The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1937
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, LM7 BLYTHEV!U,ti, (ARK.)' COURIHU NEWS PAGE PIVk CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rato per line for consecutive Inserllons: Due time per line IOC r\\o times per line |ier day ..:08c Three limes i>er lino per day ..06c lix times per lino uer day . ...05c Ifonlli rutc per lino ...eoc Cards of Thanks Me & IOC Minimum charge 5Cc Ails ordered for three or six llme.s and slopped. before oxptin- tlon will be charged for (he num.- U>r of limes the add appeared and Hjuslnient of bill made. All Classified Advertising cojiy iubmlttcd by • persons residing out - ildo of Oie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates rimy • be lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular i.sertions lakes llic one time rate. No responsibility will bo taken for more Umn one-incorrect insertion of ntiy classified ad. Business Directory TEX ACO~G AS n'/tc Gal. Nice Krcsh HKEI,FOOT CRAI'PIE ;iHc and f>l)c COAL Delivered in Blythoville lor ?'1.75 and up. All Coal Guaranteed. , HARRY BAILEY'S At the Slate Line . Phone 5-F-4 it 878. "MODERNIZED COAL Wished. Waxolized. Dust Treated T'our grades: SU.50. 54.00. S5.0D and $5,25 per 1000 pounds. I'iione 100 for a tviul order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. For Sale HOME MADE WINE 40c qt. Mail orders to II. G. Me Hafl'cy, HI. 3, Blylhevllle. Hcnutlful huiul crocheted bedspread. Heavy, extra long. Ideal tuft. Call JO or SliS. •29-ck-C For Rent •I or 5 rooms upstairs. Plenty'ol hct water and llslils fi 115 South Division street. l-pk-8 5 furnished rooms. 2 upslKiTs or 3 downstairs. 914 ji'earn. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Cheap. ItMi 1.4 Ion long wlicc) ' Chevrolet, truck, with high slock rack. IM1I tarpaulin cover, A-l condition. Photic 127, Illylhc- vlllc. O-ck-3 Stream II lie COAL j For Kent—6 room house on !>u- Rtui, $15 per month, 11. c CMmpbell. over Blylhcrlllc Bakery. '29-pfc-2, Uooma adjoin)]);,' tath. For coup)?. Will ^ivc IAVO meals a day. Cull 03(^ 81« Clilcknsuwba. 23-In-tt Furnislicd house on Holly. Call Mrs. s. S. Steinberg ai 084, 12-ck-tf 4 by 2 <(jg ..........$6.00 per C by 4 lump ........ $C.'25 |>er '' ........ . Kin) '1'rantliam ' 'Phone toil |>er ton WALLPAPER New IOTB iwllcrns. Closp iitice ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 ft room modern house, at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. W. Maloiicy, Clark ami Railroad Bis. Standard Reference Books. Com' plete 10 volume set with Loose Leuf Binder. Call 239 or 192. W. ooo Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO PHONE 155 Shoe Repairing Tailors TltADU YOUR Ol.U (jlfl'f IN ~ A NF.W ONfi uKOKr.E i,. MCIR "ni.vthcville's Only Tailor" We Allon- M to S15. On KuUnxid south of Main Ht. Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain In shoe j rcpaii'iri!; h Quality materials &• workmanship. Rubber Heels. 