Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 20
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WAILY PHAKOS SATUBDAY, OCT. 9, 1897. • KBJ.T. IXKTTBJIIH. JOHN W. BAKKIB. Loutbaln * Burnett. •D1TOHB AHD PHOPR1ETOHS. TEEMS OF SUBSCRIPTION — Dally per wtek. 10 cent*: per month 40 cents: per year ••trlctlT la'adTance) |4 50. The weekly Pharos and tie Saturday Phtros the Vwo forming the Semi-Weekly •~*.itlon. $1.25 a year, strictly In advance. Entered at the Logansport, Ind..postofflce at •fx-ono class mail matter, an provided by law. THE drouth has become a serious matter with the farmers. GEN. WEYLEK has been recalled and it Is believed that Spain will pursue a more humane policy towards Cuba. THZKE Is one thing about tne oil situation that is assuring. It there is oil underneath the earth's crust in this county, it cannot get away from its hidden recesses except tcrough taps made In the earth. If we knew at just what point beneath us the oil in paying quantities exists, holes would be pounded into the earth at a rapid rate. It is already known that Cass county is in the oil The well* »t Walton and Center demonstrated that fact. regie.". Norm! King^Medicines, Member of Congress Powers, Formerly Judge of the Supreme Court, Pronounces Dr, Greene's Nervura a Most Valuable Remedy, The Highest Endorsements by Prominent People Given to Dr. Greene's Nervura Blood and Nerve Remedy that were Ever Given to any Medicine in the World's History, WITH the change in the two ln- teroal revenue collectors, the Indiana patrnnage is about all distributed Yesterday Judge Henry was Lamed as collector lor the Terre Haute district and Mr. Nowlan for the Lawrencebuqj district. There are a few Democratic postmasters still in the service, but they will soon be succeeded by Republican*. There •re many disappointed aspirants. Cass county has received no recognition thus far in the distribution of favors. ___ AT a largely attended meeting of the sockholders of the Logansport Oil and Gas company last night, the work thus far accomplished by the directors of the company was ap proved. Leases have thus far been acquired in what is expected to be oil territory. Of the stock subscribed ncmething more than II,000 has been paid in. Contracts for drilling wells have not yet been made, but some •very favorable propositions have been submitted by experienced drillers In fact the preliminary arrangements are well under way, and witfoin a few days drillers will be put to work at such place as the directors believe gives best promise of securing an oi producing well. PEKHAPS the most contented man in Peru is our old friend, Lou Ful wiler, who for many years was edito of the Peru Sentinel. When oil wa discovered, he put down a well on hi own Jot at his own expense. Hi THE TATTLEfl. Mrs, William Gerry Slade of New York 8Uy baa organized a society toown «• Daughters of 1761-1815. Mrs. Ruth Thompson, • daughter of John Brown, is living in retirement in California and treasures many relic* of tie great raider. Mrs. .Louisa Sebru of Fayette, Mo., is gaid to be the oldest representative of the postal service in this country. She held office in 1812. Some one asked Helen Keller to define "love." She thought a moment and then replied, "Why, bless you, ic is what every one feels for every one else." | The Italian actress Eleonora Duse cannot positively give the name of her place of birth, for she first saw the light; in a rail- wav carriage between Padua and Venice. On the opening day of the woman's national golf tournament at Manchester the best drive—125 yards—was made by Miss Beatrice Hoyt of the Shinnecock Hills slub. Mrs. Alphonse Daudet once told of an aid aunt who slept in the room cext to her room, and who every evening recounted all the doings of the day to the portrait of her husband, dead years before. MissJeannetteL. Gilder, in naming the modern authors which she considered first class, did not mention Kipling, and when one of his admirers iisked who was tha greatest poot she said: "Them is none, He is dead." Mrs. Conarroe of Philadelphia has presented a .handsome public library to the village of Ogunqnit, Me., in memory of her husband, the late George W. Conarroe, who spent many summers in Ogunquit and endeared himself to all the people. Frau Charlotte Wolten, who recently died in Vienna, left 20,000 florins to various benevolent institutions. In carrying out her wishes nothing black in any form was used at her funeral. She was interred in a classical gold embroidered white tunic such ,-vs was worn by Iphigenja. A most fascinating woman is Mrs. Ho- bnrt, wife of the vice president. Sho is graciousness itself to all sorts and conditions of people. Her very smile insures a cordial reception, and her manner is thoroughly unaffected. She is one of the handsomest women among the ladies of the official family. Mrs. Phcebe A. Hearst will bear the expense of beautifying and improving the University of California, which is to be done on a grand scale. Two professors of the- university have just returned from Europe, where they engaged tho services of eminent artists, architects and landscape gardeners. FAMOUS BATTLES. United States. Canadian and. English Patents Promptly Obtained. Patent, Mechanic*! . and Perspective Drawings Prepared, tions Developed, Machinery Designed. B. B. Gordon, Solicitor of Patents, Spry Blocks Elegant Line of 3IEMBER OP CONORESS H. HEXHY Xo Other medicine in t'.:0 wo:-'.J u rx:>::: mended so highly, so strong 1 .y a:iJ so c.