The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1933
Page 5
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MON'DAY, NOVEMBER 13, 19S3 = - — BU'THEVII.LB, (ARK.) COUKIKR HEWS PAGE NVfc CLASSI f I m sWants CLASSIFIED ADVEimSING llNFORMATION Daily ra.te IHT line ror consccu- ii\<? Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One lime per lino 10c Two times pr line per day .. OEc 1 nrcc tiniL's per linn per clay .. Olie. Eiix limes per line per day .... C5c Month rate per line COc Minimum clinrse 50o Ads ordered for three or and stopped before c>:p!ra- lion will be charger, lor the num- |:cr of times Ire ad appeared and adjustment or bill made. All Classified Advertising copy mil-mittcd by persons residing out- cids ol the city must be accom- limied by cash. Rates may be racily computed from above table No resiKuisi'iilily will be lakei lor more Hum one incorrect hi scition of anv classified ad. Advertising entered for irregu tar insertions take the one tun i ate. Phone 306 or 307 MIOSE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal Is Hlack Uul \\v Treat Von While" 9c kll-O See E. A. Kisher licfore UuyiiiB Good Coal. A: Wholesale Out of Car On Track lieUcen Ash it Main 7c kia- 100 Plioncs 123 No Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SA11AKA COAL "Hot As the Ucscrt Sands" E C. ROBINSON LUM13KK CO. 30s kll-M \V'e are exclusive ajenls for orlg- hvil Genuine Aluntevullo Coa and Sipsey, Arkansas Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals, nioiic 477 K. K Frj Wonder City Coal Company FOR SALE DIRT, cheap, ,!5c yard. New Pos Oltice ttiiildln:; on Broadway. lOp 1:1 Potato Chip Factory, fully equip I>.H|. Phone 280 or 83, Miss Bes. Hall. 8ckl AUSTIN COUPE, perfect rnnnti condition. O. M. Morgan, Plion i9a-J. 30c kll-2 BUSINESS DIRECTORY New and I.'seJ Furniture Bough', and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash. 20pk11-20 TWO JERSEY Milk Cows wil first calf. Cail 2! I or •inn.uirc : liiiynes Men's Shop. 7c k 'OR SALE OR TRADE—a'.t year old Jcisey Bull. A. S. Dean, Route I, Box 112. llpkla. EXPERT Typewriting and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- Ciiship. 11G E. Rose. Call 165-.I. aickll-21 Gee Us lor Boiler and General Blacksmith V/crl: by John Wade. Tom Howard'! Machine Shop Gc kll-30 I,. <;. Jlnss IJMIievillc's Cut Hate lOp k 12-lt) Wagon and Truck Cnvcrs made lo order, any size, 9'!"xl2' S4.10 up 0'4"xl5' 53.511 up. Carney Awning Co 113 S. First SI. BIythcville, Ark 23 pic 11-23 (JI.KANEKS. TAILORS for Quality Cleaning i'-'none 180 Bai.ies NuWa Cleaners 12ckll-12 LOST lie per:»on wliu took purse Irum UIU Theater rest room Saturday Imioon, conUinliiE lings and tncy uelonglng to Mrs. W. II. '(•illjrook, «-as steii. If the jmrse returned before the police arc otiflcd no questions ivlll be asked. Farley Profitted by Errors I Wa '' "' ''*<M»in!en<.