The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 2, 1954
Page 11
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MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1954 BLYTHEVTXLE (ARK.) COURIER N BLETIN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoop It By J. R William* OUT OUR WAY THOS5 OTWER STIFFS ARe STIULX -HUM'MY SCOUT SLEE NOT MOTOR/—AS WHACKERS OUTCf 15 Hi*. UNLESS FUENllT URE- 5TC?e& \s!it4DOW /—L3M {MOW WHEN 'CUT? LOVE ID •o r « X T3 C O M jy» 32 V « »•«/»>'»£ THAIS AFfNE" V/NE YOU'RE I'LL CLUE YOU IN, DAD • IT WAS SOLO TO ME BY MISTER SU6HTLY TREMENDOUS* HIMSELF / <+*&' ::•:-. :3 B-i OLD 0(6THRILL*EH — THE GUY WHOSE DAD OWNS THE -——~ — -< CQLLE6E- / NONE cur SHOP?/ OTHER. •EVERY so OFTEN HS FATMERSBTS STUCK WTTM A , PARACHUTE THATLL, T N0MIM6 Of* TeltYision — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Monday, night August 2 6:00 Droodles 6:30 Voice of Firestone 7:00 The Duke 7:30 Robert Montgomery 8:30 Badge 714 9:00 Dennis Day 9:30 New 9:45 Clete Bobertf 10:00 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 Weatherman. 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Film Feature 11:30 Film Feature 11:15 Sign Off Tuesday, August 3. 5:50 Meditation 6: A 0 Today 6:25 News 6:CO Today 6:55 News 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 3:30 A Time to Live 8:45 Three Steps to Heaven 9:00 Home Show 10:00 The Bob Smith Show 10:30 Shopping »t Horn* 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Photoquiz 11:30 Homemakers Program 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 One Man's Family 1:15 Golden Windows 1:30 First Love 1:45 Concerning Miss Marlowe 2:00 Hawkins Falls 2:15 Bride and Groom 2:30 Betty White Shov, 3:00 Pinky Lee Snow 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:15 Armchair Adventure 4:30 Lash of the West 4:45 Captain Video 5:00 Slim Rhodes 5:15 Interesting Person 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 5:45 New Caravan 6:00 Midwestern Hay- ride 6:30 Arthur Murry Party 7:00 Summer Playhouse t 7:30 Top Plays of the Year 8:00 Truth, or Consequences 8:30 Biff Baker 9:00 Mr. District Attorney 9:30 News 9:45 Clete Robert 10:00 To be announced 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Film Feature 11:30 Film Feature 11:45 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 18 Monday night, August* 6:00 Burns and Allen 6:30 Talent Scouts 7:00 Public Defender » 7:30 Traveltlme 8:00 Summer Theater 9:00 Llberace 9:30 Encore Theater 10:00 Kefauver Political 10:05 Weather 10:10 News 10:30 Late Snow Tuesday,.Auguit 3 6:00 Morning Snow 7:55 New 8:00 Garry Moore 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Valiant Lady 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 Kitchen Magic 11:25 News 11:30 Welcome Travelers 12:00 Robert Q. Lewis 12:30 House Party 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Lady of the HOUB* 1:45 Bob Crosby 2:00 Brighter Day 2:15 Secret Storm 2:30 On Your Account 3:00 Portia Faces Life 3:15 Early Show 4:30 Western Theater 5:00 Mars Patrol 5:30 News 5:45 Summer Holiday 6:00 Flash Gordon 6:30 Made in U. S. A. 7:00 TEA 7:15 Kefauver Political 7:30 Steel Theater 8:30 Browning Political 8:00 Danger 9:30 Danny Thoma* 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Late Show Minor Repairs and Tube Replacement in home (inside Blytheville city limits) $50 Only More Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr. 109 E. Main Ph. 3-3616 RHEUMATIC ARTHRITIC VICTIM* A *«feJ jBUrl* OwteA Tmfcbt. & *""*•« bloat rtNMtt froa iBtwtM. Will tt» Brant*. ItahiMi «rio MM. giTJn* quick, lonrvr kitlnf wlirf to dwn- MatMi pmfai. O*t imaf&t A.K. P»lu B** Tiblcto. K1RBT DRUG STORES EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbord Hardware Ph«ne 2-2115 HOT DOG/ DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK—6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN xxrv TT was a nice letter saying that •*- Dawn left without telling him because she was afraid he might follow and not show and a wrestler who did not show was soon on the promoter's black book. There were some funny-looking marks which were strictly Greek to me. as they turned out to be. Milo wiped his eyes and looked at them himself. He jumned up, clipped on his robe, pushed by Benny, and practically ran down the aisle toward the ring platform. He was in his bare feet again, which had proved to be (smart in molasses and turned out [to be even smarter in mud. for | there was a good thick layer of yellow cJey on the mat that may not have been as sticky as molasses, but was a whole lot slip- pier. Milo could hardly wait for the announcer to finish announcing, which he was having trouble doing, as everybody started to laugh when Milo came into the • ^ » Like the time before, the Taj team, as the brother act called itself, jumped for the hillbilly practically ignoring Milo. I wasn't for long. Milo seemed to bounce over the mat, and befon the brothers knew what was hap pening, he had one in a reverse head lock under his right arm and the other in the same hold tinder his left arm. The referee couldn't seem to make up his mind whether * head lock on two opponents at the same time was ethical, especially as Milo began to bump their heads together in a way that nobody's heads but a wrestler's could stand up against You never heard such a commotion in your life. The whole crowd was pulling for Milo, except those who were laughing at ^ow the hillbilly looked. Th* Brothers had thrown him to the nat, and when he staggered to ib