The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1937
Page 4
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THE COURIER ft W. rUSKtB, PublUhw Wverttolnj |Upres«ntatJifesi " «*fcm? {Mies, too, ^ York. Chicago, DC- tjigit, si. lads, 9*Uas K<uwas city, Memphis. "Emy ^ftefnoon Except Sunday filtered 'as second claw outer al the post office at fli)t!«rill< Arkansas, uudcr $ct of October fc 1917. 9ery«d by the United' "" SUBSCRIPTION RATES Bi writer iri~th* Oily of B)ylhevllle, ue^k, or <j5c per monUi 9y raal), *HhV; a radius or 50 RIU.WU j<?r, Hty for $lx months, 7Je for tpr bv mall. |i) postal zones tno to tU. inclusive, $«,&p 1*1; year; in. aoncs seven mid eight ,$W.OO per y.W, payeblc In advance. ycr ner Another /* Illusion Is we. will have to vovis« ideas. H'jpul aviators, if w« arfe lo any h«"c of getting thu horror of \viii, 1 out .pf'.tbc- woi'Ul. K\h|bii A in the case is the byiik Itul \Mitlcn by Vjttorio Mt.Hsoli.tii, the dictator's son who is cuwntly ouo of the. ornaments of an Italian injjf .squadron Writ, x 1 * voting, is '''Iho Hinntp-sseiur tf beauty"; il is " r ni- Jn-'enl spoU|". particularly tli.o bombing Th*H be <(cscnb,<,y .some of hi.-t lmcs during the : 'ivar ji.t. KUiiy- to |yo\e Ids point. -' of # rai<l oil ti (( o(..jwti\e U\.ilv,v he writes: i "\Ve ^tmeil upon tlit'iu unobserved <md jnimedratcly.. dropped our loads of > fxptoMsps I jcmonibcHliat-oiie .'group ( of hoi semen gnve me th,c impression ) al .(, Uldtfwg iase as the bom.b.s fell in > (Iwir nudst 1^ \\ijs exceptionally jjood '» fiui^and the\ were easy to hit iw \ve veie i|ct t»» high tip. They made, a - AIH! a lilUe later he Ascribes the bombing of ,m Ethiopian town called Aih-A(io Incendiary bombs were dumped line, as follows : : "This was swell, ami hml a Iragie but beautiful effect. Our best fun -was frying to hit a large hut, which stood ift the niM^le of the town. I bail to fly, o\?r it tlucc tfoMs, to, make it. The 'third time 1 ; ,an<l--sa\vY it '"ivvg.ji), to buuu Ethiopians leaped out." and'' Co escape. We started eiioiii'lr (ire e*l ^'^' ft takes 4!) sorts to..iflaKu a u-nckl, uf course, atid. this gallaut yoiing hcvo nw.\ be of a dafforeut .stri|>o from or- din^rj miUUi} flyers. But wltat he writes & worth, pondcrnig over, bc- it (ioti, s]io\\- ho,\v an aviator's of 'war e«u ditfYi- f rom (he one gets on the, ground. That budding-rose 'circct, Coi- in- bt^nce, could be seen, only from the air. At giound level, one wo.ukt miss Uu> ^e mifokJnig beauty and. sec only mauglwl Jiwlws, the pain and the the boyish, fun ih ;ll c;vu ' H«d fioiu (vying to drop ;ui in- I 0 m}> iii( 0 .wnie.body'.s -liomo i 1( - ^,-1 O f cmo ' tion lll;ll be exnerrenced by U K - V cople «llo wcic nibidc the home a l l| w t-ww They might feel very ilincrcnUv about the afLvu ' have go t into the luibil «f WAY looking bn avi<i(ori! as dashing and, v«- an(ie warriors. It has been said that (hoy restore the, essence of Ji\\i((htlj' 'chivalry to warfare. Much (ine stuff lias been written about th,eir daring and about the way they have vectored ._adveii(.nre lo war. It. is about time we revised, our ideas. Aviators make war on defense- lews t'ojlk; they kill women and children, bum houses that arc full of non-combalanlK, and liiul "excepHon- a\ly good fun" in dismembering IKIO- (>le 'who can 1 1 hit back.' If there is anything knightly or romantic, about that it is hard t'o think what it can Ije. Mussolini's callou.i jubilance may us eliangu our opinions. dluiony Absurdity II i.s ,-( lillie uil hard to work ui' a vvliwlo lot of sympathy or indiguatwn aver I ho lot of cither party t& :\ di- vurce suit, (he tivubles which arise in divorce Court arc which people bring on Ihvmsvlvc's. Nev- ertiiele.s-s, (he niiiller of aJim.ony doe.'