-o. n; T n '4''i'''' ' w "-<t do lliey uso this place lor? Of Two Presidents ; W!m it M ,,.J mnlKcr \ lK lircs . IIC'iv. iisquireil. Texus was nyliusl AKi'ONTO. ' tUl>)~ jllut UK' piv.sident did net know the. '•'•i 1 Cicsivrul Janic-j A. Fur-' f.ii'ialiuas of the Aliiuin. faAN ley en his rji'cin junket lo Tosiis was c.irelul not to make the niislaki-.s tliat two trayed—One Black horse mule, i ti yrs old., !5Vj hands high Illi- ral reward. Nollfy, Htgltnil .t loan Mule Co., Phone 21U. llcklS did lliu v.hni FurU-y readied here e the simc j hi- :vi|uosiod lo be shown the old Million. He ueni President MrlGn with respect to tin;: l: p y cm' b.'tler by pronouncing Ihe Filly years uso, Mrs. Ell/jilx'lh Ronney lost her wedding ring hi Riishvllle. 1ml.; while working In , „ _ ..., ....... - _.., her unrden on her golden wed- President Coulldao was shown Hint' 1'riMdenl McKiiili'y vlstleil the A!-1 ding duy, she uneiirthed Ihe lost I I'.iif.e eairerllv. \ Lsit lo his nssnssinallon, nounced Hie word vvllh. tlic accent on Ihu weoiul "a." The mayor of S\in 'Aulonln, desiring lo save til" dlnnlly of the President, In thanking him for h!s complhni'iilR. nlso, pronounced the wor<l incorrectly—intentionally, The majority of Swiss people | language,"' Frcucli, runs a poor speak Geiimin; the "Inlcrnntloiml [second. - • THIS CURIOUS WORLD the Alamo, shrine <if Texas' ' At a luncheon Inter, h 1 ^ pro- ring- HILD'S pink brush down town. Return wool to 13pV:17 OUUHOAHiXNG HOliSK BY Ahem PERSONAL Cleaned, repaired. Inspected. I Work guaranteed. W. W. Book- 13p kll-13 er, Call 100. POULTRY & EGOS Pay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid dally. PICK- ARC'S STORE. 1044 CHIC. AVE. o- 100 yds off pavement on North 2p k!2-2 '.(•Hi Street. HEAL ESTATE Come in, list your real estate Sec what ive have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-Wortlnugfon Title Co. Seismograph Companv To Direct Byrd by Radio i TUISA. Okla. (UP)—Daily rii- j reclions from Ti:lsa. oil capital ot ; Ihe nation, will be watted by short wave radio lo the Byrd Antarctic exploration parly as it tests lo determine thickness 'of ice tha'. hlnnkcls the Antarctic conliiicnt. The testing will be druie wilh scisniographic equipment that, records the palhs and deilcclbn of sound 'vaves beneath Ihe surface of the ice when explosives arc di-j- largcd. It will determine whether atcr or solid soil is bsneath the e. The equipment, used in explora- ons for oil in the United States, as developed by a Tulsa firm, ud it Is this firm that will give ic radio directions. The elation is bein^ assembled ow and.will b= ready for u.^ Jim, 'V934; when-tlie Bjtd .partv is ex- ected* to be ieady s 'tp, start, actual V'crj; .in : the-.Antarctic. ljaily"re- s : 'nf° ; progress will be received, 11 tht'mrssngbs being in carte. The 'equipment was devetopcd iy the -Seismograph Service Corp. rjlyfheville Phone 617. 23ckll-23. It Pavs to Look Nice Send Your Woclen Dresses to Unique Cleaning Service Phone 171 20o- kll-M AUTOMOTIVE Day & Ki3'.'-t Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Ally Time Milton Siembcrg phone 605 19c kU-10 c'aif MIT iTcd's rkuc-llX E. Main For Aulo I'ainling Body a-d Tender Service I'uriucrir wit' 1 Shouse-I.itllc Co. 10:kl2-10 AUTOS10BH,KS,_TRUCIiS USE!) CAR SALE COMPARE THESE PRICES THEN COMPARE THE CA1 10H3 Chevrolet Sedan G Wire Wheels ......... $575 IDJ'i Cho.vnilel Sedan, C Wire Wheels ........ 