The Daily Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 22, 1852 · 2
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The Daily Delta from New Orleans, Louisiana · 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 22, 1852
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TIIE DAILY DELTA. 8VDAY MOKWIrtO. AVOrgT IBM, Contents of Thf Wornlwg'i Dalta, FIRST rAOE-fKil Mmmmi, No. VL, (orifl- viali- nriin of Wonts nd fti rasas t ('inr of Foreign Corrwpondenii Death of Kinf Jmi II I. ol of Scotland; Louis Napoleon in Prison, Franr-a nd Louis Napoleon IncHlent in th Battla il tha Thames; Battles of the Kevoiuuoti; t runs; extract from "BOah Home;" Beware of Man-Trap; etc. SECOND FAOE Stithinf from tha Bark; lm-, porta nt from Havana; Niffhta In Our Office, No. Ml. (oririnal); Dark Hours, (poetry); News Items; etc. THIHD FAOE Lutbat Lane, (orifh-al poetry); The Courtf; Markets- Shippinf; etc. POUR I'll FAOE-.Mnr Ladles Fashions for Milr; How to rt Wife In fry) it: Arn Indian Tradition; TlnArarsi Th Old Fafllih Idea of a Frnrhman; Mifcallaneoui Extract! Advartiiements ; ate. ' SUPPLEMENT. FIRST PAOK Ttt for Tat, or. Two after ona. torlrinnl); Chit Chat, (oririnal); Incidents of Trav I. rirmal). SECOND PAOR Freaks of Fort una; Latter from th Flint Piivata; Spirit of the Morn mi Journals; CorresponrVnce, Foreif n News j Th Newport Flare ap; Kiss Cotton; TheComts; tc. STIRRING NEWS, LATER FBOII HAVANA Tli y1 which arrived last night., brought rery important ner from the seat of the Cuban Qovernmettt. The Vos dri Putblo ha terrified the Csp'Ain-Oeneral, and numerous arrests hare tosh made The Govermenl organ contains a long and bitter article, commenting on the agume of the New York Sua and Courier and Enquire r, publishing extract from the recently started organ of the nutriotf. The former Journal, It ay. deserving only of pity, ae It Is the paper of the pirate, but the latter, which circa late amongst M gentlemen," deserves, sever reprobation for expressing a belief In the exis tence- f disaffection amongst the Creole!, The Government writer gn on to it ate thai the Identity of the author of the Voice of the People, f well known to the nthoritief, and that they were right when they stated that they risked their Uvea" by th publication. They did rick them nay the official Journalist and will lone them, too. - In the abeenoe of our rejrular translator, we oould glean from the Journals little more than the fuel that the Government Is trembling In ftntfrfpatlon of a new movement that U eipeets an Inrurreetion, and Is resolrcd, a far as In It lies, to punish, f Ten to an Ignominious death, all who are suspected to connivance or connec tion with it A fHend placed In our hands the following Bote of the lata proceedings in Havana, which may he considered reliable and trustworthy A Creole In Havana, of the highest respectability, writes to Ms friend in this city, that about cue hundred Creoles been arrested, and amongst them several ladies, who are eupposod to b connected with the revolutionary movement now going on In the Island. He speak with gn hi. confidence of the ultimate success of 4b Creoles io a revolution, which is to take lac in November nest. Secret associations have been formed all over the Island, and so eon-fdent are some of the Spaniards, that the move-vent will be successful, that they secretly favor the cause, and have formed a society In Havana 4o assist the Creole. In searching for the press that prints the paper of the Patriots, a large quantity of powder and ball eatridgeiwas found in a house near the sea-shore, which led to further search, and a large quantity was discovered under the bed of a lady In " Keg la." Th Government have become muoh alarmed, and the official paper, in Havaoa, ha aa editorial of two columns on the subject. The excitement in Havana is very great the iro vera meat have not only ordered the house to he searched, but also the persona of private Individuals. Over on thousand Creoles are atated to have enlisted in a regiment called the Lope patriots." It is also stated that sums amounting to eighty ounces have been paid for a true likeness of (ten-oral Lopes, and that nothing can equal the enthusiasm with which th memory of the mar tyr is cherished. Hera are cheering facts, though surrounded by eircuuistanocs of gloom and saduesst 1st. The Creoles arc determined to rise again for liberty. 2d. They hare been able to publish their sen timents in despite of th Government, and fling the record of their pious treason in its very tat-e. 84. It Is not merely Hp patriotism now. There Is a desperate determination In the lute movements which cannot b mistaken or despised. 4th. Keerot societies the only resource of an oppressed people who reside In the same country with their oppressors are being organised In despite of the law, the executioner and the spy. EiUiietuient I being entered upon bearti- Striking from the Bark. The Kossuth excitement ii over. The Lola 6th. ly. Th people are beginning to appreciate the necessity of military organisation to learn that Only at the flwbof th patriot steel can the torch of liberty b lit. titb. A deep-seated enthusiasm exist in the families of the land, and the Influence of home U brought to bear on the political fate of the IMMIpl. As a act-off against thia good news, stands the fact that several activ patriots have been arrested, and consigned to the hands of the jailor. But thia matter little. You cannot iui (iris-cm a priuutple, or put cbaius around a truth. Once agaiu there i hop fur Cuba! Many a heart will be cheered by the words, and the gal- liuit muu who survived the last glorious, though unsuccessful effort, will leap within them when they are heard. Once again there la danger to tyranny, and a chance that a besotted uion-art'tiy will cease to riot in blood-stained pomp amongst a brokenhearted and sinking people. Once ugaiu the patriot flag will lap th breeze, and the star whioh now lies In obscurity, like the the lust Pleiad, fling out Its radiancy over the sky. Are we mistaken 1 Let time show. M ATTHRtnEH. We beg to remind our readers once again, that if they desire to prm-ur the best centre-action spring-mattresses, they uiust tk them at the store of Michael Murpjiy, 2t) Camp street. They will not be diaappoiuivd in the article. It Is assuredly the best ut its kind. Chair and church cushions can he procured aUo at the same place for lb most reasonable price Murphy is very attentiv to his ouutuiuers, and pout the highest merit of trade be newr fails to fulfill bis engagements His advertisement "HI he fouud iu another column. Thf following i the list of passenger per steamer ujumiiu franklin, I upturn Jeal, wliu-li It ft yesterday morning for vw Vorki J. H iian.i. ett J H Unlahd, M-t.-r T it.-liarm 1u-(rr J at'harie, Mrs !! Bin. Hon), fluid and kcivAiit Mi itiiny, VV. 1, I'Hlmer, U'. MarV.iv, Itniy mJo il i. IV tiuiiu-y. lly and eiill tttn; lir J II Kyuift. J. U all.