For sale by B. P. Keesll i nnd all.d

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