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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, November 13, 1933
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.. Served by the United Press 'DiiiVlJlE COTMER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKAN8A8 AND 8OTJTHEAOT MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 205 KI.YTHRVIU.K, ARKANSAS. MQ.NDAV, NOVHM1M-IK 13. 1U33 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HIGH COURT PERMITS PENNSYLVANIA SUIT EDF \ Administration .Will Try Other Methods ii Gold Buying Fails. .This is the third.of three articles on "Up With Prk«s," explaining the theories and the steps taken by the administration to raise commodity prices. • » 4 ! BY.WILLIS THORNTON •NEA Service Staff Correspondent - The law of supply and demand may have been amended, but it hasn't been repealed. Thai's why many people feel that mere juggling with the value of the dollar will not give absolute control over prices. Economists like Ur. O. M. W. Sprague, brain trust colleague of Prof. George Warren, feel that the relationships of gold and currency and credit, and supply nnd demand and price, are too much involved to permit simple and malhemalical control of prices. 1 It is agreed by almost all that V reducing the gold value of money will tend lo increase prices, .but how much, how permanently, and how soon—nobody can answer Ihese questions accurately. The price of gold has already been put up from $20.67 to $33.15 an ounce on Nov. 10. That is with in $3 of the figure of $36.17 which professor Warren is supposed to have set as Ihc level that would bring back 1926 prices. Yet prices have risen but little since the gold-buying plan was begun. Speeds Guld Output In fact, the value of gold itself varies according to Its own supply and demand. There is a whole school of economists who believe that, gold is dear today simply because the war generated a load of debt faster, than the gold mines ctiiHd produce gold lo cove'r it. " -— But the administration itself seems to feel that other levers musl be pulled to get prices back to thai magic level of 1926. In fact, a few were pulled even back in the "rugged individualist' days of Hoover and 1932. Don'l forget ftat Hoover's late Farn board bought a million bales o cotton and 250,000,000 bushels o wheat in a vain effort lo raise prices. Other Courses Open 'You Just Dare!'\ Cure toting is no fad for Mar- tarel Hise, University o[ Iowa Etuilenl. She's in dead earnest, ready for the extortionist who has written several notes to her, one demanding $10,000. Afiss Hise, a West Liberty, la., co-ed, 13 showu in her sorority-house room, as she loads her revolver before leaving for the-classroom, • Men and Women Fight and Claw for Flowers From Her,.Casket. MT. PLEASANT, N. Y., Nov. 13 (UP) -- A mob of 2,000 persons, linK and clnwins for flowers from Texas Gulnan's casket, left at least a dozen injured in what police today called the "most shameful and disrespectful scene, that ever occurred In Westchester county." The riot occurred at the Gate of Heaven cemetery when the body of Ihe-night club hostess was being placed in a receiving vault. The milling crowd slrippcd floral offerings from the casket and denuded three motor cars carrying flowers. A small police guard was swept aside. One man seized a wreath from the casket and was bearing It "loft. Others fought for a bit of the wreath and it was torn into many pieces. That incident turned rh» million crowd Into a mob with every person struggling to get a souvenir. Men and women were thrown and brushed aside. The funeral service was ended abruptly by screams and yells. The fight <o get flowers continued un- 96,753 Bales of Cotton Ginned in This County COUOM tinned In Mlfsisslppl county from the 11)33 crop [prior to November I ;imounl(il to 9G,75:i running bales, the Courier News was advised toUuy by C. C. Uanchowcr of Luxorn, representative of tire census bureau In this county. Tills compares with 118,228 bales ginned prior lo Ihe same little last ieason. While weather and other conditions mny still have an important Influence upon the slice of the county's crop for tlik ccELSon, Indications are. Mr. Danehower said, that the final report will show hi the neighborhood of 130,000 bales ginned In the county. COUNTED OUT! Observations — by C. R. B.