The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1933
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Served by the United Press. OTHEVniE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSODUI VOL. XXX—NO. 206 " BlythevlUe . Daily News. BlytbevlU* Oonitot. '~1 V»Uey Le«d«r. BlTttMftll* Hvnlil. BLYTHRVll.l.i:, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. .\OVKMI5KU M, lOIilf McAdoo-iug the Honors f Bitter Battles Over Public Ownership Cominy in Tennessee Cities. BY WII.IJS THORNTON I N'KA Serviie Stuff C'urcsi:undunl WASHINGTON—The first balll'j i.s over, v.'ilh caimilti?s on both But the battle of Nov. 7 was cnly the opening of a campaign eilng fought between public and private utility ownership that may |.-:ove u frghl (o Ihe death. Public ownership lost in 3an T'ninclsco, Salt Lake City, Cincin- \:::iti, YouiigstOrfii. O.; Portsmoulli. ').; Ucrdeiiloun, N. J.; Tyrone. Pa.: Minot. !! D.; sml Birrning- .i.L'm. It won in Camdcn. N. J.; Akron, Pandusky, Cnyahoga Falls, and Deliaiice, C.; I'leelwoud, Pa.; Tupelo, Miss.; and other small towns of the direct .Muscle. Shoals area. It was ine\liable that Ihis district should prcduce Ihe moit violent battle, for it is here that the (.overnmcni not only Is offering cl.oap power in the future, but ofl'i-rlii" (o lend cities and towns Ihe money to build plants and equipment. The next- batlleground Is Knoxville. Term., cUy of 150,000, which voles Nov. ?5 on a proposal to build or buy an electric system. This battle is the result of an- rouncement of the Tennessee Valley Authority lhat it would build a lianauisslon line from Muscle Fhoals to supply power for construction work at Morris Dam site. 25 miles from Knoxville. • • • Holds Strong Position Tennessee Public Service, an cfliliate of National Power and Light, which now serves Knox•. Ille, already Is laying down a heavy barrage of defense. Its bftc ammunition is in the already high bonded debt of the city, and in it? ownership cif the trnctfon line as well as the lijht system. Should Knoxville be won for (Public ownership, it will be the t i'.ist large city in the Muscle fhoals area to do so. .. But the smaller towns already are rallying to the government's pian and accepting. fer of^cheap power: And this"*Vias the larger towns of the area \vor- lied for fear the smaller towns may become the larger. in- The conflict now gainin tensity in the .Muscle Shoals area (Continued on Pace Three! Lepanto Sportsmen Off on Bear Hunting Trip LEPANTt). Ark.-A Jinntinc- par- tv of twenty men, headed by J. G. Stuckey. prominent merchant and snortsman of TjCpanto, have gone to the hinterlands around Helena to hunt for bears. The party will re- SINGLE COPI0. : FiVE CENTS Increase Noted (or October and for Three Month Period. WASHINGTON. Nov. U CUP)-- Uomcstit cutlon cuii&iunpllon during October, reined today by tho bureau ol ITIIMIV. v, as W):i.L'(3 bUles, tornj)arc'l v.,th GUI,i'jS3 bales In Oi'ioli-r }::>.( y.;ar; 1'or (!!•' On ft months ending with Oclubi-r]>UoLi K:dnc<l .'iiKhtly, anmualln^ lu l.(l!)1.9:i<J. 1 compared v/illi 1,3!)J,132 bales for tl'.al period In 1M2. Cotton on Innd October 31 In fonsumhm e-stalihslnnenth amounted to 1.301.100 tales, compared with b'lk:; un Cctnter 31, 1!!K. There w;:'i In public storage aiiu In 9.4T4/J4L! . bales, Ellfhtly under last year's ll^ure ol a.tsM.yn toies. •fherj wi-rc 25.875,142 cotton spindles active tlurin^ Octolie]', a -••:!!;ht deereasi' from last year". Imports of foreign cotton in October were 12.12) bales eomiiared with 4,021 10S2. It's,el! party, il you take it from Senator William Gibbs McAdoo as he does a turn around the floor with the channing Mrs. IIuW Selwyn, actress and producer, as shown here. Tne former secre- aiy of the treasury was prominent anion^ the noirb'es in attendance at the giant birthday fete given in Hollywood for Marie Dressier on her sixty-second biithday anniversary. HOPE FOR SOVIET TIKE put Motive for Removal of "Machine Gun" Kelly's Wife Unrevealecl. WASHINGTON. Nov. 14 (L'l>) — K.