The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1949
Page 11
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NOVEMBER 16, 1949' BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Engineers Reject Dam Proposals Maj. Gen. Pick Says Current River Should Be Preserved As Is WASHINGTON.. NOV. 16. </F) — Army Engineers rejecled yesterday proposals for construction of dams on the Current River of Missouri and Arkansas. Their position was made known by Ma}. General Lewis A. Pick, chief of (he engineers. In a teftei to Rep. Karsten (D-Mo). Pick said the Current Is a "unique and valuable resource" o( the White River Basin and should be preserved In Its present condition. Karsten aiul some citizens ol Vie § Louis area had written the en- sers opposing construction ol i« on the current. General Pick said although there has been 'considerable discussion about construction of dams on the river, none has been luithorizcti b> "G>rtgr«Aj lor Hood control purposes A public hearing was held a Newport, Ark., Oct. 12 and 13, hi •*n!d, and in general people fron Arkansas in the flood plain of the Black and White Rivers favom construction of reservoirs for flow control on the Current River. The State of Arkansas, Pick added, en dorsed a plan which included Cur rent River dams as "a long rangi feature." On the other hand, he said. Mis souri and people from that slat who are Interested In scenih am redreatlonal values of the strean were much opposed to any recom- "Speedy 1 ' will be the nickname of ' PAGE ELEVEN "HOME" IN TOKYO— Think you Have a housing problem? Look at the plighl ol this young Japanese rnulhei "at home" in a part- cave, part-shack in Tokyo. A government while paper reveals that 10.000.000 people in Japan are existing in sub-normal housing. Three and a half million dwellings would correct the situation. Paper Is Termed 'Private' Ruler in Anti-Trust Suit CLEVELAND, Nov. 16: (AP) — Government attorneys seeking an anti-trust Injunction against the I/train Journal described the paper yesterday RS a "private government which rules" the city of Loraln, O.. Victor H. Kramer, a Justice Department attorney, .said the paper had "punished" merchants who advertised over radio station WBOL and WBOL-PM in Elyrla, near Lorain. : The government has accused the paper and four of its officers of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust IA\V. It charges them with combining to restrain and monopolize the dUsemination of. news, and advertising. Kramer presented a .batch-ol affidavit from merchants In the Lx>rain area as the hearing of the government's civil actioii opened In federal court. The Journal is charged with refusing to pubilsli advertising of Imsincss IIOTLSCS who advertise in the Sunday News or over WEOL and WBOL-PM. Tlie paper a!so is charged with inducing Die Elyria Chronicle-Telegram not to circulate in Lorain. Duo Enter Pleas Of Guilty to Robbery JONESBORO, Nov. 16. (/!•}—Ch»r- He Half leld,\ Newport Route 3, »nct Walter Jackson. Paragould, have entered pleas of guilty to armed robbery for the hold-up'last Thursday of the airport service station here. ' Circuit Judge Znl Harrison will pass sentence on the two men at the conclusion of the present term of court next \veek. Mrs. Ruth Clardy, also charged with armed robbery after being Implicated by Hnlfield, plead Inno- ceul. in a purported stgnel confession by llntfleld. he said, the woman was lying down In the 'buck nt the car during the hold-up. The loot in the dawn stick-up amounted to less than $20. Morris Hannah was exhonoralcd by the grand Jury of a first degree murder cnargc In the deatli of J. LV Turner, who died as a result df a fist flBlH between the two men on Sept. 11. Oscar Joe Kaklns was exhonor- 'Speedy' Is Nickname For Boy Born in Car LOUIS. Nov. IB— </PJ— ST. meiidations lor construction which would alter its natural state. Pick said development ol hydroelectric power on the Current River In conjunction with flood control does not appear economically essential now. Pumice and pumicite are used as abrasives and in building materials, paint filler, insecticides and absorbents. a baViy born In the rear seat of an Automobile yesterday to Mrs James Baldwin. ' The nickname was the idea of the father, a St. Louis policeman. Mrs. Baldwin's baby, a seven- pound boy, was born during a race at high speed from Wtirrenlon, Mo., to St. Louis. The woman was assisted by her mother and step- fatlier, who she had been visiting. Truck Driver Will Read His Mail Hereafter HANOVER, P«., NOV. 1«. W Richard L, Fllcklnger won't throw any more mail away without read- Ing It pretty carefully first. Last Saturday, Pllcklnger re- received notice th»t lie had.been selected Pennsylvania's safest truck driver for October. He was Invited to attend at ceremony »t York, Pa . and receive a cold button, certificate and some gifts. Mayor Felix S. Benl/.el and other York officials were on and for tile presentation—b'lt no Pllcklnger. A hurried check was made. Pllckinger WRS located at h ome. What happened to the notice sent him? "I glanced at It and thought it was an ad." he said. "Then I threw It away without reading it." ated on n manslaughter charge, the outgrowth of a truck collision In which L. E. Taylor of Monctte was killed. Elusive Bandit Gives Police Hectic Chase , Mich., Nov. 16. M 1 ) — When Richard Hale, 21, opened the courtroom window Monday and climbed .jut on the ledge, the onlookers puld only casual attention. They (lumen he was a window washer. Hut then he lumped— from three stories up A fciv blocks away police raught him on a bus. With a badly hurt ankle. Hale was Inniiehl back before a judge and sentenced to 15 to 25 years fur nrmcd voliliery. Prior to his leap, Hale hud (led from another courtroom and eluded iwlicc in a dash from ttic upper story thence to Hie basement, and up npjaln. It Is believed that the petrified forests of Arizona once had 10,000 feet of rock deposited above them but that this rock was eventually eroded away. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO, Hollywood Continued from "Page « "Menagerie." She went to London April to star In Alfred Hitchcock's "Stuge Fright/' Hitch, she reports, is back to letting the actor.s tell the story instead of the caxnera and she predicts the film should be a hit. She's .still raving about the English supporting players. "1 Icaructl a lol," she admits, "atul I .brought It home with me —duty free." On a three-day holiday Jane and n girl friend rushed over Lo Paris by plane. "We rushed around 'ike mad and E .saw so much I don't remember- what r saw." They hud no hotel reservations. Bui when Jane gave her name to a hotel manager, he said: "Ah, yp.s, Johnny Belinda (the picture had just opened in Paris). For you, 1 have zee room." They got one, too. . Only the manager wrote Johnny Belinda, not Jane Wyman, in the hotei register. It's Irving Hoffman's story about an agent who went Lo'a producer's office at one of the studios to.dis- cuss busin&ss with him on a Wednesday. The producer's secretary told him: ''He's away for (he weekend." The agent a.skcd: "Last weekend or this week-end?" Engineers Will Open Levee Job Bids Nov. ,29 NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 16—</!'»— The U.S. Engineers will open bids Nov. '^9 for the const ruction of about 313,000 cubic yards of earthwork on the Red River in Miller County, Arkansas. Cot. Charles G. nolle, district engineer here, said "that the project would be along the right descending bank of the river 'Marling at and extending: approximately 15 miles south of Garland City, in Milter County, H is otic 01 a series of riverside levee enlargement 'pvoects designed to provide flood protection on the Red River below Denlsnn Dam. Holfe tin id it would take approximately 270 calendar days to complete. Plan Gifts for Stalin PRAGUE. Nov. 1G. f/Tj — "At Ihr urging of (he Communist govern- in en t, Cr.e c ho.tla vak worke rs a re preparing a long list of gifts for Russia's Prime Minister Stalin 01 his 70th birthday next month, the newspaper Pragne reported ycsler- day. Among the gifts are a new automobile, an airplane—'and a motorcycle. The finest beer is Dry- NOT SWEET! Dry is the real beer flavor. Dry Stag tastes cool, alc;ni and is always refreshing. Crieseifietk Wtitem Brsweiy Company Belleville, Illinois St. louls, Missouri T COOL,™ orchard Levers c,e,t», 2 , comforts one-year- Kristme Marie Sunde by giving her a taste of his Ice cream cone after she spilled her own in her lap in Long Beach, Calif. These youngsters were taking the easy" way ol cooling off from Lour. Beach's un«~-'* -cord tor November. (A °P Wirephoto,. Kussetlville Bank President Dies at 83 RUSSELLV1LLE. Ark., Nov. 16. (AP)— Lewis B. McOlure. 83, president of the Peoples Exchange Bank of Ru.ssellvillc, died at liis home here yesterday. McClure, a native of Virginia. for 50 years. He was a charter member ol the R »™ llvnle Rotary club, a past *« ' '„£ GUARANTEED Precision On Easy Terms I'islons. rings, pins, valves, springs, timing gears, rod bearings, main bearings, camsbafl bearings, ALSO LOW EXCHANGE PRICES ON CHEVROLET & FORD MOTORS. See Your Doctor of Motors HARRY GRIMES GARAGE Railroad & Sycamore. . .I'hovic 879 BALDRIDGE BROS. GARAGE 502 So. 21st. ..I'hone 396S WILSON AUTO SERVICE 2nd & Ash. . .I'hone 2fil 1 Kenilricks Davis Uj]| Wnlson CHRISTIAN'S GARAGE 611 \V. Ash...Phone 3'J!)5 CONLEY BROS. GARAGE No. Hiway 61. ..Phone 3928 JESS SNYDER'S GARAGE Barfield fioaci. . .Phone 2130 Mora ond moia cotton larni*n c on Ihs olt around lupsrionty o' fomoui Store,itf« ?B cotlon teed, IF yow p'efer chtnvco!*'/ definied ited, v/rito to ipeeiol prices: olhfi't in ; pi)«d delinlod ond I »0.7i p>r 100 Ib. bog. or p!onr Stone/ills 26 for^ . . . tARGE OPtH eORS . . . o(ioi<|i foi'er, clearer, <h*oper pictioi HfAVlEU PJODUCllOrl . . . meoni more montt/ per at.e BtlltR OUAtlTV UNT . . . Inc.toul by «-i*rchonl ond Iplnntr HIGHER OIL CONTENT SEED . , , top piif.* ot Tha miiii. /( Cntli Vo« I.tit ?0 Plant the Hett STONEVILLE PEDIGREED ; .SEED COMPANY :, MISSISSIfFI You'll MVe Th»,, F«otui.i',' • S«ml- ciilomalti., maqt/iiriB ft»d.. r » Rurn any kin of coal. cofc» .p/brlqueU, • R.iiulr. leii atlanlioft'ih'on mo.l lurnae.a. • Heal all day and nlghl f7i>houl relueMng. • Your homB ]• WARM .r»ry MORrllUG wn. n you awnfcon re^ardErai of lli» wcafh*/. Automatic H.nt B.gulalor arailabl* for all mbdeli (««c«pl 52 (B) al il^M additional COM. Hubbard Hardware Co. Hubbard Furniture Co* A heaping portion of Tastiness! Get the Old-Fashioned Cook Book 500,000 folks wrote in for of Stewards Churcii here. Survivor. 1 ; inch.rile four brothers, two sisters and a grandson, the Lowest Cost Dependable HEAT That Money Can Buy! •4-NEW MODEL 522 REGISTERED BREEDERS COTTON SEED team why and how In. MORNING Coo] H.cil.i will <uppl? your horn, with »l«ady, tlean, hiallli- heot and at lowail coil. 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