- Juniei . MaMtii, riiiltfiir F vanil, A. It.ip.ty, W. W . Vi.t)mit. J i vAmti, A iUuun. T K.-nti, V Met ouib, J. U. hulglit, J. . OaiUl. kouiitwn Mlaeitit. - The following is a list of the passengers by th sUutiuibip Lmptre City, from New York and Havana i Sin M M iiimii Mr Duiti'h Uitv. iu rinA, 1 Mu i... An. I Ii.. i, J J.,il,.,, i, H.l... Mi lIHki,.H. Bii i Mi U.I ttl.d MIHMl. J k.llllUdll. M, tii, h. '1 L J,.,'- J rl..f.,,-t.oPi.M. Jt imia.. J il W, . "1 wild if I Jiiri, s.a Tu i. There is a pied Import duty in Ki gland ot flv shillitigs ai d uiu peiioe starling per gallon on all Kronen wines, without regard to quality; tills duty ou low wines amount to five or six liuudrtd ier cent. Moeraciuum is a siiiteous artb, found In th 'riuua. It is wade Into bowl fur pipe, aud Ji 'i'ufkib wioavu ue H fff Hy. Montei fblly la nearly ended, and even ft ayuiond, of th New York Times, cannot revive It. Bar-num la amongst the suooeesful humbugs of the Fast, and the tight-rope dancing monkeys can scarcely bring a house. New Tork Is agog for something new, but, If we can believe the last account, the novelty has not turned up yet. The Coming Man ha not come. Revolution are scarce. No Professor Webster ha cut up and roasted a Dr. Park man of late. Political excitement I only coming to come, and, on the whole, news of the "rich" and available characternews of the kind which would increase the sal os of the New York Herald by many thousands, is not to be had for love or money. But though the Kossuth excitement Is over, the diatribes of small Journalists against him. have only gained force and bitterness from bis absence. Calumnies of bh vilest kind are circulated concerning him and hi associates, and absurd chargessuch as that be did not pay his bnardlng-hnuse bill are not only printed, pub lished, and read, but believed. W never were very enthusiastic on the sub ject of th Hungarian chief, or th principles which be advocated, we admired his elo quence, hi sincerity, his multifarious talents, while we regretted his mistakes, and wondered that he did not fall into mor error than can be fastened on him by his bitterest enemies. We regarded bim as an original and wonderful character. W observed two men In him the poetical and the practical, but we were sorry to see th former often obtain complete mastery over the latter, and phrases take the place of principles and rhetoric of statesmanship. W flatter our-solve that we neither overrated nor underrated him, hut weighed bis past career and purposed course of action calmly and without prejudice or favor. Now that he has left us, we are not inclined to Join his assailants or imitate suie of our co-temporaries in publishing the price of his washing or the amount which ha paid for his breakfast, ttiich poy outrages on private life are odiou to us, and would be an insult to our reader. We regard the authors of them as men who would strike yon In the back or stab you In the dark. The opposition of Webb and Mr friends to Kossuth was open and above-board: the course pursued by our great statesmen was manly and candid, but thejatkall hunts In the trail of the lion, and it barks over the limb? which were mangled by Its lordly predecessor. We never Supposed that Kossuth could real-ix a European revolution, eitempore. We never thought that one man could ai-hievo it at any time, and enjoy the Coriolanu-like amiffao tlon of being able to Say "a I mis 1 did It." Hut w were not Insensible to the effects of the Hungarian orator's teaching and preaching In this country, and we believe they havo left thajr mark- His absurdities are forgotten ; hi error. consequent upon a mere book knowlege of our people are pardoned; and bis eloquent truths, con ceived and spoken in the spirit of Inspired sincerity, have sunk into many hearts, to blossom and bourgeon ther. He was mistaken in supposing that a truth ha only to be spoken to Insure Hr immediate productiveness. Th root of a thought, like the root of a tree as we remark ed on another occasion require time to fix It self firmly In th earth. Hut the failure of Kossuth to establish a revo lution In Kurop la regarded hy many shortsighted porsons as the failure of the cause which h advocated. Thi 1 a si seal error. That cause has gained In place of losing by his efforts It ha gained even by what some would call hli- extravagance. Certainly no person, who ob serve the progress of events at the other sid of the Atlantic, will assert that It baa retro graded. It stands "on th old ground. Th people are face to fuoe with the despots, waiting till their time come, and though the latter have gained a few temporary successes, those ven successes bar only mad them more hateful to their subjects. Thus the establishment of thi old Tory regime in Kngland ha given a decided impulse to liberalism, aod the uudeviating ab solutism of Lou i Napoleon ha made the way straight for bt descent to th Hade of tin usurper. 1 he practicable enormities of Spanish tyranny are sur to hasten th day of Cuban independence, and th gloom whioh gat ben- over a good cause occasion ally which hangi In th bortson like a dark, pregnant cloud, will break not in idle tears, but in the "sterueretufT of the lightning. The European revolution Is fact, not a sen timent. It is no dream of Mis Mollys or Mir anrys, but the passionate hope of strong men U baa lived now for half a century, burning it road lortner luto tbe futur every year, and I will not be quenched by the ink-drops of a fen bigoted scribbler. It means Republicanism (or r ranee for Italy for Germany fur every country out of which th heart ha not been stamped by the heel of tyrauny. Of course it does not imply the same Republicanism for all. In cue It may b the Hepublieanism of com mere, in another of agriculture, in a third of arms, but froedom and knowledge, whatever pursuits they may devote themselves to, form th ultimate equation which it is fated tu reatiie. How many war must b encountered how much hlotMl shed how much misery endured bfor that goal can be reached, no living man can say ; but, that no sacrifices are too great for the attainment of that Millenium of common sense, few persons, snve those who are mor old fogyisb than th old fogies themselves, will venture openly to deny. Kossuth has doue hard work in the mission to which he has devoted himself. The effort ot his labors will be felt iu the coming Presiden tial election, but whether for good or evil, we arc not inclined tu say. He mide a gross blun dor when he cuufouuih'd limited monarchy and republicanism l but his experience iu this coun try will compel him to recant some of his pro- Hntlsh sentiment. I'ur domestic scundals. which make J a mo (Gordon Bennett's paper so popular with the Northern gossii, he can afford to despise. He will out-live sut-h attacks, and be remembered gratefully when they are paper ng the luslde r traveling trunks, or wrapping up greasy ooul'ectiuuery. His siucere advocacy of progressive intelligence