? iwasioiially call for a lilUe stnvight.. forward denouncing. In Connecticut, for instance, a lady is suing foi 1 divorce demands alimony of $1000 a month iicndiug trial of the- suit. Her husband ob.jccts, saying that l.icr incojnc is §<15,000 a year and she docs iuit need the ailmony. She. replies that he is mistaken; last .year her income was a scant WO.OOO. A case lik;e that makes one wonder why we continue to put up with the i.lislitution of alimony at all, except in cuscs whore there are small children lo support. For Ihjs seems to bu tlie nidiictio ad absiinliim of the idea tliat an able-bodied woman is entitled to fat smns from a man simply because she-ouce accorded \\(m the privilege of .supporting, her. The Old Helps Tlw. Nw> U is interesting (,, s --c- how very , } \([ ;oui very new method; ..:!' ycoan travel are joining hands in Can-American Airways' venture in the Pacific. Pan-American, lias reconditioned an "Id four-nnislcd s-cltuonci- to carry supplies (o various island bases. Although equipped with auxiliary Diesel engines, this ship depewls, on the wind for most of her motive i»\ver; her officers thus hark back to old clipper ship days when a ship captain spent much "i" his time studying upper air cur- i-culs and trying to forecast the wea- Uw on which the speed of his voyage depended. Which, in a way, j. s precise!-,- what the pilots of 1'an-AmericanV planes have (o ,t 0 . y);,, l))e oid.jj,,,,,,^^ Uley n»vn to watch the- weather I'ar move closely tlmn do steamship skippers; and it is swiiohotv lilting tluil Pan- American should lie lining j U1 O i t |. lime wincljaiiniier, whiclv follows Uic scum: rules, !ls ;lu iuw ^ ry Slll . f . vco sinp. ticini In UK- psychologiciil mafcc-np of u- average wumai, ;„ „ SF11SO 0( lnstcurlly _ Dl . rpli T. Casey, psychologist. By WilUam? JLYTHEVILLB. (ARfc) , DECEMBER 1, CAST OK fllAIIACTKHJj "No one around he/e (ikes poiworn—i just like to pop il THIS CURIOUS WORLD % William Ferguson DOM'T PON'T 6 IT WELL, I'LL GET A GARBAGE CAM TO . t GOT A PAPER UNPER.MV TQ KEEP TH 1 CRUMBS GITTIKJ' HAVE BEE/sl REPORTED IN ALL OF THE THE EXTRA ONE. WHICH IS CALLED A MEMBRANE, CAN BS. CRAWM OVER, "THOUGH THE LtDS ARE OPEN.. .AS-SHOWN ON THE BIRD t ABOVE. IN THE. HAWAIIAN ' ISLANDS, THE THAN 1 THE. TIAAE THAT ZONE, of a bird are much like our own. C x. the lower one lo close the eve \vhilo m use the upper cue. The. third lid. the mctita.thvj membrane is ui- others and mores across tlje eye from side to sule' j ^ cw "''« t".e planet, Neptune discovered? JNocillo KCIIIOVW I5x<:cifs but .Prw.css Dcnijuuls Much Hair Tills, is, the- ninth ;uid concliiil- I»B article of a s,erie,s in Ur. Fferjbcin discu.sfics Ihe Us ullmcnUi i\iKl Us cure. !N«. 