= til there was not wreath remaining. a spray or HIGH Leaders Express Confidence, m Conference .with Holiday As's'n Head. ' SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Nov. 13 (UP) — -i-— —National Farm Holiday assocui- The Roos«vell regime is trying il tioh leaders from five states return- again. But it is making a more ed to their homes today with re- determiiiEd effort; it Is installing newed determination to continue the farm strike tntil cost of production for farm products is gunr- Either Blytheville people have- more money lhis year lhan In years just past or they have learned from experience lhat nothing Is to be gained by trying to dodge personal property taxes with John McHancy on the job rounding up the delinquents. In any event. Mr. McHaney reports. Ihe delinquent personal property tax list in Blylheville this year is only about one half as long as il was lost year. And probably there Is significance In the fact that it contains the names of few upon whom Mr. McHaney was compelled to use his persuasive powers last' year. Of course taxes arc easier to pay than they were last year. But so far as personal properly taxes are concerned ability to pay has nol always been the determining factor. It used to be supposed, and with some justification, that personal properly taxes didn't have to be paid If you cared to Gave Tip to Gangland. Is Charge: Fail lo Find Pretty Boy Floyd. .MEMPHIS, Nov. 13 (UP)-Federal ugenis untied with mnclilne (mis today captured a woman nc- cusvrt of slving Bimtjland the Information that resulted in the Kansas City Union Station mns- KKTC. She was docketed ns Mrs. E n Conner of Kansas City, wanted In Missouri on n charge of plotting the escape of a federal prisoner Federal operatives said Mrs. Conner transmitted from Hot Springs, Ark., the lip Hint caused Ihe massacre In which four officers and Frank Nash, desperado, fell before n murderous blast of machine gun fire. .-,. _. _ _ . HOT*, uu i/c i*oiu ii jfuu udicu w Lhance to Clear Lands byi jod s e tnem - sheriffs shaver and n • f\ \r i T Wilson, both of whom Mr. Mc- ravine Une Years .lax- ~ es Will Expire Soon. Owners of between 1,500 and 2,000 tracts of land and lots In the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county, delinquent in '1931 taxes alone, as well as landowners whose delinquent property has already been certified to the state, have less than two months left to take advantage of the'"special rate" on past due taxes offered by llMj'aent collector for el 1 "-used that. has served as special de- personal - prorierty tax Blythevllle, have Mr. McHaney anticipates little difficulty this year in bringing in the.,-payments • -still ^outstanding and. he should have little.''In the first place personal property taxes are a" just obligation and one that all If schools and other tax supported Institutions are to be maintained. In the second place the rm-sShal tax is a lien the last special session of lhe' npon tne property assessed, which legislature. cari ^ soW by the Col i ect0 r to The offer expires with the close-satisfy the tax debt. Mr. McHaney more levers, and it has announced lhat it will pull them all, if necessary. For instance, if the gold price dickering doesn't bring action pretty soon other means of cheapening lie at the presidenl's the dollar hand. He can go farther than anyone has gone before with the policy of having the Federal Reserve board buy up government bonds. That puts the board's money in Ihe market in place of such bonds as it buys there, and tends to make tncney and credit cheaper. In 1932 a billion dollars' worth were bought in the same way without conspicuous success. But President Roosevelt can buy Ihree billions if he wishes. That might have an effect. Can Issue Greenbacks If both these things fall, a new metallic base, including both silver and gold for paper money, might be adopted. Either bimetallism, coinage of both silver nnd gold at a fixed ratio, or Professor Warren's "symmetallism," might be tried. The lalter Is a plan for coinage of an alloy of both gold and silver. Last of all. the president can, everything else failing, simply issue $3.000,000.000 in greenbacks- thai is. paper money which is money because tlic government says it Is, and not because It has any metallic or 1 other backing. That would almost certainly make money cheaper. Would Boost Demand Those are the money remedies. But it Is clear that the president himself feels the price problem must be attacked by direct means also. Most of the other new deal measures are