In Lurope his ap preoption fifour system of universal education- hiabflii'f in the bouetlchu influence of the Press, and his eloquent defence of the many against tbe fi-w, have insured hiiu a noble niche in the great corridor of history, while they have helped to push onwards tbe lugging neart of the traus- Atlautic democracy. There i a grand futur before bim, and we are mistiiken if be will not prove himself wurihy of the position, which fate has aliened him. Th Herald says that he will return to this country early iu the Kail. He will L welcome. IHmutles b will not be received as erst, with flying banners and hoarse-eheerlng crowds, but th true and uoiavless inllliK,-noo of the country will regard him with a friendly eye th more friendly, perhutw, because he will hv ceased to be the Lion of the teries, and will appear amongst us simply as the man of tuhnt. TTIgln In Onr Office Ho. II Bm Fat sou's. In the ahirnrr of tht nifirr vounir ttn- tlrmm, wht ht gnnt " arrott tbt Lake," and ttft him "wwiiB Menu, ne if comptitta 10 (MHOy"'- Twelv o'clock Cur fair friend M. M must pardn ui furuot publishing her sweet poem to-day. Oureolumus being so orowded a they ar must be our tx ua. Next Sunday, tiud witling, sh will se her thought arrayed In our finest type Mean while, w trust, sL wUl forgiv tbe dvUy. MAxriN KKfowr. It 1 almost uuueoessary to say anything iu prals of this fin work- it deserves tie high reputation. Th advertise- Uiful of the publiaJuT will I fouud U) auu I her eoluuin. Madam Tussaud's famous Wax KlgurM ar tu Le bivugUl to AiUtfiK fvi eauluiUua. 1 " We tnk no note of time but by Its loss.'1 Here I have been scribbling hour after hour, until the remnant of my last cigar burns close to my lips, and there Is a ring ing and a rocking In my brain. In such a mood I could almost become a transeendenlalist and deliver myself, heart and soul, mind and muscle to tbe vague spiritualism which brings disgrace upon tho manhood of our age believe in ghosts and ghost-seer tremble at the dream-Wonders of Mr. Crowe, and wander amongst the deni sons of the heaven which Andrew Jackson Davis stole from Pwedenborg yea ! listen in respectful silence to the digital demonstrations of the vulgarest rapper " who follows the Cock Lane ghost with unequal step Rap! tap! rap-rap-rAp-tap-tap-a-tap-tnp ! By the memory of all infernal noises, there are the spirit! Lh t Let's see. It might be a rat. I can't exactly say t though 1 think the animal could not rehearse the present performance with any degree of success. It might be some Insect which ha got inside th wainscotting ; and yet the creature should have a powerful muscular development t oauso such a continued and lin gular noise. Be cool, Ren, and ponder the Mihject fittingly. It might be only a Printer'i devil, after all, practicing the parade rat-a-tat for the next turn out of his company; or It might he only a devil of a Printer, who desires to enjoy the luxury of seeing me going (in im agination) "where tbe aspens quiver,' and quivering in unison. But tho click-clack of the type is regular as ever. The monotonous voice of the proof-roader is unbroken In Its fl ave when there is a pause to cross a f, put a dot over an i, and the hissing sound of the steam-engine, which Is Impat'ent to it ret oh forth its strong arm and work, continues it drowsy sameness. Kap! "Are you a spirit!' Hap, rap. 'Angels and Ministers of Grace! will you, will you I ay, will you have the al ph. abet I" Pp, rap. Of course you will. Of oourse you want to talk with me to laugh at my beard to humbug me to rap me into idiot- oy.likea poor German I saw yesterday, whom vou drove into the Charity Hospital, where he thought to escape you; and after tapping the nurse away from him, sent him out again into he world, deaf to everything but your scoun drelly uproar. Of course you will persecute me of course you congratulate yourselve on hav ing got another victim. Of course you wish to ee me trembling, that you may go back to your aerial dens and indulge a spiritual laughter over ny terror. Of course you are already certain of a victory. No go, my friends. You can't oomo it. Try old women that's your only chance You've got oa a wrong scent. You may rap your knuckles off. I defy you. i ou re nothing more than an uproarious dream a noisy night mare perhaps a Giles Scroggins remarked," piece of undigested meat.' 4 never will lunch upon tough beef again; at tbe same time do not imagine that I fear you. Don't put me in a paasiuu. Make tracks, 1 advise you. "Tako vour beaks from out my heart, and, if I may be allowed to amplify the language of the poet, be kind enough to remove your thumbs and fore fingers from th table, and beat the devil's-tattoo anywhere also save on the Ink bottle. Rap tap rap. At it still. I'm getting vexed, 1 tell you I don't wish to nfftnd you, but allow me to suggest in confidence that you are bore. I Ibiuk I'm awake wide awake tnd you need make no more efforts to rouse ino. I'm mt one of the seven sloe pars. I'm in nowise remarkable even a an individual sleeper. Can't you, then, in tho name of peace and quiet, go knock up some snoring Alderman or somnolent policeman, and spar me for a timet Such strong spirit as you, ar enough to make a man "take to drink.' If you have anything to say say ft like rational beings. Don't be making ase of yourselve. If you are the gboitt of men, you might get something better to do than anuoying one who never offended you or cared to know you. If you were evor women, you must retain tbe use of your tongue and can surely articulate something. Tap, tap, finger- and-thumb work still. Kceelve th considerations of my profound contempt, and listen to the word of the illustrious Dominic Samson, which are highly applicable in your ease, for if you are a female you must be the ghost of Meg Merrl lies herself eonjuro U itdtttistimaneqiiis- aima, mryuuMma, atqut mtsnrtnw, coitjttro It onjurot abjuro atyue ri ilitcr impero ttbi. Nothing lik the Latin. Tap tbe sound 1 fainter. Ttuy cao't stand th dead language, ghosts a they are. Coi)uro hist! Tap-tap ip t p e. Abjuro e! Going, going hub! by the Lternal ! auK ! And now, Benjamin, my friend, let us have a quiet chat about these noises, which are certain ly very extraordinary. I do not deny that they are realities. Iu fact, I know that the sounds are produced in a manner which human intellect eauuot entirely comprehend. No maliciuus mo- tive on the part of any one will acoouut for their existence, unless the malice is based ou recondite knowledge which is unknown to i but the mediums. I he toe-snappers, theory will not account for them. Neither will the knee twisting. Little children caunut produce raps like those of a sledge-hammer, by forcing tbeir Joint in and out of place, and yet little children are often the parties whom the spirits Delect a their interprotors. Electricity will not solve the mystery, j confess that is yet undiscov ered ground to a great extent its Columbus has not been realised, but even if its wonder remain unkuown, to us (her 1 one thing evident, vis: electricity cannot have a will of it own can not iuterfer in huiuauafl-tir, actively, for good or evil, it is a servant, not a master. Man has hained it in iron already and made it do his bidding. He ha brought it down from Heaven, by mean of a school boy's plaything, docile aud obedient. Purely, then, it is not possible that it could suddenly assume power over our reason aud thump us into performing its behests. 