The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1933
Page 3
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NOVEMBER 13, BLYTHEVILLE, (ARKQ COURIER NEWS The Strange Career of Verne Miller i'i'i-ucr, Became for Vnlor in Verne Miller Ganii Gunner. iiv :<s::\ soivice HURON. S. D—When n bullet or I a ;-cl of .slvi'l bracelets puis an cud I:: '.':<• public cure:-! 1 Of V::"IK- Xlil- 1 :• i; '.'.'ill b; tii: 1 la;.'- n'.ndi •'. I.'!,;. 1 Mh:: m'.vr seemed lo tf- "-••;•; iii;ht nft •:• h- !•" iiiriii'il in I'Jili lio-i; ihu W.-l':ii VI.:r. :-!••::'. lu Piv'.t;. Uoj- I-'l:.y;i. per- hap, ilii' !".«• '.vnnlr; Milii'r v.o.-.-.; •.-.mulil as the machine . n-: n n:uiicip:i:r. in ki'!n:ip!:u; .and nv ;• .von;! in.iil :':i:l b:i;ik H tlie llr.-ch icbt;r rics. Miller's ;iail hUl -r. Til" !: >'•>'.*. 'J. ".v/.r 1 !? i ol a i tap :ji . :n Chi^vo. '] .'.l lllv lias boon fcc v ji.n inis^:'. him srtjl hi'; V.MV O'.li n ~ij.;;":ju:i: lr '. '" e u.lil is --" if ]'J: fr'jm wilii vf.lcr. His wife, .i^parai'-'d from him. k'-eps a ins iiouse hi'ri.'. Shi: insists tliev arc j;eii!jine decorations, loo. lie ma<le fiiewij cosily, was ac- jtive in organizing Ihe American L'j'-iicm pa_ : t ;tn'l t!ic Ki'Aanis cln'o •lii-rilf on Ihe Republican ticket in 1520. <Jutck OH Trisser He .v:;s a gcoj sheriff. A little lurd-baited, perhaps, and a litlle inclined lo shco; firsl and think altenv.ird. Co.". Huntley, thr present slicriff hoie. retails tliat Miller uvice slio: at cars which failrj to halt on mamt an?: minor traffic violations. lu the main. ihn::;«h, Miller '.vas a i'j?;l sheriff, despite the fears o! "ia:i:\ Attorney Charles P. War- rr-n thai his rjuLckm-ss on the iri'i- ':er iniyiit c.ct ihe county into trouble. Alter all. Mills: 1 had b?en trained PAGE THRtB What the New Gold Policy Is Designed to Do TTSDEH thi' *^ price of , govenmieiit . He iraiiiB from the war with medals. Verne Miller made a pDptilar candidate for sheriff, but fired T. traffic cllendeis a litlle too free ly. : . Caught later In a tax Sum! shortage, lie served a jail term, ind on rclejs? turned to racket?? ring. . . . Police identify him as the "trigger man" in the Kansas City Unbn StaliDn massacre . . . and recently laid a trap out of which he desperately shot his v:ay to precarious freedom. *vr-nt to ihc Mexican better in 191£ v/iir, a Montana Na' Ouarc oiiltit, and into the World War in July. 1917 His j-u-tlcclion as sheriff in 1DS2 v.-a.s ca>y. Th:-n suddenly he dis- apj*';t>cd. Invesiigation shewed he was short S2G06 on delinquent tax c-jilecliuns. Start? Doumvanl Triii He \ arrested a lew wc?kn ' I'.'.-r in HI. Paul. Brought back, he pleaded (unlly. He wived onlv 17, Lir.:itii.: uf ;i Iv.'o-la-icn-year tertn :nic! cam? bxc'r: to Huron. ' Hut ."jniDho-.v he couldn'i acL eo- inj. A".er a y.iir he \vcnt to Ihe Twin Cii:e.s. anci svord be^an lo slip back- tli.-.l he l:n:l simr pretty sh.idy a.s=oci:ile.s there. Bccnus; he hn:l'i't Ijrcn able tc keep his hands mil f.i the till. Miller had sacri- licril an lioncr.ib!;' career. Nov.- it v.a.s loo !?.le. He had nit.]? i 0 soil bul his skill with weapons. He pissod from Ihc knowledge or thi- pesjilc here who hod known him ns the sheriff who liked lo slicot. But, meantime, residents on F:lff-v!ile road, a pretty suburban roction r.i Kansa.