aimed al readjusting the relationship between supply and demand, in the expectation that prices ihen will readjust themselves. For instance, what Is the whole NRA program, looked at from this point of view, but a gigantic effort to Increase demand? Wages for 4,000,000 people w ho drew no wajcs a year ago. Minimum wages for workers who formerly got a pittance. A boon for those workers yes. But also part of a great plar lo increase demand. On the other hand, observe the desperate efforts being made to (Continued on Pajje "three) anteed. The decision was reached at a conference of leaders from Nebraska, lovra. Minnesota. South Dakota and Wisconsin, with Milo Reno, na- lional president of the holiday association. The leaders reported to Reno hat the flow of farm products to market had been materially reduced as a result, of the non-selling, non-buying embargo declared Oct. 21. Speeclies in the mid-west by Gen Hugh Johnson, NRA administrator, and Henry Wallace, secretary of agriculture, will have no efTecl on told the holiday movement, Reno the group. of this year and few (about 60 individuals) have taken advanlage of il to re-instalc property on the county's lax books in Iheir names, hi act provides that with payment of one year's delinquent lax?s without penalty landowners may bring their property tax clear up to next year, when 1933 taxes are payable. Payment of 1931 taxes Is acceptable by the county cleric with no penalty attached under terms of the statute. In the event ' n nrt has already been sold to the state It may be redeemed for one year's taxes and re-Inslnlcd on the county's rolls. Forms for ap- plicat'lon to the state for certificates of redemption are available al the county clerk's office. In Ihe j pnsl the county clerk has been required lo collect penalties. Bull Made Him Tree-Sitter MEDFORD, Ore. (UP) — A. L. Seabrokc took up tree-sitting, but in an unconventional manner. His pet bull tossed him into an apple tree, breaking three ribs. Seabrooke stayed in the tree several hours until help came. does not want to sell anyone's property, but it is part of his job IT the tax money is not forthcoming. The woman was arrested nt Lonely Acres dinner club, where police and federal operatives went on a tip thiit Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd was hiding. No men were found at the club. Another woman, whose name 'vss withheld, was arrested and held on n blanket chnrge for In- veslignlton. In declining to reveal the Identity of the second woman authorities said she played no purl in Ihe massacre. They submitled peaceably to ar- r "t and accompanied officers lo police headquarters. A heavily nrmed squad of officers surrounded Ihe club, anticipating n battle with the notorious Floyd. It was not immediately learned whether a man had been staying al the club. First Information to authorities said two men had been with Ihe women. The four officers and Nash were slain June 17 as machine gun :bullets rake the Union 'Station, endangering'Ihc lives of scores.' Nash was being returned lo prison after his capture In Arkansas. J. Thomai McNernj, who mftdo a hot campaign" for alderman in New York, wag euro of on* lot* anyway—his own. pretty sure or gli additional totes from memoem of hie family. But bow man; votes did h* set credit tort Not a one. Hu'i telling the Honest Vole Association about It. Safe After Forced Landing in Spain VIC1O. Spain, Nov. 13. <UP)- Ciuloms ollk'inls al Tuy. near Ciil- iliTns clii Tuy nmiounced todiiy Unit Col. ui;d Mrs. Lindbergh were forced to linid'In the Mlno river. They landed .safely, i' Concern hud been felt for their safely upon rc|»rts thai an unl- daitllk'd plane 'liad crashed neiir Hie little watering place where the AiiHTicuu llyers alighted. MLEI lit. SEEKS TO F /«'.; Would Compel 'Arkansas to Raise Levies ,to Meet Bond Needs. Mu:isey Ledbetter, 37, Struck by Frisco Train Here Yesterday. ~~ Struck while gazing skyward al a passing airplane, Munscy Ledbel- ler, 37-year-old farmer, was'ln- f.lanlly killed by a southbound Frisco passenger train here yesterday Succumbs in .Hospital Following Rupture of His Appendix. Proposition Will Be Out-. lined at City Hall '- day ni«ht.'