The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on March 4, 1999 · Page 20
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 20

Kokomo, Indiana
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Thursday, March 4, 1999
Page 20
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THURSDAY, MARCH 4,1999, WRESTLING KOKOMO TRIBUNE There has been talk that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin might play host to an episode of "Saturday Night Live." Ted Petty (aka: Rocco Rock) will change his name in the WWF. The reason is that because Vince McMahon doesn't want two characters with similar names, i.e. The Rock/Rocco Rock, but who can get those two mixed up? Buddy Landell has signed a short term deal with the WWF. Don't expect much out of him. He mostly will be work WWF Shotgun and Superstars matches. Mr. Fuji was on television station, WVLT Channel 8 in Knoxville, Tenn., saying he plans to sue WCW for copyright infringement. It seems WCW is using his material and moves on one of their video games, and he is not receiving payment. We should see Alex Wright, debut his new gimmick soon in WCW. ;• Various sources are reporting that WCW will be coming Silt with Goldberg, Sting, DDR Hogan, Bret Hart, Hall and Nash in six-inch beanie form starting around the beginning of May. Randy Savage's new ring costume is said to be something out of the page that Koko B. Ware wore in the '80s in the WWF. Wrestling (Calendar WWF Tonight: Pittsburgh (RawTVtapings) Saturday: South Bend, Ind. (afternoon show) Saturday: Rosemont, III. (evening show) Sunday: Milwaukee March 12: Anaheim, Calif. March 13: Las Vegas March 14: Bakersfield, Calif. (Sunday Night Heat) WCW Tonight: Rock Hill, S.C. (Saturday •Night TV tapings) Wednesday: Cullowhee, N.C. Thursday: inston- Salem, N.C. (Thunder TV tapings) Friday: Florence, S.C. Saturday: Bethlehem, Pa. Sunday: Rochester, N.Y, Monday: Worcester, : Mass. (Nitro) March 14: Louisville, Ky. (Uncensored PPV) ICW , 'March 12: Trenton , r: NJ. March 13: Philadelphia ECW bounces back from grim financial state R ecently, the future of Extreme Championship Wrestling appeared bleak. Several paychecks to wrestlers bounced, a sure sign of financial hardship. ECW owner Paul Heyman assured them that they would be compensated, admitting he needed time and perhaps an outside investor. The company's financial future brightened recently as a Buena Vista Entertainment Co., a Disney subsidiary, agreement to underwrite pay-per-views has ensured that the "Living Dangerously" pay-per-view from Asbury Park, NJ, will be able to run as scheduled. the Rope By Steve Gerweck Reports are that Heyman told his wrestlers that the company is out of financial hardship, although it was close to going under. Heyman received a $750,000 loan/advance Feb. 20 from Quanton Financing, based on unpaid pay-per-view revenue. The advance saved many wrestlers from jumping ship, espe- cially the international talent base. However, at press time, several pay- per-view bonuses were unpaid. When Heyman decided to air events on a pay-per-view basis, the company had to target a wrestling audience outside the northeast. Television time is costly in many markets, and the promotion antes up about $250,000 per pay-view- view. The revenue generated from the broadcasts takes as long as a year to arrive at the promotion. ECW expects more than a million dollars from pay-per-view buys, but because Viewer's Choice, ECW's pay-per-view distributor, does not know the exact number of buys, they are holding up payment. So, the Buena Vista deal was important. ECW's hard-core product must be considered risque by Disney standards. However, Disney has subsidiaries that produce more controversial entertainment. Buena Vista opted to co-promote the ECW pay-per-view instead of an outright investment in the company. Buena Vista will advance production costs for the pay-per-view and will be spend about $100,000 in marketing for future pay-per-views. Buena Vista will receive a share of any increase in buy rates. This allows ECW to increase its pay-per-view budget, allowing the hamrock Real name: Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick, Nickname: "The World's Most Dangerous Man." Height: 6 foot. Weight: 235 pounds. Date of birth: Feb. 14,1964. Hometown: Sacramento, Calif. Pro debut: 1988. Finishing maneuver: Ankle-Lock Submission. In the ring • In 