1 am not profound enough, my friend, to add one more to the many pretended explanations of (his discordant wonder, lam convinced that the sounds are produced by other means than human, and ttohody can regret that conviction more than myself. It is aii ignominious thmight, that, when we shuffle off this mortal coil, we have no better work before us than pushing about tables, flinging thimbles at women's heads, andstunuing everybody in our neigh borhood. 1 ferl ashamed of men, when 1 see them resigning or thinking that (hey resign themselve to such a fate. It may b blasphemy tu say that 1 would rebel against it; but it is tiulh. withal. Better annihilation than an eternity of mischief. Better to have no sensation save that produced by the crawling of worms, and the slime of all creeping things that hauut the ehureh-yaid, than the conviction of being consigned to immortal ignominy Belter I to si the last of wife, aud child, and brother, I when the death-mist shrouds (he no, tbau meet them beyond the elnuds in a companionship of 4sgra". Better even tbe worst form of the old metempsychosis, the life of a dog, a snake, or a sloth, (lu.i the ever-present uiueiy consequent ou the necessity of making others miserable, 1, for oue, will cling to th " fair humanities of old religion. ' Th bright Ilea von, where the silver rivers flow th delights of intellectual converse the bbstfulues of unclouded kuow-ltdge lh presence of the embodied Lot which we call God the sens uf family the immortality of frieudibip the memory of that many-colored woof aud web which is named Litceud the undying iuterest in all beautiful and heroic biugs to that dream of my childhood I will aod the silver silver. The bright threshold and walls which the Inspired thinker anw while he slept in Pat mot must remain without the sha dow of a stain, and the hallllujahs of the Powers and Thrones and Dominations can never be replaced In my mind by the thumping of devils, or the discord of disembodied fool, l may chip an admired nam at the tail of the new Gospel, but I refuse to be perverted The rapplngs can have no good effect. They will eventuate In the creation of a moro vulgar superstition than any which has cursed the world before. They might be worthy Interpreters of the Henven of Apes, hut they are disgraceful teachers for men. Greece was super stitious, but her superstition filled the wood with beauty, and caused every wave of the sea to flash with th snow-white shoulder of Goddess. Her divinities walked from Olympus to earth along th arch of the rainbow. Tbp harp and the wine-cup passed from hand to hand amongst them, and If their cloud-compelling monarch frowned, the mountains trem bled. W hen the warrirtr of Athena died, hie had rested In the lap of Venus; or if he arrayed-himself for the field, he wielded a spear which was pointed with lightning, and flung his limbs across a steed which was shod with thunder Rome was superstitious, but her superstition was massive as her walls and grand as the Seven Hills. The sword and the buckler hung on the Walls of her paradise, and the maalv joy of war survived the grave. To no lady-star did she give the guardianship of her people, but when the celestial host went forth In radiant panoply, she selected one bright particular form from the ranks, and gave the watch of all her nights to the 'red planet, Mars. But we, who once achieved a grander theology than those of Greece and Rome; who crowned Love with the supreme wreath, and humanixtd Deity that we might deify humanity ; wo, who took our prophet, not from the desert not from tho old historic houses where the voice of Jehovah was heard not from the mightiest and most splendid of the sons of Man, but from the very loins of God himself; ir would brutalize the dead, place ass's ears on the head of the Most High, and degrade the Heaven of our aspirations into a den of wild beasts a cell for demons! Kriend Ben, it must not be. We must di "countenance such absurdity. We mu-it laugh down this rapping infamy, and cruih It We must put our paws on the supporters of it ; and, if we cannot do so by gentle means, we must e'en follow your example, and try them with the Latin! The practical results of the rascally nonsense are hecoming too apparent every day. We have spiritual societies in progress of formation, newspaper edited by spirits, with the aid of gin-end water, and suicides ,iuti- fiVd hy messages from the supernal finger-points. we have a literature of the skies growing up. and distinguished author assuring the world that they cannot write save when in nubibus (A delicate way of saying "high," doubtless. a inter a Dhvil ) Pear Ben t On the table, near you. Is lying a specimen of the transcendental hnKltrdnh which sent forth in good type and binding bv the professors of the new religion. Let us glnnee. at It. First, however, I will give you a brl outline of the story It is ea'led " Pierre on th Ambiguities" ambiguous denomination enough and ha tho ntme of Herman Melville, n th author, on the title page. It Is a tale of spiritual wonders Pierre, the son of a proud and haughty widow. is a young gentleman of literary tastes, who on terms of singular familiarity with his moth He call her sister, and she alwavs treats as her brother. At the age of nineteen Pierre, ofonuree. Is In love, and with a young girl whose name Is Lucy, remarkable for no thing but never talking in any style save that which you and I are accustomed to ca " bighfalutfn." The first portion of the book Is taken up wfith their conversations, which leave those of Borneo end Juliet far be- hind them. As you road them, the conrli tlon Is forced upon you that those three in dividuats are as mad as the author, but you could not yet suppose that they are as bad 1 he second part contains the story of linhcl This young lady meets Pierre one day, and shrieks. Ever after, her face haunts him. Ho neglects Lucy, and Insults his mother. He sud denly becomes blasphemous, and Inhospitably Ores paradoxes at the bead of a respcotable cler gyman who visit the family. He addresses tbe moon and star, and make speeches which would take the wind from Governor Poote or old Kullion. The beauty of his monologue ja their profound incomprehensibility. They are unintelligible enough to have been dreamed by Sweden borg, or "communicated" to Andrew Jackson Davis. One day Pierre receives a letter. It is signed ny isanei, aim cans mm Her brother, praying Dim