.at ZV30. Fifty residents of Blythevllle and vicinity have been Invited to ntlend n meeting at the elty hall [Tuesday night at 7:30 to consider- in proposition for n county fair- rounds and park, to be financed y n federal public works loan nnd rant. In a letter calling the meeting . H. Wilson, chnlrmnti of the Bly- icvllle Chamber of Commerce nrk and Fairgrounds committee VOTERS SOPPOjff HITLER Nazi Policies Given Overwhelming Ballot K n- BERLIN. Nov. 13. (UP)—Jubilant Nazi chiefs today celebrated a land, slide victory in Germany's nation- I iff In Still TntK State i al elecllon and plebiidlc on Chan:mile Still lops °' a « ccllor Adolf £ mer . s wuhljrawal in Legion Member KaCC i from the League of Nations and ithe arms conference. C. J. Little of this city appears Hew throughout the conn- D. M. Cutler. 48, succumbed at the Blythevllle hospital, at 7:30 o'clock lasl night. He died from nn infecllon that set hi following rupture of the appendix. Mr. Cutler had been sick for several days and had been in the hospital since Friday. Thc rupture is believed to have occurred early lasl week. The deceased was well -known here. Having lived In this city for many years. lie was for many years driver for a local laundry and ! had worked for a number of local dry cleaning establishment. Surviving the deceased are his widow, Mrs. Mildred Culler, a daughler, Mary Virginia, and two brothers. P. H. Culler of Promised Land and H. H. Culler of Jackson, Miss. Funeral services wilt be held tomorrow afternoon nt two o'clock at Cobb chapel. Interment will be . . „ ...... _^ ....... .,„„.„ „,„ ^ to have cinched the American Le- "y ir ! lote 'i of the popular sup- ma( j c jri glmwood cemetery The ....... • ' Port of the chancellor's demand lor Cobb undertaking company is in nnnnlitf u-lrH «M-io^ nitlnnp ' , _ . . J Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 118 Anaconda Copper 15 1-2 Bethlehem S'ccl 31 3-8 Chrysler , 43 5-8 Cities Service 21-8 General American Tank 29 1-2 General Electric 20 7-8 General Motors 31 5-B International Harvester 39 7-8 Middlewest Utilities — 1-4 Montgomery W«rd 211-8 New York Central 36 1-8 Packard 33-8 Phillips Petroleum 10 1-4 Hadio Corp 7 Simmons Beds 175-1 gton membership championship for Arkansas. Figures compiled by the Arkansas Legionnaire, showing memberships reported up to noon last Thursday, credit Mr. Little with 70 memberships for 1934. Dr. Samuel G. Boycc of Little Rock was second with 46. Memberships re- ix>rted up to midnight Saturday will be included in computing the final results. St Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J ....... 2 1-2 « 3-4 Texas Co .............. 25 3-5 U. S. Steel ............ 42 1-2 Chicago Wheat Dec May open 91 95 ' hi°h low close 92 1-8 90 5-8 91 1-3 95 1-2 94 1-4 04 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low •' closi New York Cotton NEW YORK, NOV. 13 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close 992 1000 989 989 998 1009 998 998 1014 1024 1014 1014 1030 1037 1027 1027 1043 1049 1038 1038 Dec Jan March Mas- July Oct 1062 1068 1061 .1061 Snots closed steady at 1010, up 5 New Orleans Cotton equality with other nations. The final vote as reported by Wolff's Agency showed well over 0;; per cent of the ballots In favor of Nazi political domination nnd r-r. even larger porllon of "yes- tes" on Ihe national plebiscite. The final vote exceeded 90 peri . 1 charge of funeral arrangements. Offer to Cut Ransom for California Youth SAN JOSE, Cal.. Nov. 13 (UP) — ant of thc qualified electors. * V -Iegnun from Sacramento sug- which numbered 45106168 The Besting lhat thc parents ol Brooke vote count stood: I Harl ' For the Nazi slnte of candidates In Ihe Reichstag: 39.621.437 or 92.2 per cent; Invalid voles 3.348.125 or 7.8 per cent: total 42.969.582. In the plebiscite: "Yes" 40,583,430 j 1 or l'J.5 per cent; "no" 2,052.100 or 4.7 per cent; invalid 789.9S9 or 1.8 er cent; total 43.425.529. 22-year-old youlli compromise a S40.000 ransom demand for 520,000. has been received by Alexander Hart. th< wealthy father, il was learned to Friends of the Hart family said the telegram wns the first appar entry authentic communioitlon rc ccived since young Hart disappear eu lost Thursday night nnd S-10. COO wns demanded In a telephon call to the Hart home from Sal Francisco. i While waiting for further won OAKLAND, Cal., Nov. 13 (UP)' police continued to run down re —A mile-wide brush fire In the ports that youn« Hart had beei Oakland foothills today was re- 1 seen along the San Francisco wa ported to have trapped a group terfront and also In Mann county j of boys shortly after it destroyed northwest of San Francisco toy Boys Reported Trapped by Fire in California NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 13 (UP)—[the home of the laic Joaquln MI1- Cotton closed sleady. Dec Jan March May July Dec 481-2 49 1-4 481,1-4 48 3-4 Dec May 65 open high 990 996 1001 1003 '1014 1021 1025 1035 1042 1047 1061 *1062 low 986 995 1011 1025 1040 1040 1061 1057b close 987 995 1012. 