The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on December 24, 1975 · 14
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 14

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1975
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hp iii iiiriMBwrTiir-nti'1fr"i"rJ (Eij i0ntgrimfrg Airorrttafr WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1975 PAGE 14 1BG to C ipaDimr Fetare Clock By RON BAREFIELD Assistant Sports Editor Blue-Gray president Association Bill Chandler stated Tuesday that in 1976 the association, not television, will be in control of the clock for the Blue-Gray Classic all-star football game. and understanding that works towards building a better world. "Funds from the Blue-Gray game make possible camps for 300 boys and girls who could not financially afford to go to camp otherwise. It provides memberships in the "Y", Little League baseball and other activities that make our city and our state a better place to live. "The tradition of 38 years is important and the Blue-Gray Association will strive towards enhancing this tradition in the years that lie ahead." BILL CHANDLER nt1 W Mil J-v Wh W;4' r . -i r "7 'T-l ' in Lynnea Sjoquist (Standing Center) Is The Tallest Red Head Others Are (Left to Right) Cretchen Pinz, Rosie Waters, and Sue Branham Ma 73 m Coach Said in -FiOi wu n ut How Vs. Red Heads? EUFAULA-George Plimpton, beware. Well, not really. While here for a long weekend, I jumped at an opportunity to play a George Plimpton role with the Eufaula All-Stars against the All American Red Heads, a team composed of female people. Plimpton would have loved it, but I would have rather faced the Detroit Lions. Before I get into the game, it should be noted that the game was played at The Lakeside School gym which is the home of the Lakeside Chiefs who defeated the Crenshaw Christian Cougars Saturday night to break their 45 game winning streak. It should be noted because I plan to go back for Christmas and the game didn't get over soon enough to make Sunday morning's Advertiser. Now, back to the game. The score wasn't important, so I won't mention it. The Red Heads are a group of six redheads (naturally) who travel for seven months of the year and play 200 basketball games against male competition. But they do have certain rules which help them out against the male chauvinist cagers. One special rule gave us a particular problem. Coach Robert Bennett told us we had to play a man-to-man defense. It took us two quarters to figure that one out. Finally, we started playing a man-to-ms. defense. It was a little late. Before getting into the game in which the score wasn't important, let me tell you a little about the All-Stars. Before the "contest" a free throw shooting contest was staged among the male chauvinist cagers. Ricky Ward, who prepped at Georgetown and played college ball at Columbus College, won it. He hit 25 for 25 which isn't too- bad. Eufaula High School coach Butch Stafford hit 23 for 25 but came in second. Stafford, who was a small college A-A at Livingston, took the game scoring honors with 36 points. "Hotdog" as he was caiieu oy Kosie Waters, the clown princess ot basketball, put on quite a show. He has perfected one shot where he drives for the bucket, bounces the ball off the backboard, grabs it in midair and puts it in the hoop. He was so impressive the Red Heads wanted to sign him up. But Hotdog wouldn't dye his hair. (There might have been one other reason. I Waters led the Red Heads. She hit for her three-year average, 31 points. Lynnea Sjoqufst, a 6-2 center, hit for 23. That makes 54 points. Add up Stafford's 36, Ward's 10 and Lakeside cage coach Wendall Barr's 11 and you get 57. That wasn't the final score, but it's not important. Waters played the Meadowlark Lemon role. And, she had one very annoying characteristic. She liked the nickname Pillsbury, a takeoff on the chubby Pillsbury dough boy. Coach Jerry Pugh got tabbed Pillsbury I, but I won't tell which Montgomery sportswriter got tabbed Pillsbury II. Getting back to the game which didn't have an important score. Some special rules were very evident in the game. There were no fast breaks, little contact (except for the elbow Pillsbury II got in the mouth), three seconds in jf 1 Si f- 1 J jJ. r i Assistant Sports Editor the lane was not called and illegal picks were legal. And, there was no pinching allowed. We had to play by their rules, but, that's a fact of life. "Basketball is a non-contact sport," explained Sjoquist. "Things get physical out there at times, but we have to depend on the refs to keep things under control. The men get tired of having the officials call fouls on them. But we have found that we don't have any problems with quality players who know the game." The Red Heads are not women's libbers. "Definitely not," answered Waters. "We wouldn't think of competing with a man for a job on the court. We just like to play basketball. We play seven nights a week and hate it when we have a night off." The natural question to ask and the question most asked the Red Heads is: How W many of you are natural red heads? "Only our hairdresser knows for sure." they answered in unison. Back to the game with the unimportant score. For a team to