1988, he entered South Atlantic Pro Wrestling under the alias Wayne Shamrock, and was managed by "No. 1" Paul Jones. His gimmick later was changed to "Mr. Wrestling" Vince Torelli. • In September 1990, Shamrock earned a spot with the second incarnation of Japan's UWF shoot fighting group. • In February 1991, Shamrock (as Torelli) defeated Chris Chavis (Tanaka from the WWF) in a tournament final to capture the <" South Atlantic Pro Wrestling title. ' ' ' • Shamrock moved ori'to'Pancrase, a shoot fighting outfit in Japan. • His last appearance for UFC was Dec. 7, 1996, defeating Brian Johnston. • On Feb. 24,1997, Shamrock made his first appearance for the WWF, sitting at ringside during Monday Night Raw. • Shamrock officiated the "I Quit" match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XIV. • Vernon White (one of Shamrock's students from the Lion's Den, his own wrestling school) was Shamrock's first victim in the WWF. • At In Your House 15, Shamrock and Vader : clashed in No Holds Barred match, in which Shamrock came out on top. • Shamrock challenged WWF Champion Shawn Michaels at the Degeneration X pay- per-view in December 1997. He won on a • disqualification when Triple H and Chyna interfered. • At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Shamrock faced Rocky Maivia. Shamrock snapped and attacked the referee, when the ref disqualified him for using brass knuckles. • It appeared Shamrock had won the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania XIV. Shamrock was declared the winner when Maivia tapped out with the Ankle-Lock Submission applied. When Shamrock refused to break the hold, the referee reversed the decision, and Maivia won via disqualification. When Triple H suffered an injury that would prevent him from defending the Intercontinental title; the new champion was decided in a one-night tournament on "Raw." Shamrock went through Steve Blackman, Val Venis and X-Pac to win the Intercontinental championship. Shamrock lost the Intercontinental title to Val Venis at the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre," when special referee Billy Gunn counted a fast three count for Venis. t>W you know • Shamrock was born in Georgia; his mother divorced his father when he was 5, remarried and relocated the family to California. • Shamrock's stepfather kicked him out of the house when he was 13. • About a year later, Ken arrived at Bob Shamrock's Boys Ranch, Bob had worked with children with problems for many years. Bob-Shamrock legally adopted Ken. • Shamrock married Tina Ramirez in 1988. company to acquire better special effects and television equipment to produce a more professional- looking product. Despite the recent problems, wrestlers Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Bubba Ray Dudley and Shane Douglas had no problems cashing recent paychecks and received bonuses for appearances at recent pay-per-views. They make up an group that for the most part has Heyman's ear. Steve Gerweck, 27, posts the Web site Gerweck's Wrestling News on the Internet, Visit his Web site at: gertveck/wrestle. htm. Q and A By Steve Qerweck Question: I would like to know what's up with Sting, will he be back and when? — Tom, Mountain Home, Idaho Answer: Sting took time off at end of 1998 for personal reasons. Technically, Sting has returned, as he has been on the road since January. It is believed he will make a return to television in a week or two. Q: I wanted to know how many wrestlers in WCW and WWF have piercings beside ear piercings? — Jen Sopchack, New Kensington, Pa. A: Gangrel has a tongue ring as does his wife, Luna. Thrasher has a nose ring, and The Undertaker has his eyebrow pierced. In WCW, Saturn has • ring, tongue ASK 3W&y! piercing, ,, ... and bpHv Have a wre stlmg Stoning, question? E-mail Q. when Sfei/e Gerweck at is "Macho Man" Please include your Randy name and hometown. Savage coming back? — Rusty Kirk, Stockbridge, Ga. A: Wejs, slated for an April return.. Q: Why haven't current wrestlers gone Into advertising, as Hulk Hogan did with vitamins and The Macho Man did with Slim Jims? — Katie Irvin, Lower Burrell, Pa. A: Mick Foley will appear in an upcoming Chef Boyardee commercial. Q. Is the current Undertaker the same man as the original Undertaker in the WWF? — Ryan Leszun, North Hills, Pa. A: Yes, the one and the same. Q: Is The Road Dog 'Jesse James" really In drug rehab? If so, how long has this been going on? ? — Corrjne, Baltimore, Ohio A: Road Dog'g has completed his brief rehabilitation for his reported addiction to pain killers. Q: Can you tell me what happened to Nikita Koloff? — Don Bowser, Fawn, Pa. A: Injuries forced Koloff, real name Scott Simpsorii to retire. Q. What Is the John 3:16 about in relation to wrestling. Are they fighting Christ now? — Jean Kanouff, Pittsburgh A: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin adopted Austin 3:16 at the 1996 "King of the Ripg." According to Austin, it means "I just whooped your a@$." I'll let you decide whether it's anti-Christian. 