542 031 Pontiac Coupe .......... 530 .030 Chevrolet Coupt ........ S2D |S3.1. Ford Sport Coupe ....... 52-1 932 Ford Tudor ........ .... 5351 'jBi Ueboto Coupe ........... 1531 DoilRC "8" Sedan ....... 1532 Ford Pick Up ........... jQ32 Clicvrolel Truck, IJu Ton, Dual Tire .... S39 20 Other Good Used Cars Wil Trices Cut to the ISotlom. Tor Keller Used Car Values I.AKGKST STOCK. USKO PARTS Between -Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass -Phone C6 JACKSON AliTO PARTS CO. O^V-l'J-9 A"UT~6 Gl-ASS INSTALLED We install ylass in your car while you wait. Call us for bc'.ter service. Phone G33. Sliousc-I.lttle Chevrolet C". 10ckl2-H SHOUSE-MTTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call C33 Blythcvil Ol>en ril Night FOR RENT Peter Topp, foreman of Ihe fish ! latchery in Yoseniile National | Park, trains wildcats for a hobby. | NICE StT OF SIAMESE 5WNERS )/( USEN ( -RNNSPOUT? •'* ANYMORE CR^KS • VOU "BOYS TINE AN tV^AMPLE Of AS 1VE EVER SINCE Tr\t &ET "'EM ABOUT THIS ON KNOCK YOU SO STIFF THEY CAN RUN UP A MAIN SWL. ON " JAKE HOOPLE SAME fV\AN.9-LGOKS UKt SftME TECHNiIQUVI?—-BETTER CAREFUL ABOUT 6O1N& AN AFRICAN' , MONKEY, HAS A COUUIE-UKE 1 BRUSf-t TA/L ff O »U PY MA flfrvKC. MC OUR SEASONS ART ALL OP DIFFERENT LENGIUS: SPSIN& - 92 CAYS 31 HOURS 6'f/MMCQ = 95 " 14 " AUTVMN * 89 •* 10 * '•vwre/a." 89 " I " 11-15 The Uurreza can well l>e called Die most beautiful of all monkeys— II monkeys can bo clns.u?d us beautiful. It lives on the slopes ul Ihe fiiinaiin Kiihuanjiuo moiiiilnln In Africa. The Inns slre:imcr.s of while hnlr on Ihe animal's s!d:s und Inll blend In with Ihe drooping lichens Hint hanj Irom (he [orcst tv»es, thereby rentier- Ill; Ihe denture Inconspicuous, In spite of its unusual color pattern. XK.'CT: HIMV much of the mcnu'c surface can W3 3co? HOOTS AND HER .MMW.KS CAN YOU 15EAT IT? By Martin BUT-•'BUT-- ^Ef»W'. BUT t \_VH% \T —SO \ OtC\DtD "i!o WtM^ r- n r WASHTUHHS EASY TELLS 'EM! By Cran wKfs"MORE,""TMiiG CflliE ISIlV NWIGAB1.6 \{ S:OVCU COM'T. K^ >/.'. \l BOVS! HOLD \ ^OUR GnoUNOf BEC.AU5E THERE'S ft PQCrT O 1 ICE ON IT. NOV. 1 , GET OFF THIb r.LWM MJP liET OPF QUICK 3-Rcoiii Furnished Apaclnicn newly decorated, private bath. Phone 72-W. 9ckU Front Room Apartment,- also un- scuirs apartment, 914 Hearn St. OpSH Call Us When In Need Of Ouaraulccil Jlcrrhaniliie Tircs-Tiatlcrics - UctjIrKcimcnl IMrts IIUUltAKIl HAKDWAKK CO. Automotive Dept. Auln (Hiss All Kinds Installed The Ark-JIu Lumber Co. iflo i: 12-10 • SERVICF, Cn'.l us v:l:cn jou need a w axy and Night Service. Call 633. Crevrolct Cn. I0ckl2-10 Cold ;\ICELY FURNISHED Apartment, lour rooms arid bath. Call L. L. \Vard, phones US8 oi\050. 9c ktl FURNISHED BEDROOMS for rent, men only, 41G Chickasawba. 8pkl5 3R1CK STORE room 2,>xHO. lo- cutrd \Vcit M'llr. Street. Available Jan. 1- Addre&s Courier 6ckl2-6 Llythcville. Nice, lar^e BEDROOM. Close in. 310 IV. Walnut. 