at the same time in very feminine, though rat ber dangerous terms, to eome to her, and take her to his heart Without any hesitation he goes and embraoes her in a warmer manner than what we usually designate fraternal, be fore she communicates the proof of their rela tionship, j nop M is la the! oommonces longand misty narrativo.which hints at the faot or the falsehood for the author does not say which of her being the illegitimate daughter of Pierre's father. iShe has no reason for think Ing so. 1 be trancendental young gentleman has no cause to bulievo it, but his resolution taken on the spot. He is determined to save hi parent's character which the public, had never assailed, and as far as we could surmise old never trouble itself withal, provided Isabel beta ner tongue and to carry out his ob ject proceeds to ruin bis own happiness. Uabel, lio suys, muxt live witb him. Must foment to be called his wife, and share his fortunes for better or worse. Tbey accordingly run away to rew lorx, wnere rierre enters a V rierite society, and becomes an author. Their mode of living is somewhat equivocal, though mention Is made of two rooms. Their residence is In tho "House of the Apostles," wero a num ber of ruppers hav congregated for the express purpose, uouutiess, ot nuiuhugging the world d themselves. Meantime, Piirre's mother lies of a broken heart, aud Lucy the old flame is despaired of. By the deceased mother's ill, the young transcendentulist is disinherited and compelled to aeek bread with hi pen, which does not prove very prrfltahle. So far so good. Hut unfortunately, Lucv re covers and iWes from ber family in search of her lover. Hhe arrives at ihe Apostles and in obtiged to take share of ImWI's bed. Then there is the devil to pay. H is iiuiuihlo i decide which is Mrs. Pierre. They cannot them nelves determine which is whieh Spiritu alism Is no us in this fix, for both go in for wo. wen's rights. Meanwhile the gentleman writes ks and receives insulting messages from the publishers. Lucy paints portraits, and Isabel. alous of her earnings, announces that she will teach the guitar. W regrot te suy she did not u&dcrslaud the instrument, however, aud bad to give up her project. Th family quarrel increases. Pierre or death ! is the ery of boih the women neither will give bitu up, and there would have been a very pretty row did not tht brothers of Lucy arrive and strive to take her back to her bom. Their etl rts wore in vain, for she held on to the bannisters tike a b. nunc, while Pierre shot on of the brothers. Isabel, Lucy and Pierre wer oousequouLly takeu to the Toombs, where they anticipated the usual legal forms with th vulgar termination, and killed themselves by swallowing poUu! tiucb is tbe tale. It smacks more of rutuam than reality. Th details ar uupleasaut, and the theories put forward in the course of the wodenborg. I Ufa as something of Willis about it, too, The sentence are dressed like unmeaning fops, and sometimes display a speote of pinch back respectability. Occasionally they are so devoid of any scintilla of sense, that they become quit laughable. W give a specimen or two for the benefit of person who may net be acquainted with the manner of writing, which has resulted from pi ritual rapping, and such like things. De -uribing Pierre's boyhood, the author says i ' In the country then Nature planted our Pierre; be :uus nature Intended ft rare and original de velopment In Pierre. Never mind if hereby he proved ambiguous to him In the end, never theless in the beginning she did bravejy. She blew her wind-clarion from th blu hills and Pierre nrtgAerf out lyrical thoughts, a at the trumpet blast a war hon pawed himself Into a lyric of foam." I, Ben Fox, must remark, en M.rtrt, that I have beard many persons called " old hoss" be for this, but " young host" Is an epithet not at all familiar to me. If, more over, any person skilled In rappings, can Inform tno what is meant by a war horse pawing him self into a lyric of foam, I would feel under compliment to the expounder. I fear, though, in Etlipus cannot be found to read the riddle But, lot the young mm proceed : She, (vli Vature.) lifted her spangled crest of a thickly (tarred night, and forth at that glimpse of their divine captain and Lord, ton thousand mailed thoughts of heroxcntsM (bur-r-r! what a tooth grinder of a word !) started up In Pierre's soul tnd glared round for some insulted good cause to defend ' Mailed thoughts glaring round upon iny personal honor ! they seem uglier than the spirits. Hero is a morsel of love-talk; "Wondrous fair of face, blue-eyed, and golden-haired, the bright blonde Lucy was arrayed in colors har monious with the Heavens. Light blue be thy perpetual color, Lucy; light blue becomes thee best such the repeated azure counsel of her aunt Tartan. On both sides, from the hedges, came to Pierre the clover bloom of Saddle Mea lows, and from Lucy's mouth and cheek came the fresh fragrance of her violet young being. Smell I flowers or theer cried Her re, See I lakes or eyes?" cried Lucy, her own i(ii itng down into hi soul as two star Into a tarn" The allusion to Lucy's being "light-blue" In the foregoing extract may be accounted for by 'he fact that she, too, was somewhat of a litera ry character The "aiure counsel, though puzzles us. We have heard of a verdant advice, hut an azure one is something new. The beau ty of the queries touching Pierre's nasal and Lucy visual organs, of course, we need not point out. Towards the middle of the book ft clergyman is introduced, whose personal appearance is hint ed at in the following sentence) " As Pierre regarded him, sitting there so meek and mild, such an imago of white-browed, and white-hand ed and twpkintd immaculattneis, and as he tell the g'-ntle human radiations which came from the clergyman s manly and routirfea beau tifulness, he felt that if to any ene he could go with Christian propriety and ansae small hopefulness, the person was the one before bim. This description i original,! It nott That " napkincd i m mac u lateness is a touch worthy of the smartest waiter In the City Hotel : and the friends of our fellow-citizen, the well-known official, Abdomen, can appreciate the delicacy of the phrase rounded bcautifulnesa But it Is In metaphysical morality our author shines with fullest lustre. We have read many dissertations on the subject of Good and Lvil, Virtue ami Vice; but th following concise detiuition are worth the whole of them. Its chief merit, as our readers must remark, 1 its simplicity and intelligibility. Pierre and Isabel are in conversation. " Tell me, what is Virtue 1 Begin." " If on that point the Gods ar dumb, shall a pigmy speak 1 A?k the air !" " Then Virtue is nothing 1" Not that.' "Then Vicel" ' Look ; nothing is the substance ; it easts one shadow one way, and anotherthe other way; and these two shadows east from one nothing theKe, it seems to me, are Virtue and Vice. As a pendant to the above very elear explana tion, we beg leave to suggest that two and two make twenty ; but twenty looks toward a hun dred, and cast a shadow of a naught, and therefore, a naught i considerably mor than ninctyuine ! But enough of this trash. I would not have mentioned tbe book at all, friend Ren, but a an instance of tu rabid nonsense which ia the re sult of tho spiritual mania. Away with It away with it, God's stars shine in their places still, and we will not allow filthy oil-lamp or farthing candles to be substituted for them God's truth is simple, and it shall not be op pressed under a load of stupid stuff. God's law Is eternal, aod will out-live all the tricks of posturo, and the blasphemy of bastard philoso phies. Aieanwnne tap: ua: mere it la again Come back, are youl Well, you are fool for your pains. Tap, tap very singular, 1 admit. but gammon still. ery awful at this hour, too. aud suggestive of shivering. lap! (.ood night. 