-itherine Kelly and Ora Shannun, umvlctnl of parlklpz- lion In the Urschcl liliinapinir, arc hrinjr removed to a detfr,- "•-n rruon at Miliin. Mich., (he ilcpartinent of justice announced IOLVIV. CINCINNATI, Nov. 14 (UP) Mrs. Katherine Kelly, 24, wife of .George convicted turn around week. the middle of the Closing Stock Prices 'Recognition 'of .Russia May Come Before Roosevelt o Georgia. - WASHINGTON. Nov. 14 (UP) — A successful conclusion to negotiations on American recognition of tho Soviet Union before President Roosevelt leaves Friday for a vacation at Warm Springs. Oa., was/ hoped for in administration [circles today. The negotiations assumed an .nformal character Foreign Com- nissar Maxim LUvinoff held himself ready for conferences either at Ihe White House or state de- lartment. It was • indicated that rcsump- ion of formal conversations de- cended possibly on word from Sussia or some new overture by :hjs government. It was thought likely that on both rides study was being given to technical points .raised at Litvinoff's Sunday night conference it the White House. A. T. snd T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service General American Tnnk General Electric General Motors Jntcrn.ilioiial Harvester Middlcwcst Utilities Afonloomery Ward Packard Phillips Petroleum f •Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J. Texas Co. U. S. Stool 117 1-4 15 3--1 32 43 1-2 2 1-8 29 3-8 20 3-8 31 1-4 40 1-8 1-4 21 1-8 3 3-8 IG 1-3 18 1-4 2 5-8 43 725 3-4 41 3-8 Neiv York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 14 (UP)— CoKon closed steady. open high low- Dec 9M 1012 998 Jan 1009 1018 1007 Mar 1025 1035 1021 May 1036 1048 1034 Jul 104G 1C60- 104S Oct 1068 1079 10S6 Spots closed steady at 1025 up 15. Cooperation in New York 'Politics Is' Possible Re' suit of Call. NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (DP) Alfred E. Smith planned (o visit President RooseveU at the Whit? "Machine Gun" kidnaper and Kelly, , was removed from the Cincinnati Just Onlookers Now Session Opens Quielly After Ycslcrclay's Slonny M PC I ing. NKW OHI.EAHS. Nov. 14 lUI')-- An imitily d: ninnslrailoii Inti-iiupl- od.thi- M'iiiile Mib-comniltU'e's Investigation (,f l-oulsliinn's wmitor- liii t-lrciiun this iiftcinoun. Si-nalm- M. M. ].(i;..i t 'nj. of Km. lucky, actini; f>i:iinnan. : -Adored U. S.; Mjnliuls i.,i UIKO tin; names - all conrlrcmn spectator:; nllh a j\h'\v ot ci'.in^ them for 1011- NBiV ORLEANS, Nov. 14 (UP) •U. S. Si-iiulor Hiivy I'. Lung told about Lodslnnii politics ius run by Hi? •'KhiKflsir when the senate elections cominltk-e resinned today ius of alleged fraud In Ihe Ovcrton-13rc)-jSfard primary. Di freed in brown suit. u\n shoes, and rid JU'Cklie. Senator Lonif was the first witness of the morning siuii. lu marked contrast, lo yesterday's stormy session, the «lli:e opened quietly loday. A minor clash developed when Mrs. Hilda Phelps Hammond challenged Long's statement that he had fired her husband off two state jobs which paid him $400' a month each. Mrs. Hammond. leader of the woman's organization which Is Kei-klng to oust Senator Lone and his cinjaniy.alion from stale polities, jumped 10 her feet and cried: ''Tim's n Up. Yon never my husband In your life." , fired "I'll prove If thill's what, you w,in:." Senalor Long replied. ImisKcatnr Flays Commilln, • .Yesterday the committee's own in^eslliator. John O. Holland. charged Chairman Torn Ccmnnlly. Democrat, Texas, with bcinc "yellow," and the whale committee with "covering up for the rat from Louisiana." In making the '"rat" reference, the Investigator