38S) HY I)U. MUKK1K I'llitut, .loiirn.i! nf (hr .Amcrirtn Mr elicit I As?nei:ttioii. nuil O r H.VRCin. Ilic. llcallli Mapu.iHr. TUcrc are many methods tor ue- Mi'".vins or riffle-ailing e.xce.w hair. ol tlie most commonly vec- nomlM methods Is the , ri . oV Mir electric needle. Here, however' "Ijliemc ts required as well as The pain Is Anally ]j s i,t ln u-l. the doctor is likely io \x- ra . " :u ',jl."l lons bcrwc "* wi'i'xv In this prccrss. the necdtr <•,„•_ Ihe current is inse., f( i imo ( he. 1ii,lv folhclc inul a weak - tr.c ciiiTMU Is tiin,c<l on lor" a' trier lime. This ,, vovk r *! cxHrtirnco bi-forc It, ran ; x , limc ; ixopcrly. Seldom is it ^V, ° reujpvc nmrc Until 10 i-, [, , r , ir - m ••> Muglc .stttin s . ''^"j applied and utter it has hardened Dinled ofi-iiio I'.ai,. cQinine with It. This tloc.s nol, iicriiiiincntlv IT- movc avctaue luiir alUiou-ai 'tcta- sioitally very ['me hair m-.iy" he permanently removed l)y this method. Milir may also be nibbed ,,11 With, punilrc Mono and it , lla y r*. rriitcrc:! with rtiipilulorir* v . : liieh dissolve llir IK,i,-. N 0 ii c of these however, uiiacks Uie hair roots' Sometimes U H - depilatories arc POi.S01>OIIS. Most modern method is Ihe lisp .of the rarely rawr, which iu moil usances produces a .successful •rcsitll each lime if properly '•m- pjoycd. ' Before any one attempts a n v! radical inMlwl fur ,, 10 ,. C11 , QV .,, O ' r Uu-ec innomil.s o( hair, a ulivsi-} emu flimiM certainly he consulted .V (o the Pi'sfibje. dangers to the skin from repeated irritation. Siicji Irritdlloii is particularly dangerous when tt involves pigmented areas or niolcb. i'o.\!;'v r 'i'i'"i: <;n<i_Indian- Mfmlitr <if llurr;'. party. i.i"l"r;y.;'";ui:ir7 I ' l ' <11 '" lwl ' m ' * * * * it V"' 0 " 1 "?' Mxtlat: talltt ta ivln with «"",' "JJ',/^'"'"*"'^* fcl"> party fnevn u ue\v cuiupilvuUon. CHAPTER X jyjARY MELISSA liad already Sonq horseback riding. And l>olh Hollimon and Hades Jones wore away, Dob knew. Bob hastened back lo the camp tents and called Honey Bee. , " Wc will go alone," he tolc) her. Miss Lane is oft somewhere If you're right,'there'll be plenty of time for all of us lo see it." This perhaps was a stroke ol luck ror Dr. Robert Wilson Barry, even though ho never realized it. Mis first thouglH to take Mary Melissa with them had so hurt and infuriated the Indian girl lhat sho might liavc none anything. She might have frozen up, in stolid Indian fashion, and never revealed any secret she^ltuew about Defiance Castle. But the red maiden was so infatuated, so thoroughly smitten by t«e unconscious charm of her employer, that she forgave him when he couldn't find Melissa. After all she would go up with him alone! I am rcaciy, Bawb," she said simply. He made her climb the ladders ahead of him. He held her arm frequently, showing her the gal- JanV courtesy which, any refined white American man would sho.w nny woman. But they were courtesies which no one had ever shown Honey Bee. Bob's manner caused her whole being to tingle. He steadied the ladders at the bollom, while she climbed up. Then he would quickly follow and hold the next ladder. She climbed nimbly. They reached !)x> rock- lip of the great cliff mouth in very fcw minutes. • "Now!" breathed Bob, slill excited "Where, Honey Bee?" She smiled and led him through a low door of the castle,' through two dim rooms into a larger This latter must have been a elan leader's or chieftain's place. She pointed