'Stone Cold 1 affirms that talent gives WWF edge I had the opportunity to interview "Stone Cold" Steve Austin last week, leading up to his guest appearance on CBS' "Nash Bridges." When I asked Austin why the WWF was so popular today, he attributed it to the talent. Right now, the WWF has more talent then any other, organization has had at one time. And the WWF has used the talent to its fullest extent, So I ask: Why is WWF "laying the smack down" on WCW Monday nights? Is it the talent in the WWF? The answer is simple — yes. Let's start with Austin — the human charisma machine. No wonder WCW dropped the ball and let the hottest commodity in the wrestling business go. They used him as the Hollywood Blond. Let's close our eyes and picture Stone Cold. By Bubba the Bulldog Now say to yourself, The Hollywood Blond Steve Austin. It doesn't fit, The WWF lets him be who he is — one tough S.O.B. That doesn't even take into consideration the fact that when he gets In the ring, he puts on a clinic of hard work. How about The Rock? This young up-and-comer has the personality that fits modern wrestling. No matter how many times the WWF puts him in angles in which you Should hate him, there is'a part of you that will pop when the Rock drops the people's elbow or raises the people's eyebrow. Also, here is a guy who has spent time working out to get.better in the ring. His ring presence is phenomenal, and my wife says he's a snappy dresser. Then, there is Mick Foley. This man is truly a student of the sport. Is there any other wrestler who, whether he is in front of 25 or 25 million people, that would give 110 percent effort? Foley has become what wrestling is. His promos are outstanding, and his work rate is the best in the business. There is a direct correlation between the ' increase in ratings and Foley's push, I don't believe anybody deserves it more. Those are only my top three. There are many more who could be on the list. It is obvious that talent is the key. The WWF has the talent. It is better to have 30 wrestlers with outstanding talent then it is to have an endless stable of sub-par, misused or over-the-hill wrestlers. Back to Austin's debut on "Nash Bridges." It had a 9.8 rating, up from 7.6 the week before. Ahhh, the power of wrestling strikes again. It was fantastic to see Jim Ross back behind the microphone this week on "Monday Night Raw." As the best wrestling announcer in the business, how could he not be missed? Over in WCW, it appears that the war between Bret Hart and Kevin Nash has ended with Nash on top. It was obvious when we saw Hart doing the job for Booker T on TV This situation is a shame, Look for more of it for Hart. The story circulating is that Hart's contract with WCW is up in November. As disenchanted as Hart has been with WCW, I don't think he would resign. Could Hart be on his way back to the WWF, or Is retirement in the cards? Everything that I have heard tells me that The Undertaker will take on The Big Bossman in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania. I suggest that should be changed to Mankind vs. Paul Wight in the Cell, with the winner getting to referee the Austin vs. Rock match, WCW has responded to the attacks the media has made against the edgy WWF product. Apparently, we will be seeing more wrestling and less adult material on the WCW TV shows. More wrestling is good, unless of course we are talking about more wrestling matches from the over-40 crew — Ric Flair not included. I didn't realize that WCW had any adult content now anyway, I'm putta here, so remember to keep it clean, unless the ref's not lookingl Bubba the Bulldog is NWA East Heavyweight Champion. YOUR BUDGET W*»kly.BI-W««kly

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