-, City, had a ne\s nei:-;l-.bor. OIK- V. C. Moore. Moore was r. retiring felloe, drove a mod- eat G'::evro!;'-.. i?:i;',cd to his c\vn biifiiiest, likod io play goif. He r:cp'. to iiiius.-'lf mostly, an:^ hacl a pleasant p!»tinuin-bla!i:l :vif: and a daughter of 10. The h'.u^? .it M12 Ed-jfvaie road was n little buni.Vicvv witii \vhite clapbcard cldes an:I slc-ne pillnrs. Jus! Rciirinj Folks Nc'jody ]i'iid tnijch attcnlion to iho icIU'ir.^ ,\Inar?3. Nei^iib:rs no- ticefl tint Ihcrt- usually wove three or four cars [jarkc:! in 'ronl. \vitii cu'.-sf-stite liccnijs. They seldom v>[•.-.-> t'r.e snme car.-.. Ca:kr. i = came ar.d \vent frequently, often c.irrviiv.; irolf ba^: nn:' \i(-in c[js?.-^ in'.o ;hc hGiiio r.nd ^ =::.iin. T::rro v;cii> many lat; nar- f\'-,. n-itli blawne lishts and tinkling but :iothiii«r ro'.vdy. 'llicn on.' day n-ji^libnrs naicd Ihr; ;i.ii'.y pap?:^ b.'san ID pile up r n ;iip r.-:Ti'.. strange! Tire win(to'.vs w.'-c r>;::n. as though the family o:iiy ln;| i'or." dc'-vntown fo: tin afifrnoin. O:ailua!ly it b" c!.".ir t: ^ t"op> at N'o 001'. had vanished. ' Even wlini Kar.sis City reeled niKlnr t:ir> sh'.rfc of thr news lha' foi.,- po.icc ofllc/rs :(ii:l a convic' bad bc^;i m.-,'.ve:l rulhirr.;!' hy m.irliini' gui; fire in Iron! of tji: Uiv::n station. Klgcvalc roa:l r-«.' Civtn nover c"mi"cted it nith the ! sif-paying M:o.e. Why should Iticy? Kevcaicd as Haiuiit Uut ledcral :rcra'.hvs kntv.- th.m li-.ey did. Tracing a telephon- call drew atlention to No. G612 TI" 1 call h;>.;I brnunht informatioi I" i!io ^olf-plnyinu Mc.iro while h w. on tiu lintj "ti;at r-rnnk Nash a coinic;. wn- bein; rclurne.1 k P^-'t l-'C.ivemvorth from II o Springs. Mr : orc . ' ftifd frcm the ?o'.. fj 5 . 1 "'" 0 . iri 'lie Ultle buncslon- on n »d t- plan with his •front." The callers were associates in the professional criminal world. Linked With Desperadoes Definite connections between Miller and George "Machine Gun" Kelly ami Harvey Bailey were un- ccvcred, especially in connection with [hi; Urschel kidnaping -'/no. Kelly and Bailey are on the inside looking cut today, and that is the j best luck Miller can look forward to. ! For beside the Union Station massacre, the Urschel case, and a mail robbery in Kansas City, Sept. Miller is wanted on suspicion of being connecled with a whole ier:c3 of bank robberies and the I-klnoping of Haskell Bohn in Si. Paul and Charles Boellcher is Denver. His sensational escape after bring : ccniuetl hi a Chicago apartment • »'ill help him little. Millsr opened fire on the law beloie the planted , machine guns could get into aciion. and escaped in a low while road- I r.tni driven by a woman. I Th:: car. bullet-pierced ana blood- i pattered, was fennel later, aban-1 cnej oii'a Chicago street corner. A Ncjy. York licence plate it bore ed to" the speedy arrest of two jronx trtckmen in -N'^w York, who dmlticil having obtained il fran- ulently. Tims the trail grows narrower Proper Defense Will Prevent Many Squeezes at Bridge Today's Contract Problem Soulh has the contract for seven hearts. West lias bid up lo live clubs and leaJu tlic l;inK cf clubs. How ran Soinh make bis romracl? Wiiieh your cross-riirfing! A 7 V Q 10 C J f A K. J S 4 *S 5 2 . | the declarer cannot complete tile lliilivj) A V ( * 4 , A 10 8 li :; I A K 8 & U X \V K S llnilrr A JCor.e l-'olul;o:i in next Issue. lie still must lose one Irick, which deieals (he contract, while, if West carelessly had discarded a diamond, four odd would have been made. 