beat the Red Heads playing by their rules, it would have to hit 80 percent of its shots. With Sjoquist setting picks in the middle of the lane, the rest of the team can shoot layups all game long. The Red Heads jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead and had the All-Stars chasing them all night. Better make that until the end of the game. It was 21-18 at the end of the first period, Red Heads favor. Pillsbury II made his appearance in the second quarter. He was 0 for 3 from the floor and had one lost ball. He also made two passes' and neither were successful. Not yet anyway. It was 41-34 at the half and and the final score, in case you're interested in trival things, was 89-74, Red Heads. There are three Red Head teams traveling in the U.S. and they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. "All of the girls are single," Waters said. "The average length of time a girl spends with the Red Heads is three or four years. Four of the girls on our team are in their first year We work hard for seven months, but we get five months vacation. Most girls that join up just see us play in their hometowns and ask for a tryout." To be honest, in a game in which regulation rules were used, the Eufaula All-Stars would be a 35-point favorite. But, then again, if we held a Pillsbury bake-off they'd be favored by at least two cakes and a pie. Hear that Pillsbury I? Kentucky State Remains Atop Poll By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Kentucky State, Alcorn and Grand Canyon continued to lead the weekly Associated Press college division basketball poll, but there was a general reshuffling of the other teams in the Top lc, with Randolph-Macon dropped and Nebraska-Omaha ' jded. . Kentucky State remained No. 1 after stretching its record to 5-0 with victories over Tougaloo and Coppin State. The Tho-robreds collected 21 first-place votes and 312 of a possible 350 points in as poll of a nationwide panel of sports writers and sports broadcasters released Tuesday. Alcorn, 7-0 after three victories for the week ended Saturday, received one No. 1 vote and 271 points. The Braves beat Tougaloo, Biscayne and Delta State. Grand Canyon, 10-0 after triumphs over Western State and Mesa State, had seven first-place votes and 243 points. St. Mary's of Texas, 8-1, edged Tennessee-Chattanooga, 6-1, for fourth place. St. Mary's, idle last week, moved up a notch while Chattanooga slipped into fifth after a 2-1 week, the loss being to Armstrong State. Each had two No. 1 votes, but St. Mary's had 176 points to 171 for Tennessee-Chattanooga. Gardner-Webb, 10-2, moved up to sixth place from seventh after beating Belmont Abbey, Johnson C. Smith and Lenoir Rhyne, and Tennessee State, 60, vaulted into No. 7 after beating Northern Kentucky. The Tigers were 12th a week ago. Gannon moved up one notch to No. 8 despite its first loss of the season, to Duquesne, a major school, for a 6-1 record. Old Dominion, meanwhile, dropped to ninth from sixth. The Mon-archs, good for one No. 1 vote, are 3-4 after a loss to Nevada-Las Vegas. Jackson State, 4-2 after a loss to Carolina A&T, also slipped in the ratings, to 10th from eighth. Mizlou Television Network was in control of the clock for the 1975 Blue-Gray Classic. In that game, the first quarter was shortened to 12 minutes and the clock was slowed in the final minutes as the Blues drove to the winning touchdowns. "The Blue & Gray Association regrets the incident and we have taken an affirmative action to assure the correct clock operation in the future," Chandler said. "Our contract for the 1976 game will give control of . the operation of the clock to the Blue & Gray Association." Chandler also expressed appreciation to those who helped make the 38th annual classic a success. "Although we do not have a report on our profits, we are optimistic that they will exceed last year's." he said. "The funds from the Blue-Gray game make it possible for the Montgomery Lions Club to serve more "than 400 people each year who are in need of eye care: and, through the Alabama Sight and the Alabama Lions Eye Clinic, we are able to give operations an!! cornea transplants. "The funds from the Blue-Gray game make possible the Montgomery Lions Club International Youth Camp which brings together youth from more than 20 countries and 18 different states for an experience in human living Tide th; Auburn Drops from Poll AP Top Twenty Here are the Top Twenty teams in Tne Associated Press college DasKetoatl poll w tn tirst-pface votes In parentheses, season recoras through Sunaav and total points Pom's cased on 20-IB-H-14 I2-10-9-8 7 4 5-4-3-2-1 : 1 Ina anfl (60) 2 varviand (2) 3. North Cflrol:na 4 UCLA 5 Notre Darne 6 Cincinnati 7. Marquette B AiaDama 6-0 9. Nortn Carolina St, 10. Tennessee n. Louisville 12. Nevada-Las vegas 13. Washington 14. San Francisco 15. Rutgers '6. Mtcnigan 17. St. John s, N. Y. 18. Kentucky 19. Centenary tie) Minnesota 5-0 6- 0 60 5-0 5-1 5 1 7- 0 i-1 5- 0 6- 1 5-1 8- 0 7- 0 7-1 7-0 5-1 7-0 4-3 71 27 1 236 1 086 882 709 667 551 544 499 393 290 257 231 224 195 185 116 97 2 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Marquette plunged to seventh place from third in the weekly Associated Press major college