25( u|). Soles 50c up. Dyes. Polishes laces. Any shoes dyed black, 35c Vrec Deliverv Phone 12t H." B. Campbell WauV lo contact 50 mils' interest- cd. I in Increasing tlielr Inuoines and wIllUn; to d(vot«~slx months ibiio • t« • Imrninc liijhlj- jwld pro- fftssion of Beauty Culture. New School to o|«n in BlytjicviUe J»u- uar.v 1st. AViKc for full details to I*stcr Fisher Qlpson, 51S Krcwson Ave., Joncsboro, Ark. New and Used I'lirnlUire- i\t Hock llottoiu Prices. WK II1IV, Klil.l, & TltAKi; Ariau-Morris Furniture Store l>onfl.sli oil is |)rei>jirulioii for •jultocs. Nicely furnished bedrooms. Strom Klrby's Tasteless , CHILL TONIC MlllH VllOIH! 17li Contains More Quinine—More Hen -- -—.. Tbt EeooipBuidtl Ttdlount rot MALARIAL CHILLS and FKVEK SWAMP FEVER-AGUE FEVBK At Ml Kitty Ding gtom BARGAINS^ Nnv & I'scd I'liuiHuiv \\Y Buy & SHI \\.\w. ri'HNTH'iit; CD. i \v. .Muni riiunc IM hcut. Gil W. Main, MEN OI.H AT lOl QET PEP. New Ostrox Tonic Tablels cou- I lain raw oyster Invigoralors and i Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable for warehouse. Will remodel for right party. Phone Mrs, a. s. Stcrnbcrg «t SM before 10 a.m. D-ck-1^-9 aan lalu raw °>siw mvigoralors antt ktr °" lcr s «"iula»ls. One dose starts " cu ' I 16 ' 1 - Vn l'"i tl-IM. Special jirlco 2 or 3 furnished apartments rea sonable. 914 Hearu St. Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 \v Alain. Phuiie 806-W. 23-ck-tf Room and Board Sooin and board or meafs7~m6 W. Ash. Sirs. li. P. Lqvvcr.v. ' Rep airing fiiin repjiirs. Guaranteed .work. E M. Diunon, 310 E. Main. 89c. call, witc Klrby Bros. Drug Store. Announcement LAMP PAR'IS «EN 25* HINK BURKK limy. CO. We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 10(1 t'hickuavba Phone £71 Modern Beauty Shop Moved from Gleni'oc Hold to 1215 W. Main. I'honc 249. Batteries Lost I ttaci; mare mule. WolghlTiVboul 1050 Jbs. Graj' face. Had on bridle and piece of rein. Lost in Big Lake bottom. M. L. Hawkins Hdlf Moon or call 26 in Blvthe- vtlle. ALLEY OOP BATTER* SERVICE J. Ben dune ifhone a at Totn Jactooa't AUTO (iLASS ' Uxju-rl \Vurl<niaiishi|) Wo Deliver - Hlyllicvilk 1 1'itinl & Wallpaper C'o. We Cul & liislnll ''H" 11 ' *«o ill a. Sn-onv CHOI' KUEY. Murk's Italinmwl IIOM lo tlii'uler, Jolnir, Ai-k, ItOWN CO I'UICKH AGAIN! I'OK A KKAI. HMV, SKUJ I'lllM.ll'S USKI) CAKS TODAY :u ivrd v-s 'Muioi- 5-isij.nii ::7 KtudelmkiT l)i''\c (.'wiijic SOi!MI« .'Ilj l-'crd Tmldc 'ti 1'i'fil Y-K Tlliloi- :d <'lirvrtilt'l 1'iai'h M Chrvruli'l rear! ::r. ivr,) v-x Tuitm- r, Chcvnilrl 1-V.nlor Urilun $195.00 UV llavr Miliiy Mnr ( - to SclMl Vrriii. \S'c II.ii'c Curs l-'rcm S'H.l iiiul lip. (.'mm- hy, \Vc 'IViulc. Pliiilips Used Car |3l!i A- \V;il«ul i llcy Calvin, Me I'lioin- SKI I (Mi- Ih'Ul. Used Trucks & Gars U«i; Cliev, 'Hire 1KW 1'... Ion Pickup. Guild .{ Clu'v. ISj" lu w. U. Klake burty A-l condition ...... 'VJ'M Intrrnnlioiml Picltup 1031 Cliev. 155" W. 11. 1'hilfciHi Ijociy. i;o::{l (Ires ................ Sl7a Al.l, TRUCKS GU'AHANTKKU TO'I'ASS STATE 1NSPEUT1ON PHONE 1. I RlCI'l COAL! ALL (JHAULS IIKV KlM)l,IN(i TODflY'S MOST a\ MODERn n America's 1" Modernistic Prepar.itian Plant & Fender, 'Come 'in ind Bt« Ui , . I.