'Onllmud from Price n dc:ivu.-i' supply. Tlic Fin-in lie- lief bill alms t(i reduce the colton crop by j.OOO.UINJ biilrs, l>y Hi'- simple mt-'.litd u f pnylng funners nol lo r;ii-f fo inuL'li ccltnn. Kill fijj s )„ H U ,,S| j> r | ( . f l'»:k prices liavc been amonj; the •:-l lo icsiwnd. Bo las; •jinnnier tni' tj\einmei)t bcusln up llinu-!-> uf yomiK plus and sLnnshl- errd tiivin for the unemployed, thus rcedisi- iiu. liuiui-y \uid "iviliichiK the lii'.'.ire sujiuly ol purV. in on 1 .' IllOVr. 'isv llian SSO.OflO.OOO worth of i- pl^s arc lj b-j bmi^'h'. ilii:; xvlut'i \vllli ihc same object. . The ivhu-U Uinilalirn v«'.n. wlirri-by Ilic jjarciiiineni pays the fin mi r to less «bi'iii" aim's "t !!:'• •..nne IhliiK—In irilucc Hie of v.-!i'_>:it so \vaat is left v.iil rise in pi see. Ciovem- ment buying or some W-M inll- llcn biislii'ls for liimgir n-lhf hns cbjwt: Firsl, io relieve ::'.'cond, io n.'Cl'.:c'j smphi-i- <-:-ca'.c n tendency to n price f of lending farmers 50 bushel on their corn (ends coin prices to llial level, for cm on which jou can burrow 50 c'-m, is worlh 50 cents, especlal- •ly HIUT if prices do nol rise 10 thai l-jvi-l later wlicn your loan is due. ilic government itaxunyer) stands s cii:l Tor ihc dilfcrence. Tlic principle of reducing pro- <luci:o:: lo conlrol prices Is seen n -sa:n in the oil cede. Secretary :ck'.-» already has ntino'.inced that "1 mm tiuisl produce as much oil as the government thinks right, no nor?. Tnat l; io proserv: national re- curces. bu[ nlso I; stimulate a irlce rise by rcducr.ig supply. The sain; tiling Iroin anolher angle: Cerla-n <f the cotton tcx- ilo cpJcs contain Die promise Him ihe inamifacliirers will nol Install new machinery. Thai, jn the- very face of a ctim- omt (ho vuluo or nion^y In K<MiL WIIH fl\«*il, nuc ounce of £°M lirhitf ivurth #-O.U7. CiuliT i'rchldciii ItouKevi'h's m k \i' KOlil (iulli'.v, (ho ^oi'fi-niiieiit U £lvm (lir iioivrr ID vui-y, ai will, Iho niinilicr c,r il.illiu-, n l'lLl()U[;li Ilii: lti>i'\inslriiclfim T'lliinli'i' <'ur|K)i'iiiUin, newly itilni'il );i>hl Is liiniKlit "( Ilii' K"vcrhiili'lit\ |u'lir. Tin' It. l'\ <\ lllStl I'llJI Illly HILlI M-ll £kllll libniail, HIIIS liilliifiu'lllK I hi' r<nvlj;n niarki-l vnln« «r .ViiK'l'li'un jni>nry t I'mli-r our tortutr rigid (oM mandard, iniinry Munti aim ounrt- of gnlt\ bouxlil t'20.87 wotlh of coninsodill,',. COMMODIIIES - WORTH -•'•20.67 J( L'lulcr (lint >«iiinibiril, iNlicn tliere'lK nti ovi'|>|>l,v <if L-oiuiiKiillUo, ci>iiiiniHlUy |irlct» K» iliiun—thin Is, money uin Hi one (•<• nl i;nlil Ml)) buys WW.OT wiirili ur ('(iiiniiiHlliti'.s, •-tmi 82(1.07 iviiith H IIKIIO uf ,uij' I'uimnoiUty IK tbr )O\UT prli'i's. Lrl'.s su>' l( Iwcoiin'S AO prr cent muro. I'lHler 1 iix'li n roiidliloii of ovci'.supply ;iinl fiillln;; prices, If (he price of K<d'! 1-ii'il, -ny ,10 IICH (cm, i hen nn cMini'c or K"hl. nuu *:!!, woulil buy i.Ill) us miin.