1 must get home. Pro bably, however, you, thirsty deniien of tbe noisy land, would join me in a "smile " Tap, tup. I'fuce tear you, i knew you would. (iVxii Bm, fumbling in his p lefts ) Dark Hour. pr rtnm.iwK a. nainos. Oh. my tried soul be patient ! Itourhett rinds Fold over iweetet li uicnre : heaviest clouds Itain the mot ample harvest on the fields ; The gran grow greenest where the wintry snows Have laiien oeeposi. ann ine iairrT nowers Sunn horn old dead decay. The dm Rest mln telds the most flashing jewels from lis cell, And itnr are horn of dm keB, dny ot night, oli. ny tried soul be pntunt Yet for the Ooes on the secret alctiemy of li e ; i i.wt thn i itie.ilivtx sm mit no hoon to earth That he withholds Fr"m tlo-e i and from the dark (If thy dppp sorrow shall evolve new light. w strength to do find totter, new resolves, I'eiThnnre new gladness and heshest hnpfs : Oh. there are times when I can no more weep That I have "iitlrre l, lor I know grr-at strength Is born ol suttenng : and I timt that -till, Wrapt in the iliy hii'.k ot my outer lite. Lie warmer eef than ever yet have hurst Krnm its dull covering ; stronger purposes Stir consciously within, and make me gieat With a new lile a lite akin to ( lod'a Whioh I must nurture for the holy ikies. Help me. thou great All -Pntient ! for the flesh Will sometimes taller and the spirit fml ; Add to m? human, Thy d-vme strength. When nekt I waver s rouse my laith as now, That out of darkness I mny great light. And follow where it evei leads-to Thee. STKAiMBOATSJ,KAVINU; Tilts Day, August il. r 'i M t, WKi-STKlt. ItrnrTiiui. ON, II. MK.XlrO. rlarr a m h Mi l. Wt-.i-STKlt KI.IM )lt AIM ), Miti-hrll. M. . Id M CRfi.. (ia1fflt.ui M...A iilifurn'a California ...M.'hile f'nrihK'oa ( imngum ...... V-dtlle B-l-tl ...( oTtiigton ...t'llVIWlifl .llawm Nara ... Louut ule Orllr.l.lA, liner, cam ati Monilny, Angttit 13. KM'MI)A. (irant. w m can I AI.IFOMNIA. Kn.ign.'t mean... I.K.VoKA, Dunniea. II M ran nniKI.I V Uri--e. li M ran CM t'KKOH, t utfen. ft r M UV fc, Smith, f. r m Iindav. AtiKiift it. CHANCELLOR, tiaton. ft r m Loni.Tille Friday, A llgillt ST. KRANK LYON. ft r m Trinceron N' on day, August ). SAA'ON, Estes, ft r m Princeton Dlid i 4rn rn ih- iKlh histi.i. Mr. I1KNJ AMIN C.COL BY, agfd J tears. To the Member of tlie Loulalana Bar. rpflK I MlKI(SU).NKI) ha the Mnmh.g works, re LAWS OF LOUISIANA, which he If pM-i an d lo sell for rath, at a ver? treat re duction up-vi the prires Mrmerlr demanded: MARTIN'S RKI'OHT of Cases argued and deter min in (lie 8iiretue Coert of I lie Territory it Orleans, and in the Supreme Court of the Bute of Louis iana. By e'ranfoii X a vier Martin, one of tha Judges of said Coflris with Notes of fteferenre lo mlsf quent derisions of (he Supreme Court, tin to the tie tenth Annual Reiatrti; ref'erenra to the Amend-tnenta to the ( onititati-m. Htatu'e. and f iil rode of Prai-tire. since these decisions were rendered By Th-ts Uibh Mnrg4, Counsellor at Law. New edition. ISM. The original twenty f !unn-s e-nnp ised iu rea Volumes, without ahreviaflon. Price, per vol. to tirtaerilers. prior to November 1. law. and to non sab fri"eri ti rash nOMINSON'S REPORTS. i volumes, embracing the Dreiiioniof the Supreme sur' of LouUMiia. from October. I'M!, to March, l4tf. This valuable work is now offf red, either bv the volume or by the let. at a much lower price than heretofore. Nothing need to aid in eemtnrndation of a work so well known to eeerv Lout.iana lawyer. Its oossesiion is indiipensa bie to set-lire tne continuity of the decision of the Ha-p.eme Court. ORElNtR'S LOUISIANA CODE Or PRACTICE new edition. BENJAMIN Rl.inEI.L'B DIGEST, enlarged. A iigeit of all the Deriiim of the tsuprvmt Courtof Luiiana. down tut he thirti-enth volume of Louisiana Retorti DESLlX tf DIUEHT-Thiiisa continuation of Bna. ruin ft Sltdril's Digeu, and is brought dowa to (lis third volume of llnhinon'i Mti-orts. DESUX'S OKVERAL INUKX. from isoe to isii. An ali'hab(i!ally.arra..ged table of all (he cases decided I during the above-mentioned Joug period. r onaleby J. il. HTEKL, Bug-i(djpHW so faun- street. VAIUKTIKN. BENEFIT OK J. 54. CHARLES. Tl'K.HLJW EV'ENINl. sith August -IV. fmianres Mill consist ot ti,c ronedi-ra f Ur.l.H Ct'K OltOI Ml; iirtt lime on an st'.'V l li . KAr", II VP -:-h trvter M Mrit. I'll trfrs. Dttil. Mill t-' ai d gentirmen amateurs; R EC 1 f A 1 J O .N U and SONU p. er Poors open at turn-past seven o clock. Commence Fifty DolliVerdt WH I. W paid for the rer..ery of a g hi leer . s WAT' II. considerably worn, made by Jo. hur.h s-ierl. wheh w; .len from, BJM i.r at the CL K.u of ft, Kl.ll H01..I atunU evtjting Appl. to I resiei.t olti. jugjlt Carpet I tig at liedui etl Prlree for Cnati, ALAKOE assortment ot VELVr T and lIH SSKf.S Tr..,.trv TIIIH K I'lAM II ft 1 Kttk I.W l. GRAINS, Vr.MTIANS. Ill US ..tall gnalities. etc. liTTisn ivn f-iiHiaOn I i)Tiii'f.i,i,.IU niiittin colored MA'ITIM.K iut rertlv.d. Alto.f l.OOK OIL H 1.1 r wnlt-. i hOHh i.attrrni: 11A111 1 .t I I 11 . HcSf al Diarkrt i .ixi. A.iiUOl e'S! M l aufc-'.j.i wjoi jm imruri 11 reel nrcsTisTRY AT NEW YOltK PRICES. Dr. Allen' late improvement In Artificial Teeth. CHARLES li. K ELLS, Erm New York, DENTIST ComerofSt.Charlrs and North Mrees --Entrance, facing Latayeirt S-iuare, New Orleans, IT AS PEKMANENTM located in tiii Hty. f the prarTlce ai rns oron jniou, n iu it-ipectfuilv invtres all persons who re- , mire the services of a skillful Dentist. I location hlin, learn histenni.KC . fcc ed to oiTioni wearing lull nd pai tial sets o) I eeth, f Vi'n (he Ule Improvements.) which, lor heatitv. life-like up-n-:iiHoce iri-in '-astication, and comlorl to the tr;i,r. cannot be eieellt-d by those costing twir the sum i-Mra(-f by me. Entire salinlaclion gunrantied. aina-dst U :f HACKS I RACES I ,(!!S!ANA course. 110 f'OMK OKE ON HI NDAV. August , for purt-ot t'tsi Mile hrati. tw o hest tu three. J. W. Shirk entT Prize- - ighrer. J Bilrdfp enrer. Hrown llorsc. M. K.-lh enters Day Mare, j. Maddt n en'ersSorr. 