turned nnil elar- rd nt Senator Long, wlio sat nenr- hy with n half giln on his face. Spectators Cheer Crimson of face and with arm? waving wildly. Holland shouted dc- workhouse mysteriously early day by federal agents. Destination of the prisoner was not revealed. Mri. Kelly was sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the recent kidnaping of Charles F. Urtchel, mlllionoire Oklahoma 'oil man. _ | fiance and rllimciulon nt the com mltlee. and Senators Long and Just one of the old grails back to rliecr for ulnia mater, Ilerton llcoyer was a happy spectator at S'.ar.Iord's grldlion victory over ju ancient rival, Southern California, in I.os Angeles. Evidently In the best of health nnd spirits. Ihei former president Is shown heie with Iliifco Ruth, who slopped oir on his way from Honolulu. The piT.sli|ciU grips his familiar gray fatoi as' he chr.ts with the Uabe Overtoil, as the crowded courtroom cheered and applauded. "Co on with your ridicule," shouted Holland. "I am just, n punk, bur [or 13 ycars x I have been inre.stigatiug for the Senate" 'and' I uncovered [he evidence, all of removal of the woman. They were that she was prcpnr- liouse today vheti he comes to ed lo give federal agents at some Washington to atlcnd a meeting unannounced point information ob- of the board of trustees of Catho-! tallied through her underworld Two theories were advanced for llle evidence. In the Teapot Dome the ivas I contacts on Ihe kidnaping of the Lindbergh baby, and that officers had word an effort was to be made lo free her from the workhouse here. George Kelly had said he would break out of Leavenworth. where he is imorisoned. and free his wife by Christmas, or that underworld friends would free her. lie university, to which he elected last- spring. Scheduled to accompany, former Mew Vork governor John J. Raskob. former Democratic national chairmun. John P. Curry, leader of Tammany Hall, in the capital '.r.ft night, but d;nied he would Join in (he White House meeting. A possible coalition of (lie Roosevelt-Farley an-.l Smith factions in Nev.- York was believed by observers to be the itibject to be discussed. Both factions seek lo oust Curry, who is furious at Smilli for staying out of the recent municipal campaign and equally anRiy at Farby for getting into i', behind the .Recovery party can-j Chief Hoy Head. Will Report Grass Fire Cases for Prosecution Kick by Cow May Cost Senath Boy His Eye Kicked in the eye by a cow- James George, four-year-old son ! of Mr. and Mrs. Loarn George of '• Senath. Mo., was a patient at. the I Blytheville hospital today. Little hope was held that the toy would be able to retain use of his eye r '-'irral rites were held this af- The boy was playing in the tci '" omi at Cobb Chapel for D. M. torn loi, at [lie family home with Cutler with the Rev. Grover Suth- i Names of persons allegedly responsible for three grass fires yesterday and today will be turned over to police for prosecution under a city ordinance regulating outdoor fires, according to Fire of Joseph V. McKec. Services Held Chief Head said he was carry- ipg out Instructions in lurnim; over to' the police department reports of grass fires as part of a Here This Afternoon' cam P a 'E" to prevent fires support case, and I would do it, for this committee but you don't want evidence." ed by a city ordinance enacted j taids. jrtiirliv: the past year. Grass fires] I are a real menace at this time of to Chief Head. Contempt of Court Case Will Be Decided Soon PINE BLUFF. Ark., NOV. 14 IU P)—After hearing the of Waller Sorrels, Jr.. and E. W. Freeman, editor and publisher of the Pine Bluff Commercial, who were charged with contempt of court. Jrdge T. G. Psrham announced today that he will make a written decision in Ihe case wilhin Ihrce days. Prosecuting man said an pcared in the Commercial "re fleeted upon tho conn" and sought to dictate the court's proceedings. Sorrells and Freeman entered a denial of all charges and said they held the court in highest regard. The editorial criticized raids on r.