\ iiiiiiiiKHlllifs us It illil i Ii uns »nvtli S21I.II7. 1'lic jirlic Uf (111 Hlill<-S buSlllll.S bcc'll lillM'll .10 HT <i'lll, mill n^tnicij lo III*-' level It iflil before lliu ,")() per cent ilei'tilir viiuscit by uversiipply, ,''*• "' 'I The Editor's Letter Box Thanks Tlin,c \Vlin Iifl|u-il | <Tn Hie Kditorr) ; As Chairman o( the General I Armi.s'.ice Day Celebiation Com| !!ec of Dud Cason Posi of me I Anicrlcnn legion, and the Ameri icon Legion Auxiliary I am writ I :!!;• you a sltort ' letter (.hanking i all Uic citizens of NoiLheusl Ar- I !.:.i:sas and Southeast Missouri find | (.specially thos? liiat took un ac; live and personal interest isi mak- | ing the celebration n success. To j larry into elfcct .so large nn 1111- |iui|»ihc «! I'l-i'Mdi'in KuoM-vi'ii'ii new n<'IU piillvy Is to Kc prices nl roiiniKHllilcs. It h Inteinlt'tl (o work in Iliis MIIJ: lly i-ulslug the iiumlivi' <if llnlltirs pnlil fur an iiiiniv uf imrc K"h'i Hie KOVL'rninriit Is milking eiuh of (hu.s« iliilliirs or !<•.« vuluc In icrms or Ilir Kulil It will buy. SnyhiK llio .suiiic tbiiiK, ilinrvrcully, It ivunlil tnkv MOliK'of Hic»o Jrss-vulunble ilolliir.s to buy n (,'lvcn iiuinitlty of any coin- iimcllty, tliiin before Ilii; jirlcc nf K »li| W:IH nrullrarlly ralwd. And KII, hy rnlslng ihc \n-ln- or HUM, ilu, (luvi-rninrnt !iu|w» In talsr. llni prlrc ot M olliiT i (ihiino.lllh-s. When you I-CRU- lulo prlti-s In < ( TIIIS of ihillars, «p ilollurs jn Irrms «r |irfcc«, or » litllo uS butli, thru yon Imvu A. "umiianM CWTCki r y<" palgn to stimulate onpllnl goods system unrto«b:sdly will be production can bo nothing but 5trcn B ;hciicd greatly when the rush nn efTorl- to hold down the pro- lo get in on deposit Insurance be- <luctlon of cotton goods, ami n B n!n gins. Pew tanks will be able to to lend to raise prices. i hold off Al! iliesc things fulling, 11 Is | The e'ovcrnment hns become aj c ear t mt the government will not stockholder In thousands 3 f banks ' Hop short of direct pries flxinj.; All this gives It Increasing control The recent government success In forcing i the price of sled rails . Gets Control of Credit Note how the whole banking sys over credit, and hence over prices. Like the guns of a war-lime barrage, the guns of the New Dcnl arc playing a continual drumfire on that one objective—lo capture the I tern gradually Is being tied togelh-11 lire levels of 192G and make every- cr in such way us to give the gov- body 30 secure economically that eminent closer control over credit once agnln. as fn 1920, the death of conditions. The Federal' Reserve a movie aclor will seem important for women who are r\m-down and suffer from Solution to Previous Contract Problem KV WM. E. MoKKN'NtY Secretary, American r.ridge League • c!r-rln!ang hece^iirily required ex- or Verne Miller, the quick-shooting ' While many natural squeezes ar- | pense and a lot of time and to htriir who couldn't keop his hands ' rive every day at contract, a great I those thai worked so diligently 'many of the squeeze plays lhat. credit is due. \Vc feel that the are made at the bridge table qrc citj of Blythcv:!le primarily bene- whnt are termed pseudo-squeezes. I titled and this section of the Ii. oilier words, they are squeeze* j country ivns drawn closer together that proper defense could have a;, a result of Ihe day's worx. prevented. In defending a tlic declarer has hand in long which trump suit to run, you must make an early decision as to which you musi hold to protect card the .