low on a wall. gCRAPED there was the design of two rectangles, or "Ion"," >vith other odd mark- *Mgs, and with a long' triangle around il all. The triangle pointed 'This points, 1 lliink, is tu,* lop of big crscks in the? back wad,' said Honey Bee. "gack in tliee rock, if has been fllied up But thee door will be there." They hastened out to look, She pointed to a sort of natural triangle, head, high or more, jii the strata of the cliff rock'itself. Sure enough, Bob perceived, the rock within the triangio was irregular, not a part of the natural deposit. This had been a fault in the side of the mountain, a naturaj if small extension of the cave, anc il Had been filled in, probably 'by man. • Bob began working feverishly. Ho had carried his sh,ort-haadled miners pick strapped to his belt, and they had left more tools up here the day before. .He swung at the rock in the triangle, a heavy blow w;ith the pick point. Nothing happened. He swung at the rock again and again, eventually loosening one rock as big as his head. He removed it, but others were behind.. He slaved, like a rnad man, sweating and panting, for nearly an hour, while Honey B«c looked on. Then all at once his pick point drove through, and; black spncc greeted him beyond. "Ee-yow!" ho shrieked. "We've got it, Honey Bee! Got something at any rale." Half an hour later the hole was big enough for them to crawl through. He led the way and—as unconsciously as he would'extend his hand for that of a little child —he caught Honey Bee's fingers and escorted, her inside the dungeon-like ' place'. She said nothing. "I'm ci;a?y," he. suddenly announced. "In the 'excitement below I forgot to bring a flashlight. But I have a few matches." TIE struck them, one at a time surveying the dark inner room as best he could. It appeared at first to be a tunnel mouth. Then a weird object on a rock ledge caught his attention. 'Unh-unh!" he grunted, in disappointment, inspecting the find. "Aw-aw, Honey Bee, I'm afraid this place isn't what we hoped it was. Look here." She went over to him. There before; them was the prone body of, a hvman beingy in a wait niche, shrunken and. apparently petrified with drouth and, time, but man body nevertheless. . , • . •' "Honey Bee, I'm afraid we have just opened a tomb. Think.for, a moment—this is. pn tile southwest corner of the. main cave;/ TKc I mountain, behind here is solid, for over, a mile, r^aybe tivo miles. See? U. couldn't b,e a stairway, or exit. I might have reasoned thai put myself, before coming'. I "get excited too easUyl" ' He led the way tiack out of: the darkness, and then, he saw Honey Bee's face. It was a study in disappointment. Instantly Bob was contrite. He had injured her feelings, when s^e ha^ tried loyally, to aid the expedition. He put his arm. around her shoulders s^d patted her, The Invars *re a, sensitive people, tor Wl theiv stoUdity, he Wd himself. 1 I'm sorry, Honey Bee.. J didfl't mean to appear ungrateful. ' Thte is important a^ a tomb, even 'it u isn't an entrance. You are swell, really. You've helped more th^.n anyone else so far. Don't think I won't remember it" " « * « JJE moved aw^y from her, tfio * better to survey the wq)led triangle through which he had dug n hole. Heavy s.tones had been fitted together there with remarkable skill, with no morta.r but by carc-ftS chimXing and placing, It made a strong wall, and a deceptive one. Virtually all of the ancients, Bob knew, liked to keep their dead as near as possible to them, often in ihe very walls oi-,flooi> of the home itself. In such a place as this cliff dwelling, maybe they, had just set aside this anteroom as a tomb..It would surely bear careful investigation. ' . .