1 Mars li Sninh enters ig Hi rah Morton. sir Rare to come off oniii amsal ol (he four e'sloek It son of cars. .....,.,, ,, . tr iiiiirtanee, 1 v a.. i r 1 v r. ' t.JT nadgti, KLVi',l,'lKN- T. M..I.BKI.L. F. H.KSIAPP I. ( IHSBLKIl, DKNTAI. W ROKONH. 1HI OOMMfN WTRKKT, Opposite the Ruins of the Si Churles Motet Ii rt , a At I .senior partner 01 tne late rnin.n i- J I S and J n hnai-n. is now it im- , ine his whole time en lusivs- y to the ) practice of ins pro!esion. and m coniultedat the same place whirl hin.o, fa!td with trim tnpnirtice DR. CH A N I H,K H . a Kt-nTleman ol skill and espenence. iel 1-JinJJt W Rnlut Lonl ITnlvorsltv, HUE S'HOLASTtC r XKRClSKB of this popular In- .H reronontn.-e nn the e f US I' WEKK IN SEI'TEMHr It KHT mri'iiiiaiid (jii;iriii:ui win nai e an eiceiienr oj). trtutiin l o ei id pupils itir liaise of twn nf the l'rol'rsor, h' espect to stait hi-n I .r St t.oitis . ti Km. I lliw he of. .flh-e ol A' -.rreel m.Oion and IV'Specf ii-o-s of I nnt-rsity mm h tuined at the Jesuit I 'ollege of til is rilv- 01 at tlo- otl'i lill)S St.Ur.MV (O, Rent NugtH-ti) I- 1 IV lowest Oil. ft.UlLUKHT, Lath 1'ifl PnvniiA sthkkt, Nbw Ohlkanm,) I AN KkVlOVED TO Mj-.PIIIS, TEANKSNe K. - se' t It d iiermaiie nth', am HEOPENM bU l.v nrr Intiinisrt (01 tin reception and tre-itment ol puliem, W h" ran remain at all e"n of the 1 ear. S-r Dr.fiiiberttrea'i I HHON U D SK ASKS ol evr ij gaoie. espe iallv CANCERS. LCr It S and NJ, V wT .- -de knile He treats CHRONIC KtMALE LtlSr A8K8 with great success. IWernpuis, 1 enneseee. JUIV I nwv- jyr m-irnss For llrnt, tllE KI R ST-CLA SS KUl K-STORY BRIf'K l Itt'll iJtNtiH, foimtnt the r rni-r of Mava- afi. line ami l-j'',lf 'f f-VeV- t,,,"pr . " i i lous W "r inwiuiia ,) rur uu .iniinerre streets, tmmedialelv in the rear t- the same, ic nrernises hems well calcnla'ed for the conrsiuence of a n-si ctahle Western eointnision men hanl. aug ia-tf :nflp ' amn str-e. F, FltKDKIlll'KwO, BROKER IN DIM ON AMD ( IIK.MfCAt M. No. 2fiR TcHDt'PiToi'hAS srnricT. TfOrLP OfeEH his services to lloimtrv Physiciaru) and P. selecting lI'HK and UKN- - l ltr. ir. nn 1 rs e,a. 11 is jieneci ac nam ranee V will. i( . llrtt-unsaiid NortloT.i marhels. rn. X t? at. If him to procure iioods at lite lowest trnnt. Iftf jy 11 . 'yfi Couartucralil 11. lure tunned a COPART- rst.KHilir. unier (lie sle 01 BULLITT, MILLER Jt CO., for the purpose of transacting a Cotton f'aeturag and General Cumioisiion husim-M l l I 1 1 Hi"-11 1 HI l,L I T, TMtiS i). MII.I.KH LLOVi) D. ADU1SOV Rr. New Orleans, Julv 1". "J'-m EXCHANGE II A NIC, 2cJ Camp street. flHEf KH AT SffllfTand TH r. Hll.l.Snn .s t t whi, 111 WW IV Lui isviLLE. I'flll.AhKl.f IMA. CH ARLESTiiN. I INI INN TI, BALTIMORE, n 1 . 1. 01 is i V kSi All. HOKAl UbA.-N I 1., Als.nar;eri. Susar Motilrl far Male, rMI F. VN iKK6Ut N El ' has for sale, on the plamvi -n below the nt. 14"" IKON HI (AK Mill' I in de 1 AW. 1. us. brtr in tin rr aod i EAR J HEN PtU'S. ag.aa aa new. h'ddin I'i'iis thue to five gallons, which hs ia olfeiing at a low ra'r T ' AZEN WE, auiiTiw No. m t aioil i'.ier OOOiH SHOES and wholesale,- N -w J landinic Imtn slop Shaimnifa, and in store. aJja general a .rtrnent of Boo l's, SHOES. URO fjtl OANS. HATS.tAl'S.w..c. Tf fSS Plant at ion supplied with prims Russet Brogans, U.hiI, M ic an and Straw litis, a' ill. J n. i mikrtT prices, oy rnnoi 1 J , jyw-f u.TbfcSauetr Iu MaaMiiestraet. Tu Owner antl A(eiita of Stetimbuaia. We hate found it necetrv to adopt the folio wlnir rules in relation to the advertising of Steamboats leaving this IMirt for points up the river; and shall, from and alter the first proiiiuo the first ol August -invariably adhere l them ; Eur each 8teamhoat Advertisement of tan lines, or under, th charge per week, or a less time, will be One Dollar; lor ever week, or portion of week thereafter during which such advertisement may be kept in the paper, a likecharge will he made, foreeerv change or alteration in such advertisement, an additional charire of Twentvlive t'ents will be made. For Cards, notifying the public of SteamKt Departures, not eiceeding ten lines, the charge will he One Ihdlar: for cards occupying a larger sc, an additional pre-portionate charge will be mad. When tba names of two or more Arms, as Steamboat Agents, are attached to an advertisement, each one will be charged at these tariff rates, and should objection be raised, the party on whose behalf the ad verlisement was handed tn. will be held responsible for the pajment in full Wanted at Oils Office, Copies of tba Daily Delta, volume sevan, as fellows, fot which a fair price will be paid, vii: a Copies ol No M " ii I cepy ae TT ATS CAP" aw., Nt wbolesale inn eases HATS, tnm prising a great sanely. J iik. lur .siiooei. iFBicao. wool, straw ua mii by ires-Tn.ThaJlartriT r iuis r..r mi v yp st ( a . Vmnrmw Mlalarc, BY RECJCET.-f lrti.iU,w. I esandned and tried at AV lis MIXTI KKmade hy him. at.d find it go.d. and I take p teas 11 re in recommending him lo the .uiTilic as one calculated lo render great n iuri- in that prat tier 4t UIL11LRT. M I). New Orlears, June tti. law. Dr (il nercanbe found at No. 43 Sin street. jejg-lWpaum An I.NcinEisT to an Ambkican The Russian toverninent, swys th Paris oorrespontlf nt of the 'hiladt'ltibia letlger, has a treat v with us which penults free Itifrress hy Aiuerlaan citizens Into their territory. Accordingly, Mr. lJudley Mann, loittl ruvoy to Switzerland, in his private tfuniicity, nrvseutetl himself at the Kussian L- Katiou m Paris, with his puss port duly visid by nine and several other Luropean States, and the representative- of th Luiperor declined to vise it the instruction against permitting voya- Heurs to enter tho Kussian territory being posi tive ! Now what ts our treaty wort hi 1 bv before tne, and no exception can to taken to any American citizun entering Russia. A treaty en n not thus b violated without d troy ing its entire validity. Mutual agreement or war can only put au end to a treaty prema- turdy. Mr. Maun will present this 6ugrant thing iuiuiediatuly to our liovernment, and the question must b tried whether our Russian treaty Is wast papor or a wrious, vital document. Tub Pkkvaii.inu) Pliiical Apathy Tbe Augusta Chronicle, referring tu the prevailing lolitieul apathy, alter alluding to tho surprise with which the democrat beard of th nomina tion ot General Pierce, gnus on to lay i I'ho whif prty, or rather Convention. tieti-'i nut nine ouuer man us uemouratio pre- res-ur. iy i oiueanery ami uupuuny ot one rtiott of the t'unvontion, tbey siicetteded iu luting uHn the party lie he ml PH'ott, to 4 sopies u, V ' 4 l copy 44 Anyperum having any of the above numbers will do ai a far or by letting us have ihen. City llrat. CONTAINING the Political History ol New Orleans: the Decisi'ins of ttie Supivme Court of Louisiana re alive to the powers of the torporation; the t 01 no I id a tioii and other acts of (lie last Legislature; and a lull Digest of the old acts relative to New Orleans not nr- , peahd with marginal nuis and copioes itidei. By AlSANDi:H Vt'l.BtH. This twH.k enihiarf i tTHt I.w at prvitnt in force in reference to New Or Irani. A liniited edition of this work has been published. Eor sale at the DELTA OKF1CE, lis Pofdras sUtti. The following Utter from the -Mayor bears testimony w the laluv ol tbe work: er N'rw Oaivsns, 1 Julv 1.,, labi. I Judge Ai tisie:a Wai.RKa, NewOifrans: biH l tiavs the honor to acknowledge receipt of the City Digt-sr w ith marginal imti-s. including a sketch ol the Political History nj New Orleans. Arlsol 1 onsolida. tiort, Old Laws in force, Decisions of the Supreme Court ol Louisiana," ate. compilrd by you, which, from (lie cursorv glance I hae had an opporiunit) of making. 