^rble machines. It pointed out that a tax had been paid on these machines to the stale and cily and that the paper believed that warnings should have teen issued before Promises Fight for Its Re- Deal When Congress Opens in January.: WASHINGTON. Nov. 14 (UP) — oenator Dickinson (Rep., Iowa) announced, ' today lhat as soon as cnngress opens In January he: Intends lo introduce ' a bill that woulil abolish tile N.RA,.and "pvefy 1 - folng thai it stands lor* ' ''"' "T want a showdown on this thing," he said. "! think lha country is flounder;:!? under trie Blue regie. All you have lo do Is jook at Ihe business reports of the government Itself and see what Is happening. "Such countries as England, which have no NRA, nrc gradually progressing. And we still seem to be sinking." Dickinson said he believed that there should be more open discussion of the NRA meantime so thai "the people could learn the facts alout it." Attorney K. r.rock- 'rditorial which ap- failure lo pn lools'; for i Stale P.T.A. Leader V.oic es Demand for Actior to Save Schools. HOT SPRINGS, Nov. 14 (UP)— Excuses offered by "legislators, th sovernor, and Ihe educational com irlttee and others who might b held responsible for fallu vide lull time schools', children in -Arkansas, '''are atccplalilc," Mrs Scott Wood. prc.. Ident of .the Arkansas Congre. of Parenfs and Teachers, said lo day at the opening of that orgun teal Ion's ninth convention. She called attention to tlie sps< lal committee appointed by Go\ ernor F^ttrell to study school coi c'flkms and said: "We all hope it Is not Just an other committee and that some thing will be Accomplished." "The Arkansas Congress will glad to co-op,vate In every wa with the committee." she told de cfjates. "When the program of (h f-chools Is recommended there be a chance to make our Influent felt toward betterment of cond lions," she said. "It will be up to us lo .. O. C. Barker, truck driver for [aside all selfish Interests and s: Hold Truck Driver in Levee Death Case TrinUv Farms company, was held '• in jail today following Ihe death of Joe Mendcnhall, Huffman farmer, who was run over by a truck on the levee road near Huffman Sunday night. According to reports Mendcn- hall was lying in the road In an j intoxicated condition when an un- tiial a program Is adopted givh all children an opportunity to s cure an education. joyerrimcni' Will Advance 4. Cents a Pound to Holders of Plow-Up Options. ; . Approximately sstifj.OOO Is. to' be Jrteil slicrtly io.lhe buying poweV i Mhfl.sMppi county's farm' uopu • itlon, and proportionate 1 sums;are ) IIP made nvullnblc In Pcmlscot, unklln mid other nearby counties,, s u result ot Ore decision of (arm Illeluls at Washington lo loan Cents a -pound on cotton option 1 ; Iven faimcr.H as part of their cneflt payments fur plowing up :ce.^ cotton acreage. iWkslsslppl comity farmets have Iready received in thu nclshlior- cccl of fgwr- 1 "? !i: ei'.sh payments i plow-up benefits. Ki addition hey .wcri given options on 28,000 iil:s nf collon at (I cents a pound, "he rcccnl decision lo advance cents a pound on these options, nakes tliem worth Sao a.'500-pouiid • • ialu, or S5GO.COO. . ,1. > • • It w;is disclosed fast "night lhat i lentattve conmltmani of S3V •00.000 from the Reconstruction Fi-' mncc Corporation liad been ar- phscd lo make the loans on op- ions. The loans will be made "r.raiijih the Oommodity Credit "orirarallon. Uetalls of the plan i'ill probably be completed within 0 days. J. E. Crltx. county (JLlcultural >genl. jald todjy that he had re- reived 1:0 dlrc'cl Information concerning Hie option loan program, but that he expected the Bovcrn- uent voiild start making advances is soon ao all of Ihe cash plow-up :enents had bc;n paid. About 150 Mississippi county farmers have vet (.'i receue their plow-up checks, •- said. Hotel Noble Robber Given Three Years Tommie Futrell, alias Tommlc Bryson. one of the two bandits who held up the Hotel Nobli; here In September, entered pleas ot guilty to charses of :uf!bery and ..'I grand larceny In circuit court here .