-' "Don't feel disappointed, H,pney 3ee," he begged, again! "it's" very importaAil,. really. 'Vfe'li come back and look Srrto it thoroughly." He walked again to. the hole ' ic had cut, and leaned for a mo-'' ment on the rock there, staring, nto the deep darkness, speculal- ing as to the best melljod "of procedure. "Sa-a-a-ay!" he suddenly ex. claimed. He leaned inward, sniffing. Ho turned his head tliis way and that Quickly he struck a match and leid the flame there in the operr- ng. It flickered* and leaned outward. The smoke twisted toward * he main castle masonry, and dis-. appeared outside- "Ch-ristmas!" Bob was excited again, tike Ihe boy he was. There's a draft here, a heavy pull of air, Honey Bee. Maybe s'is an entrance tunnel-after all!" , .. , • . He turned to the girl, his face inining with elation. (To Bo Continued); OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople I'VE PRACTICED MY VlOLiw UESSOM T"O^ "MALP AKJ \'% HOUR/ COM&OW ' }%. AWD PO-THAT ski JUMP OFF- TM' WOODSHED- "ROOP ANJP SHOW ME /•/;;$ HOW YOU MAD^ ^ TM' LQM^E.ST JUMP CM RECQHP BETrORE TH' KINO OP WORWAY, LIKE YOU SAU? YOU WOULD/ A TRAGIC,. lWCit?EWr HAt> SLtPPSC* MY MEMORY WHEM x MADE "' THAT PRQ.MI,SE-~_^PF-O/APF? TW^jSUMMEP, AFTER /V\Y F?E£O)^C>. , ~ ' ' SKI OUMP I •WREWCWEt "MY BA^CK WMILE cSMMS A PIVJWG IW ATLANTIC CITY.' " •A M'AM^E'BTHAVL _ ..,_,„, BEEW ABLE TO PERFORM. UPONJ t LATeK ugARWEp THAT 'A "' 3EALOUS RIVAL, WAT? SAWEI7 THE. BOA^P- PART WAV I TWO f & HE CAW "STILL. SQUIRM OUT OP TICiHT PLACES - f . Will! from 1S.OOO to lii.Offfl I -,j r i in B l)c,-ir«l. ami nti,v.vl,orr ' v 'W l« HW, on an ui> rf , m, uudcislood how removal ol' | r Teeth Considered Key To Chin's Development bccmiic or (U,., f iU -t VT I'ioiW inctlKXir, luiv r ',," »"«»lrtc,l t'or „ while t!,. r l!'r X-rity w ; , s C!!) , !uK , ' - ' ._i u , who Would be bcaullim sliwiltl piy more visits to the dentist and Jc^s lo the beauty parlor, accord'"8 t" Dr. Edward it. straysr, ' » buf now Tl'c use of a stiff «ax i, somc . , attempted-the Wllx ^j Tie contour of the face, thcjcontinue Kicv.lii of the jaws. Hie ovfv- growlh of the chin, or the lack ol chin, dcpcnte on the. way leevh men each other and work together,'' he explained. "II n onson wants- lovely lips., a v.xll-t!eve!c|icd au;l contoured] (fee. t!icn the teeth musl receive; , Bimvth and devclopineiil may the dcnlwl school's 75th aniiivc,-- wry. Dr. streyer niso is chairman of i '('lie fau r' flv has wines for uu. ic tommitlec on celebration of'dcr-wftUr 1 "--- gM M F.LKCTRIC & ACETT1ENB ELDIKG AT BT.ST PRICES PKOJjfTT Bark^dale Mfg. Co. PSONE 19 'AVc Succiali/c ] n £ PRESCRIPTIONS *•' Phone UI FOWLER DRUG STORE, - SAVE MONEY (in tIStB Tinti K. M. LARK1N 103, Have You Had TH WINTER CHECK-UP? If Nol OoiCl your car. See Us For ftottone & Correct Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'd III ,Vc Walnut

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