1025 55 3-4 54 3-4 55 1-«| spots closeJ steady al 982, up .4. ler, noted California poet. Three women In Ross, Mari county, reported they had seen The boys were sighted on a tall blond youth, answering Hart knoll, according to Deputy Sher- '-description, the day following th iff Frank Swain, who telephoned kidnaping, the sheriff's office for all available] deputies to rescue them. Pollen grains have been foun Homes In the residential section floating in the afr during th of outlying East Oakland were in spring season 13 miles from thei danger. It wits said. I flowering tree, ltd: "We hlch believe we have a plan will enable us' lo build rcncthlng of lasting nnd growing alue lo our county. "Naturally, it will alternaon. U'dbelter and a negro were landing on Ihe Frisco tracks, near i temporary landing Held and ap- parenlly fiillwl to hear Ihe approach of the train, either mistaking thc roar of the approaching Iraln for the plane's motors or falling to hear the train above thc noise of thc nlrshlp. The negro barely escai being struck.. Leubctlcr's body wns mangled almost beyond recognition . nm Identification was not established for some time. • Funeral services were held lhl: nlternoon at the Cobb chapel with the Rev. J. L. Newsom, pastor ol thc Second Baptist church, officiating. Interment was made al Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company was In charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by tw daughters, both-of Detroit, Mich 4 -Hill-brother, Pet* Conlcy^ ani bis parents, Mr. and Jdrs.-y. o 'L'd better..... - > /P.:-^ ; ^ : '.- ; ~~~ul WASHINGTON, Nov. 13; (UPJ — The commonwealth of Pennsylvania oday wns'granted permission^ lo, I He In the. supreme court ail o'flg-^i nal suit to force the stats'of Ar\ , kansns to maintain her gasoline ind motor licenses ut a rate suf-. flclent to pay her bonds for road -. onstruction. .• -. '•', Pennsylvania's-:suit was brought • is n holder of $200,000 of the slut'e ilehwny .notes Issued In 1928. The rates carried n proviso that revalues from gasoline and motor 11- . cense taxes be maintained nt not ess than $7,503,000 annually to meet ;rincipal and Interest, in January,' Hie complaint charged, taxes 'were reduced,so that between January • nnd June they totaled but $2,929,327, which Pennsylvania contends 3 at a rate less than that pledged In the notes. In addition, it is charged, plans are made to divert seme cl these receipts to other pu'f- ~ises. The court was nskfctl m Hie com- plalnl to enjoin such cilsbursemeiils nnd to order Arkansas lo Increase her taxes !o a point sufficient to meet the alleged guarantee. Arkansas was order to answer to Ihe complaint January 15. Thinks McCarl Wrong •' in Ford Code Ruling FORT WORTH, Tex., Nov; 13-, . (UP)—Before leaving here today Vl for Louisville, Ky., Recovery :Ad- -,\ mlnlatrator Hugh S. Johnson said M there was uncertainty whether ••/. Comptroller General .McCnrl was'r f take some luney lo do this job, but our plan onlemplrucs that the bulk of the unds required will come from utsldc sources. We positively uarantee that you will not be skcd for money at the meeting." LEVIES TUXES 'ill Meet Again in January to Make Annual Ap- z-ftawqypfNSi&wKiyp*, eligible lor government:(__. , tracts. . • The NRA admlntslrntor-.sald -tho question was one. of adherence" to the president's executive order and not of compliance with -the- NRA automobile code. ''. "So fnr as I know Ford Is complying with the code, but he has not," Johnson said.' •" C1 , n r i T !ic 5al1 ' ne could nol make a Shade Uwen 01 Armorel I definite pronouncement until he Injured in Peculiar .Ac- " w t *°" rt ° pinio - n '" tu "'' • cident Near Luxora. Admiral's Death Delays Battlefleet War Games _ _.__ SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13. (UP) mile north of Luxorn Saturday —The sudden death of Rear Ad- nlght. Owen, driving his own car, mif al Ridley McLean, [il, caused-a had his left nrm resting on the ™ c day pcslpoiicmenl loday in Ihe.. car window when n. northbound ^- S. battlellcet war Games, sch'cd- LUXORA, Ark.