basketball poll while North Carolina and UCLA moved up to challenge top-ranked Indiana and No. 2 Maryland. Marquette beat Wisconsin and Northwestern last week, but a loss to Minnesota knocked the Warriors out of the top five. North Carolina moved up to third from fourth after whipping Tennessee State, and defending champion UCLA was boosted to fourth from sixth after its third straight victory-over Seattle following a season-opening loss to Indiana. Indiana, meanwhile, ran its record to 6-0 with triumphs over Kentucky, Georgia and Virginia Tech. Maryland, also 6-0, strengthened its hold on the runner-up spot with a convincing victory over Fordham. The Hoosiers, No. 1 since the pre-season, received 60 of 62 first-place votes cast by a nationwide panel of sports writers and sports broadcasters Tuesday for 1,236 of a possible 1,240 points. The Terrapins received the other two first-place votes and 1,086 points. The margin between the two teams last week was 1.198 to 1,016. North Carolina, 5-0, received 882 points and UCLA, 4-1, received 709. Notre Dame, resting on its 5-1 record last week, remained fifth with 667 points. Cincinnati 7-0, rose to sixth place from seventh, followed by 5-1 Marquette, 6-0 Alabama, 5-0 North Carolina State and 6-1 Tennessee. Alabama, which beat Pittsburgh and Florida State, and North Carolina State, victor over East Tennessee State, held on to the No. 8 and No. 9 spots, but Tennessee moved up to 10th from 11th after victories over Army and Clem-son. Louisville, 10th last week, slipped to 11th despite two victories. Behind Louisville in the second 10 are 7-0 Nevada-Las Vegas, 7-0 Washington, 7-1 San Francisco, 7-0 Rutgers, 5-1 Michigan, 7-0 St. John's, N.Y., and 4-3 Kentucky. Centenary, 7-1, and Minnesota, 5-0, tied for 19th place. Kentucky, 20th last weeK, moved up to 18tn despite tossing one of three games during the week, but 4-1 Auburn and 6-1 Arizona State were not so lucky. Auburn, which was No. 17 and Arizona State, No. 19, both lost and dropped from the rankings. Buffalo T NFL By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Buffalo missed the playoffs but won some National Football League titles, anyway. The Bills led the league in total offense with 5,467 yards, and thanks mostly to O.J. Simpson led in rushing with 2,974 yards. Cincinnati, bound for the American Conference playoffs against Oakland, is second in total offense with 5,060 yards and is No. 1 in passing with 3,-241. according to final season statistics released Tuesday. Dallas, in the National Conference playoffs against Minnesota, is third in total offense with 5.025, followed by Oakland with 4.964. Minnesota and St. Louis, going against Los Angeles in the other NFC playoff, are tied for fifth with 4.955. Pittsburgh, which takes on Baltimore in the other AFC playoff, is seventh with 4,887. Washington is eighth with 4,669, followed bv Los Angeles with 4,566. Broncos Express Interest in Plunkett DENVER (AP) - The Denver Broncos have expressed interest in obtaining New England quarterback Jim Plunkett, Broncos Coach John Ralston said Monday night. "I expect we'll be talking a good deal with Patriots Coach Chuck Fairbanks during the offseason about a possible trade," Ralston said. Plunkett, a five-year pro who was injured during most of the 1975 season, reportedly has been unhappy at New England. Baltimore, the Cinderella team in the NFL, wound up with 4,498 yards, takes a 12th place into the playoffs, behind Denver and Miami. Minnesota and Los Angeles allowed opponents the fewest vards, the Vikings 3,153 and the Rams 3.322. Oakland, Pittsburgh and Miami round out the top five with 3.629, 3,661 and 3.-739 yards, respectively.. The Vikings edged the Rams bv one vard for the rushing defense title. 1,532 yards to 1,533. Minnesota also was best against the pass, allowing only 1,621 yards compared with 1,729 for runner-up Cincinnati. St. Louis was a lowly 18th on defense, allowing 4,595 yards, and Baltimore was 11th with 4.173. Buffalo led in the scoring de partment with 57 touchdowns and 51 extra points. Kansas City booted the most field goals-22 on 32 attempts, Miami allowed the fewest points by opponents, 222, and held opponents to 27 touchdowns, a tie for No. 1 with Houston. New England had the dubious honor of losing the most fum-bles-22. Gift wrapped, in Packs and Boxes give E1SLJG Amtrla't Ltrgest Selling Cigar Our best icislics to you for a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. As you rejoice icith family and friends, ice hope that you will think of us. T. M. (Red) Fowler, W. E. Reynolds, Ed Benedict, Pete Hornsby Glenn McLendon, Raymond Fannin, E. W. Smith, Clarence Duke Ann Sexton, Mildred Wilcox, Nancy Culbreth Arnold Smith, Don Day, Danny Norris A. T. Nelson, Charles Reed, Tommy King, Lt. Osborne, Henry Poole, Walker Coon, James Harper, Frank Watson, Joe Taylor, Jimmy Cummings, Lucious Hamilton, Karl Weathenngton, John Porterfield, Robert Grice, Max Jones, Jimmy Driver, Melvin Driver, William Kilpatrick, Barney Oates, Robert Tetter, Paul Jordan, Curtis Rupert, Robert Stovall. TIRE SERVICE . TWO LOCATIONS TO SfRKf rO um 265-0792 262-1996 It MADISON AY. AT Km 7W E. JEFFERSON AT HI HEY

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