„ -^ . |Er|iieeze. You and ycur partner ViCn Lonvicled at Recent rho " lrt decide, by your early dis- , cards, whlcli suit • each is going /-> 'y • | . f • caras r wh Louvt lerrn Here Lar- to protect. In closing I cannot relrain from Expressing most kind v;ortis and gratification lor the wonderful r/.iblicity through your pa-er the aclivity o'. ant! .Mr '•!•""] to -i-j 10 Thirteen men. sentenced lo prison ni Hie recent tenn of criminal ^ave riiarto conn h.ere. were carried lo Tucker odd Farm, state prison camp, yester- I Small cards sometimes are very i i important, as shown in today's I I hand. when, if West had discard- I Eleven —* ~ diamond, the declarer would his contract of foi«'- . rinines of your advertising department and Mis. Sainu?! F. Nurris in her wontleiful success in putting on tlie Ecnnty Conies'.. Neill Heed. Post,der. Suits Filed in Local Court day. They •hen truck. Included in made the trip in the group were all This is nol a hard hand to read, i Eleven divert" 1 suits have bee due to the fact that you can see. f::;d in Ihe p,'st three days i if your partner holds Ihe high ' persons convicted and" sentenced spade ancl illc llie ' 1 (lialnonti . he nt the coun lerm excepi Mrs. Ella ' ls eom % ; ° hnve n difficult time Mac Proit. sentenced to 21 years protecting both, and East's dia- fnr murder. She will be carried to mond Dla 5' mavks llim wM1 > the woman's prison in a private lr>m d:! >"iond holding, car. i Aulicy Wagoner, convicted of a ctotiitory offence and sentenced to in years, perfected an appeal to th? stale supreme court Saturday night but failed to make bond set at $5.000. . Othcvs sent to the penitentiary v.-erc: Raymond Pruitt. murder, life: John Ford Clark, grand lar- , rr-ny. one year: T. Howard Mill- • '.teaO. bigamy, three years; Hazen a cer- ilall. grand larceny, one year: For- I vest Chisholm. grand larceny, one I year; Clyde Scxlon. grand larceny, jr.c year: Ernest Blue, grand lar-: ••my. one year; Jim Harrcll. grand [ larceny, five years: Thomas | Fletcher Lcs'.er. kidnaping, three j ] ¥ \vats. and the following negroes: ! 2 V O£car Slevenson. murder, nine years: Vilus CrulchfleM, nssaull to kill. Ihrce years: Richard Clark, murder, 12 years. "C'.il-of-Uwn rriri" to finals".the desperate Nas'i. Fcr tlie gcif-pby,,-:, v. C. our o'.|-,rr n nn Miller, roiicj.iac liierlff from Dai:c,ta. machine ft'^ioni! criminal. South and . )ro . Inv«ti;at::s p.te.-od the storv to- \;cther. The InnKjiu-lo.ikinz bim- f!abw on Ertjevole road had been Miller's "IiUirour and rpspeclnblc Swedish Asiatic Explorer Seeks Additional Funds STOCKHOLM. (UP)— Dr. Sven Hedin. Sweden's Asiatic explorer, has petitioned the Swedish government for a nsw grant of 100,COO kroner with which lo carry on his scientific researches In Mongolia. For more t!un six and a half vear Ur. Hcdin has bf-"n engaged in geological, meteorological, zoological and paleonlolojjical