•' yesterday. • ' . -' He was sentenced , . • .^ce years-* •:Wife .'robbyry .charge and": twni-j years on one grand laVceny charge •' with the terms lo run concurrently. A second larceny charge was nolle pressed. ' " fcMtroll, indicted by the recent grand jury, was returned here from DC Wilt. Ark., where he had been held In connection with n robbery there. DeWitt officers finally decided to turn Fiitrell over to local officers to (ace. the hotel robbery charge. Futrclls alleged companion" In the robbery; nn escaped Kentucky convict, was sent back to Kentucky several weeks ago. He has since, died, according to reports reaching here. Futrell will be carried to the Tucker state • prison farm to begin his term immediately. ;i "" lol Dormer Federal Agent Held °" Bribe other children during the absence rr ! ni «l. Methodist minister, offici-: j n ^! J°jj of his father. He struck the cow ntl "B. I durin- T similar iv-riod IT;I vear '• with a whip and the animal kick- Pallbearers were: A. C. Haley, Gr Vss r™"'h -IIeh r^rsonf-xl TEJCARKANA, Nov - u (UP) - S or] him in tlir, lofl ovr, Kavmnnri Fecirv R T RC-.V t; I' , ^"''^ " ll;> '" »«"." JKrsam .u „ £..._. »_ „,- ,i nn ,,,.. lepedly acted in violation of a city 1 Vjll "e>. formrr depiil, pro.nb.- iStaie Drops Charges Against Mrs. Hastings lichtcd tn:ck ran over him. The I CA RUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Mrs. driver did not- stop. Mendenhnll | Arvey Hastings has been released was ij-oujlit lo' Ihe Blytheville!'™" lllc county jail here, am! all hospital sufferins; with inlcrnal "lames ngnlnst her dlsmlwcd. Mrs. Hastings was held as an accomplice in the Bank of Stccle roblw.-y July n. it teing alleged that she transported the rollers' ed him in the left eye. . . . . . . The accident occurred Sunday'^''' Olarencc II. Wilson and afternoon and the victim was.Gcorge Cross. rushed here. Physicians believed ' Interment was made at Elnir the boy's sight, would be ptcinan- . w ood cemetery. The Cobb Undcr- injuries and n broken leir. He succumbed last nic.hl at 9:20 o'clock. Barker '.vas jailed aflcr investigation indicated that McndenlLill might have been struck a share of the loot to them in III- construcMon company truck ho was \ In " ls from thb county. drivlng. cnlly impaired. ing company was in charge of 1002 1012 1026 1039 1053 1071 j funeral arrangements. LinHbero/h Mav Make u Non-Stop Flight Home!" 0056 - 10 ^ 01156 Bu y ers New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 14 (UP) —Colon closed steady. open high low close I* 1 " 995 1009 974 996 •'«'> IOM 1017 1004 100C M« r 1018 1034 1018 1022 May 1032 1045 1031 1036 J" 1 1044 10GO 1044 1048 Oct 1008 1076 1063 1065 Spots closed steady at 991, up 9. Chicago Wheat open * high low Dec 91 3-4 93 1-8 01 1-8 May 95 5-8 96 7-8 95 CALUALES DE TOY. Spain. Nov. i4 (UP)— Col. Charles A. Lindbergh was believed tiklay to be contemplating possible return Seek Old Gold in St. Louis ordinance by nol securing permits were listed as having: occurred at the following places: D. Hammock residence, 225 E. Kcn- tiicky. this afternoon: Mrs. Dophle i Mick residence, on alley between I Vine and Cherry, tliis morning, and Joe Kleban residence. 1013 West Holly, yesterday. Damage in all cires was slight j tion administrator for (he western i know whether or not his truck ran 'district, of Ark? isas. was arrested;ovci today in the »...