-.r:i=--l. and by so many well-known and prominent!pavers, Morrisvill 1 ami nerve.'and Chrtirinan of remedy. It is ro ost everybody, as the surest recommended every^l.ere a, l,e he s,d, !> a.- . ^' , r cure. 1 - ^ i:r=s » *'- EX-JVDOE OF SUPREME COURT. iiioU-ro, is tlic recommendation ]•' -vu-te to lisa Dr. Greene's Nervura by of oil' •"•ratist statesmen, Hon. H.Henry , Vu Member of Congress .. 1 Vice-President, and who ^,Xe ^ii>i: his scat in Con- ((Jthe Sniireme Court. Ha FALL WOOLENS Just Arrived. No trouble to show Goods. John R- Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, Notice To Has srr lars 5 . | |« suffering to USD Dr. Greene's Nervnra became | ••I 1 . e found valnabl8 rt7u*on. Since then he-has quietly ^^W^-^oW^j.^F»^M"u a^JS« enjoyed an Income of about eleven wojidcrfu^ medicaHi.scoyery. ^ _^ ^^l^-Vnonsibie witnesses', aud fully concur dollars per day. He observes the tight hour regulation and lets his well rest at night. Pumping nine hours per day he gets twenty-five to thirty barrels. It would be well if all editors could have an oil well to fall back upon after abandoning the exacting cares and responsibilities of newspaper work. THE laboring people of Ohio, having been promised higher wages before tariff rates were Increased, are now demanding of Banna the fulfillment of these promises. The tax on hides have increased the price of boots and shoes and the tax on cloth- Ing has materially added to the expense of maintaining families. As the price of tariff taxed articles go up wages should also be advanced. Otherwise the tariff is an injury rather than a benefit to the laboring classes. "We have had a high tariff for many years and yet the wage trend has been steadily downward. Last fall the claim was made that the purchasing power of money was so great, that the laboring classes could buy more commodities for a day's work than ever before. Now, If the tariff has increased the price of commodities which laboring people »re compelled to buy, why should there not be a corresponding increase in their wages? »m«* ..~ , n?th and vi^or! shaH < take"thO place of weakness, prostration and despair amon? the people, and they publish the marvelous facts of their own cures, over their own signatures, that the common people _ . Get, Dr. Greene's Nervura iilood and nerva remeJv at once and be cured. energies and ambitions. standard as they are, and that we are going to get rid of It whether foreign nattoos want to or not, and sk them If they are willing to turn ver their country and their children o foreigners who have no love for mr government. We said last, fall hat there was not enough golc in ,he country to form the basis for lound currency. The Republicans rejoiced when they discovered eold n the Klondyke. Ask them why they rejoice at this if they were so 'ull of gold last fall. The mere fact ..hat the Republicans are glad gold has been discovered is evidence they were wrong last fall, ^^^•.i11 i •• THE COOKBOOK. AbBKtViATtD TELEGRAMS. Some FerUnent Observations. William Jennings Bryan, In his brief address at Evansville, en route to Nashville, said: "I take tt (or granted that every Republican Is honest and desires good government, and I take it for granted that they are rendering aid to bring about the right change, but in some cases it is a mere presumption. I am going to tell you 1 a few things to say to your Republican friends when they say that they are bringing about Republican prosperity, by a Republican administra tion. Tell them that we advocated arbitration last year, and advocate It more strongly now than last year. Tell them that wa opposed government by injunction last year and oppose It more strongly now. Tel 1 them we denounced the gold stand trd and that, the Republican «d : ministration lent • -commission to Europe to attempt to ged rid ol the gold standard. Tell them that we area* much oppoMd to the gold Keep a brink on the baok of the stove and set the food en it that is to be kept warm. Add a teaspoonfulof sugar to every pint of milk when the milk is to be thickened with oornmenl. Oatmeal is muoh improved if sugar is pnt in while it IB cooking Instead of being put on it at the table. Make graham bread the same as white bread and then steam it three hours in- itand of baking ic one hour. Tie a piece of stale bread to a white muslin cloth and drop it into the kettle with the boiling cabbage to help absorb the offensive odor. Never out potatoes for baking, bnt for teaming or boiling, draw the edge of a •harp knife bnlf way around lengthwise, BO that they will crack open nicely. The best war to keep boiled mush from being lumpy is to stir tip the meal with enough cold wawr to merely wet it and then stir it into the kettle of boiling water. Cut the thin skin from the outside of » leg of mutton or tho mutton chops before eooking them in order to remove me "•Kooly taite" that tomsfiud so objectionable. When biking powder is used for biscuits, the short«ning should be stirred in »ft»r all the ingredients are added, including the flour, and they will be much lighter and more flskr. If there are no potatoes to use for making bread, take a pan of clabbered milk, neat it boiling hot and strain the vrhey into the flour and then proceed to mix the tough in the usual manner. It i« said that In Scotland there «r» J4« parishes with no panpers, poor rale* •r public bouse*. BisHop Potter denies the report that his son is to wed Helen Gould. By Nov. 1 a cooking school will be in operation at the high school, Oshkosh, \Vis. President McKinley probably will go to Canton 10 vote at the