studies :vcr on area of 1.737.450 miles. All in all expedition has received 2.100,000 kroner, of which 750.0GO kronor was a gov- , e' privately A K Q S 5 1 « A f, 3 llubber Bridge. -None Vul Opening lead— Jf, l\ .Snntli \Vc»t iN'urlb Km PrlSS I A l'.15« I'ass a N. T. l'as« 1'asa 4 » I>a3s rrancery court here. C:-sertion is the most common ground for action in most of the CBSES with genera! Indignities the basis for several suite and adultery one. ! The actions Minnie Stewart vs. John S'ewart, Olive Pool'j V6. Lowell Poole, Cecil Howard vs Hracc Howard. Russell Gaskins vs. Fthel Goskiiis. Edna Harper \s MarslTall Harper. Llins Tackctl vs. CHcar TackcU, Violet Scr.ipe v... Jam:s Scrap?, James Seymore vs. Jewell Seymore Carl lioyett vs. Jewell Eoyett. Virgie Mustang vs. John A. iMi:s!aii3. G. E. Maylxrry vs Ada Maybeiry Five of the actions were filed '^ Ed. n. Cook, three through f\y W. Cra«-i>rd and one by Claude p. Cooper, local attorneys, rnri one each by J. W. Watkiir ;'iid Clarence Morutows. L:achvilli lawyers. Rend Courier News Want, Ads. ! Doctors Give Creosote 1 For Dangerous Coughs and then the ace. 'East drops the ; For many years our best doc- nuccn and the three. West con- tors have prescribed creosole in tinues with a small club, which some form for rouglis. colds and The Play West leads the king of East ruffs. East returns the queen of ! bronchitis, knowing how dans dla- uis It is la let them hang on. monds nnd the trick Is won in Creomiilsion with creosote aiu dummy with the king. Declarer MX other highly important nied- now starts Ihe hearts, and on the i:inal elements, quickly and ef first five tricks West follows with i>clively stojxs all cough's and cold two hearts, discards two clubs nnd that otherwise might lead lo scr- a spade. North discards three icus trfiuble. spades. Eiisl drops the five and Creomiilsion is. powerful in th. three of spades and the six of ireatment of all colds and coughs diamonds. Declarer leads the sixth jet it is absolutely harmless and :• heart. West drops o spade and p'easanl and easy to take. dummy drops a diamond. Your own druggifl guarantee. East cannot drop the queen of Creomiilsion by refunding yoin spades or dummy's ace-jack will money If you arc not relieved aloe good, so he must let go the tcr taking- Creomulslon as direct- en of diamonds, but now, due to ccl, Beware the cough or cold that '•« tfc.whMn han, vavs roi u N c , Rht nvld «, v( , n „, diamonds.. t i (n on hand Jor'inslont use., Ariv CREAM OF THE CROP ITS KVSURIIVG FINE TOBACCO Not many smokers have seen a fine tobacco plant in full bloom, so we show you tliis picture. Only a few of these fine plants are»permitted to flower and to ptoducc seed. These carefully selected seeds reproduce the following year the "Cream of the Crop" for your Lucky Strike, for tobacco must be grown from seed each year. This careful breeding of fi ne tobaccos explains why Luckies main- taimthe same fine, uniform quality from year to year—so round and firm and fully packed—free from loose ends. ALWAYS the f nest tobaccos ALWAYS thejincsl teorhmanship ALWAYS Luckies please! 'it's toasted FOR THROAT PROTECTION-FOR BETTER TASTE

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