«• federal building i the Barker said he did not; ,,, S1 ? only nflcr thc Preliminary of ST. LOUIS (UPI—Gold—from teeth, medals, loving cups, rings ind other articles—is needed for flight to the United States, cither]the melting pot as the price ot by u southerly route by a the yellow metal mounts, a ,^ur- ;-pcctacular non-stop route. | very among gold dealers here re- Hc would fly alone, should hclvcalcd. The district, of Ark? isas. was arrested;over Mendenhall, declaring that;? r ' levee road was exceedingly''"E i and that it was possible his ™ c y could have uassed over Ihe Owens, alleged lo be'o»e actual robbers, result- on a charge of accepting a S25 bribe. him being the charges held without against Mrs. ings were removed and she Officeis charpec' tha, the a,,e S ed| hrrnjrrt Uody without the driver ™ ™ f £°'» h| f ». ( N. ^son l-nbe came from George Bassetl! rean/in? n. of Boyd. Ark., and war. n "t.iv No <!cfinite charge had of Boyd, Ark., and was a "p.iy off not to testify" In a liquor ease. was given for Ibis step by the prosecution. Pemiscot Officers Find Huge Still Near Holland CAHUTHERSVJLLE. Mo.—What If said lo have been Ihe largest still ever captured in Pemiscot county was destroyed Sunday morning about noon by Deputy Sher- ffs Bob Ownsby of this cily, Norman Hicks of Holland, and Willis Owens of Cooler. It was about three miles southwest of Holland. 'Die still and accessories were valued at $2800 by the officers. The cooker was 900-gallon cnpa- • city, there were 50 barrels of mash in various stages of fermentation, two 300-gallon mnsh tanks, and 50 rtallons of whtskv. The officers found the still running when they came to its site. but no one was nearby. The still ' was located ui a dense thicket, and the officers are of the- opinion their advance was discovered in time to permit the operators to get safely away. lodged anninst Barker loday. I Attendance Increasing at Cherry Street Revival! " na "covered Gurley was ^nder suspicion, officers said, and thrv marked sev- iir . u i • I J era! bills, and gave them to Bas-|"CSt Memphis Leads Ttt. who delivered thcin^ to Gin-' The oll:ocrs searclicd him ]„ ln Lacrosse Players Ready For New League BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP) — Some 250 Indians, Canadians, French For the first time this season Canadians and Americans have „..,,. Irol'.on reec'.pts at compress at West' started training at Grimshv Out lnlr^ a r5£ ChnrT o^fo/Tr.! Individualism SafV SaVS MCmpW5 hst WCC!; PXCC "'' rii t!l ° W «• « ct '» ^ for he ne'wiy o decide to attempt the night. Anne I The number of door-to-door I \7 Werfchem street bf the rl I U L I U |=t Biylhevllle. according to the Ar- g a nlwd North American Profes- Mndbergh Indicated today that she .buyers of old gold increased tre-|Rev. B. K. BleS have met wUh Genei> al Hugh JohnSOHi^as Cotto, Trade^a^oclations ''.'ill return ;o New York by | mendously since the government's, Increased attendance this week. steamer. |golti buying policy has increased the value of the metal. Even gold coins, which the buyers cannot purchase, are offered for sale at premiums. close 91 1-8 95 Joe Howard Dies Joe Howard, 21 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Howard, succumbed at the family home in the Little River community at 11 o'clock last night, following an attack of pneumonia. I _NEWTON, MOM. <UP) — The Funeral services were held at Newton High School male stu- noon today with the Rev. Mr.' dc-nts found a new wax 1 lo cither Kissing Bets New Way For Students to Gamble Chicago Corn Dec May open « 7-8 45 3-4 high 50 5fi S-8 low 48 3-4 55 3-B close 48 7-8 fi5 1-3 Flowers officiating and interment was ma;le at Manila cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by. besides