—Shade Owen of Armorel xvos seriously injured in an automobile accident about one propnations. truck and trailer. In passing Owen, struck, and crushed his arm. Owen was accompanied by his wife and four children who were on their way to Victoria, southwest of here. The truck did not 'slrlko Owen's aulomobile. The Injured man wns given emergency trealmrnt at Luxorn nnd then rushed to the Blythevllle hospital In a Cobb ambulance. lie wns reported resting fairly well today after his arm had been amputated almost at the shoulder. uled lo have begun this with 100 warships and the dirigible Akron participating. Admirn! McLean died aboard his flagship, u. S. S. N'cva:ln."after a 'short Illness. Hn was a native of Pulnskl. Tenn. Shortly after (ha death last night' Admiral David Sellers, coiiimunder-' fn-crirsf q^ the tattle licet, .ani-; iiouncjd postponement until Tuesday of Ihe mnnsuvers ns a'nark of- respect to th- departed • officer. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Nov. 13 — The isua! taxes were levied by thc Mis- itssippi county quorum court here his morning v, turning until J: iroprlatlons for thc new year will ;e made. The following taxes were levied by (he courl: five mills, county general; Ihree mills, road tax; 8.7 nllls state; four dollars, per capita road tax; five mills. Incorpo- atcd towns nnd cities; school tax as voted in thc . r -evrral .school dlsIricts: 1.2 mills to retire refunding bonds amounting lo about $57,501. A commute*.' of five was appointed to receive reports 01 county officials and make recommendations for appropriations for thc new year. Magistrates named to the committee were: R. L. Knight, Blythevllle: C. C. Dane- Vower. Luxora; E. F. Alston. Manila; G. L. Wnddell, Osceola. and Another accident occurred at[ practically the same place when an automobile driven by Lon Rhodes of Osceoln turned over In ditch. Rhodes wns returnlngl Presbyterian Church Calls Ripley Pastor from Blythevllle ' when lie lo°t| Thc Fir£t Presbyterian church quorum court here control of his machine, causing itj>' ra tcrday Issued a call to the Rsv. with the court nd-|lo turn over. He received • minor | Stuart Salmon.'pastor of the Rip- Janunry I when ap- Injuries about Ihe face and head. i lc i'' Tenn., Presbyterian church. The two other occupants of car escaped Injury. Cnttonwood Point Boy Injured at John E. Pecan Point. Workers Accept Plan of Strike Settlement vole wns unanimous. If thc Rev. Mr. Salmon accepts he and his wife and nine'months old son will arrive afcout December 1. | Thc Rev. Mr. -Salmon was edu- Bob MicTr. 15-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. R. B. Mick of Coltonwood Point, sustained a broken leg when a car and n truck collidedc on Ward avenue In Caruthersville, Mo.. Saturday night. Mick, a patient at the Blythevllle hospital, said he had caught a ride In the car. He said the driver of Ihe machine was drunk. bytcrlan Theological 'Seminary* n't Louisville, Ky. He hhirbe'eu nt Rip^ ley several years. -'" • • '' AUSTIN. Minn.. Nov. 13 (UP)— By an almost unanimous vote, 2,700 striking Hormel Packing company employes today adopted Boy's Leg Broken in < Accident Near Tyler Junior Fleeman, 12, sustained a compound fracture of the risrhl leg. a simple fracture of the left Dominion Legislation To Enforce Wheat Pact MONTREAL (UP)—Federal nfirt Provincial legislation to insure carrying out of the international wheat agreement is expected hero this winter. ; Though no official nnnounce- !ment has been made, the Idea here is that the Dominion aov- would legislate to re- a smpe racure o e ot eg b ut n voIu and head Injures when he was than compl ,| sorv lillcs . struck by a truck near Tyler. Mo., , ation WOI|M ,„, withl tnis morning. Icgls . ithln thc rc . Ispccllvc scopes of Fcdcml nnd According to reports the youth p roY | nc i a i Jurisdiction. was struck by a truck used to haul i Governor Olson's proposal to have| water for a leVee construction crew, i the state industrial commission dc-1 Details of the accident were not' cide their company. differences with the Tlie mother, and not the wife, holds first place In n man's affec- t(ohs throughout his life (ti JMlii;' available. A single lighting flash during an electrical storm may release as many as l.OOO.rJOO'kilowatts of electrical jxineri WEATHER Arkansas — Va\t... colder, with frost tonight. Tuesday .fair. Memphis and vicinity — Fnlr, colder, with frost tonight. Tuesday fstr,

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