1 consider of great value, and one which should be in the possession of every officer and cillren of the city. Very resjiecilullY. tour oml t serv t, Jyil tf A. D CHOSSMAN, Sliver. A CAIID. The WEBSTER MEETING, advertised to tike place at Xanks's Arcade this evening, is I'OS PI'ONED. in con- m u-nee n nn nor t sol intelligence received liom the fuendsol'ihe niosemenl at Ihe N'oith. Due notice will be git en of tiir lir-ir of h-dding I lie meeting An address to all citiEeni of tti t tilled Stales it in the course of piepaialion. in favor of the flection to (he President-al of DAMM. WEBSTER, the grrat ei.uodrr and deter der id the oust ilut mil, and the matchless advo eaieol ihe inviolability and iniegrit y of the Antonio's Oyater Paloon, 1 08 PoTUKA BTRKBT. ' 'nr. ri ni, 11 are trtMnned that this et.hlifhm. A wilcl,e THIS E V KN f NO, August g ai d e t bel'ishmg. and Rt-Oi'lLN iaRV ALJ the early part ot nest nmnth. Cowl! JftiI Coal I THE CNDf RSItiNklD is prepared to Contract wish I lanler; and others, lu furnish them quality of UITCMINOI S O L. from th- Hamilton Coal Mine. This -oal is unsurpassed lor the t'eam ooilt-r or parlor grate It will be delivered at plant an ( alta or below New OrleaJis. unreasonable terrus Ami,' 10 tv4 MACVslTl tl'ili'!.'.. ledges ti rd. 'I reas uter m (lie UAl.r, onin.t.M 1 thp l'to.,1 llurnr troioL I'm M 1 ...L.,., have received from IIENRV LA wit E N't K. Ih sum flfN.Ov I )..!!.,. ,.l.,, t. ..1 the " Lut of Cotton received m New flrVans " , , THOS LAVTON. w flrlesns. Mar I'thtaM Wanted. A VAN to Drest French Burr null-stone. rainari at tin- a'se busineis. (it a lory in tlo ( Majaziiu and Pol dra sheets have constant emplovirieiit at I olenmn'i Milt Unuia, . i.V "ui -W'J:1 J'It"," Kir partietilan. In'iuire al W hlKIt 8 Awnciilturul U arvhutise. tonirr ol For lain. rp WO FINE M ARKS -,aifilv gentle to hantvss light JkRSKi' VI' li:i 1 V ..Lk H- top. Will be Sold (ognln-r or rparately , low. "V7 A.fttniJAU St ( t, auglS'btd 7-j MagaiinestreH. Wlndowfllaul Window tilaa ! 20fM) .WWi1 l,-tt-"Ton .Premium WINDOW -V i OI. VSS. assorted siiei.doutde thick and eita, and ordered from the lac lory as wanted. or sale at ntaii-uiaciurers pnee. by CMJIARVFY, Agent. )M m No 11 Lalavt:e street. For Rent, A WOOD YARD, measuring lee Iront on t Jo-seed street, heiween ' atnp and Ht. 1 n c is strt-eu. nviif. it-et 111 di-pih togeiiirr with a LA HUE SHED angj-tf No For Rent. A COT P AtiE. s'andiog hack horn the stiver, with a - gaid, n in tioiit. containing lour rooms, gllny hont and rear, wi'h g.Md out bu and large f"T ci-t.i Ipi ly 011 the premises. 9St f'aulstrtet. JWuli aiigl7-M HlurloW Ai Anyr.rMi 01 1 1 1.1 hi (I)is valuable pi cuiuik Dysentery. Summer Luiuplaint, I filed Hint lor salt- hv E.KREDERM KSON, OrngeUt, JyJ4-lf nv 'IVh;.iil itou;t, si eet. For Swiss, ANL PERIOR NEW WUIK SI'CTION ENGINE or partl.-ulais. infill . ol ihe iindi r.iui.r.l. A. pCC ATEL, I illio,, ,trti Alterative. valuable pieiiaratlon lor c, etc , f- J M. VS 111- r . . 1. Uft lifLVh r 1 A ll 1 V . ' ovili a s'reet u 1 ,.t For Iivnt Low. ON K-HA IK of a iw si..ry fcRAvIK HOCSI-iHining lour rooms, tie.nlt-i kii.-n-i, l'piy iu r .... elghli.-ili wui ohtu- i w biuui JOll.N S ANDREWS. Iitirlhtf, thri t-geluiuu uf sueh uieu as Killiuure aud Vb-lur-a wiiii iu ohjetftiuuaul that a large tror- u ot tlie wing pa. ty, as good at'd as true to ir nriueiplts as any set ot men living?, on 11 not t'onscietituusly give littu their support. Whu ever heard o a i'resitlundal eatna.-s, within ten weeks uf its eluse, wbeu each of (he parties ru not fully organized and eiiuit in-J f(,r th0 liultle! 1 Ji n IS never im-ii's true IU tieorirm (nd wt h 'ft m Ut than ttn days mutt, to be a bie in-t Kit trtiig puny a tukti itut nil may rally 4ui mui give a many ami etUhusutiiw sup- uloavii furmr. I ul iioUruuimnKoin 1'aiuri., narrxit. ilUuliigly iuiuu.ral. 'J'lm $ty u uv j.Ui4 Ll.lmu. i'U r-U Ml kit y oU, I UU M ul mu Mwws Curing u4 1 Wubitur uwtutut. I'hrunioU it on of th, mcitt Mj eoa-JucU'il whig ..eri iu UtottU, but it rufuwito i ii,iirt feooii. l'b uwu wbiub w hv. Il ilun.-J, would f 0 to iln.w ilial (b.rt i iinut-Hung uwr. ilian idl, wurdi in till inlujbtJ CI.OTHIa HI A UK TO OH IOC II Th. tuUiTilwi, rr t'rr.urr.l n. Ink. m,ur., klul i.. C.I.. urd.i. lur I 1 lllNIi, l..r tiiv i'-.tninK with lb uiidri.uiulhiif Kit lili.'l. .1. rrd i-r..r .HI1.tei..rv IN KVKHY HI"'.. HI I , or lli.w uriJ.illiK will b. Ultd.-t liu ublu.. U..II, til u.r lliriit 'I IIO.MI'gllN k MVIIN. 141'umi.llurl. J)4-dl. ud . Uf0.ilwi.v. Ntw roik. Sun Mutual Svrlu. Tilt 0H.1IJ- b r I it n . ..III.. i..iJf, Hcni fu lit. v.iu, IM9. 'hi Ulll ',1. l,..i J . I. I.I.VY Ul nniii iliuM t. n kin 1 11 vi a 1 11, KUII-6iitlli N... I. tuuuiureul flue,. K. H. It, W SM ID Uldttl.l (-.0 11 lit 11 A , J WliliillT k I t).. Anli "if, IMI' ,ra Priu lie. I Iarlic.l P, lita jr.. ..i.r.w iiu. uiurwiiK, K.l ut irry tm, I'kAt'HKS. t'MMltkr C. U. CLUL'O. Hi rhiirl... ,'f.i WMimd. A L i!,- ! '" "'"'i ,H,,,('r","J- ii biniii'M 'V W, J aiu,ilu) UHrlll mill lil.nal .ikv, ,y Hi.iiltiuc l" 11 II "K k 1 'II I.DV Jl !!" - i..'P..i.l....i,.fi. . Vr Hli. w. I IWur.e, A li'i'iN" f N1i- "Mi-l'io inl.iiio'.o wo- MAN. Hl , I1..I1 k, f hl M1'H t lilt ctu.rr ut i.ini.1 an. KU.v I' .1 I'... ,1.1 cl. ..l uiri Iu IM(JI A.M. Uuut.v 1-l'liHVH a l' I iu J. Ai. (.'U.LI'US. Clillluii, AMI Bill II H'OHl IN A "Ml ll'I'IIM- Uli.v fAniNKT-MAKKM . - lull Iiluciiimiuii .mi.1.,1 H....I ....I 11. u ttn bt .. 11 11 ti . . ..' I11I1.1 .tr'.l A tl(ltll) I (lllK..7j!''!i?li.ir4n,V li.i.fh. 1 1 . '."-'''""ll.wiV l.ti.iiiilv in.-r i,r 1.4k.. i 11 .llltl ilir.l (, 1 1 V'AV '1J' llnii..ill4i.l . m. .,.,.1 tvT.i.u..' II I ' tn h. r.iii.lui .d in f... wlnrl, h, tiillflt. ..n..il1 IrW i: I ItlltA'l 1,1,. '." "I 11. vou lit...,. 1 . 1.. I 11MMU. ' 61 (IRAVOH STRKET...... (IIONKRAL talOCEII. A f 1 lik i""""" Ml..NT,.tl.,,ii.. UMII VtlHI) trim. in 61 ES. altsa wo hand. All oidnt protupih 4 Met il T. Ta vlur. ia llotxi Htrai f VI r O R T E H tti Wuias, Liuuurs. ortlia's. ee it W holMiile and retail novsi 'tl-Mp-lr sMiUor. A ,V(UK tMortAsut ut 11. r WISH ai HJUN Dlt.Sii. t'OWr Jlbr. A, I O .1 V T.

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