13cklf TWO nOOM FURNISHED aparl- nient. 700 W. Walnut. St. 13c-tf <J:-t Your Car in T;mc for \Vc".i;:i:. V.'c : il. Giiaranli-ccl. RL'SnELL AN13ERHOM Do.l^-j & Piyir.oiith Ciarasc I'lione 833. Ctkl'J-G WANTED TO RENT AbTJt 1C* 1 2crc.s nf qoori cotton lan'i TI A. Smith. Plioi-.e 435. at 510 W. Main. 13cktt WANTED HATTRRIKS Il.iltcry S: Radiatnr Service. \V"c ^mran'.cc you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re-j ' x '^ cored. Or:t O'.ir prices en nc-.v and j. IF j ST r rebuilt batteries. Call C33. Shousc-Little Chevrolet Cn. 10ckl2-10 CORN" WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ci:12-3 1'osrnox \YANTED RST r!a-s nesro man COOK rints }0b at ho'.cl or restaurant ! Cail 755. 13pkl6 ! Kcw Ford Batteries Ki-ntal - nccliar-inj; - Kcp.iinn: j.. ^ m Arkanws Truck L!cens -17 TinE A: BA1TERY STAflONj N<1 250137. . Owner may have FOUND 25c l.'innc by coming in to Courier and I paying for ad. 10 kr I'or Healthy Dogs feed Miller's luiion A Quick I.unch HUnUAKD IIAUDWAliE CO. Hckll-ll Sl'OUTlNG GOODS MAI.K WANTED You v.ill fim: a complete line of NEW MOriE!, HICYCLES at Hiil'lurd Hardware Company. 16ckll-16 COAL & WOOD J!!JII,UANT fc KENTUCKY COAT, Quality & Qunnt'.'.y Guaraiiteed BAUTNICK'S COAL YARD M;;ii Wnn'ct' .'o .v/irjiy customer with fEir.oiii Watklns Product i" Biytheulle. liirvness established ^f-^- c f25 w «'-i'y- Ininicdi.ncly. Wrile J. R S 70-92 W. low Avnuie. Xlcmii'ii 1 !. Tcn "- 13 P kl A PERMANENT POSITION Iha vlll r;ay from SIO to 565 wcefcl; jNrinltcmt must have car and fur ivsh rcferenc:"! No selllnj to At Iir.-fslment rc.ii'!rrfl wliieh Is full l-rr-toctrd For Infonna I'-n nr.rt cn--r!i.a5 intcrvlCH- mite . , 3ckl2-3 ' 01 MS and phot'.; number. 13pkl5 ! I MIGHT O «MOWM> 1 YOU WERE M THE 3OTTOM 1 OF THIS, cfBRlEM. NOW, LISTEN TO ME, YOU CLAIM- JUMPER?! THESE STAKES ARE DRIVEN THRU THE ICE, TO THE VERV BOTTOM- GET ME 1 ! VJAL.VES.VJE F1QGE.R VOU AINTOOT MORI6W5 TO 60VD V'JHM'S UNDER ' BECftUSE VOU GOT GTRKES DROVE IMTHE ICE OU TOP OF IT. 8LJ«ES i VJM-, YOU C&NT Siwe HOCLW: -> ISN'T OUR CLWM LCGAL?/ ACROST Pi fJMld-ABLE >^ f AH' IT STftW'S T'REWOM YOUCftM'f DO IT OM MO MAVIfiftBLC KilHHN'C; MOOD! SALESMAN SAM \(>.TsijRs, l ouess l GOT p CCOO OP.SCRtpTlOM -f 'Re MOT IKI CUR ROOUE.S , MCOL) RtzMessyro PICK up fx OP? S OiHo RIFL&O ,-S ft &UM SAV5P A t— V I / USING THK oi; HKAHI HtECKI-liS AMI HIS KHjKNOR /•• fl CAM rnOTRSl I ^ JOCKSUTHERLAKO- VjLbnn rUvJlDnLL' FAMOUSwicox* /.EEP TEAM SPIRIT AM' HARMONY Ui> FCS THE KINGSTON swrcliKmrii * "Ltl tiol cnj Wl br.d kr.o^ « iKy ajhl ta.-.d i!" \Vilb tVs! »s a l'w undeibr.J Itncma- cv < cnli a3 mli of tali! lo fool iXf icfr.-c ir. has myi) cpprti;r.i- lo li> !i;cK A;t\ woix. ;.v] orf « Ka pc' iccornp-,n,i-3 .3 rhc nj\! r. !:n;m;n i! nal;n; -< !:-;a * rr.: J-s of i. ; : r. ' Icll l^nd DO IT MYSELF !-'£ CANJ ME 6HN AM BEAR IT, ABOUT MIB REVERSE RlW IW PRIWGL6 GAME.... ITS 6ETTIMG UMDER FRECKLES . SKIM !! , . :;l;en km up, taw, hr.l oS I'Jjrco. zrvi ' ill? only r!r(c.w tKc O^Ctr.crJ lu! >p" o! p!iHT M lo cVirtl'M ar.H

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