«e Motor Sake, Inc. Prtttone Htaicn FOR ANY; KINI> OK HIGH GRADE COAL CALL K. ¥. KHY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. SKK OUR 'WIDE StiUlC TION'OF GOOD TRUCKS * CARS RK\ : I)Y KOR (iOOD .SKHVIC't Clir.i'iolcl (rwk 157": Static Wdv .......... . . . i'tK.W |.V,r,l y-8 m<(. W.B'^New ruolcr.., Bocd Ores ..... ...ij'J/ii •36 (i.lH.C. I31JJ-- , iv, p. ex , rttttnl coiidllloii. Arti. .11 ' ' ' . r Easy to F.i ExcoctiiriElyEcoiioniic.'.l QAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 ... , '•'>'« <'l'cv. nlek-ji|t. A nood buy «:(J ';ti! Kuril v-K luck-up. Ark... Vim may use imr famous U. C. C. raympiil Pl»h. Vour prw- cir will jirobatly make the 8*i c or call BERNARD GOOCH Phillips Motor Co. Phone Hit) or Hll Birds For Sal 1 January..1st, Cooper lildg., Blylhe- Piill ! .'gro\Hr' : can»iT -singers.'iJS.QOj.ville. Write Ix'.ster Fisher Gipso.o, •pair. Mrs. J. - E. McPall, Plmut. [.[»-, Krwvsmi Avc., Joncsboro, Ar)c., •Jli9.-.. .::ii ,r-.;.. _•»• ''.for..f»lll. details.:. Washing Wnshins. quick and satlslaclory. ( or Wnnkcts $1.00. Delta Implements, Inc. Lse Motor Sales, washer. T wash curtains. See Willy YA CAN'T KtSK IOOK,OOOLA-WE WEREN'T SO DUMB WE aOT HfM ., WOKKI FOU US' LISSEN, GuVS- THERE'S BEEN A LOT OF ASITAT(ON ,ABOUTHAVtN' OL' KIN& SUZ NOW.6ET THI5,VOU MUSS-OUR GOOD QUEEN UMP/X-SM? Mf)8 A.ND AS C/^FTAIW OF TH' QUEEN'S 6UARD-rtL LltK AMVBODV WHO WANTS TO ARGUE' Fifiy i!Iris to enroll now for Stale A|:|irm'i'd Beauty School .to oper v,v;o- «u t/ , COPB: 183;avMEXsfeirVicE.INC T M REG u 5,p*T OFT . BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WK1.TW&6 IHE .Sfe^bto v-tneia I'VJE H*ol FROM 6OV lAW,!;. VWWT B'FORt ^A SEt Give Her a USED CAR Ottcn women do nuL -.vant to put bis money In ;i nrw rsir. wlii-n hi :i USED. CAR they gel. power. ."Ivln :inil couifcrt. Cur carr, plciwe the mast, ra- ncliug. Tcnus. 937 BVMf*StaVI^E INC. T. M. HEP, U.S. PHT.Off. IVASR TUBBS THE UJNJBER R^f r PROCEEDS TO MA.NAOS. SQUAD- ' KCWOF BU2ZARP5, ORCLIN& UlU-V ABOVE THE JUM&LE ARE MUTE EVIP&MCE THKT JESSE WATTS VILLAINY IS AT AN E^ 1 P BREEZE KELTOM'5 TROUBLES AKE OVEt?/ HC7LV GEE WHIZ! AM I HAPPV.' DOM'T ASK . I AM 6OING TO DO WITH A FUIS COAT IM THE , BUT AA^.DREAM'S COME TRUE, TOR VOUK LUM&ER.MlSS, 1 6BEF A CHECK FOR S36,OOO.' Kadjo. licjitrr. Jtnv ugi 1 . Clc;ui in fvcry.. \viiy. llntlio ,t irc.-ili-r, C'le.i iusldc and out. TJ Tiati!Ari,,\N|.: 'l'«urfii(f SXhlll In new c;ir cuiullllon. Ask for » demonstration. <.!nixl in npjjcnrancc licrloriunncc. Gcocl rubber. Firsl claw mechanically, .$225 Tlloroughly rccoiidit loncJ. FRECKL&S AND HIS FRIENDS SEARCH ME.!THEY HOLD BOYS.V/E'LL HAVE ID GOSH, I CAWT MOT SHOWIWC3 UP At A POOT- HERE .' AND V/HATS -MOPE , f WHAT 'S TT^E We also^havc a scleclion of ]i)a,S t» 1 !>:!.'! nindcl Ji'ords iind Chcvrolcls, some iind winic litul, priced fnmi S15 to S1!I5. THIS VEAR IW HOWOP OF MOST VALUABLE ,AWD THIS YETAR we WAS THE CUP HERE UMTIU FRECKLES COMES TO CLAIM, BALL BANQUET ! WHAT AMD I'LL .'TELL. "TtMJ WHAT TO FBEO rr.f IT f .wrrn HIM WOT HERE; <• DISPEMSE wn>i < Lai US (Jarc for YOU It Ca SPEECHES.. .SD GO AHETAb WfTH YOUR EATIKIQ .' Joyner-Babcock

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