feet he was covered all with mud. He stood there weav- ng, while he watched Milo bang he'brothers' heads together. Milo was sure enjoying himself out of nothing but happiness at getting he letter from Dawn. Suddenly the hillbilly made a dive for Milo's feet, which was a mistake on his part. As he dove. Milo threw his legs forward and upward, still keeping his head locks on the brothers, and caught the hillbilly in the neatest head scissors you ever saw. There was a brother with his head under Milo's right arm. the other one caught under Milo's left arm, and this hillbilly character down on his knees while , Milo's legs applied the most crushing head scissors you can imagine. The hillbilly conceded and I didn't blame him. but the brothers couldn't concede, as they were practically unconscious, so Milo was declared the winner. I saw no reason for getting in all that mud. so I waited until he climbed down from the platform to congratulate him. "You were wonderful." 1 said, to pillow his morals, but he only 'shook his head. "No afraid not win, Fed," he came back. "Milo no like use head scissors that fell' Me too strong. No want break head like egg." is sold out. I told them wbat I had in mind and they looked interested until I mentioned Milo going too. Then they started to giggle. You will remember that in the heat of watching them wrestle together and the dark girl getting a bad decision I called the blonde one a bum. It turned out that she was a very nice girl after all, in fact in some ways nicer than the dark girl, Tucky Tucker. After they had finished giggling about 2oing out with Milo, Ruby Jewell, the blonde one, said, "Any fellow who can hang on two head locks and a head scissors to three other fellows at one and the same time is a real man, even if he does look like a grease ball. I'll be glad to have him escort me." M ILO felt so good about getting Dawn's letter and winning the Mud Battle of the Century that he changed his mind about taking the lady wrestlers to some night place, as he wanted to celebrate, and celebrating is always more fun if you have girls along to celebrate with. They were in the box office with Benny and « fellow who was countinc the money, a* these two girls worked OB a percentage basis of the gate, which gave me an idea, as it seems a very good way to get paid when the house QHE explained that because "-' they worked three or four nights a week at different clubs they never did much celebrating, but if we know some nice, quiet place, they'd come along. Besides, they didn't know Baltimore at all and we could show them a little of the town. I said we didn't know Baltimore either but we bad the best way there was of seeing it, which they agreed when they saw Milo's red sport roadster. He wanted to . drive so Tucky Tucker and I sat in the back seat, which didn't have much place for legs, but we .managed. Milo drove like he , usually did. by passing anyone who was in front of him; until Ruby Jewell said. "I do not mind going out on a date with you fel* lows but I expect to get back in one piece instead of in pieces, so could you tell your friend not to drive so fast?" I told Milo. although of course he had heard her say it too, but that was just his way of driving. Nothing you said made any difference, as when a car got in front he put his foot down on the accelerator out of habit. By thia time it didn't matter, as we wert already at the place he was going, which was run by a Greek. The way Greeks stick together at a caution. To Be Continued) Political Announcement The Courier News is authorized to announce the following candi date for the Runoff Primary Au gust 9. For State Representative Mississippi County Post No. 4 E. C. (Gene) Fleeman H. H. (Buddy) Howard "Young man, I've been giving my deposits to Mr. Brown for 30 years—did he approve of you before he retired? "1 promise you she'll never get near the phone again. KILLER 99% Pure Sodium Chlorate TOO Lb. Drum - 12 WebbCulvert Tiled). Highway 61 at State Line Phone OSbome 3-8414 Authorized Frigidaire Service Household-Commercial and Air Conditioning Adams Appliance Co. Phone 2-2071 FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gean, repairman All work guaranteed ROSE SALES CO 521 S. 21st PAINTING And RE - MODELING Interior and Exterior AH kinds of floor work—Tile, Plastic Tile, Bathroom Tile General Contracting Extra Rooms, Car Ports, Breezeways. For Estimates CaU Deerin*. Mo. 2511 or 4091 LANDRUM, GIBBS and REEVES Braggadocio, Mo. WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co AGENTS FOR BUTLER AND COLUMBIAN GRAIN BINS Byrum Implement Co. 118 E. Main—Phone 3-4404 SO I GATrfEE. I WAN.T TrE X HE HAD A Tl DOKT THfitff HEt> GO E8 LIEUT. ) COME IN, LIEUTENANT. AS LANOON. V VOU WnOLE STQ£Y, D2. FOWE^ /SBTBc WHO NEA2 THE PLACE NCM4 BUT FIRST TELL ME IF HE < LIVED WEAK LiEUT. LAMDOM.. HB WOST CWOGcROUS RS31EMI5 HAS ANY KELA3WES ICSMTSZViLLE, HEM16HTHJDE / 5UT OUT WITH. IS ON THE LOOSE-A POTENTIAL WLLEK/ Jjifji I \M3ULD FEO5A5LY TUCN HIM UM, SAXON!' VEIL CHBOC OC' S'AV_B SAXON WELt NOT EXACTLY JUST DRIVING- MOUNTAINS THIS ALL I'LL HAVE TO VIC ELECT& TO 9WL OUT, 5P1MMINJS TKE T^H-E 5fC?EVVAVS AS HE &D£S SO. OKAV, PUNJCH/SPILL PO 15 THROW THIS _ HE TRIO LJWNOTICED THB CROWD PKTAKEYI& WITH $20,000 WHERE JAELVIW WHT, THEMABOY. THET'RE DOIN YOU BLACK-j ALL R!£HT...FACT HEARTED »IB. THEY NEVER MONSTER •KT 50 VOU EAT NUTKIN BUT COAL.SO WHATCHA DO WITH ALL THOSE ( THEM J_AGE MAIDENSJOJ EEN CARRY1N' < ~

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