Ills parents, a sister, Mrs. Uella Clayton. nake money, or to lose it. It was lo dare with another to kiss one of the girls, no matter whether it was on the street or in the school corridors. After the kiss, the girl was informed that it was done on a bet slonal Lacrosse Association. Parents Appeal to Abductors of Youth SAN JOSE. Ca!., Nov. 14 (UP) —The wealthy parents of Brooke L Hart. 22-year-old "model son. appealed directly today to his alleged abductors to "open confidential negotiations for hts return" after five days of extensive police activity failed to reveal ' report. Blytheville still leads by a] The players will represent eight | trace of the "curly headed youth I Tit nieht Rev RWor nn<iriiix< LOUISVILLE Ky Nov 14 (UP >! substantial margin In recoips for teams from Canada and the Unil-1 who disappeared last Thursday. »-«., l ,,.6" ^ lit. v. D.t.n.1 |'l I ,1^.1 l^\t -T-1.., v-n. , t ... *•« (lip toocAll prf m^tni; ' *-"- - '- -••'" '- •' -'—The NRA aim!! nt fnir rnmnoii-! II1C s.ason. ca stales. be- played nsi nigin KCV. merer preached "^ r«uu^, j-,j., n u ». it IUI-F. . „ 'ii Ihe power of the eospel of 5 "™ NRA nll »5 at fair compctl- i „"»! i » n,r. »,,n -i,f» inci osus Christ to save men of alp'°» « ndurtry and not «t .wL^ e ^ to the mtfro d«c l.s Josus walks of life from sin. This Is the first series of services held in the church building curb on Indlvlduatism.aeneral Kuch '' *' cek werc 72 ' 9 '°' compared to 61.- Johnson told 20.000 persons In his ' 6I tlls sami! vvcclc n >' 0;vr ngo - Rc " final In several years, and will continue , speaking tour here. each evening this week except! Self regulation under address of a mid-western cel l' ls f °r to a&[ - h!>vc cd Slates. The game will doors. Many colorful teams will be represented. They arc: Cleveland. Buffalo, Rochester, Clncln- I The message, made public by the in- 1 anxious parents, did r.ot state ' ibeen 111.799. compared to 787.008 to natl.. St. Louis. Chicago. Milw.iu- Saturday. govorn- jment supervision need not Interfere in the slightest degree with such dearly held American insll- '.follow: Council Meets Tonight | }^ ns , " s Individualism, compell-l ° Ilion. and liberty of speech and| i action," he said. I West Memphis The regular monthly .vssion of] After completing his sp2akinginiythcvHlc .... V.c city counc'l will be held at. tour General Johiifoii 'boarded a- 1 Little Rock .. he city liall tonight, at 7:30 train today to return to Wash-] Pine Bluff ... >ciock - Ington to report to President Walnut Ridge According to Mayor Cecil Shane j Roosevelt Ihe middlewest Is almost th2 same date las', season. Receipts last-, week and for the at leading Arkansas points kee and Toronto. only roiiline business will b? unanimous in its suilport of his l»?.nsact«l by the liody innlglit. 'ifeovery pronrnr", Fort Smith Hope Joneslxiro L?st. For the Week Season . 8.786 72.288 . 1.760 88.894 . 7.431) 61.421 . 6.473 75.338 . 4.78!) 36.110 . 4,041 29,089 . 3.8C8 38,394 . 3.365 18.210 t 'cM-lly retired ^ Hollyfield Named to Conservation Commission whether the $40,000 ransom demanded In Ihe only message from the paid. Both Alexander J. Hart, department store and hotel owner, •and Mrs. Nettie B. Hart signed the ! appeal for the return of the youth. 'The mother had been under med- {leal care since (he alleged kid- naping last Thursday. LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 14 IUP>— Fd Hollyfield of El Dorado was appointed member of the Arkansas Conservation commission by Gov. J. Marion Futrcll today. Hollyfield succeeds I,on Abbey, who re- WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight, Wednesday fair and cooler. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and cooler (onlslit and Wednesday.

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