November election. General A. J. Warner has challenged Senator Hanna to a joint debate on the money question. Silver scored a rise of 1 penny to 27 pence in London, and 2 cents to 5S cents in New York. According- to Secretary of State Gardiner Michigan's wheat crop thia year is 2-1,925,007 bushels. Hoke Smith, former secretary of the interior, has been elected president of the board of education of Atlanta. Germantown, a Danville suburb, is the first town in Illinois to srant a fifty- year franchise to a street.car company. The stables of Dr. "W. T. Prady, near Marietta, Ind., were destroyed by fire with all their contents, including fifty- one horses. The team of Adolph Knudson. a La- Crosae county, Wis., farmer, ran away as he WHS going home. He was thrown out and run over by the wagon, dyir.g in a few minutes. Mrs. Augusta Kruger, who resides near Ablemans, Wis., was seriously ly injured in a runaway accident. She was internally hurt and her les was broken in two places. At a wedding in Sharon, Wis., the bride was presented with two silver teaspoons made from the shoe-buckles •worn .by her great-great-grandfether, who was an officer in the Revolutionary •war. Montello claims the oldest Mason in \Visronsin. Hollis S. Griffin, a member of Montello lodge, was born in ISflT, and •was a Mason at Hawkesbury, Canada, in 1837, thus antedating the record of Mr. Griffin, of Waupaca, by eleven years. Senorita, Evangellna. Cosaio y Clsneres has escaped from theCasa de Recogidas at Havana, where she had been, confined for several months on a chjirge of conspiracy against the crown of Spain, and of an attempt upon the life of Governor Berex, governor of tie Isle of Pines. W. O. Downs, of Cleveland, O., committed suicide ty shoo'iing' himself in the Lead -in New York- .He was an old friend of President Grant, a schoolmate of Senator J. K. Jones and an associate of Oeoix* M. Pullman. He was a iad!- cal fre* «Uvw man and itunuwd far j Bryan. „__>__— The famous buttlo of Culloden was fought on Uriirnmossie moor, four miles northeast o£ Inverness. Concord, Mass., where the battle was fought between the British and Americans, is 45 miles from the Atlantic coast and 60 miles northwest of Boston. The battle of Cowpens, wharo Tsrleton was defeated dtirinR the Revolutionary war, took its name from a village in Spartansburg county, £- C., neur tbo border of Morth Cnrolina. Plevnu, whcro the terrible conflicts took place between tho Russians find the Turks during the hist Russo-Turkish war, is a city of Bulgaria. 37 miles from Nicopolis and near a little stream known as the river Vid. The battle of Hastings, in which the Saxou dynasty in England was overthrown by the Nornuins, was not fought at lias- tings, but at the Saxon village of Senlac, a few miles distant. The spot where Harold fell is now marked by the ruins of an abbey church. The river Borne, where the battle was fought which settled the fate of James nnd his adherents. Was celebrated before that event. It was called "the Boyne of Science" on account of the many monastic institutions along its shores, and is noted for its scenery and for its ancient and modern historical associations. Waterloo, where Napoleon WHS finally overthrown, is the name of a small village in Belgium on the edge of the forest of Soignies, eight milos southeast of Brussels. Even the musketry tiro of the great battle was heurd in the Belgian capital. In France this engagement is more frequently known as the battle of Quatre- Bras. All annual contracts on the 6- payment plan expire October 1st. All consumers having such contracts, and desiring to continue the use of gas,should call at the office between the 1st. and 10th. of October, and make payment. All bills mutt be paid on or before the 10th. of each month. Logansport and Wley Gas ft.. LAW POINTS. A corporation is liable on » contract in excess of its powers if it enjoys the benefit of such contract A stockholder, as such, though owning a majority of the stock, cannot bind the company by contract. The presumption of payment arising from lapse of time is one of fact and may be rebutted by evidence. The prirna facie evidence of facts recited. in a receipt must be overcome by a clear preponderance of the evidence. A creditor who buys notes from his debtor and pays the consideration merely by crediting the amount on an existing debt is not a boua fide purchaser.—Recent Decisions of Highest Courts. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ... FOR ... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rhemn, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 25 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. and. Threatened vltti 'a Coal Famine. Milwaukee, Oct. 9.—Milwaukee is threatened with a soft coal famine. In order to meet present contracts local dealers are borrowing from each other with promises of returning the coal when their individual supplies come in. EVERY WOMAN -^X"»^^^^ Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal PHI* For Sale at Ben Fisher's. Ladies - Royal Purple, Green, Red, Tan, Black and Box Calf Shoes. Men's - - Catf,Cordovan,Enam-J el, Box Calf, Green, Patent, Winter Tan. Our Clothing and Overcoats Are from the Bierman Heidelberg Wholesale Tailoring Co., ™E LITO. s o Extensively Advertised by the Progress and of recognized merit by tne Clothing World at prices That Are Right. •' : Your Shoes Shined Free. Ask for China Set Coipots, Our thildren's.Clothing is the "Kast Iton,"»ll New. iiiiiiMil

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